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    Default Trials of the Elite Four(AAMAYL/AdvanceShipping)

    This is the same as my fic on, though, to follow forum rules, I decided to combine some of the shorter chapters.
    Rating: G(may go up later, I dunno)
    Short Summary: The Elite Four opens a challenge to those who want to join their ranks. Ash is included, of course, but if he loses just once to a single member, everything that he stands for as a trainer will be taken away from him!

    DISCLAIMER:I don't own Pokemon or its related characters.

    -Might as well put in a Table of Contents. Everyone's doing it:

    OP Animation

    1ST ARC: Chasing Friends and Dreams
    EF01: Reunion
    EF02: Bets, Do's and Don'ts
    EF03: Going to the Max
    EF04: One Day, Two Challenges

    2ND ARC: Hot Water Battles
    EF05: Underwater Battle Royal
    EF06: Charizard Plays Cupid
    EF07: Confessions of a Pokemon Trainer
    EF08: Round 2, Begin!
    EF09: Cold Climax
    EF10: Ash? The Second Brock?
    EF11: Third Round Blues

    3RD ARC: Have a Not so NIce Day
    EF12: Part I
    EF13: Part II
    EF14: Part III

    4TH ARC: To Sinnoh
    EF15: Shippy Ship Shenanigans
    EF16: Sinnoh Problems
    EF17: Sinnoh Problems II
    EF18: Raw Power

    5TH ARC: Deep Underground
    EF19: Cave In
    EF20: Payback

    6TH ARC: Vs. Bertha!
    EF21: Ground Days
    EF22: Smash Finish

    7TH ARC: Calm
    EF23: Acting not so Alike
    EF24: Johto, Here we Come
    EF25: Planning Way, Way Ahead
    EF26: Brock-itis Outbreak

    8TH ARC: End of Rocket
    EF27: Too May Baddies to Handle
    EF28: Unfriendly Reunion
    EF29: The Plot Thickens
    EF30: Under Siege
    EF31: Aftermath

    9TH ARC: Extended Families
    EF32: Pikachu's Been Busy
    EF33: Many Happy Returns
    EF34: War of the Words
    EF35: Clip Show

    10TH ARC: Fun at the P-1
    EF36: Get Ready to Rumble!
    EF37: P, P, P, P, Cha!
    EF38: Peripheral Pains
    EF39: Cross and Aura?
    EF40: Problem with Pichu
    EF41: Setting the Place on Fire
    EF42: Psychics Don't Bug Me!

    11TH ARC: Vs. Bruno!
    EF44: Face-off!
    EF45: Tie it On!
    EF46: Fiery Frenzy Plant!

    12TH ARC: Contest Redemption
    EF47: Dis-honorable Mentions
    EF48: Round it Up!
    EF49: Volt Tackling a New Perspective
    EF50: All it Takes is Coordination!
    EF51: The Metronome Phenomenon
    EF52: Interference
    EF53: Fireworks Display

    13TH ARC: Original 6, Unite or Not?
    EF54: Free Island
    EF55: Wings of Change
    EF56: Behind the Shades(again)
    EF57: Original 6, Incomplete?
    EF58: Tribute

    14TH ARC: Hoenn, the Last Leg
    EF59: Hoenn You Like It
    EF60: Ninja Delivery!
    EF62: Aerial Race
    EF63: Scaling Heights
    EF64: Current Events
    EF65: Can You Dig It?
    EF66: Fiery Dilemma!
    EF67: Return to Petalburg
    EF68: Ambush and Rescue!

    15TH ARC: Indigo Rematch!
    EF69: Breaking the On-Hand Limit, Again!
    EF70: Battling Friends Part I
    EF71: Battling Friends Part II
    EF72: Battling Friends Part III

    16TH ARC: Vs. Drake I!
    EF73: Vs. Gyarados!
    EF74: Vs. KingDragonite!
    EF75: Vs. Tyranimence!

