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It's Extreme Random Rolling Berry time =o
Thats right, EXTREME ROLLING random berry time Becasue I don't know what to give away...I'm letting fate Decide and by Fate I mean a Dice not just any Dice, BUT THE DICE OF DEUM *Insert Scream and Bloody curdlni and Fish bubbling in their Tanks* And what have these dice brought on for us today well lets see *Rolls*
OnlineHost: arnold77k rolled 1 43-sided die: 14 =o 14 which is This Lucky Wepear berry Hurrah Now are YOU extreme enought to ge this berry? well then lets see if you can post in the 1 Hour Time limit I'm giving you all to get it.

And don't forget through all of thise extremness that you have to quote to get the berry
Never forgetting to quote, so I'll take this here Wepear.