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Thread: Trials of the Elite Four(AAMAYL/AdvanceShipping)

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    haha the pokemon are mischevious devils and corphish cracks me up, you update so fast I missed reviewing for the last one, which was very good (I wish I had a badge like that) well I liked both chapters, can't wait for your update
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    EF16:Sinnoh Problems

    May looked at the large wall in front of them that is Professor Rowan's laboratory. Pikachu, still feeling sad, was moping on May's shoulder instead of Ash's.

    Ash, meanwhile, is talking to the voicebox next to the gate. 'Wonder why the Prof made this extra security? Last time I was here, the walls are half the size they are now today, and the steel gate?'

    "Professor Rowan? It's me, Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, Kanto," Ash was saying.

    After a few moments, the gate opened, for the visitors to get through. They were met by a squad of howling Growlithe and Mightyena. A police officer(not an Officer Jenny) held the Pokemon back. But he only grunted to the newcomers, and ushered them in.

    May looked around as they walked the long path between the gate between the gate and the actual lab. The yard in between is as large as Oak's, but definitely has a grim atmosphere.

    "Ash, are you sure this is a Pokemon Lab, not a prison?" May asked.

    "Yeah," Ash replied, scratching his head. "Something big must be going on."

    Their escort led them to a small office at the back. Without a word, the guard left. Ash and May had no choice but to wait. Ash leaned on the wall next to the door, while May made herself comfortable on an armchair next to the Professor's desk.

    A few seconds later, Rowan appeared. He looked as intimidating as before(which made May more nervous), but he and Ash exchanged warm greetings, and ash introduced May to him. After that Rowan took a seat behind his desk.

    "It's nice to see you again, Ash. I see you've been doing well?"

    "Yeah." Ash motioned at the buzz outside, while taking his seat on another armchair next to May. "So what's going on? Why is everyone here in a panicky mood?"

    "There has been a large discovery on the Spear Pillar on top of the Tengan Mountains. They say a very ancient Pokemon resides there, but so far all we've found, is this..."

    Rowan opened a drawer behind his desk, and took out what seems to be a flute. It is light-blue, and different-sized holes cluttered the body. He gave it to Ash for the latter to examine. "That is the Azure Flute. It is a relic discovered wedged between two rock formations in the Spear Pillar. We believe that flute could be a key to another dimension. That's what we've been so busy here for."

    Ash turned the flute upside down, as May and Pikachu looked at it as well. As Ash handed it back to Rowan, the latter immediately placed the relic back in its drawer, and a lock can be heard clicking.

    "Apparently, this flute would have high value, and anyone who seeks it, will try at all costs to steal it from my desk. That's why I had the security added. Now, enough about my research...

    "Samuel called ahead, and he told me that you actually took Drake's challenge."

    It took a moment for Ash and May to realise that the "Samuel" Rowan is talking about is actually Professor Oak. Rowan continued. "Putting your Pokemon on the line for a title. That's-"

    "'A completely big risk'. Yeah, I know. I heard that from almost all my friends already. But you see," Ash took out his MasterBadge for Rowan to see, "I have defeated a member of the Elite Four already."

    Rowan sighed. "Just because you defeated one member, doesn't mean you defeated them all. Who knows? You could get defeated by the others, and then, your Pokemon..."

    Ash turned away. Rowan sighed. "I guess that I don't have the right to make you change your mind." Rowan stood up, and walked to the room's only window. "Why don't you two stay at my house for the night? My housekeeper would certainly be happy to have guests."



    Ash and May left the lab, and following Rowan's directions, went to a quieter and more lively part of town. They arrived at the Professor's house(no, a mansion), standing on top of a hill overlooking the other houses.

    Pikachu jumped from May's shoulder and ran ahead of them. He smelled the same aroma that he sensed back at the ship, thinking it would lead him to She-chu again. However, to his dismay, as Ash knocked on the door, a woman around the same age as Rowan answered.

    "Ah, yes. Rowan called ahead to tell me that we'll be having guests."

    'What's with everyone calling ahead of us?' an amused May thought, as the woman, introducing herself as Gina, ushered them in.

    "You must be the Professor's wife," May assumed.

    Gina blushed herself silly. "Oh, no, it's not that. I'm only his housekeeper. Professor Rowan is still a bachelor." She changed the subject to save from further embarassment, as she led them into the living room. "Tell me, are you two travelling together?"

    "Yeah," May answered for both of them.

    "We've travelled together before, but not like just the two of us," Ash added. 'I swear to get at all my friends for this later.'

    "It must be wonderful, travelling alone with someone you love." Ash and May both slightly blushed.


    7:30 P.M. An hour after settling in Professor Rowan's house, the Professor came home. Together, the four of them enjoyed supper courtesy of May and Gina.

    After that, they all sat in the living room. Ash and May decided to let their Pokemon out, as long as they behave(primarily concerns a certain lobster). Blaziken sat close to the fireplace, where there is a warm fire. Munchlax and Croconaw sat between her, the former flat on his back, asleep after five servings of food. Corphish, surprisingly, is on good behavior.

    Espeon curled herself on the floor in front of May, and Squirtle is sitting on May's lap. Sceptile leaned on the balcony outside(the house is on a hill, naturally it would have a balcony on the 1st floor). Luxray is dozing off next to Espeon, while Pikachu is leaning on his back, asleep as well.

    "I have some news regarding the competition, Ash, I'm glad that I persuaded you to stay here for a while," Rowan began.

    "What is it?"

    "Due to the discovery of the flute, the competition will be moved from Tengan Mountains to the Sinnoh Underground."

    "I heard about that," May piped up. "Isn't that a place where trainers go to for intensive training?"

    Rowan nodded. "Yes. It's a popular tourist spot here in Sinnoh. A place where one can condition his/her Pokemon for harsh environments." Rowan hesitated, then continued. "A fitting example for the Elite trainer here in Sinnoh: Bertha."

    "You know her, Professor?" Ash asked.

    "Not personally. She is the oldest member of the Sinnoh Elite Four, and everyone here knows her name. Ash, she trains in ground-type Pokemon. And don't let her kindness fool you. There is a reason why she is a member, after all."

    Ash nodded. He clenched his fists, looking forward to the next day, when he and May will set off for the Underground.


    At a quarter to nine, Gina took them to the guestroom. May is ready to hit the large queen-size bed, but Ash has taken out his sleeping bag.

    "Don't ask me why, I don't want to be awakened deep in my dreams by Corphish again." 'Just what I needed. I am to Corphish just as Brock is to that Toxicroak of his.'

    But before they could get their shuteye, the alarm sounded! Ash jumped from his sleeping bag at the sound. He immediately put on his jacket and cap, and just as he and Pikachu stepped out of their room, Rowan ran into him.

    "What's going on, Professor?"

    "The alarm went off in my lab. I have to get there right away."

    "I'm coming, too."

    May ran after them. But Ash told her to stay in the house. "Be careful, Ash," she cautioned. Ash nodded at May's concern.

    Together, Ash, Pikachu and Rowan sped through the darkened streets to the lab. The steel gate was open, and a guard could be seen sprawled on the ground, unconscious. Rowan bent down to check the man's condition.

    "A concussion to the head. He was probably hit with something blunt. But he'll be alright." Rowan gestured to Ash. "Go on ahead, I'll try to apply some first-aid here."

    "I choose you, Luxray!" Luxray came out at Ash's command. "Luxray, scan the interior of the lab to see if you find anything."

    Luxray's eyes glowed, and he scanned the lab. He immediately found three intruders inside. (Three of them, and all of them in a single room at the far back.)

    Pikachu(Rowan's office! The flute!)

    Ash and Pikachu immediately ran after Luxray, and they entered the laboratory through an open door. Luxray and Pikachu snarled, as two shadows appeared in front of them.

    "It's only a snot-nosed brat," one of them said, a female. But it's not Jessie of Team Rocket.

    "What are you doing here? You have no right to enter this place," Ash declared.

    "None of your business," the other shadow retorted, also female. "We only came to get back what belongs to us."


    "ASH! Look out behind you!" Rowan suddenly called.

    After the warning, all Ash could see was stars before his eyes, then he blacked out.


    "He's going to be alright. a little bump, that's all."

    "I'm glad. Thank you, doctor."

    Ash snapped awake, with a headache, again. 'Oh, man. Dejavu.' He found himself lying on the sofa in Professor Rowan's office. May was kneeling next to him on the floor.

    "Ugh. Why do they always go for the head?" Ash said, smiling weakly. May breathed a sigh of relief.

    Ash sat up, and found the office in shambles. Desk drawers are cluttered everywhere, including one with a sophitsticated lock. Rowan is speaking to an Officer Jenny.

    "The thieves know exactly what they are after," Rowan was saying, while Jenny was taking notes. "The mysterious flute I had locked in my desk safe is gone."

    "We'll look into this matter further, Professor. In the meantime, you should get some rest. It's getting late."

    "Okay. I'll just finish up here, and look to my friend, and we'll go home." Jenny and the doctor left. Rowan strode over to Ash's side. "How are you feeling now, Ash?"

    "Fine, I guess. So this means the thieves got away?" Rowan nodded. "I should have been more careful."

    "Don't blame yourself for the loss, Ash," Rowan assured him. "I'm just glad that you didn't get too hurt..."

    "The Professor called the police right after the thieves got away. Then he called the house, so I rushed over," May added.

    Ash sat himself upright. "Let's go after those thieves!"

    Rowan shook his head, and said, "They got an awfully big headstart. They're long gone by now."

    Ash looked to the floor, defeated. There's nothing he can do, for now.


    Late the next morning, Ash and May are now seen at the doorstep of Rowan's house, bidding farewell to their hosts.

    The two of them walked the path on the way to the next city, Jubilife City. Ash is lost in his thoughts, but May has her mind on other things. Namely, and surprisingly, Pokemon. May spotted a bunch of Kricketot inspecting them from atop a tree, and checked her Pokedex for it:

    Kricketot, the Cricket Pokemon

    It shakes its head back to front, causing its antennae to hit each other and sound like a xylophone.

    "It creates a sound like music?" May asked Ash, who wasn't listening. only nodded.

    Pikachu looked at his trainer, and nudged him to get his attention(Hey, Ash, your girlfriend's talking to you.)

    "Huh? Wha-?" Ash said dumbfoundedly. "Oh, sorry, May, I wasn't listening."

    May and Pikachu sighed. "Ash, it's not your fault the thieves got away," May said.

    "Sorry, I just thought that I should have done better."

    "You should have other things to worry about for now, like the Bertha's Cup..."

    "Yeah, you're right!" At the sound of the competition, Ash's mood was lifted. He began talking with May about the Sinnoh Pokemon, pointing them out(sometimes taking out his Pokedex to show May the Pokemon she hasn't seen yet).


    They have been in this discussion until they reach Jubilife City. Once there they find the usual symptom of a huge event: the gathering of large crowds. As they walked through the crowd May hung on to Ash so they cannot get separated.

    At the center of the crowd, right next to the entrance of the Underground, is a large stage. Standing on top of the stage, facing them all, is a woman roughly around fifty-sixty. Despite the warm weather she is wearing a white coat over an old-fashioned dress and a brown scarf. Unknown to Ash and May(for now), this is Bertha, member of the Sinnoh Elite Four, and host of the competition.

    The crowd continued to speak in loud tones. An Officer Jenny, who was with Bertha onstage, tapped on a microphone, to get everyone's attention.

    "Today, due to circumstances of the Underground's availability, there will only be twenty competitors for this wave of competition." There was a loud groan from the crowd. Jenny continued. "Those wishing to participate will draw from this bowl here," showing a fishbowl full of folded pieces of paper, "and those who pick the paper with a brown mark will be the ones to enter."

    Pretty soon there was a large line for the stage. One by one, a trainer drew his/her paper from the bowl. There were shouts of excitement, and there were also sounds of dissapointment. When it was Ash's turn, he took his time drawing from the bowl. When he finally took his hand out, it was nervously clutching a piece of paper.

    Ash strode over to May before opening his paper. With May watching over his shoulder(along with about a dozen other spectators) Ash opened the folded paper. To his great disappointment, it was blank.

    Ash hung his head in defeat. He's out of this wave of competition.


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    Huff, huff, I just read this thing up to chapter 12 and about to read 13, don't delete this fanfiction! Me want to read! Okay, lets sum up the whole 12 chapters in one review. Ash is very in character, romantic Ash is fun to see, May is nice but the not wining a single contest isn't so good, too sad about being away from Ash? Pervert Brock and his Toxicroak, alway nice to see, scheming Misty and Hikari, new people Micah and Bryan are all well-written, Pokemon translated and the cliffhanger, dun dun dun? Well onto CH13!

    EDIT: Read the rest, the double battle was very well written, Sceptile and Corphish, the duo which was written the best. Ash and May alone in Shinoh (yay!)? The pokemons in Chapter 15 were very funny, Corphish the comedian and Pikachu finding love (aww...), Ash not getting into the current wave of competition, unless he was looking at the wrong side, so set-up for more Advanceshipping? Good enough! Great story, looking forward for more.
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    its actually starting to get really interesting.. Please dont take this down. Will Ash goto johto next or hoenn?

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    I don't log on often to post, in fact I haven't logged on for three months, so consider my activity here as a sign that I may start becoming more active for the next few months.

    Anyway, this fanfic definitely has its ups and downs, but all-in-all it makes for a great read. It has a good overall plot, and its action scenes are portrayed well. It also has few errors that interfere with the reading, which makes it easier to follow.