    17TH ARC: Hope in Time
    EF76: Return of the Don?!
    EF77: Futility
    EF78: One more Chance

    18TH ARC: Calm Before the Storm
    EF79: Training Daze
    EF80: Fifth Day, Hey Day!

    19TH ARC: Vs. Drake II!
    EF81: Showdown at [Nearly] High Noon!
    EF82: A Battle's Blasting Burn
    EF83: Fighting as One

    20TH ARC: The End and the Beginning!

    EF84: Induction, Revelation!
    Extension and Epilogue

    BONUS Episodes-these are basically filler, but have interconnected plots following up to a sequel.
    (EF43) A Pokemon Story Never Told Before
    (EF61) Mysterious Disappearances

    EF01: Reunion

    Today we find Ash Ketchum walking on his way home to Pallet Town. With him is his best friend Pikachu and Hikari, a Pokemon coordinator they met during their adventures in Sinnoh. Brock, who also was travellling with Ash, left earlier, presumably to visit his family in Pewter.

    "How far is Pallet Town anyway?" the blue-haired coordinator spoke up.

    "We've only left Viridian City an hour ago," Ash replied. 'I can't wait to see everyone again. It's been almost a year now.'

    Little does Ash know that they are being watched by not one, but two parties.

    Jessie, James and Meowth, three agents of the crime syndicate Team Rocket, have been after Ash's Pikachu since they first met. The trio have always met with failure at the hands of the "twerps", but that doesn't stop them from trying and trying again. Right now, Jessie and James are relaxing in the bushes, eating ramen, while Meowth was spying on Ash and Hikari. Typical scheming there.

    Which brings us to the 2nd watchers. The first one is a large, tan, muscular man with brown spiky hair, wearing a karate outfit. His companion is somewhat smaller and older, wearing an old navy hat and jacket over blue slacks.

    "Don't you think it's a little early for him to fight us?" the tan man asked his companion.

    "I believe he is ready, Bruno," the "sailor" answered. "At this time tomorrow, the League has sent our challenge to all worthy challengers. This boy's always on the move, he hasn't even received his challenge yet."

    "You have a soft side for this boy," Bruno mused. "Planning to issue the challenge personally. Mind telling me why?"

    "He reminds me of myself, when I was his age."

    Pikachu(Home at last) The little yellow mouse jumped off Ash's shoulders and ran ahead of the group.

    They just arrived at Ash's mother's house, at the edge of Pallet Town. At the front yard is Mrs. Delia Ketchum's housekeeper, Mr. Mime, tending to the garden. "Mimey" was happy to see Ash again, that it halted its duties to greet the newcomers.

    "Nice to see you again, too, Mr. Mime," Ash said to the ecstatic Pokemon.

    Mr. Mime(They're here, they're here!) It called into the house. Delia came from inside, and hugged her son.

    "Oh honey, you're home," Delia said, and Ash, though being hugged by his mother in broad daylight, returned the gesture.

    "Have you been changing your-?"

    "Mom, I'm 15," Ash said, embarassed, breaking away from the embrace. "I don't forget stuff like that anymore..."

    "Well, you're still my little boy," Delia remarked, planting a kiss on Ash's forehead. Hikari and Pikachu snickered, making Ash turn beet red. "And who is this young lady?" she asked, turning to Hikari.

    Hikari stepped forward and offered her hand. "My name's Hikari, Mrs. Ketchum. It's nice to meet you."

    Delia shook Hikari's hand. "Goodness, another one, Ash? You really are growing up to be a man. But... I thought you already liked Ma-"

    "MOM!" Ash turned, if possible, even redder, especially at the sound of May's name.


    "This is disturbing."

    Ash is looking at a mirror in his room, and a stranger is staring back. The "stranger" is wearing semi-formal clothing, and the hair is gelled down. Pikachu was rolling on the floor with laughter.

