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Thread: Funny Chat Quotes Thread

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    Default Funny Chat Quotes Thread

    Last one wet AWOL, so we get a brand spanking new one. And I do beleive there will be spanking in it eventually. Though I wouldn't like to say who's involved..

    [14:24] <Mr`Cat`Dog> i don't like Spiderman
    [14:24] <bme> doin it like any spidey can. he is da spidey mans!!!
    [14:24] <Bluchu> then you're wierd
    [14:24] <Mr`Cat`Dog> well - the movies at least
    [14:24] <Jukain> o.o
    [14:24] <Mr`Cat`Dog> i don't mind the TV show
    [14:24] <Bluchu> Hob Goblin in the htird movie
    [14:24] <Bluchu> :P
    [14:25] <Bluchu> *third
    [14:25] <Mr`Cat`Dog> but I got extremely bored of the first movie
    [14:25] <bme> i want venom
    [14:25] <bme> or carnage
    [14:25] <Bluchu> Doc Connors was in teh second
    [14:25] <Bluchu> bme, that might happen
    [14:25] <bme> and the lizard
    [14:25] <bme> ^_^
    [14:25] <Bluchu> the astrnoaut was there and he brings the stuff that creates Venom
    [14:25] <bme> i looked up quotes for the movie. the elevator one was hilarious
    [14:25] <bme> i died
    [14:25] <PorygonX> Spiderman vs the gay hunter guy
    [14:25] <Bluchu> and Doc Connors was in the second movie so Lizard might be soon
    [14:25] <bme> no, i haven't seen it yet
    [14:25] <bme> XD
    [14:26] <bme> i mean, yes px. he is a happy happy hunter
    [14:26] <PorygonX> i'm sure i read somewhere that the hunter, who wears lion skin coats is a gay icon
    [14:26] <PorygonX> can't see it myself
    [14:26] <bme> i never thought of hunter that way
    [14:26] <Bluchu> I know a lot about comics
    [14:26] <bme> you shattered my image of him now
    [14:26] <Bluchu> even though I never read any
    [14:26] <bme> :x

    [20:45] <PorygonX> PIP!!!!
    [20:45] <Brinstar> its raining like Meowths and Poochyenas
    [20:45] * Kiori twhacks the hacker..
    [20:45] * Giant_Robot yawns
    [20:45] <PiPikachu> DAN!
    [20:45] <Kiori> --;;
    [20:45] * PorygonX throws an inflatable Chain Chomp at Pip
    [20:45] <Brinstar> XD
    [20:45] * PiPikachu throws his
    [20:45] <Giant_Robot> oO
    [20:45] <PiPikachu> CHAIN CHOMP BATTLE
    [20:45] <PiPikachu>
    [20:45] <PorygonX> RAR!

    * bme comes out of the closet :O
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    Shutterfly Guest


    Shame that the old Funny chat Quotes died in the last Hax0r Thingy.

    But luckilly, I still remember some old quotes and I still have some on my Laptop

    Worldlegend99: jul 07 01:14:51 * LilyPichu ****ers with a PINK gamecube
    jul 07 01:14:51 * Latios-Sleeping sets ban on *!*yuriclove@*
    jul 07 01:14:51 <<-- Latios-Sleeping has kicked LilyPichu from #SPP («««« If you swear, you can leave to go to the trash pile!! Kick Number 36256533421663 »»»»)
    jul 07 01:14:56 <Kiori> Oo
    jul 07 01:14:56 <Cayenne> oO
    jul 07 01:14:57 <ChaosMeowth> ..
    jul 07 01:14:59 <MS[Stuff]> Laughing Out Loud
    jul 07 01:14:59 <ChaosMeowth> XD
    jul 07 01:14:59 <Brinstar> o.o
    jul 07 01:15:00 <ChaosMeowth> XDDD
    jul 07 01:15:03 <Cayenne> wtf
    jul 07 01:15:03 <ChaosMeowth> Laughing My *** Off
    jul 07 01:15:03 <Kiori> XD
    jul 07 01:15:04 * Eevee` castrates CM and sticks ice where his dooby was.
    jul 07 01:15:07 <Brinstar> owned by a typo
    jul 07 01:15:07 <ChaosMeowth> Cay
    jul 07 01:15:07 <Cayenne> why is she banned XD
    jul 07 01:15:11 <MS[Stuff]> typo
    jul 07 01:15:11 <ChaosMeowth> Look at counters
    jul 07 01:15:12 <Eevee`> XD
    jul 07 01:15:14 <Cayenne> lmao
    jul 07 01:15:17 <Cayenne> XDXDXDXD
    jul 07 01:15:18 <MS[Stuff]> Cay.. she did a typo of counter
    jul 07 01:15:19 <MS[Stuff]> XDD
    jul 07 01:15:22 <EKANSSSSSSSSSS> back
    jul 07 01:15:23 <Cayenne> someone quote that XD
    jul 07 01:15:23 <Brinstar> Laughing Out Loud
    jul 07 01:15:23 <Eevee`> XD XD XD
    jul 07 01:15:33 <Kiori> welcome back Ekansssssssss!
    jul 07 01:15:33 <Kiori> XD
    jul 07 01:15:39 <Kiori> XDXDXD lol


    ***Pipwork is now known as Pipikachu
    <Cayenne> Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaz
    <Pipikachu> !up me you sexy thing
    <Pipikachu> !UP
    <Yello_Mit> XD
    <Jasmine> o.o;;
    <Cayenne> !Op
    ***SerebiiBot Opped Cayenne
    <Yello_Mit> XD
    <Pipikachu> !Up
    <Jasmine> Wow.....SPPBot turned Straight! o_o
    <Cayenne> oo Daz
    <Pipikachu> !OP
    <Cayenne> You identified? Oo
    <Pipikachu> !Op me before I kill you
    <Pipikachu> ! OP ME NOW
    <Cayenne> !Op Pipikachu
    ***SerebiiBot Opped Pipikachu
    <Pipikachu> O_o
    <Cayenne> XD
    <Pipikachu> XD
    <Jasmine> XD
    <Pipikachu> Thank you Cay
    <Pipikachu> It listens to you O.o
    <Cayenne> It loves me
    <Jasmine> XD!!


