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Thread: Funny Chat Quotes Thread

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    Kyogre Guest


    Some fun things you can do with ShiningClefairy's script:

    (4:21:57 am) «%ShiningClefairy»  MS[GONE] used Metronome. MS[GONE] used Focus Energy on My_Sexy_Mom.

    (4:22:56 am) «%ShiningClefairy»  Kyogre used Metronome. Kyogre used Rest on MS's_Sexy_Mom.

    (4:23:46 am) «%ShiningClefairy»  Kyogre used Metronome. Kyogre used Recover on MS's_Sexy_Mom.

    (4:24:27 am) «ShiningClefairy»  SapphireDewgong used Metronome. SapphireDewgong used Earthquake on KingShuckle

    I hope she doesn't do that the same way as Snorlax does

    I can remember a good typo of Fox, long ago.
    Pity i lost the log.
    It was something like:
    "Bring together the birds of Ice, Fire and Electric to tame the breast of the sea"


    Or Cayenne:
    "I lick chicken wings

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    Ororo Munroe Guest


    I'm Mondo.

    <Awaymeister> hi whatever you are
    <-- e-Jay has quit (Ping timeout)
    <Mondo> ...
    <Mondo> you copying my greeting again?
    <Awaymeister> i said "Whatever"
    <Sasuke`> Dani, when was the last time you used it? ;o
    <Alchemist`Away`> ...
    <Mondo> it WAS in my chan tpoicuntil a yesterday
    <Mondo> :P
    --- AL_Sleep sets ban on *!*Mondo@*.B9E0A245.2D8220FE.IP
    --- #SPP :You are banned (#SPP)
    --- You have been kicked from #SPP by AL_Sleep («««« If you swear, you can leave to go to the trash pile!! Kick Number 170 »»»»)
    --- Cannot join #SPP (You are banned).
    --> You are now talking on #SPP
    --- Topic for #SPP is Welcome to #SPP The Place for the # 1 Pokémon Site: and its forums |Christmas Is In 10 Days| RfOtD - Christmas Comes But Once A Year!
    --- Topic for #SPP set by PiPikachu at Wed Dec 15 03:41:02 2004
    <Mondo> *topic until
    <Mondo> :P
    <Mondo> * -a
    <Mondo> XD
    <Awaymeister> XD
    <Mondo> omfg, that was hilarious
    <Alchemist`Away`> ahhhh
    <Sasuke`> that's quite a common occurence surprisingly ;[
    <Alchemist`Away`> dani said c.u.n.t.
    <Mondo> I was about to fix the typo when I got kicked
    <Awaymeister> Laughing Out Loud
    * Mondo quotes

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    In a sliding cardboard box.


    <Jasmine> Yeah!
    * Jasmine squirts water on guys!!
    <DarkgamerGS> O_O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    * Edward-Elric is wet?
    * Kingshuckle has no shirt on
    <Jasmine> I thought you meant the guys. o.o;;
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    Wherever Tikal Is


    <Guest7156> i sufer from split personality i hope i dont offend any one if i act up...
    <Guest7156> **** YOU! sorry! **** YOU! sorry! i love you! **** YOU! I HATE YOU!! GO **** YOURSELF LUCIFER! im so sorry!!!!!! i hat my disorder!
    <Guest7156> IM GONNA BOMB THIS DAMN SITE!!!! no im not! im gonna hug and love it! BOMB IT!!! love it and hug it!!! **** IT!! nooo!
    <Guest7156> yes
    * Guest7156 has quit IRC (QUIT: Rules!!)
    * Mondo has joined #SPP
    <Knife> lol
    <Dragonair> wtf
    <Dragonair> lol
    <RaZoRLeAf> that was
    <RaZoRLeAf> refreshing

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    Ororo Munroe Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonair
    * Guest7156 has quit IRC (QUIT: Rules!!)
    * Mondo has joined #SPP
    Whoa, they left right before I joined.

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    <Jasmine> "I want your younger brother..." ;o *makes sexual noises* you: ... get out of my house you freak.
    <Minako> Sexual noises?
    <Jasmine> like.. moaning i don't know
    <Jasmine> how do people make sexual noises?
    <Jasmine> okay okay
    <Jasmine> i'll try my best
    <Jasmine> moan... err oh Josh! *purr* that's nice. ohh over there. ahh yes that's the spot
    <Jasmine> err?
    <Jasmine> ._.;; i don't know
    <BlueFire> Oo;;;;;
    <BlueFire> XD wtf Jas
    <Jasmine> xD
    <Minako> Laughing Out Loud
    <Jasmine> oh my

    * BlueFire mass c/p's to other chans
    <Jasmine> xD!!!
    * Jasmine watches spp O__o;
    <Jasmine> oh S*** joe is in spp
    <Jasmine> DO NOT PASTE
    <Minako> XDDDDD
    <Umbreon1> XD
    <Umbreon1> Wait
    <Umbreon1> Joe's here too
    <Jasmine> ...
    * Jasmine heart attack
    <BlueFire> XD
    <Minako> Laughing My *** Off
    <Jasmine> xDDDDDD
    <Minako> XDDD
    <Minako> XDDDDDDDD

    <BlueFire> now
    <BlueFire> uhh
    <BlueFire> who is Josh o.O;;;

    <Jasmine> you paste.
    <Jasmine> do it do it
    <Minako> XDDDDDDDD
    <BlueFire> XD Joe would kill me

    * BlueFire changes topic to 'Welcome to #SPP The Place for the # 1 Pokémon Site: and its forums | Tomorrow's Christmas!Welcome to #SPP The Place for the # 1 <Jasmine> how do people make sexual noises? '
    <Minako> Laughing My *** Off
    <BlueFire> Oo
    <BlueFire> crap XD
    <Minako> XDDDDDD
    <Jasmine> XD!!
    <Minako> XD!!!!!!!

