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Thread: Pokemon TCG Trades (Wants)

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    Quote Originally Posted by owenspokemon View Post
    is this new cards only? i have some base/fossil/neo owners i think
    No, they can be any aged cards from any set.

    Looking for N Full Art and any cards on Vanilluxe- have loads of EX's/Primes/Extreme rares to choose from. Preferably UK only please :). PM me for a list out of my best folder~
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    biatch im fabulous

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    Only cards im looking for

    Noble victories
    Druddigon (ability)

    Dark explorers
    2 Raikou ex FA or reg doesn't matter

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    Hi. I'm looking for:

    ****2012 Dewott McDonald's promo card****

    I have several extra figures from that set and a few extra cards from that set.
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    im looking for the following 2012 mcdonald promos

    also im looking for zoroark's and zorua's

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    EX Emerald
    Blaziken (Holo, 1/106)

    Basic Unlimited
    Chansey (Holo, 3/102)

    Neo Genesis

    Pokemon POP 1
    Tyranitar ex

    Diamond and Pearl
    Roserade (Holo, 13/130)

    Skitty (79/100)

    EX Legend Maker

    EX Crystal Guardians
    Delcatty EX (91/100)

    I realize plenty of what I posted may either be impossible or laughably dumb on my part to hope for, but hey, I'll never know unless I post it. I'll pup up my have list in the other topic in a few minutes, so be on the lookout for it.

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    BW Dark Explorers:

    Darkrai EX (as many as possible)
    Kyogre EX (2-4)

    EDIT: I am also looking for as many Mewtwo EX cards as possible.

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    willing to trade...

    metagross ex- power keepers- decent condition and delta swellow (fire) - dragon frontiers - mint condition


    cynthia's rayquaza lvl x mint condtion - holo

    PM me if intrested

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    @darkcharizard@: how many EX's are you willing to trade for mewtwo and darkrai?
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    besides the 3 mcdonalds promos im also loking for full art cards, new shiny cards, and new EX cards

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    First priority: I am looking for the new Entei EX from the Dark Explorers expansion; I would like both full-art and regular versions. I am also looking for an Infernape lv.X, Lucario lv.X, Monferno, and a Ho-Oh from the Call of Legends expansion.

    Less urgent (If I don't specify a set, I am looking for any version):

    Lucario (Next Destinies, Legends Awakened, HS2 Unleashed, Rising Rivals, Supreme Victors, Platinum)
    Riolu (Next Destinies, Platinum, HS2 Unleashed)
    Ancient Mew
    Groudon EX (Dark Explorers)
    Raikou EX (Dark Explorers)
    Tepig x2
    Oshawott x2
    Dewott x2
    Kyrum EX
    Steel/Metal energy x20-30
    Mewtwo EX (Next Destinies)
    Tyranitar EX (EX Dragon Frontiers)
    Arceus (all types)
    Pidgeot (EX FireRed & LeafGreen)
    Pikachu (first movie promo)
    Mewtwo (first movie promo)
    Arcanine (black star promo #6, Rising Rivals)
    Ninetales (Base set, Call of Legends, HeartGold & SoulSilver)
    Ninetales EX
    Arcanine EX

    This post will be updated whenever I have a chance. You can find my "Have" list in the Pokemon TCG Trades (Haves) thread. These are just my top priorities, there are many more cards that I am interested in, so feel free to make any offer. When in doubt, I like fire types, and there are a lot of common/uncommon cards that I want too, not just rares.

    I would prefer if you email me at, but a private message will be fine too.
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    ^ I have a Japanese Typhlosion, Ninetales, and two Umbreon.
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    Alright this is a big want list but I have come to the point I need specific cards in a list:

    American cards: Pidgeot, Nidoking, Clefairy, Clefable, Wigglytuff, Venomoth, Psyduck, Arcanine, Poliwrath, Machamp, Geodude, Slowbro, Dewgong, Hitmonchan, Chansey, Mr. Mime, Scyther, Pinsir, Vaporeon, Porygon, Kabutops, Aerodactyl, Dragonair, Dragonite, Mewtwo, Mew

    Japanese cards: Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venosaur, Charmeleon, Charizard, Squirtle, Warturtle, Blastoise, Metapod, Butterfree, Weedle, Raticate, Fearow, Ekans, Sandslash, Nidorina, Nidoran (male), Nidorino, Nidoking, Vulpix, Ninetails, Vileplume, Dugtrio, Psyduck, Golduck, Primeape, Growlithe, Arcanine, Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam, Bellsprout, Weepingbell, Tentacool, Tentacruel, Gravelor, Golem, Seel, Dewgong, Grimer, Haunter, Onyx, Drowzee, Hypno, Krabby, Kingler, Electrode, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Lickitung, Rhyhorn, Chansey, Kangaskhan, Horsea, Starmie, Electabuzz, Magmar, Tauros, Magikarp, Gyrados, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Porygon, Omastar, Kabuto, Kabutops, Aerodactyl, Snorlax, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Dratini, Dragonair, Dragonite, Mewtwo, Mew

