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    ...Er, Gardenia, I mean. I'm sorry but ever since I heard that Chieko Honda would be voicing her I've turned into a hyperventilating ping-pong ball because...because...because she is just so awesome.

    But Gardenia was basically Meroko in any way - her attitude, her VOICE (<3<3<3), her random squeal-attacks...just everything. Which makes me love her automatically. Her popping up out of nowhere and suddenly decide to leave again (even Brock remarked on that) was quite funny. And of course, there were so many times I had to laugh at her hilarious outbursts concerning Grass Pokémon - especially during the Team Rocket scenes. Or when Dawn told her to back away from James because he was a bad guy and she just yelled, "THAT'S NOT TRUE!" with the reason that a Grass Type trainer can't be bad XD

    Speaking of Team Rocket though, they made quite an entertaining appearance this time with their mummy motto (MM!) - even the background music was remixed accordingly.

    And while I'm talking about funny scenes...Cheryl is quite a ditz. She was already showing signs of being one in the previous episode, but this time it was quite obvious. Also loved when Brock got to play superhero for her two times in this episode. He sure seemed to enjoy it...

    ...Forgot about the battle again. Er, it was nothing more than "alright" itself, but anything that makes Ash have one of his little panic attacks gets a bonus in my book. He didn't do very well this time - his orders weren't exactly what I'd call strategic, but on the other hand, he'd barely been given enough time to think of a way to handle the situation in the first place.

    Ehem. Anyways, I'm looking forward to more (and most likely last) action from Cheryl, and even more to seeing Gardenia again - and hearing her voice :D - and her Pokémon - and her...argh, I just want to see her. Soon!

    As a last note, I'd actually find it amusing if Gardenia's Turtwig evolved during the Gym match, hindering it from moving as fast as before and thus removing the essential trait that made it so strong. Just a random idea that my silly mind gave me, but hey, I'd pay to see that ^^"
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