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EF13:Have a Not so NIce Day, Part II

Everyone in the stadium looked anxiously at the mess of snow where Ash and Croconaw got buried alive. The referee ran over to the same spot and called for medics.

"We'd better go and see if we can help," Brock suggested. But before he even said it, May was already off her seat to join the referee on the field.

Prima, meanwhile, was in her element. "Go, Blastoise, Glaceon!" Out came her Pokemon. "Go help with the rescue effort. You, too, Mamoswine."

Various Pokemon came to help. Brock called his powerhouses Bastiodon and Toxicroak, Hikari called Prinplup, and May and Max called their fire Pokemon(Blaziken and Camerupt, respectively). Pikachu helped as well. After a few minutes of digging, they could hear a low groaning sound underneath the snow. May ordered Blaziken and Camerupt to thaw the ice in that direction.

They soon found Ash leaned against the wall, holding Croconaw on his lap. It seemed that Ash shielded Croconaw from hitting the wall during the Avalanche. The groaning sound from before was Ash's.

Later, Ash regained consciousness, but kept his eyes closed. 'Oh, have I got a headache.' Ash noticed that the object his head is resting on feels softer than a regular pillow. Ash opened his eyes, and looked up to see May's face over him. Ash's head was resting on May's lap.

"May?" Ash squinted to see May's eyes, which were slightly red.

"Ash!" May practically shouted, which made his head ache once more.

"I thought that I've gone to heaven. For a moment I thought I saw an angel," he added, with a weak smile.

His head still not rising from May's lap, Ash turned sideways to glance at everyone crowding around him.

"You need work on your pickup lines, Ash," May said, relief in her voice.

"Boy, Ash, you got us all worried, dude," Bryan spoke up.

"That was crazy, pulling a stunt like that," Misty scolded him, but Ash could see her eyes were bloodshot like May's.

"How long have I been out?"

"Two hours. We thought of taking you to a human hospital, but then you woke up."

Ash made to sit up, but couldn't. Ash got a better look at his surroundings, and realised he is back in his room at the Pokemon Center.

A doctor came in, followed by Nurse Joy. The latter was holding five Pokeballs on a tray, accompanied by Pikachu. At that moment, the five Pokeballs opened by themselves, and Ash is now surrounded by his Pokemon.

Grotle made a grab for Ash's head, as usual, but was stopped by Pikachu. Even Sceptile and Luxray couldn't hide their own concern for Ash. Corphish, who was on Sceptile's shoulder, jumped off his perch and landed on Ash's stomach. And Croconaw...

Well, Croconaw felt that it's his fault that Ash got hurt, so he felt rather subdued.

The doctor, excusing himself to the Pokemon, went on to examine Ash. "Hmm," he said, reading Ash's vital signs. "Things seem normal," he declared after a few minutes. "But I suggest that you get some bedrest, or, at least, go to the hospital for further examination."

Ash sat up again, this time sucessfully. "I'm fine, doctor, really..."

"Are you sure?" the doctor asked.

"Don't worry, doc, we'll keep an eye on him and make sure he gets proper rest," Brock spoke up.

"Very well, but I suggest he stay in bed for the rest of the day. I'll be seeing you all..." The doctor left.

Ash positioned himself so that he could sit next to May, making Corphish slide from his chest to his lap. But May placed her hands on Ash's shoulder and dragged him back downwards to the bed. Ash 's head landed on the pillow, but the force of May's pull just worsened his headache more.

"You heard the doctor, Ash, you need some rest," she said.

Bryan chuckled. "Better take your girl's advice, dude. After the long and hard day, you deserve it."

"Thanks, I'll think about it." Then Ash's head ached again. "Or maybe not."

Brock called everyone's attention by yawning, very, very loudly. It was meant as a "signal", and everyone but Ash and May understood.

Max joined Brock in his signal. "It's getting late. We'd all better get some shuteye ourselves."

The entire group excused themselves out of the room, leaving only Ash, May and the former's Pokemon behind. As Max closed the door behind him, he whispered to the others, "Maybe we should have taken the Pokemon with us..."