    Japanese trainer cards: Pewter City Gym, Fuschia City Gym, Saffron City Gym, Viridian City Gym,

    Brock's Sandshrew 71, Brock's Sandslash 23, Brock's Zubat 24, Brock's Dugtrio, Brock's Mankey 67, Brock's Graveler, Brock's Onix 21, Brock's Rhyhorn 22, Brock's Rhyhorn 70, Brock's Omastar, Brock's Kabutops, Brock's Crobat, Brock's Mudkip, Brock's Protection,

    Misty's Golduck, Misty's Poliwrath, Misty's Seel, Misty's Dewgong, Misty's Shellder, Misty's Cloyster, Misty's Horsea, Misty's Goldeen 30, Misty's Seaking, Misty's Gyrados, Misty's Lapras, Misty's Lapras, Misty's Quagsire, Misty's Politoed, Misty's Corsola,

    Surge's Ratata 82, Syrge's Raticate 51, Surge's Fearow, Surge's Pikachu 81, Surge's Raichu 28, Surge's Raichu 53, Surge's Voltorb 84, Surge's Voltorb 86, Surge's Electrode, Surge's Electabuzz 06, Surge's Electabuzz 27, Surge's Eevee, Surge's Lanturn,

    Erika's Ivysaur, Erika's Venusaur, Erika's Clefairy 25, Erika's Bellsprout 38, Erika's Exeggcute 43, Erika's Dratini, Erika's Dragonair, Erika's Dragonite, Erika's Bellossom, Erika's Jumpluff,

    Koga's Pidgeotto, Koga's Arbok, Koga's Golbat, Koga's Grimer, Koga's Koffing 48, Koga's Tangela, Koga's Ditto, Koga's Crobat, Koga's Forretress, Koga's Ninja Trick,

    Sabrina's Venonat, Sabrina's Venomoth, Sabrina's Golduck, Sabrina's Gastly 97, Sabrina's Slowpoke, Sabrina's Slowbro, Sabrina's Xatu, Sabrina's Espeon, Sabrina's Psychic Control, Sabrina's ESP, Sabrina's Gaze,

    Blaine's Charmander 60, Blaine's Charmeleon, Blaine's Ninetails, Blaine's Mankey, Blaine's Dodrio, Blaine's Rhyhorn, Blaine's Kangaskahn, Blaine's Magmar, Blaine's Tauros, Blaine's Moltres, Blaine's Quiz #1, Blaine's Quiz #3, Blaine's Typhlosion, Blaine's Magcargo,

    Giovanni's Nidorino, Giovanni's Nidoking, Giovanni's Meowth 43, Giovanni's Persian, Giovanni's Machamp, Giovanni's Pinsir, Giovanni's Magikarp,

    Rocket's Moltres, Rocket's Wobbuffet, Rocket's Raikou, Rocket's Entei, Rocket's Suicune, Rocket's Tyranitar, Rocket's Minefield Gym, Rocket's Secret Experiment, Rocket's TM01,

    Japanese Team Rocket cards: Charizard, Warturtle, Ratata, Raticate, Ekans, Arbok, Zybat, Gloom, Vileploom, Diglett, Meowth, Mankey, Kadabra, Machop, Machoke, Rapidash, Slowpoke, Magneton, Muk, Hypno, Magikarp, Gyrados, Eevee, Dratini, Dragonair, Dragonite, Raichu, Rainbow Energy, Full Energy, Potion Energy, Imposter Oak's Revenge, Digger, The Boss's Way, Here Comes Team Rocket.
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    My wants list. please refer to my haves list for my rules on trading and the cards I have.

    Cards I want in my collection binder (I only collect first gen).
    Vaporeon (T Promo 2)
    Vaporeon ex
    Vaporeon ☆
    Light Jolteon
    Lt. Surge's Jolteon (Gym Challenge 28)
    Jolteon (EX Unseen Forces 8)
    Dark Flareon (Team Rocket 35)
    Karen's Flareon (VS 89)
    Flareon δ (EX Delta Species 5)
    Flareon (EX Unseen Forces 5)
    Flareon (EX Sandstorm 5)
    Alakazam 4 LV.X (Rising Rivals 103)
    Vulpix (McDonald Pack 5)
    Vulpix (Aquapolis 116)
    Brock's Vulpix (Gym Heroes 73)
    Ninetales δ (EX Dragon Frontiers 8)
    plauge tropicale (french tropical beach)
    2 lugia EX
    3 shadow triad

    plus anything related to first gen pokemon, or pokemon evolutions regarding first gen
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    Looking for STAFF promos.

    Prerelease, Championship Series, Special Events, anything stamped STAFF!

