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Thread: Rate my Salamence plz

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    Default Rate my Salamence plz

    Ok, there is the subject:

    Salamence @ Choice Band
    Adamant nature
    EVs: Atk 252, Spd 252


    .- Earthquake
    .- Aerial Ace
    .- Brick Break
    .- Dragon Claw / Rock Slide <---- Can't decide yet, it has DC atm.

    The remaining team members are Curselax, Starmie as Special Sweeper (Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Surf, Recover), Dusclops as Blissey counter and anti-Rapidspinner (eventually turning into Dusknoir), Skarmory w/Spikes, Roar, Rest & Drill Peck, and Jirachi as Calm Passer (Wish, Psychic, Calm Mind, Baton Pass)

    Need help with CBmence moveset, thinking on using it on Diamond for Wi-Fi battles.

    In-Game name: MELOKU
    FC: 3780-5504-3368
    PM me for trades, battles & stuff.

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    Rock Slide. Use Fire Blast/Double Edge over Brick Break.

    ~Awesomeness made by the talented GladeShadow~

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