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Thread: Funny Chat Quotes Thread

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    [19:49:05] <Venomothim> what's +v?
    [19:49:22] <+Entei> +v = vaccum
    [19:49:24] <Venomothim> curiosity killed the moth
    [19:49:34] <MurderMachine> John
    [19:49:43] <+Entei> Jack
    [19:49:44] <%Fenix> isn't it spelled "vacuum"?
    [19:49:51] <MurderMachine> *vacuum
    [19:50:03] <Venomothim> 2 u's? that's wierd
    [19:50:07] <+Locke_Yggdrasill> Oh ho ho ho
    [19:50:09] <+Locke_Yggdrasill> Entei said cu
    [19:50:11] <+Locke_Yggdrasill> <censored>*
    [19:50:12] <MurderMachine> Welcome to the English language
    [19:50:28] <+Entei> damn it
    [19:50:33] <+Entei> +v = vacuum
    [19:50:36] <Venomothim> Why can't it be spelled vacume
    [19:50:47] <%Fenix> vacume?
    [19:50:52] <Venomothim> or vakyume
    [19:51:11] <MurderMachine> Venomothim- because Latin derived words are spelled like their Latin or Greek roots, not how they're pronounced
    [19:51:13] <Bloodbuster> Vacuum.
    [19:51:35] <Venomothim> Greeks
    [19:52:02] <Venomothim> Wait a second, ancient greeks didn't have vaccuums
    [19:52:11] <MurderMachine> Venomothim- ...
    [19:52:16] <Blazing_Cookie> hi
    [19:52:18] <Blazing_Cookie> :-)
    [19:52:23] <MurderMachine> Hey Cookie
    [19:52:33] <Bloodbuster> Cookie
    [19:52:42] <Blazing_Cookie> hi Jonny
    [19:52:50] <+Entei> chocolate cookie!
    [19:52:51] <devilboy> hey
    [19:52:53] * +Entei eats
    [19:53:15] <MurderMachine> Venomothim- a vacuum isn't just a vacuum cleaner, it also describes an area in which there are no particles, and has a reversed pressure which causes anything to be sucked in and expand until the initial space is filled
    [19:53:26] <Blazing_Cookie> O_O
    [19:53:29] <Blazing_Cookie> entei...
    [19:53:36] <Blazing_Cookie> do not eat me again
    [19:53:37] <Venomothim> Wow... smart!!
    [19:53:37] <Blazing_Cookie> :'(
    [19:54:21] <Venomothim> I supposed they used the words washing machine too
    [19:54:26] <%Fenix> ......
    [19:54:53] <%Fenix> facepalm.gif
    [19:55:05] <+zero_embi> fission mailed
    [19:55:09] <+Entei> headdesk.gif
    [19:55:12] <+Entei> ..... x.x

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    * Fox_McCloud attacks bob with epic glate
    * Fox_McCloud attacks bob with epic glare
    <Fatale> MISS!
    * Bob is immune to 'epic glate'
    *** Eagledawn has quit (Quit:
    <Fatale> bob is immune to 'epic glare'
    <Bob> fox_mccloud attacks me with 'epic glare' for 1175 damage.
    * Fox_McCloud ^5 bob
    * Bob ^5 Fox_McCloud back with a fuck
    <Fox_McCloud> O_O
    <Fox_McCloud> WTF
    <zero_embi> ROFL

    Never high five Bob again :<


    * Fox_McCloud gives Fatale beer
    <Fatale> Mmmm beer.
    <Fox_McCloud> Are you enjoying your beer?
    <Fox_McCloud> Are you enjoying your beer Fatale?
    <Cresselia> nope
    <Cresselia> LOL
    <Fatale> yeah want a go?
    <Fox_McCloud> lolwut
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    wow cheyenne i remember that! that was just epically funny and totally unexpected. fox, fatale is just so funny. fenix, those are epic logs.

    22:20:42 &#171;@Juice_Springsteen&#187; I am a girl and whatnot <-- this is my random quote
    - enough said

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    This is what happens when all the Ops go to sleep in the Wifi Chat. No scipts or ops watching over it. -_- Awful.

