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    Cover for Bartender -->
    Gary's and Misty's Outfits -->

    Disclaimers: I don’t own Pokemon or the characters. I also do not the song “Bartender” by T-Pain ft. Akon. So please don’t sue me!

    Warning: Minor swearwords, blah, blah, blah etc.

    “…” Talking
    ‘Italic’ Thinking
    Bold Font: The lyrics to the song


    (Gary, Misty and Ash – Age 22)

    Saturday Morning

    Covering his eyes with his right hand and rubbing his temples with his thumb and middle finger, Gary woke up with a pounding headache. Only been up for a minute, Gary let out a loud grunt for he realized he must have drunk a lot more then usual to end up getting a hang over. He then pushed himself up to an upright position, running his fingers through his brown spikes with his eyes still shut. The sheets on Gary dropped down around his waist, which exposed the only piece of clothing on him, a pair of black boxer.

    “God, I must have a rough night.”

    “You had a rough night? Gawd whatever, you were sooo rough with me.”

    Gary shot his eyes wide open when he heard a familiar female’s voice, as he realized the room he was in wasn’t his. He then looked turn over to his left, to see Misty leaned against the headboard of the bed frame in baby blue above the belly spaghetti cami with white lace trims, which matched some lace trim booty shorts. “Misty?! Oh crap!”

    “Haha is that all you can say? I got more words out from you last night when we wer—.”

    “Did we actually end up having sex?!” Gary asked with a panicky face.

    “Let’s just say I was disappointed and have to quote, worst lay ever.” Misty said casually, as she tucked her short length red hair behind her ear. But she didn’t expect Gary to place both of his hands on each side of her shoulder.

    “I don’t care if it was the worst lay ever! I didn’t hurt you or forced you did I?! I seriously don’t remember what all happened last night. Whatever happens, I’ll take full responsibility—”

    “Hahahhaha, Gary! I’m sooo sorry! Hahaha, I just couldn’t help but to tease you. Nothing happened between us last night, hahaha.” Misty felt Gary’s hand slipped off her shoulders, while she was holding tight onto her sides.

    “Thank god, but do you think you can stop laughing? It’s really not helping my hangover. But why are we in the same bed and I’m in my boxer and you’re in your cami-set? Not that I’m complaining now.”

    “Gee thanks I guess…” Misty said in a playful sarcastic tone, as she then finally got out of bed. “…Come on, I’ll tell you everything over some breakfast. But you better not complain about my cooking. I hate and don’t cook often, so consider yourself lucky for me to be making you breakfast in the morning.”

    “Heh ok, that’s if I live through it first I guess.” Gary said with a smirk, while getting dressed but caught Misty’s glare. “Hey! You said not to complain about your cooking, but insulting it is different.”

    “Ooo, you are sooo lucky that I have a soft spot for you as the moment because of your current situation.” Misty walked passed Gary heading towards the door.

    “Yeah, don’t remind me. You’re not going to the kitchen in your nightwear are you?”

    “Why not? I live in this house-hold-gym with just my sisters and it’s not like we haven’t seen each other in nightwears. Besides why would I be ashamed of this figure I have going on? You like it don’t you?” Misty stuck out her tongue with a wink and walked out through the door.

    A smile crept upon Gary’s face, as he shook his head realizing Misty has changed over the years since he last seen her. Gary then quickly followed after Misty before losing her in her house, as he tried to remember what he could recall of last night.

    Verse 1 - T-Pain
    Broke up with my girl last night so I went to the club (so I went to the club)
    Put on a fresh white suit and a Minicos sitting on dubs (sitting on dubs)
    I'm just looking for somebody to talk to and show me some love (show me some love)
    If you know what I mean... Uh-Huh...
    Everybody jackin' me as soon as I stepped in the spot (I stepped in the spot)
    200 *****es and man aint none of them hot (aint none of them hot)
    'Cept for this pretty young thang that was workin' all the way at the top (all the way at the top)
    Shawty what is your name?

    Flashback to Last Night – Friday

    Gary spent endless of hours driving in and out through different towns and cities to get his mind off the sudden random break up with his girlfriend of 3 years, as she took off back to her hometown. Gary made it and drove around Cerulean City for a bit to check out the sighting and what was there to offer because he always wondered what’s so great about it. Due to Ash always make a special trip to Cerulean City once a week and only mention he likes what he sees in Cerulean City. Finally tired of driving, he found a club that was near by. Gary stepped out of his red convertible, after parking it in the ‘Cerulean Rave’ club’s parking lot and looked around to see it was petty packed. As he straightens out his white unbutton long sleeve shirt over his black tank beater, which went over a pair of white pants. Gary paid a large amount at the door to cover the club’s door charges and to get into the club right away then compared to standing in long the line. All the others that stood in line didn’t care that Gary’s one of the most known researcher of the Kanto region, as they were not happy about Gary flashing his fame and fortune. Once Gary stepped into the big dance floor, eyes from both sexes were on him when he walked through the crowd, as he heard a few guys where wondering what Gary was doing in Cerulean City and from the girls, gasping and gawking sounds. The dance floor big as can be, with a nice lay out, along the wall there were big lounge chairs and tables and further deep on each side, a bar. Gary spotted an empty lounge chair and sat down in it. Not even 10 second of a moment to himself to listen to the music mix in the background, a bunch of girls came up to him and started flirting with him. The round of flirting from the girls only lasted about 5 minutes when Gary sends them off due to them reminding him of his ex-girlfriend. It did cheered him up that the girls are giving him the attention but he just couldn’t stand those girls. And being a sour sport, he saw them ‘ugly’ because of their ‘Barbie looks’ were similar to his EX, Liz. Once again sitting by himself, scanning the club he realized that he was sitting on the ‘smoker’ side. Gary got up to move over to the ‘non-smoker’ side but stopped when he saw out the corner of his eye, the back view of a redhead with a nice figure at the bar tossing a bottle in the air as she caught it and then made her mix drinks. The closer Gary got to the bar, the more intrigue he got by the cute-ness of the short-wet affect hairdo bartender in a black fitted tee tied at the back at mid back, with a matching black booty shorts that had a silver chain around her waist. For some reason Gary wanted to get to know the bartender, as he took a seat right directly behind her.

