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Thread: A Persian Ruler and a War Goddess (MarsxCyrus) PG-13

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    Default A Persian Ruler and a War Goddess (MarsxCyrus) PG-13

    Well, here it is during the downtime from my computer being finicky I decided to make a 16 chapter fic about Mars and Cyrus. Its PG-13 because of maybe a few things later but nothing too bad. I guess enjoy!

    Persian Ruler and Goddess of War
    A CyrusxMars fanfiction

    Chapter One
    The Past and Present
    For nearly five years, he knew her. Growing up in Sunyshore was okay, every since his seventh birthday he got a telescope with a camera built in. All of his life he studied the stars and planets. Who could make such beauty from far away but a hostile environment so close. Many, many theories were proposed. Did the big bang happen? Was it a god like character? It was still a mystery. Everyday seemed to be like a day that was hard to get through. He was known through his town as that science geek. It was depressing, his love life was almost non existing. He was successful in school and was a skilled battler with his sneasel and murkrow.

    By the age of twenty four he decided to establish an orginazation a cult maybe. This world he thought was so flawed, pain, suffering it was all terrible. He strived to find a way to change this world, it will be perfect. The following years, his emotions became stripped away from him. They were a sign of weakness to him after all.

    Love? Love was just an interference. Why bother with a wife anyways? A wife would just be a waste of time. Time wasted when you could be doing something to move the world forward. At last, it was complete Team Galactic was born. At first they met in the apartment of his. A bit cluttered and filled with a bunch of garbage. But they had to start somewhere. The first members were nothing special. People with a background like his. They were middle class men and women who were well educated especially in the field of science. They were around the range of fifteen through thirty five.

    But out of the approximent eight who showed up was an enthusiastic young woman about fifteen at the time. The brightest red hair and the fairest skin you ever seen. Almost like a china doll. She had the most interesting name it was Mars. The Roman god of war the fourth planet too. But of course, it wasn't like he liked her oh no, not like that. She was just a subordinate, a lacky, an aprentice, an assistant, whatever you want to call her.

    But that was the past, it started out small but it eventually got bigger. Now its the present and the same guy who we talked about sat in his chair with his hands being the only thing from stopping his head going smack down to his paper stacked desk. After the failed attempt to tamper with the space and time continum it was awfully quiet around here. Probably because a lot of people came to their senses and realized he was a zealot with such esoteric beliefs, it was crazy.

    Once again, the same red head from nearly five years ago tapped the desk repeatedly interrupted his long stupor. "Finally Cyrus-sama, I thought you would never wake up from that daze. Were you thinking about something. Anything I need to know. You know you can tell me anything. I was your first commander you appointed after all." as she leaned on the desk.

    "Its nothing exactly Mars, I was just thinking about my past. Have you ever thought about you past before?" Cyrus asked her.

    "Nothing really, it all seems like a blur to me." he replied
    "Well, what were you going to ask me?" he said a bit cranky.
    Mars was just starring at the ceiling bouncing impatiently.

    "You couldn't just have came here to say hi. It has to be something important since I'm busy." Cyrus scolded her very frustrated

    "Oh," she yelped perking up

    "I just wanted to say that even though we didn't quite get to tamper with space and time like we expected to, Saturn did find some stuff about the fairy trio when they were still captive and a bit about Dialga and Palkia too. What are we going to do now that our members have dropped drasticly since our failiure. We are on the verge of disbanding if we don't do something to build up our reputation again."

    "So you are saying our total members our dropping. What about Jupiter and Saturn? Have they left?" he asked trembling.

    "I don't know, right now, they seem to be okay. Jupiter is still working with me and hasn't mentioned of leaving anytime. Saturn meanwhile, is having a hard time because he feels that he is being dragged down from this sudden down spiral. He is thinking about going back to his hometown Mossdeep to work at the space center there. Jupiter worries deeply about him but he says unless we don't find a miracle, then he will leave." Mars spoke sadly

    "My head scientist? Leaving? This is a critical time for us we must do something to build us back up. Are you staying Mars?" Cyrus wondered

    "I really don't want to go. I mean, I was one of your first members to ever join. I remember how you enjoyed how I brought hope and from that one catalyst, we are here today. Well, it would be better if I told that months ago." said Mars
    Cyrus feeled touched by the words from her mouth, but it wasn't long before he boasted his cold expression.

    "Oh that is sweet, but it will take a lot more to get this place back on its toes. Just go out and see what you can find about this research. Maybe there is another place we can thrive in now that Sinnou knows our plans and the like. How foolish I was to give mercy. I regret it so! I should have just strangled her while I still had the chance." he muttered to himself.

    "Well, I guess so. We can indeed come back to Sinnou if we need to. But the probelm is, Jotho and Kanto are taken over by Team Rocket and Aqua and Magma are already pretty well rooted into the Hoenn region." Mars sighed

    "Well, there has to be some place! What about Sevii Islands?"

    "I don't know, I believe they were patially controlled by Team Rocket at one point. Their is pretty much no crime there at all. Its just it has terrible currents so we need boats. It is really difficult to be there." said Mars

    "Can't you find some more stuff that would persuade us more to stay here though?" Cyrus asked

    "Hmmmm... I'll try but another option would maybe go to Kanto and drive Team Rocket out and increase our reputation and then turn on them cause havoc. But what if it backfires? I guess only time will tell what option will be best." as she left off with that note and scurried away from his office. Cyrus blushed,
    "what is this feeling? I never had it in years! Wait, it can't be love it can't! She is just a subordinate!" Cyrus pulled on his gray hair ratting it up. He paused, for he got the best idea he ever imagined.
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    The premise? Awesome.

    The execution? ...not quite.

    The main problems I have here are grammar, certain details (for instance... why would Cyrus say that? He'd probably just act all '...why does she make me feel strange? I don't get it... I should probably do some examination of myself.' or something like that), and the rushingness... but hey, it's not bad enough! I'll be coming back for more!

    Please do update!

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    Yeah, I'm not the best at grammar, but I guess here is some more I guess its somewhat okay. Its a bit better, I made sure I proofread it.

    Chapter 2
    "Petey the Pachirisu"
    The next day once again, Mars strolled into Cyrus' office with him half awake drinking a cup of coffee. She said with great excitment
    "We are not going anywhere!"

    Cyrus looked up at her still half awake
    "What do you mean?"

    "Don't you see? I stayed up all night but look at these!"
    She set a plethora of plates in different colors.

    "They are just colored chunks of porcelain!" said Cyrus a bit ignorant

    "No! The backs of them! They reveal a legend of an ancient pokemon. It is said to be the creator." Mars answered energeticly

    "You mean Arceus? That is just child stuff. You sound like Joseph Smith right now you know Mars." Cyrus sighed looking a bit cross.

    "Who is that guy though?" Mars asked a bit disappointed about Cyrus' response.

    "He is the founder of Mormonism. He was said to have found these golden discs in a made up language telling the real so called word of God and only he could read them. Its like its happening again Mars you are probably making this up." Cyrus explained still unconvinced

    "But I'm not! This is totally real. Even you can read it and its in clear English too!" as Mars showed him the backs of the place.

    "Interesting!" as his eyes scanned the text it was like a revalation to him
    "I would like you then to bring me more information. If all goes well, this can be out ticket. It is said that he is the creator." Cyrus was about as confident as Mars right now since he understood.

