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Thread: 2015 cities report 180 sleeves, the 50 paths of success through not winning.

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    Default 2015 cities report 180 sleeves, the 50 paths of success through not winning.

    By Nathan V

    The best way to start this off is to explain the factor of where you or me or I come from, where I come from is an area of players I live in the same city with, we all live fairly close by, so testing in RL is uber accessible....though I haven't really taken any interest in doing so. Over the past few months I've stopped playing pokemon at a time were I tested regularly and was revered as one of the best players in my area, respect is still there, just a lot less over this tournament series (but it's cities, you brush yourself off and try for the better win). To explain the skill level of the people in my area each one of my friends won 1 cities out of 4 in our area (next cities is a 10-12 hour drive away, way to far to make extra CP), so the dominate pull for powerhouse players exists and is a very prominent thing.

    So first cities, no testing, no previous testing 2 months of buddy fight into pokemon, cities I made 2-3-0 19 out of 29, first I will admit my list was terrible, but I was a terrible player, 5 rounds, my buddy won.

    second cities at home court, this really should have been easy for me, nope I'm stupid, so basically to explain, I spent a week testing this manectric EX list with zapdos, druggdion and mewtwo techs, did not bad I went 2-0 then 2-1, round 4 versus yveltal (I could have won this matchup because I was playing manectric, I chose to ID, never ID, tom is a stupid computer virus pokemon play use's for match pairings) and lost to a scrub in round 5, I felt very salty, but I got to meet this awesome player from south Carolina, a friend of the sablehaus brothers, my buddy thought he was a celebrity (awkward) but he was just an all round cool guy. I got 2-1-2 10 out of 30 something, 5 rounds, top 8 was yveltal, lesson: don't early ID if you can win, not worth it, even if its a friend, not worth it.

    third cities, I made a better list that I actually tested, then I made a list that I thought was better and never tested, on paper it looked awesome but in play it was for lack of better words, clunky and slow the matchups where really touch and go. I wanted to play in between round risk, but.... that never happened because I was at the top tables all day long and rounds lasted forever. So to sum it up I went 3-2-1 (10) round 6 I was 1 turn off from winning but talking to my opponent was far more worth it and I don't feel sour about not making cut so whatever (I think it was because we had a pretty interesting conversation), I should test more often however, I got 11 out of 38, so I'm consistent at getting close to top 8. Also as a side note I got accepted as staff for an anime convention, my interview was during that tournament, so I auto won at round 2 during lunch (the guy who gave me a drive to cities won cities).

    Though I never made top 8 I learned a lot to help me get back into the game and become a substantially better player overall, even if the top players in my player base won all 3 of those tournaments and dominated every one of them, next is regionals, no more time for this.

    P.S. and although I never actually won the tournaments I got some alternative wins such as new friends and new things in my life, sometimes its the smallest things of good that make the biggest wins in life.
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