    However, there are a few things I noticed that could make this good story great. For one, the way you portray AshxMay's relationship makes it hard for the reader to believe they are actually boyfriend/girlfriend. You have had the characters specifically state their relationship, but aside from that and other minor bits and pieces (i.e., blushing and jealousy; one kiss on the cheek, one on the lips in a flashback) your story does not back up the facts you have presented to us readers. You need to enhance the couple's relationship; you can make it look awkward, (in fact I would encourage it considering their respective ages) but you have yet to fully convince me (personally) that their relationship truly exists. You should be able to work that through with no problem.

    The other part that's holding down the story is that the chain of events doesn't 'flow' per-say. It seems almost sporadic the way you organize the events in some chapters, making it harder for the reader to get into the story and stay hooked on it. I'm not exactly sure what would be the best way to fix that, but I suggest reading some of the other stories like "May's Crush" by PikamasterADV, to get a better idea on how to organize your story's events.

    I can honestly say this story is showing the beginnings of a great read; just work out those small details and you'll bring it to a new level.

    Good luck.

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    -Finally, review count is going up!
    -Me(and Ash) will work on improving the relationship bit, I promise.
    -By the way, Ash will stay for the next wave. I'm planning on the trend that Ash fights each Elite member in he same order the player fights them in each of the games:
    Prima(Kanto) 1st, Bertha(Sinnoh) 2nd, Bruno(as a Johto, not Kanto, Elite) 3rd, and Drake(Hoenn) last.

    EF17: Sinnoh Problems II

    Meanwhile, onstage, Bertha was speaking with a silver-haired man with glasses. This man is Bertha's comrade, Lucian, also of the Sinnoh Elite.

    "You choose a strange way of selecting my competitors, my friend," Bertha was saying.

    "It all depends on luck, Bertha," Lucian replied. "Besides, it was you who asked me to think of a way to select them."

    Bertha shook her head, and sighed. "True."

    "If you'll excuse me, I think I recognized someone from the crowd." Lucian was gone.

    Jenny clapped her hands. "Okay, everyone who had drawn the brown paper, follow me. Miss Bertha, if you please."

    Twenty competitors entered the Underground with Bertha and Officer Jenny. The crowd began to disperse, and Ash sat on a park bench, while May looked at him.

    "Shot down in the first round," Ash said, dejected.

    "You can try again when the competition is over, Ash," May assured him. "It's not the end of the Pokemon World..."

    "Funny you should say that," a voice behind them spoke up. Both Ash and May turned around and found Lucian smiling at them. "Long time no see, Ash."

    "Lucian! I should have recognized you." Ash sprang up, and shook Lucian's hand. "May, I'd like you to meet Lucian, a member of the Sinnoh Elite. We met during my earlier adventures in Sinnoh."

    "Wow! The Lucian?" May exclaimed. "I couldn't believe I will be meeting you. I've read all your books. "The Flight of the Psychics"? It's one of my absolute favorites!"

    Ash sighed, speechless at May's fangirlism. May continued to ogle at Lucian, which caused Ash to slightly get jealous.

    Lucian simply gave a bow to May. "Nice to meet you as well. By the way," Lucian added, to Ash, "where are your other friends? The one with the orange vest and the girl who has a volcanic temper?”

    "Ah, eh, they left to engage in other matters."

    Lucian shrugged. "Anyway, why don't we go find someplace to eat. My treat."


    Minutes later, Ash and May are enjoying a five-course meal courtesy of the Sinnoh Elite. In a restaurant, Ash and May sat next to each other, with pikachu in between, clutching(a you know-what).

    As Ash dug into his steamed lobster, Lucian was conversing with May, about the various books the former had wrote. Pikachu was slightly amused, seeing this is the first time he saw Ash jealous.

    To pipe Ash's interest, Lucian changed the subject to the competition. "Bertha asked me to help choose the platforms for this competition. She is a very good friend, and I owe a few favors, so I obliged. I arranged the drawing. With a little help from my Psychic Pokemon, the paper anyone picks out of the draw is supposed to show the brown color if they are chosen."

    "So does that mean that I'm not chosen?" Ash asked, sounding defeated.

    "Think of it as fate, my friend. There must be a reason why your paper didn't change color. You should try your luck the next time, after this wave."

    "Thanks, I feel a lot better," Ash said, with a little bit of sarcasm.

    Ash, May, Lucian, and about a hundred other spectators watched the competition going on in the Underground, aptly called "Location". It seems that the rules are:

    -Each trainer is allowed a full roster of six Pokemon.

    -The twenty trainers are given special tags at the start of the competition. They are also given one escort each, to make sure they follow the rules of the competition. Then they would each be transported to randomly selected locations in the Underground.

    -The aim for the competitors is to figure out the location of Bertha in the Underground. To do so, the trainer must collect the tags belonging to the other trainers.

    -Trainers, of course, have to fight other competitors to collect tags. New rules will apply:

    1) A trainer can wager up to three tags in his/her possesion. In battle, the number of tags wagered determines the number of Pokemon used. One tag allows two Pokemon, two tags allow four Pokemon, and three tags allow use of all six Pokemon. The escorts will verify this.

    2) Standard elimination, with the escort(s) refereeing. Whoever knocks out all of his/her opponent's Pokemon first will win the tag(s).

    3)Once a trainer runs out of tags, his/her escort will disqualify him/her from the competition.

    -Dotted around the Underground are Terminals. These special devices can only be activated by the barcode in a trainer's ID card. Terminals are used for various purposes:

    1)Allows the trainer to change his roster. Only one Pokemon can be swapped per Terminal.

    2)Heals all the Pokemon in a trainer's roster. Like the swap rule above, this can only be used by a trainer once per Terminal.

    3)If and when the trainer collects the 5 tags, the Terminal will be used for entering the tags' codes. Then the Terminal will reveal a map to Bertha's location.

    --If a trainer uses up the "1" and "2" functions in a specified Terminal, the Terminal will beep red to deny the trainer. This is so as not to confuse both trainer and escort.

    -Whoever trainer will reach Bertha first will be granted the right to face her in the challenge.

    Ash looked at the rules, and muttered, "Seems kinda complicated to me."

    "This is simply a game where one can test his skill and strategy," Lucian said, occupied with a not-so-official book-signing for the fans of his works.

    "That will be hard, considering how large the Underground is," Ash added.

    Pikachu(How true. I remember when you got lost in it once. If Shinx hadn't been with you then, we might not have found you.)

    As of now, the competition has started. At that moment, many pairs of trainers are battling each other simultaneously on 1-on-1 matches.

    "Pardon me for saying so," Lucian immediately said, excusing himself from his fanline, "but we can't stand around here all day. Why don't we have a little practice battle, Ash?"

    Ash looked at him. Lucian continued. "Don't worry, this won't follow the terms you have agreed upon with Drake. Just for my, and your, Pokemon, to get some exercise."

    "How did you know about Drake's challenge to me?"

    "Everyone in the Elite Four knows. Drake keeps to himself, even from his fellow Hoenn Elites, about his intentions, though."

    Ash agreed to battle the Sinnoh Elite. Soon, he and Lucian stood on different sides of an improvised field just next to the Underground's entrance. Lucian relayed the rules to him.

    "A simple 2-on-2 match, Ash." Lucian took out a Pokeball from his belt. Ash nodded. "Go, Alakazam!"

    From Lucian's Pokeball came a thin, yellow-and-brown bipedal fox-like creature with two spoons in each hand.

    "I choose you, Corphish," Ash called out his feisty water-type. Corphish clicked his claws, anticipating the battle. The two Pokemon looked at each other menacingly.

    "Aakazam, Calm Mind," Lucian ordered. Alakazam closed his eyes, and an aura began forming around his entire body.

    "Corphish, go for a Crabhammer before he finishes!" Ash quickly said.

    Corphish jumped in the air, and tried to land on Alakazam's head, claws first. But Alakazam suddenly opened his eyes and blocked the attack with one of his spoons. Then, usig only his spoon as a force, Alakazam easily hurled Corphish back to the air.

    Lucian immediately callled the next attack. "Psybeam!" Alakazam aimed both spoons in Corphish's direction. From those "cutlery" Alakazam fired a powerful beam of psychic energy. Corphish looked armingly at the blast coming straight or him, ad tried to shield himself with his claws. No avail. Corphish felt the full force of the Psybeam.

    Corphish fell to the ground, knocked out. Ash called his Pokemon back to its Pokeball. 'Shot down in the second turn. That was humiliating,' Ash thought. "Alright, Croconaw, I choose you!"

    From Ash's second Pokeball came Croconaw. The crocodile stretched his legs, and arched his jaws.

    From the sidelines, May was lost in thought. 'Lucian is definitely in a league of his own. I never saw Corphish easily manhandled like that. It's a good thing that the Sinnoh Elite of this competition is not Lucian. But I'll bet that Bertha woman would be just as hard.'

    A few feet(and spectators) behind May, two trainers catch our eye. They are both females, one with long blonde hair, while the other has a helmet-shaped red mane.

    "Are you sure it's the same kid?" the silver-haired girl asked.

    Her companion nodded. "Remember that I can see in the dark like a Crobat. This could jeopardize our mission."

    "What do you mean? I'll bet he hasn't even seen our faces."

    "True, but his Pokemon did. That Luxray can probably recognize us if it sees us. If only that Drill wasn't so foolhardy enough to go in the open like this."

    Just then a black-haired man appeared behind them. His spiky hair has one prominent feature: one spike swas spiral-like, giving the impression of a drill. He towered above the two women.

    "Don't worry about it, Bomb," he said to the redhead. "I'll deal with that kid. Just make sure that you keep that flute out of harm's way. It's more worth than any of the lives of the people gathered here."

    "That's easy for you to say, Drill," the woman called as Bomb retorted.

    "Calm down, you two," the third said. She then massaged her long hair. "We just silence that kid's Pokemon, and we're homefree."

    "You're the most relaxed of us, Wire," Bomb said sarcastically. "Mind telling us your secret?"

    To May...

    She was still paying attention to Ash's and Lucian's battle. Pikachu, who was in her arms, turned his head around in the direction of the three strangers. Pikachu's eyes narrowed, and jumped off May. He ran over to where Drill, Bomb and Wire stood, but they were gone.

    Pikachu(I have a bad feeling 'bout this. Who are those three?)

    Back at the battle, Croconaw managed to evade two of Alakazam's Psybeams. Both Ash's and Lucian's Pokemon seem to be tiring out. Ash smiled, and why? Croconaw is glowing blue again.

    "Alright, Croconaw, you know what to do. HYDRO PUMP!" Croconaw fired the powerful stream of water in Alakazam's direction.

    "Quick, Alakazam, Barrier!" Alakazam shielded himself with a Barrier coming from the spoons. But Torrent's power proved too strong. The Barrier broke, and Alakazam was hit full force!

    Alakazam slumped to the ground, unconscious. Lucian smiled. "Not bad," he said calmly as he recalled Alakazam. "You show a good bond with that particular Pokemon, Ash."

    Ash closed in on Croconaw, and placed his hand on his head. "This guy here, I plan on making one of my best," he said smiling, as Croconaw looked up proudly at his trainer. Just then May and Pikachu approached. "After Pikachu, of course."

    Lucian nodded, smiling, as the crowd cheered on the exhibition match. 'A good example of a trainer. Maybe he has what it takes to join our ranks, after all.'


    It was finally 5:30(after a good seven hours) in the afternoon when a winner is decided. A young woman named Dolor was able to gain the right to challenge Bertha. The match will take place early tomorrow morning, as a signal to start the second competition.

    Lucian introduced Ash and May to Bertha. The older woman greeted them warmly, and invited them to stay at her home, here in Jubilife City. But Lucian said his farewells, saying that he must head back to Foento City.

    Bertha took the kids to her mansion on the outskirts of the city. A number of servants greeted them at the door. Bertha immediately ordered her servants to cater to Ash's and May's needs.

    "You kids must be tired," Bertha said, as a maid helped her take off her coat. "Make yourselves at home."

    Ash and May looked at each other and shrugged. "Uh, maybe it's not a good idea for us to stay here," May said uneasily.

    "Yeah, your being an Elite trainer and all that," Ash added.

    "Nonsense," Bertha said, smiling. "I'm really happy to have guests. Now, care to join me for tea?"

    Ash and May had no choice but to accept their hostess's hospitality. As a butler served them tea on a second-floor balcony overlooking the city, the two told Bertha all about their adventures up to now.

    Bertha seemed impressed that Ash defeated an Elite(Prima), a feat that hasn't been done in almost a decade, she says. Bertha also was able to charm some of Ash's Pokemon, since she is an Elite trainer, one who cares deeply for Pokemon.

    At a quarter past nine, a maid directed Ash and May into the mansion's guestrooms. Ash and Pikachu plopped down to the massive bed in his room, and sighed.

    'Man, being an Elite sure has its privileges. Look at Bertha. She's pretty well off.' And without even taking off his clothes, Ash drifted to sleep.

    But Pikachu stayed awake. He jumped off the bed, and ran to Ash's Pokeball belt(again). He pulled out a Pokeball, and from within it came Luxray.

    Luxray(What's going on?)

    Pikachu(Boy, do I have a hunch that I wanna tell you...)


    -Keep reviewing and I'll keep myself from deleting it.
    -HEADS UP:(what you call a chapter preview)

    At that moment, Ash's Pokedex bagan ringing like crazy. He took it out, and trained it on Swampert:

    Hydro Cannon. A powerful attack that can be learned by a Torrent-bearing Pokemon with a strong bond to its trainer.

