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Thread: Funny Chat Quotes Thread

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    Uhm, well, this technically didn't happen in #SPP, but it happened with people FROM #SPP, so I guess i'll put it up... I'm Minun in this one (and also Plusle, and if you see Biiaru around, that's me too.)

    [08:11:48] * Minun keeps farting for no reason =(
    [08:11:52] <Grim> o.o;
    [08:12:01] <Minun> i have a big rash in my butt
    [08:12:05] <Minun> and it hurts >_<
    [08:12:05] <Compu-Pikachu> [Plusle: I live in Hoenn.]
    [08:12:08] <Grim> x.x;
    [08:12:10] <Grim> Minun....
    [08:12:20] <Plusle> i live in new york
    [08:12:23] <Plusle> o.o
    [08:12:24] <Compu-Pikachu> [Celebi: Please stop farting.]
    [08:12:26] <Grim> Things that like should be kept between you and... Your underpants o.o

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    i dont get it

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    a person named "glasses" was giving a gym leader quiz to us....

    <HeavyDrinkerMax> Next question please -_- *hiccup*
    <darkgamerGS> XD
    <glasses> who is #43 in ru/sa on pokedex?
    * BlueFire sets mode: +b *!*SPPGuest@*
    * glasses was kicked by BlueFire (4«14«4«14« 0,6DONT ADVERTISE!2 2Kick Number 3053 4»14»4»14»)
    <Furaigon> XD
    <HeavyDrinkerMax> lol
    FC: 1118-0736-6254

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    This just gave me a laugh. Especially the last part!

    (8:53:10 pm) «darkgamerGS» Which is who I was looking for...
    (8:53:11 pm) «Black-Dog» Flannery hentai? WTF
    (8:53:18 pm) *** Focout ( has quit IRC (QUIT: Rules!!)
    (8:53:20 pm) «darkgamerGS» o.o;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;
    (8:53:23 pm) «darkgamerGS» Er...
    (8:53:34 pm) «darkgamerGS» Then i realized...
    (8:53:40 pm) «darkgamerGS» Flannery has rights, dammit!
    (8:53:50 pm) «Rai`» Meh
    (8:53:51 pm) «@PiPikachu» flannery has tits too ;p
    (8:53:54 pm) «Rai`» XD
    (8:54:09 pm) «darkgamerGS» I know
    (8:54:16 pm) «darkgamerGS» o.o;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;
    (8:54:18 pm) «darkgamerGS» Um...
    (8:54:21 pm) «darkgamerGS» uh...
    (8:54:24 pm) «darkgamerGS» Damn
    (8:54:32 pm) «darkgamerGS» You're making me wanna look again
    (8:54:37 pm) «Rai`» Laughing Out Loud
    (8:54:40 pm) «@PiPikachu» Oo
    (8:54:42 pm) «@PiPikachu» darkgamerGS
    (8:54:44 pm) «darkgamerGS» ?
    (8:54:45 pm) «Black-Dog» XD
    (8:54:49 pm) «@PiPikachu» dont be disgusting
    (8:54:50 pm) «@PiPikachu» :X
    (8:54:53 pm) «ZeroMantis» DG wants to look at hentai
    (8:54:53 pm) «darkgamerGS» But...
    (8:54:54 pm) «ZeroMantis» :O
    (8:54:58 pm) «ZeroMantis» Flannery Hentai
    (8:54:58 pm) «ZeroMantis» omfg
    (8:55:02 pm) «ZeroMantis» dg is a freak
    (8:55:03 pm) «ZeroMantis» :[
    (8:55:06 pm) «darkgamerGS» it's LEARNING
    Thanks to whoever made this. <3

    Actually, you didnt prove squat. You see, I find a being, all-powerful, all-knowing, constant, eternal, residing outside of space, time, and logic to be a lot more logical than a big explosion created the universe by accident.
    Logic, eh? Also, note the "residing outside of space, time and logic to be more logical" part.

    Something residing out of logic to be more logical... Nice.