    *IloveyourSite has joined #SPP
    <IloveyourSite> I love your site, Serebii !
    ***Serebii has kicked IloveyourSite from #SPP(kickmessage: Thank you )
    <AntiReVos> XD
    <Cayenne> XD
    <Tikal> XD


    <Cayenne> Joeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyey
    <pokemew> o.o
    <Arty2> so no idea actually
    <Cayenne> hmm, I don't think he is alive oO
    <pokemew> meh
    <Serebii> Cayeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeye yeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyey eyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyey eyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyey eyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyey eyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyey eyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyey eyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyey eyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyey eyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeye yeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeeyeyeyeyeyeyey eyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyey
    <Dani> XD
    <Cayenne> Oo
    <Cayenne> XD
    <pokemew> lol
    <Cayenne> okay, you win XD
    <Serebii> Swish


    <AntiReVos> Cay, I need your help
    <Cayenne> sure
    <Marku> O_o
    <P2K4> o.o
    *Cayenne slaps Marku
    *Cayenne eats Marku
    <Cayenne> Don't look that way to Sciz!
    *Marku dies
    <Cayenne> Sciz
    <Marku> o_O
    <Cayenne> What's wrong?
    <AntiReVos> O_o

    <Jari89> Actually, most of my girlfriends were actually female


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    [16:32] * Vaporeon` hears screams as Michael Jackson enters the chat.
    [16:32] * Zero||Noodles has joined #SPP
    [16:32] <Vaporeon`> MS is 9 years old!
    [16:32] <Zero||Noodles> ...
    [16:32] <Zero||Noodles> Its empty
    [16:32] <Zero||Noodles> o_O
    [16:32] <Zero||Noodles> wtf
    [16:32] <Ivysaur_2003> AH---that's not Michael Jackson, E1
    [16:32] <MS> what is?
    [16:32] <MS> and WHAT?
    [16:32] <Vaporeon`> yah, it's Miror B.

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    I took out what everyone else was saying.

    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> So lyk
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> 1 day
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> Ashley and I were lyk
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> at the mall
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> and I was like
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> "Hey Ashley where did u get that purse?"
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> and she was all
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> "At Victoria's Secret"
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> And I was like
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> "Scandelous!"
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> And she was all
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> "OMG Scandelous that is SO five seconds ago."
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> ANd I was like
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> "UH!"
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> And she was all
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> "UH!"
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> ANd I was like
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> "YOu wanna mess with this?
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> And she was all
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> "Oh no u didn't!
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> ANd I was like
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> "DOn't go there girlfriend!:
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> ANd she was like
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> "I ain't yo GIRLFRIEND"
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> ANd I was all
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> "Like, SHUT UP"
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> ANd she like slapped me
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> so I slapped her back
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> and she walked off
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> and she was all
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> "I don't need driends with tacky boots anyways"
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> ANd I was like
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> "Yeah whatever!"
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> ANd then Sarah was there
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> and she was all
    <Iluvpompomscoolgurl435> "SCANDELOUS!!!!" and I was like "Oh, yeah."
    * Iluvpompomscoolgurl435 is now known as jigglyskitt
    <jigglyskitt> and this is the end of our show! dundun.

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    I took out what some people said, just so you know.

    <Dratini927> Damn, it wouldn't let me finger myself
    <Dratini927> :\
    <Umbreon`> XD
    <Dratini927> err, the mIRC Finger thngy


    <Sciz> Dude but she talks too much perverty stuff, it's bad for my young clean brain >_>;
    <Cayenne> o_O
    <Cayenne> clean ? XD
    <Serebii> young clean brain
    <Serebii> hah
    <Cayenne> you teached me XD
    <Cayenne> o_o
    <Cayenne> <<;
    <Serebii> Cay humps Sciz's brain?
    <Cayenne> o_o Joe
    Cayenne drags off
    <Sciz> o.o;
    <Cayenne> that sounds too wrong XD
    <Sciz> she does more >_>
    <Cayenne> o_o
    <Cayenne> I do?
    <Cayenne> XD
    <Serebii> she ravvages Sciz
    <Cayenne> wtf XD
    <Sciz> Last time she was looking for my Pants
    <Sciz> >_>;;;;
    <Cayenne> o_O


    <FoxMcCloud> I'm playing with myself :D
    <FoxMcCloud> err
    <FoxMcCloud> Mario Bros
    <Cayenne> Oo
    <Shadow_Blacky> o.O
    <Cayenne> eew
    <FoxMcCloud> um
    <FoxMcCloud> ..
    <--| FoxMcCloud has left #SPP (...)

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    This is why autogreets arent allowed. XD

    * serebii has joined #SPP
    <PQIsAtTheOCFair> «««« serebii »»»» It's The Head-Honchoebii!
    <Sleepster> «««« serebii »»»» It's The Head-Honchoebii!
    <Brinstar> «««« serebii »»»» It's The Head-Honchoebii!
    <Zelos-ToS-> «««« serebii »»»» It's The Bossebii!! Quick hide ur stolen celebii plushies!!
    <serebii> Autogreets Suck Ballz!!
    <CM{bbl}> «««« serebii »»»»»So Joe, why were you not in here? Chasing pretty girls again? :P
    * serebii has left #SPP
    * serebii has joined #SPP
    <Sleepster> «««« serebii »»»» It's The Head-Honchoebii!
    <CM{bbl}> «««« serebii »»»»»So Joe, why were you not in here? Chasing pretty girls again? :P
    <PQIsAtTheOCFair> «««« serebii »»»» It's The Head-Honchoebii!
    <Brinstar> «««« serebii »»»» It's The Head-Honchoebii!
    <Zelos-ToS-> «««« serebii »»»» It's The Bossebii!! Quick hide ur stolen celebii plushies!!
    <serebii> Autogreets Suck Ballz!!
    * serebii has left #SPP
    * serebii has joined #SPP
    <PQIsAtTheOCFair> «««« serebii »»»» It's The Head-Honchoebii!
    <CM{bbl}> «««« serebii »»»»»So Joe, why were you not in here? Chasing pretty girls again? :P
    <Sleepster> «««« serebii »»»» It's The Head-Honchoebii!
    * Dratini927 sets mode: +b *!*paige_the@*
    <Zelos-ToS-> «««« serebii »»»» It's The Bossebii!! Quick hide ur stolen celebii plushies!!
    * PQIsAtTheOCFair was kicked by Dratini927 («««« Repeating is not allowed. Kick Number 6836 »»»»)
    * Dratini927 sets mode: +b *!*shadowcha@*
    * CM{bbl} was kicked by Dratini927 («««« Repeating is not allowed. Kick Number 6837 »»»»)
    <Brinstar> «««« serebii »»»» It's The Head-Honchoebii!
    * Dratini927 sets mode: +b *!*SPP@*
    * Sleepster was kicked by Dratini927 («««« Repeating is not allowed. Kick Number 6838 »»»»)
    * Dratini927 sets mode: +b *!*SPP@*
    <serebii> Autogreets Suck Ballz!!
    * serebii has left #SPP
    <Raikou`> XD
    * serebii has joined #SPP
    <Zelos-ToS-> «««« serebii »»»» It's The Bossebii!! Quick hide ur stolen celebii plushies!!
    * Zelos-ToS- was kicked by Dratini927 («««« Repeating is not allowed. Kick Number 6839 »»»»)
    <Brinstar> «««« serebii »»»» It's The Head-Honchoebii!
    <serebii> Autogreets Suck Ballz!!
    * Dratini927 sets mode: +b *!*SPP@*
    * Brinstar was kicked by Dratini927 («««« Repeating is not allowed. Kick Number 6840 »»»»)
    <Raikou`> XD!
    * Myst has left #SPP
    <FoxMcCloud> aargh
    * Dratini927 sets mode: +b *!*why@*
    * serebii was kicked by Dratini927 («««« Repeating is not allowed. Kick Number 6841 »»»»)
    <FoxMcCloud> me and my big mouth
    <Raikou`> lolol
    * Chibi-Yutaka has joined #SPP
    * FoxMcCloud sets mode: -bbbbb *!*SPP@* *!*SPP@* *!*SPP@* *!*shadowcha@* *!*paige_the@*
    *!*shadowcha@* *!*paige_the@*
    <Hakuryuu> omg
    * Zelos-ToS- has joined #SPP
    <Hakuryuu> XDDD
    * Raikou` sets mode: -b *!*why@*
    * Brinstar has joined #SPP
    * SerebiiBot sets mode: +v Brinstar
    <Raikou`> you beat me
    <Raikou`> :
    <LilBabyLatios> :0!
    <Brinstar> ...
    <LilBabyLatios> its ron!
    <Hakuryuu> that is sooooo getting quoted
    <Raikou`> that was awesome.
    <Raikou`> lol
    * LilBabyLatios flys around Ron

