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Thread: Cooking up a Great Story! (492)

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    Cooking Up A Sweet Story!

    This episode starts off with Ash and Dawn training, when a pretty woman (who Brock falls in love with, who didn't see this coming?) asks to borrow Pikachu. Plot convenience anyone?

    Anyway, she leads them to a bakery, where her grandmother is, and it turns out she's been down ever since her Pikachu (named Sugar) just up and left. So they get Pikachu to pretend to be Sugar (Sugar scratched itself with its tail sometimes), and it works for a while. The old lady and "Sugar" then head outside to pick berries...yawn...boring. Team Rocket is shoehorned into the plot, of course, they blast off. Then the old lady asks for a battle, and Aipom is sent to battle Pikachu. The battle is pretty lame, and also short-lived (this is the best they can do with a premise of Ash battling his own Pikachu?). Just when it looks like Aipom has Pikachu cornered, the old woman stops the battle. Ash decides to tell her the truth, but Abigail already knew - Pikachu's method was different from Sugar's - Sugar wasn't strong enough to do it, so she left.

    WHAT?! This makes no sense! Why couldn't Sugar just TRAIN? And also, how did she know that Sugar didn't just come back stronger? Ugh...back to the episode. An arm grabs Pikachu, and guess what, it's Team Rocket again. All attempts to beat them fail, until a Raichu, who is revealed to be Sugar, beats them up (Had enough plot convenience? Too bad!), and everything is back to normal. The episode ends with everyone eating cake, praising Sugar, and moving on...

    They wasted Raichu's first DP appearance on THIS episode?!
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    Unless there's plenty other instances I'm forgetting, I've noticed that the people the gang meet on their journey that have their own Pikachu, most of the time it has some nickname.

    Victor (From The Pi=kahuna) - his was named Puka
    Richie (Kanto League) - His was named Sparky
    Abigail (this episode) - her's was named Sugar

    Again, just something I've noticed.

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    Wow Ash lending Pikachu to the old woman Abigail was nice and Pikachu playing along and pretending to be her Pikachu was sweet. I liked how the old woman's Pikachu had evolved and helped save the day.

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