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    <Angelus> I saw a hott guy go running past you
    <Angelus> GO CATCH
    <Grim> o.o;;;
    * Jasmine runs
    * Jasmine grabs a net
    <Brin{brb}> wild hot guy appeared!
    * Jasmine catches Ron
    <Jasmine> ohh!
    * Jasmine catches Brin
    * Jasmine looks around
    * Jasmine has caught the wile Brin and Ron!
    <Jasmine> will you give Brin and Ron their nice names?
    * Jasmine has named Brin "poppy soppies" and Ron "Poopie"
    <Dragonair> i already have a name jas
    <Dragonair> :<
    <Dragonair> it cannot be replaced
    <ZeroMantis> its dr_ron
    <ZeroMantis> :O
    * Jasmine goes to the nick rater and asks ron to be changed to "Mr. Memes"
    * Jasmine now owns Poppy soppies the Brin and Mr Memes the Ron
    * Jasmine huggles her hottie guys
    <Jasmine> boymon.
    <Soul> Thank You
    * Jasmine OME SEES SOUL!
    <Jasmine> wild soul appeared.
    * Soul omg is seen
    * Jasmine battles soul
    <Soul> o.o;
    * Jasmine catches soul
    * Soul ;-;!
    <Angelus> JAS
    * Jasmine names Soul "Mr. Kommies"
    <Angelus> I will trade you this Beau for Soul
    <Jasmine> OMG a beau boymon!
    * Angelus holds out the sleeping Beau
    * Jasmine trades
    <Angelus> now hand over Soul
    <Angelus> <_<
    * Jasmine huggles
    <Jasmine> what did you name it?
    <Angelus> Row
    <Jasmine> row!
    <Jasmine> i named soul Mr. Kommies
    * Angelus drags Grim to a breeding center
    <Angelus> Grim; The It Boymon
    <Grim> o.o
    <Jasmine> and... JUKIAN
    <Angelus> like ditto
    <Grim> ;o;
    <Angelus> but better
    * Jasmine catches a Jukain
    * Jasmine catches LBL
    <Angelus> I have an Edward
    <Angelus> >_>
    * Jasmine huggles Jukain
    * Jasmine wants a edward!
    * Jasmine catches a ron
    <Brin{brb}> Grim is the Ditto of Boymon
    <Angelus> XD
    <Angelus> yes
    <Angelus> and rare
    <Angelus> :x
    * Jasmine can see in a daycare "grim is hitting on beau. beau is trying to run away"
    <Jasmine> "but oopsey grim got him. now they bred"
    * Jasmine has a baby beau x grim
    <Grim> o.o
    <Angelus> XD
    <Angelus> actually, it'd just be a baby Beau
    <Jasmine> xD CUTE!
    <Angelus> unless you used another Grim with the Grim XD
    * Jasmine imagines a baby beau
    <Angelus> then you'd have a baby Grim
    * Jasmine tries to find another genderless boymon
    * Angelus catches Dratini927--out--
    <Angelus> >_>
    * Jasmine "borrows" yami's grim permantely
    <Jasmine> NO YOU CAN'T DO THAT
    <Angelus> CAN TOO
    <Angelus> you stole my Grim!
    <Jasmine> i borrowed!!
    <Brin{brb}> Jas is Wes
    * Angelus steals Brin then
    <Jasmine> WTF
    <Jasmine> you can't do that
    * Jasmine catches dratini in another clan
    * Jasmine catches brin in this clan
    <Angelus> Jas, if I give Brin back, we can share Grim.
    * Jasmine catches edward in another clan
    <Angelus> no stealing though >_>
    <Jasmine> YAY
    * Jasmine share a boymon!
    * Jasmine evil grin at grim
    * Angelus hands Brin back and drags Grin off
    * Angelus wants a baby Soul
    * Jasmine shares soul
    <Angelus> poor Soul
    * Jasmine puts soul in daycare
    <Jasmine> go grim go grim get him!
    <Grim> o.o;
    * Jasmine claps hand
    * Grim hides under the floorboards.
    <Jasmine> OMG
    <Jasmine> GRIM
    * Jasmine throws rocks at grim
    <Jasmine> GO
    <Angelus> XD
    * Grim faints
    <Grim> x.x
    <Jasmine> make babies!
    <Jukain> o.o
    <Jasmine> yami needs a baby soul!
    <Jasmine> and you're our only hope!
    <Jasmine> so.. GO!
    * Jasmine throws boymon blocks at grim
    * Jasmine shoves grim agaist soul!
    * Grim crawls under the floorboards again
    * Jasmine finds a soul egg!
    * Jasmine gives to yami
    * Jasmine grabs myst
    <Brin{brb}> o_O;
    * Grim digs a hole, Saddam style >=o
    * Jasmine throws myst in daycare with grim
    <Jasmine> xD
    * Angelus has a Soul Egg
    <Myst> o.o
    * Myst meeps
    <Jasmine> ^O^
    <Jasmine> breed!
    <Jasmine> NOWE
    <Grim> Now with an E!
    <Grim> ;o;
    * Jasmine throws stuff at myst and grim to enocurage them
    * Myst scampers around.
    <Grim> I don't dare imagine what kind of stuff encourages baby making x.x
    * Jasmine stares over fence
    <Jasmine> oO
    <Angelus> XD
    * Jasmine taps feet
    * Jasmine waits
    <Jasmine> GO
    <Jasmine> come on!
    * Grim shakes head
    * Myst twitches.
    * Jasmine throws boulder at grim
    <Angelus> XD
    <Jasmine> xD
    * Grim falls over
    <Jasmine> this is too funny
    * Grim equips chastity belt.
    <Grim> :<
    <Angelus> Boymon craze XD
    * Jasmine imagines doing that on GBA
    <Jasmine> xD
    * Jasmine now has a boydex
    <Jasmine> ohhh
    <Grim> "Yet to be analyzed... Because it keeps bloody escaping under the floorboards" o.o;
    <Jasmine> Myst: age: -- something.. ehh likes taking walks on beach, reading poetry, breeding. Needs ulimate care.
    * Jasmine wants a myst!
    * Jasmine jumps over fence and shoves grim agaisnt myst
    <Angelus> o.o; Jas
    * Jukain kisses Jassy and caresses her
    <Angelus> I think Jukain evolved XD
    <Jasmine> Jukain evolved into a.... JUKAIN!
    * Jasmine does boydex on Jukain
    <Jasmine> Jukain age: mystery hates valetine day but loves to be cared about. if caught is shy but loveable.
    * Jasmine trains her boymon
    <Angelus> Jas
    <Angelus> I want a baby Beau
    <Jasmine> OMG
    <Jasmine> baby beau!
    <Grim> Eeep
    * Jasmine carries beau to daycare
    * Jasmine puts beau in daycare with grim
    <Jasmine> come on!
    * Jasmine throws rock at grim
    <Grim> ;o;
    * Beau plays with Grimmy
    * Grim cry
    <Jasmine> grim is genderless and he's a rare ditto boymon
    * Jasmine stares over fence
    * Beau plays with a ball of yarn ^O^
    <TropicalLatios> (you know if Boymon breed dont you think its disturbing?)
    * Jasmine waits for beau and grim to make a beau egg
    <Beau> oO
    <Beau> um
    <Beau> not happening
    <Jasmine> xD
    <Angelus> there are no male pregnancies in Boymon, idiot
    <Angelus> MAKE AN EGG or else >_>
    <Jasmine> can't be preggers with eggs
    <Jasmine> it just.. pops there
    <Angelus> XD
    <Jasmine> just get giggly together play together then POP OMG EGG
    * Beau makes wuv with Grim
    <LadyMyuu> pokemon don't breed. ITS MAGIC
    * Grim dies
    <Grim> x.x
    <Jasmine> MAGIC RIGHT!
    * Jasmine has a beau egg!
    <Beau> :O!!
    <Angelus> Jasmine
    <Jasmine> who wants this cute reddish egg?
    <Jasmine> it's a beau egg
    <Angelus> I want one XD
    * Jasmine wants a edward egg
    * Beau breeds with Grim again
    * Jasmine takes beau out of daycare!
    <Jasmine> bad bad no
    <Beau> ;-;
    <Jasmine> grim is not for playing with
    <Beau> YEAH HUH
    <Angelus> XD
    * Beau bites his master
    <Jasmine> xD
    <Beau> ;;
    <Jasmine> ;-;
    <Jasmine> that's it
    <Beau> sowwy
    <Angelus> put Brin in now XD
    * Beau band aid
    <Jasmine> you're going back in your boyball
    <Beau> Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    * Beau is weirded out IRL because he just had sexual relations with Grim >_>
    <Jasmine> boymon food
    * Jasmine buys her boymon tacos and chips
    * Jasmine grabs edward from dani
    * Jasmine throws him in daycare
    <Angelus> poor Ed XD
    * Jukain munches
    <Jasmine> come on another fun for you grim!
    <Jasmine> go go go go grim!
    <Grim> o.o
    <Grim> ;o;
    <Jasmine> make us proud!
    * Jasmine take out camera
    <Grim> o.o;
    * Grim hides under the floorboards.
    <Jasmine> mmmm not work?
    * Jasmine walks around a little bit
    * Beau SMITES BRIN WITH EMO SWORD {]xoxoxoxoxoxo[];;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;\
    * Brin{brb} attacks with DANI SWORD {]# BP # BP # BP # BP[]XPXPXPXPXPXPXP^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^>
    <Beau> ........
    * Jasmine walks to one city then comes back to daycare
    <Jasmine> enough steps?
    * Jasmine finds a edward egg!
    <Brin{brb}> ahhh!
    <Beau> 54736745687457835683578 DAMAGE!!!!
    <Brin{brb}> acidic
    * Brin{brb} is poisoned
    * Beau lafs at Brin
    * Brin{brb} took 42 damage from poison x_x;
    * Brin{brb} counters with OCTAZOOKA
    * Beau hold antidote in front of Brin
    <Beau> ....
    * Beau dodges with Faint Attack
    <Jasmine> oO
    * Brin{brb} kicks in teeth
    * Jasmine 's own boymon is battling
    <Jasmine> WRONG
    <Jasmine> the next boymon center is two towns away
    <Beau> erm
    <Jasmine> i can't walk all the way there
    <Brin{brb}> lol.
    <Jasmine> and i don't have boymon potion
    <Beau> Jas, get on my back, I can fly
    * Jasmine takes brin and beau back in boyball
    <Beau> NUUUUUU
    <Brin{brb}> boyball...
    <Brin{brb}> lol.
    <Beau> NOT THE BALL
    * Beau run
    <Jasmine> :O!
    * Jasmine lures beau with sexy block
    * Beau droooooooooooooooooooool
    <Brin{brb}> boyblocks
    * Beau cant resist
    <Jasmine> xD
    * Jasmine feeds beau with sexy boyblock
    * Jukain murrs
    * Jasmine pets beau
    * Beau ^O^
    * Jasmine feeds Jukain cute block
    * Jasmine feeds Brin strong block
    * Brin{brb} 's happiness rating goes up
    * Jukain munches
    <Jasmine> ^^
    * Jasmine catches a MS
    <Jasmine> new addition!~
    <Jasmine> beau is Row, Brin is Hunny drop, MS is oranges, Jukain is Mister womswoms and Spazz is Googly Fingers, Jolteon1 is Mr. Kommies, Zero is sparkly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasmine
    * Jasmine grabs edward from dani
    *smacks Jas and hugs Chris*