    Also, always looking for Beckett and PSA graded cards.
    ~~ Thank you epicjirachifan! ~~

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    Looking for STAFF promos.
    You'd have better luck being a TO or going for you're judge license or whatever it's called or trade with long standing PTO's, you'd have better luck getting a card like that from them then from here.
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    The Pokemon tcg info thread//for NEW PLAYER'S!!!
    I claimed magnemite, mawaru penguindrum, and more(eventually).

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    Black Kyurem EX [the good one, 200 attack]
    Keldeo EX
    Skyla x3
    Prof Juniper x3
    Pokemon Catcher x4
    Blastoise [Deluge]
    Rare Candy x4
    Ultra Ball x3
    Kyogre EX [Dual Splash]
    Energy Retrieval x2
    Super Rod
    or just some neat stuff.

    any fair deal is something I'll be interested in. Check Haves thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordCBH View Post
    EX Emerald
    Blaziken (Holo, 1/106)

    Basic Unlimited
    Chansey (Holo, 3/102)

    Neo Genesis

    Pokemon POP 1
    Tyranitar ex

    Diamond and Pearl
    Roserade (Holo, 13/130)

    Skitty (79/100)

    EX Legend Maker

    EX Crystal Guardians
    Delcatty EX (91/100)

    I realize plenty of what I posted may either be impossible or laughably dumb on my part to hope for, but hey, I'll never know unless I post it. I'll pup up my have list in the other topic in a few minutes, so be on the lookout for it.
    What would you offer for a RH DP Roserade?
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    Meloetta ex full art
    shaymin ex
    articuno holo
    mewtwo ex
    regigias ex
    reshiram ex full art
    kyuruem ex full art
    zekrom ex full art
    regigigas ex full art
    shiny emboar
    shiny chandelure
    shiny hydregion
    shiny Zoroark

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    PTCGO codes pm me =) we can work something out

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    I am new to the TCG Online and the threads. If anybody wants to donate cards to a new player, that would be awesome
    My name on TCG Online is tayseanpwns and I will take any card that is not needed. Thank you

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    Legendary Collection
    1 Psychic Alakazam Rare Holo
    2 Water Articuno Rare Holo
    3 Fire Charizard Rare Holo
    4 Water Dark Blastoise Rare Holo
    5 Colorless Dark Dragonite Rare Holo
    6 Colorless Dark Persian Rare Holo
    7 Lightning Dark Raichu Rare Holo
    8 Psychic Dark Slowbro Rare Holo
    9 Water Dark Vaporeon Rare Holo
    10 Fire Flareon Rare Holo
    11 Psychic Gengar Rare Holo
    12 Water Gyarados Rare Holo
    13 Fighting Hitmonlee Rare Holo
    14 Lightning Jolteon Rare Holo
    15 Fighting Machamp Rare Holo
    16 Grass Muk Rare Holo
    17 Fire Ninetales Rare Holo
    18 Grass Venusaur Rare Holo
    19 Lightning Zapdos Rare Holo
    20 Grass Beedrill Rare
    21 Grass Butterfree Rare
    22 Lightning Electrode Rare
    23 Grass Exeggutor Rare
    24 Fighting Golem Rare
    25 Psychic Hypno Rare
    26 Psychic Jynx Rare
    27 Fighting Kabutops Rare
    28 Lightning Magneton Rare
    29 Psychic Mewtwo Rare
    30 Fire Moltres Rare
    31 Grass Nidoking Rare
    32 Grass Nidoqueen Rare
    33 Colorless Pidgeot Rare
    34 Colorless Pidgeotto Rare
    35 Fighting Rhydon Rare
    36 Fire Arcanine Uncommon
    37 Fire Charmeleon Uncommon
    38 Colorless Dark Dragonair Uncommon
    39 Water Dark Wartortle Uncommon
    40 Water Dewgong Uncommon
    41 Colorless Dodrio Uncommon
    42 Colorless Fearow Uncommon
    43 Water Golduck Uncommon
    44 Fighting Graveler Uncommon
    45 Fire Growlithe Uncommon
    46 Psychic Haunter Uncommon
    47 Grass Ivysaur Uncommon
    48 Psychic Kadabra Uncommon
    49 Fighting Kabuto Uncommon
    50 Grass Kakuna Uncommon
    51 Fighting Machoke Uncommon
    52 Water Magikarp Uncommon
    53 Colorless Meowth Uncommon
    54 Grass Metapod Uncommon
    55 Grass Nidorina Uncommon
    56 Grass Nidorino Uncommon
    57 Water Omanyte Uncommon
    58 Water Omastar Uncommon
    59 Fighting Primeape Uncommon
    60 Fire Rapidash Uncommon
    61 Colorless Raticate Uncommon
    62 Fighting Sandslash Uncommon
    63 Water Seadra Uncommon
    64 Colorless Snorlax Uncommon
    65 Colorless Tauros Uncommon
    66 Water Tentacruel Uncommon
    67 Psychic Abra Common
    68 Grass Bulbasaur Common
    69 Grass Caterpie Common
    70 Fire Charmander Common
    71 Colorless Doduo Common
    72 Colorless Dratini Common
    73 Psychic Drowzee Common
    74 Colorless Eevee Common
    75 Grass Exeggcute Common
    76 Psychic Gastly Common
    77 Fighting Geodude Common
    78 Grass Grimer Common
    79 Fighting Machop Common
    80 Lightning Magnemite Common
    81 Fighting Mankey Common
    82 Grass Common
    83 Grass Nidoran Common
    84 Fighting Onix Common
    85 Colorless Pidgey Common
    86 Lightning Pikachu Common
    87 Fire Ponyta Common
    88 Water Psyduck Common
    89 Colorless Rattata Common
    90 Fighting Rhyhorn Common
    91 Fighting Sandshrew Common
    92 Water Seel Common
    93 Psychic Slowpoke Common
    94 Colorless Spearow Common
    95 Water Squirtle Common
    96 Water Tentacool Common
    97 Lightning Voltorb Common
    98 Fire Vulpix Common
    99 Grass Weedle Common
    100 Special Energy Full Heal Energy Uncommon
    101 Special Energy Potion Energy Uncommon
    102 Trainer Breeder Rare
    103 Trainer Trader Rare
    104 Trainer Scoop Up Rare
    105 Trainer The Boss's Way Uncommon
    106 Trainer Challenge! Uncommon
    107 Trainer Energy Retrieval Uncommon
    108 Trainer Bill Common
    109 Trainer Mysterious Fossil Common
    110 Trainer Potion

