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Thread: The D/P Scramble Challenge

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    Quote Originally Posted by eraqua View Post
    Hey I'm looking to do a scramble challenge for diamond. I cant trade, and the only pokemon off limits are the starters. Also I would really like a pokemon that can learn fly!

    LeafyLeafeon, take a Lopunny, no strings attached!
    take a brazong. teach it trick room when you can

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    eraqua, take a Weavile. It must know Metal Claw and False Swipe. Nickname it Funki if it is male, Snaowie if it is female.
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    eraqua your final Pokemon will be Chimecho.

    Best of luck.

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    1. Piplup - Must solo Roark to evolve, must solo one of Byron’s Pokemon to evolve again.

    2. Mime Jr – Can only evolve once it beats another Mime Jr without using any of the moves the opponent knows.

    3. Murkrow – Must learn Fly ASAP and can never forget it.

    4. Machop - Must always know Focus Energy, and it must learn exactly one TM move.

    5. Steelix - No restrictions

    6. Lopunny - No restrictions

    Thanks to everyone who gave me a Pokemon, I can't wait to start this!

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    Guys, I didn't say I'd start taking things yet! Or did I? Well, whatever. Anyways, alll those other challenges are REJECTED, until I beat Steven in Sapphire. XD Sorry, but really, I don't think I asked for requests yet.
    Pokemon Sapphire Scramble Challenge!

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    Closing as we now have a new section for challenges (click here!). You may continue your current challenge here in the respective thread in that section without needing to go back and c+p posts however. Please check the rules of the section first as well.

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