    Quote Originally Posted by Jasmine
    * Brin{brb} attacks with DANI SWORD {]# BP # BP # BP # BP[]XPXPXPXPXPXPXP^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^>
    WTF, lol

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    Imagine I am having a flat expression on my face and talking like a little girl with bows in her hair

    <Jasmine> PONIES
    <Jasmine> You know about ponies?
    <Jasmine> there can be brown ones
    <Jasmine> black ones
    <Jasmine> and white
    <Jasmine> some are cute
    <Jasmine> and some are fugly
    <Jasmine> they have hooves!
    <Jasmine> these small dirty gray hooves
    <Jasmine> nuuuuu
    <Jasmine> I want to paint my pony hooves pink
    <Jasmine> to match my nails
    <Jasmine> and like.. bring my pony to school.
    <Jasmine> and like.. show.. off my nails and my pony's hooves
    <Jasmine> and you know.. brag about it
    <Jasmine> like omg my pony has pink hooves
    <Jasmine> my pony pwns your pony's hooves
    <Jasmine> and like..
    <Jasmine> my pony's hair is braided up with pink bows
    <Jasmine> yeah.
    <Jasmine> my pony has kewl hooves and hair
    <Jasmine> just like mine
    <Jasmine> my hair has bows
    <Jasmine> and nail is pink
    <Jasmine> I totally go together with my pony
    <Jasmine> i named my pony Mr. Kommies.
    <Jasmine> the big one
    <Jasmine> the alive one
    <Jasmine> that goes "heigh."
    <Jasmine> and like... leaves his buniness on the ground
    <Jasmine> it's a hard work having a pony
    <Jasmine> but like... it's worth it
    <Jasmine> my pony has cool hooves and hair
    <Jasmine> but i have the REAL my little pony
    <Jasmine> but it's not as colorful as my little pony.
    <Jasmine> the dye refused to stay on his fur
    <Jasmine> so i'm sad
    <Jasmine> but...
    <Jasmine> it's like a life size fugly colored pony
    <Jasmine> in.. real life
    <Jasmine> with PINK hooves
    <Jasmine> which is chipping off right now.
    <Jasmine> i will paint it back on... someday
    <Jasmine> when i find the time
    <Jasmine> but right now
    <Jasmine> my pony.. is cool
    <Jasmine> hooves rocks.
    <Jasmine> "my pony has pink hooves."
    <Jasmine> like... those shoes horseys have
    <Jasmine> but except they're small fat ponies.
    <Jasmine> ponies can be cute. or fugly.
    <Jasmine> but i perfer cute pony
    <Jasmine> but they're hard to find
    <Jasmine> and like...
    <Jasmine> you know
    <Jasmine> same thing with barbie
    <Jasmine> her hair melted when i tried to flat iron it
    <Jasmine> it smelled funny
    <Jasmine> like.. burnt plastic
    <Jasmine> but.. it was plastic
    <Jasmine> and like..
    <Jasmine> i tried to brush out her crumbled melted hair
    <Jasmine> but... the brush yanked all of her hair off
    <Jasmine> and like..
    <Jasmine> my barbie is now bald
    <Jasmine> and my barbie now is sad
    <Jasmine> yeah
    <Jasmine> but she's plastic
    <Jasmine> so she cannot cry
    <Jasmine> so like.. you know i had to draw tears on her face
    <Jasmine> with blue pen
    <Jasmine> but it all dripped off
    <Jasmine> because you know
    <Jasmine> she uses lots of beauty products
    <Jasmine> and pen are dirty
    <Jasmine> so.. like it slid off the plastic
    <Jasmine> and like dripped on my carpet
    <Jasmine> yeah
    <Jasmine> my mommy was pretty mad
    <Jasmine> she told me i couldn't have barbies, ponies, and pens anymore
    <Jasmine> but i sometimes... sneak my pony in my room
    <Jasmine> but i always get caught
    <Jasmine> because like..
    <Jasmine> my pony is too big
    <Jasmine> and like i try to drag my pony thru the kitchen
    <Jasmine> but my mom catches the pony
    <Jasmine> it's the pony's fault for eating too much
    <Jasmine> because.. mommy is mad
    <Jasmine> that i do not take things seriously
    <Jasmine> yes
    <Jasmine> she said that.
    <Jasmine> it is because my barbie is bald and my carpet is filled with melted hair and ink stains
    <Jasmine> and... i have pink hooves shapes all over my carpet
    <Jasmine> when i was trying to like.. paint my pony's hooves
    <Jasmine> but mr. kommies kept walking around
    <Jasmine> and like...
    <Jasmine> he got pink hooves all over my carpet
    <Jasmine> and one right there.,. on the wall
    <Jasmine> near my bed
    <Jasmine> right there
    <Jasmine> and you know
    <Jasmine> my mommy was mad
    <Jasmine> and she said she will send me off to boarding school someday
    <Jasmine> with no ponies named mr. kommies
    <Jasmine> and barbie with long hair
    <Jasmine> and like..
    <Jasmine> i am only allowed to use pencils
    <Jasmine> because like.. pen drips
    <Jasmine> and i am bad with pen
    <Jasmine> you know how i am.. in art
    <Jasmine> i tried to like.. paint Mr. Kommie's nails
    <Jasmine> but like i made a mess
    <Jasmine> and you know how messes are with moms
    <Jasmine> mom and mess do not go together
    <Jasmine> do you ever see your mom with mess at the prom
    <Jasmine> oh noes
    <Jasmine> because.. messes in houses are bad
    <Jasmine> :<