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    [02:31:27] <FoxMcCloud> I LIKE TEH PIE
    [02:31:37] <Bluchu> o_O
    [02:31:37] <Jun> Paj-ers!
    [02:31:42] <EKANSSSSSSSSSS> lol
    [02:31:45] --- #SPP :You're not channel operator
    [02:31:51] <FoxMcCloud> woh
    [02:31:54] <FoxMcCloud> I'm not opped
    [02:31:59] <FoxMcCloud> I could've been kickbanned
    [02:32:00] <Bluchu> lol
    [02:32:00] <FoxMcCloud> XD
    [02:32:04] <FoxMcCloud> >>
    [02:32:05] <FoxMcCloud> <<
    [02:32:13] <EKANSSSSSSSSSS> lol
    [02:32:20] <FoxMcCloud> That's more than 10 caps though
    [02:32:23] <FoxMcCloud> o.O
    [02:32:24] * Bluchu kickbans Fox
    [02:32:29] <Bluchu> XP
    [02:32:33] <FoxMcCloud> I LIKE TEH PIEE
    [02:32:48] <Tooi> o.o
    [02:32:57] <Tooi> I think I have a reaction to MSG
    [02:33:12] <FoxMcCloud> !op
    [02:33:12] --- SerebiiBot gives channel operator status to FoxMcCloud
    [02:33:41] <EKANSSSSSSSSSS> should i give it a shot?
    [02:33:41] <Bluchu> try the other scripts
    [02:33:48] <Brendan> EKANSSSSSSSSSS
    [02:33:48] --- Tooi sets ban on *!*Anonymous@*
    [02:33:48] <-- Tooi has kicked Brendan from #SPP («««« Overusing caps. (100% Caps) Kick Number 36256533421949 »»»»)
    [02:33:50] <Bluchu> give what a shot?
    [02:33:52] <Bluchu> XD
    [02:33:53] <Jun> lol
    [02:34:01] <FoxMcCloud> Guess they were on
    [02:34:01] <FoxMcCloud> >>
    [02:34:02] <FoxMcCloud> <<

    Remember kids, don't test the op's scripts. Leave it to the professionals...
    Pokémon Tournament & League Organizer in Hawaii

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    Ororo Munroe Guest


    I took some of it out but it's still hilarious. XD

    <Wattson> Do you like the episodes of Pokémon?
    <Bluchu> yeah, I liked the episode where Misty caught a Bluchu
    <Bluchu> ^_~
    <Wattson> I like the episode of Pokémon...
    <Bluchu> do you like the Bluchu episode?
    <Wattson> ya, very good the Bluchu episode... ^_-
    <Bluchu> there really was one
    <Bluchu> right, everyone?
    <MetaKyogre> yes
    <Bluchu> see?
    <MetaKyogre> lol
    <Evanarios> XD
    <Bluchu> Wattson, it really happened.
    <Wattson> What is the episode?
    <Bluchu> the Bluchu episode in the anime
    <MetaKyogre> of what?
    <Bluchu> lol
    <MetaKyogre> oh that one
    <MetaKyogre> lol
    <MetaKyogre> i saw it
    <MetaKyogre> gr8 episode
    <Wattson> and which is the episode of bluchu??
    <Bluchu> it happened in the Oore region. they discovered many new Pokemon and Misty went there in a hoso episode and caught a Bluchu
    <Bluchu> right guys?
    <The_Ownage> uh-huh
    <MetaKyogre> yeah Bluchu
    <MetaKyogre> it's true
    <Wattson> What is a Bluchu?!
    <MetaKyogre> what do u think?
    <Bluchu> the evolved form of Pikablu
    <Bluchu> DUH
    <Bluchu> in my sig there's a pic of Bluchu
    <The_Ownage> Pikablu pwns
    <Bluchu> no
    <Bluchu> Bluchu is better
    <Bluchu> ^_~
    <Wattson>'s a fantasy episode...
    <Bluchu> no
    <Bluchu> real
    <The_Ownage> Rolls On The Floor Laughing
    <MetaKyogre> It's real
    <The_Ownage> dont u belive?
    <Wattson> and the number of the episode?
    <Bluchu> it's a hoso episode
    <Wattson> In which series?
    <The_Ownage> 7somthing
    <Shadow_Blacky> Bluchu has the stats of :255/255/255/255/255/255 and can learn all moves >:3
    <MetaKyogre> I thought it was 8
    <Shadow_Blacky> *base stats
    <Bluchu> and is all types too
    <The_Ownage> its like a mew
    <MetaKyogre> it's mint
    <The_Ownage> but Bluchu > Mew
    <The_Ownage> XD
    <Bluchu> lol
    <MetaKyogre> lol
    <Wattson> What are the Hoso episodes?!
    <Wattson> Where can you see this serie?
    <Bluchu> you can't
    <Bluchu> it's not dubbed
    <The_Ownage> its a banned episode i heard
    <Bluchu> and Joe doesn't have the synopsis or pics from this episode either
    <MetaKyogre> shame
    <Tooi> Hoso specials are a seperate Pokemon show
    <The_Ownage> is it banned? i cant remember
    <Tooi> They air on Tuesdays instead of Thursdays
    <MetaKyogre> I thought they were banned
    <Tooi> They aren't banned
    <MetaKyogre> oh right
    <Tooi> KidsWB prefers not to import them
    <Wattson> S...It's is fantasy...the banned episodes are 4 and 4 are!
    <MetaKyogre> k
    <Tooi> Because they have to be shown at a seperate time
    <MetaKyogre> true
    <The_Ownage> Wattson : I went 2 Japan and I saw that episode. i was freaked out aswell
    <Wattson> PikaBlu is inexist
    <The_Ownage> it was like 2:00 at night
    <PiPikachu> which 1
    <MetaKyogre> but it's not dubbed!
    <PiPikachu> what aint
    <MetaKyogre> makes it hard to follow
    <Wattson> it's impossible...
    <MetaKyogre> how?
    <Wattson> it's impossible
    <MetaKyogre> because.....
    <MetaKyogre> you haven't heard of it?
    <PiPikachu> ohh
    <PiPikachu> that 1
    <PiPikachu> i see
    <Wattson> no...
    <PiPikachu> that ep was cool
    <MetaKyogre> see? It's truw
    <The_Ownage> omg Wattson, just because u dont belive it, doesnt mean its false
    <MetaKyogre> exactly
    <Serebii> BLuchu's Water Pulse is bloody powerful
    <Bluchu> XD
    <Serebii> it took out that Tyranitar so easily
    <Evanarios> Lol
    <The_Ownage> init
    <MetaKyogre> yeah I know
    <Bluchu> lmao
    <Bluchu> I know
    <Bluchu> great eppy
    <MetaKyogre> lol
    <MetaKyogre> the best I've seen for ages
    <The_Ownage> its sp att base stat is like 240
    <MetaKyogre> I thought it was 250 or something
    <Wattson> I don't know that episode...when was aried?
    <MetaKyogre> we're telling you
    <Bluchu> it's not dubbed yet
    <Bluchu> it's a hoso
    <Bluchu> won't be dubbed
    <Wattson> ok....
    <MetaKyogre> it's a gr8 ep but it's not dubbed
    <Bluchu> yeah
    <Bluchu> I wish it was though
    <Bluchu> do you guys think the Bluchu eppy will be aired again soon?
    <Bluchu> ^_^
    <MetaKyogre> no
    <Serebii> no
    <MetaKyogre> :(
    <Serebii> hoso eps only air once
    <Bluchu> oh
    <MetaKyogre> true Joe's got the facts
    <Bluchu> yeah
    <MetaKyogre> I'm sure other good episodes will come