    "Wow," Ash said. "So that was no Hydro Pump..."

    -I don't know how to use spoiler tags, so I'll just leave it like that...
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    Sorry I haven't dropped by. This site doesn't like me very much. It only lets me on at random times, and generally freezes up fight before I post. Anyway, your plot is getting better, that's for sure. I love how you're starting to incorperate the elemental hyper beams. I think they're cool. I also like Lucian. It's cool how you're bringing in so many characters from the anime, and I really can't wait for Ash's fight against Bertha. I think Pikachu'll have a hard time there.

    Keep writing, I really do enjoy it.


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    May's fangirlism! Ash got jealous and had a practice battle against Lucian. Who won? Anyway, Luxray is in trouble! As for the preview, Ash will be fighting a Swampert?

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    -Ash is yet to have his Pokemon learn those E Hyper Beams.

    EF18:Raw Power

    While Ash was silently sleeping, Pikachu held a little conference with the other Pokemon. While Sceptile, Croconaw and Corphish listened, Pikachu told Luxray of the conversation he has picked up earlier.

    Luxray(I won't be able to tell if it's them until I see them.)

    Pikachu(They're planning something, and maybe they'll do it tomorrow at the competition.)

    Sceptile(Then we have to stay on our toes.)

    Croconaw(Especially you, Luxray. Like Pikachu said, the thieves might have figured out that you can identify them.)

    Luxray snorted(Wait 'til get my hands on them. They won't get away with assaulting our trainer.)

    Pikachu(We'd better tell the others. So they can be on guard, as well.)


    Corphish(Yeah, you know, Sceptile's girlf-) Sceptile gave Corphish a menacing stare. (-I mean, uh, May's Pokemon.)

    Everyone rolled their eyes. But they all silently went outside and into May's room.


    Every Pokemon stood on their toes to make sure that Ash and May are safe. But, the next morning, even after making shifts, Ash woke up to find all his Pokemon dead-tired.

    "Oh, man," Ash said disapprovingly. "You guys stayed up all night?"

    Sceptile, annoyed(That's the thanks we get for guarding your life? What a ripoff.)

    Pikachu yawned(At least they're safe.)

    Ash knocked on May's door, down the hall to his room. The outside of May's room was also cluttered with her Pokemon. Munchlax, Squirtle and Espeon lay side by side, and Blaziken is leaning to the wall next to the door.

    "What's with you guys and staying up late?" Ash wondered aloud, as he knocked at May's again.

    This time there was a response. "Just a minute." A moment later, May came out, already looking refreshed. She, too, was surprised that her Pokemon were out of their Pokeballs all night.

    The two trainers recalled their Pokemon back to their Pokeballs, and headed downstairs. At the dining room, they were greeted by a maid, who already prepared breakfast for them.

    "The mistress has already gone down to the city to prepare for her battle," the maid said. "She instructed us to keep you well-fed for the events today."

    "Wow, thanks," May said humbly, as she and Ash hungrily glanced at the breakfast treats spread out in front of them.

    Ash and Pikachu stuffed themselves with all the French pastry they could get their hands on. Obviously, the two are very, very hungry. May sighed at the sight of her companions.


    After properly feeding their other Pokemon, Ash and May decided to go back to the city after Bertha. Once again, the crowd is at a large scale as before, if not larger.

    This time Bertha and her challenger stood on either side of the field where Ash fought Lucian previously.

    Bertha called out a Golem. Dolor made an obvious choce by selecting a Vileplume. The referee signalled the beginning of the match. "Bertha vs. Dolor. First match: Golem vs. Vileplume. BEGIN!"

    'Golem,' Ash thought to himself. 'One of the Pokemon I have to watch out for...'

    "Vileplume, Sunny Day!" Dolor ordered. The early morning sun began glowing so bright that everyone felt themselves sweating hard.

    "Golem, Rollout," Bertha ordered. Golem retracted his arms, legs and head and his giant form began rolling in Vileplume's direction. Vileplume managed to sidestep Golem, and many people had to run out of the way as Golem sped unintentionally in their direction.

    However, Bertha's Golem surprisingly has complete control of his attack. Just before he hit a wall, Golem managed to easily stop his tracks. And, still in his ball form, he rolled back in the direction of the arena, and his opponent.

    Vileplume was ready. She has quickly absorbed enough sunlight(due to Sunny Day) and fired Solarbeam straight at Golem's path. Once again, Golem showed total control of his Rollout, shown by sharply turning sideway, narrowly avoiding the Solarbeam.

    Golem turned abruptly again, and this time scored a direct hit on Vileplume in mere seconds. The large momentum Golem has gathered easily knocked out the Flower Pokemon in one hit.

    The referee signalled the end of that round. "Vileplume is unable to battle. Victory goes to Golem!"

    For the second round of the match, Bertha and Dolor each sent out a Hippowdon and Carnivine. May, who has never seen both Pokemon before, scanned her Dex for it. Ash provided the other one's data from his own Pokedex to show her:


    Carnivine, the Bug Catcher Pokemon

    It attracts prey with its sweet- smelling saliva, then chomps down. It takes a whole day to eat its prey.


    Hippowdon, the Heavyweight Pokemon

    The evolved form of Hippopotas, it blasts internally stored sand from ports on its body to create a towering twister for attack.

    True to the Pokemon's Pokedex data, suddenly the whole field is covered by a powerful sandstorm coming from Hippowdon's "openings". The crowd shielded their eyes. This time no one will be able to tell what's happening.

    After a single minute, the sandstorm subsided, and Carnivine lay sprawled on the ground, knocked out. Everyone stood stunned, speechless, at the sight. No one was able to tell how the Hippowdon defeated Dolor's Pokemon, maybe except for Bertha, who was the least surprised out of everyone.

    Even the referee was stunned at the result. After a moment, he called the match. "Carnivine is unable to battle. Victory goes to Hippowdon!"

    Ash shook his head. 'Maybe that Hippowdon would be Bertha's trump card.'

    If Dolor doesn't win in the next round, Bertha will be winner. As Bertha called her next Pokemon, which is a Steelix, Dolor was hesitating in what Pokemon to use next.

    'A Ground- and Steel-type?' Dolor thought. 'Maybe I should go for...'

    After making her choice, Dolor has now sent out a Swampert. Steelix the Iron Snake towered over Swampert the Mud Fish, but the latter was not intimidated by size.

    "Third match. Steelix vs. Swampert. BEGIN!"

    Dolor started by commanding Swampert to use Mudshot. The balls of Mud Shot through the air, aiming for Steelix's head. The large tail waved itself in front of Steelix to block the attack. But Swampert is now on the second offensive, with a Giga Impact.

    Swampert's attack hit Steelix by the jaw, knocking the latter backwards to the wall next to Bertha. Again, several spectators(and Bertha herself) had to get out of the way so as not to get hurt. the resulting impact caused dust and rubble to appear. Steelix is now covered by the dust, obscured from view.

    Swampert, meanwhile, was momentarily stunned for using the powerful attack. When she recovered, Swampert planted her feet on the ground, and launched herself in the direction of Steelix.

    When Steelix finally emerged from the debris, Swampert is already on him.

    "Swampert, use Muddy Water!" Swampert fired mud-brown water from her mouth and sprayed Steelix with it. Blinded, Steelix waved his tail for an Iron Tail, hoping to hit Swampert. But the Mud Fish easily avoided the blind attack.

    After Steelix recovered his vision, he charged Swampert for his own Giga Impact. Swampert used Hydro Pump to slow down her opponent's attack, but Steelix went on, and hit Swampert. This time it was the Mud Fish's turn to reel backwards towards her trainer.

    Dolor looked anxiously at her Pokemon, but Swampert managed to stand up, though barely. Swampert's Torrent is now acting up, and a smile spread across Dolor's face.

    'I think it's time to use it. Let's give these people a good show, Swampert.'

    Swampert stood proudly in front of her trainer, still glowing bright-blue. No one anticipated what Dolor's gonna do next.

    "Swampert, brace yourself!"

    Bertha sensed Dolor's confidence. She, too, won't be expecting Swampert's next move. "Steelix, don't give Swampert the chance she needs. Go for another Giga Impact!"

    "Okay, Swampert! You know what to do!"

    As Steelix began charging towards Swampert again, the latter arched her head back. Then, a powerful jet of water was fired from Swampert's mouth. Steelix was immediately stopped in his tracks by the force of the attack. Even for his size, Steelix was sent flying into the air. When he landed on the ground, Steelix is knocked out.

    At that moment, Ash's Pokedex bagan ringing like crazy. He took it out, and trained it on Swampert:

    Hydro Cannon. A powerful attack that can be learned by a Torrent-bearing Pokemon with a strong bond to its trainer.

    "Wow," Ash said. "So that was no Hydro Pump..."

    The crowd was completely speechless. "Steelix is unable to battle. Victory goes to Swampert!"

    Bertha clapped her hands. "That attack shows a definite sign that you've trained your Swampert well. I applaud you for that."

    "Thank you," Dolor replied. Her Swampert, though breathing heavily(due to the attack), stood proudly.

    "I expect as much for one who qualifies to challenge me. This time, I won't take it easy on you..."

    For the fourth match, Bertha chose a Torterra. Dolor, feeling confident, called out her Glalie. The Face Pokemon is, like Swampert before him, was dwarfed by Torterra's size.

    "Fourth match. Torterra vs. Galie. BEGIN!"

    "Ice Shard, Glalie!" Glalie spouted thin, sharp ice from his mouth. Bertha immediately had Torterra Withdraw, but even then the Continent Pokemon coud feel the sting of the attack.

    When Torterra emerged from his shell, Glalie rushed in for a Tackle attack. Torterra got knocked back by Glalie's attack, her giant feet leaving behind ridges as she was reeling.

    Dolor and Glalie didn't stop there. "Ice Beam!" A white beam spouted out of Glalie's mouth, and aimed for Torterra. The crowd watched on, speechless, knowing Torterra will be easily knocked out by the attack(4x weakness). But Bertha remained awfully calm.

    "Earthquake!" Torterra stomped both of her front legs hard to the ground. The ground rose upwards, and was hit by Ice Beam! Bertha used her Pokemon's attack to shield from Glalie's attack.

    Suddenly, Torterra broke through the wall created by the Ice Beam and Earthquake, throwing ice shards everywhere. Torterra hit Glalie with the Tackle. It was the Face Pokemon's turn to reel backwards.

    Torterra planted her feet on the ground, and it sems she is charging up for something. Ash thought it was Solarbeam, but then the tree on Torterra's back began moving violently. As Glalie shook the fog out of his eyes, suddenly finds himself being quickly covered by vines coming out of the ground. The vines kept intertwining around Glalie's body, covering him completely. All anyone could see right now is a tangle of root-colored vines in the center of the arena.

    Once again, Ash's and May's Pokedexes rang like crazy. This time it was May who checked the attack's data:

    Frenzy Plant. This devastating grass attack can only be learned by okemon with Overgrow.

    When the vines disappeared, Galie lay on the ground, knocked out. Torterra, even though breathing heavily, stood over her opponent, a victorious look on her face.

    "Glalie is unable to battle. Victory goes to Torterra! This match goes to Bertha of the Elite Four!"

    Bertha waved to the crowd humbly as they cheered her. She strode over to Dolor, who was cradling Glalie on her lap. "You've done well. I enjoyed our battle." Bertha offered her hand, and Dolor took it. The applause was deafening as the two combatants shook hands.

    'Frenzy Plant and Hydro Cannon, huh?' Ash thought. 'Cool...'


    The Bertha's Cup(2nd wave) will begin shortly after lunch. Bertha gave her young guests permission to use her large forest backyard as a training area.

    Ash is now determined to make his Pokemon learn the Elemental Hyper Beams, performed by Bertha's Torterra and Dolor's Swampert. May and the other Pokemon sighed as Ash tried to unsucessfully make Sceptile and Croconaw learn these attacks.

    "Okay, the Pokedex says that Frenzy Plant can be learned by Overgrow-using Pokemon. And Hydro Cannon is also learned, this time, by Pokemon with Torrent."

    Sceptile and Croconaw sat next to each other as Ash made his "speech". They looked at each other and sighed heavily.

    Sceptile(He want us to learn that? That's pretty extreme, if you ask me.)

    Croconaw(You got that right. Hoo-boy!)

    "We have to learn these attacks, so we can get the upper hand in the competition. Understood?" Ash began sounding like a drill seargent after this.

    "Okay, time for practice!"

    Ash has Sceptile concentrate hard on a couple of mango trees. Once, the branches of the trees were moving a little, but not enough to satisfy Ash.

    Sceptile, for the first time, complained(Come on, wasn't that enough? Sheesh!)

    Meanwhile, Croconaw is trying hard to destroy a large boulder on Ash's command. Croconaw actually suceeded, but instead of the Hydro Cannon Ash hoped for, it was only a Hydro PUMP. The difference betweent the two would be that Hydro Cannon takes a lot of energy out of the user, as Hydro Pump cannot, too much. Croconaw once tried to fake being tired, but Ash wasn't as easily fooled.

    Croconaw(Man, how could he tell I was faking it?)

    Sceptile(Easy. You can be easily distracted by anything, dope.)

    It was true, as Ash always waves a piece of chocolate cake in front of Croconaw(his favorite sweet) whenever the Pokemon tried faking. Croconaw just keeps springing up, and his obvious deception was discovered.