    Yami and My plan to take over the world. When we were in control of the chat because joe was off the clan.

    <Angelus> I R QUEN
    * Jasmine I R SEX GODDESS
    * Angelus claims the chat in most female womandom
    * Jasmine claims the whole server in most female womandom
    <Angelus> Joe's going to be like
    <Angelus> O_O
    <Jasmine> we're like gotta pwn Joe
    <Jasmine> and make him a voice
    <Jasmine> no no no devop him
    <Jasmine> gline him
    <Angelus> and
    <Angelus> AND
    <Jasmine> AND???
    <Angelus> sic Seagulls on Joe
    <Jasmine> make him wear that hat "damn them gulls"
    <Angelus> and Joe will have to admit
    <Angelus> Women > Him
    <Jasmine> YAMI AND JAS > JOE
    <Jasmine> we'll make him cry
    <Jasmine> and drop to his knees
    <Jasmine> and like give us the site and forums
    <Angelus> we will become his ebil owners
    <Angelus> and bring back the Arcade
    <Angelus> and
    <Angelus> AND
    <Jasmine> create some womanly rules
    <Angelus> and we will mock them
    <Angelus> with Brin
    <Angelus> IN HIS GIRLY PANTS
    <Jasmine> :OOOOOOOOOOO
    <Angelus> Brin and girl pants pwn
    <Angelus> and then when they beg we will throw soap at them
    <Angelus> because they have dirty minds
    <Angelus> they are koffings
    <Jasmine> xD and eyeliners
    <Angelus> yes
    <Jasmine> YES
    <Angelus> to mask those dirty swastika's they painted on themselves
    <Angelus> and make them get tattoos
    <Angelus> that say: We have no lives
    <Jasmine> and like sic teletubbies and sex and the city on them
    <Angelus> No, sex and the city is too good
    <Angelus> Teletubbies and the SMURFS
    <Angelus> they don't like SMURFS
    <Angelus> SMURFS PWN
    <Angelus> and we will rule
    <Angelus> and men will cower
    <Angelus> and we'll make them our slaves
    <Angelus> and bring Cay and PK into our order
    <Angelus> and Myuu and Sandra
    <Angelus> cause Sandra scares guys
    <Angelus> guys are like
    <Angelus> ;;
    <Angelus> we shall avange Sandra and Myuu!
    <Jasmine> yes!
    <Angelus> and we have our own forest!
    * Angelus grabs Jukain
    <Sceptile> o.o
    * Jasmine holds scep in air
    <Angelus> Jukain is our forest slave. We shake him, forest appeares!
    * Jasmine holds scep as a prisoner
    <Angelus> and Beau and Brin shall be our leet oero men guards
    <Angelus> reverse and regular
    <Jasmine> SEXY guards
    <Angelus> YES
    <Jasmine> in thongs
    <Angelus> in leather
    <Angelus> nuu, not thongs
    <Angelus> leather. More sexy
    <Angelus> or tights
    <Angelus> yes
    <Angelus> tights
    <Jasmine> leather thongs :O
    <Angelus> and Shadow will be our adviser
    <Angelus> for Shadow is smart
    <Angelus> but not as smart as us :3
    <Angelus> we shall rule the world
    <Angelus> and the only wars will be with water balloons
    <Angelus> and if they don't like it. We have pet wolves. They like to eat. >:3
    <Jasmine> barb will be our attracting object to attract stupid boys in our village
    <Jasmine> for us kill and eat
    <Jasmine> or save if theyre sexy ;D
    <Angelus> ew, no, not eat
    <Barb> so im bait?
    <Jasmine> and to breed
    <Angelus> they might have stuff O.o
    <Angelus> like
    <Angelus> noobness
    <Angelus> and idiotness
    <Jasmine> ew...
    <Angelus> yess
    <Angelus> we will feed them
    <Jasmine> wouldn't want to eat that
    <Angelus> our wolves won't be affected
    <Jasmine> and like store them for breeding or slaves
    <Jasmine> or entertainment ;D
    <Angelus> YES
    <Jasmine> YES!
    <Angelus> and if they fail to entertain us
    <Angelus> THEY SHALL BE FED
    <Angelus> TO
    <Angelus> my JAGUAR
    <Angelus> yes, I get special kitty
    * Angelus huggles special kitty
    <Jasmine> i'll have a bobcat
    <Jasmine> that only likes females
    <Angelus> and then if they try to escape
    <Angelus> we throw them into a pit
    <Jasmine> she can bite a guys thing off if i'm not amused
    <Angelus> with a snake
    <Barb> hey can DG be bait with me plz?
    <Jasmine> ... okay barb can have her personal slave
    <Jasmine> they will... serve us
    <Jasmine> we will have guys feed us grapes
    <Angelus> and candy
    <Angelus> and not call us fat
    <Angelus> if they call us fat
    <Jasmine> and make our milk bath
    <Angelus> DEATH
    <Angelus> oooh, milk bath
    <Angelus> THEY will milk the cows
    <Jasmine> and grow food
    <Jasmine> and take care of the babies
    <Angelus> and fawn over us
    <Angelus> nuu, not take care of the babies ... just
    <Angelus> take care of the babies messes :x
    <Jasmine> must have a requirement of telling us we're sexy/hot/pretty/bestest thing ever created on earth
    <Angelus> YES
    <Angelus> YES!
    <Jasmine> at least once a day
    <Angelus> No
    <Angelus> three times
    <Jasmine> 5
    <Barb> 100
    <Angelus> and to hug us when we're depressed
    <Jasmine> YES!
    <Angelus> and go I love you
    <Angelus> That's a must
    <Jasmine> and not make jokes anour our time of our month
    <Jasmine> only women are allowed that
    <Angelus> or about their body parts.
    <Angelus> Like trouser snake
    <Angelus> if they say that
    <Angelus> they lose it
    <Angelus> :x
    <Angelus> Then, after time, men will die out. For we will have created
    <Angelus> MR PERFECT
    <Jasmine> xD
    <Barb> this is fun
    <Angelus> and MR PERFECT > Man
    <Jasmine> yes!
    <Jasmine> no more men civilaztion
    <Angelus> just womankind and the MR PERFECTS
    <Jasmine> yes!
    <Angelus> and the MR PERFECTS will love and cherish us
    <Angelus> and like mushy stuff
    <Jasmine> yes!!
    <Angelus> and never grope
    <Jasmine> and watch soap operas with us
    <Jasmine> and have taste in clothes
    <Angelus> yes, and make soap opera's that are more than about sex
    <Angelus> And they won't faint when you go into labor
    <Jasmine> make soap operas showing how women are the best thing
    <Jasmine> and share the pain xD
    <Jasmine> like harness in the pain too
    <Jasmine> connected to a machine
    <Angelus> Oooh, for that time of the month too
    <Jasmine> where women can send half.. or more of her pain to the guy
    <Jasmine> YES
    <Angelus> Our world would rock
    <Jasmine> yes.. ;_;
    <Jasmine> we can make it happen
    <Angelus> ... yes
    <Jasmine> if we got all the women.
    <Angelus> we could
    <Jasmine> yeah
    <Angelus> >
    * Angelus grabs a whip and tazer