"No," Brock replied. "They want to be right by their trainer's side, so they should. Besides, any of you want to get on either Sceptile's or Luxray's bad sides? And we've got another problem."

"What's that?"

"Where are we gonna sleep?" Hikari picked up Brock's train of thought.

"You dudes can room in with me," Bryan suggested.

"And the girls can stay with me," Micah added.

As the others left, Ash and his Pokemon have all fallen asleep. Pikachu and Corphish were sleeping on either side of Ash, Sceptile is leaning on the wall to the far left side of the room, Luxray is curled up on the floor, next to Grotle, and Croconaw, still feeling guilty, is sitting opposite Sceptile, at the far right side.

May silently moved from her sitting position from the bed, and slowly strode to the room's window, and closed it shut. She turned around to face the sleeping figure on the bed. "Good night, Ash," she whispered.


"I just heard the news. Is he-?"

"Don't worry, Professor, he's fine. May is with him right now."

It was early in the morning, at 5:30. Professor Oak wasted no time in calling the Cerulean City Pokemon Center after hearing the news of Ash's accident on T.V. Brock took the call, while everyone listened.

"That's good to hear. If it would have been worse, think of what will happen to my lab when Ash's Pokemon-"

"We get the picture. Has Mrs. Ketchum heard about it?"

"Fortunately she wasn't able to watch the evening news. I'll tell her later anyway, this is her son we're talking about." Prof. Oak decided to change the subject. "What about the match with Prima? Have they decided how to finish it?"

"The PLA will surely make an announcement soon. In the meantime, Ash is getting the rest he needed after three days of non-stop battling."

Just then, Tracey's voice could be heard from the background. "No, Ambipom, NO! Leave some food for the rest of the Pokemon!"

"Well, I'd better go. What a day for most of my staff to have a holiday, when all the Pokemon are getting restless."


"I don't know. But I think I experienced this sort of behavior before, I just couldn't put my finger on exactly when. Anyway, send my regards to Ash."

Then Tracey shouted, "Hold it, Muk, stay back, back..."

"Alright, Professor. We'll be seeing you." Brock signed off.


As Corphish turned in its sleep, its pincer landed hard, right on Ash's face, waking the latter up. Ash rose from his slumber to find Pikachu and Corphish sprawled next to him. Maywas also asleep, on a chair right by the bed.

Just then Grotle woke up as well(Good morning, Ash) and wasted no time in biting Ash's head.

"OWOWOW, Grotle, stop it, I've still got a headache."

The commotion woke the others. "How're you feeling now, Ash?" May asked anxiously, as Grotle let go of Ash.

"I feel like a million Pokebucks-"

"That's good to hear."

"I'm not finished. I feel like a million Pokebucks' worth of coins just hit my head." Ash rubbed his head at the part where Grotle's jaws were locked on. "What time is it?" To answer his own question, Ash looked at his Pokegear. It was now 8:30 A.M. "I'm really hungry."

May smiled to herself, knowing Ash is back to his old self. She took him by the arm. "Come on, let's go. I'll cook you a big breakfast."

Ash recalled all his Pokemon, to their dislike for disturbing their sleep, and went out. Outside the center's hallway is surprisingly deserted. The two later heard voices(or more on a commotion) coming from the lobby.

The two entered the lobby to find everyone in front of the large T.V. The news that was on:

"After the unexpected accident the day before concerning Prima and her second challenger Ash Ketchum, the Pokemon League Association has decided that the match in question was a victory for the challenger. The Elite trainer Prima added that this is to honor the trainer's valiant effort to protect his Pokemon, a trait that should be possesed by any good trainer.

"The awarding ceremony will take place today at 9:30 A.M., right before the third opening of the Prima's Cup. It's notable that this is the first time in fifteen years before an Elite trainer was ever defeated by forfeiting, or at least being defeated at all."

"That can't be the right thing to do," Ash spoke up. Everyone turned to him. "I don't want to win this competition by forfeit. It's just not right."

"There's nothing we can do, Ash," Brock said to his friend. "The PLA have already made that decision."

"I can't win like this..."

"What are you going to do about it?" Misty asked.