    “Hey bartender, it’s my first time here. What do you recommend?” Gary waited for the bartender to turn around, after she shouted to him that she’ll be with him in a second. After he spotted her placing all her made drinks and placed them on the tray for another waitress to take, Gary was surprised at whom he was staring straight at when she finally turned around. “Misty?”

    “Gary? What are you doing here? Wow it’s been so many years since I last seen you in person!” Misty yelled out in excitement.

    “Yeah, it’s been years. So why are you working in a place like this?” Gary asked with raised eyebrow, as he backed up a bit when she leaned in towards him.

    “Hey, I’ll tell you later ok? Give me 5 minutes as my break is about to come up. Since you’re here lets dance and I’m not taking no as an answer. I really want to dance but if I’m on the dance floor alone I get a bunch of creeps wanting to dance with me.”

    “Suuure, why the hell not. But hey, what do you have for 100 proofs?” Gary looked at all the bottles behind Misty to see all the choices but then he just picked the first 100 proof he knew. “Ah’ hell with it, just give me 3 shots of Yukon Jack to start.” Gary said in a somewhat livid but murky tone.

    “Uh ok. Is there something wrong?” Misty placed three shot glasses in front of Gary and filled them all up.

    “I’ll tell you later if I feel like it after we’re done dancing from your break. How much do I owe you?” Gary asked, as he took all three shots one after another.

    “Oh don’t worry about it, it’s on me. Anyways let me help that customer down there and we hit the dance floor, k?” Misty asked but quickly took off at the other end of the bar before Gary could reply.

    Oooo she made us drinks, to drink
    We drunk 'em, Got drunk
    And then I think she thinks I'm cool
    She gave me a wink, I winked back
    And then I think that, we headed out something proper like...

    I like the bartender
    (Oooo If you're lookin' for me)
    I'm at the bar with her
    (Uh-huh, Ok)
    I like the bartender
    (Yeah if you're lookin' for me)
    I'm at the bar with her
    (Oooooh Uh-huh, Ok)

    Some Time Later – Back At the Bar

    Misty placed down a glass of ice water in front Gary and next to the filled up shot glasses. Misty watched Gary took a tiny slip of his water and then quickly took his three shots, as she then took a drink from her own glass of water. Dying of thirst by the non-stop dancing, Misty down her glass like a shot, as she then went over to the sink and dipped her hair in the running water. When Misty left her head up away from under the running water, she ran her hand through her wet hair, as the remaining dripped down soaking her fitted tee.

    “Hey Misty! With you wetting your hair all and the dripping water onto your shirt, you really should wear a white shirt!” A guy at the end of the bar yelled out towards Misty, as it caused Gary to look over at him but then back to Misty, whose now pointing at the guy.

    “Tyler! With comments like that already from nice guys like you, is bad enough. That is why I don’t wear a white shirt! I don’t even want to see or hear it from one of the sleazy guys here if I ever did wore a white shirt. Anyways here! Have a free smoke, I want to catch up on an old acquaint of mine.” Misty tosses a cigarette over at Tyler, as he nodded a ‘thanks’. She then placed the open pack in her side pocket and looked over at Gary, as he spoke up.

    “So uh, you smoke now?”

    “Ooooh no! I just ended up getting stuck on the smoker side. Working here about every other night, I’ve gain a lot of regular customers and picked up little things that I can make them happy or occupied. As these customers I either hate or love them to death, but work is work. But Tyler over there is one of my regulars that I just adore, as we watch out for each other.” Misty said in a cheerful tone, as she filled up all Gary’s shot glasses for the third time.

    “Well it seems you’re enjoying your job. But that hasn’t explained why you’re working here at this club as a bartender. Aren’t you one of the top known water master gym leaders?” Where do find the time and what about your reputation for working here?”

    “Heh, um I guess you haven’t heard on the Region news eh? Well some time during my third year when I took over the Cerulean City gym, I got appointed as one of the top hardest gym leaders through out all the Pokemon regions. It was great to have that entire honor and recognition but it sucked at the same time, as I had trainers from all regions come and challenging me day after day, night after night. It then just became so stressful and overwhelming for my body. As it also didn’t help that I had my own problems happening off to the side, and next thing I knew, I ended collapsing during a battle and taken to the hospital. So that was sometime last year, the doctor told me I need to start doing something else that I would enjoy or doesn’t cause any stress. I’ve always enjoyed making drinks at the house for the four of us, as my sisters told me I had a knack for it and my drinks are killer. And it sooo happen that my favorite club was hiring a bartender. I think you can picture the rest with me being here.”

    “Wow, I didn’t know. I guess I’ve been too occupied. But what’s with the new look and boost of self-confident? Not that I’m complaining, I like this new you, very sexier then the tomboy look you had going on since the last time I saw you with Ash.” Gary let out a smirk when he caught Misty shaking her head at his comment, as he then tapped one of the empty shot glasses.

    “Great self-confident goes nicely with a body figure like this, no?” Misty did a quick pose before filling up Gary’s shot glasses for the fourth time, as she heard Gary’s first laugh of the night.

    “Haha man, I swear even though we’ve really never hung out, you’re becoming the old cocky me back then.”