    "I'm glad Cyrus-sama, I'm indeed on it. But then again, I don't think it is the creator." said Mars hesitantly

    "But what is then?!" Cyrus slammed his desk

    "Its more of who, I can't explain it but sure, it might be but I believe that a human like god did it." Mars said still in a soft tone afraid about Cyrus' reaction

    "You must be crazy. Who created God then?" Cyrus shouted

    "I guess that god was sort of there, it makes sense because this world just seems like it was created by somebody, its seems too surreal to just randomly happen" Mars softly spoke shortly being interrupted by Cyrus

    "Um, um," Cyrus studdered thinking
    "Well, she has a point but I'm not buying it." he then spoke out loud

    "I understand, that Arceus is probably a story or a personification of this God you are talking about. I would like to look at these plates though, they interest me. Keep up your research and forgive me for yelling at you. I really just couldn't understand you at first." Cyrus blushed a bit
    Noticing the blush Mars asked

    "Do you have a fever or something?"
    "Nuh, no!" he said hesitant

    "Well, okay." as she left the plates on his desk and began walking to the door.

    "Mars!" Cyrus plead
    "What is is Cyrus-sama?" Mars asked turning around

    "I found something on my desk for you." he said holding out a dainty, blue envelope.

    "Who is this from?" as Mars took the envelope a bit confused
    "I dont know exactly but read it if you have a chance but I believe you should go now." as Cyrus sort of shooed her away.
    Mars took the note and this time she left closing the door.

    "I'm going to figure out who this is from!" she said to herself as she opened the envelope inside it was a note, a note written in purple ink it read.

    "You are my one and only. If I could pick any girl, it would be you. Meet me at the casino next Friday. Look for me, I'll be sure to be there."
    Petey Pachirisu

    "Who is he? I'm definitely going to ask Jupiter about this!" Mars said in shock.
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    Hmmmm, not bad. You've got a very sharp concept, and some of your touches - Cyrus's telescope, the Plates, and "Petey Pachirisu" - are excellent.

    What's wrong is the grammar. I can see a lot of missing commas and periods, for example:

    Cyrus looked up at her, still half awake.
    "What do you mean?"
    Work on that, and you'll have a hit.

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    Yeah, its my one weakness that I'm not the best at and spell check doesn't catch everything but I'm glad you like it!

    Chapter Three
    "Jupiter and the Mystery"

    Jupiter was just minding her own buisness clacking on the keyboard of her computer, not a care in the world. But of course, Mars comes running franticly to her with the letter.

    "Jupiter! Jupiter! This letter! Its from this pachirisu named Petey!" she panted

    "A pachirisu?" as she gave a weird look at Mars.

    "I'm not sure but look at this note!" Mars held up the letter she got earlier this morning. Jupiter gave a quick look at it and answered

    "Very interesting, I think I know who it is..." Jupiter smirked a bit giggly too.

    "What? Tell me!" Mars said impatiently

    "Somebody has a crush on you!" she chuckled.

    "Who would want to go out with me?" as she stood there confused

    "Oh, I don't know, maybe Saturn, perhaps somebody who saw you and thought you were pretty hot and he wants to take you on a date! I know all about this love stuff, not to worry!" she said in a very sure way.

    "But this is so cryptic! Could it be Saturn? What should I do? What should I wear? What should I say?" this love thing was so new to Mars, sure, she knew it would come but not at this moment!

    "Well, you can't be looking like Judy Jetson." Jupiter pointed to her black and white dress "You got to find something sexy so don't be afraid to show a bit of cleavage and some skin. You got to do your hair too. The hair you have, I don't know, it seems too chunky. You have to make it flowy and more wavy looking men love that look."
    Jupiter smiled in delight

    "I see, I never exactly styled my hair or wore a dress other than this one really so I don't know. What should I say and do?" Mars asked

    "What you should do? I'm glad you asked that because looks are only the surface of winning love. You have to act calm and most importantly be yourself. Act casual like you would normally do with a friend. If you do that you'll be fine!" as she patted Mars on the back.

    "Thank you Jupiter, you still have no idea who it is though huh? I thought you would know!" she commented

    "Well, I try my best, ask Saturn if he has any idea too if you have the chance. Ask me too if anything comes up. You can count on me, I've been there a lot of times!" as Jupiter gave a wink to Mars.

    "Um, okay I guess I'll ask I'm definitely going to be ready." Mars smiled with delight as she ran down the many halls before she got to Saturn's lab.
    She never seen Saturn in a long time, the only thing she heard about him recently was that he was thinking about quitting and getting a job at the Mossdeep Space Center which I guess it isn't bad. Its just he was the second commander to be appointed by Cyrus so it way gotoor opened revealing many small lab card and the door opened revealing many small lab card and the door opened revealing many small laboratories occupied by scientists. The fifth one down to the left was

    Saturn's she walked in hoping Saturn was there, sure enough he was but not in the best move.

    "What are you doing here Mars? You know you are not supposed to be disturbing my research without permission!" Saturn scolded her it was definitely not the happy go lucky Saturn she used to know who always loved her helping with his experiments this was a totally different person.

    "I'm sorry Saturn, do you have any clue about who wrote this note?" she asked him

    "Hmmm? I didn't write you any note so scram because I'm busy!" snapped Saturn Mars ran out of the lab with her not disappointed,

    "Who could this be?" she thought as she noticed that another note was on the floor with a flower attached to it. Picking up the note, she read the note silently.

    "What you have here is a star thistle my love. The delicate purple it posesses is a sign of royalty. If I was a king you would be my queen my lady. Your scarlet hair is dyed from the purest blood from a dove. Your skin has been touch by an angel, the lovely fairness of the skin, it is the finest piece of china I have ever seen. My darling, the way you walk, you flattering hour glass figure, it is surely something to be proud of my dearest lady. You are filled with light, your eyes, the light brown color, those eyes are of a virgin, a virgin like you. I give this star thistle to you, when I hear the stars cry, I cry my lady. Give me comfort and joy and one day we shall meet."
    Petey the Pachirisu

    Mars stared at the purple star thistle. "What a romantic letter of his, it can't be Saturn, I doubt it would be Cyrus, he lacks these kinds of emotions." Mars thought looking at the bright purple star thistle.

    Meanwhile, in the background, Cyrus was standing nervously at a distance watching her reaction. "Yes! She liked the flower!" Cyrus said quietly in relief.
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    Default could be better, but I think you're rushing it. Bad news. If, say, we did NOT know who was said Pachirisu, until a few chapters later at least, it'd be much more improved.

    Additionally, maybe you should look into a beta.

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    Yeah, it is a little rushed. But I really think you've got a great thing going, so keep trying to improve.

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    Thanks! um, next chapter:

    Chapter 4
    "Cooking a Bento"
    The next day, Cyrus sat by his desk in his swivel chair spinning back and forth in it. In his hand was a book that he thought he would never read entitled "How to Impress a Girl" he turned another page and his eyes widened this was perfect!

    "Cooking a bento for her?" Cyrus said in glee. "Its perfect! It says here that they often enjoy a man cooking for them since it shows that they are capable of cooking."

    He walked to the kitchen, it was funny because he never cooked before. Usually Jupiter or Mars cooked for them. I guess you can say he was a little rusty when it comes to cooking. He hadn't cooked for ten years.

    "I guess I will try my best." Cyrus thought as he got out a bento cookbook. Before he could start, he thought he heard Mars with Jupiter. He walked a little ways only to see that they were busy watching their soap opera hour.

    "Phew," Cyrus sighed in relief.
    He went back to the kitchen, it had a scummy sink and a flat top stove that has definitely seen better days.