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    Jan 2006
    In a sliding cardboard box.


    <nidoran_trainer> can i change from minun master to nidoran trainer
    <PorygonX> yes
    <PorygonX> if you ask in the nick change thread
    <nidoran_trainer> how
    <Jasmine> uhh
    <Jasmine> want me to draw you a map to the thread?
    <PorygonX> look through the newbie forums
    <nidoran_trainer> where is that
    <Jasmine> here's your map.
    <Jasmine> YAY
    <Jasmine> --;
    * nidoran_trainer has quit IRC (QUIT: Rules!!)
    <Jasmine> mmmmm I guess Nidoran got lost on the way
    * Jasmine shakes head

    * Guest5682 has joined #SPP
    * Guest5682 is now known as nidoran_trainer
    <Jasmine> yay you finally figured out the map!

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    Shutterfly Guest


    <lilyPichu> Cay and PX...sitting in a tree...
    <LilyPichu> k-i-s-s-i-n-g
    <Murkrow> PX is gay
    <LilyPichu> First comes love
    <LilyPichu>then comes marriage
    <Bluchu> PX wants to be with a guy
    <Cayenne> PX is kinda gay, Lily
    <Cayenne> XD
    <LilyPichu> wtf
    <LilyPichu> o_o
    <Cayenne> You didnt know? o_o
    <Bluchu> XD
    *Cayenne hides
    <LilyPichu> pretend I didn't say anything <<


    <LilyPichu> I have gender problems....o_o

    XD !

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    Jan 2004


    Funny there's no addresses in the ban list. Don't post here asking to be unbanned again. Unless you have somehting funny to add.

    <PorygonX> !seen your_daddy
    [21:10] <SerebiiBot> I don't know who your_daddy is.
    [21:12] <Shadow_Blacky> back
    [21:14] <Shadow_Blacky> o.o
    [21:15] <PorygonX> !seen Shadow's_daddy
    [21:15] <SerebiiBot> I don't know who Shadow's_daddy is.
    [21:16] <Shadow_Blacky> ;>>

    [21:20] <`Chris`> last post
    [21:20] * PorygonX looks
    [21:21] <`Chris`> someone asking to be unbanned in the chat quote thread ;>>
    [21:22] <`Chris`> (9:20:21 pm) «@`Chris`» XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD < so like, I over-reacted o.o;
    Last edited by RaZoR LeAf; 1st August 2004 at 9:33 PM.

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    «+Panic»0 why is it that this is the only channel thats active from like..12a.m. - 12p.m ._.
    (1410:46:22 am) «9+Panic»0 somethign is broke here...we need more users from the UK and stuff ;x
    (1410:46:26 am) «12@grem»0 Norman Greenbaum - Spirit in the Sky
    (1410:46:29 am) «+Yugiohbii» because w have a Cay, a Fox, A sciz, and a Ely
    (1410:46:32 am) «+Yugiohbii» *We
    (1410:46:38 am) «+Yugiohbii» *Elfy
    (1410:46:42 am) «@Dragon-Elf»0 lol
    (1410:46:47 am) «+Panic»0 ;p
    0(1410:47:13 am0) « Joins: [DiasFlac] ( »
    (1410:47:17 am) «Evanarios»0 Hey Dias
    (1410:47:18 am) «+Togepi»0 hi Dias
    (1410:47:21 am) «Shadow_Blacky»0 hi Dias
    (1410:47:31 am) «DiasFlac»0 'ello.
    0(1410:47:34 *** Shallow is now known as Shallow|Away|
    (1410:47:36 am) «9+Yugiohbii» Cay is the noctowl, Sciz is the Earlybii, Elfy is the afternoon bird, and fox is the evening/morning bird
    0(1410:47:37 am0) *** Alka||Busy ( has quit IRC (QUIT: The worst is over now and we can breathe again. I wanna hold you high you steal my pain away. Theres so much left to learn and no one left to fight. I wanna hold you high and steal your pain..9)
    (1410:48:09 am) «@Dragon-Elf»0 you know
    (1410:48:14 am) «@Dragon-Elf»0 someone you should quote that
    (1410:48:16 am) «@Dragon-Elf»0 its funny
    0(1410:48:48 am0) « 0Joins: [SPPGuest] ( »
    0(1410:48:50 am0) «Yugiohbii» 43 H14ey 3Guest 43 W14elcome 43 T14o 43 S14PP Chat! 
    (1410:49:00 am) «9+BlaBlaBla»0 m00
    (1410:49:00 am) «Evanarios»0 Welcome Guest
    (1410:49:01 am) «SPPGuest»0 What/Who is missingno????
    (1410:49:06 am) «SPPGuest»0 hello
    (1410:49:13 am) «9+BlaBlaBla»0 some kind of glitch in the game
    (1410:49:13 am) «9+Togepi»0 o_O
    (1410:49:13 am) «12@Dragon-Elf»0 scizzy
    (1410:49:20 am) «SPPGuest»0 oh ok
    (1410:49:22 am)«+Panic»0 missingo is an old *********** user. ;/
    (1410:49:22 am) «+Togepi»0 you never heard of Missingno?
    (1410:49:23 am) «@Dragon-Elf»0 wait
    (1410:49:24 am) «@Dragon-Elf»0 someone
    (1410:49:34 am) «SPPGuest» no
    (1410:49:34 am) «@Dragon-Elf» place it in the chat qoutes treath
    (1410:49:37 am) «@Dragon-Elf»0 its funny
    (1410:49:37 am) «+Panic»0 nvm..
    (1410:49:41 am) «+Yugiohbii» ok I will
    (1410:49:47 am) «+Panic» thought you were talking about missingo the user =x
    (1410:49:47 am) «SPPGuest» i don' play R/B/Y
    (1410:50:01 am) «9+Togepi»0 <Dragon-Elf> place it in the chat qoutes treath <--- place what there?
    (1410:50:05 am) «SPPGuest»0 no
    (1410:50:09 am) «+BlaBlaBla»0 there is a missingo in r/s t
    Rose addict for life !

