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Thread: The Shiny Pokemon Lovers Club

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    Quote Originally Posted by kirkeastment View Post
    Yeah you can just erase the current save file for MPR, then you can start from scratch.

    However you'll need to alter the Wii's date after you deposit your pokemon, unless your willing to wait the 6/7 days (i think), that it takes to get your Ranch size up to actually obtain Mew per reset.

    Also, considering you need 999 or 1000 pokemon deposited into MPR, i would've thought you'd be better off just randomly hunting for pokemon to capture. Thats how i filled up MPR 3 times, and i was lucky enough to encounter a random shiny shinx on the way.
    Eh, I'm willing to wait. The Mew is really just an extra to me; my main use for MPR will be for storing and mass-releasing eggs which will help with my counting for Riolu.

    Welcome to the club, Double Dodu. Are you hunting for any shinies?

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    Oh, Riolo has a pretty nice shiny form. I remeber one guy posted a while back in the D/P thread saying he got 4 shiny ones in a row. I doubt it, but that'd have been cool.
    And welcome Doduo!

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    Thanks. ^ ^

    I'm currently looking for a shiny Vulpix so I can get a shiny Ninetales. I'm not having much luck though, since I don't know of any shiny hunting techniques...

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    Oh Snap! Damn Fufu mad luck ftw! Congrats on the Baltoy, and super congrats it didn't asplode on you, that was waaay lucky right there. When I was hunting in the desert I had a damp quagsire ready in case of baltoy. Tour score=1 for Fufu
    Also congrats Murkrow on the Ray!

    Spent yesterday hunting Dunsparce on Firered and once again tried for Numel in Ruby2 but no luck. Also did some Rotom Srs too.
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    Looking for someone who can make me a nice shiny banner/sig :P

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    Okay guys so this club has hit its mark and due to the constant reports, it shall be closed. It's reputation has done downhill so it'll be KO'd now. Anyone who wants to restart it (or if Zabi wants to) should PM me for permission. DarkDragon, you are forbidden to recreate the club OR post in it. (if a future one is made) Your reports are pretty strict and just for grammar? Dude, no need to go all grammar nazi on the poor members.

    With that the club is closed!

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