    <Elk> am i the only guy????
    <Jasmine> o.o
    <Jasmine> no i'm a male
    <Elk> named Jasmine?
    <Jasmine> I'm a gender-confused person.
    <Jasmine> have some pity for me please. :<
    <Jasmine> i'm confused right now
    <Jasmine> i don't know my identity yet.
    <Jasmine> :<
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    Ororo Munroe Guest


    I'm Mondo.

    --> mB ( has joined #SPP
    <mB> hi
    <mB> nuclear launch detected
    <Mondo> hi
    <mB> Nuclear Launch Detected
    <mB> Oh No!
    <mB> We are all doomed!
    * mB runs
    <Minako> ...o0
    <Mondo> do a countdown
    <Mondo> a quick countdown
    <mB> 10
    <mB> 9
    <Mondo> ;P
    <mB> 8
    <mB> 7
    <mB> 6
    <mB> 5
    --- BlueFire sets ban on *!*Javabie@*
    <-- BlueFire has kicked mB from #SPP («««« Flooding is against the rules. Kick Number 2145 »»»»)
    <Mondo> XD
    <Mondo> PWNED

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    Ororo Munroe Guest


    <Mondo> I'm 20
    <Mondo> 8D
    <Shadow_Nokutasu> Happy Exact Birthtime Dani
    --- You have been kicked from #SPP by Knife («««« OHNOES DANI GREW TO LV20, HAPPY BIRTHDAY D: Kick Number 3238 »»»»)

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    [21:49] <Flamen04> Fear the sexynessssss
    [21:49] <Flamen04> *Link removed for fears of public health*
    [21:49] <Angelus`Clones> O.o
    [21:49] <RaZoRLeAf> OMG HOT!!
    [21:50] * Angelus`Clones idles to RP
    [21:50] <RaZoRLeAf> jk
    [21:50] <Raye> >.>;
    [21:50] <Shadow_Nokutasu> back
    [21:50] <Flamen04> oO
    [21:50] <RaZoRLeAf> hasn't loaded yet
    [21:50] <Raye> The pic is still loading for me.
    [21:50] <Angelus`Clones> CEL THAT LINK KILLED MY IE LAST TIME
    [21:50] <Raye> >_>
    [21:50] <Angelus`Clones> wb Shadow
    [21:50] <Angelus`Clones> and brb again
    [21:50] <Shadow_Nokutasu> ty.
    [21:50] <Flamen04> then Yami will never know how I look like
    [21:50] <Flamen04> :P
    [21:50] <Angelus`Clones> Cel I saw
    [21:50] <Angelus`Clones> YOU HAVE BRACES
    [21:50] <Angelus`Clones> I only needed a Retainer
    [21:50] <Flamen04> o,o
    [21:50] <Angelus`Clones> now I really brb again
    [21:50] <RaZoRLeAf> Cel you look absolutly nothing like i ever thought you would
    [21:51] <Flamen04> my **** was ****ed up
    [21:51] <DiasFlac> i need to take a new picture as i got a new jacket. i dont know why that signified a new pic
    [21:51] <DiasFlac> but
    [21:51] <DiasFlac> yeah
    [21:51] <Flamen04> its like perfect compared to how it was
    [21:51] <DiasFlac> signifies the needing of a new pic*
    [21:51] <DiasFlac> forgot a few words hehe
    [21:51] <RaZoRLeAf> i really need a new pic
    [21:51] <DiasFlac> yeah
    [21:51] <DiasFlac> your only one is like
    [21:51] <DiasFlac> 3, 4 years old ?
    [21:51] <Flamen04> PX you thought i looked like what?
    [21:51] <RaZoRLeAf> 4 years old
    [21:51] <Flamen04> o,o
    [21:51] <RaZoRLeAf> i dunno
    [21:51] <RaZoRLeAf> weedy
    [21:52] <RaZoRLeAf> sort of nseaky and rattish
    [21:52] <Flamen04> Laughing Out Loud
    [21:52] <Shadow_Nokutasu> xD
    [21:52] <RaZoRLeAf> narrow eyes, buck teeth long nose
    [21:52] <RaZoRLeAf> whiskers
    [21:52] <Flamen04> oO
    [21:52] <RaZoRLeAf> tail
    [21:52] <Shadow_Nokutasu> the plague
    [21:52] <Flamen04> >_>
    [21:52] <RaZoRLeAf> ok not whiskers and tail
    [21:53] <RaZoRLeAf> have you seen "The Core"?
    [21:53] <Flamen04> no
    [21:53] <Flamen04> ;o
    [21:53] <RaZoRLeAf> Road Trip?
    [21:53] * Raye ( Quit (Ping timeout)
    [21:53] <Flamen04> yes
    [21:53] <Flamen04> ;o
    [21:53] <RaZoRLeAf> you know the thin geeky guy who has sex with the big black girl?
    [21:53] <Flamen04> but dont remember much of it though
    [21:53] <Flamen04> Laughing Out Loud
    [21:53] <Flamen04> yes
    [21:53] <Flamen04> XD
    [21:53] <RaZoRLeAf> just less geeky and more sneaky
    [21:53] <Flamen04> Heh
    [21:54] <^_^> Cel you look weird
    [21:54] <^_^> I'm bookmarking that to photoshop later
    [21:54] <RaZoRLeAf> sort of "aha, i jump out from behind this chair, steal your donought and i'm away!"
    [21:54] <RaZoRLeAf> lol
    [21:54] <DiasFlac> donought lol
    [21:54] <Flamen04> jake
    [21:54] <Flamen04> ****l no
    [21:54] <Flamen04> *****
    [21:54] <^_^> **** no what?:
    [21:54] <DiasFlac> i should take another picture without my sunglasses on
    [21:54] <RaZoRLeAf> **** no keyboard
    [21:54] <Flamen04> dont bookmark me
    [21:54] <^_^> just wanted to touch up some parts and brighten it o.o
    [21:54] <Flamen04> ;;
    [21:55] <Flamen04> i can do that myself
    [21:55] <^_^> then match it to my db
    [21:55] <^_^> and stalk you
    [21:55] <RaZoRLeAf> <^_^> and put it on a porn star's body
    [21:55] <^_^> i never said that, *****
    [21:55] <^_^> i know thats your dream tho dan
    [21:55] <RaZoRLeAf> you were thinking it though
    [21:55] <Flamen04> you wont stalk me
    [21:55] <Flamen04> ahahahha
    [21:55] <^_^> and if anyone is quoting this
    [21:55] <^_^> im gonna whack em with a fork
    [21:56] * Shadow_Nokutasu is quoting...
    [21:56] * RaZoRLeAf wasn't but will do now