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    King Lin Guest

    Red face Okay...

    I remeber 1 oh and BTW this is why Bots suck XD(I forgot the time so I didn't put it):

    <Serebii> !down grem
    *SerebiiBot sets mode (-o) on Serebii
    *SerebiiBot sets mode (-q) on Serebii
    *SerebiiBot sets mode (+o) on Serebii
    *SerebiiBot sets mode (+q) on Serebii
    <nickspizzla> LOL
    Last edited by King Lin; 12th August 2004 at 5:27 AM.

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    Heh, I got Joe a free point in Altomare Latios' (Latios on the forums) Trivia TRIVIA :P

    [20:24:31] <Altomare_Latios> 251. Games - Star Fox: Hold A to...
    [20:24:35] <Raikou`> fier
    [20:24:35] --- You have left channel #******** (o.O)
    [20:24:36] --> You are now talking on #********
    [20:24:36] --- Topic for #******** is ææææææ Welcome to #******** - The place for the #SPP members to unleash their darker halves. Just about anything is allowed... but dont be a moron (cept bme) | Now officially approved as "SPPt"! ææææææ
    [20:24:36] --- Topic for #******** set by Anzu at Sun Aug 8 21:18:48
    [20:24:36] --- SerebiiBot gives channel operator status to FoxMcCloud
    [20:24:36] <Sleepebii> «««« FoxMcCloud »»»» Hold A To Charge Your Laser! Use Bombs Wisely! Good Goin` Fox
    [20:24:37] <Altomare_Latios> Sleepebii got the answer: charge your laser in 4.766 seconds. Points: 1 Rank: 31st
    [20:24:37] <Altomare_Latios> Sleepebii has moved up in rank: 28th
    [20:24:37] <Altomare_Latios> Current Round: FoxMcCloud-96 Pidgeot`-44 Dragonair-39 Raikou`-17 Lloyd_Irving-10 Brinstar-8 Altomare_Latios-7 Hak-5 Ivysaur_2003-3 Freakachu-2 Dragonair-stuff--2 pokemew-1 Cayenne-asleep-1 Sleepebii-1
    [20:24:38] <Raikou`> charge yopur lasers
    [20:24:39] <Raikou`> XD
    [20:24:39] <FoxMcCloud> XD
    [20:24:40] <Raikou`> XD!
    [20:24:41] <Raikou`> XD!
    [20:24:41] <Raikou`> XD!
    [20:24:41] <FoxMcCloud> ROFL
    [20:24:41] <Raikou`> XD!
    [20:24:42] <Raikou`> XD
    [20:24:43] <pokemew> O.O
    [20:24:43] <FoxMcCloud> YAY
    [20:24:44] <pokemew> WTF
    [20:24:46] <pokemew> OMFG

    ******** is the channel name, which I blocked, since its somewhat of a private channel.
    Last edited by Fox; 11th August 2004 at 8:51 AM.
    Pokémon Tournament & League Organizer in Hawaii

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    1Eevee1 Guest


    [19:57] * grem is now known as grem[brb]
    [19:57] <Eevee1> wb grem
    [19:57] * grem[brb] is now known as grem[busy]
    [19:57] <grem[busy]> im not back
    [19:57] <Eevee1> oh

    [20:17] <PiPikachu> PIKA PIKACHUU!!!!!!!!!
    [20:17] <EKANSSSSSSSSSS> hi daz
    [20:17] <Eevee1> PH34R,
    [20:17] <ShiningMew> HeHe ^^
    [20:17] <Eevee1> Pip.
    [20:17] <Eevee1> Vop me.
    [20:17] * Bigger_Boo hugs everyone
    [20:18] <PiPikachu> that was my impression of a Cockrel impersonating a Pikachu
    [20:18] <PiPikachu>
    [20:18] <Eevee1> PIP.
    [20:18] <Eevee1> VOP ME!
    [20:18] <PiPikachu> ok
    [20:18] * PiPikachu vops Eevee1
    [20:18] <PiPikachu> there
    [20:18] <PiPikachu> :P
    [20:18] <EKANSSSSSSSSSS> lol
    [20:18] <Eevee1> Yay!
    [20:18] * SerebiiBot sets mode: +v Eevee1
    [20:19] <SerebiiBot> there you go oh master
    [20:19] <Eevee1> SOP ME!
    [20:19] <Eevee1> I AM GAWD!
    [20:19] <ShiningMew> XD
    [20:19] <EKANSSSSSSSSSS> -_-
    [20:20] * Guest85721 has joined #SPP
    [20:20] <SerebiiBot> YOU WISH >:O
    [20:20] <SerebiiBot> PH33R ME FOR I AM BOT!
    [20:21] <SKARREH> You are not a real boy XP
    [20:21] <Eevee1> I WISH

    That's funny when you realise I have vop status and that vop that was given to me was useless.
    Last edited by 1Eevee1; 11th August 2004 at 11:54 AM.