    “Yeah-yeah, you know you like and want more of it!” Misty then started laughing when she caught the surprise expression on Gary’s face.

    “Hahaha, that was so my line that I use to use all the time! Hahaha man, I don’t remember the last time I laughed like this…” Gary lowered his laughter, as he took two of his shots and let out a heavy sigh. “…I seriously thought I wouldn’t be able to laugh tonight, especially after my girl broke u—uuuh my favorite lamp.”

    “Broken lamp? Whatever Gary, I already picked up something is wrong. So your girlfriend broke up with you eh? I think I’ve seen her once on TV with you, Liz the one that you been for about 3 years right?”

    “Yeah, she randomly broke up with me. I really don’t want to talk about it ok?” Gary sulked a bit and took his remaining shot. As he then gave Misty the look to refill his shot glasses.

    “Ok, ok I’ve dealt with this all the time, so I won’t ask and let you be. But it’s her lost for breaking up with you. Here, you can have the bottle. I’m tired of refilling it for you because I know guys like you either party hard with the single girls or be alone to drink after a break up. And you right now are the drinking type, but you won’t be alone, I’ll be keeping you company.” Misty gave Gary a wink, as she caught a tiny smile on his face.

    “Thanks.” Gary grabbed the bottle to fill up one of the shot glasses, as he raised it towards Misty in a ‘cheers’ manner.

    A few hours passed by, as Gary still took shots after shots in between his chit chatting with Misty while she was serving other people. By the time Gary finished the whole bottle by himself, he was drunk off his mind, as he wasn’t sure when the alcohol will be out of his system. But he figured he could chill till early morning before leaving, for the club’s 24/7. About 10 minutes gone by, Gary passed out with his head rested on his forearms waiting for Misty. He then raised his head when he felt a light shook, but he didn’t see Misty behind the bar, a bit confused he looked off to the side to see Misty next to him. He let out a smile and stumbled out of his stood, putting all his weight on to Misty, as she caught his fall. One of her co-workers came over and helped her carry Gary out to her car, since she didn’t want to leave him by himself or take the chance of him driving drunk. After thanking her co-worker buckling Gary in the passenger seat, Misty got into the car and drove home to the gym. It was a challenging task on getting Gary out of the car and into the house, but with all the staggering through out the big house, Misty managed to drop Gary onto one of the guest bed. Since the room was next to her room, Misty then quickly went into her room to change into her baby blue nightwear and went to the kitchen afterwards to get a bottle of water. Misty entered back to the room to see that Gary was well function enough to get himself under the sheets, after tossing all his cloths but his boxer on the floor. Misty placed the trash bin at the side of the bed and the water bottle on the night stand. Thinking Gary was passed out asleep, she placed her hand on Gary’s forehead to check out if his body temper has cooled down a bit. Misty felt a bit relief at the warmth-ness, as she was about turned around to head back to her own room, she was suddenly yanked down into an embrace.

    “Lizzy, you came back tonight. I’m sorry for what ever I did…” Gary mumbled into Misty’s ear when he buried his face at the side of her hair.

    “Gary wake up! I’m not Liz, it’s me Misty, you dork! Now let me gooo.” Misty yelled out loud but it didn’t faze him, as he tightens his hug, still in the state of mind of his sleep-drunkenness.

    “…Don’t leave. I need you in my arms…To be at ease…”

    “Fine, I won’t leave.”

    “…Good, I love you so…Much Lizzy…”

    Not sure if Gary has passed out, Misty just lied on top of Gary, lost in her thoughts. ‘Geez, how did I get myself in this kind of situation? Note to self, no more letting Gary get hammered drunk when painful emotions are involved…’ Misty let out a sigh when she saw the peaceful expression on Gary’s face. ‘…Heh, but I know that feeling you’re going through. If I can get over it and move on, I think you can too Gary. With my help and encouragement, you will sooner or later, as I’ll be your friend when you need someone.’ Misty shifted her body off to Gary’s side when he loosen his embrace. But she still kept close to Gary’s body just to prevent another ‘Liz freak out’ if he realized there isn’t a body in his arms.

    Verse 2 - T-Pain
    Got a brand new girl so I'm feeling all good inside (all good inside)
    Feel like I put some new 24's on a brand new ride (on a brand new ride)
    Triple shot of patron on the rocks with little bit a lime (with a little bit a lime)
    I'm just keeping it real (Uh-huh)
    Baby still working at the club so I'm getting in free (so I'm getting in free)
    Wednesday night I'm on the list T-Pain plus 3 (T-Pain plus 3)
    Everytime I hit the spot baby girl taking care of me (taking care of me)
    How do you think I feel?

    About Three Weeks Later – Oak’s Mansion

    After that one Saturday morning, with the nice long talk with Misty over breakfast about on how to deal with Liz situation, was all up to him. As she also told him it was kind of nice to be able to lead a helping hand to an acquaint in need and whenever he wants to talk he can find her at the club. After a few days of the break up, Gary made up his mind that he is going to move on with his life without Liz, with the help of his love ones around him and his friends, especially Misty. They became close friends when Gary started visiting Misty at her work on the days she worked for the last three weeks. As this Wednesday evening was no different to another night, as he stood in front of his mirror in an opened short sleeve blue-violent button-up shirt, over a white beater that went over a matching blue-violent pants. Not realizing that his older sister, May stood at the door way staring at him, due to being a bit busy staring at himself.

    “You know you might burn a hole into the mirror if you keep on staring at it.” May said with a smile, as she made her way to her little brother. “It’s so nice to see my little brother, doing a lot better and totally not sulking over that bitc—”

    “Maaay it’s alright, haha. Well I am moving on, with all your guys help, as I have an old acquaint that is helping me through this too.” Gary said to May’s reflection in the mirror, with a smirk.

