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Initiate Code E.A.S.T.E.R. Program
In the Year 2020, a Mad Hatter from the outskirts of the Nervada Desert created a unknown entity in the form of a Bionic machine, no one knows why he did this, but the only thing was clear, destruction of the world was iminant, but there was hope, hope of a Man in the year 2007, a guy so wacky he could stop the wackiness of the Mad Hatter, his name...Arnie, he doesn't know it yet, but his mission is to travel to the year 2020, breach the Mad Hatters secret lair and stop the creation of the Unstoppable Machine, Me? I'm just here to get him, I was created for this sole purpose, to Protect him from any of the Mad hatters creations that my appear in this time an bring him to thep oint of no return, where he will travel back with me and take the world back to what it formally was, for I am,


Now Thats a Story isn't it? How fecking Cool is that? Yup, it's that time again, The Bunnies are hoppig, the choccie is being thrown back up by kids who have eaten too much and Rabbits coming from the future to get people to asve the world, how crazy is this holiday? Awsomly Crazy I tell you, now another thing is presents, People give Egg's, people give money, hard choice because I like both, but FB? We give you awsome gifts, and this year is no diffrent for I arnie, the wacky Arnie of wackiness shall be giving you 2 Items, the first, is this:

Bunny Ears that Boost Normal Attacks

and 2nd is this yummy looking
Magical Chocolate Coated Carrot Which Teaches One Pokemon the Move Chocolate Magic (see below)[/color]

Now I must go, there seems to be some sort of Rabbit Silhouette outside my Door, it's kinda creepy beacsue it's the size of me o0

And Take note, that ALL items need to be picked up by the End of Monday

Chocolate Magic - Once Ordered, the user Fires off a Molten Chocolate Blast that hits for the same power as a Bubblebeam. Once the Chocolate makes contact with the enemy it starts to stickifiy around them casuing movment to drop by 50% making it harder to Dodge or run near or away from the opponent. The stickiness lasts for 3 Rounds (and tastes pretty damn good too).
Appeal Points: <3 <3
Jam Points: <3
Contest Effect: Makes last Pokemon to appeal miss the next appeal stage.
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From me, everyone will receive:

x1 Chocolate Candy - Gives 3 levels when eaten by your Pokémon. If banked, is worth the equivalent of a normal rare candy.
(This candy must be eaten by April 16 however, or the chocolate may go off causing some rather nasty tummy upsets :/
The chocolate candy is non-tradeable)

x1 Super Pass (entitles the holder to 2 Monday candies, 2 free moves at the Move Tutor, Double Levels in Daycare, and 4 BP's at the Beauty Salon).
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Here are your Easter treats!

1x A lucky rabbit's foot! Any Pokemon holding it will be blessed with luck, giving it a higher chance of critical hits!

1x A chocolate egg, a tasty treat that increases a Pokemon's level by 2! But be sure to use it soon, as the egg expires this April 15th.
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Happy Easter everyone!

From me you shall receive:

1 x White Chocolate Berry - When your Pokémon eats this, they will gain 2 levels. Yum yum =P

1 x White Chocolate Pokéblock - This smooth and creamy white chocolate pokéblock will give your pokémon a 60 point stat boost in Cuteness, making them ever so adorabibble ^^

As with all chocolate, these items have expiry dates. The White Chocolate Berry must be used by April 15th, 2007 before it becomes inedible and you’ll have to throw it away with all those easter eggs you didn’t eat. The White Chocolate Pokéblock has a longer life due to special chocolatey preservatives, it’s expiry date is July 1st 2007. Finally, these items aren’t tradeable under any circumstances.
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From Wayney for Easter you shall get a...

White Chocolate Egg which raises the level of the pokemon that eats it by 3 and a
Chocolate Milkshake which makes the Pokemon that drinks it learn one Move Tutor or Egg Move not yet learned.

Both the Chocolate Milkshake and the White Chocolate Egg are not tradeable and they both expire on April 16, 2007. Also you may post the Move learned by the pokemon here in this thread when you use it, in the Move Tutor or both.

Have a happy (and hopefully delicious) Easter everyone.
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Happy Easter :O

From SM this fine day comes...

White Chocolate Candy - gives 4 levels to a Pokemon when eaten

Chocolate Ball - the normal Easter ball

Please remember that all chocolate has an expiry date. The Chocolate Berry must be used by April 16 2007, or they will go off and will be inedible. And all level raising/move learning items are NON-tradeable.
Grabbing bunny ears, magical chocolate coated carrot, super pass, lucky rabbit's foot, white chocolate pokeblock, chocolate milkshake and chocolate ball.

Feeding chocolate candy and chocolate egg to sunkern, Lv 16 -> 19 -> 21.
Feeding white chocolate berry to shroomish, Lv 21 -> 23.
With that said, shroomish evolves into breloom.
Feeding white chocolate egg to breloom, Lv 23 -> 26.
Feeding white chocolate candy to breloom, Lv 26 -> 30.