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    Default Pokeshipping Author's Club

    Pokeshipping Authors Club
    or PSA for short!

    OK well now that the preparations have been made, it's time to get this club on the forums!

    As you can see by the title, this club applies only to Pokeshipping Authors that have their fics posted up on these forums. The purpose of this club is for authors to share and discuss their ideas and critique their fututre, current, and past fics (only Pokeshipping though!) and also for the readers of these fics to get in on any background info they want on their favorite fic! Questions by non-members will be accepted as long as they are on topic and in accordance to the Forum's Rules which every member should know by now.

    The following are the rules and regulations to this club:

    Entrance into the Club
    To be able to gain membership into the club, you must PM one of the existing members (if they're a friend of yours) or me since I am the owner and all requests will be sent to me anyway so you can just eliminate the middleman. Please do not post on this thread asking if you can be a member if you do not meet the requirements stated above.

    Getting Started
    You should on your first post provide information on your current fics (if you want, write a summary on it too), give the location of where your fic is located on your medal (i.e. top, bottom, top right, etc.), and provide the current rank.

    PSA Medals
    Once you do become a member of the club, you must put your medal into your sig which will also serve as a link to this club. It's a way of showing other readers the fics you have written (acting like some kind of resume) and your establishment as a writer. More on that below. Also, I beg of you, if you haven't gotten your medal because there was a delay in making them, I will not tolerate posts on this thread with questions such as "Where's my medal?" or "Is my medal done yet?" I will report these posts as spam so please, be patient!

    How to Link the Medals to this Thread
    Take the URL of your medal (we'll use mine as an example):
    Wrap it in image tags as you would with a normal image: [IMG] [/IMG]
    Then take the URL of the club (or perhaps the specific page your intro is on):
    Wrap that in URL tags: [url=[B]] [[/B]/url]
    Then just stick the image in between the two bolded brackets and there you have it! Now you can wear your medal with pride!

    Ratings for FicsThis table demostrates how fics will be represented on your medal (sorry I couldn't make it clearer):

    View Count Color Ring

    Below 1000 White
    Below 2000 Black
    Below 3000 Red
    Below 4000 Red Orange
    Below 5000 Orange
    Below 6000 Yellow-Orange
    Below 7000 Yellow
    Below 8000 Yellow-Green
    Below 9000 Dark Green
    Below 10000 Light Blue
    Below 13000 Blue
    Below 15000 Indigo
    Below 17000 Purple
    Below 19000 Brown (or Bronze)
    Below 21000 Grey (or Silver)
    Below 25000 Dark Yellow (or Gold)

    As an example I will use my medal:

    As of today's date, my fic A Journey of Souls has 3,792 views. According to the table, the ring should be the color Red Orange since it's view count is below 4000.

    As a brief note, if a fic were to pass 25000, the author's silver medal would be changed into a gold medal and the fic would achieve an "elite" status, losing it's ring.

    Also, if one were to have more than one fic such as this one:

    as you can see, the rings are divided into two halves, each section representing a particular fic.

    Updates for medals will be submitted to Esperon who is my current medal maker and who's been kind enough to supply us all with these medals. Once she can find the time to update your medal, the new medal will be sent to you and you can change your old medal for the new one. Don't pester her if she takes too long in updating it. Remember, she is only one person and she also has a life outside of these forums. Just be PATIENT.

    Also, a separate rank for fics will be displayed also on this thread marked as "The Author's Vote." This rank accounts for current members ratings for a fic that they have read that belongs to another member on this thread. It is based on a 10 out of 10 ranking and it serves to give readers an idea of what other author's consider of a fic, providing a "professional opinion." Yeah I know... Anyway, votes should be submitted to me directly from the PM of the current member (meaning no votes will be accepted from any non-members) I will average the votes and then PM the author to inform him/her of their vote change. They should edit their post to display the new ranking.

    You are in charge of your own fic. It is your own property, your own ideas, your creation. Which is why you should manage your fic's information (that includes PMing me if your fic has gone up a rank so I can change it, editing your post to display new information) I'm NOT a mod so I can't edit posts at my own will which is why this has to be a requirement of a member if you are to enter into this club.

    There will be various awards handed out to authors if they pass certain milestones. This section will be updated as soon as I think of some ideas. Some I had in mind are the 'Hot New Author' and the 'Mr./Ms. Popularity.' If anyone has any ideas, PM them to me and I'll put into consideration. If I like the idea, I'll give you credit for coming up with the idea (I'm not one to steal other people's ideas) and will make it available.


    If you have a question, ask it as well thought out as you can and do not demand authors to answer your question. That's just rude.

    Posts should follow the forum's rules. If you do not know what they are: I suggest you read to avoid any future problems.

    Other than that, just enjoy yourself. This club was made in mind for the Pokeshippers out there that want to read a good story and also to hear the planning that goes behind into making such stories. (believe it or not, a LOT of thought goes into these fics, whether they be meaningless or not!) And of course, also to cater the authors out there who have written good stories and haven't been "discovered" yet.

    The current member's list is as follows:


    Co-Owners (or the Original Five ):
    Esperon (she had to put up with my whining for a complete MONTH until she came through and gave me the medals!)
    Chaos Emperor
    Misty's Double
    Artemis Ignitan

    Water Spirit

    Alright, well now that that's out of the way, I'll start off to show how things will go around here:

    My Fics

    A Journey of Souls

    Current Rank: Orange/Below 5000 Views

    Author's Vote: None yet as of now

    Location on Medal: Currently the only one on there!

    Summary: Ash and Misty are reunited after Ash has a brief stint in the Ivory Islands League. After facing trials in Kanto, a discovery has been made. A new far-off region has been discovered breeming with all kinds of new pokemon! What kind of troubles will they face in this new region? What will they encounter? Read to find out!

    No One Knows But You

    Current Rank: White/Below 1000 Views

    Author's Vote: none

    Location on Medal: n/a

    Summary: A three part long shot that takes place in a parallel universe. Pokemon do not exist and Ash is all by himself in this cold world. Until he finds a certain red haired girl in a boarding school he had just enrolled in... Now his life is changing, but there are still many questions to be answered. Throughout the whole fic words are bolded and italicized as hints for the surprise twist at the end. After that is done, I will explain what those words mean, but until then, have fun reading this new take on Pokeshipping! Released on April 1st, 2007: Pokeshipping's tenth anniversary.
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    Read and Review my Fic:
    A Journey of Souls

    Banner given to me by my great friend MistyLover, made by the talented AmazingKiss
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