    “Oooh So is this acquaint of yours, the one that you have been going out every other night happens to be a girl?” May asked in a teasing tone at the mirror reflection, with her arms around Gary’s neck.

    “Well, more of a good friend than acquaints now. And what if it happens to be a girl? ”

    “Gaaary, be careful. I know you haven’t been dumped and hurt before like this, but this is what we might call a ‘rebound feeling’. So whoever’s this acquaint or friend that is coping with you might be the rebound girl.”

    “You don’t have to worry about it. There’s nothing more then good ol’ catching up on life between the two of us. Besides I’ve known her since her traveling days with Ash when we both started our Pokemon Master training. She’s still feisty and has that temper of hers of 10 years ago. But I do admit she’s also changed into a caring person you just don’t want to lose. And may I added, she got one hella hot body that she’s damn proud of and she’ll let you know it too.”

    “Wow little bro. she kind of sounds like the old you. Might be a match made in heaven…” May folded down the collar with a smile. “…Well whatever this acquaints of yours is doing, I hope she keeps it up. Since she is keeping you lively, now go and run along before you have to wait in line to that club of yours.”

    “Thanks, but no need to worry, Misty got me on the VIP List. So I can go in as I please when she’s working. Anyways I’ll see you later, don’t wait up for me.” Gary gave May a wink, as the both headed out his room smiling.

    Club Cerulean Rave

    Misty caught a pair of eyes in hers and Gary’s direction from another person when she fixed her green ribbon bows’ on the two side ponytails, which matched her green zip up body suit, short-short leg pants and a collar tank style top. As she then lean in towards Gary, waving him to lean in a bit closer, with a smile. “Hey, you remember that Rina girl from a couple of nights ago? The one that you said she was kind of cute. Well she is sooo checking you out again. Why don’t you buy her a drink? But you’ll have to pay for the drink, I only give you free ones.”

    “Heh, thanks but I think I’m going to pass on her. There’s a vibe I’m getting from her that I just don’t like, as she’s a smoker too. But I guess that really doesn’t matter as much since I’m getting used to the smokes being on this side all the time.”

    “Aww’ you really have changed over the years. I remember it didn’t matter if the girl had an interest in you or not, you still flirt with her like a total playboy or so.” Misty let out a giggle and stuck out her tongue. But then she heard being called over to the other end of the bar, as she left Gary to attend to Rina. She then returned back over to Gary’s end but had her back towards him, as she grabbed the bottle of Bacardi 151 rum, Peach Schnapps, and some lime juice and mixed it in a glass. After the drink was done being made, Misty turned around with a smile and placed it in front of Gary. “Schnap Me Silly, Rina bought you and recommended this drink. So how about giving that girl a change? At least talk to her, it’s not everyday a girl finds the courage to make the first move.”

    Gary took a sip of his mixed drink and let out a sigh. “Ok, ok I give in. I’ll go talk to Rina, man I can’t believe you’re making talk to her.”

    “Oh geez I know, I’m so mean! I am sooo sorry that a cute girl is making the moves on you and wants to talk to you.” Misty said in a sarcastic tone, as she saw Gary made his way over to Rina after his chuckle.

    Time went on by, as Misty let out a smile every time she looked over at Gary, who seems to be having a good time with Rina. Not wanting to disturb Gary, Misty decided to take her break without letting him know, as she left her bar stand and disappeared to the restroom first. But little did she knew, Rina also had to make a trip to the restroom to meet up with her two friends. Rina and her two other friends stood in front of the mirrors, reapplying their make up.

    “I totally got my sucker into me. So like how are things going on your end?” One of the blond asked.

    “Oh I finally got Gary Oak to notice me as we’re hitting it off nicely.”

    “Oh really? Nice, I can’t believe Gary Oak been coming here at this club. We all came here to hit up and sucker all these rich guys...” The other blond said, as she finished her make up. “…I didn’t think you would be able to get Gary. But lets get back out there and work our charm.”

    “Right, I need more time to crack down on Gary. Well ciao girls!” Rina said with a smile and flipped her hair, as all three of them walked out of the restroom.

    Misty step out from one of the restroom stalls, very ticked off at what she just heard from the girl she was doing the favor and trying to hook her up with Gary. After washing her hands, Misty made her way over behind her bar stand where Gary and Rina sat. Lana gave Misty a raised eyebrow wondering why Misty was behind the bar, as she was supposed to be on break. Misty just kept quite, as Gary’s and Rina’s pair of eyes was on her when she grabbed a hold of the extendable beer tab and signaled Gary to move to the side away from Rina. Right when Gary moved, she held the beer tab front of Rina’s face.

    “Dirty gold-diggers like you need to be clean…” Misty then sprays Rina, soaking her head and upper body with beer. “…Oh and don’t worry about the bill cost for the beer. It’s on me, or should I say, on you?”

    “What the hell you skank?! This is a totally brand new expensive outfit you just ruined!” Rina yelled out loud, as she grabbed her drink and splashed it all over Misty.

    Before Misty could do anything else, her manager, Clara came to the scene to stop everything. As the manager asked both side of their story, with Misty just replying ‘just because, I had my reason’. And Rina replying back saying it was ‘payback and etc’. Clara asked Rina to leave, not too happy with the outcome, Rina left angrily after calling her two other friends. Clara then called Misty into her office, as Gary could only do was to wait at the bar for Misty to return. About 10 minutes that went on by, Misty finally returned back with a mop in one hand and a bucket the other hand, for cleaning up her mess. While watching Misty mopping nearby him, Gary couldn’t help to laugh out loud at her but also wonder why Misty sprayed Rina. By the time Misty was done, she had about 10 minutes left of her break, as she and Gary went out in the far end lobby of the club for some quietness and a smokeless environment.