    <Jasmine> god. we're amazons XD
    Last edited by Jasmine; 24th February 2005 at 10:44 AM.

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    What? Does that matter?


    Another normal day in the chat right here. Same old, same old, yadda yadda yadda... the joking around and stuff...

    (2:46:14 pm) «@Serebii» Rob, whats your name?
    (2:46:18 pm) «darkgamerGS» Yeah
    (2:46:23 pm) «darkgamerGS» Rob, what IS your name?
    (2:46:25 pm) «@Coolcatfish-Rob» Henry
    (2:46:32 pm) «darkgamerGS» HI, HENRY!
    (2:46:41 pm) «darkgamerGS» What's Joe's name?
    (2:46:56 pm) «@Coolcatfish-Rob» Gay
    (2:47:01 pm) «@Coolcatfish-Rob» sorry Gary
    (2:47:03 pm) «@Serebii» only with you Rob ;)
    (2:47:04 pm) «@Coolcatfish-Rob» :O
    (2:47:17 pm) «@Serebii» <3
    (2:47:23 pm) «@Coolcatfish-Rob» </3
    (2:47:25 pm) «@Coolcatfish-Rob» I love anothe
    (2:47:26 pm) «@Serebii» :o
    (2:47:27 pm) «@Coolcatfish-Rob» r
    (2:47:36 pm) «+Krabmeat» Crap, I'm too tired to understand any of this...
    (2:47:37 pm) «@Serebii» dont you have enough love for two :(
    (2:47:38 pm) * Coolcatfish-Rob texts another
    (2:47:47 pm) «darkgamerGS» ?
    (2:48:11 pm) * Bii --- goes off to read some webcomics ---
    (2:48:12 pm) * Serebii cries
    Last edited by darkgamerGS; 17th March 2005 at 9:03 PM.

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    Well, I was looking through some old files I had saved, and I found this... O.o;;

    (12:57:49 pm) «@Brinstar» that Dias quote can fit into any conversation
    (12:57:56 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» most of his quotes can
    (12:58:01 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» except the ones about killing
    (12:58:08 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» and sex with dead people
    (12:58:19 pm) «@Brinstar» you're talking to a hot girl and you just blurt out: "BATTLE CRY OF THE INSIDIOUS MARSUPIALS. BESTOTOTOTOTOTOT BESTOTOTOTOTOTO!!!!"
    (12:58:23 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» and blood lusting
    (12:58:37 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» and she goes 'OMG! DIAS QUOTE! LOLERZ!"
    (12:58:46 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» and you go "WTF!?"
    (12:58:59 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» and she goes "LOL HE SAID THAT IN ZEBES!"
    (12:59:11 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» amd you go "AHHHHH!! I'M DATING CAY!!"
    (12:59:24 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» and she goes "AHHHH! who are you again?"
    (1:00:04 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» and you go "Brin"
    (1:00:12 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» and she goes "WOW! BRIN! GUESS WHAT!"
    (1:00:16 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» and you go "WHAT?"
    (1:00:25 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» and she goes "I'M NOT REALLY CAY!
    (1:00:39 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» and she unzips her cay costume and underneath it's Beau
    (1:00:59 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» and Beau is actually wearing the same clothes anyway
    (1:01:21 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» and Beau goes "HAHAHAHAHA"
    (1:01:33 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» and you go "HAHAHAHA, I'M NOT REALLY BRIN EITHER"
    (1:01:39 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» and you unzip your disguise
    (1:01:49 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» and underneath your cay
    (1:02:07 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» and then Beau says "HAHAHA, I'M NOT BEAU EITHER!
    (1:02:22 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» and he unzips himself to reveal Jasmine underneath
    (1:02:34 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» and then cay says "I'M NOT REALLY CAY"
    (1:02:41 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» and she unzips herself to reveal DIAS
    (1:02:52 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» and then Jas says "WTF!?"
    (1:02:58 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» and dias says "AWOOOO AWOOOO!"
    (1:03:09 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» and HJas unzips herself
    (1:03:17 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» and Dias is underneath
    (1:03:18 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» and Dias looks at Dias
    (1:03:43 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» and an intolerable Panda suddenly lands on both of them
    (1:03:53 pm) «%RaZoRLeAf» then brin wakes up and tips his pot into the sink swearing never to smoke it again
    Gizamimi~giza moe!

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    LOLZ at Minako's post.

    Here's mine. Shriek Spoof.