    (9:02:13 pm) &#171;WiFiGuest2738&#187; wat happned to all da other ops
    (9:02:13 pm) * WiFiGuest1870 ( has joined #SPP-WiFi
    (9:02:13 pm) &#171;LFstandardBattle&#187; lol
    (9:02:14 pm) &#171;Mad&#187; O.O
    (9:02:17 pm) &#171;LFstandardBattle&#187; shamin
    (9:02:18 pm) &#171;Mad&#187; lol
    *** WiFiGuest1870 ( has quit IRC (Quit: WiFiGuest1870)
    (9:02:21 pm) &#171;ShinySuicune&#187; Lol
    (9:02:21 pm) &#171;PockySticks&#187; Probably sleepin.
    (9:02:21 pm) &#171;WiFiGuest2738&#187; like ummmm
    (9:02:21 pm) * WiFiGuest3667 ( has joined #SPP-WiFi
    (9:02:25 pm) &#171;Samiale&#187; lol
    (9:02:25 pm) &#171;syak&#187; looking for battle
    (9:02:27 pm) &#171;WiFiGuest2738&#187; nate
    (9:02:32 pm) &#171;WiFiGuest2738&#187; him...
    (9:02:35 pm) &#171;Electivire_Kills&#187; wow are they asleep or somthing
    (9:02:36 pm) &#171;tay&#187; does anyone have a chimchar
    (9:02:36 pm) &#171;Samiale&#187; Trading Dialga and Rilou
    (9:02:37 pm) &#171;ShinySuicune&#187; Nate isn't here anymore.
    (9:02:38 pm) &#171;Galo&#187; LF saikyou pokes UT offer events and legitim shinys pm me
    (9:02:38 pm) * {UA}M1K3 ( has left #SPP-WiFi
    (9:02:41 pm) &#171;Pikapirate&#187; doesn't anyone have pinsir??
    (9:02:41 pm) &#171;LFstandardBattle&#187; lol
    (9:02:41 pm) &#171;WiFiGuest2738&#187; shaymin
    (9:02:41 pm) &#171;Conway&#187; Looking for a lvl 1 bold Eevee
    (9:02:44 pm) &#171;WiFiGuest2738&#187; =O
    (9:02:45 pm) * {UA}M1K3 ( has joined #SPP-WiFi
    (9:02:47 pm) &#171;ShinySuicune&#187; Wow
    (9:02:49 pm) &#171;sheet&#187; PLZ BOOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (9:02:49 pm) &#171;Mad&#187; XD
    (9:02:50 pm) &#171;LFstandardBattle&#187; shay what?
    (9:02:50 pm) * jasonwww ( has joined #SPP-WiFi
    (9:02:52 pm) &#171;ShinySuicune&#187; Shaymin!!!
    (9:02:54 pm) &#171;ShinySuicune&#187; :P
    (9:02:56 pm) &#171;ShinySuicune&#187; Lol
    (9:02:56 pm) &#171;Mad&#187; lol
    (9:02:59 pm) &#171;Zipzap713&#187; God. This is what happens when we only have
    (9:03:00 pm) &#171;Samiale&#187; 10 bucks says I get banned
    (9:03:01 pm) &#171;WiFiGuest2738&#187; SHAYMIN
    (9:03:02 pm) &#171;Samiale&#187; watch
    (9:03:02 pm) &#171;LFstandardBattle&#187; lol
    (9:03:04 pm) * WiFiGuest7607 ( has joined #SPP-WiFi
    (9:03:05 pm) &#171;Samiale&#187; Shiny Shaymin
    (9:03:07 pm) &#171;ShinySuicune&#187; Rawr..
    (9:03:08 pm) &#171;Samiale&#187; omg noway
    (9:03:09 pm) &#171;Zipzap713&#187; 3 active ops at night -_-
    (9:03:09 pm) &#171;{UA}M1K3&#187; lmfao
    (9:03:14 pm) &#171;{UA}M1K3&#187; do /me laughs
    (9:03:15 pm) &#171;LFstandardBattle&#187; lol
    (9:03:15 pm) &#171;Samiale&#187; Shiny celebi
    (9:03:16 pm) &#171;WiFiGuest7217&#187; I'M TRADING SHAYMIN. AND IT'S HACKED. ROFLMAO
    (9:03:16 pm) * Zipzap713: you're not channel operator
    (9:03:16 pm) * Zipzap713: you're not channel operator
    (9:03:17 pm) &#171;ShinySuicune&#187; 3 ops are asleep :P
    (9:03:21 pm) &#171;Samiale&#187; haha
    (9:03:24 pm) &#171;Froslass&#187; articoono
    (9:03:25 pm) &#171;sheet&#187; uckfay
    (9:03:30 pm) &#171;ShinySuicune&#187; This is cool
    (9:03:31 pm) &#171;Froslass&#187; Looking for timid/calm/modest Articuno!!!! Please pm me if you have one!!!!
    (9:03:34 pm) &#171;LFstandardBattle&#187; phuck
    (9:03:37 pm) &#171;{UA}M1K3&#187; do /me laughs someone
    (9:03:37 pm) &#171;Samiale&#187; ouyay ucksay
    (9:03:40 pm) &#171;Galo&#187; LF saikyou pokes UT offer events and legitim shinys pm me
    (9:03:44 pm) &#171;SHINE&#187; LF toxic orb
    (9:03:50 pm) &#171;WiFiGuest7607&#187; Anyone trading a jolteon with hidden power?
    (9:03:59 pm) &#171;sheet&#187; im looking for uber hacked shiny shaymins and darkrais!
    *** jasonwww ( has quit IRC (Quit

    (9:05:19 pm) &#171;WiFiGuest3634&#187; lhjtykjghjkfgjgjgfhjgyjfjfjgfjfgjggasijdfhhhffffff ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff ffshayminfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff ffffffarceusaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaSky FORME SHAYMIN
    (9:05:20 pm) &#171;WiFiGuest1906&#187; no
    (9:05:20 pm) &#171;Erena&#187; if you want some starters PM me
    (9:05:23 pm) * Zipzap713: you're not channel operator
    (9:05:23 pm) * Zipzap713: you're not channel operator
    (9:05:25 pm) &#171;tay&#187; just case i want to call it that dosnt mean im retarted
    (9:05:25 pm) &#171;LFstandardBattle&#187; LF UBER HACKED SHAYMIN
    (9:05:26 pm) * Zipzap713: you're not channel operator
    (9:05:26 pm) * Zipzap713: you're not channel operator

    Yeah. I don't think Serebiibot's scripts are working well tonight. Glad to see the SerebiiScript works though.
    But Jess came back a little bit later and brought order to it.
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    [01:46] <Erik_Destler> let me
    [01:46] <Erik_Destler> entertain you
    [01:46] <Erik_Destler> let me
    [01:46] <DryBones> ew no
    [01:46] <Erik_Destler> make you smile ^-^
    [01:47] <Innamorato> The embarrassed faces made it
    [01:47] <lopez> wat ru <censored>?

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    From 2 different viewpoints. This is quite long and contains bad (but censored) language. You've been warned :O

    So, this guy strolls into Serebii's chat room and repeatedly says "pokemon sucks it's a waste of time\". Naturally, I post a few things onto the main chatroom about it but he doesn't notice and keeps on going. Only one option left then.. PM him.

    <Neptune> So you say Pokemon is a waste of time
    <Neptune> Why the f*** are you whining about it
    <Neptune> That's wasting time

    -Which is pretty much what he was doing.

    <SPPGuest1675> your moms a waste of time ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    -Should've said "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah".

    <Neptune> Don't give a s***
    <Neptune> I've heard that loads before
    <SPPGuest1675> You athiest

    -Oh no! The epitome of insults! AAAAAAAAAA!

    <Neptune> Erm.. oh no?
    <SPPGuest1675> yo mamas so dirty she goes to the beach to get salt water for her crabs
    <Neptune> That was pathetic

    -That was admittely a good "yo mama"

    <Neptunesanathiest> hahahahaaha

    -Attack of the atheistic Neptune

    <Neptune> Hillarious?
    <Neptunesanathiest> hilarious
    <Neptunesanathiest> hey beat it punk


    <Neptune> Punk lol
    <Neptune> Fail
    <Neptunesanathiest> you are an 11 year old punk im owning you son
    <Neptunesanathiest> what

    -11 year old punks. What next??

    <Neptune> Do you come on IRC to purposefully troll people
    <Neptune> And yet you say Pokemon is a waste of time
    <Neptune> Hahaha you absolute dickhead

    -So I try being serious again. Needless to say, it did not work.

    <Neptunesanathiest> f*** you a**h*** piece of s***
    <Neptunesanathiest> haahahhaha

    -It was funnny. Come on, admit it. YOU LAUGHED.