    “My gawd, this sucks. I got in trouble and now I have to go for the rest of the night with a sticky outfit.” Misty complained, as she crossed her arms and looked over at Gary when they both took a seat on a bench.

    “Here have my shirt, I can be in a tank beater for the rest of the night. But I don’t know what you’re going to do for bottoms though.” Gary then quickly slipped off his over shirt and tossed it at Misty before she could protest.

    “Oh thanks! Don’t worry about it, I got it taken care of.” Misty then slipped on Gary’s loose shirt and buttoned up all the buttons, as she slipped both her arms inside the shirt and maneuvered unzipping her top. As the upper top of her one-piece suit, hung right above her hips and over the connected shorts, Misty unbutton the lower half of the shirt. She then tied it in a knot right above her belly button. “That’s a tiny bit better. Thanks again Gary!”

    Gary caught Misty’s smile when he checked out her creative way of the clothing situation. “Daaamn. I have to say, you make that shirt of mine hella good!” Gary said with a smirk on his face but disappeared. “So what exactly is the whole story about you calling Rina a gold digger?”

    “Oh yeah her. Well when she made her trip to the restroom to meet up with her friends. I was in the restroom before them, as they went off on the rich or famous suckers they managed to reeled in or hooked up here. Blah-blah-blah, yaddy-yadda and you got the rest of the idea.”

    “Oh I see, at first I thought you finally got jealous on how good we were getting along with each other…” Gary let out a tiny smirk towards Misty when he saw the glare. “…You know since I really didn’t want to talk to Rina in the first place. Because I told you I had a vibe from her that I didn’t like, shouldn’t someone should be receiving an apology for pushing someone?”

    Misty rolled her eyes and lightly pushed Gary’s face, as she got up laughing. “Heh, nope, not tonight I don’t think!” Misty stuck out her tongue with a wink and then headed back towards the dance floor doors. “Hahah, well it’s time to go back to work! I’ll make you a better drink than ‘Schnaps Me Silly’.”

    Gary caught up along side with Misty with a big smile on his face. Due to recalling all the little things Misty has been doing and looking out for him. “Heh, alright. I’ll drink whatever you make, go ahead bring it on. I can crash the night again at my one and only favorite bartender’s and her sisters’ place.” Gary flashed a grin when he heard Misty replying a laughing ‘yeah’, as the both entered into the dance room floor.

    Oooo she made us drinks, to drink
    We drunk 'em, Got drunk
    And now I know she thinks I'm cool
    She gave me a wink, I winked back
    And then I think that, we 'gon have fun at my spot tonight...

    I like the bartender
    (Oooo If you're lookin' for me)
    I'm at the bar with her
    (Uh-huh, Ok)
    I like the bartender
    (Yeah if you're lookin' for me)
    I'm at the bar with her
    (Oooooh Uh-huh, Ok)

    A Month Later – At the Oak’s Mansion

    “May! Can you tell Gramps that I’ll have the Pokemon reports done tomorrow when I return?” Gary yelled out loud, in the hallway making his way towards May in the living room to go out the front door. But he stopped a bit when he was clasping on his tear-drop necklace pendant, which lay above his open bare collar bone in a black short sleeve fitted collar shirt, over a pair of purple pants.

    “Gary! Don’t be rude and yell out loud! We have company over.” May yelled out loud too over her shoulder when see saw Gary a few feet away from the front door, as she heard a laugh from him.

    “Haha May, you should rethink what you just did. As I’ll admit I learn from the best.” Gary snapped his finger and pointed at his sister who glared at him. But then it soon disappeared when she looked away from and over at Delia and Ash, as he just realize who the company guest were. “Oh hey Mrs. K, hope life is treating you well.”

    “Oh it is, with Mr. Mime and my Ash who has been home for the last 5 months now, my life is just dandy! Thanks and how about yourself?” Delia asked.

    “Eh, I guess I couldn’t complain now, it’s going…” Gary then looked over at Ash in a black shirt with a navy vest over a pair of jeans and with Pikachu on his shoulder. “…Hey Ash, what have you been up to lately? Checking on your Pokemon?”

    “Nothing much but training on the side. And yeah I’m about to check on my Pokemon but I’m waiting on Prof. Oak. I was going to see you if you could take me to the labs but it seems like I’m a bit late. But where are you off too? And I haven’t seen you in that outfit in years.”

    “The outfit, it’s for fun and games with a good friend that you know pretty well, as I’m meeting her in Cerulean.”

    “What? Why are you going there and not returning until tomorrow?” Ash stood up asking with a raised eyebrow.

    “Sorry Ash, I’m going to pull the same card as you do on me all the time. Until you tell me why you go to Cerulean all the time, I’m keeping my business to myself. Well I’m off, Bye!” Gary waved and headed out the front door before catching any of the ‘good byes’.

    “That dork, doesn’t realize he has fallen for his friend that’s been helping him forget Liz. He takes off about every other night around this time, 8 ish to spend time at a bar club near towards the end of her shift.” May comment out loud.

    “You know Ash, to save you from the long boring drive to Cerulean and back home, you should just hitch a ride with Gary tonight. You could have asked him to drop you off where ever you go and have him pick you up. You know Gary would have done it.” Delia said to her son.

    “Um I know but I have my personal reason for going alone. Beside I wanted to check on my Pokemon first and leave Pikachu with Prof. Oak again before I take off tonight.” Ash said, as he lean against the couch, thinking to himself while May and his mom talked among themselves about Gary. ‘I knew Gary and Misty were getting along real well each other for some times now that I’ve seem them at the club. But what May said about Gary falling for Misty, is it really true? Maybe I should make my move before it’s too late.’