    As May fed the other Pokemon, she looked at the three of them: Ash trying to overwork his Pokemon, and Sceptile and Croconaw are gettingreally exhausted.

    May had enough of this as Croconaw and Sceptile slumped to the ground for the 4th time.

    "Ash, don't you think you're overdoing it? Just look at them." May waved her hand in Croconaw's and Sceptile's direction, in which the two prompted in taking heavy breathers.

    Sceptile(For the first time, listen to her. Don't you care about us, boss?)

    Croconaw, quickly nodding at each of his words(Yeahyeahyeahyeah--OW! What was that for?)

    Sceptile(We're trying a sob story here, and you end up being comic.)

    Both Pokemon struggled to stand up, their legs trembling. Ash said, "They seem fine to me," but then the duo stumbled again, backs to each other.

    May shook her head. "This is not like you, Ash. You're better than this. You know better than to overwork your Pokemon. So what if they don't learn those attacks? They managed to get this far without them."

    Ash sighed. "You're right, as usual." At this Croconaw and Sceptile sighed in relief. Ash turned to the two. "Sorry, guys."

    May clapped her hands. "Now, you all get something to eat."

    Croconaw sprang up again(Great. I get three-fourths of the cake!)

    Sceptile shook his head(Dope.)


    After enjoying lunch, Ash asked Bertha's permission to use her home PC to contact Pallet Town. It is once again time to prepare a team for the Bertha's Cup.

    'Luxray's x-ray vision will certainly be useful in the competition. He will have to stay. Pikachu, of course. Hmm, Croconaw and Sceptile, I guess I owe them a lot after that training... Now, for the final two...'

    Ash took a look at his Pokemon aligned next to Professor Oak's on the phone's vidscreen. All of them were trying to hog the whole screen to get Ash's attention, to the professor's annoyance. Donphan caught Ash's eye.

    "Yeah, Donphan, I think you'll be my 5th..."

    Donphan(Yahooo! Finally, some more action!)

    May appeared beside Ash. "Ash, the competition is about to begin. You'd better hurry..."

    Just then the other Pokemon were being pushed to the "far side" of the screen by none other than Snorlax. Ash grinned sheepishly. "Snorlax, I could use you for this one as well..."

    Snorlax thumped his enormous belly(You can count me in. Just as long as there's food around...)

    "Snorlax?" May asked uneasily. "Do you think that's a wise decision?" Snorlax's jolly expression fell, at May's words. "Oh, I'm so sorry, Snorlax... I didn't mean to..."

    Snorlax(I hear you're quite a cook. Just bake me a giant cake after all this and we're even...)

    "Alright, Ash," Professor Oak cut in, "just send back Corphish to the lab, and I'll initiate the transfer..."

    After the transfer was complete, it was sixteen minutes before 2:00 PM. Ash and May rushed out of Bertha's manor and ran back to Jubilife City.

    As they reahed the city square in front of the Underground, the drawing has just begun. What a close call. May retreated to the sidelines with the crowd as Ash joined the line for the drawing, but not before wishing him luck.

    After Ash drew his lot, he immediately opened the piece of paper. This time the paper was brown, meaning he has qualified. Ash and Pikachu breathed a sigh of relief at this.

    "All qualified competitors, please follow me," Officer Jenny said. The twenty qualifieds, including Ash, followed the officer down a set of stairs leading down to the Underground complex.

    The Underground is like a mineshaft, with narrow natural corridors. There are a number of lights dotted around the walls. Jenny led them around a series of winding paths, until they reach a wide area.

    Officer Jenny revealed a billboard containing the rules of the competition. The rules are the same as the previous competition(see EF28).

    Just then, about twenty probe-like devices appeared from different entrances of the area(similar to Kid's in the 8th movie).The only difference is that each probe carries around a visor-like device. Pikachu looked at the device curiously as it scanned him and Ash.

    Everyone's surprised at first, but each probe aligned itself with a trainer by giving him/her the visor. Ash looked at the inside brim of his visor, and saw it was like pitchblack.

    Jenny explained. "These devices are your escorts throughout the Underground. They will be with you to monitor your movements, referee your matches, and enforce the rules. If you've intentionally destroyed an escort, you are immediately be disqualified."

    An opening on the front of Ash's escort appeared, and a black tag appeared. Ash picked it out. At that moment, nothing is readable in the tag's context.

    "Any questions?"

    Someone from behind Ash raised her hand. "What are the visors for?"

    "Those visors wil serve as a form of communication from the officials outside. You can use these to interface with the Terminals. Plus, put them on." Everyone complied. They put on their visors, but the screen remains pitchblack. Ash feels his stomach churning, and the ground underneath his feet moving.

    Pikachu(H-h-hey! What's going on?)

    Ash was at first startled by Pikachu's cry. But just then a distant voice was heard. "You can take off the visors... The competition starts now..."


    -They didn't even acknowldege the fact that Croconaw can't learn Hydro Cannon since Hyper Beam attacks can only be taught to fully-evolved Pokemon.

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    You update so fast that I can't even read them all! i didn't see Ash being the romantic type, but oh well. Good job so far!
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    Oh no, looks like the mysterious team strike! The pokemon stayed up to guard the pair and more Corphish hints. Ash training his pokemon too much with some comical results and some Snorlax goodness. Looking good, and Ash&May 4EVER, it's because, he already written the whole thing, if I am correct, so he is just cleaning up some things.

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    Ash took off his visor, to find that he is alone, apart rom Pikachu and their escort probe. They were now in a narrow tunnel, far from the spot where Jenny gathered them before.

    "Alright, Pikachu, looks like it has begun," Ash said to his partner.

    Ash and Pikachu began running to the far end of their corridor. Suddenly, at the turn, they collided with an overweight Hiker. "Oh, man, an opponent already?" the oder man asked, as he and Ash stood up. "You ready for battle, kid?"

    "You bet I am." Just then both the trainers's escorts began beeping. The two machines stood between the two of them, and suddenly combined to make a larger, official-looking robot. "Trainer Ash vs. Hiker Troy. Please present the tags you wish to wager, please."

    Ash took out his black tag, and Troy did the same. They presented the tags to the referee, who immediately "swallowed" them. "You have one tag each. Which format do you refer? One-on-one, or two-on-two?"

    "I choose a one-on-one," Troy answered.

    "I agree." 'That way, I can save up my other Pokemon or later battles...' "Okay, Pikachu, go!"

    Pikachu jumped off Ash's shoulder as the two trainers backed away to make room, as the hallway was narrow. Tony sent out an obvious choice of a Graveler.


    From one end of the Underground, a lady named Cyndy is cowering in fear as her escort was destroyed. It seems that the thief Bomb has assaulted the poor trainer. Bomb has just recalled her Pokemon to its Pokeball, so we still don't know what it is.

    Out of fear, Cyndy fainted. Bomb picked up her victim's tag as her cohorts appeared beside her.

    "Hmmph. You were held up by a smallfry? You're losing your touch, Bomb," Drill said with a smirk.

    "Remember that we're only after that brat's Pokemon," Wire reminded her. "No collateral damage."

    Bomb bent down to check Cyndy's pulse. "Relax. She's just in shock. I tend to not get carried away in my battles, unlike you, Drill."

    Drill only gave Bomb a hard stare. Bomb looked at the tag, and passed it to Drill. "Here. You want this, right?"

    Drill caught the tag in midair. "Yeah. Thanks."

    "What are you going to do with it?" Wire asked curiously.

    "I just want to clear a little family matter..."


    Back to Ash... Pikachu smashed into Graveler with Iron Tail. Graveler reeled into the right wall. Graveler shook the cobwebs from his face, and tried to hit Pikachu with Rock Blast.

    Pikachu expertly dodged the bullet-like rocks with Agility. Then, Pikachu jumped high in the air to score another Iron Tail. Graveler, still by the wall where he crashed, got the wind knocked out of him.

    "Graveler is unable to battle. Victory goes to Pikachu," the ref-escort announced.

    Seconds later, the ref slipped the two tags out of its opening, to give to Ash. Then the ref disassembled into two escorts again, and, in the blink of an eye, Tony's escort teleported him out of the area.

    'Whoah. So that's how the escorts remove players from the competition. I'll bet that's how I got seperated from the others, too...'

    Ash looked at the two tags in his hands, as his escort hovered around him. Then he looked at Pikachu. "Are you alright, Pikachu?" The rodent nodded. "Okay, then, I don't think we'll be able to find a Terminal near here. You can manage, right?" Pikachu nodded again. "Then let's go. we still have three tags to collect."

    Ash took out a Pokeball, and called Luxray. "Luxray, it's time to put your eyes to good use."

    Luxray scanned beyond the walls. He found a Terminal in a hallway to the left side, and a trainer, a male Breeder fast approaching it. Ash followed his Luxray, to where the latter found the Terminal.


    May was given permission to watch among the officials, who are closely monitoring the competition. There were about ten officials each watching up two monitors.

    On one monitor, May could see Ash, with Pikachu and Luxray, running through a corridor. On the sensor map over all screens, it shows that one of the twenty dots(labeled Ash) is on the far southwest portion of the Underground.

    One monitor, however, was in static. The official watching was baffled, placing a call to the other officials underground.

    "Trainer Cyndy's Escort is out of commision. We don't know how or why.You have to check it out."

    "Roger," someone from the other end of the line replied.

    "What's going on?" May asked.

    "Someone destroyed a competitor's Escort," the official answered, without turning to her. "It could be just a malfunction, or the competitor's plea for help, or..."

    "Or?" May repeated.

    "Or trouble."


    Ash engaged the Breeder, named Marky. Marky only had one tag with him, so Ash had to wager only one of his. Ash used Luxray while Marky had sent out a Linoone.

    Linoone used Take Down, but Luxray managed to jump right on top of his opponent. Linoone stopped is her tracks, and Luxray delivered a Discharge. Linoone dodged the attack, which then smashed to the wall to the right of Ash.

    The referee declared Ash the winner. Marky's escort teleported him out of the area, while Ash now glanced at his three tags.

    Ash also glanced at the Terminal. It looks no different from an ordinary computer. But, where the mouse pad would be, was replaced by a slot-like input device. 'That's probably where I have to place my trainer card to use the Terminal.'

    Ash immediately slid his card across the slot, and the Terminal's screen lit up. The following were shown:




    Ash chose "Heal", and placed Luxray's pokeball on one of six circular slots on a tray, that appeared from under the Terminal. 'Uh, how do I heal Pikachu this way?'

    As if to answer his question, another opening appeared, this time beside the Terminal, on the wall. It was large enough for Pikachu to walk into, so Pikachu walked in. A yellow light engulfed the rodent, and seconds later, the lights disappeared, revealing a refreshed Pikachu.

    Pikachu(Ahhh. That felt good.)

    The Terminal announced that Luxray is also healed. Ash took the pokeball, and the "Heal" option is blackened out on the screen. Ash took his card off the Terminal's slot, and ran off, to find his next opponent.


    A few minutes later, Wire appeared at the Terminal Ash used. "Shoot. He's already gone," she said, to a small microphone that is attached to a micro-receiver in her ear. "I believe he's heading in your direction, Bomb."

    "Got it. Relay that to Drill. We have to corner him before all this is over." Wire looked at the Terminal, and called out her Pokemon. However, before we can even see what it is, the unlnown Pokemon shorted out the Terminal, blowing it up.


    Leaving Wire, we turn our attention back to Ash. He is now engaged in a double battle using Sceptile and Snorlax against a triathlete's(named Joseph) Ampharos and Gabite. Ash had to use his Pokedex again to examine the latter pokemon:

    Gabite, the Cave Pokemon

    It habitually digs up and hoards gems in its nest. Its loot is constantly targeted by thieves.

    If Ash wins this, he will have five tags, and after that all he needs to do is to use them to find Bertha.

    Sceptile is exchanging blows with the Gabite, with Leaf Blade and Dragon Claw, respectively. Snorlax, meanwhile, is holding his own against Ampharos. The latter used Thunder Punch. Snorlax felt currents running through his entire body as the punch connected, but only shook his head to recover from the blow. Snorlax countered with Ice Punch, but the Ampharos, remarkably nimble for its species, managed to evade Snorlax's punch.

    Sceptile, meanwhile, was taken down by Gabite's Dragon Rush attack. Sceptile braced his arms(with Leaf Blade still in effect) in front of him while rushing backwards through the air. Sceptile fired Bullet Seed in Gabite's direcion, and the latter shielded himself with his wings. Sceptile ran around Gabite, while still firing Bullet Seed, and jumped Gabite from behind for a Slam. Caught offguard, Gabite reeled backwards.

    Back to Snorlax, he is now being pounded by several hunder Punches from Ampharos. The larger Pokemon is now being backed agains the far wall. While his opponent is still recovering(out of sight), Sceptile ran towards them to help Snorlax. But the ground from underneath him suddenly exploded, and revealed Gabite(who used Dig), and dragged Sceptile under the ground.

    "Snorlax, try a Body Slam," Ash ordered. Snorlax loomed over Ampharos, and jumped over him, face first. Ampharos tried to hold up Snorlax, but it was too much. Joseph wached in fear as Snorlax flattened the poor Light Pokemon. Snorlax rolled over to reveal a "pancake", ala Ampharos.

    "Ampharos is unable to battle."

    Deep below them, Sceptile is struggling to get out of Gabite's grip. Sceptile bombarded with Bullet Seeds and consecutive Leaf Blades, but Gabite wouldn't budge. Gabite in turn launched a Crunch attack, and almost hi Sceptile's neck. Sceptile kicked off Gabite, and now the two of them stood face to face, several feet below their trainers. Sceptile rushed in for Leaf Blade, and Gabite did the same with Dragon Claw. Both fell to the ground, knocked out.