"Just watch," Ash said, with a certain air in his voice.

Ash completely forgot about his appetite. After the news broadcast Ash and Pikachu sped back to the stadium, closely followed by his friends.

"Ash, wait up," May panted, a few feet behind Ash. But this time Ash didn't listen to her, and kept on going.

He wasted no time in finding Prima. The latter was found conversing with an Officer Jenny. Prima saw Ash walking towards her, and stopped her conversation to speak to him.

"How is your condition, Ash? I thought that you might still need a little rest after yesterday."

Ash waved off Prima's concern and got straight to the point. "What's up with you forfeiting our match? I don't deserve to win that way."

"I feel that it's my obligation, being partly responsible for your accident. Plus, like I stated in the news, you risked your own life to save your Pokemon, something that I admire."

"But still... You know what? Over the years of my being a Pokemon trainer, I've met countless members of the Elite Four(ironically). Bruno, Lance, Agatha, Lucian, Steven, yourself, the list could go on for hours... You know what you all have in common?

"Aside from being the world's best trainers, I have never defeated a single one of you guys. This competition is my chance to change that. Ever since being defeated by an Elite trainer, I've always trained my Pokemon harder with defeating you as my focus."

"Thank you. But what do you suggest we do?"

"What else? I want a rematch, and my Pokemon would love that too."

By this time May and the others have caught up to Ash. "A rematch?" Prima inquired.

"Yeah. Same rules as before. I want to earn my victory, not be sympathized for it."

Prima thought for a moment. 'This boy, he has definitely matured since Mandarin Island. Is that what Drake sees in him?' "A rematch would mean that your wins from our previous battle would be null, you understand?"

"Yeah, I understand."

"Then I have no reason to object. Name the time and place."


The time: late morning. The place: Cerulean Cape beach. Ash and Prima are all set for their rematch, and this time, aside from Ash's friends, there is no audience. The crowd is back in Cerulean City, watching the third wave of the Prima's Cup, which is now underway. However, there is a news crew present to cover the whole battle.

Prima declared that the whole beach, and maybe the water, is their battleground. Ash stood on one side, close to the Cape Lighthouse, while Prima stood at the beach border closest to the city.

"This time, it will be a 3-on-3 match. Same rules apply," the referee announced. "Whoever wins 2 matches first will be the winner."

Ash thought that being on the beach would dampen Prima's chances since the heat would weaken her Ice Pokemon.

However, Brock pointed out that some of Prima's Pokemon are also Water-type, and could use the water to their advantage. Plus, there are rainclouds overhead, so this may not be a hot day after all.

"Let's make things a bit interesting, Ash," Prima suddenly said.


"By changing each match into a double battle, giving us a full 6 Pokemon team apiece. A victory is earned in each match if at least one of the Pokemon of the opponent is knocked out."

"Sounds good to me."

"A double battle? Now this gets pretty interesting," Max spoke up.

"Just the way Ash wants it," Brock added. "Though Prima may have a reason why she wanted it to be a double battle."

"Okay, I choose Sceptile and Corphish!" Sceptile came out of its Pokeball, followed by Corphish.

"And I choose Mamoswine and Glaceon!" The large mammoth-like Pokemon from before, accompanied by a light-blue fox with rhombus-shaped ears, tail- and cap-ends. Ash examined the new face in his Pokedex:

Glaceon, the Fresh Snow Pokemon

It is the 7th evolution of Eevee, a result of growing in a snowy evironment. As a protective technique, it can completely freeze it's fur to make its hairs stand like needles.

"Sceptile?" Misty asked. "But that's risky. Grass-types are weak against Ice-types. I hope Ash knows what he's thinking."

"Listen, guys, you have to work together, this time, okay?" Sceptile nodded though hesitantly, and Corphish clicked its claws in agreement.

Sceptile(Just don't cramp my style, crabby.)

Corphish(Just lighten up for a while, will ya?)

The referee, stnding in a bouy a litte distance from shore, signaed the beginning of the match. "First match. Sceptile and Corphish vs. Mamoswine and Glaceon. BEGIN!"