    Club Cerulean Rave

    Gary made his way to the Misty’s bar stand, as he took his usual stool at the end of the bar with a drink already made for him, ‘Pleasing Nectar Punch’. As Misty was one the other end serving drinks to the customers, in one of her old traveling outfits that Gary vaguely remembered but he wasn’t going to complain. As her yellow shorts was close to being booty-shorts and her matching short length one button yellow tank, blue collar was left open, exposing a red tube top. It was about 30 minutes before Misty made her way over to Gary, fixing her side ponytail, both smiling at each other. Gary’s greeting friendly smile became a smirk when Misty leaned forward, showing a bit of cleavage.

    “I bet you been getting a lot of tips tonight with the nice view I’m getting.”

    Misty rolled her eyes but still had a big smile. “Matter of fact, you bet I am. What, getting jealous that other guys will be looking if I lean in?”

    “Not jealous, just looking out for you. Come on, I’m your friend and I’m already making a hollering comment towards you. But half these guys here at your bar are either drunk or horn dogs, as they would be hooting and hollering at you.” Gary raised his empty glass.

    “Well first off, I don’t lean in towards them as I do with you. Second, if it makes you feel better, I did try to have it buttoned but it was a bit tight around my chest. So I wasn’t hasn’t it as you can tell. Anyways what kind of drink do you want? Remember it’s got to be a light drink.”

    “Are you serious? I thought you were joking last time.”

    “Hey, we are so not dancing after my shift again when you’re drunk off your butt. I have a short shift again tonight. And I really don’t want to be kicked out from my work place because someone being a bit violent towards every guy whose body lightly brushed against mine in a crowded dance floor.” Misty then turned around to start making a drink for Gary, as she yelled out ‘I’ll just surprise you’, but still kept her ear open.

    “Hey-hey now, I was looking out for you. From what I remembered, those guys last time I over heard their conversation at the bar when you were making drinks. They were bragging how they got your co-workers to swoon over them because of their suaveness’ and they were going to see who’s going to be the first one to get you.” Gary said, looking at Misty’s back but with her head turned over her shoulder.

    “Awww’ thanks a bunch for looking out for me. You know it’s really nice again to have a friend to look out for as the friend does the same. It’s totally bringing back old time memories when I traveled with Ash and Brock.”

    “Oh speaking of Ash, he was at my Gramps place before I left. So has he been around?”

    “Ash has been around? No. Why would you ask?” Misty asked with a raised eyebrow when she turned around, stirring a tall glass.

    “Well then there goes that theory, of Ash coming to Cerulean for the last few months.”

    “Wait, what?” Misty really confused, as she handed the red mixed drink to Gary after taking a sip for testing.

    “Well before I started coming here, back at home when I wasn’t spending my time with Liz, and since Ash and I patched things up between us, and he was back in Pallet after losing his title. I always check if Ash wanted to hang out. But every time when I’m free and ask Ash, he always has to reschedule with me because he’s takes off here, to Cerulean. I always asked him why but he just replies there’s something in Cerulean he likes and spend a few hours watching over…” Gary shrugged and then took a drink, not realizing Misty’s changed facial expression. “…Hey, what’s in this drink? It’s pretty good.”

    “Fancy Berry is what it’s called. It has cranberry juice, ginger ale, vanilla ice cream, whipping cream, frozen strawberries, sugar and a shot of ‘strawberry – Smirnoff’. So what’s this again about you mentioning that Ash has been here to Cerulean?” Misty asked with a sad-question expression.

    “It’s true, he comes to Cerulean for some reason. Not even his mom knows why.” Gary took another drink but this time caught sad expression. “Hey, are you ok? I haven’t seen a sad face on you. Until I mention about Ash, you’re like this because you like him don’t you? And don’t lie about it, talk to me, it’ll make you feel better.” Gary said with a tiny smile upon his face, as he heard a loud sigh from Misty before she started talking.

    Verse 3 - Akon
    Shorty I'm sure you heard that I really never come out (never come out)
    Unless I'm in the M6 doing tricks freeway burnt out (freeway burnt out)
    Got a passenger side that's empty wanting it to be your spot (be your spot)
    But you on my billboard ? like the charts 'gon end up on top (end up on top)
    Don't smoke don't drink that's why I don't be by the bar baby (baby)
    Just lookin' at you from a distance looking like a god damn star baby (baby)
    So my girl don't see me T-Pain can I get those keys to the car? (those keys to the car?)
    'Bout to go and Bang Bang Boogie with my cutie and I'll see you tomar' (see you tomar')

    On the Non-Smoking side of Cerulean Rave Club

    After stepping through the dance floor doors, Ash stood at his usual spot in the club on the non-smoker side, as he was never been spotted by Misty and now Gary. As Ash decided to leave Pikachu and Prof. Oak’s place about right after when Gary left to Cerulean for himself, only about a half hour differences when Gary made it to the club, Ash collected on his thoughts on what to say. About 10 minutes of thinking and smiling to himself when he saw Misty in one of her old traveling outfits, which was hella hot and tight for her nicely figure, he finally slowly made his way over to Misty’s bar. As he lowered his hat to cover his eyes, but then quickly took a seat on one of the lounge chairs near behind where Gary was seating, when he caught on their conversation about him.

    “…I haven’t seen this kind of sad face on you. Until I mention about Ash, you’re like this because you like him don’t you? And don’t lie about it, talk to me, it’ll make you feel better.”

