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    Default Alchemist love, multiple shipping. PG13, and up

    HEY all this is my first posted shipping fic!! it isint from a show but it is about magic, and alchamy, some main charicters are based off of anima charicters, and some are from shows (IE inuyasha. pokemon, Trigun) and so on but mostly just there aperencis not ther personalitlys, or names and there are pokemon but you will see later (keeps big secret) so my ratings will change per chapter. and here is the prolog mind you its just a prolog.

    Prolog. PG 13.

    I turned around to face the faucet, and ran my taned hand through my deep sea blue colored hair with white streaks, and tips, to help the hot water run the soap into the drain, then I just stood enjoying my rare treat, after my hair was done I turned the water off, grabbed a town and dried off, I herd a knock at the door so I wrapped my slender body in my towl, and went to answor the door. on the other side was a young man, with deep green hair, he looked exhausted, and injured,”please hide me” he said. I was about to protest when I herd gaured's coming I grabbed him by his black under shirt, and pulled him in then I dragged him over to the window.

    “here hide on the ledge” I stated pointing to a narrow out crop on the tall building I was in, he was about to thank me but the gaurde's knocked i looked at the window and walked over to the door,

    “let us in now or we will break the door down!!” the man commanded. I looked back the young man was outside and closed the window behind him.

    “I am coming hang on” I said jerking the door open there were five gaureds outside all wearing matching suites deep blue with silver buton, and a diagonal strap holding the wepon they prefer one had a katana, another had a gun. the man in the lead had brown hair brown eyes. a little golden sun on his shirt and his boutons were golden he turned a deep red when I opened the door.

    “what do you want?” I stated irritably.

    “oh umm I was wondering if you saw a young man with green hair and a purple shirt on.

    “how the hell am I supost to see a man from my shower?” I said loudly. they apologized, and left. I shut the door and walked to the window, letting the man back in he was about my age of 17 but just a little taler maby a few inches, his deep chocolate brown eyes looked tired, and his deep emerald hair was messy. he wore a purple vestwith lots of pockets, a black long sleeve undershirt, Deep blue jeans, and scuffed black, and white sneakers. he sat down leaning on the wall panting slitly.
    “ ok I saved you who are you?” I said calmly grabbing my clothes.

    “umm can you get dressed first?” he asked nervously.

    “fine but take anything and I will hunt you. and I CAN hunt you” I said threateningly.
    I went into the bathroom, then I got dressed my deep red tube top with spageti straps that only reached the top of my stomock. I pulled on my lite blue jeans that were terribly torn up and singed, one pant leg was torn off completely at the knee and they both suffered severe tears, holes, and rips, which made me consider why I wear them at all its not like the cover much. then I walked into the other room where my thigh high, string up, black leather, boots lie, along with my dark gray cloak, and that guy, “ok happy now?” I asked sarcasticly. he looked suspishously at my 'lite' clothing.

    he sighed. “ok well first my name is Kibo”

    “ok then my name is Mizu” I started “why are you being chased.”

    “Well” he said coushously. “they think I am a Alchemist” he he stated. he was a little started when I diden't flinch.

    “so are you?” I asked inocently.

    “I umm no?” he said uncertainly, I just smiled.

    “its ok with me I like Alchemist's” he looked at me carefully.

    “yah I am but just a little” he stated.

    “what sign?” I asked kindly.

    “I think I said too much” he stated trying to get up but he faltered and fell against the wall clutching his right side.

    “adrenalin wearing off huh?” I said mockingly as I walked over to him and helped him over to the bed. when he got there and I took my hand away I realized that his black shirt was drenched in blood. “lets have a look” I said he tried to stop me. “don't worry you can trust me, and besides you are in no state to not trust me”

    “trust has got me in a lot of trouble recently even if you did save me I told you I was a Alchemist so I have to go” he started to rise but I easily sat him back down, and had him lay flat on the bed.

    “its ok you are in good hands I always wear these clothes and my pants diden't rip themsellvs” I stated pointing out various brown patches around the torn areas. then I lifted up his shirt underneath was a large gash that went very deep and blead proufusly he would die normally. I sighed knowing what I had to do. I went over to my bag and grabbed a little purple vial and handed it to him. he just looked at me.

    “drink it” I stated simply.

    “but why?” he said “you could poison me”

    “cause this is going to hurt like hell, and i won't” I said depresedly as my hand started to glow with a blue aurora.

    “hey your a water Alchemist!!” he stated scaredly.

    “please trust me I am not with the government I am a free spirit, and well they kinda wana kill me. also if I wanted you dead I would just leave you and not waist my potions. umm also please hurry up I don't enjoy this it takes a load of energy” he chuged the little vial reluctantly, I concentrated my hand became a clear liquid, still glowing I pointed my hand, fingers strait, and together then I thrust my hand into his side he let out a huge gasp and started to move around. “hold still!!” I said furiously trying to hold him down, i felt my energy being drawn through my arm, and after a minute his wound had knitted itself up, I took my hand out gasping for air, and let the blue aurora fade my hand was just now coated in a thin sheet of blood. I sat down, and closed my eyes, the proses of healing was both painfull, and dangerous, but mostly it made my mind swim and my senses dull. the guy sat up and looked over his slitly bloody but healed side.

    “oh umm thanks” he said. “you diden't have to” he stated embarasedly.

    “yah I could have just let you die but I am not like that so like I said what's your sign, you can't be fire the proses would have killed you if you were. you must be wind, or earth, but I think your earth because you healed faster” I said thinking out loud trying to keep conchous.

    “yah I am” he said tiredly I just barely herd him. I was fading now I really had to hope I wasen't in trouble I can't defend myself in this state I am so stupid” I scolded in my head but I could not think now I felt myself hit the side of the bed dully, then I felt something grab my arm and lift me up, I had a fleeting moment of fear before everything went black.


    it has alot of erors but my computer wont let me fix them proprly so i will get to it when i can sorry as always positive crit, is always apresheated, and you can probably guess who the guy is. i will have chapter one up soon as posible!!.
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