Post your list of cards that you want from a trade. One thing that I'm doing different from the originals is that you must ONLY post your want list here, your have list will go in the other thread. This will prevent this thread from getting cluttered.

Make sure to organize it by set in the following manner:
Base Set:

EX Sandstorm:

EX Hidden Legends:
Dark Celebi(3)

Do not post more than once in this thread. If you want to add or remove cards from your list, use the edit button. If you do post more than once in this thead, it will be considered spam, and you will recieve a warning point. Try to update your post as often as possible to ensure that you have an accurate list.

ALL trade negotiations must be done through private messages.

Post your results in the Pokemon TCG Trades (Results) thread.

This thread is not to be turned into a discussion thread.

The staff of and assumes no responsibility for lost cards, poor trades, or thieves. Trade at your own risk.