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    (1:31:59 pm) «+Flamen04» Ed likes Booze-O.... I think he wants to get jiggy with it
    (1:32:04 pm) «+Edward-Elric» No.
    (1:32:05 pm) «+Edward-Elric» ;\
    (1:32:07 pm) «ShiningClefairy» .@_@.
    (1:32:11 pm) «+Brinstar» I should scan the drawing of it
    (1:32:14 pm) «+Edward-Elric» I wouldn't touch it with a 40ft pole.
    (1:32:17 pm) «+Brinstar» him, actually
    (1:32:21 pm) «Minako» o_0;
    (1:32:24 pm) «%Taxidermist» when are u gunna get a 40ft pole
    (1:32:26 pm) «%Taxidermist» wtf is that
    (1:32:27 pm) « Joins: [darkgamerGS] ( »
    (1:32:29 pm) «Minako» !up
    (1:32:29 pm) «Minako» .
    (1:32:29 pm) * Minako slap
    (1:32:29 pm) *** SerebiiBot voiced: Minako
    (1:32:31 pm) «+Flamen04» Lets all worship Bob!
    (1:32:32 pm) «ShiningClefairy» Hello dg
    (1:32:36 pm) «+Minako» Lagger
    (1:32:36 pm) «%Taxidermist» everyone says "i wouldnt touch them with a barge pole"
    (1:32:38 pm) «+Minako» >:O
    (1:32:40 pm) «+Edward-Elric» Hm.
    (1:32:43 pm) «darkgamerGS» Hiness
    (1:32:45 pm) «%Taxidermist» well where the hell in england or america are u gunna get a barge pole
    (1:32:50 pm) «+Edward-Elric» Maybe I should go grab some lunch.
    (1:32:57 pm) «+Brinstar» the 40ft pole store
    (1:33:01 pm) «@Serebii» The Gay Bar
    (1:33:05 pm) «+Brinstar» XD
    (1:33:09 pm) «+Edward-Elric» Haha.
    (1:33:10 pm) «+Edward-Elric» Witty comment.
    (1:33:11 pm) «+Edward-Elric»
    (1:33:13 pm) «%Taxidermist» speaking from experience joe?
    (1:33:21 pm) «darkgamerGS» ?
    (1:33:23 pm) «@Serebii» yeah Jon, we went the other night remember
    (1:33:23 pm) «darkgamerGS» wtf
    (1:33:25 pm) «+Brinstar» i need food
    (1:33:27 pm) «%Taxidermist» oooh yes
    (1:33:28 pm) «+Brinstar»
    (1:33:30 pm) «%Taxidermist» that was entertaining
    (1:33:33 pm) «+Edward-Elric» Now.
    (1:33:33 pm) «+Brinstar» lol.
    (1:33:34 pm) «+Edward-Elric» brb
    (1:33:36 pm) «darkgamerGS» O_O
    (1:33:37 pm) «darkgamerGS» Kay
    (1:33:38 pm) «@Serebii» best night of my life
    (1:33:40 pm) «+Edward-Elric» Off to grab lunch.
    (1:33:43 pm) «+Flamen04» Jon x Joe = PoleGrabbingshipping
    Rose addict for life !

