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    In the final battle with Gordor (I think) when he uses Raikou, Suicune & Entie i am having severe difficulty in capturing them.

    Can someone please give me a good strategy to use against them and what pokemon i should use.

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    I foudn them very hard too. Luckily, in the previous area (where you have to get Volteon, Vapereon and Flareon) there are lots of good Pokémon.

    Firstly, make sure you have Raichu and Volteon for Styler Recharging.

    For Raikou use Espeon when there a NO of those annyoing electric bolts he sends down that stay there. When they all go and he's running around quickly use it. If not try Medicham.

    For Suicine, use Plusle/Minum. He makes three copies of himslef near the begining if I remember correctly but they'll all be stunned so draw a circle around all of them and the copies will disappear and circle away.

    For Entei, trap him in Vapereon's bubble. Timing, though. Waiting so the fire is at the edges ofthe screen and Entei is in the middle. If that fails, try Plusle/Minum if they have enough energy.

    Dark might help as well.

    Your party should be:

    Medicham (good general back up if others fail)

    And some others that I good (Gengar, Umbreon etc.)

    It takes a few times to do.

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