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    Here's how most of the speed records are made:

    [00:35:03] * FoxMcCloud gives pokemew a cookie
    [00:35:11] <Altomare_Latios> 29. Games - Megaman: Total, how many Megaman games are there for the Nintendo systems?
    [00:35:13] <Sakurabisu> 23
    [00:35:15] <FoxMcCloud> 25
    [00:35:16] <Sakurabisu> 24
    [00:35:17] <pokemew> what type of cookie o.o
    [00:35:18] <Sakurabisu> 22
    [00:35:19] <Sakurabisu> 21
    [00:35:20] <Altomare_Latios> Here's your 1st hint: _8
    [00:35:21] <FoxMcCloud> 18
    [00:35:22] <Sakurabisu> 28
    [00:35:22] <FoxMcCloud> 28
    [00:35:22] <Altomare_Latios> Sakurabisu got the answer: 28 in 12.468 seconds. Points: 94 Rank: 5th
    [00:35:23] <pokemew> 28
    [00:35:23] <Altomare_Latios> You're on fire!
    [00:35:23] <Altomare_Latios> Current Round: FoxMcCloud-16 Sakurabisu-11 pokemew-2
    [00:35:23] <FoxMcCloud> XD
    [00:35:30] <Sakurabisu> «««« The time where i live is 11:32:00 am »»»»
    [00:35:33] <Altomare_Latios> 30. What's Sapphire Dewgong's favorite word?
    [00:35:33] <FoxMcCloud> chocolate chip
    [00:35:33] <pokemew> I'm going to go have some curry now
    [00:35:33] <Altomare_Latios> FoxMcCloud got the answer: CHOCOLATE in 0.46 seconds. Points: 223 Rank: 1st
    [00:35:34] <Altomare_Latios> Oh ****!
    [00:35:34] <Altomare_Latios> Current Round: FoxMcCloud-17 Sakurabisu-11 pokemew-2

    [00:37:35] -Altomare_Latios- Record streak: Raikou` of 12. Record time: FoxMcCloud of 0.46. Record wpm: FoxMcCloud of 234.782609.

    Note: when I said "chocolate chip", I was replying to pokemew.
    Last edited by Fox; 12th August 2004 at 12:49 PM.
    Pokémon Tournament & League Organizer in Hawaii

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    ZeroMantis Guest


    AL's trivia is so messed up XD

    [21:37] <Altomare_Latios> 52. Computer - What is*the name of the*common programming*language*used*by*Windows systems?
    [21:37] <Pidgeot`> o.O
    [21:37] <Dratini927> unix
    [21:37] <MS> ...
    [21:37] <Dratini927> :P{
    [21:37] <Saboten-kun> No, it isn't. I've got a copy of the original newspaper.
    [21:37] <Pidgeot`> Linux
    [21:37] <Pidgeot`> Xd
    [21:37] <Brinstar> ram
    [21:37] <Raikou`> C__
    [21:37] <Raikou`> C_+
    [21:37] <Beau> binary?
    [21:37] <Raikou`> C__
    [21:37] <MS> um
    [21:37] <Raikou`> C++
    [21:37] <MS> o.o;
    [21:37] <Pidgeot`> XD
    [21:37] <Hak> C++
    [21:37] <Raikou`> @_@
    [21:37] <Altomare_Latios> c++
    [21:37] <Saboten-kun> BASIC
    [21:37] <Saboten-kun> Visual BASIC
    [21:37] <MS> TEXT
    [21:37] <Pidgeot`> Dark
    [21:37] <Altomare_Latios> C++
    [21:37] <MS> o.o
    [21:37] <Pidgeot`> XD
    [21:37] <Hak> C++
    [21:37] <Raikou`> @_@
    [21:37] <Altomare_Latios> c++
    [21:37] <Saboten-kun> BASIC
    [21:37] <Saboten-kun> Visual BASIC
    [21:37] <MS> TEXT
    [21:37] <Pidgeot`> Dark
    [21:37] <Altomare_Latios> C++
    [21:37] <MS> o.o
    [21:37] <Pidgeot`> o.o
    [21:37] <Raikou`> it is C++
    [21:37] <Saboten-kun> >:\
    [21:37] <MS>
    [21:37] <Dratini927> basic programming
    [21:37] <Dratini927> :P
    [21:37] <Pidgeot`> HTML
    [21:37] <Pidgeot`> :O
    [21:37] <Altomare_Latios> WTF
    [21:38] <Altomare_Latios> **** YOU
    [21:38] <Beau> OMFG!
    [21:38] <MS> basic C++
    [21:38] <MS> :P
    [21:38] <Altomare_Latios> C++
    [21:38] <Brinstar> html
    [21:38] <Pidgeot`> XD
    [21:38] <MS> C++
    [21:38] <Brinstar> XD
    [21:38] <MS> o.o
    [21:38] <MS> XD
    [21:38] <Pidgeot`> C--
    [21:38] <Beau> Its the rare and elusive Sextini
    [21:38] <Pidgeot`> :d
    [21:38] <Altomare_Latios> Pidgeot` got the answer: C++ in 40.799 seconds. Points: 87 Rank: 6th


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    Jan 2004


    (1412:00:38 am) «Some_Guy»0 If you could have one guy/girl as your gir/boy friend, who would it be?
    (1412:00:46 am) «Some_Guy»0 >_>
    (1412:00:46 am) «12@Cayenne»0 uhhh
    0(1412:00:46 am0) « 4Parts: [ice^] (~frozenice@A0C29249.2AA2627D.92854B29.IP) »
    (1412:00:47 am) «Flareon1»0 a cute disabled girl
    (1412:00:47 am) «9+bme»0 i would have
    (1412:00:48 am) «MS» ...
    (1412:00:49 am) «Hak»0 meh, I'll saty a couple min longer
    (1412:00:50 am) «12@Cayenne»0 no comment :x
    (1412:00:54 am) «9+bme»0 i want sciz
    (1412:00:56 am) «MS» cant tell :x
    (1412:00:57 am) «9+bme»0 8O~

    OMG its BME.. he wants Sciz :O!

    MS = Me and sorry about the s.

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    Ororo Munroe Guest


    Just so you know, I took some of it out.

