I've written this not to long ago in school This is about being contained inside something to never experience what kind of world is not out there, if that makes sense.

My life is so closed off like a pokeball
Like I had no way of knowing if the trainer was good or bad
Or my friend was the best of all
or the worst time would make me dread

I was chosen to battle a couple of pokemon like me
I didn't want to make my master upset
I felt like this was meant to be
To be the very best

But is my master really proud of all of us?
Or is he proud of his own being?
I did not see that in his
For that he was not playing

We trained hard for our trainer
We beat almost every one
Except one that we fear
and again we love

The trainer chose their pokemon with care
and yet they were happy
They fought for him there
and kept him in bay

I was chosen when there wasn't anymore
And I saw the trainer in my eyes
I saw their pokemon resting there
while I thought about my master's lies

When I have beaten one of his pokemon
He let it return and said good job
He set out his last pokemon
as I was sitting numb

Had my master did that before?
It tried to remember hard
Not really from his master here
but from many places we placed

His pokemon was weak
and I had energy running in me
but with one thought ran in it's track
I froze on the spot here

He tried to call it back, but it refused
I understand it now
It wanted to fight hard
but the question is how?

So I did something that my trainer didn't want me to do
and I just stood there
I rebeled him in every way when he wants to rue
and I endured every hit

I hear screaming in my head
But it's from my master
wanting to make that pokemon dead
I thought it was not fair

So I did something that surprised everyone
and reached for my pokeball
I got it from him, I'm gone
I also grabed my stuffed animal

I sit in front of my enemy now
and lifted his hand to hit me
I had to let him know
that I want to be free

The pokemon hits me with it's attempt
but I fall and though I was still stronger
I was just playing pretend
and the enemy won while voices go farther

I could not hear him when I was walking away
My enemy standing before me
was now my key to victory
and I looked at my trainer one more time

It was as if giving him a lesson to learn
about our petty friendship
and going with the new trainer then
would make it a new relationship

I waited for my new master to put me away
but he just stared at me and my master
My master said just to keep me anyway
and my trainer still didn't like my old trainer

He gave his hand to me
and I stared at him with confustion
He wasn't going to put me in there
with all the homes I ever had only one

He sensed my question in a flash
and threw my pokeball in the air
it landed with a crash
it became broken, but our friendship was bare

Now I dont feel so alone in the world anymore
because I have someone who cares, and it begins
and I'm not going to let anyone
mess up my life ever again