    Topside, the referee made the announcement. "Both Sceptile and Gabite are unable to battle. Victory goes to Ash." The referee took out the four tags, and handed them to Ash. Then the referee Teleported Joseph and his Pokemon out of the competition.

    Ash had his Snorlax dig the ground to recover Sceptile. Ash sighed, thinking, 'Man, why didn't they help me in digging up Sceptile?'


    May looked at Ash happily from the monitor, seeing him hat he has already gathered five tags needed to qualify for the fight against Bertha. But that's only partially the contest, as Ash has to pinpoint Bertha's location as well.

    Beside her, an official was now reporting the case of a Terminal being destroyed. "You have to check this out as well. Make sure that there will be no competitors harmed."


    When they are in a clearing, Ash once again called Luxray out. "You know what to do."

    Luxray scanned the area again. From beyond the walls he could see three trainers coming from three directions. And all of them sparked recognition on Luxray's face. Luxray snarled heavily as Ash tried to figure out his Pokemon's sudden hostility.

    From where he came from, Wire appeared. Ash turned around to face her, but just then, Bomb and Drill also appeared, from the north and west paths. Wire shot Ash's escort with a gun.

    "Hey!" Ash shouted in alarm.


    May sounded her alarm as she found out that Ash's escort(camera) was cut off. "What happened?"

    The official supervising Ash's progress, was also baffled. "Something hit Trainer Ash's escort. go check it out immediately. It's at X 5.6 and Y 7."


    Pikachu and Luxray(It's those guys!)

    "Oh great," Ash said. "Just when I complete five tags, I get ambushed by three trainers. Fine, it would be good practice."

    "We're not here to fight you..." Wire started.

    "Unless you don't meet our demands," Bomb started.

    Baffled, Ash asked, "What do you mean?"

    Luxray(Ash, don't listen to them. They're the thieves who broke into Professor Rowan's lab!)

    Drill eyed Ash apprehensively. 'By the looks on his face, he doesn't recognize us.' He shifted his gaze towards Luxray. 'But Bomb is right. His Pokemon does.'

    "So what do you guys want, if it's not to battle?" Ash asked.

    Pikachu(Ash, I really wish you understand our speaking. They're after us because we've seen them in the lab!)

    This time Ash sensed Pikachu's warning, and braced himself for anything that could happen. "Whatever you want, you're not getting it from me."

    Wire smiled to herself. "We only want to make a clean job. But you running around the lab that night, that certainly tarnished our record."

    "Lab?" Something clicked in Ash's mind. "You were the ones who broke into Professor Rowan's lab!"

    Pikachu slapped his face(About time.)

    "Wire, you should keep your mouth shut," Drill spoke up. "Now, not only do we have to take his Pokemon, but we'll have to take him, as well. His life, that is..."

    Ash, Pikachu and Luxray backed away from the three criminals, to make room for a Pokemon battle, if necessary. Sceptile certainly won't be up for this one, as Ash hasn't found a Terminal since his fight with Joseph.

    The three smiled at each other. Then they all sent out their Pokemon: an Electivire, a Magmortar, and a Rhypherior(guess which Pokemon is which)! Ash eyed the giants apprehensively. 'Not good.' "Hey, that's not fair!"

    Drill smiled mischievously. "Don't you know? There's no honor among thieves."

    Ash thought, 'Oh, yeah. That...'

    Surprisingly, Drill and his cohorts gave Ash enough time to scan the three Pokemon on his Pokedex:

    >Rhyperior, the Drill Pokemon

    The evolved form of a Rhydon. It stuffs rocks into the holes in its palms, then shoots them out with the power of its muscles. On rare occasions, it will fire off Geodudes.

    >Electivire, the Thunderbolt Pokemon

    The evolved form of an Electabuzz. It pushes the tips of its two tails against the foe, then lets loose with over 20,000 volts of power.

    >Magmortar, the Smoke Breath Pokemon

    The evolved form of a Magmar. It shoots 2000°C fireballs from its hands. It lives in volcanic craters.

    'Oh, cr--' Ash thought to himself. "Then I'll just have to even the playing field." Pikachu and Luxray keep on leering at the three Pokemon as Ash called out Croconaw, and Snorlax.

    "This will be pretty interesting," Bomb said with a smile. "Magmortar, use Flamethrower!"

    Magmortar aimed one of her hollow hands at Ash and fired Flamethrower. Croconaw stood in front of Ash and countered with Hydro Pump. The connecting attacks produced steam, engulfing the whole area.

    When the smoke cleared, the battle has begun.

    Snorlax was then sneak attacked by Rhyperior with Stone Edge. And Luxray is now engaged with Electivire. It is a three-on-(er)three battle. But, no rules. Once, Electivire tried a Thunder Punch in Ash's direction. Luckily, Luxray blocked it.

    Rhyperior used Vital Throw on Snorlax, but found the latter was too heavy. Snorlax countered with Ice Punch, but Rhyperior merely shrugged the cold off.

    'How the-?' Ash wondered, as Ice Punch should have easily defeated Rhyperior(4X weakness). Flustered, Ash looked at Drill.

    "Solid Rock, kid. Super effective attacks do mere normal damage. You should study more."

    Meanwhile, Croconaw is losing stamina just evading Magmortar's double(from both hands) Flamethrower. Croconaw couldn't even land a water-type attack. And Luxray is also having a hard time with Electivire.

    'Luxray won't be up to it, either. I remember Gary saying something about Electivire's Motor Drive...' "Luxray, return!" Ash returned his Luxray to his Pokeball, and sent out...

    "Donphan! Rollout attack!" The powerful elephant-like Armor Pokemon appeared, and immediately curled into a ball, rolling straight into Electivire. The impact had the yellow Pokemon reeling backwards, into a wall. Donphan then jumped backwards to avoid being countered.

    "ENOUGH!" Everyone looked at Drill. "No more fun and games. Bomb, Wire, let's finish this brat and his Pokemon! Rhyperior, Horn Drill!"

    Rhyperior broke out of his struggle against Snorlax, and smashed his spinning horn at the wall. The wall began to crumble, as Drill, Wire and Bomb(the latter two returning their Pokemon) dashed out into the east pathway. Drill laughed maniacally as he returned Rhyperior, standing on the opening of the pathway.

    "You better save your breath, kid. You're gonna need it..."

    Just as Drill left, the roof fell on Ash and his Pokemon!


    -i forgot about this one in the previous chapter:
    -HEADS UP:

    Rhyperior positioned himself on all fours, and his horn began spinning again. Croconaw was rushed headfirst into a wall. Luckily, the latter managed to grab Rhyperior's jaw, so the Horn Drill didn't hit, though was just a few inches away.

    "CROCONAW!" Just then, aside from the blue glow, another light began emanating from Croconaw!

    -Please someone tell me how to make spoiler tags. I try and I try, but I can't get it right...

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    Ash is really good, beating 3 trainers that fast. Drill who has a Rhypherior, Wire with Electivire and Bomb using a Magmortar attacked Ash, that not good with the cave-in, first an avalanche than a cave-in? Ash sure is unlucky, to post spoiler,[SPOILER="Your Spoiler Here" ][ /SPOILER], have no blankets in the boxes and put your spoiler in between the two boxes.

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    this is getting interesting.. I think bertha will come down and maybe help out?

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    Any of your business?


    Excellent fic, keep the work up, Sceptile is really funny though (Made all the better by the fact he's my fave Pokemon)
    Comp has died, borrowing brother's to edit this, won't be on much if at all.
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    EF20: Payback

    Drill glanced back at the falling rubble and smirked. "Now there's no witness to our crime."

    Wire glanced at him. "Good. Now can we get out of here?"

    "Not yet. I told you I have a little family matter to clear up."


    Ash covered his head to protect himseld from the falling rubble, but found that none fell on him, Pikachu or his other Pokemon. Ash looked up to see a black(with a yellow-oval) shape above them, leaning on the wall. "Snorlax!"

    Snorlax(He-he. Think I would let you guys get taken like that?)

    Pikachu(Thanks, Snorlax!)

    Ash stared at the squinted eyes of his Snorlax and smiled in gratitude. He turned to the other Pokemon. "Is everyone alright?"


    Croconaw(I've been worse.)

    Donphan(Not even a scratch.)

    Sorlax launched himself off his leaning position. The large stone mass that fell on him slid safely to the floor. However, Snorlax assumed a sitting position, taking deep breaths. It seems that the battle, and protecting Ash and the others, have taken its toll.

    "Thanks, Snorlax," Ash said in between coughs. "You've done enough. Return!" He turned to the other Pokemon. "What say we get those thieves back for almost killing us?" Everyone cheered, and Ash said, "Then let's go!"

    Ash had Donphan use Rollout to smash through the rubble blocking the thieves's exit. With the condition his party is in, Ash has to find a Terminal quick. Luckily, Luxray, acting like a guide again, spotted one a few corridors down.

    But when they arrived, it seems Bomb destroyed the computer, by blowing it up. Ash shielded hid face from the sparks coming out of the Terminal, and examined it. 'Man, what I wouldn't do to have Brock around. He's the one good with computers...'

    Ash fidgeted around a little more with the Terminal, but it was definitely beyond any repair.


    "Why aren't you doing anything?" May said with a mixture of hysteria and concern. "He could be hurt down there."

    "Calm down, miss, we're doing everything we can," the official assured her. "But the cave-in blocked the only passage to that area. It will take some time."

    May glanced at the static that was Ash's camera(escort) and then to the map screen. No signal. "Ash... Please be alright..."


    Drill took the tags he and his cohorts stole from the other competitors. He scanned them in a Terminal that the three of them haven't destroyed yet. The computer scanned the five tags, and the screen now began showing a map of the Underground. A red beep flashing in the middle easternmost part of the map is revealed as Bertha's location.

    "Jackpot," Drill said wickedly, the red beep reflecting in his eyes.

    Drill led his little gang along a corridor. When they reached a crossroad, suddenly, something rolled past in front of them, that stopped their tracks! The rolling Pokemon doubled back, and stopped in front of them, revealing itself to be Donphan!

    "What the? Who-" Bomb started, readying her Magmortar's Pokeball.

    "Guess who..." From the direction of Donphan's entrance, appeared none other than Ash! He walked beside his Donphan. "You shouldn't be surprised. It doesn't take a simple cave-in to take me down."

    "Resilient brat," Wire said in disgust. She, too, had her Pokemon's(Electivire) Pokeball ready.

    "Tell me," Ash began, with Pikachu beside him, "why ruin a good competition just to get rid of a witness?"

    Drill snorted. "You think that we went to all this trouble just to get to you? Think again."

    Ash shrugged. "What? You entering this competition as well? Let's see... Sabotaging precious equipment... Battling under illegal rules... That won't exactly let you win..."

    Just then Drill and Wire, moving so fast that Ash didn't notice, darted past him. Ash turned around to go after the two of them, but was tackled by Pikachu because Magmortar just fired a Flamethrower at him! It seems that Bomb will stay to fight.

    "I'll finish the job this time. And I'll make sure that you won't survive." with that, the other two vanished out of sight.

    Ash stared at her. He placed a hand on Pikachu. "We'll see who will get creamed this time. Right, Pikachu?"

    Pikachu nodded(It's payback time!)

    Ash is with Donphan and Pikachu, so Bomb decided to choose another Pokemon to accompany her Magmortar. "Go, Weezing!" A large, purple, many-faced, cloud-like creature appeared right beside Magmortar.

    'Boy, does that Weezing bring back painful memories...' "Go, Donphan, knock out that Magmortar of hers with Rollout! Pikachu, use Volt Tackle on the Weezing!"

    Ash made room for his two Pokemon, as Pikachu and Donphan rushed their targets with Volt Tackle and Rollout, respectively. As Donphan was spinning in Magmortar's body, the larger Pokemon grabbed Donphan by the tusks, trying to slow down the momentum.

    An electrically-charged Pikachu, meanwhile, jumped, and crashed into Weezing very hard. weezing fell to the floor, feeling static, but immediately floated to the air again. Pikachu, meanwhile, still feeling the after-effects of his own attack, landed on the floor as well.

    "Smokescreen, Weezing," Bomb ordered. Weezing let out a lot of smoke from his mouth(s), covering the entire area.

    'I've got a bad feeling 'bout this.' "Donphan, Protect! Pikachu, take cover with Donphan!" Ash ordered through the coughing, while shielding himself from the smoke with his jacket. Donphan scooped Pikachu up with his snout, and positioned himself in front of Ash so the latter is also affected by Protect.

    As Ash crouched behind his Armor Pokemon, he looked around the perimeter outside Donphan's shield. It was still full of smoke.

    Suddenly, Magmortar charged himself to them, ramming into Donphan's Protect shield. The three(trainer and Pokemon) were sent reeling backwards crashing into a wall(that seems to be happening a lot).

    Momentarily dazed, Donphan released his shield as Magmortar loomed on top of them, the gaping holes of his arms aimed right at them.

    Bomb didn't hesitate her order. "Finish them off, now!"

    Acting fast, Donphan saw a small boulder within his reach. He grabbed it with his snout, and threw it at Magmortar. Bull's-eye! The boulder jammed itself into one of Magmortar's hands! As the Smoke Breath Pokemon shook his jammed hand to take off the boulder, but it was stuck tight!