    “Fine I’ll talk. But please, don’t assume that I like Ash at the moment. That ship of me and him has sailed as of last year when he refused my feelings when I got the courage to confess to him. Remember when I mention about I had my own personal problem before I was stressed and overwhelmed of the gym?” Misty asked, as she received a nod from Gary, while Ash still listened in. “Ash told me he was too busy training to be the Pokemon Master, as of course he got the title. But the day he turned me down, I was really devastated but at the same time that’s when I decided to changed. Why should I be moping around because the guy that I used to like for years, turned me down? Hell, I had a bunch of guys hitting on me and asking me out before the confession of mine. Even up till today, I still get hit on or asked out, it’s really flattering and all, but I really didn’t care to go in for a relationship. But I guess my sisters are rubbing off on me so I just started loving the attention. So I plead guilty as charged on being a total hottie flirt now.”

    “Hah, isn’t that the truth. But you’re not the only one that is guilty of being a hot flirt.” Gary ran his hand through his hair and snapped a finger at Misty with a smirk.

    “Wow, aren’t we a couple of egotistic hotties?” Misty asked with a straight face but seconds later broke down laughing along side with Gary when he started laughing. Misty then let inhaled to catch her breathe, as she continued. “But what got me all sad was, I haven’t seen or talk to Ash since the day of my confession. When I was in the hospital, I only got a card from him. I for sure thought he would have come and visit me but I was wrong. And now that you just mention that Ash visits Cerulean once in awhile, gets me a bit ticked off too. As now I’m wondering where in the hell is he? If he shows up right now I’m—” Misty stopped in her sentence when she saw the back of who she knew very well when he stood up and turned around.

    “So what are you going to do or say if I show up Misty?” Ash asked in a quiet tone, as he made his way next to Gary, staring at Misty who still somewhat had a shock expression. But next thing he knew, he got a face full of Gary’s Fancy Berry drink. He then wiped off his face when he heard Gary commenting about ‘there goes his drink’, as he stared at Misty. “I guess I kind of deserved that?

    “You bet you did! You been coming here to Cerulean for awhile and you haven’t come by to see how I am? I would have so called you but I didn’t even know that you were back home after you lost your Pokemon Master title until Gary told me just awhile ago. So why are you here, right when we started talking about you?”

    “Well to tell you the truth Misty, I’ve been watching over you for a long time on from the other side of the club. There’s so many times I wanted to come over to you but somehow I always end up backing out of it. But then out of no where Gary shows up one night, as you started being friendly with him and I was jealous and left. Then it just started becoming a regular thing seeing Gary here with you. I know it’s selfish of me as the reason for showing my face tonight right now was something I heard. And I was going to see if we could get together because now I really regret not taking up on your confession. But it seems that I’m too late.”

    “Yeah reaaal late, like as of last year Ash. I’m flattered that you finally like me now and you admit your regret-ness but I’ve moved on and I really not looking for a relationship. And I do have to agree on the part of you being selfish, it’s always been like that. Even though you’ve been around watching over me, you never threw a single word at me. Now that’s real jacked up, I seriously thought our friendship between us was no longer. I’ll let you know, I love my current lifestyle, besides half the low lives here and I have a lot of good friends at this club that looks out for me. Especially the one you’re standing next too.”

    “Heh, I can’t argue with that. He has been looking out for you when he’s here. Well you may have changed over the year but I know you well enough that you’re still stubborn as hell when you make up your mind. I really blew it…” Ash let out a force smile at Misty but then looked over at Gary with a hand on his shoulder. “…You, don’t make the same mistake and watch over her. She’ll get you into a lot of trouble with that temper of hers.”

    “Heh thanks for the late warning. I’ve already been down that road with Misty one too many times to keep count. Sorry for your lost and rejection but now I know what your calling for visiting Cerulean is, it’s because of Misty. I don’t blame you, as she’s my calling for coming to Cerulean…” Gary commented with a tiny smirk, as he caught the force smile on Ash. “…So since you’re here, you want to join us so you could catch up with Misty?” Gary offered Ash, as he held up a bunch of napkins toward him.

    “Nah. Thanks for the offer but I’m going to bounce, three’s a crowd. I’ll see you tomorrow k? I still need to go through my Pokemon again and Prof. Oak is going to be gone, so I need you to take me around the labs and yard…” Ash nodded back at Gary when he nodded, a ‘sure’, as he turned over to look at Misty who had another drink made. “Misty, I’ll call you tomorrow? Or maybe the two of us can hang out to catch up and I can apologize properly by treating you to lunch or dinner?”

    Misty placed down the Fancy Berry in front of Gary and let out a smirk towards Ash. “I’ll think about it. So you better call me tomorrow and if you don’t, you’ll deal more than just my temper.”

    “Heh, fully noted. I’m sorry Misty and I will call you tomorrow. Bye, see ya Gary.” Ash took off towards the clubs exit door when both Misty and Gary big ‘bye’ to him.

    Before Gary could make a comment towards Misty about the awkwardness with Ash, a bag of chips was tossed at him. Due to Misty had to take off to the other end of the bar stand. While Misty was making orders for her customers, Gary kept replaying on what Ash said to him about don’t make the same mistake and quoted three’s a crowd. But soon it wasn’t a big deal when his mind and eyes wonder onto Misty doing her fancy tricks making the drink orders, as he just couldn’t wait for her shift to be over.

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    Oooo she made us drinks, to drink
    We drunk 'em, Got drunk
    And now I know she thinks I'm cool
    She gave me a wink, I winked back (Uh-huh)
    And then I think that, (Uh-huh) we 'gon have fun at my spot tonight... (Oh yes)

    I like the bartender
    (Oooo If you're lookin' for me)
    I'm at the bar with her
    (Uh-huh, Ok)
    I like the bartender
    (Yeah if you're lookin' for me)
    I'm at the bar with her
    (Oooooh Uh-huh, Ok)

    About 2 Weeks Later – Club Cerulean Rave – At Misty’s Bar Stand

    “So how are things between you and Ash for the last couple of week?” Gary asked Misty who was on the other side of the bar in front of him, with her hair down, as the ends touched her short light purple button up blouse, with a few of the top buttons unbuttons. As she had a loose black tie around her neck to complete her upper set to match her plaid purple and black shorts.