    "Okay, lets see if I had the ingrediants." as he looked through the fridge and the cupboards.
    The fridge was filled with bottles of sinister drinks, what was this concotion anyways? Oh well, the three comanders and he usually drank fine wine like they did in France.
    It usually have minimal amounts of alchohol in it too. Anyways, the drawers were filled with some fresh fruits and vegtables in the drawers. In the cupboards was a plethora of spices and everything else he needed.
    He opened another cupboard and he got out a frying pan, a cutting board, and a bowl for marinading.

    "Okay, marinade the fish in teriyaki sauce. Marinade the vegtables if desired." as he read out loud.

    Before you knew it, he was wearing a pink bandana and a white, ruffled apron he looked so feminine in this garb it wasn't funny. Many random members passing by snickered at him for doing this.

    After about fourty five minutes, the bento was done. Putting it in a pretty box, he put a pretty pink ribbon on it. and tied a tag on it saying

    "To: Mars
    From: Petey the Pachirisu"

    He quickly wrote little sticky note and stuck it on the box as well.

    "Oh great!" as Cyrus realized that Mars was approaching. He placed the bento on the counter and did a quick tidying up and made a run for it.
    Meanwhile, with Mars and Jupiter,

    "Hey Mars, look at that bento, it must be from Petey the Pachirisu." as she pointed to it.

    "Huh? There is a note too!" as Mars took the sticky note off the box.
    "Dearest Mars,
    This bento is just a taste of what I am capable of cooking for you. Enjoy my lady."
    Petey the Pachirisu

    Jupiter's eyes sparkled "Do you know what this means?"

    Mars gasped "What?"

    "He is starting to get serious about you!" said Jupiter "We got to prepare for the date! He sounds like a definite gentlemen!"

    "I never thought about it like that, but I guess since we have this bento bon appetite!" as she opened the box and the two of them chowed down.
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    ...RoboCyrus is wearing PINK?!

    That's... really creepy. Honestly... I'm starting to get weirded out.

    I'll keep reading, but... I'm feeling disappointed, for the first Cyrus/Mars fic of this place...

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    Men do the craziest thinks to get a girl, trust me...

    Chapter 5
    The Dating Game
    The next morning Cyrus sat in his office once again. Mars came in once again with news.

    "Great news, there is another pokemon that deems useful to us." as mars showed a picture of a red and blue alien in various forms.

    "Who is that?" Cyrus asked

    "It is said to be an alien from space. It is known as deoxys, the DNA pokemon. It resides in a small island in the Sevii islands." she explained

    "I see, but what can it do for us?" Cyrus asked.

    "Simple really, it can be used to do our biddings it is quite powerful after all." Mars answered

    "I see, besides, we are Team Galactic so deoxys is perfect for us. I'll definitely consider it." Cyrus nodded.

    "Okay, by the way, do you know who Petey is?" Mars asked
    Cyrus paused for a minute "Does she know its me?" he thought for a minute

    "Um, no I honestly don't know who Petey is." said Cyrus a bit hesitant

    "Okay well, he just seems like a nice guy. He has been giving me notes everyday and he wants to take me out on a date Friday." as Mars walked out of the office.

    "I'm glad that she doesn't know who Petey really is." as Cyrus observed the research sent by Mars.
    Meanwhile, Mars rushed to Jupiter in an empty room with a pile of colorful dresses.

    "Well, first we got to get you dolled up for your date!" Jupiter smiled

    "Um, okay..." Mars said thinking this was all a bit sudden.

    "Great! try this one on first!" as she held up a colorful, floral dress.

    "Should I try it on in this storage closet over there?" Mars asked

    "Please do so." Jupiter said handing her the dress. Mars tried it on and stepped out.

    "I don't know, it kind of takes away from my face." commented Mars

    "I don't like it either. What about this white sequin dress?" as Jupiter handed her another dress taking the last one she tried on and putting it back. Once again, Mars tried it on and said

    "I like this, but its too close to my skin. I mean, my dress that I usually wear is black and white but this is just plain white and too close to my skin color. I like the style of the dress though. Its rather sexy indeed. But only if it was a different color." Mars explained

    "I hear you, try this one on!" as Jupiter held up a mint green silk dress lined with lace around the skirt and the color the skirt went up to the knees and poofed out a bit and the dress had a thick dark green sash tied to the waist in a bow in the front. The dress had spagetti straps that held it up.

    "Its beautiful!" Mars said as her eyes gleamed brightly.

    "Don't you think?" Jupiter chimed in

    "Go try it on! It definitely sounds like a keeper."
    Imediately, Mars went into the closet and quickly slipped into the dress. Jumping out of the storage closet, she twirled and danced around the room for a bit.

    "Don't I look pretty?" Mars asked "Green is definitely my color!"

    "Yeah, green is your color, anything pastel is perfect." Jupiter said taking in the details.
    Bouncing around the room Mars shrieked in delight "This is already getting me so excited. I'm definitely going to wear this to our date! We are going to have so much fun, you are going to style my hair oh I can't wait! Its like a dream come true!"

    "Yup! It was nice helping you out Mars, I hope the date goes well." Jupiter waved farewell to her as she left the room with the dress for Friday. Already it seemed like it was turning out bright.
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    ...I don't know what is this feeling that's coming from reading more of this, but I *don't* like it. Couldn't they have a better reason for capturing Deoxys, such as analyzing its DNA or something? Also, I know what you're trying to portray, but it isn't coming out fine. Again, try finding a beta. It'll help you a lot more.

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    Chapter 6
    The Flute of the Heavens
    It was Wednesday and Mars has been busy looking for research. She once again approached Cyrus' desk. "

    "Cyrus-sama, this is about Arceus." Mars bowed to him

    "Tell me more." Cyrus laid back in his chair interested

    "Well, according to what I recall, there is something used to summon Arceus. It is known as the flute of the heavens."

    "Flute of the heavens?" Cyrus smirked

    "Where is the flute?"

    "I don't know, I believe that it is stuck in a lab in Oreburgh. We must get it in order to summon Arceus." Mars responded

    "Make plans in getting Arceus indeed then." Cyrus nodded while smirking

    "Okay, but Arceus is a powerful pokemon. One of the most if not the most powerful one in the world. We need deoxys if we want to stand a chance against it." Mars replied

    "Then make arrangements to get the flute and deoxys. If we are successful, then we can make up for our Dialga and Palkia plot and surely we'll make sure that we will reform a galaxy for us." Cyrus said back

    "Indeed" Mars bowed exiting the office again.
    Mars looked at her research

    "I believe that I should go and get the flute of the heavens first. Jupiter would very well be tickled if she comes with me." as she looked over her papers

    All of the sudden, hearing a knocking on the door of the lab, she slowly opened the door only to find nobody was there.

    "Oh, very funny Jupiter!" Mars yelled through the halls.

    "What? another note from Petey the Pachirisu?" as she picked another piece of paper up from the ground.

    "How is it my dearest lady? I understand you might be busy next week but I'm sure looking forward to our date this week. What are you busy about? I heard it was that it had something to do with Arceus and Deoxys. That is interesting. You know what your boss would really like? If you took him to steal the flute of heavens and awaken Arceus with him. Don't worry about Jupiter and Saturn, they could always capture deoxys. But knowing Cyrus, I think he would like it so."
    Petey Pachirisu

    "That is strange, Cyrus has a cold heart and would never even think of doing something such a waste of his time with me! This is something that Jupiter and I can handle. Saturn can just snatch deoxys if he pleases." Mars thought to herself puzzled

    "I'll just ask Cyrus later, right now I need to do some planning." as Mars looked down at her heaping amount of work
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    I... again, I'm speechless. If only this was better...

    Oh well. Noticed people seem to be changing their minds too fast. Bad idea. Very bad one. But... eh.