    "Nice work, Donphan," Ash praised his Pokemon. "Hate to be a mimic, but finish him off, now!"

    Donphan once again used Rollout, and hit the easily distracted Magmortar. This time it was the Magmortar that was sent reeling back to his trainer. The weight of her Pokemon was too much, so that when they crashed, Bomb was easily knocked out as her Pokemon.

    Weezing, distraught at the fall of his trainer, faltered, and fainted right beside her. Ash scratched his head, and nervously laughed. 'Huh. Must have a Mild nature.'

    Pikachu(Boy, that was lame. James's Weezing was much stronger, that's for sure.)

    Ash crouched down to his Donphan, who was still kneeling on the floor. "You okay, buddy?"

    Donphan(I'll be okay.)

    "You're gonna need some rest. Return, Donphan!"

    Ash stood up, and motioned to Pikachu, who climbed to his shoulder. "Come on, Pikachu, we still have a score to settle, and a competition to win!"

    It seems that the cave-in Drill has caused earlier has caused a chain reaction in the tunnels. Not only Ash was affected but several areas in the Underground have also caved in, onto unsuspecting competitors.

    Back at topside, several competitors are giving up, due to the unforeseen "accidents" happening in the competition. Several paramdeics are standing by to check on anyone who was hurt.

    Among the anxious spectators was May. She looked at the various trainers being wheeled into ambulances, hoping not to see her boyfriend among the victims.

    Then, a squad of police officers arrived. Several of them were different Officer Jennys. The Jenny who was marshalling the competition gathered all of them for a briefing. May closed in on them to find out what is going on. But she could only hear bits of the conversation without getting caught.

    "Three thieves... Broke in... Assaulted many of the competitors..." The marshal Jenny was saying.

    "We'll rat them out. Send various officers into the tunnels."

    May nodded to herself as the briefing was adjourned. As the police began filing into the Underground, May sent out her Espeon, whispering some silent orders to her.


    Ash and Pikachu are now chasing after Wire and Drill, to who-knows-where(he hasn't checked Bertha's location yet). Ash decided to let Luxray out again, to track down the two remaining thieves.

    At the next turn, the team finally found a working Terminal. Ash immediately checked in the Terminal. He scanned his five tags. Just like Drill's scan in the previous chapter, the Terminal's map screen has a red beeping flash somewher in the eastern portion.

    "They must be going after Bertha. But why?" Ash wondered, as his Pokemon are being healed. Shrugging it off, he then decided to go after them before they reach Bertha first.


    As Drill and Wire are fast approaching their targeted destination, the latter began wondering if their accomplice has already beaten the "brat" and will soon be joining them. Drill assured her that Bomb wouldn't go down easily in battle.

    "Listen, why don't you take our package to our Boss? It won't take me long to finish my little adventure here, anyway."

    Wire looked at him suspicously. "What is it that you intend to do here anyway?"

    "I told you I have a little family matter to attend to. We already have caught enough attention to ourselves by upsetting this competition. I won't be surprised if cops will strt swarming in. It won't do any good if all of us get caught. It's better if you deliver the Azure Flute to the boss, in case something like that happens."

    Wire agreed, and in an instant, was gone. Drill continued on his way. Finally, the thief has reached the junction closing in on Bertha.

    At the spot where the map is pointing out a path to Bertha, was a wall. Drill smirked. 'So that's how she hides during the competition. Only those who scanned five tags can find out the trick. Very smart.'

    Drill walked through the wall in front of him, that turnd out to be just a hologram. He finds himself in front of a larger corridor. Drill smirked as he soon saw his target the Elite trainer Bertha, standing atop a pedestal in the far end of the corridor.

    Bertha was shocked to see who it was that arrived. "What the-? What are you-"

    "I've come to pay my respects, Mom," Drill said suddenly.

    Bertha narrowed her eyes. "You're no son of mine. I have a son, and his name is Darren. But he's long gone."

    "HAH! That's what you always say. Afraid of my deeds tarnishing your precious title?"

    Their conversation was interrupted by Ash and Pikachu dashing through the "wall" from behind Drill, tackling him. Drill, furious, pushed them off of him. The two rose to their feet facing the thief.

    "You really have a knack of interrupting me, do you, brat?"

    "I don't want you to ruin my, and others's, chances of fighting the Elite Four. Plus, I owe you a lot for that bump on my head, and endangering me and my Pokemon."

    Drill brushed off the dust from his jacket. "Why don't we settle this in a Pokemon battle? That seems to be the wa you settle things. Am I right?"

    Ash nodded. But he remained cautious, knowing what Pokemon Drill will use. Sure enough, Drill sent out Rhyperior.

    "Go, Croconaw!" Croconaw stood in front of the menacing Rhyperior. The two exchanged menacing stares at each other. Meanhile, Bertha only stared at the battle, silently pondering if Ash knows what he is up against.

    "Croconaw, use Water gun!" Ash started. Croconaw started spraying Rhyperior with water. But the latter is far from being hurt, due to Solid Rock. Ash clenched his fist, trying to find out what to do next. Croconaw, manwhile, is running around Rhyperior in circles, still using Water Gun.

    Drill, meanwhile, started his offensive. He had Rhyperior use Stone Edge on Croconaw. The latter barely dodged the sharp blade-like rocks swung at him. Then, both Rhyperior an Croconaw arched their hands back, both charging or a Focus Punch.

    Rhyperior's FP missed, and Croconaw jumped onto his opponent's extended arm to aim his own attack for Rhyperior's head. But before he can connect, Croconaw was hit with Rock Blast from Rhyperior's other arm. Croconaw landed on the floor.

    Then the Drill Pokemon tried to flatten Croconaw with Stomp. Croconaw, sprawled on the ground, held the gigantic foot away from himself, with great trouble.

    Bertha gave Ash some encouragement. "Ash, even if Solid Rock blocks out super-effective attacks, your Croconaw can still do damage with the right incentives."

    'Incentives? Of course, Torrent!' "Croconaw, use Hydro Pump!"

    Rhyperior was sent backwards as the powerful stream of water hit his foot from below. Trying to regain his balance, Rhyperior looked up to see Croconaw going for an Aqua Tail! Rhyperior tried to block the attack with his stone arms. The impact sent the latter flying into a wall, which caused the room to shake violently.

    Both Pokemon struggled out of the ruin they have caused. Rhyperior is still standing tall, as if the attacks still had no effect on him! Croconaw, meanwhile, was glowing blue, what Ash was waiting for, but breathing heavily.

    "Enough of this! Rhyperior, finish him off with Horn Drill!"

    Rhyperior positioned himself on all fours, and his horn began spinning again. Croconaw was rushed headfirst into a wall. Luckily, the latter managed to grab Rhyperior's jaw, so the Horn Drill didn't hit, though was a few inches away.

    "CROCONAW!" Just then, aside from the blue glow, another light began emanating from Croconaw!

    Rhyperior was now being pushed back, as a glowing-white Croconaw was growing in size. Ash stood in mild surprise as his Croconaw has evolved into Feraligatr!

    The large, blue bipedal crocodile glanced at his trainer with a smile. Ash took a look at his new Pokemon in the Pokedex:

    Feraligatr, the Big Jaw Pokemon

    The evolved form of Croconaw. It usually moves slowly, but it goes at blinding speed when it attacks and bites prey.

    Ash, feeling more determined, made his next order. "Give it your best Focus Punch!"

    Feraligatr dashed towards his opponent, fist cocked. The latter was hit with tremendous force, but held his ground. Feraligatr prepared another Focus Punch, but flinched when Rhyperior countered with Rock Blast.

    Feraligatr covered himself with his hands from the Rock Blast barrages. Rhyperior began charging in for another Horn Drill, which Feraligatr easily parried.

    The two Pokemon were evenly matched. Just then, a squad of police officers arrived, coming in from an opening somewhere near Bertha's post. The officers made to arrest Drill, but Bertha halted them.

    "B-but, Miss Bertha," one officer said.

    "Let ash handle this. I'm not one to stop a battle."

    Back to the battle. Feraligatr locked hands with Rhyperior. The two stood toe to toe, trying to push the other back. Rhyperior's horn is spinning again, and it's closing in on Feraligatr, fast.

    "Feraligatr, use Water Gun!" Feraligatr sprayed Rhyperior in the face, pushing the latter backwards. Then, Feraligatr shot a third Focus Punch, as an uppercut, towards Rhyperior's jaw. Thyperior mimiced his opponent's moves, and also aimed a FP on Feraligatr's jaw.

    Both hits connected, sending both Pokemon backwards. Feraligatr managed to stop himself in front of Ash, and Rhyperior was no different. Though, the latter still seemed like nothing has hurt him at all.

    Feraligatr was on all fours, breathing heavily. "Come on, Feraligatr. You can still stand to that guy."

    Fueled by his trainer's words, Feraligatr still managed to stand up, though barely. "Come on, buddy, we still have one shot at this." Feraligatr planted his feet and claws on the ground. "Hydro Pump!"

    Feraligatr released his most powerful jet of water, which hit Rhyperior. The latter stood his ground, immobile even though the attack was pushing him back.

    The Hydro Pump stopped, as Feraligatr is now trying to catch his breath. Rhyperior began charging in again with Stone Edge. Ash was getting desperate. He clenched his fist, thinking his Pokemon has had it.

    But suddenly a flash appeared in Feraligatr's eyes. Pikachu sensed some sort of power coming from the Big Jaw Pokemon.

    Pikachu(Ash! It has to be- It has to!)

    Ash sensed his Pokemon's surprise, and turned back to Feraligatr. Still breathing heavily, Torrent is now taking effect, but that's not all.

    "Alright, Feraligatr, let's try it again! HYDRO P-"

    Before Ash could even finish his command, Feraligatr released a super-charged blast of water! The blast not only stopped Rhyperior in his tracks, but now was being pushed as easily as a piece of paper!

    Everyone was speechless, except for Bertha. 'He did it. He has finally made his Pokemon learn it.'

    Rhyperior was slammed to the wall next to the police squad and Bertha, who shielded themselves. Feraligatr's attack stopped, and his opponent is seen in-between the fallen rocks, unconscious.

    After his awesome attack, Feraligatr dropped on his belly. Ash, still dumbfounded, looked at the mess that was Rhyperior, then back to his Pokemon. "Was that-"

    Pikachu jumped off Ash's shoulder, and ran to the front of Feraligatr's eyes(You did it! You did it!)

    Feraligatr showed them a huge grin(That was... My best shot...)

    Ash smiled weakly at his Pokemon. "Good job, Feraligatr. When we go back to the surface, I'll have May bake you the biggest chocolate cake." Feraligatr's smile widened, then he fainted. "Return."

    However, Drill was not finished. He tried to make a grab for Ash, but the police immediately took action, restraining him. As he was being handcuffed, Ash approached.

    "Where's the flute you stole from Professor Rowan's lab?"

    Drill spat at the floor close to Ash's feet. "My cohort, Wire, has already delivered the Azure Flute to our Boss. There's nothing you can do about it now."

    "You have the right to remain silent," Officer Jenny said, as Drill was being hauled away. "Anything you say may be used..."

    Ash stopped another officer. "One of his cohorts is still in the main tunnel. I'm pretty sure she's still there."

    The officer tipped his hat in gratitude. "We'll check on it. Thank you."

    The police left with their captive. But not before sending a few officers to pick up Bomb. Just then, Ash fell to the ground, coincidentally in the same position his Feraligatr was in earlier. Pikachu looked at his trainer amusedly.

    "Man, these challenges are getting harder and harder," he said, sighing.

    Bertha approached him, and extended a hand to help Ash stand up. "Congratulations. You win this competition... Defeated a powerful opponent... And learned one of the most powerful attacks in existence..."

    Ash stared at her with goofy looks. "All in one day. Sheeesh..."

    Just then May appeared. Seeing Ash sprawled on the floor, she ran over to them. "What happened?"

    "Don't worry, May, I'm just exhausted..." May gave a sigh of relief. Ash added, "Wake me for dinner." And Ash drifted to sleep, on the cold ground.


    Ash woke up back at his room in Bertha's mansion. From the balcony outside, Ash saw all his Pokemon getting a little R and R.

    Espeon is meditating peacefully near one of the outdoor tables. Blaziken is sitting down next to her in a Lotus position, meditating as well. Pikachu is right between them, gulping down a plate full of suspiciously-red substance.

    Sceptile seemed threatened that his pal "Dope" has now fully evolved and became stronger. The latter was oblivious to this, greeting his kin: Donphan and Squirtle(the former because they are from the same generation, the latter because they're both water-type starter Pokemon).

    Snorlax, meanwhile, after a large deserving meal by May, is now snoozing contentedly on the edge of the forest. Luxray, also sleeping, was on Snorlax's tummy, rising high and low to the bigger Pokemon's snores. And Munchlax is leaning on Snorlax, trying to keep awake, though hardly.

    May was helping some maids clean up some large chow bowls(one so large it could very well meant for Snorlax).

    As Ash joined the group outside, he was greeted by his(awake) Pokemon, tackling him. The weight of Feraligatr was one thing, but add the weight of Donphan, and... Uh-oh... Only Sceptile didn't join in the tackle.

    "Okay, you guys, OKAY!" Ash shouted through the tangle of Pokemon. "Don't get my headache worse..."

    After disentangling, Ash sat at the table next to May, who handed him some well-deserved lunch. "How long have I been out?"

    "Almost half a day. You were knocked out last night after the competition. It is now 11:30 A.M.," May answered.