    * Jasmine attacks CM and pushes him against the wall with his hands behind his back
    <Jasmine> AHA there
    * Jasmine pulls a ziplock bag of catnip
    <Jasmine> right there
    * Jasmine shakes head
    * Jasmine squirts water
    <Jasmine> Get down!
    <Jasmine> I have water
    * CM gets down
    * CM gets funky


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    Another day of insanity. O.o

    * Sciz is now known as Dad
    «~CM» WB dadeh
    «¤Dad» thank ye sonny boy
    <Minako> Haiz Daddy :3
    «~CM» teach me how to ride a bike :s
    * Dratini927 is now known as Mom
    «¤Dad» hai dear
    <Minako> MOMMY
    «+Mom» Go clean your room Clay.
    «+Mom» >:O
    «~CM» and buy me a cool laptop! plzplzplzppzpzllzlz I'll be good
    «¤Dad» :O
    «+Mom» hi honey
    <Minako> O_o
    «+Mom» how was work
    * Minako glomps Mommy
    «¤Dad» exhausting
    <Minako> Mom mom mom mom mom
    <Minako> ;;
    «+Mom» Clay, save up those pennies.
    «~CM» no mommmy's home! ;-;! momy always beats me :s
    «+Mom» MINA
    «+Mom» hello dear
    * Mom gets the crobar
    «+Mom» err
    «+Mom» hello
    «¤Dad» how was your day? kids mess stuff for you?
    «~CM» oh dear
    <Minako> Show me how to beat up brother Clay? :<
    «+Mom» its hard raising the 33 kids we have
    «~CM» O_O
    «+Mom» and 1 robot dog
    «+Mom» WHy did u want to name the robot dog SerebiiBot
    «+Mom» Couldn't we name it scruffy
    «+Mom» :<
    <Minako> :<
    <Minako> Clay named it
    «~CM» SPPBot >>
    «+Mom» or at least FIDO?!
    «+Mom» ;_;
    «+Mom» But anyway...
    «¤Dad» Clay wanted it, that kid has weird taste for names
    «+Mom» I cant seem to remember all of our kids anymore
    «+Mom» It's like we have more every day
    «+Mom» some days i feel like im pregnant again
    «+Mom» though im older than u
    «+Mom» :<
    «¤SerebiiBot» WOOF
    «+Mom» :O
    «¤Dad» !
    «+Mom» SerebiiBot spoke
    «+Mom» good boy
    * Mom gives gear as treat
    «¤Dad» Clay, When you want a pet you have to feed it regularly
    * SerebiiBot eats
    «¤Dad» and take care of it, for the love of God!
    <Minako> SPPBot is so stupid x3
    «¤SerebiiBot» lies
    <Minako> truths
    * SerebiiBot clever
    <Minako> :<
    «¤Dad» course, all dogs are dumb
    <Minako> dumb*
    <Minako> :<
    «¤SerebiiBot» but im a robo dog o,o
    «+Mom» GODDARD
    «¤Dad» except that police woman, jenny, she's got a fire breathing doggie
    «¤Daz» yeah
    «¤Dad» how come you can't be like that for once SPPBot!?
    «+Mom» damn fire breathing dog
    «+Mom» trying to compete with me
    «+Mom» ill show her
    «+Mom» SerebiiBot can do a lot more.
    «¤SerebiiBot» because i don't breath fire?
    «+Mom» SerebiiBot can take a boot and kick people in the ***
    «+Mom» >
    «¤Dad» oh look there's Daz, say hello to grandpa kids
    «¤Daz» p.p
    «+Mom» and ban them from society
    «+Mom» i'd like to see the fire dog do that
    «¤Daz» GRANDPA?
    <Minako> «~ ¤( Hey GRANPA DAZ )¤ ~»
    «+Mom» Where's faja.
    * Minako glomps Grandpa
    «¤Daz» :|
    * Mom is now known as Grandpa
    «+Grandpa» wow, i evolved.
    «+Grandpa» I feel old.
    <Minako> o_o
    «¤Daz» hmm
    «~CM» ...My mom's my grandpa?
    «¤Daz» Mom died
    «¤Daz» :O
    «~CM» what a redneck family
    «+Grandpa» I morphed.
    «+Grandpa» XD
    <Minako> «~ ¤( Laughing Out Loud )¤ ~»
    «¤Dad» OMGZ
    «¤Dad» My wife had a SEX CHANGE!?!?
    «¤Daz» lol
    <Minako> YAY, we're rednecks?
    «+Grandpa» No dear
    «¤Dad» and somehow turned into my father-in-law O.o
    «~CM» reowr
    «+Grandpa» I'm just bipolar
    <Minako> That means I can marry my cousin
    <Minako> ;;
    <Minako> .
    <Minako> ;;
    «¤Dad» !
    * Grandpa is now known as Baby-Boi
    «+Baby-Boi» dada?
    <Minako> o0;
    «+Baby-Boi» gahdaadha
    «~CM» wtf someone explain this
    «¤Dad» MINA!, you are too young to think of these kind of things >O
    «+Baby-Boi» o;djglgilr gjwripoyigi;wryjrwiihihur;ephuerl;jlhjlrjhrjhjhl
    «+Baby-Boi» (reincarnation)
    «+Baby-Boi» BOTTLEA
    «+Baby-Boi» BREAST
    «+Baby-Boi» MILK
    * Minako is now known as Babeh-Girl
    «+Sceptile» o.o
    <Babeh-Girl> BOOBS
    <Babeh-Girl> BOOBS
    <Babeh-Girl> ;;
    * Baby-Boi is now known as Teenage_Girl
    «+Teenage_Girl» I HATE MY LIFE
    «¤Dad» wtf?! all my children are turning into babies?!?!?!
    * Teenage_Girl slits wrists

    «+Dratini927» WHAT YOU SAY OLD MAN?!
    «¤Dad» he say shut the feck up
    «¤Dad» :O!
    «+Dratini927» HUWHHHAT!?
    «¤Dad» ohnoes, swearing again infront of the kids
    «+Dratini927» I'm not a kid...
    «+Dratini927» I'm a whole 6 years old
    «+Dratini927» >:O!
    Gizamimi~giza moe!

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    A field of lilies.


    (10:18:41 pm) «%LilyPichu» !stb2
    (10:18:41 pm) ?$+ @Roy_Mustang?0 [Spin The Bottle Script] LilyPichu spinned the bottle! The bottle is spun and stopped pointing at Roy_Mustang . Show the lurve you two ;]~
    (10:18:47 pm) * LilyPichu gives Roy_Mustang the most breath taking, spine tingling, sensational, sweet, romantic back breaking, ecstatic winter fresh minty, ruby red lipstick chapped kiss ever that will eventually leave him in a daze for a month and a mark on his face :x
    (10:18:51 pm) «%LilyPichu» :D:D:D:DD
    (10:18:53 pm) «%LilyPichu» ok. ^^
    (10:18:59 pm) *** Roy_Mustang ( has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
    (10:19:04 pm) «%LilyPichu» LMAO.

    coincidence? :<

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    Kyogre Guest


    (7:46:07 pm) *** Solstice is now known as Kyogre
    (7:46:09 pm) «Mangio» Kyogre, sheer cold on Slostice!