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    Um, I guess here is another one

    Chapter 7
    The Night Before
    Thursday has finally arrived and Mars continued to do her intense research. The hideout was quiet at night, almost silent except for the kricketunes making their melodies. It was nearly pitch black. Except for the light of the moon and the volbeat and illumise performing lightshow for those still awake like Cyrus was.
    Lieing in his bed with his eyes wide open staring at the the ceiling, he thought about the date with Mars tommorow night. What had he done? He felt like an idiot being a nearly thirty year old man having a liking for a nearly twenty year old woman. What an age gap that was. But then again, there was no one his age either and that beautiful virgin that was the only thing on his mind. He was stressed right now. He held his pillow tightly kicking his sheets around.

    "I must check on Mars!" he thought restlessly as he slowly got out of best.

    Putting on his robe, he crept down the hallways trying not to make a peep. The headquarters was quite scary at night but he kept moving on. At last, he arrived at Mars' bedroom.
    Slowly opening the door he peer inside, Mars was awfully quiet. He put his hand on her bed only to find out that it wasn't Mars at all but her pudgy little purugly Deimos with her bronzong Phobos lieing silently in the corner motionless. To Cyrus' luck, he work her up!

    Deimos opened her eyes a bit cranky being woken up from her cat nap and hissed a bit ready to pounce on him and totally inihilate him if he wasn't careful.

    "Great," Cyrus whispered to himself "At this rate, I'm going to wake everbody up!"

    Slowly backing away from the rotund, blue and white cat. He realized that Deimos was too tired to deal with him right now and she immediately fell back asleep. Phobos was still silent.

    "Well, he literally sleeps like a rock." he thought as he left her room.

    "Where can she be though?" Cyrus asked himself
    He pondered for a bit thinking back to the last few days. Suddenly, it hit him.

    "Of course, I should have known, all this time she is probably staying up late hours doing research!"
    as Cyrus tip toed to the lab she often worked in. Opening the door, sure enough, she was in there with her head on the keyboard of her computer with loads of books stacked on her desk.
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    Chapter 8
    The Dream
    Cyrus walked closer to Mars, her hair was a mess and she appeared to be weared out from these long hours of research.

    "This girl should be tired, she shouldn't even be working this long without a break."
    Cyrus said "She spent almost two days without food and sleep. The only thing she has are some energy drinks that she has been drinking to keep her up."
    as she noticed a few gatorade bottles on the floor and one on her desk.
    He put his hand on her chest feeling her breathing as it slowly went up and down like a ballon letting air in and out. The rythym of her breathing soothed Cyrus as he picked her up like a prince caring his fair maid and tucked her back in bed.

    "My darling, she cares about me enough to do countless hours of research for me? What a doll, how loyal she must be to do such a thing for me." Cyrus thought
    He sat by the bed side.

    "I feel so tempted but I mustn't" Cyrus thought to himself again

    "But this is the least I can do."
    He put his face slowly closer to her lips, he gave her a kiss.
    This moment in time was so wonderful to him, he didn't want it to end it lasted about five seconds though but those five seconds in time felt like five minutes to Cyrus.
    He left her room and gently closed the door and walking back to bed. Laying on his back, he felt right asleep thinking about the one dream, the one dream that came to life that night it surely took his mind off his fear. Meanwhile, Mars opened her eyes a bit. Suprised to see herself in her own bed

    "Petey," Mars thought

    "Could he be Cyrus?"
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    Chapter 9
    The Date
    Finally, the day of the date arrived. That morning Mars woke up refreshed. She was still puzzled about who Petey was, she was sure that it was Cyrus but then again he even said to her that he wasn't and it definitely wasn't anything Saturn would do.
    But then again, so was Cyrus. Maybe it was a whole different person that she didn't know about! Maybe one of her subordinates. That is probably right, a childish crush.

    "I guess I'll have to find out tonight," as she slowly stood up.
    Looking through her closet, she pulled out her dress.

    "I'm going to wear this dress! It is so wonderful! I must tell Cyrus about my plans!" Mars squealed in joy skipping down the hallway to Cyrus' office.

    Nervous Cyrus was in his office like usual. All he could think of was

    "Friday already? How can it be so?"
    Mars suddenly opened up the door racing up to his desk.

    "What was that for doll face, I mean, um Mars." Cyrus asked getting to bed at one o' clock in the morning took a toll on him.

    "Dollface? What was that for?" Mars lifted an eyebrow

    "Nothing, nothing." he studdered for a bit

    "Anyways, today I'm going to go on a date! I honestly can't wait until tonight. I picked out a dress and Jupiter is going to do my hair too! I hope you don't mind if I spend a night on the town with this guy." Mars smiled dreamily

    "Um, I don't mind at all my lad, um errr.. Mars-san." Cyrus said nervously

    "It must be hard to understand what love is, you told me that emotions are useless and just interfere. I was tought to treat others callously not showing a bit of emotion. But the more I think of that, how can you not live without love? It must be a boring life without it. Very depressing indeed." Mars said concerned

    "I guess you have a point Mars, but it does interfere and as much I don't want you to get caught up with this guy you are going out with, you should maintain a cold character when it comes with dealing with enemies. It will eventually get to you in situations that require you to be like that in order to be successful." Cyrus commented

    "I understand and I'm willing to take the risk but there is probably a woman in the world that likes you too Cyrus-sama. I've been a commander of yours for years and I know you better than you might think." Mars said in a soft tone

    "Well, thank you for telling me that. Take this corsage as good luck. It is an orange rose from Floroma Town it is surrounded by baby's breath to brighten the beauty of it. Take this because I know you will have a future ahead of you." as he put it on her wrist

    "Oh Cyrus-sama, its so beautiful. I knew you would understand my emotions right now." she answered admiring the rose on her wrist.

    "I think you should think about getting ready my darling Mars-san. Evening will come before you know it." Cyrus replied

    "Yes Cyrus-sama, I'll make sure I tell you how the date went." as Mars left the office once again she came back to her closet and put on the mint green dress she was going to wear.

    "I love this dress so much!" she squealed to herself in the mirror.
    Then all of the sudden as Mars was in her little dream world, somebody knocked on the door, it was none other than Jupiter.

    "Hey Mars, are you ready for me to do your hair?" she asked

    "I was born ready!" as Mars rushed out of the room.

    "By the way, did you see my corsage Cyrus-sama gave me?" Mars said showing Jupiter her wrist.

    "Cyrus-sama gave you that? It isn't like him to do that but okay, follow me then." Jupiter replied motioning her to come with Mars
    Eventually they came to a bath room and Jupiter pulled up a stool for Mars to sit on.

    "Okay Mars, we are going to do your hair and make up and maybe add some jewlery too. Trust me on this Mars, you'll look awesome!" as she played with her bright red hair.

    "You hair, it looks a bit chunked together and that cowlick you have needs to be tamed. What I'm going to do is make it more flowy and wavy, maybe add a little bronze to it to make a the red a little less tense. Is that okay with the hair?" Jupiter asked

    "Go for it Jupiter, I totally put my looks in your hands right now." Mars answered

    "Thats the spirit!" Jupiter said excited for she couldn't wait to start.
    First, she took Mars to the sink to get it wet, then she washed it, colored it, dryed it, and curled it. This took about fourty five minutes but finally it was done.

    "What do you think?" Jupiter asked holding up a mirror to her face.

    "I love it!" Mars gasped "This is exactly what I wanted it to be like it can't get any better!"

    "Well, what if I put this flower clip in your hair for a final touch?" Jupiter said attaching a hair clip to her bronzy, red locks.