    <Neptune> Meh

    -So did I.

    <Neptune> Hey
    <Neptune> Guess what
    <Neptune> YOU'RE A MUSLIM

    -It was my turn to throw a totally ridiculous comment at him. BATTALHAR!

    <Neptunesanathiest> You like it in the a**?

    -Umm.. dunno where that came from.

    <Neptunesanathiest> You a negro
    <Neptunesanathiest> you rasict f***

    -Did you know you could get white muslims? Me neither.

    <Neptune> Do your pieces of s*** come out from somewhere else than your a**
    <Neptune> Like your mouth
    <Neptunesanathiest> speak again craker
    <Neptunesanathiest> speak again craker
    <Neptune> lmao
    <Neptunesanathiest> speak again craker
    <Neptunesanathiest> speak again craker
    <Neptunesanathiest> speak again craker
    <Neptunesanathiest> speak again craker

    -Crakers. He goes on about this for about 100 lines, so I'll just cut it out.


    booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    t me
    <Neptunesanathiest> speak again craker
    <Neptunesanathiest> speak again craker

    -Didn't know you could kick people from PMs. By now, my whole screen was filled with crakers.

    <Neptunesanathiest> Xbox 360 > Nintendo

    -No, I don't know where this came from either.

    <Neptunesanathiest> speak again craker
    <Neptunesanathiest> craker
    <Neptune> Don't you mean cracker
    <Neptunesanathiest> yeahhhh i got booted
    <Neptune> GO YOU!

    -A legendary achievement.

    <Neptune> Sure I'm a cracker, but I'm a DELICIOUS cracker.

    -Just stating the obvious.

    <Neptunesanathiest> nerd
    <Neptunesanathiest> it means white boy you stupid craker

    -Of course. Who didn't know?

    <Neptune> At least I'm not a muslim :>

    -So I add in a stupid smiley for a retard effect, hoping it would help him understand better.

    <Neptunesanathiest> Rather be a muslim then a craker

    -What about chocolate spread on crakers?

    <Neptune> Go blow yourself up with a bomb
    <Neptune> Go on
    <Neptune> You know how to make them

    -I really wanted to make the "where you live? so I can bomb it" statement but that would be

    kinda lame.

    <Neptunesanathiest> ill take you with me craker

    -This statement kinda implies a craker is a weapon. Fire the craker!

    <Neptunesanathiest> quit i could go all day
    <Neptune> So could I
    <Neptunesanathiest> quit then ill quit
    <Neptunesanathiest> craker

    -I really didn't have anything to do. Yet again enforcing his statements with crakers.

    <Neptunesanathiest> cmon cracker
    <Neptunesanathiest> You wanna cracker cracker?

    -This made me laugh. Lots.

    <Neptune> Do you have a cracker obsession
    <Neptune> Are you a f***ing parrot

    -Polly want a cracker?


    crakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



    <Neptune> Good insult
    <Neptune> I've heard it what
    <Neptune> 1000 times already
    <Neptunesanathiest> cracker
    <Neptune> You added a c
    * Neptune claps


    <Neptunesanathiest> craker
    <Neptune> Shut up you pansy
    <Neptunesanathiest> KINGler said type /quit neptune
    <Neptune> pansy

    -So I was gonna start calling him a pansy, and enforce every of my statements with it.

    Unfortunately, I didn't get to use it much. Check out what KINGler (A.K.A. Mastadi) was doing undercover!


    <KINGler> Hey
    <Neptunesanathiest> what
    <KINGler> I heard you want Neptune to quit
    <KINGler> he's a d***head I know him
    <Neptunesanathiest> yes i agree hes a cracker too

    -Neptune's not really a d***head. :[ I was just making myself sound like I hated him and was on the same side like the guy :P

    <KINGler> Ok listen I asked an IRCOp to ban him
    <KINGler> what we need to do is
    <KINGler> type /quit Neptune
    <KINGler> if he gets enough of these neptune will be banned
    <Neptunesanathiest> i got booted lol

    -It's THAT much of a remarkable achievement.

    <Neptunesanathiest> you do it
    <KINGler> You don't need to be on a channel
    <KINGler> If you type it in this window
    <KINGler> it will work too
    <KINGler> We need 10 of these and I already got 6

    -Atheist Neptune is THAT bad.

    <Neptunesanathiest> i really dont care if i get booted

    -What a tough craker.

    <KINGler> you won't get booted
    <KINGler> just type /quit Neptune
    <KINGler> ok got 7 already, 3 more to go Come on, help me get rid of neptune
    <Neptunesanathiest> did it in his
    <Neptunesanathiest> you do it
    <KINGler> I already did
    <Neptunesanathiest> quit neptune
    <KINGler> no
    <KINGler> you need to type
    <KINGler> "/quit neptune"
    <KINGler> with a /
    No such nick/channel

    -As you can imagine, this sentence was quickly followed by thousands of "ROFL, LOL, LMAO" in a rendezvous channel.
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    <Noctowl> i find screamers a bad idea in humanity
    <SerenityPaintedDeath> ...
    <SerenityPaintedDeath> what is this i don't even
    <Noctowl> what?
    * MisterCow has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
    <Noctowl> huh, hardly everyone are talking
    <SerenityPaintedDeath> <Noctowl> huh, hardly everyone are talking
    <SerenityPaintedDeath> I should sig that
    <Noctowl> wat?
    <Noctowl> oh
    * DryBones has joined #spp
    <Noctowl> wats sig