    <Togepi> <Satoshi-kun> You know Joe could just give mods banning powers. <--- he does, by making the smods or admins
    <Togepi> XP
    <Togepi> *them
    <Cay-away-> Laughing Out Loud
    <Espeon1> yah
    <bme> yeah, i'd just go and ban everyone
    <Espeon1> it's why there ain't 15 members left
    <bme> :P
    <Satoshi-kun> He doesn't need to make them S-Mods.
    <Espeon1> cos if he modded me, there would be "St. Eevee1's Massacre"
    <Togepi> <bme> yeah, i'd just go and ban everyone <---- lol
    <Cay-away-> you cant ban Joe XD
    <bme> i'd find a way
    <Cay-away-> or some other Admin
    <bme> ;o
    * Togepi goes to ban bme >:)
    <Cay-away-> I dont think I can o.o
    <Togepi> XP
    <Cay-away-> XD
    <bme> 8O
    * bme goes to delete his comic
    <Togepi> XD
    <Togepi> okay, no ban
    <Togepi> ^_~
    <Togepi> XP
    <bme> ~_^
    <Togepi> XD

    <bme> i shud b adminn cuz i dun no i jus wan powah

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    1Eevee1 Guest


    [21:13] <Vaporeon1> DANI.
    [21:13] <Vaporeon1> My sig's too big.
    [21:13] <Cayenne> hold on, they are in some other file --;
    [21:13] <Togepi> NO
    [21:13] <Togepi> IT'S NOT
    [21:13] <Togepi> it's THREE LINES
    [21:13] * Togepi was kicked by grem (4Overusing caps. (76.9% Caps) Kick number: 512)
    [21:13] <Vaporeon1> XD
    [21:13] * Togepi has joined #SPP
    [21:13] <Strider> hmm
    [21:13] * SerebiiBot sets mode: +h Togepi
    [21:13] <grem> omg its DANI
    [21:13] <Cayenne> oO
    [21:13] <Sakurabisu> My sig rocks
    [21:13] * Togepi kills grem
    [21:13] <Vaporeon1> that was 3 lines too
    [21:13] <Togepi> XP
    [21:14] <EKANSSSSSSSSSS> brb
    [21:14] * grem dies


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    Knife Guest


    This happened today and it all started when I got kicked for going mad :O

    (7:42:18 pm) * Scizzy </3 Fox :'(
    (7:42:27 pm) «+Brinstar» InsenIR I know him IRL
    (7:42:33 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» I never <3 in the first place
    (7:42:36 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» it was all an act
    (7:42:43 pm) «@Scizzy» YOU CHEATER
    (7:42:46 pm) «@Scizzy» :'(
    (7:42:51 pm) * Scizzy is all heartbroken
    (7:43:10 pm) * FoxMcCloud laughs evily
    (7:43:23 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» it was me and cay from the start
    (7:43:29 pm) «@Cayenne» Oo
    (7:43:30 pm) «@Cayenne» me ?
    (7:43:35 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» yes, YOU
    (7:43:36 pm) «@Scizzy» Fox, you <censored> ;__;
    (7:43:36 pm) «@Cayenne» you never told me XD
    (7:43:41 pm) «@Cayenne» I missed that
    (7:43:43 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» but I gave you a pill so you'd forget
    (7:43:44 pm) «@Cayenne» was I drunk ?
    (7:43:45 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» >
    (7:43:46 pm) «@Cayenne» ah
    (7:43:47 pm) «+Brinstar» woo this is getting hot
    (7:43:53 pm) «@Cayenne» eeerrr
    (7:43:58 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» Brinstar, you were in the conspiracy too
    (7:44:01 pm) «@Cayenne» I almost dont dare to ask XD
    (7:44:02 pm) «+Brinstar» o0
    (7:44:03 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» but you had to walk into a tree
    (7:44:06 pm) «@Scizzy» LOOK INTO YOUR HEART
    (7:44:08 pm) «+Brinstar» Laughing Out Loud
    (7:44:10 pm) «@Scizzy» You <censored>
    (7:44:11 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» and get temporary amnesia
    (7:44:20 pm) * Cayenne looks in Fox heart
    (7:44:33 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» Cayenne, all you're gonna find there is a lot of blood
    (7:44:39 pm) «@Cayenne» Oo
    (7:44:43 pm) «@Cayenne» no heart?
    (7:44:44 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» and a little peanut
    (7:44:47 pm) * Cayenne hides behind someone
    (7:44:51 pm) «@Cayenne» Fox
    (7:44:52 pm) «@Scizzy» Fox, a litre of blood just for you :>
    (7:44:52 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» no, in my heart
    (7:44:55 pm) «Sakurabisu» What did I do?
    (7:45:05 pm) «@Cayenne» you looked Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom or something ? Oo
    (7:45:15 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» Sakurabisu, you had an affair with SerebiiBot behind Joe's back
    (7:45:23 pm) «@Scizzy» OH MAH GAWD
    (7:45:28 pm) «@Scizzy» Making out with a Bot
    (7:45:30 pm) «@Scizzy» tsk tsk
    (7:45:30 pm) «@Scizzy» :[
    (7:45:32 pm) «SPP» LOL
    (7:45:33 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» and Daz was in on it
    (7:45:33 pm) «@Cayenne» oo
    (7:45:38 pm) «@Cayenne» wtf XD
    (7:45:44 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» but he went out with Elfy
    (7:45:51 pm) «@Cayenne» oO
    (7:45:52 pm) * Sakurabisu rams his pointy mouthparts into the skull of SerebiiBot and drinks up their brains.
    (7:45:53 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» Matt got jealous and took Dani
    (7:45:55 pm) «@Cayenne» ;-; Cheat0r
    (7:46:04 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» Jasmine and Dani got into a fight
    (7:46:10 pm) «@Cayenne» poor bme
    (7:46:14 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» so Jasmine took AL just to make Dani Jealous
    (7:46:20 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» but it didn't work
    (7:46:25 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» bme got all confused
    (7:46:29 pm) «Sakurabisu» Fox, if that really happened, then why won't the bot reward me?
    (7:46:43 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» Sakurabisu, because the bot got no pleasure
    (7:46:54 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» bme got all confused and killed Beau
    (7:46:55 pm) «Sakurabisu» Gasp! How dare it! *slaps*
    (7:47:18 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» Beau's ghost possesed Ivy and made him accidentally kill nick
    (7:47:28 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» Nick wound up getting revived
    (7:47:40 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» and Nick killed everyone who's voiced right now
    (7:47:50 pm) «@Scizzy» Fox, where the heck am in in that Drama?!?
    (7:48:02 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» and Scizzy fell in love
    (7:48:07 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» at first sight
    (7:48:23 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» but then got distracted by Jasmine's inflatable b00bs
    (7:48:28 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» and fell off a cliff
    (7:48:40 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» and Scizzy died
    (7:48:49 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» then Joe woke up
    (7:49:00 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» and saw all the drama
    (7:49:08 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» he went into a rage
    (7:49:14 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» and mkicked the channel
    (7:49:17 pm) «@FoxMcCloud» THE END

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    Join Date
    Jan 2004


    [21:51] <Brinstar> XD
    [21:51] <Beau> XD
    [21:51] <PorygonX> hang them on the wall
    [21:51] <Brinstar> Laughing Out Loud
    [21:51] * SPPGuest (JavaUser@FEC934AC.23707E95.F3CA00A3.IP) has joined #SPP
    [21:51] <PorygonX> ad your framed photo of grem
    [21:51] <Brinstar> autographed photo XD
    [21:51] <grem> or leave them on like someones bed and say they are theirs
    [21:51] <PorygonX> lol
    [21:51] <Mewtric> well anyone have any suggestions?
    [21:51] <Beau> Doesnt everyone have one. I got four
    [21:51] <PorygonX> grem sounds like he talks from experience
    [21:51] <BlaBlaBla> he is not good, he uses 00ber
    [21:51] <Brinstar> Laughing Out Loud

