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Thread: Noob question: What is the Difference Between Heal Bell and Aromatherapy?

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    Default Noob question: What is the Difference Between Heal Bell and Aromatherapy?

    What's the difference between Heal Bell and Aromatherapy?

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    Not Much but aromatherapy is preferred, I think heal bell doesnt work on sound proof.

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    The type. Which doesn't matter at all. Heal Bell is affected by soundproof, but that usually isn't a worry.
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    No one uses soundproofers so..... But yeah there isnt much difference.

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    I'm asking this cuz I have a newly hatched Chansey with Heal Bell (in Emerald) and I don't want to have to trade a male Roselia from my cousin's Sapphire to my Emerald, level it up past lv. 50, and THEN breed with my Chansey just to replace Heal Bell with Aromatherapy.
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    You probably won't need to worry about having to re-breed for a Chansey, as the only Pokemon that can have the Soundproof ability are the Electrode, Mr. Mime, and Exploud lines, and you aren't likely to see too many of any of those, so you should be fine with Heal Bell.

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