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    [15:41:11] SilverShadow: I can't believe 5th gen is coming...
    [15:41:24] Yusei: when is it coming
    [15:41:29] Yusei: where did you hear of it
    [15:41:40] SilverShadow: Uh, on the main page of this site.
    [15:41:41] &#37;Tekirai: there's a new electric pokemon
    [15:41:43] %Tekirai: so uh
    [15:41:46] Gangar[AlphaCentauri]: 5th Gen? Already? I'm visiting America, so I might see it!
    [15:42:06] %Tekirai: you say that as if all pokemon news goes to america first
    [15:42:09] SilverShadow: And from Serebii early this morning while I was on here...
    [15:42:14] Gangar[AlphaCentauri]: no
    [15:42:22] Gangar[AlphaCentauri]: i don't speak japanese
    [15:42:59] SilverShadow: Well, the topic DOES say "The 5th Gen Cometh", as well.
    [15:43:08] Gangar[AlphaCentauri]: yeah, i know
    [15:43:45] Iceman: Maybe it's "Cometh" to Japan?
    [15:44:08] Gangar[AlphaCentauri]: there isn't even a third Sinnoh TV series here, yet!
    [15:44:26] Iceman: Oh wait, I just found out. All Pokemon stuff originates from Neptune.
    [15:44:29] Iceman: Good luck.
    [15:44:36] SilverShadow: It means that the 5th gen is officially hinted.
    [15:44:44] SilverShadow: By the big dudes.
    [15:46:00] %darkgamerGS: Actually
    [15:46:06] %darkgamerGS: That circle with a ? inside of it
    [15:46:13] %darkgamerGS: Is covering another Pikachu
    [15:46:17] %Tekirai: it's a missingno
    [15:46:20] %Tekirai: that's the new pokemon!!!
    [15:46:24] %darkgamerGS: New?
    [15:46:28] %darkgamerGS: XD
    [15:46:28] %Tekirai: yes
    [15:46:29] Katya: oh great
    [15:46:29] %Tekirai: 'new'
    [15:46:32] Katya: speculation
    [15:46:37] %Tekirai: <censored> guys
    [15:46:37] %darkgamerGS: Katya, ssh
    [15:46:39] %Tekirai: it's a circle
    [15:46:41] %Tekirai: with a ?
    [15:46:44] %Tekirai: what else would it be
    [15:46:44] %darkgamerGS: They don't know I'm feeding them lies
    [15:46:46] Katya: omg
    [15:46:49] Katya: it's a new Rotom form
    [15:46:52] %darkgamerGS: Ema's actually more accurate
    [15:47:07] %Tekirai: it does not hide the pokemon
    [15:47:10] %Tekirai: it IS the pokemon
    [15:47:24] %Tekirai: and it's definitely female
    [15:47:28] %Tekirai: it's pink
    [15:47:38] %Tekirai: Pikachu finds a female missingno in the woods
    [15:47:46] %Tekirai: and brings her to meet the rest of the gang
    [15:47:54] %Tekirai: ... then everything glitches up and the movie freezes
    [15:48:00] %Tekirai: for the next hour
    [15:48:03] %Tekirai: then the credits roll!
    [15:48:07] SPPGuest9392: Then everyone has a seizure and the movie is banned
    [15:48:29] %darkgamerGS: They'd have to scroll pretty damn slow to fit everything
    [15:48:29] Yusei: lol
    [15:48:34] %Tekirai: oh but the credits would be glitched too
    [15:48:39] Yusei: I think I wanna say that movie
    [15:48:48] %Tekirai: Voice of Ash Ketchum played by FLWFfdkks493wp43w

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    [09:26:39] <j031sc0ol> can ya help me
    j031sc0ol is * EGX
    j031sc0ol is a registered nick
    j031sc0ol on #spp ~#awesomeness
    j031sc0ol using the most addictive drug
    j031sc0ol has been idle 1sec, signed on Sun Dec 07 05:32:32
    j031sc0ol End of /WHOIS list.
    [09:26:46] <Fenix> with?
    [09:27:13] <j031sc0ol> i was banned on spp-wifi like 2 days ago cuz of my brother
    [09:27:19] <j031sc0ol> and never got unbanned
    [09:27:36] <j031sc0ol> can ya help me?
    [09:27:44] <j031sc0ol> in any way?
    [09:27:47] <j031sc0ol> hello?
    [09:27:57] <Fenix> ..
    [09:28:02] <Fenix> why should I believe you
    [09:28:26] <Fenix> the brother/sister/friend/grandma/dog story has been so abused
    [09:28:38] <j031sc0ol> no but im not even kiddin
    [09:29:03] <j031sc0ol> hes my age and wen i want to the bathroom he advertised
    [09:29:07] <Fenix> <%Neji> Tell him we require family photos of the person with their brother, cause that excuse is rediculous
    [09:29:15] <j031sc0ol> ok
    [09:29:18] <j031sc0ol> how do i send?

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    03:05.11 < Dratini927--sleep-- kicks: arse («««« BOOM HEADSHOT for Repeating! Kick Number 25491 »»»»)

    Matt indeed does kick arse.