    [21:57] <Brinstar> no suicide for you!
    [21:57] <Brinstar> now go to your room
    [21:57] <Brinstar> no supper
    [21:57] <Beau> XD
    [21:57] <Beau> You sound like my mother
    [21:57] <PorygonX> isn't Beau's room also Brin's room?
    [21:57] <Beau> lol
    [21:57] <Beau> Yep
    [21:57] <Brinstar> Laughing Out Loud
    [21:57] <Beau> Come to bed Brinny
    [21:57] <Brinstar> noooo
    [21:57] <PorygonX> lol
    [21:57] * Beau smiles cheekily

    [21:53] * Beau bribes grem with some oysters
    [21:53] * grem (grem@D072E6C.446A6FC.E8BBD13D.IP) Quit (QUIT: ;-
    [21:53] <PorygonX> the place people usually ask these questions
    [21:53] <Hak> XD
    [21:53] <Beau> XD
    [21:53] <Mewtric> ok then
    [21:53] <PorygonX> instead of the chatroom
    [21:53] <Brinstar> Laughing Out Loud
    [21:53] <Hak> you killed him
    [21:53] <PorygonX> where people come to chat
    [21:53] <PorygonX> grem's gone to find his toys
    [21:53] <PorygonX> to show Brin
    [21:53] * Beau vribes Dan instead
    [21:53] <Beau> XD
    [21:53] <Brinstar> Laughing Out Loud
    [21:53] <PorygonX> ..kinky
    [21:53] <Beau> I meant Bribes
    [21:53] <Beau> I swear
    [21:53] <PorygonX> XD
    [21:54] <`Chris`> back
    [21:54] <PorygonX> quoting

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    Ororo Munroe Guest


    <LilyPichu> Verbal Tennis is a simple game where one throws back question relating to the other one which was asked. WHoever makes a statement, a rhetorical question, not relating to the topic loses. :X And I haven't got a clue about what you have just said, so like, yeah.
    <LilyPichu> example:
    <LilyPichu> "shall we play tennis?"
    <LilyPichu> "who starts?"
    <LilyPichu> "Does it matter?"
    <LilyPichu> "yes."
    <LilyPichu> tha that was a statement
    <LilyPichu> therefore the "yes' person loses :O
    <Bluchu> what if they said "yes?"
    <Bluchu> XP
    <LilyPichu> the ylose
    <LilyPichu> o_O
    <Bluchu> no
    <LilyPichu> yes is a statement
    <Shadow|Writing> would yes? be considered a statement or question?
    <Bluchu> but they'd be saying it in a questional way
    <LilyPichu> it's a rhetorical question then
    <LilyPichu> XP
    <LilyPichu> it has to relate to the topic, and can't be all that rhetorical
    <LilyPichu> :O
    <Bluchu> okay then
    <Bluchu> LP, start Verbal Tennis
    <Bluchu> XP
    <LilyPichu> it's more fun when saying it
    <LilyPichu> XP
    <Bluchu> so?
    <LilyPichu> I'll start
    <Shadow|Writing> yay!
    <LilyPichu> I'll start yay
    <LilyPichu> Do yu like sppc?
    <Bluchu> do you think I like it?
    <Shadow|Writing> In what way do you mean "do I like SPPc?", Do you mean "Do I like the people within SPPc?" or do you mean "Do you like SPPc as a whole and the general conversations that occur?"
    <LilyPichu> omg
    <LilyPichu> SPPC as a whole
    <LilyPichu> --;
    <Bluchu> XD
    <Bluchu> Blacky wins
    <Bluchu> XP
    <Hak> heh
    <Shadow|Writing> ^^
    <LilyPichu> dude
    <LilyPichu> I was answering a question
    <LilyPichu> i though
    <LilyPichu> WTF
    <Bluchu> yeah
    <LilyPichu> o_o;
    <Bluchu> XD
    <LilyPichu> oh come on --;
    <Bluchu> it was rhetorical
    <LilyPichu> someone else start
    <LilyPichu> but
    <Shadow|Writing> am I too intellectually superior that I confused you?
    <Bluchu> dude, he tricked you
    <Bluchu> XP
    <LilyPichu> this game is meant for two people
    <LilyPichu> Are you out of your mind suggesting that?
    <Shadow|Writing> that wasn't rhetorical
    <Bluchu> heh
    <LilyPichu> I'm confused x_x

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    bns560 Guest


    I don't know why, but this conversation had me cracking up XD

    [17:25] * PorygonX loots PirateQueen's Pirate ship again
    [17:26] * PirateQueen stabs PX
    [17:26] <PirateQueen> thats mine
    [17:26] <bns560> * Steals PX's loot
    [17:26] * PorygonX notes how all the rum is gone because he stole it two days ago
    [17:26] * PorygonX pillages bns560's house
    [17:26] <bns560> * Blasts PX's head off with a bazooka
    [17:26] * PirateQueen steals back all the loot, and locks it up
    [17:27] <PirateQueen> no more stealing my loot
    [17:27] <bns560> * Shoots PX with a machine gun over and over again
    [17:27] * LilBabyYoshi sneakly steals some of Pirate's Queens loot
    [17:27] * PorygonX steals bns560's machine gun and turns it into a tampon dispenser
    [17:27] * PirateQueen sticks all of the good loot down her shirt
    [17:27] * King_Lin unloots LBY
    [17:27] <PirateQueen> don't even dare
    [17:27] <bns560> EWW XP
    [17:27] <PirateQueen> eww, PX
    [17:27] * PorygonX takes the loot from down PirateQueen's shirt
    [17:28] <bns560> * Shoots tampons at PX XD
    [17:28] <Anzu> [17:25] <bns560> * Shoots tampons at PX XD <--- Those were mine
    [17:28] <Anzu> Bizzotch
    [17:28] <bns560> LoL Anzu
    [17:28] * Serebii gives SD some more tampons


    Another one:

    [09:47] <grem> bk
    [09:47] <Sciz> wl bk
    [09:47] <grem> tl y
    [09:47] <Sciz> an L in thank :O?
    [09:48] <grem> lol
    [09:48] <Sciz> thlank you
    [09:48] <Sciz> :O
    [09:48] <bns560> Lol
    Last edited by bns560; 16th August 2004 at 2:56 PM.

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    Kyogre Guest


    This was after a netsplit,i was the first one to re-enter:
    (11:54:19 pm) *** Kyogre banned: *!*webmaster@* <--Serebii

    I know i shouldnt have done that,but i just wanted to do that for fun.
    My apologies for Joe,even though i unbanned him anyway.

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