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    Ok this didnt happen in #SPP but in another chan :P.

    (3:32:45 pm) *** Puchiko is now known as LilyPichu
    (3:33:21 pm) *** LilyPichu is now known as Puchiko

    (3:33:37 pm) «Puchiko» wtf
    (3:33:38 pm) «Puchiko» ;o;
    (3:33:45 pm) «Puchiko» what did you do to them, MS? o_O
    (3:33:46 pm) «%MS» o.o
    (3:33:49 pm) «%MS» what did I do what?
    (3:33:53 pm) «%MS» I JUST DID RANDOM QUOTE
    (3:33:53 pm) «%MS» ;-;
    (3:33:55 pm) «%MS» nothing else
    (3:33:56 pm) «@Dratini927» Lily, we know ur desires
    (3:33:57 pm) «@Dratini927» ;D
    (3:33:57 pm) «Puchiko» LIAR
    (3:33:57 pm) «Puchiko» ;-;
    (3:33:58 pm) «%MS» ITS BRINS FAULT
    (3:33:59 pm) «%MS» o_o
    (3:34:01 pm) «Puchiko» I DON"T HAVE DESIRES
    (3:34:02 pm) «%MS» MATT ROFL
    (3:34:04 pm) «+Eevee1» MS
    (3:34:04 pm) «Puchiko» UNTIL 16
    (3:34:06 pm) «Puchiko» >:O
    (3:34:06 pm) «%MS» ?
    (3:34:06 pm) «Puchiko» ..
    (3:34:07 pm) «@Dratini927» WE KNOW WHAT LILY WANTS
    (3:34:07 pm) «+Eevee1» MS
    (3:34:07 pm) «%MS» o.o
    (3:34:07 pm) «@Dratini927» >D
    (3:34:09 pm) «+Eevee1» MS
    (3:34:09 pm) «%MS» ???
    (3:34:10 pm) «+Eevee1» DRAT
    (3:34:10 pm) «%MS» what E1
    (3:34:13 pm) «Puchiko» NO YOU DON'T >:O
    (3:34:13 pm) «%MS» o_o
    (3:34:13 pm) «Soul» man i still hate the fact that ToR is on the ps2 ;-;
    (3:34:13 pm) «+Eevee1» FLOOD AGAIN
    (3:34:15 pm) «+Dragonair» MS
    (3:34:17 pm) «%MS» ?
    (3:34:19 pm) «+Thrashmeister» WHO IS PUCHIKO >:O
    (3:34:22 pm) «@Dratini927» Lily and the Metal rawr~
    (3:34:22 pm) «@Dratini927»
    (3:34:22 pm) «@DiasFlac» watch out for tetanus. metal becomes rusty when wet.
    (3:34:22 pm) «+Thrashmeister» EEVEE YOU BLUFFF
    (3:34:23 pm) «+Dragonair» didja see mah hulk pieced together
    (3:34:24 pm) «Puchiko» I AM LILY
    (3:34:25 pm) «%MS» WHAT THE **** DO YOU ALL WANT? ;-;
    (3:34:26 pm) «Puchiko» DRAT
    (3:34:28 pm) «%MS» Ron, no
    (3:34:29 pm) «%MS» o_o
    (3:34:33 pm) «+Eevee1» HI MS
    (3:34:33 pm) «+Eevee1» HI MS
    (3:34:34 pm) «+Thrashmeister» YOU SAID YOUD LEAVE RAZORVILLE
    (3:34:34 pm) «+Eevee1» HI MS
    (3:34:35 pm) «+Eevee1» HI MS
    (3:34:35 pm) «Puchiko» ARE YOU IMPLYING I . . . A METAL? O_o
    (3:34:35 pm) «+Thrashmeister» >:O
    (3:34:36 pm) «+Eevee1» HI MS
    (3:34:37 pm) «+Dragonair»
    (3:34:38 pm) «+Eevee1» HI MS
    (3:34:39 pm) «+Thrashmeister» ..
    (3:34:39 pm) «+Dragonair» :P
    (3:34:41 pm) «%MS» no Lily
    (3:34:41 pm) «@Dratini927» no
    (3:34:42 pm) «+Thrashmeister» YES
    (3:34:43 pm) «+Eevee1» soon, mes amis
    (3:34:43 pm) «%MS» they are implying
    (3:34:47 pm) «@Dratini927» You have done it to it
    (3:34:48 pm) «@Dratini927»
    (3:34:49 pm) «+Thrashmeister» YOU LOST YOUR VIRGINITY TO METAGROSS >:O
    (3:34:50 pm) «%MS»
    (3:34:52 pm) «Puchiko» wtf
    (3:34:52 pm) «%MS» yeah
    (3:34:53 pm) «%MS» :
    (3:34:54 pm) «Puchiko» no
    (3:34:54 pm) «%MS» :P*
    (3:34:54 pm) «@Dratini927» Yes
    (3:34:56 pm) «+Dragonair» i changed it a little from when i uploaded it to now
    (3:34:56 pm) «@DiasFlac» wow
    (3:34:57 pm) «@Dratini927» YES
    (3:34:59 pm) «Puchiko» I lost my virginity to roy 8)
    (3:35:00 pm) «@DiasFlac» painful
    (3:35:00 pm) «%MS» k
    (3:35:02 pm) «@Dratini927» pah
    (3:35:02 pm) «%MS» O_O
    (3:35:06 pm) «+Eevee1» ROY?
    (3:35:08 pm) «+Thrashmeister» ..
    (3:35:09 pm) «@Dratini927» and u dump him to go to a Metal object
    (3:35:09 pm) «%MS» Lily had secks
    (3:35:10 pm) «@Dratini927» sick woman
    (3:35:10 pm) «%MS» o,o
    (3:35:11 pm) «+Thrashmeister» ROY?!!!!?!!!!!!!!!
    (3:35:11 pm) «@Dratini927» SICK
    (3:35:11 pm) * Puchiko nods
    (3:35:12 pm) «+Thrashmeister» WTF?!!!!!!!!
    (3:35:13 pm) «@Dratini927» ;-:
    (3:35:19 pm) «%MS» LILY HAD SECKS WITH ROY O_O
    (3:35:19 pm) * Puchiko nods again
    (3:35:23 pm) * Puchiko nods one more time
    (3:35:24 pm) «+Dragonair» lily is wierd
    (3:35:27 pm) «Soul» roy who?
    (3:35:27 pm) «+Thrashmeister» YOU MIGHT AS WELL HAD HAVE SEX WITH WHATS HIS NAME
    (3:35:28 pm) «+Thrashmeister» ..
    (3:35:29 pm) «+Edward-Elric» <MS> LILY HAD SECKS WITH ROY O_O
    (3:35:30 pm) «@Dratini927» Roy Mustard? or Roy Fire Emblem?
    (3:35:30 pm) «Puchiko» yeah. She is. >)~
    (3:35:30 pm) «+Thrashmeister» BUSH >:O
    (3:35:30 pm) «@Dratini927» :P{
    (3:35:32 pm) «@Dratini927» er
    (3:35:34 pm) «+Edward-Elric» Ain't that pedophilish?
    (3:35:34 pm) «%MS» damn your only 13 and SEX already
    (3:35:34 pm) «Puchiko» NO
    (3:35:35 pm) «@Dratini927» Mustang*
    (3:35:35 pm) «%MS» >
    (3:35:36 pm) «@DiasFlac» or Roy Rogers
    (3:35:37 pm) «Puchiko» ROY MUSTANG
    (3:35:37 pm) «+Thrashmeister» MUAHAHA
    (3:35:41 pm) «Puchiko» dude
    (3:35:42 pm) «%MS» Ed, I DONT KNOW O_O
    (3:35:43 pm) «Puchiko» I'm proud.
    (3:35:44 pm) «Puchiko» >)~
    (3:35:46 pm) «%MS» ...
    (3:35:48 pm) «%MS» o,o;
    (3:35:51 pm) «Puchiko» Laughing Out Loud jk
    (3:35:51 pm) * MS quotes all this
    (3:35:52 pm) «%MS»
    (3:35:53 pm) «Puchiko» ..

