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1. ...OK !! BelleShipping FTW !!!

We need some fics involving cross gen main characters ^_^
oho, and I remember that I've seen Gary in that vid of yours...will he come into play as well ? Killer casting for this fic

2. enter the hairflick

...and the proper reaction that follows

*has just bursted out laughing...holding his face in his hand*

now this is just plain ridiculous xD

Fu*k that, BelleShipping all the way new cross-generations shipping, I am really starting to grow fond of them

Well dear, again...what can I say ? you want me to stop making you blush with my "flattering" comments (which, I still hold my case, are only but the truth of what I think), then don't write such brilliant and captivating stories (don't you dare think of doing that...I'd rather live with the felling of me flattering you than without your fics )

5/5, I can almost already rate this, but I'll wait for another (few) chapter(s) to do it...

see you soon dear
I am sorry that I didn't PM you, I just quickly posted the chapter then went to watch Eastenders xD

1. I lurrrrrrrve da Belleshipping!! xD I like to cross characters that I think are cute together, rather than havin an obvious one like Briana/Drew or May/Drew because it gives an original thingy-ma-bob. xD
Yesh Gary will be in this fic, every character that was in the video is going to be in. Some of them (Misty and Nozomi) will not be main characters, but will nevertheless be in it.

2. Yesh, me have to have Drew's hair flick in!!! and May has a lil teeny reaction to it ^^

3. I tried to make it ridiculous and ironic that Drew was watching Pimp My Ride when he has an extravegant Porsche xD

4. Yesh Belleshipping You are soo nice thank you for saying that about my writing and yesh u flatter me so much but it is that kind of speak that inspires me so much hun

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This was great! Before I forget, I watched the video you posted and it was really, really good. Felt like a real movie trailer. Anyways, back to the story.

Well, it's cute how May's job is going well. One good thing going right? I liked May and Dawn's talk in Starbucks(<3), I hope it keeps at peace for at least a certain amount of time. I wonder what Dawn would do if she didn't have May to talk too =]

Wow, I had seen the spolier before but Paul just taking off like that was a suprise. I never knew that New York was "metropolis," either even though I live in the U.S =D I like your writing because it kinda shows like England vs. U.S, not in a competitive way or anything, I just like the way you write. =]

Ow ow! Hot Dawn and Drew romance. I like how Drew doesn't even mind how Dawn calls it off, and acts like nothing happend. Poor Dawn, she was probuly so overwhelmed. By the way, The Hills Have Eyes, I love that movie, quite gory though, I can see where Dawn had problems.

Finally, my favortie part was when Drew drove May home and he was driving so quick and everything. I also loved her reffering him to a sexy gangster. That made me laugh out loud. =]

You really are sticking with this. Your updates come very fast. Does this mean you are spending less time on Hot Chocolate though? I hope not..=[

Lovely chapter again.
Thank you for watching my video and for syaing that about it =3

Dawn would probably just sit quietly in the living room with Drew and watch whatever he was on the television if she wasn't with May...

England vs. America? wootness xD thank you for that, I am extremely English so I think that shows xD

Yesh, I enjoyed writing the Dawn and Drew moment Belleshipping galore ^^ The Hills Have Eyes, my best friend Sophie-kins who I love dearly, scared me to death with that movie xDDD but oh well, it is a kool film but if she thinks she is going to make me le watch the second one, le nooo! xD

I am having to spend less time on Hot Chocolate for this fic, but I still write it, but the Hot Chocolate chapters tend to be longer so they take longer to write lol. Thank you for the lovely comment hun =3