    "That is even better! Are you going to start on the makeup?" she asked still enticed by Jupiter's work.

    "Sure! Well, first of all Mars we have to pick out the right colors for your face." Jupiter explained

    "It seems like pale pink would work good for the apples of your cheeks while earthy colored eye shadow and eye liner will be used for your eyes. You lips would definitely go with the neutrals. Maybe a nice tawny if you will."

    Mars nodded "That sounds reasonable I have no objections against it."

    "The lets get started!" as Jupiter applied make up to Mars' face before you knew it, her face was all dolled up.

    "Now, before you even say another word, I'm going to spray a little fragrance on you to make you smell pretty." as Jupiter sprayed the fragrance near Mars' neck.

    "I love it indeed!" as Mars became captivated from herself

    "I'm glad you like it, take this silver locket. It may be a classic but it is never the less elegant." as Jupiter put the locket around Mars' neck.

    "Great, thank you Jupiter!" as she headed off to wait until it was time to it was almost two 'o clock PM and Mars had no idea what to do.

    She head back to her room and dropped onto her bed next to Deimos with Phobos hovering about her. She pet Deimos and sighed

    "This going to be a long wait."
    Eventually she grew tired and fell asleep for a few hours. But once she woke up, she looked on the clock and it hit her.

    "Its 7:55!" she screamed while anxiety and irrational thoughts filled her mind.

    "I got to hurry! Only five minutes I'm going to be late!" Mars said rushing to get her shoes on which were unfortunately high heels but she ran out the door faster than a bullet out of a gun.
    Phobos and Deimos just looked at her like she was crazy or something. But Mars ran in high heels to the casino about ten minutes away.

    "These shoes are just a burden!" Mars thought kicking the shoes off running bare foot. It was getting darker and darker and the sun was setting but she couldn't give up, she just couldn't.
    At last, she made it. Veilstone was quite crowded on Friday and Saturday nights.

    "Its 8:02 but I still don't see him!" Mars thought looking around

    "Petey! Petey, can you hear me? Petey?" she walked around the city but still not a sign of Petey. Ten minutes had passed and Mars seemed to be giving up hope it was getting dark and being alone at night was quite dangerous. Just then, someone appeared to be coming closer to her.

    "Petey? Petey! Its Mars, I was waiting for you where were you?" she said running towards him. But as she got closer though, he started to run. The man was actually Cyrus, he was Petey after all but he was nervous, sort of embarassed about this.

    Mars tried to catch up to him,
    "Wait, what are you doing? Why are you running? Petey, come back!" Mars ran faster but couldn't keep up with Cyrus and tripped into a puddle. Cyrus eventually disappeared and Mars was cold and wet she was about ready to cry right now.
    Just then it rained, a downpour came upon her and her hair was ruined, her legs were scraped up from tripping, her dress was all ruined, and her feet were sore from walking barefoot.
    Roars of thunder and flashes of lightning filled the sky. Mars, all the sudden felt a bit alone. The Friday night crowd pretty much all went inside the night clubs, the restaurants, and the department store.
    Mars shed tears and her scream answered the thunder's rage. It was dark and the rain clouds just made it darker.
    She walked back to the headquarter soaked from head to toe and covered in mud and with sore feet. It was a pitiful sight indeed.
    Meanwhile, as Cyrus looked out the window he thought

    "Is Mars okay? She must not be out there still. Why was I embarassed to date her? I should have followed my gut and have not ran. What will I say to her?" Cyrus wept.

    He grieved as much as Mars did, reflecting on his callous behavior he has been notorious for interfered with him and he thought it was the other way around too!
    Poor thing, as he gazed out the window Mars came inside soaking wet tracking mud and water inside on the neat, tile floors. Cyrus rushed down the stairs.
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    Chapter 10
    The Aftermath
    "Mars! Are you okay?" he asked her
    "No! Does it look like I am?" she wailed falling to her knees
    "Oh Cyrus-sama, my date ran away from me. Petey doesn't like me!" as salty tears rolled down her cheek
    "There, there Mars, it breaks my heart to see you beat yourself up like that. Come here, let Cyrus hold you." as he held her tightly in her arms. It was like he was holding a wet dog. Although it seemed a bit gross and Cyrus got a bit wet and muddy too but this girl needed comforting right now.
    "Cyrus-sama, why did this have to happen to me? Why me? Why? I wish I can speak to Petey right now and tell him to not be afraid of me and that I love how he cares about me. It is an amazing feeling to know that somebody admires you it truly does." Mars continued to cry
    "I'm sure he was probably scared and he definitely regrets what he did. You are so cold Mars, why don't take a warm bath and get into some warm pajamas and I'll make you a cup of tea to heal your heart." Cyrus suggested
    "Cyrus-sama, its not like you to do this but thank you indeed. I feel better that somebody actually cares about me now." Mars answered wiping the last of her tears away.
    "I shall do what you said then." as she walked to the wash room filling a large tub with hot water and bubble bath Cyrus followed her
    "Why don't you let me prepare your tub?" he requested
    "Really? You insist?" Mars answered
    "Indeed," he nodded filling the rest of the tub with water and bubble bath it was finally ready for Mars to get in.
    "I believe you should leave because I'm going to take off my clothes." as Mars began to unzip her wet, green dress.
    "Oh right." Cyrus stepped out but just cracked the door open just enough to get a good glimpse of Mars, what a pervert.
    Blushing in the sight of her taking off her dress his face turned a bright cherry red and couldn't help but giggle in the sight of what he saw.
    "Look at those curves!" he whispered still red as a tomato.
    A passing Saturn just looked at Cyrus thinking
    "What a jerk..."
    But Cyrus didn't care it was like a dream for him to see a shower scene of Mars. Love sure did strange things to a man I guess.
    As Mars got into the tub filled with bubbles she noticed Cyrus looking at her.
    "Um, do you want something Cyrus-sama?" Mars asked a bit confused why he was watching her.
    "Well, what tea would you like?" Cyrus asked her
    "Green I guess, you aren't doing anything pervy right?" as she gave a piercing gaze at him and immersing herself in the warm water.
    "No, not at all, why don't I come in an maybe scrub behind your ears and stuff. I hate to let you do all that work." Cyrus answered
    "What is your probelm? You know I'm fine without you helping me. What made you the pervert all the sudden huh?" Mars scowled
    "I'm sorry okay! I won't do it anymore! Its just," Cyrus bit his lip
    "No buts and sorry isn't enough! Get out now!" Mars screamed throwing her wet sponge at Cyrus
    Cyrus ran away in disappointment.
    "I took it too far and this is what I get? Love is hard thing. I swear that starting tomorrow I shall revert back to my own ways. I will be the old Cyrus, the self centered, cold, Cyrus, the Cyrus with the heart of stone. I feel like a fool now for doing this! Gah!!" he banged his head on a wall
    "My organization is falling to pieces and I'm in love with one of my commanders? It can't be!"
    A flash back all the sudden occured to Cyrus it was back in fifth grade it was the last time that this whole love thing went wrong.
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    Tabby Catty, I realized as you go on further with the story, the chapters are becoming dangerously short. Please lengthen them with more detail in the future - I had also witnessed a lack of description.
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    Tabby Catty, I realized as you go on further with the story, the chapters are becoming dangerously short. Please lengthen them with more detail in the future - I had also witnessed a lack of description.
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    Status: Chaptered | R | Contestshipping | Finished

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    Yeah, don't worry, as I go on it will be longer. I guess you can say I was lacking inspiration but don't worry, they are a lot longer this time. This fic was already written so I'm just posting a chapter a day.

