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Thread: The Love Of An Angel (conteshipping)

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    Default The Love Of An Angel (conteshipping)

    Well guys here is my first fanfic son don`t flame me....a LOT xD

    anyways here is the fanfic!! :P hope you like it :

    Normal POV:

    It was a freezing day and Drew was leaving the arena where the contest was held and….of course…..he had won.
    He started to walk to the Pokemon Center when he saw a girl with chestnut hair and she was about his age (he is 16 in this story) sitting on the floor and crying.

    He walked to her to see how she was “excuse me….are you ok??”He said helding a hand to help her. “U-Uh…??”The girl said and she slowly took Drew hand. “I said…are you ok??”Drew repeated.

    The girl just sniffed. “Yes…it’s just that I am kind of lost” she said rubbing her eyes.
    “I see….well you can stay in my room…..if you want to” Drew said with his face all red like a tomato. “Really?? Thank you so much!!”The girl said throwing herself to Drew a giving him a huge hug making him blush even more. “Oh….. It’s nothing” Drew said trying to be cool.

    The girl slowly released Drew of the hug. “Well my name is……May” May said. “Mine is Drew and the pleasure it’s all yours” Drew said with a smirk plastered on his face. “Hey!! Why the jerky attitude!?!?!?” May said very angry. “Me?? A jerk ….well you’re a fool” Drew said trying to make May angry.

    “Hey!!!!” May said glaring at Drew. “Calm down…you’re such a child” Drew said but inside he thought that May was cute when she was angry.

    “I am not!!”
    “Yes you are”
    “I’m not!”
    “Yes you are”
    “I’m not”

    “See?? Only a child would fight like that” Drew said smirking. “I am….” But before May could said anything Drew putted his finger on May’s lips and pull out a rose. (Where he got the rose?? I don’t know XD) “T-Thanks...” May said as she took the rose. “Don’t think like that it’s only to shut you up” Drew said still with his smirk. “What a jerk!!” May was red form the anger. Drew patted her head “quiet down…..and follow me or we are going to freeze” Drew said taking May hand and dragging her. (How cute!! He took May hand!! X3).

    While Drew was dragging May through the city he noticed that May was looking at all with curiosity.
    Later they arrived at the Pokemon Center. “Nurse Joy…..could you give me a room for my friend and me please??” “Only a friend?? I think I see a little cute couple” joy giggled. “N-No!! It’s not like that! She is just my friend ok?”Drew said and his face was turning pink. “Whatever you said”Nurse Joy shrugged and gave to Drew the room keys.

    “May lets go” Drew said and started to walk without May. “Drew!! Wait!!” May said running over to Drew. It took a while to found their room.

    They entered and looked that it wasn’t anything special there was the bathroom, a television and one bed. “Wait…..ONE BED!?!?!” Drew exclaimed. “Yeah…. what’s the problem??” May asked. “Well...The problem is…..I think that you won’t like to sleep in the same bed with somebody that you met jus one hour ago” Drew said blushing.

    May giggled a little and said “I don’t care Drew you’re my friend and where I live we sleep together”. Drew was a little surprised and remembered what May said when they met.


    Are you okay?? Drew said a little concerned. “U-Uh..?” May said
    “I said........are you ok??”Drew repeated. “Yes…is just that I am kind of lost. May said

    Flashback end

    “Well May…”Drew started “mmhhm?” May mumbled. “When we met you said you where lost right??” Drew wanted to know form where she was. May just nodded.
    “Then… where do you live??” Drew asked. “Well…it’s something that you won’t understand so…..lets say that I come from a far far away place” May said with a wide smile. “If you say so….dummy” Drew said with a smirk. May anger was rising and that wasn’t good. “I am NOT a dummy!!” May tackled Drew to the ground close to kiss him. “May....I know you want to kiss me but you don’t have to tackle me” Drew said smirking.

    May was red when she hear that comment “W-What!!?? Me?? want to kiss you?! Keep dreaming2 May said trying to hide her blush but Drew has already see it.
    “I don’t have to dream you know I have lots of fans that would die to be with” Drew said with confidence. “You’re so self-centered” May said glaring at him.

    “Yeah…..but I know you love me too” Drew said. “Yeah right whatever you say Drew” May said and her stomach growled. “I think that someone is hungry uh?” Drew said laughing a little “May lets go to eat ok?” Drew said

    “O-KAY!!” May said running outside of the room. “This girl is a problem” Drew sighed.