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    By a computer


    teensy bit of swearing ~~~

    ( 149:44:28 pm ) «TaylorKH2» 0 f(uck) nut ho bag eh?
    ( 149:44:31 pm ) « 12@ NeoShade» 0 Its complicated
    ( 149:44:47 pm ) «TaylorKH2» 0 I know SS its just a thing I say
    ( 149:44:49 pm ) « 9+ RandomHeart» well i bet you RJ stands for Rong Jender
    ( 149:44:51 pm ) « 9+ RandomHeart» PWNT
    ( 149:44:53 pm ) «RJ» 0 sorry got caried away again
    ( 149:44:56 pm ) «TaylorKH2» 0 LOL
    ( 149:44:56 pm ) « 12@ NeoShade» 0 Ok cursing is getting on my nervs
    ( 149:45:05 pm ) «Sephiroth-Sama» 0 lmao
    ( 149:45:09 pm ) « 9+ RandomHeart» see
    ( 149:45:10 pm ) « 9+ RandomHeart» that's pwnting
    ( 149:45:14 pm ) «Sephiroth-Sama» 0 RL got owned
    ( 149:45:18 pm ) « 9+ RandomHeart» *RJ
    (149:46:01 pm) «12@NeoShade»0 next curse=kick >_<
    (149:46:11 pm) «9+RandomHeart» Rong [Go] F[uck] [M]y [M]om Jender
    (149:46:12 pm) «9+RandomHeart» there
    (149:46:16 pm) «9+RandomHeart» own
    (149:46:17 pm) «9+RandomHeart» *pwnt
    (149:46:18 pm) «Sephiroth-Sama»0 next person who swears will be beaten with a two by four
    (149:46:18 pm) «9+RandomHeart» sorry
    (149:46:22 pm) «RJ»0 yeah i did b(asterd)
    (149:46:24 pm) «9+RandomHeart» i needed to pwnt that
    (149:46:39 pm) «9+RandomHeart» :O
    (149:46:40 pm) «9+RandomHeart» incest
    (149:46:42 pm) «TaylorKH2»0 RJ whats wrong with you?
    (149:46:46 pm) «TaylorKH2»0 LOL
    0(149:46:48 pm0)13 *** RJ was kicked by NeoShade (4«14«4«14« woot i saw a curse2 2Kick Number 20 4»14»4»14»13)
    Last edited by ClowSui; 11th April 2005 at 5:01 AM.

    Thanks to Kamairie for the banner!

    Which character are you test by Naruto -

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    (4:14:30 pm) «@PiPikachu» Urghh
    (4:14:36 pm) «@PiPikachu» the Wishcash epi bad title
    (4:14:38 pm) «@PiPikachu» Whiscash and Ash
    (4:16:30 pm) «@PiPikachu» Whishcashes to Whishcashes
    (4:16:38 pm) «@PiPikachu» Dusclops to Dusclops


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    <CM> I can't kickban someone for being an idiot
    <CM> can I?
    <MS> yeah go ahead
    <MS> be a Joe
    <MS> abuse powah
    <MS> DO IT T_T
    <CM> zomg peer presure
    * CM has quit IRC (Quit: Connetion reset by peer)


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    [23:27] <RaZoRLeAf> wow
    [23:27] <RaZoRLeAf> now this is some bizare ****
    [23:27] <RaZoRLeAf> my fan is making my screen wobble
    [23:28] <KingShuckle> posessed fan?
    [23:28] <RaZoRLeAf> what a *****, i'm boiling
    [23:28] <RaZoRLeAf> duno
    [23:29] <Serebii> Dan - mine did that
    [23:30] <RaZoRLeAf> very weird
    [23:30] <RaZoRLeAf> now one side of my face is warm and the other is cool
    [23:30] <RaZoRLeAf> maybe i should hold my can against my cheek
    [23:30] <RaZoRLeAf> but then i'm onlu using one hand to type
    [23:30] <RaZoRLeAf> and more prone to typos
    [23:31] <RaZoRLeAf> tho it is only blowing warm air around
    [23:31] <RaZoRLeAf> so it's redundant anyway
    [23:32] <Serebii> i type with one hand most of the time
    [23:32] <BaRb> Hi
    [23:32] <RaZoRLeAf> i don't want to know what your doing with the other
    [23:32] <BaRb> heh
    [23:32] <Serebii> supporting my head?
    [23:33] <RaZoRLeAf> which head?
    [23:33] <BaRb> lmao

    Joe walked into that one

    This is an old one

    [16:18] <DiasFlac> you gonna post in omega today or am i going to have to
    [16:18] <DiasFlac> noob >:
    [16:18] <BlaBlaBla> Guten Tag meine Freunde
    [16:18] <BlaBlaBla> Wie geht's?
    [16:18] <DiasFlac> you know that face is just sort of a lost ause without the o
    [16:18] <RaZoRLeAf> fine
    [16:18] <RaZoRLeAf> i'll post
    [16:18] <RaZoRLeAf> ***
    [16:18] <RaZoRLeAf> ¬¬
    [16:19] <DiasFlac> =P
    [16:19] <DiasFlac> :D
    [16:19] <DiasFlac> :o
    [16:19] <DiasFlac> >D
    [16:19] <DiasFlac> >O
    [16:19] <RaZoRLeAf> ;(
    [16:19] <DiasFlac> =D
    [16:19] <DiasFlac> <3
    [16:19] <RaZoRLeAf> :)
    [16:19] <DiasFlac> =)
    [16:19] <RaZoRLeAf> <3 2
    [16:19] <DiasFlac> 8D
    [16:19] <RaZoRLeAf> :*
    [16:19] <DiasFlac> thats pretty abd when you can have an entire intelligent conversation with irc emoticons
    Last edited by RaZoR LeAf; 2nd May 2005 at 12:41 AM.

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    <pinkybabe[lovelylatias]> BAMMMM!!!!!!
    <pinkybabe[lovelylatias]> now what?
    <Kirby||Sleep> Say it again...but bigger
    <Kirby||Sleep> more letters
    <Blissey_Beam> quack quack?
    <pinkybabe[lovelylatias]> NO
    <Blissey_Beam> lol
    <Kirby||Sleep> ;-;
    <BaRb> Moo!
    <Blissey_Beam> nice try kirb
    <pinkybabe[lovelylatias]> MEOW
    <Kirby||Sleep> :<
    <Serebii> !down
    * SerebiiBot sets mode: -qo Serebii Serebii
    <Serebii> !up
    * SerebiiBot sets mode: +qo Serebii Serebii
    <Blissey_Beam> o.o
    <Serebii> se
    <Kirby||Sleep> O_o
    <Serebii> e
    <Serebii> nothing
    <SPPGuest> Oo
    <Blissey_Beam> o.O
    <Kirby||Sleep> I'm so not gonna even try
    <pinkybabe[lovelylatias]> <_<
    <Blissey_Beam> I will!!!
    <Blissey_Beam> Or not
    <Serebii> why not
    <Blissey_Beam> Should I?
    <Kirby||Sleep> yes
    <pinkybabe[lovelylatias]> ya
    <Blissey_Beam> XD, k, here goes
    * Serebii sets mode: +b *!*barb1677@*
    * BaRb was kicked by Serebii («««« Overusing caps. (100% Caps) Kick Number 36256533421546 »»»»)
    * Serebii sets mode: +b *!*SPPGuest@*
    * Blissey_Beam was kicked by Serebii («««« Overusing caps. (100% Caps) Kick Number 36256533421547 »»»»)
    <Kirby||Sleep> XD
    <Kirby||Sleep> lmfao
    <Kirby||Sleep> double kill XD
    <pinkybabe[lovelylatias]> xDDD
    * Serebii sets mode: +b *!*Yaoi@*
    * Mina||Oekaki was kicked by Serebii («««« Overusing caps. (100% Caps) Kick Number 36256533421548 »»»»)
    <Kirby||Sleep> XD
    <Kirby||Sleep> Triple ;_;

