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Thread: Overpowering Writer's Block

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    Well, if this is asking for a cure for writer's block, it's futile; as long as there are writers, there will be writer's block. However, this isn't the case and I always wanted to write this so here's some advice of my own.

    I usually write half a chapter of any fic that springs to mind, or try and do a spider diagram of an idea. This helps me get the plot down, the characters and basically just throw ideas on there. So far, I plan on using three of these simultaneously for a Pokemon, a Digimon and a Yu-Gi-Oh! fic each.

    When I run out of inspiration, I turn to fics in a similar genre and try a similar approach to their writing, or at least note little tics here and there. I don't full-out plagarise (I was the first to notice a case of plagarism and got the thread locked and the starter banned so to plagarise would be hypocritical), I just look at it as a well-done example of a fic and I suddenly feel new passion for writing.
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    I just got myself out of the biggest writer's block ever by killing off an innocent bystander. What this basically did was boost my own personal interest level in what I was writing and I found it extremely effective, although that was probably mostly because I'm obsessed with death and somebody dying can pretty much make anything interesting to me. *shrugs*

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    Lol. Tell me that was a fictional bystander and you're not wanted for murder somewhere. xD

    Anyway my method is to keep writing. ... just... chug along, I guess.. You can fix it all and make it pretty later. D:

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    It was a Manectric that Dragonfree killed.

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    WHat a Writer's Block forum without me? Lol hey peoples!!
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    I agree that writers block is a lot of the time just being lazy. Often it is something we get when the scene we write does not feel 'perfect' the moment that we write it.
    The thing is, nothing has to be 'perfect' the first time, and not everything is going to feel like that amazing feeling you get sometimes when the characters really come alive and start having you write things faster than your hand can keep up with .

    The key about writers block and killing it faster is not to let it stop you. That is what It wants you to do. If you let it stop you it is amazing how fast a day without writing can grow to a month and then a year etc.
    Even pro. writers have slow days but what keeps them publishing books is not some magic wonderful trick, only the fact that they don't quit becuase of it .
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    wrong one.


    Quote Originally Posted by flygonrulz View Post
    I doubt this should be her but, meh.

    1) Don't get it.
    QFT, just not the way you meant.

    if you don't get where you were going with something, just go back and
    rethink it. Just read back through your fic, find something that you wrote back then but something you wrote later changed, and FIND a way to make it fit.

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    I started beating mine today. I planned out where I wanted my story to go and I've already wrote two of the last chapters now. Started writing last night, went to bed at half 12 and woke up and wrote the rest, and another one.

    It seems better. I know what's happening to certain characters, I can use flashbacks to remind myself of scenes I want to do and how I should do them.

    It's given me more of an incentive to finish the fic.


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    Overpowering Writer's Block is easier said than done.

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