    "Nonsense, honey," Delia said, marveling at her son. She rented out the attire for this occasion. After all, she wouldn't want her son the Champion to look ragged for his own party.

    As Delia exited the room, she added, in a sly voice, "You have to look good for a very special guest tonight."

    Ash took no notice of his mother's remark. He had his mind on other things.

    'This is a reunion, right? Maybe "she" will be there.'

    At the Ketchum's guest room, Hikari was now wearing a breathtaking purple dress. Delia walked in to give Hikari some make-up.

    "No thanks, Mrs. Ketchum," Hikari said. " I already have my own." She whipped out her own perfume from her bag.

    "Planning on hooking up with someone from the party?"

    "I think so."

    "I think I have a good candidate for you."

    (Just then, a certain young researcher in Prof. Oak's lab sneezed.)

    It was nightfall when Ash, Hikari and Delia left the residence for the party.

    The party, being held in Prof. Oak's large backyard, was in full swing when they arrived. Every League official was there(from MCs to Gym Leaders to the chairman Mr. Goodshow himself). Profs. Oak, Elm, Ivy, Birch and Rowan were also there, with their assistants and family.

    The Pokemon residing in the corral are also there. Ash could see his Kingler and Bayleef serving drinks, but there are also Totodile, Cyndaquil and Corphish running around the guests, playing with each other.

    Pikachu(Hello, everyone. Long time no see) It jumped off Ash's shoulders and joined its friends.

    Ash sheepishly grinned at all the familiar faces: Brock, Misty, Lily, Daisy, Violet, Erika, Blaine, Jasmine, Clair, Bugsy, Roxanne, Liza, Tate, Juan and Norman, among others.

    Brock couldn't hide his surprise to see his friend in semi-formal wear, but couldn't stay and chat as his eyes kept wandering from one girl to another. Misty, on the other hand, is looking at Ash and Hikari, the former trying to return his hair into spiky form, but couldn't.

    "I thought gel was supposed to style hair," Ash sighed, defeated. "Not glue it down."

    "It makes you look more civilized," Hikari replied. Delia requested for her to never let Ash mess up his hair.

    "It's just not my style."

    "You never change, do you, Ash?" Misty asked, bemused. "Try some womanly advice once in a while."

    "Thanks, Myst," Ash retorted sarcastically.

    "I'm afraid I haven't introduced myself to your new friend," Misty piped up. "My name's Misty."

    "My name's Hikari. I heard all about you from Ash and Brock."

    "Really? And what did they say about me?"

    Ash scurried away from the conversation, in case Hikari points out "everything" Ash told her about the redhead. He spotted Brock over at the buffet table, who was rubbing his cheek, and walked over.

    "Busted again?" Ash inquired. Brock nodded, sighing. "We'd better hide, before Misty focuses her anger at us."

    The two walked away farther from the two conversing girls, but not before Ash grabbing a few treats from the buffet. Ash and Brock walked a little distance away into the yard. Brock, of course, is avoiding a certain blue-haired female researcher, who is talking with Prof. Elm right now.

    "I don't know why it always happens. What am I doing wrong?"

    "Don't ask me. i just think what girls do are plain weird for me to understand. Anyway, I thought you were back at Pewter?"

    The two strode to a little pond, where a few water Pokemon were lounging.

    "Dad told me I should represent the Pewter Gym in this party."

    "'Represent'? But why? This is just a plain party, right?"

    Brock shrugged. "All I know is that there is supposed to be something really big to be announced tonight. And don't ask me what, I'm in the dark like you are."

    Ash stared back at the party. "I can see Norman's here. I wonder if-?"

    Brock looked at his friend knowingly. "She's here, Ash, don't worry. Just look behind you."

    Puzzled, Ash turned around. There she was, standing on the other edge of the pond, wearing a red formal gown. Her hair grew a little longer after a year in Johto, but it was no mistaking her.


    May turned her gaze upwards and her eyes met Ash's. Ash could see that her eyes were bloodshot.


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