    When they when to the cafeteria at the pokemon center May ate all that she can and Drew was with his eyes wide-open. “May you eat like a pig you know??” Drew stated.
    “A pig…..?? Hey!! I don eat like a pig is because this food is so delicious!!” May cheerfully said. “This?? Is tasty??” Drew said pointing to the bread and the potatoes that May was eating. “Yes I never had eaten something like this before!!” May said looking at her food.

    “Never had ate something like this? Where she could have come??”Drew thought looking at May. When they finished eating they went to their room.

    May went to the bed and looked at Drew “Drew aren’t you going to sleep??” May asked
    “Yes but I won’t sleep with you I am ok here in the couch” Drew said “Why?? You don’t like me Drew??” May say with puppy eyes. “I didn’t say that” Drew said blushing a little. May get up from the bed a tackled Drew to the bed. “May…could you get up please??” But it was too late may fell asleep on Drew. “You’re a problem” Drew said and fell asleep too. (Hey don’t think wrong they didn’t do anything bad).


    The days and weeks passed, Drew and May had so much fun, and even if they didn’t admit it they were in love with each other.
    They did all kind of things together go to the movies, the park, and other thing that were fun.


    One day Drew finally decided to confess his love to May so he went to search for her.
    He started to walk through the park searching for her; He looked around the trees and found her sitting on the floor looking at the sky.

    But….something was weird she had something on his back…they were …wings!?!?!?!
    “W-Wait...she can’t have wings because if she had them then se would be a…”Drew thought walking to her.

    “M-May??!!” Drew said trying to recover from the shock. “D-Drew !! What are you doing here??” May said also in shock. “I am the one that makes questions here!!!!!!!! W-Why……do you have wings??!!” Drew asked. “Drew is…just that …” May said
    “is what!!?? Why you didn’t say this to me before??! Why did you hide this from me!!?” Drew said all angry. “Drew… I-I am sorry I am a angel but I couldn’t say this to you.” May said shaking.

    “Why are you doing here on the earth??!!” Drew said he was angry because she hided this from him. “It’s a long story” May said trying to avoid the question.
    “I have time” Drew stated.


    “May...... you have to go to the earth” A tall man with gold wings said.
    “W-Why?? I don’t want to!!” May said scared.
    “Sorry but you have to found the feeling that you don’t have” The man said
    “But!! Dad!!I have all!! May said
    “No you don’t you need one last felling so you have to go” the man said
    “O-Okay...” was the last word

    Flashback end

    “And….I found it …it was the love” May said blushing a lot. “I love you May …and I don’t want you to go…..even if we are from different worlds” Drew said blushing.
    “I love you too Drew….but I can’t be here now…..and because you found that I am an angel….I will...” May said “Will what??” Drew interrupted “I will have to erase your memory” May said with tears on her eyes.
    “M-May….no…don’t erase my memory…….I don’t want to forget you…please” Drew said trying to understand why May did this. “I am sorry Drew I have to do this…...please don’t resist” May said.

    Drew listened this and started to run with tears in his eyes.

    Drew Pov:

    Why May….why can’t we be happy?? I won’t ….even if you want to ….I won’t forget about you and this love.

    I started to run faster when I noticed something that couldn’t be good. I looked some branches….but this weren’t normal….they were moving….and they were coming to me!!.

    They were trying to tie me but I avoid the all…then suddenly one took my food an I couldn’t move. Three more took my arms and my other feet.

    I tried move but I couldn’t the were very strong and I couldn’t do anything.
    Fifteen minutes passed and the I looked May coming to me.
    “May….please I don’t want to forget” I started feeling tears on my eyes.
    “Drew…I am really really sorry but I promise something….I will come back…I don’t know when but …I will come” May said wiping her tears away.

    Even if she promised that I couldn’t understand …I want her to be here with me ….forever. “N-NO May….you can’t go away please….stay here with me…”I said trying to convince her...but I know that it was useless. “Sorry Drew…” was the only thing that I hear from May.

    She started to come to me and I tried to go backwards but I couldn’t move because of the branches. She reached me a touched my cheek “D-Don’t touch me May” was all that I could say. “Sorry Drew but this is the best for both.

    Before I could answer I felled her lips pressing against mines. I return the kiss and she broke it. “Remember Drew….I will come back” was the last thing I hear from the person that I most loved.

    She kissed my forehead and I started to fell asleep the last thing I heard was “I love…..remember me” before I blacked out.

    Well guys here is it if you want it to be a one-shot tell me and if you don`t....... tell me too xD anyway please post

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    a little quick but overall its really sweeet

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