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    15:54:06PM [andyght] can u let mebe op for 10 mins see how i do cause i luv helping and shareing =)
    15:55:04PM [andyght] hello
    15:56:55PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] WEll
    15:57:02PM [andyght] im very kind
    15:57:12PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] Actions speak louder than words
    15:57:13PM [andyght] an u give me chance
    15:57:17PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] and we're on the internet so I'll see no actions
    15:57:23PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] so you'll need a hell of alot of words
    15:57:33PM [andyght] what u mean friend
    15:58:18PM [andyght] i help a lot i help with all things including home work i never spam scam or hack i always nice i cheer u up when ur down and i give u anything i can to make the game fun for you
    15:59:25PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I never do my homework, and I don't play pokemon. Also I really don't care if you spam or hack because I spam and hack and I never need cheering up.
    15:59:39PM [andyght] just give me 10 mins of it plz
    16:00:13PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I'll pass on your offer, thanks.
    16:00:26PM [andyght] plz
    16:00:28PM [andyght] just once
    16:00:30PM [andyght] if i mess up
    16:00:32PM [andyght] de op me
    16:01:00PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] But you see I know you're going to mess up, and I know I'll end up de-opping you anyway, so opping you in the first place would be a waste of my time.
    16:01:09PM [andyght] just plz
    16:01:13PM [andyght] let me enjoy it
    16:01:15PM [andyght] for bit
    16:01:17PM [andyght] bit
    16:02:06PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] So why exactly do you want to be an op on a pokemon chatroom?
    16:02:11PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] It requires constant work and maintainence
    16:02:14PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] It's not fun
    16:02:16PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] nor is it enjoyable
    16:02:27PM [andyght] im good at that it dont need to be i luv helping
    16:02:32PM [andyght] i luv maakeing people happy
    16:02:44PM [andyght] idc bout the work it fine for me
    16:02:46PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] But when you're an op you don't make people happy
    16:02:48PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] you ban people
    16:02:58PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] and make them argue and complain with you
    16:03:01PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] and then they start crying
    16:03:04PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] and it's all a big mess
    16:03:12PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] if you want to make people happy go get a job at burger king
    16:03:17PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] tell them they can have it their way
    16:03:23PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] and you'll have made someone's day better
    16:03:35PM [andyght] just plz
    16:03:44PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] No
    16:03:48PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I've refuted all of your reasons
    16:03:53PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] and you have no reasons left
    16:04:00PM [andyght] i can help u do ur work
    16:04:05PM [andyght] or i can do it for u
    16:04:11PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I'm fine, thanks.
    16:04:42PM [andyght] plz
    16:04:46PM [andyght] just for 3 mins
    16:05:43PM [andyght] plz
    16:06:21PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I've made my decision. I've informed you. I've informed you again. I've informed you again. I've backed up my decision with fact, and I've given you an alternative. What else do you want?
    16:06:44PM [andyght] whats an alternitive
    16:07:12PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] look it up
    16:07:23PM [andyght] plz just make me op for 2 mins
    16:07:57PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] What are you going to do with your status?
    16:08:05PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] How are you going to help me in 2 minutes?
    16:08:10PM [andyght] yes
    16:08:20PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] IT's not a yes or no answer
    16:08:28PM [andyght] ohh
    16:08:32PM [andyght] umm il help u do work
    16:08:33PM [andyght] il help u
    16:08:35PM [andyght] do
    16:08:37PM [andyght] anything u want
    16:08:39PM [andyght] il give u
    16:08:42PM [andyght] feew pkmon
    16:08:51PM [andyght] il
    16:08:52PM [andyght] help
    16:08:54PM [andyght] u
    16:09:00PM [andyght] tel people the rules
    16:09:01PM [andyght] and limited
    16:09:06PM [andyght] and anything u need
    16:09:10PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I don't play pokemon
    16:09:12PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I don't want your pokemon
    16:09:17PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I don't have to tell people the rules
    16:09:20PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] they're on the website
    16:09:25PM [andyght] what u need
    16:09:29PM [andyght] il help anything
    16:09:30PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] i don't need anything
    16:09:37PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] which is why i'm not giving you op status
    16:09:44PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] and even if I did need something
    16:09:45PM [andyght] i can put foums
    16:09:57PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] you can put foums?
    16:10:01PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] what are foums?
    16:10:05PM [andyght] fourums
    16:10:51PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] you can put forums?
    16:12:43PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] ?
    16:12:57PM [andyght] yes
    16:13:03PM [andyght] and il make u look good
    16:13:07PM [andyght] bye commenting you
    16:13:09PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] how can you put forums?
    16:13:18PM [andyght] go to fourms
    16:13:19PM [andyght] and
    16:13:21PM [andyght] creat
    16:13:55PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] create what?
    16:14:00PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] you're not making any sense
    16:14:06PM [andyght] nvm
    16:14:35PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] well I've decided to let you have op status because you seem like your intentions are good
    16:14:44PM [andyght] thank you
    16:14:48PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] JUST KIDDING
    16:14:51PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] OH HO HO HO
    16:14:54PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] OH HO HO HO
    16:14:56PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] OH HO HO HO
    16:15:04PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] HOOK LINE AND SINKER
    16:15:20PM [andyght] wel i can report u to bot and show u called me the h o word
    16:16:03PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] i called you the h o word?
    16:16:07PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I never called you a ho
    16:16:09PM [andyght] yea
    16:16:15PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] however now I'm calling you a gullible little ****
    16:16:15PM [andyght] u just did
    16:16:21PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] lolwut
    16:16:24PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] see you later man
    16:16:27PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] have fun reporting me to the bot
    16:16:28PM [andyght] make me op or il report
    16:16:42PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I'm gonna have a few laughs over this
    16:16:43PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] hahahaha
    16:16:54PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I'll report you for extortion
    16:16:58PM [andyght] just let me be op for 30 secs
    16:17:11PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] okay
    16:17:13PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] 30 seconds
    16:18:07PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] ok
    16:18:10PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] there you go.
    16:18:10PM [andyght] u said 30 secs
    16:18:12PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] That was 30 seconds
    16:18:19PM [andyght] i wasnt one
    16:18:23PM [andyght] it not say
    16:19:19PM [andyght] can u rely let me for 30 secs
    16:19:42PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] 16:17:13PM • Locke_Yggdrasill sets mode [+o Andyght]
    16:20:12PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] 16:17:57PM • Locke_Yggdrasill sets mode [-o Andyght]
    [Totally fabricated]
    16:20:17PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I don't know how much more you want
    16:20:20PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I gave you 30 seconds
    16:20:25PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] it's not my fault you didn't do anythign with it
    16:20:34PM [andyght] i dont get it it not say i am
    16:20:35PM [andyght] tho
    16:20:43PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] of course it didn't
    16:20:49PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I told you you were
    16:20:54PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] because I made you an op
    16:21:03PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] Serebiibot didn't do it, I did
    16:21:22PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] Look dude I gave you your 30 seconds, just chill out now
    16:21:30PM [andyght] il give u anything for being mod for 20 mins
    16:21:37PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] Dude
    16:21:42PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I gave you op for 30 seconds
    16:21:48PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] you didn't do ANYTHING that you said you were going to do
    16:21:54PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] you didn't tell anyone the rules
    16:21:54PM [andyght] yes
    16:21:55PM [andyght] i did
    16:21:56PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] you didn't help me out at all
    16:22:00PM [andyght] i tried
    16:22:01PM [andyght] then
    16:22:01PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] you basically just sat there
    16:22:02PM [andyght] it say
    16:22:04PM [andyght] mod off
    16:22:08PM [andyght] do last time
    16:22:10PM [andyght] last
    16:22:14PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] No dude
    16:22:17PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I gave you what you wanted
    16:22:29PM [andyght] 1 more time
    16:22:29PM [andyght] plz
    16:22:30PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] Now I'm not doing it again
    16:22:33PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] No
    16:22:45PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] You've been bothering me for 30 minutes
    16:22:50PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I gave you what you wanted
    16:22:54PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I'm not going to do it again
    16:23:05PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] You failed to keep your promise
    16:23:07PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] and that's that.
    16:23:32PM [andyght] noo
    16:23:33PM [andyght] look
    16:23:45PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] look at what?
    16:23:45PM • andyght was kicked by Tekirai:#SPP-WiFi [stop minioping *ka-tonk* ~ 2022 have been Snackoo'd ~]
    16:24:07PM [andyght] what u mean
    16:24:17PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] you didn't keep your promise
    16:24:22PM [andyght] yes read up
    16:24:32PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I don't care if it said mod off
    16:24:37PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] It said it after 30 seconds
    16:24:47PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I gave you THIRTY SECONDS to do whatever you wanted
    16:24:54PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] and you blew it

    Last edited by Locke Yggdrasill; 14th December 2008 at 4:49 PM.