    "Oh, man, that long?" May nodded. "Never mind. I qualified to fight Bertha, right? When is the battle taking place?"

    "1:00 P.M. You still have less than 2 hours. You need the rest. By the way," May added, changing the subject, "the thief Bomb wasn't found where you directed them to her. The police didn't question your information, speculating that she may have escaped."

    "What about Drill?"

    "He's still in custody. He will be charged with robbery, multiple charges of assault, attempted murder, and sabotage. He's going away for a long time..."

    "That's good to hear. But the Prof isn't going to be happy to find out his flute hasn't been recovered."

    Just then May remembered something. "While you were sleeping, the Professor called. He asked to see if you were alright. So did Brock and the others."

    "I guess I'll have to call them back today."


    First, Ash placed a call to Sandgem Laboratories. It was Rowan who immediately answered.

    "Boy, you must be like a Glameow, with nine lives and stuff. I'm glad to see you're okay."

    "Thanks, Prof. And... I'm sorry I wasn't able to retrieve the Flute for you."

    "Think nothing of it. The thief is behind bars, and you're not hurt. That's all that matters."

    Professor Rowan then used ten minutes telling Ash all he knows about Bertha's strategies. It seems that the Professor was once a colleuge of the Elite. After wishing Ash good luck, Rowan said his farewell.

    Ash placed his 2nd call to the Pewter City Gym. Forrest answered the call, but immediately handed the receiver to Brock, who just appeared.

    "You sure get into lots of trouble when I'm not around, Ash," the breeder said, shaking his head. "Maybe I should have gone with you guys, after all."

    "I don't find trouble. Trouble usually finds me."

    Brock stared from left to right, then started speaking in whisper. Ash put his ear closer in the receiver. "Uh, so... You find good use to those articles I sent you? Those are grade-A material, you know."

    Ash frowned at his friend. "Grade-A, alright. A grade-A ticket into trouble. My mom found them when Mimey was cleaning my room." Brock swallowed. "When I get back to Kanto, I'm planning on giving them back to you."

    Brock shrugged. "Well, you can't blame a guy for trying to mature his best friend." Brock changed the subject. "Hikari and Max are travelling together. Hikari has already won two contest ribbons, and Max is already halfway in completing his Kanto badges. He says he's looking forward to that battle you promised him. He's now training for a Marshbadge."

    "Well, I wish him luck with that. Hold on... Brock, could you forward a message to Max? If he's in Saffron City for his Marshbadge, then..."

    The rest of the conversation went smoothly. At a quarter to 1:00, Ash walked into Jubilife City, ready for his match with Bertha. He seems confident about something, but neither Pikachu nor May was able to tell why.

    Even after the disastrous events around the competition yesterday, many have still shown up to watch a new challenger fight the Elite trainer Bertha. The same rules as the match with Prima are applied, Ash was told.

    "Are you ready, Ash?" Bertha called from the other side of the arena.

    "You bet I am," Ash said.

    The referee gave a signal. "Trainers, call your Pokemon."

    Bertha took out her Golem. Ash called Pikachu to the battlefield.

    "Ash vs. Bertha. First match: Pikachu vs. Golem. BEGIN!"


    -Sorry for putting one big event in a single chapter. Believe me, i posted this as 3 separate chapters in
    -HEADS UP:
        Spoiler:- your spoiler here:

    EDIT: It worked! FINALLY! Thanks, Flamingoozaru!
    EDIT#2: I have worked out some sort of OP animation. Plus, the final battle is already in script, so I won't forget about the details that I worked so hard for. PM me if you want to see both or either(I promise that the latter's draft won't spoil, just for anyone who 'reads the book only at the finish'.
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    Nice, Ash beats both Bomb and Drill. Now going to face Bertha, she reminds me of Agatha... Croconaw now becomes a Feraligator and learn Hydro Cannon! And wow, Ash got back his Haunter turned Gengar? Sounds nice. And no problem with the spoiler help.
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    Cool! Ash got his Haunter back, I presume. Bertha reminds me of Agathe too, they really look alike. That WAS a really long chapter, I'm impressed. I nope Pikachu doesn't get too beat up against Golem. It was cool how you had Max and Hikari traveling together, I bet Ash asked Max to get his Gengar/Haunter. When will Ash beat Wire? Will he? I'm in suspence, don't stop now!

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    -Each paragraph interprets different scenes.

    The controversial opening scene of Spurt. this time there were new additions(the Sinnoh team) and roster changes(Feraligatr and Ambipom). Pokemon who appeared(from left to right): Feraligatr, Snorlax, Kingler, Primeape, Butterfree, Pidgeot, Donphan, Noctowl, Ambipom, Luxray, Bulbasaur, Snover, Gengar, Charizard, Pikachu, Squirtle, Swellow, Glalie, Bayleef, Cyndaquil, Heracross, Torkoal, Muk, Tauros, Staravia, Grotle, Corphish, Sceptile

    Ash runs along a coastline, followed by May and Pikachu. They were passed by Misty and Hikari in bicycles and Brock and Max on a jeep. As Ash and May waved to them, Charizard swoops in front of the screen.

    Ash finds himself in the center of a field. He looks confused as several of his Pokemon appear, chasing/following their respective love interests(Charizard/Charla, his Bulbasaur/May's Bulbasaur, Butterfree/pink Butterfree, Pikachu/female Pikachu). A lovestruck Corphish follows them around the screen, but couldn't find a "partner". Corphish runs to the front of the screen blocking our view. But when the screen returns, Ash is now accompanied by May. Pichu, in May's arms, gives Ash its trademark cheer and uses Thunder on him.

    Ash and Pikachu are standing on top of a cliff. They jump, and are picked up by Pidgeot. They fly off, soon followed by(in order) Charizard, Heracross, Noctowl, Swellow and Staravia. The "flock" fly past Team Rocket's balloon, spinning them around.

    Ash stands on one end of the field, the Elite 4 on the other. Ash sends Luxray, Snover, Groltle and Staravia. Prima calls Glaceon, Bertha calls Golem, Bruno calls Hitmontop and Drake calls Salamence. The scene ends when both sides clash.

    (goes to chorus)

    The screen splits into two, and the second screen shrinks to the lower right corner of the first. The larger screen shows the Pokemon, and the smaller screen shows Pichu making an imitation on some of the Pokemon shown, with comic results.

    The following Pokemon are shown performing their attacks:

    -Luxray using Charge Beam

    -Snover using Avalanche

    -Grotle using Leaf Storm(Pichu throws leaves around him)

    -Staravia using Brave Bird

    -Ambipom using Double Attack

    -Glalie using Ice Beam

    -Torkoal using Heat Wave

    -Corphish using Bubblebeam

    -Swellow using Aerial Ace

    -Donphan using Rollout(Pichu is rolling around, curled into a ball, but immediately stops due to dizzyness)

    -Noctowl using Confusion

    -Cyndaquil using Flamethrower

    -Bayleef using Vine Whip

    -Heracross using Megahorn(Pichu runs around, with a stick held on his head)

    -Snorlax using Body Slam

    -Lapras using Surf

    -Tauros using Take Down

    -Primeape using Mega Punch(Pichu tries an uppercut, but loses his balance)

    -Muk using Toxic

    -Gengar using Shadow Ball

    -Kingler using Crabhammer

    -Squirtle using Hydro Pump(instead of imitating Squirtle, Pichu is wearing Squirtle's shades. This prompted the former to stop attacking and go into the second screen to get it back)

    -Bulbasaur using Razor Leaf

    -Pidgeot using Wing Attack

    -Butterfree using Silver Wind

    The 3 stage 2s Charizard, Sceptile and Feraligatr form a triangle covering most of the screen. They fire Blast Burn, Frenzy Plant and Hydro Cannon simultaneously at the center. Smoke fills the area, and Pikachu dashes out of the smoke and straight toward the screen for a Volt Tackle.

    At the final scene, the gang, along with all the Pokemon above, are getting ready to pose for a still-shot, but Ash is nowhere to be found. Ash then falls from above-screen, and shows his MasterBadge. An annoyed Pichu uses Thunder and Charizard, Flamethrower. The whole screen explodes, and ends with the MasterBadge in plain view covering the entire screen.

    -Tell me what you think about it.
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    Very good, I'm still lolling about Brock giving Ash porn
    Comp has died, borrowing brother's to edit this, won't be on much if at all.
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    Wow, nice OP, the Elite Four Saga? So Pichu is Other-chu and Ash-chu's baby?

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    Hey, that means May gets a Pichu, cool!
    Comp has died, borrowing brother's to edit this, won't be on much if at all.
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    -Thanks for the opinions on the OP. I also have a EP, but you wouldn't want to see that. Believe me, it was "done in the middle of the night with a stomach full of cheese". Translated: It's disturbing...

    EF21: Ground Days

    Bertha started by having her Golem use Magnitude. The ground shook, the crowd with it, but Pikachu has jumped high in the air to escape the attack.

    Bertha had Golem use Rollout again. The arena is now like a pinball machine, with Golem acting like a ball rolling around in different directions.

    "Pikachu, Iron Tail!" Pikachu rammed Golem head-on, Iron Tail first. Golem was stopped in his tracks. Golem rolled backwards, into the divider wall surrounding the arena. But he rolled right back, aiming for ikachu.

    Pikachu was nearly swiped, his tail almost trampled by Golem. The rock-type is now going faster by the second.

    Suddenly, Ash had a sudden hare-brained idea. "Pikachu, use Thunder on the ground!"

    Pikachu did as he was told, and released a powerful thunderbolt on to the ground. The targeted area broke at the force, and Golem is headed straight for it. Unable to stop, Golem crashed into the mess created by Pikachu's Thunder.

    Trapped in the rubble, Golem is now an easy prey for Pikachu, who, from the air, tried to land another Iron Tail on Golem. But the rock pokemon reacted fast. His gigantic hands coming through the rocks, Golem managed to grab Pikachu by the tail before the Iron Tail hit, and hurled the mouse far into the wall in front of Ash!

    Pikachu shook his head, as he was on all fours. By the time he recovered, Golem has now escaped from the "trap".

    "Golem, Rock Blast!" From golem's shell, several rocks shot out at high speeds. Pikachu barely managed to evade each one, running around the field. Since the source of the Rock Blasts is Golem's shell, he doesn't need to turn around to keep aiming at Pikachu circling him around the arena.

    "Use Earthquake," Bertha ordered. Golem stomped both feet to the ground, resulting in a powerful quake. Pikachu felt himself shaking during the vibrations, but before he can even recover, Golem slammed into him with a Tackle attack. Pikachu was smashed into another divider wall, and with the weight of Golem pushing him, Pikachu was crushed in between.

    Golem stepped away, and the referee glanced at Pikachu. "Golem is the victor. This round goes to Bertha!"

    Ash ran over to where his partner lay, and picked Pikachu up. Pikachu slowly opened his eyes, and looked apologetically at Ash(Sorry, Ash, I lost...)

    "You did just fine, Pikachu," Ash appraised him. "For now, you need some rest."

    A few minutes later, Pikachu is now resting in May's arms as Ash continued his match. For the second round, Bertha chose a Sudowoodo. Ash called his Snorlax.

    "Second round. Snorlax vs. Sudowoodo. BEGIN!"

    "Snorlax, give him a Mega Punch!"

    "Sudowoodo, block it with Harden!"

    The Imitation Pokemon's body "glinted", just as Snorlax delivered the blow. But Sudowoodo wasn't even hurt, due to a timed Harden.

    "Sudowoodo, Copycat and then use Mega Punch yourself!" Sudowoodo aimed her punch at Snorlax's belly, but the attack bounced back, due to Snorlax's fat.

    "Use Vital Throw, Snorlax!"

    "Harden again before he hits." Sudowoodo once again Hardened, before being grabbed by Snorlax. The larger Pokemon lifted Sudowoodo into the air, and hurled him into the wall on Bertha's side of the field.

    Unsurprisingly(due to Harden), Sudowoodo stood out of the rubble unharmed. But Snorlax didn't wait for her to revive, as he jumped into the air for his signature Body Slam.

    In a split second, Sudowoodo narrowed her eyes, as the large shadow above loomed closer. Just as Snorlax hit his target, Sudowoodo used Double Team so it was only an illusion that Snorlax flattened. But the ground shook at the impact of the Body Slam, making it an Earthquake! The rock-type swayed, losing his balance.

    Snorlax stood up, and, looming over Sudowoodo again, just fell face-first at the poor Pokemon. This time he was definitely hit.

    For a few seconds, the crowd watched as Snorlax was motionless on the ground. Then they could hear snoring coming from the giant.

    Ash slapped his own forehead. "What a way to finish."

    'Snorlax fell asleep!' May thought.

    Snorlax rolled over in his sleep to reveal Sudowoodo, who fainted at the impact. The ref was speechless as well. It took him another few seconds to make his announcement.

    "Uh, the victor is... Well, uh... Hold on, who did win?" The referee stepped off his position and spoke to a few officials before he can clearly make an announcement. "O-kay. So, both combatants are unble to battle. This round is a tie!"

    Bertha shook her head in amusement as she and Ash recalled their respective Pokemon. "Your Snorlax is definitely a powerhouse, Ash. When he wants to be..."

    Ash hung his head in embarrasment. "Yeah. Now even I wonder why I chose him for this one..." Then Ash smiled. "At least he was able to stay awake enough..."

    The referee cleared his throat to cut Ash and Bertha's conversation. The two snapped back into concentrating on their battle.