    Expedition set
    1 Psychic Alakazam Rare Holo
    2 Lightning Ampharos Rare Holo
    3 Grass Arbok Rare Holo
    4 Water Blastoise Rare Holo
    5 Grass Butterfree Rare Holo
    6 Fire Charizard Rare Holo
    7 Colorless Clefable Rare Holo
    8 Water Cloyster Rare Holo
    9 Colorless Dragonite Rare Holo
    10 Fighting Dugtrio Rare Holo
    11 Colorless Fearow Rare Holo
    12 Water Feraligatr Rare Holo
    13 Psychic Gengar Rare Holo
    14 Fighting Golem Rare Holo
    15 Water Kingler Rare Holo
    16 Fighting Machamp Rare Holo
    17 Fire Magby Rare Holo
    18 Grass Meganium Rare Holo
    19 Psychic Mew Rare Holo
    20 Psychic Mewtwo Rare Holo
    21 Fire Ninetales Rare Holo
    22 Lightning Pichu Rare Holo
    23 Colorless Pidgeot Rare Holo
    24 Water Poliwrath Rare Holo
    25 Lightning Raichu Rare Holo
    26 Fire Rapidash Rare Holo
    27 Metal Skarmory Rare Holo
    28 Fire Typhlosion Rare Holo
    29 Darkness Tyranitar Rare Holo
    30 Grass Venusaur Rare Holo
    31 Grass Vileplume Rare Holo
    32 Grass Weezing Rare Holo
    33 Psychic Alakazam Rare
    34 Lightning Ampharos Rare
    35 Grass Arbok Rare
    36 Water Blastoise Rare
    37 Water Blastoise Rare
    38 Grass Butterfree Rare
    39 Fire Charizard Rare
    40 Fire Charizard Rare
    41 Colorless Clefable Rare
    42 Water Cloyster Rare
    43 Colorless Dragonite Rare
    44 Fighting Dugtrio Rare
    45 Colorless Fearow Rare
    46 Water Feraligatr Rare
    47 Water Feraligatr Rare
    48 Psychic Gengar Rare
    49 Fighting Golem Rare
    50 Water Kingler Rare
    51 Fighting Machamp Rare
    52 Fire Magby Rare
    53 Grass Meganium Rare
    54 Grass Meganium Rare
    55 Psychic Mew Rare
    56 Psychic Mewtwo Rare
    57 Fire Ninetales Rare
    58 Lightning Pichu Rare
    59 Colorless Pidgeot Rare
    60 Water Poliwrath Rare
    61 Lightning Raichu Rare
    62 Fire Rapidash Rare
    63 Metal Skarmory Rare
    64 Fire Typhlosion Rare
    65 Fire Typhlosion Rare
    66 Darkness Tyranitar Rare
    67 Grass Venusaur Rare
    68 Grass Venusaur Rare
    69 Grass Vileplume Rare
    70 Grass Weezing Rare
    71 Grass Bayleef Uncommon
    72 Colorless Chansey Uncommon
    73 Fire Charmeleon Uncommon
    74 Water Croconaw Uncommon
    75 Colorless Dragonair Uncommon
    76 Lightning Electabuzz Uncommon
    77 Lightning Flaaffy Uncommon
    78 Grass Gloom Uncommon
    79 Fighting Graveler Uncommon
    80 Psychic Haunter Uncommon
    81 Fighting Hitmonlee Uncommon
    82 Grass Ivysaur Uncommon
    83 Water Jynx Uncommon
    84 Psychic Kadabra Uncommon
    85 Fighting Machoke Uncommon
    86 Fire Magmar Uncommon
    87 Grass Metapod Uncommon
    88 Colorless Pidgeotto Uncommon
    89 Water Poliwhirl Uncommon
    90 Fighting Pupitar Uncommon
    91 Fire Quilava Uncommon
    92 Water Wartortle Uncommon
    93 Psychic Abra Common
    94 Grass Bulbasaur Common
    95 Grass Bulbasaur Common
    96 Grass Caterpie Common
    97 Fire Charmander Common
    98 Fire Charmander Common
    99 Grass Chikorita Common
    100 Grass Chikorita Common
    101 Colorless Clefairy Common
    102 Water Corsola Common
    103 Fighting Cubone Common
    104 Fire Cyndaquil Common
    105 Fire Cyndaquil Common
    106 Fighting Diglett Common
    107 Colorless Dratini Common
    108 Grass Ekans Common
    109 Psychic Gastly Common
    110 Fighting Geodude Common
    111 Water Goldeen Common
    112 Grass Hoppip Common
    113 Darkness Houndour Common
    114 Grass Koffing Common
    115 Water Krabby Common
    116 Fighting Larvitar Common
    117 Fighting Machop Common
    118 Water Magikarp Common
    119 Lightning Mareep Common
    120 Water Marill Common
    121 Colorless Meowth Common
    122 Grass Oddish Common
    123 Colorless Pidgey Common
    124 Lightning Pikachu Common
    125 Water Poliwag Common
    126 Fire Ponyta Common
    127 Water Qwilfish Common
    128 Colorless Rattata Common
    129 Water Shellder Common
    130 Colorless Spearow Common
    131 Water Squirtle Common
    132 Water Squirtle Common
    133 Colorless Tauros Common
    134 Water Totodile Common
    135 Water Totodile Common
    136 Fire Vulpix Common
    137 Supporter Bill's Maintenance Uncommon
    138 Supporter Copycat Uncommon
    139 Trainer Dual Ball Uncommon
    140 Trainer Energy Removal 2 Uncommon
    141 Trainer Energy Restore Uncommon
    142 Supporter Mary's Impulse Uncommon
    143 Trainer Master Ball Uncommon
    144 Trainer Multi Technical Machine 01 Uncommon
    145 Supporter Nurse Uncommon
    146 Trainer Reversal Uncommon
    147 Trainer Power Charge Uncommon
    148 Supporter Professor Elm's Training Method Uncommon
    149 Supporter Professor Oak's Research Uncommon
    150 Trainer Strength Charm Uncommon
    151 Trainer Super Scoop Up Uncommon
    152 Trainer Warp Point Uncommon
    153 Trainer Energy Search Common
    154 Trainer Full Heal Common
    155 Trainer Moo-Moo Milk Common
    156 Trainer Potion Common
    157 Trainer Switch Common
    158 Special Energy Darkness Energy Rare
    159 Special Energy Metal Energy Rare
    160 Basic Energy Fighting Energy Common
    161 Basic Energy Fire Energy Common
    162 Basic Energy Grass Energy Common
    163 Basic Energy Lightning Energy Common
    164 Basic Energy Psychic Energy Common
    165 Basic Energy Water Energy Common