    LOL silly people

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    We found a post about a person talking about wanting to use smilies in their rolyplaying because it makes them... "alive" And then I pasted it in the chat and we made fun of it. :x

    <Jas_sick> As such, some of us are such a big fans of pokemon, that we want them to be alive. That's why we role play with them. We want them to be alive.
    <ZeroMantis> ;;
    <Hakudoshi> Thread*
    <Jas_sick> xD!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    <Jas_sick> i laughed at that
    <Hakudoshi> XD
    <ZeroMantis> ALIVE
    <Hakudoshi> OMG
    <ZeroMantis> POKEMON ARE REAL
    <Jas_sick> XD
    <CM> Wow
    <ZeroMantis> I JUST KNOW IT
    <Hakudoshi> It's ALIIIIIIIVE
    <Hakudoshi> O_O
    <Hakudoshi> RUUUUUN
    <Jas_sick> WE WANT THEM ALIVE
    <ZeroMantis> IT WAS LIKE
    <Jas_sick> OMG
    <ZeroMantis> A PIDGEON
    <ZeroMantis> BUT
    <Jas_sick> NO WAY
    <ZeroMantis> I KNOW IT WAS PIDGEOT
    <ZeroMantis> :O~
    <ZeroMantis> IT WAS LIKE
    <Jas_sick> NO WAYS
    <Hakudoshi> Pikachu: *uses thunder on CM*
    <Hakudoshi> :X
    <Jas_sick> IT TALKED TO ME!
    <Hakudoshi> oops
    <Hakudoshi> <.<
    <CM> OMFG
    <ZeroMantis> BUT IT DEID
    * CM sends out a MOEWTH OMFG THEY'RE Re- ok i'm done
    <Hakudoshi> XD
    <Jas_sick> wow
    <Hakudoshi> CM: XD!!!

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    ZeroMantis Guest


    Rofl. I remember that. Well, it just happened like 10 minutes ago but whatever XP

    Just hope who ever we made fun of doesn't read this ;x *coughcough*

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    aspleast said that he/she was an "it" so... yeah aspleast's an it.
    We had a "debate" about how "its" have sex. xD

    <Mina||IDLE> It's have a big blank area there in the crotch
    <Jasmine> ...
    <Jasmine> yeah that's what i was thinking mina
    <Jasmine> like... nothing there
    <Jasmine> hmm.. like barbie.
    <Jasmine> just... a curve, upside curve
    <tykario> It'd be more like A Ken mound than Barbie
    <Jasmine> yeah..
    <Mina||IDLE> and a sign that says "You're outa luck, go try some other crotch" like those please try again things
    <aspleast> I may look like a man which have breasts and <censored> :P
    <aspleast> but IT is like that.
    <Jasmine> if there's nothing there for an "It" how do they have sex?
    <Jasmine> they must life a sad life. :<
    <Mina||IDLE> >.> <.< they still have a butt
    <Jasmine> true.
    <Jasmine> but which gender do IT have sex with?
    <Jasmine> the females or the males?
    <aspleast> Both.
    <Mina||IDLE> Any and all
    <Jasmine> ... do they have eggs or the babies?
    <aspleast> Both.
    <Jasmine> wow.... o.o
    <Jasmine> I want to be an It.
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    This is from a couple nights ago when I posted my picture and Kirby said I was hot, and Jas said I was cute. x.x This is right after I said I had to go.

    [01:20] <Jasmine> bye bye cutesy!
    [01:20] <Kirby> Byebye BB
    [01:20] <Blissey_Beam> Errm, bye o.o;;
    [01:20] <Kirby> lmao a huge *** mountain
    [01:20] <Kirby> :<
    [01:20] <Kirby> XD!
    [01:20] <Jasmine> XD
    [01:20] <Kirby> You embarrassed him
    [01:20] <Jasmine>
    [01:20] * Kirby school girl giggle
    [01:20] <Jasmine> opps?
    [01:20] * Jasmine giggles too
    [01:21] <Jasmine> >w<
    [01:21] <Kirby> lmao
    [01:21] <Blissey_Beam> o.O;;
    [01:21] * Jasmine looks at BB
    [01:21] <Kirby>
    [01:21] * Jasmine GIGGLES
    [01:21] <Jasmine> >w<!!!
    [01:21] * Kirby looks at Jasmine
    [01:21] <Blissey_Beam> LOL
    [01:21] * Kirby giggles <3

    Last edited by Blissey_Beam; 28th May 2005 at 10:30 AM. Reason: Adding in a Missing Word
    I think I'll try defying gravity.

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    Some Random Quotes and Typos and etc.:

    «+Kirby» I wouldn't mind if one of my brothers hot friends got locked outside with no towel but...>___>;;

    «+Kirby» Yesterday my brother had a friend over...and my brothers friend was sitting in my brothers room...and my brother had just gotten out of the he walks in his room with just a towel...I hate to think what my brother and his friend did O_O

    «+bme» then just draw with your hands and bang your hang on the keyboard

    (8:58:36 pm) «Cal» Elmo!
    (8:58:37 pm) *** PiPikachu has quit IRC (Quit: )

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    Possibly the shortest deep conversation evar.

    <Guest0048> hello
    <Jasmine> hi..
    <Guest0048> r u 14 years old
    <Jasmine> no..
    <Guest0048> ?
    <Guest0048> how old
    <Jasmine> probably older than you
    <Guest0048> you have a sexy name
    <Guest0048> lol
    <Jasmine> thank you
    <Guest0048> bye


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    «ShadowAbsol» HP Rock from Boah can trump it in a turn
    «Sakurabisu» Boah NEVER has HP Rock
    «ShadowAbsol» RS works better

    Banners By Me. Level 3 Trainer: 33 KOs, 95.5 TP, 18 SP
    Inevitably edited by Mozz : Today is a good day to molest children.

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