    Chapter 11
    The Flashback
    It was back in Sunyshore when Cyrus was only 10 and his Weavile was a Sneasel and when Sunyshore's gym leader Denji, a mellow rival of his at the time were getting ready for their term paper presentation. It was the week before Christmas and the kids were anxious to get out of school.

    "Good morning class, where is Cyrus he is supposed to go today." asked the teacher

    "I don't know probably scared." said a chubby looking kid
    Running through the halls with his report, Cyrus was late for class. Imediately, Cyrus slammed open the door panting.

    "I apologize Miss Summers but I was busy taking observations of last night's lunar eclipse it was quite interesting." Cyrus remarked

    "Well, that is no excuse to be late!" Mrs. Summers said

    "Well what do you know! I'll prove you one day that I will be the best astronomer you have ever known!" Cyrus yelled

    "Yeah, pffft... If you want to be one you got to start here." Mrs. Summers rolled her eyes.

    Cyrus went on and began reading his report.

    "What I'm going to read my report on today is Venus, known as Earth's sister as it was once thought to handle life but its atomosphere is mostly made up of carbon dioxide and lacks water as well know it. By studying Venus, we can learn about what our future on Earth would look like if global warming occurs. It doesn't have any known moons and."
    Cyrus continued on while nearly all of the class fell asleep except for a brunette girl with the rosiet ceeks you ever seen her name was Salvia. She felt bad for Cyrus, people always teased him and it bothered her.
    "And that concludes my term paper on Venus" Cyrus bowed
    "Any questions?"

    "Yeah, I have one, why bother? You are such a nerd and you shouldn't even be up here! I mean, you are ten and you have grey hair!" Denji laughed

    "I always had grey hair though!" Cyrus yelled

    "Oh no! You know what that means, he had mad scientist syndrome everybody!" yelled a girl near the back of the room "Calm down children, everyone has their own things that make him unique." Mrs. Summers said trying to calm the kids down

    "You better stop it Denji or I'll strangle you!" Cyrus said running to Denji squeezing him and biting him

    "Get off of me!" Denji yelled as he kicked and punched trying to get Cyrus off of him

    "That is enough!" Mrs. Summers said in a firm tone draging Cyrus away. "You two, office NOW!"

    "He started it though!" Cryus complained

    "I don't care! If you two don't follow my orders then both of you will be expelled!"

    "Yes Mrs. Summers" as the angrily slipped out of the room.
    Salvia looked concerned "But Mrs. Summers, that was a bit too harsh. Cyrus didn't do anything wrong, Denji just angered him." she said in a soft tone

    "Salvia, I know, its just Cyrus needs to control his anger better. I know exactly how you feel, if you were in my position you would probably do the same." Mrs. Summers answered

    After school, Denji and Cyrus were assigned to mop the floors. The both glared bitterly at each other and began mopping. Before going home, Salvia took a visit to Cyrus and said

    "Um, Cyrus, I don't think you deserve to mop the floors. I can I guess." she blushed

    "Really? That would be great!" as Cyrus handed her the mop

    "Cyrus, um, those kids were being mean to you don't take it personal I like your hair" Salvia said as she began to mop.

    "That is okay, I'm used to it. Bye Salvia!" as Cyrus hurried home his mother was at work and his father was home most of the time. He walked inside and said

    "I'm going to learn how to knit and make Salvia a scarf!" as he got out some random skeins of yarn and made some needles out of chopsticks. The scarf was kind of messy and it took him a few tries to do it right but he finally got it down after hundreds of times starting over and the scarf was complete. He wrapped it up in a box complete with a bow and tomorrow he would give it to her.

    The next day of school, Cyrus brought the box to school and placed it under his chair until the end of school he would give it to Salvia for a Christmas present of course, Denji had to ruing it.

    "Who is that present for Geekazoid?" Denji asked

    "Its none of your buisness." Cyrus mumbled
    Looking at the tag Denji smirked

    "To Salvia From Cyrus? Looks like Cyrus has a girlfriend!"
    The kids all pointed and laughed at him. It was plain humiliating to him, so bad that Cyrus left the school crying. Mrs. Summers saw him running down the hall. Coming in, she asked the class

    "What happened with Cyrus?"

    "They called him bad names and he left crying." Salvia answered picking up the box. It was so sad for her, Cyrus actually thought of her, what a great Christmas present.
    Ever since then, Cyrus became bitter, he finally left home away from Denji to pursue his dreams, sure an astronomer but he wanted to change this world, why did he have to go through this?
    To this day, he never went near his hometown in fear that they would ridicule him the same way. Only until he becomes god, is when he will look back.
    His only friends were his machines, his sneasel, his murkrow and his gyrados. To the nearest town he fled and that was Veilstone which is where he is today.
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    Chapter 12
    Petey Pachirisu has Died
    "Salvia!!!" Cyrus cried as the flashback ended promptly. Mars was a bit sceptical about him peeking at her but was a lot warmer now and curled up reading a book in her warm room.
    The next day Cyrus was back to his cold hearted self. Mars came into his office again and Cyrus suddenly began yelled at her

    "Mars, you are never allowed to go out on a date again! I don't have time for this love, I don't know what I was thinking when I said it was okay and you are going to give me that flute of the heavens to awaken Arceus do you hear?"

    "Yes Cyrus-sama" she bowed "Who should I bring with me?"

    "Jupiter will be good. Now head along I don't have all day!" as he hinted Mars to go away

    Shortly after Mars left, Saturn appeared before Cyrus. Taking his vest off, he placed it on the desk and said

    "I resign"
    Cyrus was furious "But Saturn, why? You can't resign, we need you! You are our head scientist!"

    "I'm sorry, but this is my final straw, as much as I enjoy my work, it all seems meaningless to me. I'm going back home to Mossdeep. Sinnoh was a good region but I'm afraid my family is waiting for me."

    "Don't you walk out the door, come back here!" Cyrus said angrily

    "You can't make me and go ahead, fire me I don't care." as he slowly made it out of his office and out the door of the headquarters.

    "Oh yeah?" Cyrus shouted "You know what? I will fire you! What a loyal lackey you are!" Cyrus stomped one of his feet and slammed the door shut.

    Mars and Jupiter came back to the office overhearing the commotion.

    "Is it true Saturn left?" Jupiter

    "Apparently yes!" Cyrus said frustrated

    "But he was supposed to get deoxys for us, what are we going to do now?" Jupiter asked

    "Just get the flute and summon Arceus yourselves. The person who summoned it will probably be able to command it okay. Deoxys was just for the purpose of power." Cyrus explained

    "Yes Cyrus-sama, it is a shame Saturn left us, you would think he would stay longer." Mars added

    "Yes but our numbers are decreasing since the failure of the Dialga and Palkia plot." Cyrus sighed "At least I still have you two."