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    Thrashmeister Guest


    Lmfao Ms >:d

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    A field of lilies.

    Default suck.

    >:O I hate you.

    *needs to buy another knife* ;_;

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    dramaserebii81492 Guest


    Dont let the fear of pooping keep you from using the bathroom

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    dramaserebii81492 Guest


    Lilypichu who is MS

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    Ororo Munroe Guest


    MS is Magic Sunburst.

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    <Raibolt> Jas-You know that thing in your sig, about god killing hotties, one day you will die yourself.
    <Jasmine> I know. It's a risk I'm gotta take :/


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    New Jersey/New York City


    (3:05:01 am) «darkgamerGS» How long before your vopped?
    (3:05:56 am) «@Jasmine» depends
    (3:06:04 am) «@Jasmine» if ytou'te liie fskjbfsdkkjsdk like thsis exactl5yr
    (3:06:10 am) «@Jasmine» then.. umm it will be a while
    (3:06:23 am) «barb» just leave me the f alone Ed you freaking *****
    (3:06:28 am) «+Brinstar» see
    (3:06:31 am) «+Brinstar» thats an example
    (3:06:34 am) «+Brinstar» of what not to do
    (3:06:36 am) «+Brinstar» to get vop
    (3:06:38 am) «barb» Gah

    I love the chat.