    H1 Lightning Ampharos Rare Holo
    H2 Fire Arcanine Rare Holo
    H3 Grass Ariados Rare Holo
    H4 Water Azumarill Rare Holo
    H5 Grass Bellossom Rare Holo
    H6 Colorless Blissey Rare Holo
    H7 Lightning Electrode Rare Holo
    H8 Fire Entei Rare Holo
    H9 Psychic Espeon Rare Holo
    H10 Grass Exeggutor Rare Holo
    H11 Darkness Houndoom Rare Holo
    H12 Psychic Hypno Rare Holo
    H13 Grass Jumpluff Rare Holo
    H14 Water Kingdra Rare Holo
    H15 Lightning Lanturn Rare Holo
    H16 Metal Magneton Rare Holo
    H17 Grass Muk Rare Holo
    H18 Fighting Nidoking Rare Holo
    H19 Fire Ninetails Rare Holo
    H20 Water Octillery Rare Holo
    H21 Metal Scizor Rare Holo
    H22 Psychic Slowking Rare Holo
    H23 Metal Steelix Rare Holo
    H24 Fighting Sudowoodo Rare Holo
    H25 Water Suicune Rare Holo
    H26 Water Tentacruel Rare Holo
    H27 Colorless Togetic Rare Holo
    H28 Darkness Tyranitar Rare Holo
    H29 Darkness Umbreon Rare Holo
    H30 Grass Victreebel Rare Holo
    H31 Grass Vileplume Rare Holo
    H32 Lightning Zapdos Rare Holo
    1 Lightning Ampharos Rare
    2 Fire Arcanine Rare
    3 Grass Ariados Rare
    4 Water Azumarill Rare
    5 Grass Bellossom Rare
    6 Colorless Blissey Rare
    7 Fighting Donphan Rare
    8 Lightning Electrode Rare
    9 Lightning Elekid Rare
    10 Fire Entei Rare
    11 Psychic Espeon Rare
    12 Grass Exeggutor Rare
    13 Psychic Exeggutor Rare
    14 Fire Houndoom Rare
    15 Darkness Houndoom Rare
    16 Psychic Hypno Rare
    17 Grass Jumpluff Rare
    18 Psychic Jynx Rare
    19 Water Kingdra Rare
    20 Water Lanturn Rare
    21 Lightning Lanturn Rare
    22 Metal Magneton Rare
    23 Grass Muk Rare
    24 Fighting Nidoking Rare
    25 Fire Ninetales Rare
    26 Water Octillery Rare
    27 Grass Parasect Rare
    28 Colorless Porygon2 Rare
    29 Fighting Primeape Rare
    30 Water Quagsire Rare
    31 Fire Rapidash Rare
    32 Metal Scizor Rare
    33 Water Slowbro Rare
    34 Psychic Slowking Rare
    35 Metal Steelix Rare
    36 Fighting Sudowoodo Rare
    37 Water Suicune Rare
    38 Water Tentacruel Rare
    39 Colorless Togetic Rare
    40 Darkness Tyranitar Rare
    41 Darkness Umbreon Rare
    42 Grass Victreebel Rare
    43 Grass Vileplume Rare
    44 Lightning Zapdos Rare
    45 Grass Bellsprout Uncommon
    46 Colorless Dodrio Uncommon
    47 Lightning Flaaffy Uncommon
    48 Colorless Furret Uncommon
    49 Grass Gloom Uncommon
    50A Water Golduck Uncommon
    50B Water Golduck Uncommon
    51 Fire Growlithe Uncommon
    52 Metal Magnemite Uncommon
    53 Water Marill Uncommon
    54 Fighting Marowak Uncommon
    55 Grass Nidorino Uncommon
    56 Fighting Pupitar Uncommon
    57 Grass Scyther Uncommon
    58 Water Seadra Uncommon
    59 Water Seaking Uncommon
    60 Grass Skiploom Uncommon
    61 Psychic Smoochum Uncommon
    62 Grass Spinarak Uncommon
    63 Fighting Tyrogue Uncommon
    64 Lightning Voltorb Uncommon
    65 Grass Weepinbell Uncommon
