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Thread: Overpowering Writer's Block

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    Default Overpowering Writer's Block

    As we all know, every writer in the world has a writer block. So, I am gonna post some advice a friend told me. I hope they help for some.

    1.) Listen to inspirational music. (That will motivate you greatly)
    2.) Take a walk somewhere with your iPod.
    3.) Brainstorm your ideas, so it won't be as hard to write the next chapter. (I know sometimes you won't feel like it, but seriously, just take out a piece of paper and grab a pen. The moment the pen touches the paper, you won't stop writing.
    4.) Eat well! Always have a good meal so your mind can be fresh.
    5.) Drink something you like. (Soda for me)
    6.) Relaxed. You have to be relaxed in order for you to start writing.
    7.) Think about your work getting published and seeing your crush's face glowing...hehe.

    Any more suggestions? Opinions are welcomed.
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