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    nosegay world


    olol, I remember that kid. He was the first of maaany to PM me yesterday about being an op. :[ Somebody must be relaying them all to me. I BET IT'S SLOWKING!!1one

    hey speaking of Slowking

    [21:25] <RunJollyGarchomp> Slowking, dont say Brb anymore. Say Be back in a bit.
    [21:25] <&#37;Tekirai> ...
    [21:25] <%Tekirai> brb
    [21:25] <RunJollyGarchomp> Hurry Back Tekirai
    [21:25] * RunJollyGarchomp was kicked by Slowking (4&#171;14&#171;4&#171;14&#171; Do not overuse bold! (100% bold)2 12Errors Rectified 13606 4&#187;14&#187;4&#187;14&#187
    [21:25] <+HotSkittyOnWailordAction> GTG. Bye all!
    [21:25] <%Tekirai> hurr >_>
    [21:25] <{POW}richboywinston> i heard if u restart ur game ur wifi works again :P
    [21:25] * RunJollyGarchomp ( has joined #SPP-WiFi
    [21:25] * vGX_BigDaddyV (PS-Guest27@7554BD3E.EA1020E0.74D5360A.IP) has joined #SPP-WiFi
    [21:25] <+HotSkittyOnWailordAction> o_o
    [21:25] <RunJollyGarchomp> DUDE
    [21:25] <Pichu_Sisters> when did wi-fi go off like did it happen today
    [21:25] <Guest60369> my wifi isent stupid but when i try to battle my friends it say you lost you connection
    [21:25] <%Tekirai> dude
    [21:25] <JiiC> Bye
    [21:25] <RunJollyGarchomp> DONT DO THAT
    [21:25] * Slowking sets mode: +b *!*
    [21:25] * RunJollyGarchomp was kicked by Delcatty (Caps makes kittens cry, so now you die! (100% Caps))
    [21:25] <vGX_BigDaddyV> Trading evd:gliscor, breloom, salamence, honchkrow, leafeon, glaceon, vaporeon, porygon-z, blissey, spiritomb, alakazam, jolteon, staraptor, aggron, ambipom, venomoth, magnezone, tyranitar and hitmonchan SHINY EVD: togekiss, charizard, roserade, umbreon, gallade, houndoom, heatran, electivire, metagross, espeon, lucario, dusknoir, sceptile, nidoking, swampert, weavile, cresselia, infernape, steelix and aerodactyl
    [21:25] <%Tekirai> ...
    [21:25] <WiFiGuest9601> wait
    [21:26] <+HotSkittyOnWailordAction> rofl
    [21:26] * %Tekirai smile
    [21:26] <{PS}Voidmaster> lol
    [21:26] * JiiC ( Quit (Quit: Rules!!)
    [21:26] * MAsterK-NL ( Quit (Quit: Rules!!)
    [21:26] <{PS}Voidmaster> swaggers getting owned
    [21:26] * WiFiGuest2546 ( Quit (Quit: Rules!!)
    [21:26] <{MA}blackleg_sanji> LF the following evs: Pelipper, Kriketune, Ledian, Dustox, Spinda and other BL and UU pkmn; I will trade lvl 100 evs like swampert and lvl 100 shiny evs like blaziken in return
    [21:26] <%Tekirai> all according to plan
    [21:26] <WiFiGuest9601> is G.P.S a event or J.P.S?
    [21:26] <dizzy> lf ADAMANT EVD tyranitar
    [21:26] * %Tekirai eeeeexcellent

    wasn't really a plan but it worked like one muahaha >:3
    Last edited by Tekirai; 14th December 2008 at 10:08 PM. Reason: I can't type good no more

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    [19:00] <thenumber1guy> offering a bj
    [19:00] <thenumber1guy> lol
    [19:00] * WiFiGuest7120 ( has joined #SPP-WiFi
    [19:00] * WiFiGuest6946 ( Quit (Quit: Rules!!)
    [19:00] <WiFiGuest9163> anybody got a macdonalds pikachu?
    [19:00] * WiFiGuest7120 is now known as swift
    [19:00] * WiFiGuest7644 ( has joined #SPP-WiFi
    [19:00] <WiFiGuest4284> looking for ev'd or adamant regirock
    [19:01] <yogurt> wat
    [19:01] <{PS}Ozma> looking for a standard battle no wifiguests and no d/c
    [19:01] * ~Awayebii ( Quit (Quit: &#171;&#171;&#171;&#171; SPPScript 7.0 From the best Pok&#233;mon site in the world... | Go There Now! &#187;&#187;&#187;&#187
    [19:01] * WiFiGuest7644 is now known as Chowder_Head
    [19:01] <{UA}ricanboy23> lookin 4 a evd *shiftry
    [19:01] <WiFiGuest2644> trading max hp and defense shiny foretress PM ME !!
    [19:01] <Chowder_Head> lf a standard battle please no noobs no dc'ers
    [19:01] * Erik[busy] sets mode: -b *!*@C7B0E0A4.7E917670.4FD153E6.IP
    [19:01] <vGX_BigDaddyV> Trading evd:gliscor, breloom, salamence, honchkrow, leafeon, glaceon, vaporeon, porygon-z, blissey, spiritomb, alakazam, jolteon, staraptor, aggron, ambipom, venomoth, magnezone, tyranitar and hitmonchan SHINY EVD: togekiss, charizard, roserade, umbreon, gallade, houndoom, heatran, electivire, metagross, espeon, lucario, dusknoir, sceptile, nidoking, swampert, weavile, cresselia, infernape, steelix and aerodactyl
    [19:01] <daltonw> yum
    [19:01] <just_me> offering starraptor,alakzam,!!
    [19:01] <thenumber1guy> yum?
    [19:02] <SteelGliscor> LF UT Modest Simple Bidoof/Bibarel /// LF UT/ Full ATK and SPE Adamant Swarm Spinarak/Ariados with Pursuit /// LF UT/Full HP and DEF Impish Sandshrew/Sandslash /// LF UT Jolly Intimidate Ekans/Arbok with Pursuit /// LF UT Adamant Huge Power Azurill/Marill/Azumarill with Ice Punch, Superpower, and Aqua Jet /// LF UT Adamant Swablu/Altaria with Outrage OR Dragon Rush /// LF 2x Choice Band, 2x Life Orb PM ME
    [19:02] <daltonw> yum yum
    [19:02] * WiFiGuest3038 ( has joined #SPP-WiFi
    [19:02] <thenumber1guy> YUM
    [19:02] <WiFiGuest4284> looking for adamant regirock
    [19:02] <thenumber1guy> YUM
    [19:02] <{UA}ricanboy23> lookin 4 a evd *shiftry
    [19:02] <thenumber1guy> YUM
    [19:02] * Delcatty sets mode: +b *!*
    [19:02] * thenumber1guy was kicked by Delcatty (Repeating makes teh kittens cry. ;__
    [19:02] * WiFiGuest6126 ( has joined #SPP-WiFi
    [19:02] <WiFiGuest7077> OFFERING all shiny starters and other rare shinies (over 40)PM ME ONLY if you will offer an EVD pokemon!!
    [19:02] <daltonw> EWWW
    Last edited by Yogurt; 20th December 2008 at 6:20 AM. Reason: Trying to add something