    "It begins tonight then, we shall steal the flute from the museum." Mars said as the two of them walked out of the office to make preparations.
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    Getting the Flute
    At midnight, Mars and Jupiter stood outside the Oreburgh museum communication using a walkie talkie on one of their ears, Jupiter whispered
    "Okay Mars, use Phobos to disable the cameras and I'll use my skutank Callisto to take the flute."
    "Yes, okay Phobos, use psychic to disable the security cameras." Mars whispered as the bronzong diasabled the cameras.
    "Now Jupiter." as she gave Jupiter a signal Jupiter's skutank crawled into the air duct. Putting on some googles to detect the inferred, Jupiter gave her directions from a camera attached to a collar that she put on her skutank.
    "Very good, you got to the flute, now do you think you can carefully cut a hole with your claws and take it out?" Callisto did so, and scampered out the door but just when she was home safe, Jupiter said
    "Watch out there is a beam in front of you!"
    But it was too late an alarm went off and Jupiter yelled to Mars
    Picking up Callisto on the run, they successfully got the flute, but of course, there was a ton of security guards chasing them.
    "They are catching up on us!" Mars yelled
    "I can't keep up! I'm getting exhausted!" Jupiter yelled
    "Lets split up!" Mars said
    "How about a better idea!" Jupiter said holding out a smoke bomb
    "Great!" Mars replied
    "It will temporarily blind them too!" she commented throwing a couple down on the ground releasing huge clouds of smoke. The two women escaped without a probelm with the loot in one piece.
    Chapter 14
    Facing Cyrus
    The next morning Mars and Jupiter approached Cyrus in a chair watching the news while drinking a glass of wine.
    "What are you watching Cyrus-sama?" Jupiter asked
    "What am I watching?" Cyrus answered a bit grumpy "I'm watching stuff about you! Look!"
    "This is Jubilife TV and we have breaking news from Oreburgh. At about one in the morning two females around ninteen years old were spotted running off with the flute of heavens from the mueseum.
    Eye witnesses say that the culprits appeared to be Mars and Jupiter, both with high criminal records including pokemon theft, attempts of damaging natural landmarks, and organizing various plots for destruction and these are even some of them.
    They are said to be affiliated by Team Galactic, an organization that was thought to have been disbanded months ago but this could probably be the beginning of another wave of attacks on us."
    Jupiter and Mars' faces suddenly appeared on the screen. If you see them, do not approach them, call the police immediately. This scene is currently being investingated and we will bring you more news as we get it."
    Cyrus turned off the TV
    "I thought I told you to get the flute!" Cyrus scolded
    "We did! Its right here!" Jupiter showed it to her
    "Yeah, but now we'll be wanted for sure! You two were supposed to keep low profiles." Cyrus said looking very cross.
    "I guess so, but we have the flute and I guess we accomplished it. probably not what you pleased but we still did it." Mars told him
    "I guess, tomorrow we get Arceus." Cyrus stated
    Once again, the two of them left Cyrus' presence to plan what they were going to do.
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    Chapter 15
    The Arceus Ordeal
    It was another day and Jupiter, Mars, and Cyrus climbed Mt. Coronet once again like they did many months ago Jupiter and Mars' subordinates came along as well mostly to make sure anybody doesn't disturb them in their plot.
    "This mountain air is really getting to me Mars." said Jupiter
    "You'll get used to it, it might be a bit hard to breathe at first." said Mars
    "We are almost to the top of the mountain you know." Cyrus interrupted
    "Really? I'm tired walking so we better be!" commented Jupiter
    "Hey! The mountain top is dead ahead! That is where Arceus is!" Mars said pointing excitedly literally running.
    "At last, we are at the top, Jupiter if you will." Cyrus looked at Jupiter signaling her
    Jupiter blew into the flute playing an enchanted melody. ming voice he said
    "What have you came for?"
    "Arceus, creator of the pokemon, give us the power to reform this Earth to our liking and make us kings and queens!" Cyrus bowed
    "NEVER!!! Foolish humans, do you really think I'll fall for such a trick? You are a disgrace, a pitiful disgrace. It is not my will to grant you great power! You have no right to talk to me!" he shouted in the earth shattering voice "Now leave!"
    "But..." Cyrus trembled
    "LEAVE!!" as Arceus roared in rage bombarding them with judgment pebbles causing massive earthtrembling explosions in all directions.
    "You angered him Cyrus, if you want to stay alive, you better run!" Jupiter shouted as they ran fast down the marble stair way.
    "Okay, is everyone all right?" Cyrus asked
    "Where is Mars?" as Jupiter noticed Mars was missing
    "Mars? Mars! Come on, you are going to get killed!" Cyrus screamed
    "I'm stuck!" a soft voice came from the destruction.
    "Don't worry Mars, I'm coming!" Cyrus walked up the stairs again. Jupiter grabbed his arm.
    "You got to be kidding me right? If you are going to attempt to save her, you'll surely be killed along with Mars! Let her go." Jupiter said
    "But I can't just leave her, she is in trouble!" Cyrus answered taking Jupiter's arms off of him.
    "Here goes nothing, Vulcan! Apollo!" shouted Cyrus as he sent out his Honchkrow Vulcan and his Weavile Apollo "Distract Arceus for me while I get Mars."
    The two of them flew and scampered around Arceus dodging as many attacks as they can as he tried to get rid of them.
    "I don't have a lot of time" he thought running up the stairs
    "Mars, where are you?" he yelled
    "I right here" she said weakly waving her hand. Her entire lower half of her body was buried under rubble. Her dress was all tworn up and stained with blood, blood covered her face and she looked like she was nearly in shock.
    "Stay calm Mars, I'm coming for you, just hang on for about fifteen minutes and we'll get you medical attention as soon as I remove these boulders." Cyrus told her removing the boulder
    These were so heavy but he had to try harder. This was Mars, the lady who brought him hope.
    "Vile..." Vulcan and Apollo laid motionless on the ground. Arceus finished them off and he began to eye the two of them. Just then, Cyrus felt an amazing feeling, something that he never thought was never possible. From his love for Mars, Cyrus gained extra strength, he knew what he had to do and was willing to do anything for her.
    He lifted the very last boulder with ease. Picking Mars up he dashed for the door calling back Vulcan and Apollo for a long rest. He was almost there the only thing he was looking at now was at the bottom of the stairs where Jupiter was at the distance.
    "If only my feet can run faster!" he thought
    Just when he made it to the first step, a judgment pebble exploded right behind Cyrus causing him to trip. He tumbled down the stairs with Mars in his arms. Just making it to the last step, Arceus calmed down and went back into his dormant state before Jupiter blew the flute.
    "I can't believe you have gone through all of the trouble just to get her!" Jupiter said a bit disappointed about Cyrus' decision.
    "You got to understand though, she is my comrad and it is my duty as a leader to protect them. I would do the same for you by the way." Cyrus explained
    "Yeah, but you could have got yourself killed." she muttered to herself rolling her eyes.
    "We don't have much time, these cuts look pretty deep and could lead to an infection if we don't clean them out. I'm not an expert at this but she is definitely losing a lot of blood from these wounds her face looks a lot more pale than usual. We got to get her medical attention immediately." Jupiter explained
    "Should I go?" Cyrus asked
    "No, you should stay with Mars, my apprentices are a few minutes away. Keep and eye on her for me." as she ran away to get help. Cyrus watched the dot known as Jupiter disappear. He had faith in in her and she rarely failed him before after all. Turning to Mars, he said
    "Don't worry Mars, Petey Pachirisu is here for you. I hate to see you in this state." Cyrus said as his heart sank when he looked in her eyes.
    Just then Jupiter and two of her apprentices appeared in the distance. The three little dots began to grow bigger finally they arrived with only five minutes ellapsed from when Jupiter left.
    "You were quick Jupiter." said Cyrus a bit bewildered on how quick she reappeared
    "Yeah, but she won't last long, a chopper is going to pick us up we got to hurry." Jupiter instructed
    Her assitants meanwhile put Mars on a stretcher. Her eyes were just barely open as she was carried down the mountain. The chopper arrived and they all climbed in.
    "How is Mars doing?" Cyrus asked