    66 Water Wooper Uncommon
    67 Colorless Aipom Common
    68 Grass Bellsprout Common
    69 Colorless Chansey Common
    70 Water Chinchou Common
    71 Lightning Chinchou Common
    72 Fighting Cubone Common
    73 Colorless Doduo Common
    74A Psychic Drowzee Common
    74B Psychic Drowzee Common
    75 Colorless Eevee Common
    76 Grass Exeggcute Common
    77 Psychic Exeggcute Common
    78 Water Goldeen Common
    79 Grass Grimer Common
    80 Fire Growlithe Common
    81 Fighting Hitmonchan Common
    82 Fighting Hitmontop Common
    83 Grass Hoppip Common
    84 Water Horsea Common
    85 Water Horsea Common
    86 Fire Houndour Common
    87 Darkness Houndour Common
    88 Colorless Kangaskhan Common
    89 Fighting Larvitar Common
    90 Colorless Lickitung Common
    91 Lightning Magnemite Common
    92 Fighting Mankey Common
    93 Lightning Mareep Common
    94 Colorless Miltank Common
    95A Psychic Mr.Mime Common
    95B Psychic Mr.Mime Common
    96 Grass Nidoran Common
    97 Grass Oddish Common
    98 Fighting Onix Common
    99 Grass Paras Common
    100 Fighting Phanpy Common
    101 Grass Pinsir Common
    102 Fire Ponyta Common
    103A Colorless Porygon Common
    103B Colorless Porygon Common
    104 Water Psyduck Common
    105 Water Remoraid Common
    106 Grass Scyther Common
    107 Colorless Sentret Common
    108 Water Slowpoke Common
    109 Colorless Smeargle Common
    110 Darkness Sneasel Common
    111 Grass Spinarak Common
    112 Grass Tangela Common
    113 Water Tentacool Common
    114 Colorless Togepi Common
    115 Lightning Voltorb Common
    116 Fire Vulpix Common
    117 Water Wooper Common
    118 Stadium Apricorn Forest Rare
    119 Trainer Darkness Cube 01 Uncommon
    120 Trainer Energy Switch Uncommon
    121 Trainer Fighting Cube 01 Uncommon
    122 Trainer Fire Cube 01 Uncommon
    123 Supporter Forest Guardian Uncommon
    124 Trainer Grass Cube 01 Uncommon
    125 Trainer Healing Berry Uncommon
    126 Supporter Juggler Uncommon
    127 Trainer Lightning Cube 01 Uncommon
    128 Trainer Memory Berry Uncommon
    129 Trainer Metal Cube 01 Uncommon
    130 Supporter Fan Club Uncommon
    131 Stadium Park Uncommon
    132 Trainer Psychic Cube 01 Uncommon
    133 Supporter Seer Uncommon
    134 Trainer Super Energy Removal 2 Uncommon
    135 Trainer Time Shard Uncommon
    136 Supporter Town Volunteers Uncommon
    137 Supporter Traveling Salesman Uncommon
    138 Stadium Undersea Ruins Uncommon
    139 Stadium Power Plant Uncommon
    140 Trainer Water Cube 01 Uncommon
    141 Trainer Weakness Guard Uncommon
    142 Special Energy Darkness Energy Rare
    143 Special Energy Metal Energy Rare
    144 Special Energy Rainbow Energy Rare
    145 Special Energy Boost Energy Uncommon
    146 Special Energy Crystal Energy Uncommon
    147 Special Energy Warp Energy Uncommon
    148 Colorless Kingdra Rare Holo
    149 Colorless Lugia Rare Holo
    150 Colorless Nidoking Rare Holo