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    Andrew Guest


    I think that these quotes to be checked to locate their "Funny"

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    Ororo Munroe Guest


    --> You are now talking on #DirtyWord
    <Mondo> XP
    <Mina|Reading> Laughing Out Loud
    <Mina|Reading> xD
    <Mina|Reading> xD!
    --- Shrike gives channel operator status to Mina|Reading Mondo
    <Shrike> Who goes first? :O
    <Mina|Reading> I DO
    <Mina|Reading> :D~
    <Mina|Reading> ...
    <Mina|Reading> wair
    <Mina|Reading> er
    <Mina|Reading> wait
    <Mondo> goes first for what?
    <Mina|Reading> Shrikey goes first
    <Shrike> oo
    <Mina|Reading> For the game Dani
    <Mina|Reading> o.o
    <Mina|Reading> Find the dirty words in the big typo mess
    <Mina|Reading> :D~
    <Shrike> rtgktotijaeorijtgoijtgeitshitpoiejtaejpatgiseojtgseptgjsptgseptgpoopestfkhtgks thisajrslhtgserltjsaeirtjserltjserltgnseirthorgyoirsdjyirdoyjsexogfkdzex
    <Mina|Reading> o.o
    <Mondo> poop
    <Mondo> XP
    <Shrike> oo
    <Shrike> :O
    <Mina|Reading> XD
    <Shrike> Two have been found
    <Mina|Reading> Orgy
    <Mina|Reading> o.o
    <Shrike> Only one left
    <Mina|Reading> shit
    <Mina|Reading> :O
    <Shrike> That's all
    <Shrike> :O
    <Mondo> lmao
    <Mina|Reading> My turn :D
    <Mina|Reading> dl;oftejrm;tlewarptorewjntkleanrglkasngksfnglIRSGN craps;lngsldgnsldknshitaldfnkaefnpoopakerlkeqnalkrstonerkdnhlksknskfndoi HTNhag
    <Mina|Reading> er
    <Mina|Reading> xD
    <Mondo> crap
    <Shrike> crap
    <Mondo> shit
    <Shrike> yeah
    <Shrike> stoner
    <Mondo> hag
    <Mondo> XP
    <Mina|Reading> :D
    <Mina|Reading> XD
    <Shrike> poop
    <Shrike> THat's all I can find :O
    <Mina|Reading> You got it
    <Mina|Reading> :O
    <Mina|Reading> Dani goes
    <Mina|Reading> :O
    <Mondo> k
    <Mondo> so I like type random things then a word then random things then a word then random things like that?
    <Shrike> yeah
    <Mondo> k
    <Mina|Reading> Yes
    <Mina|Reading> o.o
    <Mondo> ghaiohtueanflkeajhriamklhcja;jkljljkassghoahigfeoahvoienhabitchaho;jbioha;hgiah;ihfiao;hfjiohfoiehf;oajif;ojio ah;igoehaoithedirtywordsghjoiugoeajoigaiughpmp
    <Shrike> ass
    <Shrike> thedirtywords
    <Mondo> lol
    <Mondo> skipped one
    <Shrike> bitch
    <Shrike> :O
    <Mondo> got em
    <Mina|Reading> ass, thedirtywords, bitch,
    <Mina|Reading> :O
    <Mondo> lol
    <Mina|Reading> thats all
    <Mina|Reading> o.o
    <Mondo> I said got em
    <Mondo> :P
    <Shrike> my turn :O!
    <Mina|Reading> :O!
    <Shrike> exexexevdxesvxsexvsecxvsegxveseczexghdhfsrjkgghskr shtisithshitfgdchdkfgfduckjfsoigfiretruckmoeiwfuckrmnsfwuckwmfrw
    <Shrike> :O
    <Mondo> fuck
    <Mondo> sex
    <Mondo> shit
    <Shrike> That's all, unless Firetruck is considered a dirty word
    <Shrike> :O
    <Mondo> lol
    <Mondo> I saw that
    <Mondo> it is if you do it like this:
    <Mondo> FiretrUCK
    <Mondo> XP
    <Shrike> Firetruck
    <Mondo> heh
    <Shrike> I remembered how to make things bold, yay :D
    <Mondo> my turn?
    <Shrike> It's Mina's turn
    <Mina|Reading> er
    <Mondo> k
    <Mina|Reading> I was away
    <Mina|Reading> i.i
    <Mina|Reading> o.o
    <Mondo> XD
    <Mina|Reading> k o.o
    <Mina|Reading> ...o0
    <Shrike> oo
    <Mina|Reading> Firetruck?
    <Mina|Reading> o_-o
    <Mondo> yes
    <Mina|Reading> k...o.o
    <Mondo> FiretrUCK
    <Mondo> take out the iretr
    <Mondo> Shrike, XD
    <Mondo> FIRETRUCK
    <Shrike> yeah
    <Shrike> And
    <Shrike> fuck
    <Mondo> FUCK
    <Shrike> :O
    <Mina|Reading> apdjfadgopjwapormgawlrmgawogwpmgomwrgpoopksdnlgasg nknwhoreln;gadknrgldkfnghoesldkgbsal;dgbslkshit;ksldngs;lkdngbitchaiodhfaoDIFHOIihsflkgshflkgskgfuck;ldofjlgdhLDGHiohfdgtshgsex
    <Mina|Reading> o.o
    <Shrike> O
    <Mondo> sex
    <Shrike> W
    <Mondo> fad
    <Shrike> ow
    <Mondo> XP
    <Shrike> whore
    <Mondo> fuck
    <Mondo> bitch
    <Mondo> shit
    <Shrike> shit
    <Mondo> hi
    <Mondo> XP
    <Shrike> hoes
    <Mondo> sex
    <Mina|Reading> XD
    <Shrike> poo
    <Mondo> whore
    <Shrike> p
    <Shrike> ppop
    <Shrike> poop
    <Shrike> oo;
    <Mina|Reading> Laughing My Ass Off
    <Shrike> AND PROM
    <Shrike> er
    <Shrike> porm
    <Mondo> lol
    <Mina|Reading> It looks like you guys are cussing each other out
    <Mina|Reading> XD
    <Shrike> yeah
    <Mondo> XD