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    Invading Pekopon, de arimasu!


    (06:12:49) (+HappyKimba) A shiny Shinx.
    (06:12:50) (Andrew) oh that's hot
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    I think this is one of my gr8est moments:
    (2:09:39 pm) <+Yeti> myth sucks dick
    (2:09:47 pm) <+Muxzelf> why?
    (2:10:05 pm) <~[PU]Myth> Yeti is showing her true coulars now.
    (2:10:14 pm) <+Muxzelf> isent he the owner? then how is he bad?
    (2:10:14 pm) <+Yeti> nah i've always thought you suck dick
    (2:10:15 pm) <~[PU]Myth> *colours
    (2:10:19 pm) <~[PU]Myth> see
    (2:10:21 pm) <~[PU]Myth> ou hid it
    (2:10:22 pm) <+Yeti> your behavior and failure to suck less ****
    (2:10:23 pm) <&Pachy> A lot of people happen to be doing that lately
    (2:10:27 pm) <~[PU]Myth> Pachy will own your <censored> yeti
    (2:10:29 pm) <+Yeti> is just bringing it out
    (2:10:33 pm) <+Yeti> bring it pachy LOL idgaf
    (2:10:33 pm) <%zero_embi> ive always shown my true colors
    (2:10:36 pm) <%zero_embi> :3!
    (2:10:38 pm) <+Yeti> suck my dick
    (2:10:39 pm) <+Yeti> rofl
    (2:10:40 pm) <~[PU]Myth> you will
    (2:10:41 pm) <%zero_embi> im a pretty little girl
    (2:10:42 pm) <+Yeti> kb me
    (2:10:43 pm) <~[PU]Myth> now get out
    (2:10:45 pm) <+Yeti> i really don't care
    (2:10:45 pm) <+KittyKat> You will ... more like wou yill, am i right?
    (2:10:46 pm) <+Yeti> bring it
    (2:10:47 pm) <+Yeti> kb me
    (2:10:47 pm) <+Yeti> kb me
    (2:10:47 pm) <+Yeti> kb me
    (2:10:48 pm) <~[PU]Myth> part
    (2:10:49 pm) <+Yeti> go for it
    (2:10:50 pm) <+Yeti> kb me
    (2:10:50 pm) <&Pachy> You're entitled to have your opinion
    (2:10:51 pm) <+Yeti> kb me
    (2:10:51 pm) <+Yeti> kb me
    (2:10:56 pm) <+Yeti> let's rumble myth
    (2:10:59 pm) <~[PU]Myth> who is?
    (2:11:01 pm) <~Shikamaru> xD
    (2:11:04 pm) <+Yeti> show me your moves
    (2:11:04 pm) <&Pachy> Yeti is.
    (2:11:06 pm) <+Yeti> champ
    (2:11:10 pm) * [PU]Myth sets mode: -v Yeti
    (2:11:10 pm) <%zero_embi> CAPTAIN FALCON
    (2:11:10 pm) <+Regulus> CAPTAIN FALCON? More like FAPTAIN CALCON
    (2:11:12 pm) <~Shikamaru> this is somewhat amusing
    (2:11:16 pm) <&Pachy> I wont stop you from banning her though Myth
    (2:11:20 pm) * DarkAngel sets mode: +v Yeti
    (2:11:22 pm) <+Yeti> thanks pach
    (2:11:22 pm) <~[PU]Myth> Pachy set the -v evasion script please
    (2:11:24 pm) <+Yeti> you're a champ
    (2:11:29 pm) <+Yeti> good guy
    (2:11:30 pm) <+Yeti> good guy
    (2:11:32 pm) * [PU]Myth sets mode: -v Yeti
    (2:11:32 pm) <+Muxzelf> Dont fight guyss
    (2:11:34 pm) <~Shikamaru> xD
    (2:11:35 pm) * DarkAngel sets mode: +v Yeti
    (2:11:38 pm) <+Yeti> soup myth
    (2:11:41 pm) <~[PU]Myth> !kb yeti
    (2:11:41 pm) * DarkAngel sets mode: +b *!*@SHINKY.SATURN.ON.JUPITER.INK.SHOTTING
    (2:11:41 pm) * You were kicked by DarkAngel (Requested ([PU]Myth))

    Yea squid suck my dick.

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    (13:22:36) (@Erik_Destler) WHERe
    (13:22:36) (@Erik_Destler) THE HELL
    (13:22:37) (@Erik_Destler) ARE MY SHOES
    (13:22:37) (@Erik_Destler) >:|
    (13:22:45) (@Erik_Destler) >:|!!!!!!
    (13:22:45) (&#37;Skiks) next to your purse
    (13:22:57) (@Erik_Destler) my purse is in my room
    (13:22:58) (@Erik_Destler) wait
    (13:23:01) (@Erik_Destler) I DONT HAV E APURE
    (13:23:01) (@Erik_Destler) sfdasfd

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    [18:18:43] <Staraptivire> <Juliet> Jynx is a distubing Pokemon. <--- colbletely agree


