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    Default The Magmar evolution line club

    This is a club for fans of Magby, Magmar and Magmortar.

    To enter, just ask and supply your response to the most recent topic.


    1. All SPPF rules apply
    2. No flaming.
    3. You must like one of the pokemon in the Magmar evo line.
    4. Topics can be about ANYTHING
    5. Please no excessive chatspeak, and try to spell things correctly.
    6. BE ACTIVE, for crying out loud!
    7. No, you may not be co-owner. I will decide who the co-owner is based on their activeness (is that a word?) and ability to post inteligently.
    8. Have fun
    9. To join, you must post "Burn, baby burn!" as your subject title.
    10. For your first five posts here, you will be a New Member


    Club Leaders (Magmortar):

    Members (Magmar):

    New Members (Magby):
    Light Venusaur

    TOPIC: What is your favourite Pokemon from this evolution line?
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