    H1 Psychic Alakazam Rare Holo
    H2 Fire Arcanine Rare Holo
    H3 Water Articuno Rare Holo
    H4 Grass Beedrill Rare Holo
    H5 Grass Crobat Rare Holo
    H6 Water Dewgong Rare Holo
    H7 Fire Flareon Rare Holo
    H8 Metal Forretress Rare Holo
    H9 Psychic Gengar Rare Holo
    H10 Water Gyarados Rare Holo
    H11 Darkness Houndoom Rare Holo
    H12 Lightning Jolteon Rare Holo
    H13 Fighting Kabutops Rare Holo
    H14 Grass Ledian Rare Holo
    H15 Fighting Machamp Rare Holo
    H16 Fire Magcargo Rare Holo
    H17 Fighting Magcargo Rare Holo
    H18 Lightning Magneton Rare Holo
    H19 Metal Magneton Rare Holo
    H20 Fire Moltres Rare Holo
    H21 Grass Nidoqueen Rare Holo
    H22 Water Piloswine Rare Holo
    H23 Water Politoed Rare Holo
    H24 Fighting Poliwrath Rare Holo
    H25 Lightning Raichu Rare Holo
    H26 Lightning Raikou Rare Holo
    H27 Fighting Rhydon Rare Holo
    H28 Psychic Starmie Rare Holo
    H29 Metal Steelix Rare Holo
    H30 Darkness Umbreon Rare Holo
    H31 Water Vaporeon Rare Holo
    H32 Psychic Xatu Rare Holo
    1 Fighting Aerodactyl Rare
    2 Psychic Alakazam Rare
    3 Fire Arcanine Rare
    4 Water Articuno Rare
    5 Grass Beedrill Rare
    6 Grass Crobat Rare
    7 Water Dewgong Rare
    8 Fire Flareon Rare
    9 Metal Forretress Rare
    10 Psychic Gengar Rare
    11 Water Gyarados Rare
    12 Darkness Houndoom Rare
    13 Lightning Jolteon Rare
    14 Fighting Kabutops Rare
    15 Grass Ledian Rare
    16 Fighting Machamp Rare
    17 Fire Magcargo Rare
    18 Fighting Magcargo Rare
    19 Lightning Magneton Rare
    20 Metal Magneton Rare
    21 Fire Moltres Rare
    22 Grass Nidoqueen Rare
    23 Water Omastar Rare
    24 Water Piloswine Rare
    25 Water Politoed Rare
    26 Fighting Poliwrath Rare
    27 Lightning Raichu Rare
    28 Lightning Raikou Rare
    29 Fighting Rhydon Rare
    30 Psychic Starmie Rare
    31 Metal Steelix Rare
    32 Darkness Umbreon Rare
    33 Water Vaporeon Rare
    34 Colorless Wigglytuff Rare
    35 Psychic Xatu Rare
    36 Lightning Electrode Uncommon
    37 Fighting Kabuto Uncommon
    38 Fighting Machoke Uncommon
    39 Psychic Misdreavus Uncommon
    40 Colorless Noctowl Uncommon
    41 Water Omanyte Uncommon
    42 Colorless Persian Uncommon
    43 Fighting Piloswine Uncommon
    44 Water Starmie Uncommon
    45 Psychic Wobbuffet Uncommon
    46 Psychic Abra Common
    47 Colorless Buried Fossil Common
    48 Colorless Cleffa Common
    49 Water Delibird Common
    50 Fighting Diglett Common
    51 Colorless Ditto Common
    52 Fighting Dugtrio Common
    53 Colorless Dunsparce Common
    54 Colorless Eevee Common
    55 Colorless Farfetch'd Common
    56 Grass Forretress Common
    57 Psychic Gastly Common
    58 Psychic Girafarig Common
    59 Fighting Gligar Common
    60 Grass Golbat Common
    61 Colorless Granbull Common
    62 Fire Growlithe Common
    63 Psychic Haunter Common
    64 Grass Heracross Common
    65 Colorless Hoothoot Common
    66 Fire Houndour Common
    67 Colorless Igglybuff Common
    68 Colorless Jigglypuff Common
    69 Psychic Kadabra Common
    70 Grass Kakuna Common
    71 Water Lapras Common
    72 Grass Ledyba Common
    73 Grass Ledyba Common
    74 Fighting Machop Common
    75 Water Magikarp Common
    76 Lightning Magnemite Common
    77 Water Mantine Common
    78 Colorless Meowth Common
    79 Darkness Murkrow Common
    80 Psychic Natu Common
    81 Grass Nidoran ♀ Common
    82 Grass Nidoran ♀ Common
    83 Grass Nidorina Common