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    Manser Guest


    See the above post.

    yay the censors have failed!
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    well today the bot decided to play some hide and seek with Minako

    <@SerebiiBot> Minako want to play Hide N Seek?
    <+Minako> ...K o.o;
    <@SerebiiBot> Minako i'll go hide
    <+Minako> ......Okie o,o
    * +Minako giggles
    * @SerebiiBot hides behind Altomare_Latios
    * +Minako xD
    * +Minako counts to ten
    <+Minako> Ready or not, here I come :O
    * +Minako looks behind Pip
    <@PiPikachu> nope not here
    * +Minako looks behind a random sofa
    * +Minako looks behind Alto
    <+Minako> o.o
    * +Minako pokes the Bot
    <@SerebiiBot> noooo you found me O,x
    <+Minako> >
    <@SerebiiBot> now you go hide :O
    * +Minako hides on Pip's head
    <@SerebiiBot> and i'll count to ten
    <@SerebiiBot> 1
    <@PiPikachu> 2
    <@PiPikachu> 3
    <@PiPikachu> :P
    <+Minako> XD
    <@PiPikachu> HeHe
    <@SerebiiBot> lemme count >=(
    * %Shui_Demon watches from the ceiling, scythe still in paw
    <@SerebiiBot> 4
    <@SerebiiBot> 5
    <@SerebiiBot> 6
    <@SerebiiBot> 7
    <@SerebiiBot> 8
    <@SerebiiBot> 9
    <@SerebiiBot> 10
    <@SerebiiBot> ready or not here i come
    * +Minako snikers
    * @SerebiiBot looks under Altomare_Latios
    * @SerebiiBot looks under Dratini927--sleep--'s bed sheet
    * @SerebiiBot looks through Universityebii's University
    * @PiPikachu coughs o,o
    * +Minako shushes Pip
    <@PiPikachu> ~.~;
    <@SerebiiBot> hmmmmmm
    <@SerebiiBot> i cant find Minako anywhere
    * @SerebiiBot checks underneath Dragon-Elf's skirt
    * +Minako stares at the bot
    * @SerebiiBot looks at pip
    * +Minako blinks
    <+Minako> Eeep!
    * +Minako skitters off
    * @SerebiiBot investigates pip's head
    * @SerebiiBot Minako was here
    * +Minako is now hiding Ed's pillow
    * +Minako laff
    * @SerebiiBot looks at ed
    * +Minako hides behind Ed's bed
    * @SerebiiBot checks underneath ed's bed :O
    * +Minako giggles
    <@SerebiiBot> :O scary monsters
    * +Minako gasp
    * @SerebiiBot scared O,O;
    * +Minako screeches
    * +Minako jumps on the Bot's head
    * +Minako clings
    <@SerebiiBot> haha i found you o,o;
    * %Shui_Demon rolls his eyes "oh boy"
    <+Minako> But there are monsters under teh bed :<
    * +Minako pokes Ed
    <@SerebiiBot> that was fun :O
    <+Minako> Ya :O
    <%Shui_Demon> you act as though you were about to be chomped by one
    <+Minako> But one couldda got me
    <+Minako> :<
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    Quote Originally Posted by OzAndrew
    I think that these quotes to be checked to locate their "Funny"
    Funny is a matter of taste, and not everyones' is the same.
    Gen II OU Pokémon Showdown: The Legendary Red

    Pokémon Showdown ID: OU Red

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    :O looks like Jasmine got her foot caught in something....
    <poop> poop
    <[]D[][]V[][]D> no i live in OR
    <[]D[][]V[][]D> now*
    <Raibolt> say poop 2 more times
    <Raibolt> I dare ya
    <Raibolt> o.o
    <poop> POOP!!
    * Jasmine sets mode: +b *!*
    * poop was kicked by Jasmine (yer weird)
    <Raibolt> lol
    <[]D[][]V[][]D> lol
    <KingShuckle> Jasmine kicked poop ;D
    <Raibolt> eww
    <[]D[][]V[][]D> lol
    <Kyogre> Heh
    <Raibolt> Jas clean yar shoes !!
    <[]D[][]V[][]D> u got crap on ur shoe!
    * KingShuckle wipes off Jas's shoe
    FC: 1118-0736-6254