    “It’s going fine. I guess I can’t complain. We’re slowly catching up with each other…” Misty said, as she reached over and flipped up Gary’s purple open-button shirt collar, which matched his purple cargos. She then shook her head when she only saw the black tank beater. “…You know you should have worn a black tie too with me.”

    “Please girl, you know how stupid it would have looked on me with a loose tie just around my neck? You’re a chick, you can pull it off and look hot.”

    “Haha, ok ok. Anyways what do you want me to make before I’m on the other side to join you for my break?”

    “Have you ever made a Sweet Lips martini?” Gary smiled when Misty shook her head no, as she asked what’s the ingredients. “Some cranberry and lemonade juice and a shot of vodka.”

    “Since I’ve never make this before or tried or knew about it. Is the drink good?” Misty asked over her shoulder while making the drink but got no reply, as she then placed the done made drink down in front of Gary. She made her way to the other side of the bar and took the empty seat next to Gary. “So is it good?”

    “Try it yourself and see if the name fits it.” Gary watched Misty grabbed the martini glass and took a sip but let out a disappointed look when she set the glass down.

    “Sweet Lips? I really didn’t get the Sweet Lips effec—” Misty was suddenly cut off by Gary’s lips on top of hers.

    Gary kept his lips on top of Misty’s for about 5 seconds, before slowly pulling away with a smirk. “Sorry I forgot to mention about the sugar on the rim of the martini glass. But how’s that as a replacement for Sweet Lips?”

    “Uhh…” Misty covered her month, as she heard some hollering from a few of her regular customers that saw what happen. “…What the hell is that kiss about?”

    “Just I'm being smooth and getting back into my game. I finally came to realize, I like you more then a good friend. I know you said awhile back that you’re not looking for a relationship but I just wanted to let you know how I feel towards you. So there isn’t going to be any awkwardness between us is there?” Gary asked with a raised eyebrow towards Misty who had her back against her stood, with a pondering expression.

    “Umm. Hey Emily, can you get me just a martini glass and dipped the rim with sugar? Thanks.” Misty then reached for the Sweet Lips drink she made and poured it in the new glass with the sugar, as she took a slip out of it. And then slowly placed the drink down and stared back at Gary, cupping both his cheeks and pulled him in for a kiss. After about another 5 second kiss Misty pulled away with a smile. “…Ok, compared to the drink, I like this Sweet Lips better.” Misty let out a giggle and a wink when she saw Gary’s dumbfound expression when she had her fingers on top of his lips.

    “So uh, that still doesn’t answer my question. Or does it mean there won’t be any awkwardness to the point the two of us can go on and play the role of friend with benefits?” Gary said jokily but had a cocky smirk, as he received a pair of rolled eyes from Misty.

    “Welllll I don’t mind the whole idea of us being friends with benefits, hell if I’m going to do the deed and fun with it for the first time, it might as well be with someone I know and trust.” Misty said in a flirty tone, as she caught Gary’s excited smirking face. “But I’m going to denied. You know why?”

    “Aww’ that’s very cruel of you. Toying with my hopes and emotions like that? But I will ask why thought.”

    “Because with you, I rather have a relationship then just benefit or us playing this denying our feelings game between us. Catch my drift?” Misty winked with her tongue playfully stuck out.

    “Hah, yeah caught it and not letting go of it. But what all you just said, of you feeling the same way, why did you say anything?”

    “Come on Gary, last time I confessed to a good friend I got shot down and we didn’t end seeing or talked to each other over a year. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake with you. We became good friends and so I figured, I rather have your friendship then screwing it up and lose you if you didn’t feel the same way.”

    “Oh yeaaah, gotcha…” Gary leaned in close towards Misty face with a smile, cupping her chin. “…I’m real glad you feel the same way, my favorite hot bartender.”

    “Same here, my sexy drunkie.”

    Both Gary and Misty let out a laugh and went sharing another kiss. When they both pulled away, the hoots and hollers from Misty’s and somewhat Gary’s friends at the other end of the bar drew a lot of attention from the dance floor and lounge area. Gary and Misty both let out a big smile towards their friends at the bar, as Misty reached over the counter to grab the open pack of cigarettes. She then tossed it to the first friend of hers near by and said to pass it down the line as a celebration. While everyone was busy, Misty and Gary sneaked off and headed towards the door so they could spend the rest of Misty’s break in peace and discussed what they are going to do on their first date that doesn’t involve the club or the bar.
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    Don't worry about it.


    =D I just read this on!

    I hadn't got around to reviewing on there yet or anything because I had to go do hw, but maybe I will later tonight. Oh, and all your art on deviantART is amazingly, amazing.

    I love this story very much because they are mature and it is about real world situation's, basically. The begainning is really funny too cause Gary was so embarrased because she thought he did something he didn't go. XD The ending was sweet too by the way.

    I am not much of the egoshipper, but this is great. I really like it.
    kyo sohma is my bishie (:

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    well...this was very nice. Very very nice ^_^

    much too long for me to quote all the things that I've notice while reading this, but I'll just say that I loved the beginning, really loved Gary's raction, and I think you've shown us a different side of Misty when she first saw Gary again...

    I would picture her more with an attitude like in the "Destiny" fic, but then again, this is a much older Misty, maybe she learned to give a chance, see how he's grown.

    Great work one again
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    ooo! I loved it! I spotted some mistakes but what the heck! It was great!!

    I'm giving it 20 thumbs up! haha...

    Super Awesome Great Whatever-comes-next Work lilineko! love it ...

    s a y o n a r a

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