    "Her breathing is very faint but it is still detectable." one of her assistants commented
    "Are you going to do anything to her?" Cyrus asked
    "We are cleaning the wounds to prevent infection. Rubbing alchohol usually does the trick it does sting her though but that is a good pain so it won't hurt her too bad." Jupiter's other assistant said as the first one rubbed swabs of rubbing alchohol on her wounds cleaning out the wounds.
    "Gaaah!!" Mars screamed in pain
    "Mars, we will give you some pain medicine, it should help you not feel so yucky." Jupiter said calming her down.
    Her other assistant administered pain medicine through her arm she immediately calmed down.
    "What will you do about the cuts?" asked Cyrus
    "We might have to stitch some of the deeper ones up but we can just wrap the minor wounds up and they should heal on thier own in a matter of weeks." said Jupiter. "The loss of blood is not much of a concern right now, she won't lose much if we continue to treat her."
    Just then, they landed on the roof of the headquarters and everyone rushed out of the chopper. Even though Mars was pretty much okay, Cyrus was still concerned about her. He couldn't help thinking about how she was feeling. That must have really took a toll on her. That night he couldn't sleep, for the only thing on his mind right now was her.
    Chapter 16
    Cyrus speaks the Truth
    The next morning, Mars was in her bed doing a lot better.
    "Good morning Mars," Cyrus smiled
    "I thank you deeply for what you did yesterday. Tell me Cyrus-sama, despite your hard heart, why did you save me? If it wasn't for you, I would have probably died." Mars asked
    Cyrus sighed
    "Listen Mars, you know Petey Pachirisu? That, was me..." Cyrus said a bit nervous
    "I thought it was, I wasn't sure though. I knew it wasn't like you to do that but then again you were acting different towards my for a while so I got concerned." Mars said
    "To tell you the truth, I liked you ever since the start when Team Galactic was still young. When the organization made a sharp down spiral, the way you brought hope to me felt like you were more than a subordinate."
    "But why did you run away from me?" Mars asked
    "That? I wanted to take you with me for a night on the town and I was going to hopefully ask you to marry me since I figured we knew each other for so long and you seemed to still remain loyal that you would be willing to commit to this." Cyrus explained
    "There is no need to be afraid and Cyrus, but marry me? I guess its possible I'll say yes but Cyrus, to me it seems like a big commitment and the last thing I want to do is have an unsuccessful marriage. Don't get me wrong, I would love it if you brought marriage up again in maybe a few more months when the whole ocean of affection we have dies down and we still want to remain together." Mars answered
    "I see, so that is why you were mad at me that one time when you were bathing to warm yourself up?" Cyrus asked
    "Exactly, I would never let anyone do that only my agreed upon husband I would allow to do it." said Mars
    "I understand," Cyrus nodded
    "But I noticed that you changed your attitude. Ever since the night after the date was supposed to be taking place, you all the sudden turned back to normal." Mars questioned
    "Salvia..." Cyrus said softly
    "Salvia? Who is Salvia?" Mars asked
    "When I was in fifth grade, I was the top student in my class. I always got on the high honor roll, most outstanding, I won every science fair, my parents were proud of me. I didn't have any friends, only Vulcan, my weavile, sneasel at the time and the presence of technology seemed to be my friends. But one day, Denji now in charge of my hometown Sunyshore's gym, he always picked on me. Calling me Geekazoid and other names like that. I was definitely labeled as a nerd. But despite all of this, there was a lovely lady known as Salvia. She was cheerful little brunette and she really seemed to stand up for me." Cyrus explained
    "What happened to Salvia." Mars asked
    "Well, that one Chirstmas in fifth grade I took all the trouble to learn how to knit a scarf for her. The day before Christmas break, I gave her the gift. The others especially Denji laughed at me. That was my final straw, that day I left Sunyshore with my sneasel, my telescope, and the clothes on my back to pursue my own dreams so one day I can get my rightful avengance on them." Cyrus said
    "That is sad! It has been that long since you've been to your home town?" Mars replied
    "Yes, I was always afraid to visit my family because it held so many memories to me." Cyrus answered sadly
    "That must be tough, it has been quite a while since I been to Mahogany, I remember when I was younger I visited the Lake of Rage whenever I needed to be alone, I stopped coming to the lake after gyrados incident with Team Rocket, you have a gyrados don't you?" she smiled
    "Indeed, it was just a magikarp when I caught it. It is amazing how something weak could be so strong." he said staring at the ceiling
    "Yes, magikarp and feebas, two pokemon that start out so ugly and useless turn out to be rather strong." Mars commented
    "It is kind of like me, I seemed to be the feebas and as I looked into the present, I feel that I'm very successful." Cyrus answered
    "But I still wonder what happened to Salvia? What about your parents?" Mars wondered
    "That is something I would like to know too. Did Salvia move on? Are my parents okay? My father was a sailor who was home once in a great while. My mother was proud about me, she sort of used me for bragging rights, maybe that is why she thought of me as a trophy." Cyrus replied
    "That must bite, it seems like Team Galactic is failing right now. We are going to disband and its all my fault! I regret actually trying to save this organization, it backfired on me and I'm now inflicted with this terrible pain." Mars winced about ready to cry.
    "Mars, you are only hurting yourself, don't think that you instantly fail because your plan went wrong, so what if Team Galactic disbands? That doesn't mean we have to leave each other!" he said encouragingly
    "Thank you for that comment Cyrus, with my wounds, I'm not in the condition to fight for a while. Soon Jupiter is going to leave then she is going to tell me to leave with her. There is only seven of us right now and at this rate, Team Galactic will be non existant in two days!" she said worriedly
    "I hate to see you pessimistic Mars, I really do I hope this book I made after we got back for Mt. Coronet after that ordeal with Arceus. Hopefully it will cheer you up." Cyrus said handing her the book
    "Its a comic?" Mars said looking at the cover "Its titled 'The Adventures of Petey Pachirisu'."
    Chapter 17
    The Book
    "Go ahead, read it!" Cyrus said excited
    "Okay, If you really want me too I guess I will." she said turning the page this is what it read:
    "One day, Petey Pachirisu found a lovely red haired lady who he loved. He cooked a bento for her, he gave her a flower, and he asked her on a date.
    But when the date came, Petey got scared and ran away from her because he thought she wouldn't like him. Petey then remembered about what happened to a lovely brunette that he liked when he was much younger so Petey gave up on her for a while. But one day the red haired lady was in danger and held captive by an evil beast, Petey didn't know what to do. Did he want to risk his life for her? He did, Petey confroted the beast and sleighed him. She greatly loved Petey and was loyal to him. Petey knew that she was the one. Did they live happily ever after?" Turning the page, Mars' eyes widened with the message.
    "Will you marry me my lady? After all these years and all we have been through any time is a good time. I respect how you feel but you can always ask me any time. This organization is on his last thread and if you still want to be together with me, you are ready because if you just a mere lackey, you would go pursue your dreams like Saturn. So are you ready to spend our life together?"
    Mars shouted "Yes!"
    "Seriously?" Cyrus asked
    "You bring up a good point, I do want to tie the knot, as long as I dedicate this relationship to God. Knowing you for a long time, I realize that I don't want to leave you and I really think you are sweet man Cyrus-sama." Mars blushed
    "Come here Mars, let me embrace this moment." Cyrus said getting in front of her squeezing her in his arms. Just then, he gave her a huge kiss. Mars felt satisfied at the embrace and slowly wrapped her arms around him. It was the beginning of a long relationship.
    That night, they lied down together, for tomorrow, the Persian king and the war godess will no longer worry about where life takes the two. All they know is that it is going to be an adventure of a life time.
    The End

    And that is the end of it. I think I might make a sequal. But personally, I admit that I'm a lot better with comics than actual fanfictions and that is the truth.
    Betelgueseshipper for life Yo!

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