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    May 2006


    [02:21:32] <SPPGuest6367> harvest moon
    [02:21:33] <SPPGuest6367> harvest moon
    [02:21:34] <SPPGuest6367> harvest moon
    [02:21:34] * Dratini927--sleep-- sets mode: +b *!*
    [02:21:34] * SPPGuest6367 was kicked by Dratini927--sleep--
    [02:21:38] <%Fenix> oh god
    [02:21:38] <noobers> :\
    [02:21:42] <+Soap> Wat
    [02:21:44] <MEMEME670> lol!
    [02:21:45] <%Warfare> oh god x2.
    [02:21:50] <%Fenix> If I was to get owned by reapeatng a games name
    [02:21:57] <%Fenix> I would at least do it with somethng decent
    [02:21:59] <%Fenix> like
    [02:21:59] <MEMEME670> Laughing Out Loud
    [02:22:01] <%Fenix> Starcraft
    [02:22:01] <%Fenix> Starcraft
    [02:22:01] <%Fenix> Starcraft
    [02:22:04] <MEMEME670> yea
    [02:22:05] <MEMEME670> or
    [02:22:06] <MEMEME670> Diablo
    [02:22:07] <MEMEME670> Diablo
    [02:22:07] <MEMEME670> Diablo
    [02:22:08] * Dratini927--sleep-- sets mode: +b *!*
    [02:22:08] * MEMEME670 was kicked by Dratini927--sleep--

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    And then there's


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    (20:18:27) (+Kiori) D:
    (20:18:29) (+Kiori) Skiks is 18?
    (20:18:34) (&#37;Rockman) yes
    (20:18:38) (+Kiori) >D

    (20:42:46) (+Kiori) [05:26:32] <@pokemew> vendetttttaaa <-- why did I read that as "underweaaaarrrr"

    Twin: PhQnix Bishie: Kurapica Cartoon Bishie: Freakazoid

    Samba Dinos don't need context.
    Last FM | Tweet

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    (01:28:51pm) ([PU]Z3RO) How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
    (01:28:52pm) (ILUVCATS) 100
    (01:28:52pm) —› nick: (SPPGuest1405) is now known as (DB_Ryseiko)
    (01:28:52pm) (&#37;Neji) He would chuck, he would, as much as he could, if a woodchuck would chuck wood
    (01:28:52pm) (SPPGuest0001) 0
    (01:28:52pm) (Vulcan) none it has better things to do
    (01:28:52pm) (Electrode90210) Chuck can't woodchuck wood
    (01:28:54pm) (Electrode90210) because he's useless
    (01:28:56pm) —› part: ([PU]Z3RO) (
    (01:28:58pm) (Seph) How much Chuck could a Norris Chuck Chuck if a Norris could Chuck Norris?

    (01:31:38pm) (Shawk) Chuck Norris went to the Virgin Islands. When he came back it was just the Islands...
    (01:31:38pm) (SPPGuest0001) Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks the woodchuck
    (01:31:39pm) (%Raikuga) shutup about Suck Norris
    (01:31:39pm) (shadowkami) Oh crap...
    (01:31:39pm) (%Raikuga) It's gotten old
    (01:31:39pm) (Electrode90210) Chuck Norris is satanic

    I dunno why it is funny, but I laughed.

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    [21:44] <thugnifecent14> does any one kno where i can get free candy
    [21:44] *** C101|Gone has quit (Quit: BOOM)
    [21:44] <ClanSoul> From Michael Jackson
    [21:44] <SPPGuest5113> nothing is ever free
    [21:44] <SPPGuest5113> well
    [21:44] <ClanSoul> He'll be handing it out to children
    [21:44] *** SPPGuest9512 has joined #SPP
    [21:44] <SPPGuest5113> there's that
    <insert unrelated text here>
    [21:46] <thugnifecent14> but micheal jackson is not alowwed near me anymore
    [21:47] <SPPGuest5113> "anymore"
    [21:47] <SPPGuest5113> lmfao
    [21:47] <Rokon> hey, i need help making a decision...
    [21:47] <SPPGuest5113> why would you have let him anywhere near you in the first place
    [21:47] <thugnifecent14> yea not to long ago we were on the news
    [21:47] <Gambit> he liked it
    [21:47] <SPPGuest5113> YOU'RE McCauley Caulkin?

    What has Wacko Jacko done to our innocent children these days...
    - enough said

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    * Delcatty takes control of Kiori's body then makes her pole dance for pokemew, Apollo_11, and Delcatty.
    <Delcatty> ;p
    <Kiori> ...;d
    <Delcatty> XD
    * Kiori switch places with catty ;d
    <Kiori> 8D;
    <Delcatty> You like it, don't yo---
    <Delcatty> wut
    <Delcatty> No
    <Delcatty> You can't do that
    <Delcatty> D:<
    * Kiori becomes a papparazzi for catty 8D
    <Delcatty> I
    <Delcatty> I have the psychic mind-control powers
    <pokemew> I'm not a lesbian
    <Delcatty> ME
    <pokemew> I'm outta here
    <Delcatty> not YOU
    <Kiori> XD
    <Kiori> mew XD
    <Delcatty> ME
    <Delcatty> and lolwut
    <Kiori> aww ;;
    <pokemew> you keep enjoying it Catty >_>
    <Kiori> WTF
    <Delcatty> I magically changed her into a guy
    <Delcatty> ^___^
    <Kiori> XD
    <pokemew> ;o
    <Kiori> just so happens I have a guy nick XD
    * Kiori is now known as Takahiro
    * Delcatty humps Takahiro madly ;oo
    <Takahiro> ...EW
    <Delcatty> XD
    <Delcatty> you dun like me
    <Takahiro> oh gawd
    <Delcatty> ;;
    <Takahiro> XD
    <Takahiro> I mean
    * Delcatty sob
    <Takahiro> my state of mind is still a girl wtf
    <Takahiro> XD
    <Takahiro> that sounds wrong
    <Takahiro> .
    * Delcatty sob
    * Delcatty sob
    * Delcatty sob

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        Spoiler:- Pokemew's post for reference:

    You forgot part. :P

    PROOF that Joe likes guys better! [[No denying it this time, Joe! ;D]]
    (02:24:00:AM) (+Takahiro) wtf XD
    (02:24:05:AM) (+Takahiro) oh noes :<
    (02:24:11:AM) (+Takahiro) I'm not a guy ;A;
    (02:24:11:AM) (+Takahiro) wait
    (02:24:12:AM) —› quit: (Serebii) ( (Connection reset by peer)
    (02:24:13:AM) (+Takahiro) XD;
    (02:24:14:AM) (%Delcatty) XD
    (02:24:22:AM) (+Takahiro) Joe died coz I'm not a guy? XD;

    Kidding, kidding, please don't kill me, Joe. D: The logs are real though. >_>;

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