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    [19:55] <Brinstar> that Dias quote can fit into any conversation
    [19:55] <RaZoRLeAf> most of his quotes can
    [19:55] <Flamen04> Cel's Quotererers 8o : (10:14:05 am) «+Cayenne» What do you do with a bachelor who thinks he's God's gift to women? (10:14:06 am) «+Cayenne» Exchange him.
    [19:55] <RaZoRLeAf> except the ones about killing
    [19:55] <Flamen04> Cel's Quotererers 8o : (10:30:19 pm) «%Pop-Tarts» "Haha. I'm sitting in the cockpit. The **** pit. AHAHAHAHAHHHAHA" ranted Jake.
    [19:55] <RaZoRLeAf> and sex with dead people
    [19:55] <Brinstar> you're talking to a hot girl and you just blurt out: "BATTLE CRY OF THE INSIDIOUS MARSUPIALS. BESTOTOTOTOTOTOT BESTOTOTOTOTOTO!!!!"
    [19:55] <RaZoRLeAf> and blood lusting
    [19:55] <RaZoRLeAf> and she goes 'OMG! DIAS QUOTE! LOLERZ!"
    [19:55] <Brinstar> XD
    [19:55] <RaZoRLeAf> and you go "WTF!?"
    [19:56] <RaZoRLeAf> and she goes "LOL HE SAID THAT IN ZEBES!"
    [19:56] <Brinstar> XD
    [19:56] <RaZoRLeAf> amd you go "AHHHHH!! I'M DATING CAY!!"
    [19:56] <Brinstar> Laughing My *** Off
    [19:56] <RaZoRLeAf> and she goes "AHHHH! who are you again?"
    [19:56] <Brinstar> hahahaha
    [19:57] <RaZoRLeAf> and you go "Brin"
    [19:57] <RaZoRLeAf> and she goes "WOW! BRIN! GUESS WHAT!"
    [19:57] <RaZoRLeAf> and you go "WHAT?"
    [19:57] <RaZoRLeAf> and she goes "I'M NOT REALLY CAY!
    [19:57] <Brinstar> then she turns into a robot
    [19:57] <Brinstar> like all the others
    [19:57] <RaZoRLeAf> and she unzips her cay costume and underneath it's Beau
    [19:57] <Brinstar> XD
    [19:58] <RaZoRLeAf> and Beau is actually wearing the same clothes anyway
    [19:58] <Flamen04> hummm
    [19:58] <Flamen04> brin
    [19:58] <Flamen04> wheres that comic you were supossed to make?!
    [19:58] <Flamen04> >:O!
    [19:58] <RaZoRLeAf> and Beau goes "HAHAHAHAHA"
    [19:58] <RaZoRLeAf> and you go "HAHAHAHA, I'M NOT REALLY BRIN EITHER"
    [19:58] <RaZoRLeAf> and you unzip your disguise
    [19:58] <RaZoRLeAf> and underneath your cay
    [19:59] <Brinstar> XD
    [19:59] <Shadow_Nokutasu> lol.
    [19:59] <Brinstar> that would be very trippy
    [19:59] <RaZoRLeAf> and then Beau says "HAHAHA, I'M NOT BEAU EITHER!
    [19:59] <RaZoRLeAf> and he unzips himself to reveal Jasmine underneath
    [19:59] <Brinstar> wtf XD
    [19:59] <RaZoRLeAf> and then cay says "I'M NOT REALLY CAY"
    [19:59] <RaZoRLeAf> and she unzips herself to reveal DIAS
    [19:59] <Cayenne> o.o
    [19:59] <Brinstar> XD
    [19:59] <Shadow_Nokutasu> CAY
    [20:00] <RaZoRLeAf> and then Jas says "WTF!?"
    [20:00] <Shadow_Nokutasu> YOU BROKE YOUR IDLE TIME
    [20:00] <Cayenne> oO;;;
    [20:00] <Shadow_Nokutasu> >:O
    [20:00] * Flamen04 rofles brinstar's wingo
    [20:00] <Cayenne> YES
    [20:00] <RaZoRLeAf> and dias says "AWOOOO AWOOOO!"
    [20:00] <Brinstar> XD
    [20:00] <Cayenne> well i dont feel like talking though so gonna idle again
    [20:00] <RaZoRLeAf> and HJas unzips herself
    [20:00] <RaZoRLeAf> and Dias is underneath
    [20:00] <RaZoRLeAf> and Dias looks at Dias
    [20:00] <Brinstar> CAY DDD
    [20:00] <Shadow_Nokutasu> this is some confusing ****
    [20:00] <Brinstar> 2 Dias'?
    [20:00] <RaZoRLeAf> and an intolerable Panda suddenly lands on both of them
    [20:00] <Brinstar> the world would explode
    [20:00] <Minako> Oo;
    [20:01] <RaZoRLeAf> then brin wakes up and tips his pot into the sink swearing never to smoke it again
    [20:01] <Brinstar> XD Dan
    [20:01] * Cayenne dies
    [20:01] <Cayenne> i am Dias ? :x
    [20:01] * Brinstar revives ;-;
    [20:01] <Brinstar> apparently I am too
    [20:01] * RaZoRLeAf quotes
    [20:01] <Brinstar> XD
    [20:01] <RaZoRLeAf> all the above
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