Keeping up witht he trend of commonly played Metagame cards, I'll be reviewing Advance Ritual Technique today!

Advance Ritual Art~Choose a Ritual monster from your hand, choose Normal monster(s) from your deck to the same level as that card and send them to Graveyard. Special Summon the chosen Ritual monster.

What can be said about this card? It's far better then Painful Choice, and comboes great with Demise, Reshef, Ruin, Relinquished, the list goes on. And best part is, ARA makes for a good top deck, so long as you have a big ritual monster in your hand that you can't play right away.

What more can said about this card? It's broken, plain and simple. Next ban list (mabye sooner), it'll rather be this card or Demise that's gonna take a hit if things don't changed in our TCG. It's a skilled form of Cyber Stien.

5/5 in-Ritual/Normal deck. Cause it's awesome
5/5 in-every deck. Hell, if you just wanna run mill or return, or something, run a big ritual monster with a lot of low-leveled vanilas.
5/5 in-Traditional. Demise/Chaos is ****in' hi-larious
5/5 in-Insect Demise-Can't deny the awesoem synergy here.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!