    84 Lightning Pikachu Common
    85 Grass Pineco Common
    86 Grass Pineco Common
    87 Water Poliwag Common
    88 Water Poliwhirl Common
    89 Colorless Raticate Common
    90 Colorless Rattata Common
    91 Fighting Rhyhorn Common
    92 Fighting Sandshrew Common
    93 Fighting Sandslash Common
    94 Water Seel Common
    95 Water Seel Common
    96 Grass Shuckle Common
    97 Metal Skarmory Common
    98 Fire Slugma Common
    99 Fire Slugma Common
    100 Colorless Snorlax Common
    101 Colorless Snubbull Common
    102 Colorless Stantler Common
    103 Water Staryu Common
    104 Water Staryu Common
    105 Grass Sunflora Common
    106 Grass Sunkern Common
    107 Water Swinub Common
    108 Fighting Swinub Common
    109 Colorless Teddiursa Common
    110 Colorless Ursaring Common
    111 Grass Venomoth Common
    112 Grass Venonat Common
    113 Lightning Voltorb Common
    114 Grass Weedle Common
    115 Grass Weedle Common
    116 Grass Yanma Common
    117 Grass Zubat Common
    118 Grass Zubat Common
    119 Stadium Ancient Ruins Uncommon
    120 Supporter Relic Hunter Uncommon
    121 Supporter Apricorn Maker Uncommon
    122 Trainer Crystal Shard Uncommon
    123 Supporter Desert Shaman Uncommon
    124 Trainer Fast Ball Uncommon
    125 Supporter Fisherman Uncommon
    126 Trainer Friend Ball Uncommon
    127 Trainer Hyper Potion Uncommon
    128 Trainer Lure Ball Uncommon
    129 Trainer Miracle Sphere α Uncommon
    130 Trainer Miracle Sphere β Uncommon
    131 Trainer Miracle Sphere ĂŽÂł Uncommon
    132 Stadium Mirage Stadium Uncommon
    133 Trainer Mystery Plate α Uncommon
    134 Trainer Mystery Plate Uncommon
    135 Trainer Mystery Plate Uncommon
    136 Trainer Mystery Plate Uncommon
    137 Stadium Mystery Zone Uncommon
    138 Supporter Oracle Uncommon
    139 Trainer Star Piece Uncommon
    140 Supporter Underground Expedition Uncommon
    141 Stadium Underground Lake Uncommon
    142 Special Energy Bounce Energy Uncommon
    143 Special Energy Cyclone Energy Uncommon
    144 Special Energy Retro Energy Uncommon
    145 Colorless Celebi Rare Holo
    146 Colorless Charizard Rare Holo
    147 Colorless Crobat Rare Holo
    148 Colorless Golem Rare Holo
    149 Colorless Ho-oh Rare Holo
    150 Colorless Kabutops Rare Holo

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    Jun 2013


    i only want a bellosom and a politoed and then i have the first three generations on card

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    Dec 2009



    Base set:

    Neo Genesis:

    Gym Heroes:
    Misty's Tentacruel
    Rocket's Scyther

    Gym Challenge:
    Erika's Venusaur
    Giovanni's Gyarados
    Blaine's Charizard
    Rocket's Mewtwo
    Sabrina's Alakazam

    D&P Stormfront:
    Raichu Lv. X

    Plasma Storm:
    Heatran EX
    Thundrus EX
    Metagross holo
    Heatran EX full art
    Cofagrigus Holo
    Umbreon Holo
    Absol Holo
    Kingdra Holo
    Latias EX
    Latios EX
    Tornadus Ex
    Ghetsis Holo
    Ghestsis Full art
    Life dew holo
    Rock guard holo
    Thundrus EX full art
    Latias EX full art
    Latios EX full art
    Deoxys EX full art
    Professor juniper full art

    Plasma storm:
    Blastoise secret rare
    Charizard secret rare

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    i want GYM CHALLENGE sets rocket"s Mewtwo

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    i need
    white kuyrem ex
    mewtwo ex
    rashrem ex
    zakrom ex

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