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Thread: Other Hobbies in Pkmn.

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    Cool Other Hobbies in Pkmn.

    We all know Pokemon Battling and Contests are are our hobbies in Pkmn. But what other things can you in Pkmn world besides this two at once. Don't be afraid to say something, even if it is boring. It doesn't have to be Pkmn. Go and post!
    I'll give one:
    -Spinda Trainer Master: Try to collect all Spindas with different spots on it.
    -Shiny Hunter
    -Pkmn Breeder
    -Pkmn Training(EXP,EV,IV)
    -Pkmn Catch it All(All in the world)
    -Unown Master
    -Collect/Trade starters
    -Item Collector
    -Cycling Master Record
    -Gambler(Anything with Game Corner/Betting/Money Collector)
    -Traveler(Without Flying)
    -Berry Master
    -Fill in Pokedex
    -Created unique teams.
    Your participation has been appreciated. Keep the ideas coming.
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