"Sceptile, use Leaf Blade on Mamoswine! Corphish, ram Glaceon with a Tackle attack!"

Corphish dashed like a bullet towards Glaceon, and Sceptile's "arm" leaves began to glow light green as it jumped towards the topside of Mamoswine. both of Prima's Pokemon easily evaded the attacks, though Mamoswine avoided his by using Mudslap. Sceptile kneeled on all fours, trying to wipe the mud from its face, when it was suddenly grabbed by Mamoswine.

Corphish, meanwhile, was being barraged by Ice Shards. The lobster evaded the sharp projectiles by digging into the sand.

"Forget about Corphish, Glaceon," Prima ordered. "Go assist Mamoswine."

Glaceon jumped to the top of Mamoswine's head, and with a little throw from Mamoswine's snout, Glaceon dashed towards Sceptile for an Ice Fang. But Ash has anticipated this.

"Now, Corphish!"

The sand between Glaceon and Sceptile erupted, and out came Corphish, going for a Crabhammer uppercut. It almost worked, as Glaceon barely avoided the attack.

Sceptile smiled at its partner as Corphish began prancing about in front of Sceptile. Glaceon looked at the two of them in contempt, wiping dirt from its cheeks by the paws.

"Good work, Corphish, I knew you woudn't let your best friend down, right?" Ash said, winking.

Sceptile(Who said he was my best friend?)

Corphish(Come on, aren't we, old buddy?)

(Call me 'old' again and you'll regret it.)

"Okay, you two, let's continue this battle," Ash stopped his Pokemon bickering. "Watch OUT!" Glaceon and Mamoswine used a joint Ice Beam and aimed it right at their opponents. Reacting quickly, Sceptile grabbed Corphish and jumped high to safety. The sandy ground below the two Pokemon began to freeze over.

'Is Prima's Ice Pokemon this powerful that they can create ice floes in the beach?' Sceptile landed safely on a rock at Ash's side, still holding Corphish.

Sceptile(You're gaining weight, a lot. Lay off the Pokefood.)

(Heh, look who's talking. You're the one who keeps threatening Tracey about food when we were in the lab.)

"Come on guys, stop fighting among yourselves. We have to-" Ash didn't finish what he said, as he suddenly fell flat on his back. The referee then halted the match. Pikachu looked anxiously at its trainer.

(ASH!) the three Pokemon(Corphish, Sceptile and Pikachu) shouted his name together.

"ASH!" May ran over to him, and checked if he was okay. He is feeling dizzy, with swirly-eyes and all. "What's wrong?"

Ash stared at May right in the eyes and smiled sheepishly. "I'm really, really hungry."

Everyone facefaulted. Pikachu and Corphish sweatdropped, while Sceptile had its mouth open that its twig fell out. Prima suppressed a smile on her face.

"You got so occupied preparing for this battle the whole morning, that you forgot to eat breakfast," May said sighing.

"We could all use a lunch break. Ref?" Prima half-heartedly suggested.

"Well, if you don't have any objection, then... You have thirty minutes."

Ash sprang from his spot immediately. "Thanks, ref!" May watched him carefully as Ash ate the special lunch she cooked for him. The other trainers and their Pokemon joined in, and Prima also was having her own lunch.

"Hm-hm, now I know that your cooking can surpass Brock's, May," Ash mumbled, his mouth ful of stew. Brock snickered at this comment.

After finishing his meal, Ash stood up, and ready for battle. He made for his spot on the battlefield. But May stopped him by pulling on his jacket edges. "Aww, come on, May, I want to finish this quickly!" Ash compained, as May held him in place.

"No battles after eating. Besides, you still have fifteen minutes of break left."

"You're beginning to sound like my mom."

"I promised her that I'll look after you during this whole adventure, and so I am."

Ash grimaced, but sat back in place. Sceptile looked at its trainer as it was chewing through some special chow Brock prepared, and sighed (The only human I respect, has now fallen to the dark side. The dark side of females.)

Pikachu(You still haven't gotten over that rejection from Meganium, huh?)

Corphish(Tsk, tsk. Poor, tormented soul.)

Sceptile(Shut up, you two!)