    "Hippowdon, go!" The large, black-skinned(female) Weight Pokemon appeared, accompanied by a stream of sand. Her Sand Stream ability acted up, creating another Sandstorm.

    Bertha is shown now wearing goggles, to shield her eyes. The people in the crowd, however, don't have one, so they have to shield themselves with their hands instead.

    Ash, meanwhile, knew what he has to do(which we don't know ourselves). 'I've been saving this guy for this one,' he thought to himself, as he picked up what is unmistakably a Dusk Ball.

    "Go, Gengar!"

    (FLASHBACK, in Kanto)

    "That's why he needs Haunter. Ash thinks that that Haunter can be his secret weapon."

    It is Max, explaining everything to Sabrina, the official trainer of Haunter and gym leader of Saffron City. Ever since she met Ash(and Haunter), Sabrina has now shed her cold personality.

    The Saffron Gym reflected this, as instead of a cold laboratory, now doubles as a recreational center. Friendly tutors are teaching children to better communicate with their Pokemon. There is also a stage show where several psychic-types are performing "magic tricks" on a wide audience.

    Haunter was among those performing, as a clown(he is a practical joker, after all). When Max an hikari walked into the gym, Haunter knew immediately that they were friends of Ash (probably due to clairvoyance).

    Haunter is now playing tricks on Hikari and her Pokemon. First, haunter gave Hikari a gift wrapped present, which blew up on her face, revealing confetti. Prinplup was rolling around, laughing, until she was phased through by Haunter's remote hand, sending shivers down the Pokemon's spine.

    "Hmm," Sabrina muttered, lost in thought. "He's going to use Haunter? Against an Elite's ground-type?"

    "How did you- Never mind. Yeah, maybe Haunter has something that Ash needs."

    Sabrina crossed her arms, lost in thought. Then, "This gym's 'uber' status was tarnished when that friend of yours defeated me by making me laugh."

    At first, Max thought Sabrina is going to decline. But... "Why not? Haunter is officially his, not mine." Max sighed in relief. "And... May I make a suggestion?"


    "She gave Haunter to you?" Ash asked, flabbergasted.

    "Yeah, sort of. Haunter is officially mine now."

    Max has now called Ash after obtaining Haunter. "Why did she do that?" Ash asked.

    Haunter appeared in front of the screen by phasing through Max. He says hello to Ash by showing off his Lick attack on the screen. Both Ash and Max sweatdropped.

    It took Max a few minutes to remove Haunter's slobber from the screen before continuing. "Sabrina suggested a trade. If Haunter is traded to you, he will evolve. She thinks that Gengar would be a perfect battler, or so she says. Who am I to question a gym leader?"

    Ash shrugged. "That makes sense. But, the question is, who am I going to trade?"

    A few minutes later, Ash was kneeling in front of a disapproving Sceptile. It seems that Ash is pleading with the Forest pokemon to make the temporary trade.

    Sceptile(You're lucky I have a soft spot for you and Max. Make sure this is just temporary.)

    Ash returned to the videophone with Sceptile in his Pokeball. Max showed Ash Haunter's Pokeball, which is actually a Dusk Ball. "Haunter is ready in my Dusk Ball. I promise to take care of Sceptile while he's with me. Rose will certainly be happy."


    Max grinned sheepishly. "My own Grovyle. Would you believe he is a she? And I think Sceptile had quite an influence on her..."

    Shrugging it off with amusement, Ash placed Sceptile's Pokeball on the link-trade machine beside the phone. Max did the same with the Dusk Ball. In a few seconds, the Dusk Ball replaces the Pokeball, and vice-versa.

    Ash called out Haunter. Sure enough, just as soon as Haunter came out of the Dusk Ball, he was engulfed by white light, and he evolves into Gengar. Ash looked proudly at his new Pokemon, and scanned him in the Pokedex:

    Gengar, the Shadow Pokemon

    The evolved form of Haunter. It hides in shadows. It is said that if Gengar is hiding, it cools the area by nearly 10 degrees F.

    May and Pikachu, who were outside with the other Pokemon, just came in to check what was the light they saw coming from inside. Ash immediately recalled Gengar and hid the Dusk Ball in his pocket. He plans on keeping Gengar an absolute secret until the time is right.


    "I didn't know Ash had a Gengar," May wondered. She took out her Pokedex with her free hand(the other was holding Pikachu) and examined Gengar:

    Gengar, the Shadow Pokemon

    The evolved form of Haunter. Lurking in the shadowy corners of rooms, it awaits chances to steal its prey's life force.

    Gengar floated a few feet from the ground in front of Ash, who was earlier given sandproof goggles of his own. The sandstorm is just phasing through the ghost Pokemon's ethereal body.

    "Third round. Gengar vs. Hippowdon. BEGIN!"

    "Hippowdon, Rock Tomb!"

    "Gengar, show off your Night Shade attack!" Gengar's eyes glowed red, then black. The sandstorm was covered in blacklight. Hippowdon, momentarily blinded by the attack, released her Rock Tomb just a few feet in front of her, missing Gengar completely.

    When the blacklight disappeared, Bertha gave her next command. "Go for another Rock Tomb!"

    This time Ash didn't order Gengar to use Night Shade. "Close in for a Lick attack!"

    Gengar expertly evaded the Rock Tomb, and touched Hippowdon by her large nose, tongue first. Hippowdon shivered at the contact, and Gengar hovered away.

    "Nice work, Gengar," Ash complimented his ghost Pokemon. 'Boy, this is the first time I used Haunter in anything battle-related. And here he is, now a Gengar.'

    Hippowdon recovered from her shock, and used Sand-attack on Gengar! This time it is Gengar that was blinded. As the Shadow pokemon tried to rub the sand off, Hippowdon closed in for a Bite attack!

    Gengar flinched at the attack. Hippowdon, her jaw still locked on her opponent, shook him with incredible force, dizzying Gengar. Then Hippowdon tossed Gengar into the hole created ealrier in Pikachu's battle.

    "Sand Tomb." Hippowdon appeared above Gengar, who is now trapped in the hole. From Hippowdon's mouth spilled gallons of sand, intending to bury Gengar! For some reason, Gengar couldn't phase through the attack.

    Ash is getting desperate. If Gengar loses this, then Ash will lose the entire match!


    -You don't need a Heads Up for the next chapter.
    -Gengar, though he has the ability Levitate, he is now being drowned by Sand Tomb, a ground-type move. Go figure...
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    great chapter, lol, now Sceppy has two girls (Well he's not that interested in Rose though)
    Comp has died, borrowing brother's to edit this, won't be on much if at all.
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    -The last cliffhanger was completely unavoidable.

    EF22: Smash Finish

    We left the last episode with Ash's Gengar trapped in Hippowdon's Sand Tomb. And the way the situation is now, tomb may be a right name for the attack.

    Ash, completely new to using clairvoyant(either psychic or ghost) Pokemon(save for Noctowl), doesn't know what to do next. Right now the Sand Tomb is just above Gengar's mouth. In a few more seconds, Gengar will be buried alive!

    "Gengar, why can't you phase through the trap?" Ash shouted to his Pokemon.

    Gengar looked dumbfounded just as the Sand Tomb now rose above his eyes. It seems that he has completely forgotten about being a ghost! A transparent Gengar rose above the Sand Tomb, and Ash slapped his head as May and the crowd sweatdropped.

    Gengar shrugged sheepishly at his trainer. "Never mind. Use Psychic, NOW!" Gengar emitted some sort of telekinetic force, which hit Hippowdon. The latter was knocked back and forth by Psychic.

    When Gengar released Hippowdon from Psychic, the Weight Pokemon was dazed. Gengar dared no to close in, so as not to provoke another Bite attack from Hippowdon. Instead...

    "Gengar, Shadow Ball!" Gengar's hands began forming a ball of supernatural energy. He hurled it towards Hippowdon. But...

    "Protect, Hippowdon!" A green barrier appeared Hippowdon, protecting her from the attack! The impact of Protect and Shadow Ball was so intense, that the sandstorm temporarily parted ways at the shockwave.

    "Shadow Claw!" Gengar delivered a Shadow Claw without hesitation. Hippowdon was knocked out, and with her the Sandstorm died.

    Sand was all over the battlefield, and the referee saw the results. "Gengar is the victor. This round goes to Ash!"

    Ash jumped in the air. Gengar tried to hug Ash. But he just phased through, sending shivers down his trainer's spine. Ash was still shivering when he returned Gengar to his Dusk Ball.

    'One all. All I need is to win the next one, and I'll defeat Bertha.'

    Bertha smiled. "Now, let's finish this. Torterra!" Bertha's Continent Pokemon appeared.

    Now all that Ash needs is to defeat Torterra, and he'll have this match in the bag. However, maybe Torterra is Bertha's strongest Pokemon, not her Hippowdon, with that Frenzy Plant of hers!

    'Uh, who do I have that can fight Torterra?' An image of Feraligatr grinning at him with a Peace finger appeared in his head. Ash shook the disturbing image off. 'Definitely not! He'll be a crocodile-kabob with Frenzy Plant!'

    "So, Ash, we are waiting," Bertha commented. "What other surprises do you have in store for all of us?" Her Torterra roared in agreement.

    'I called you back from the lab for this, so don't fail me,' Ash mouthed to a Pokeball he took out. "Go, Staravia!"


    A/N: For how (quoting May: "less than two hours") long did Ash exactly spend on the phone? A little reaqcuainting with Brock, forwarding to Max, then waiting for a reply, and now a fourth call to Professor Oak's? Wow, he's running Bertha a long phone bill. XD

    "You want Staravia?" Professor Oak asked.

    "Yeah, Professor Oak. You see, one of Bertha's Pokemon is a Torterra, and I want to make use of him for this battle."

    The dark-brown and white Starling Pokemon hovered at the Professor's side. "Well, he seems to be happy that you're calling him back. But who are you going to send back in exchange."

    "Luxray here has been through a lot lately. He deserves a break now."


    Staravia appeared, and his wings blew the sand from below him.

    "Fourth round. Staravia vs. Torterra. BEGIN!"

    "Torterra, use the sand for Rock Polish!" Torterra lowered herself to the ground. Withdrawing her legs, she then spun around. The sand began coating around Torterra's body, as a polishing agent.

    "Staravia, use Brave Bird before Torterra finishes!" Staravia flew low, wings folded, and dashed towards the spinning Pokemon. Torterra stopped spinning, and easily evaded the Brave Bird by stepping sideways.

    "Rock Polish greatly increases the speed of the user," Bertha told Ash. "Now, my Torterra can move as fast as a Rapidash, and her moves will be fast as well."

    As Staravia got out of his dive, Torterra launched Razor Leaf(s) at him. Staraptor was easily hit by the very fast projectiles. It seems that the hit has Staravia hurtling downwards, but at the last minute he barrel-rolled a mere inches off the ground.

    "Staravia, let's go speed for speed. Agility!" Staravia folded his wings in front of him, and closed his eyes in concentration. In a split second, Staravia spread his wings wide and opned his eyes. The flying Pokemon demonstrated his increased speed by flying in circles around Torterra. The sand picked up in his path, and the battlefield is covered in a cloud of dust.

    Staravia appeared above the cloud, and Torterra was nowhere to be seen. Just then parts of the dust clouds broke when the hidden Torterra fired another Razor Leaf at Staravia. But the quickened starling easily evaded every one.

    When the dust finally cleared, Torterra and Staravia were staring each other in the eyes.

    "Wood Hammer, Torterra!" To everyone's surprise, Torterra jumped high into the air, and was able to slam into Staravia! Their bodies still in contact, Torterra and Staravia fell to the ground. Torterra landed on all four feet, while Staravia hit the ground back first.

    "Staravia!" The Starling Pokemon struggled to stand up, but at his trainer's words he was able to summon the strength to stand up.

    Then Bertha had Torterra use Wood Hammer again. This time as well Staravia wasn't able to evade the attack. Torterra continued pushing Staravia, but Staravia summoned the last of his strength to fly at the last moment before he was squashed between Torterra between the wall.

    Staravia was barely keeping in flight due to the damage he sustained. His wings hobbled as he tries to keep in the air.

    "Are you allright? We have to keep on going. Go for one Wing Attack, Staravia!" Staravia flew towards Torterra, wings spread wide. It was a sucessful hit-and-run(er, -fly), as Staravia managed to swoop in for a hit, before being countered.

    "Roost, Staravia," Ash immediately ordered. Staravia perched himself in front of Ash in his pedestal. Ash could see his Pokemon breathing heavily. The starling gave him a thumbs-up with the tips of his wings. The Roost enabled him to restore his lost stamina. "Okay, then, let's continue this battle!"

    Staravia flew at the direction Ash was pointing, straight towards Torterra for another Wing Attack. The resulting collision had the sand pick up again. And no one will be able to see the results.

    The crowd shielded themselves from the dust created by the impact between the two Pokemon.

    When visibility was clear again, Ash looked for his Pokemon. Bertha, however, is looking at the giant mass of Torterra in the center of the arena. She was motionless.

    Finally, Ash spotted Staravia. He is sprawled on Torterra's back, also motionless.

    "Both Staravia and Torterra are unable to battle. This round is a tie," the referee announced.

    "This is turning out to be one great match," a spectator behind May said. "That challenger was able to tie, twice, against our Elite Bertha!"

    "Yeah," his companion agreed, along with a dozen others. "Who knows? This battle could go either way."

    May couldn't help but smile to herself. 'At least this time no one is trying to make Ash feel bad.'

    The crowd now began cheering for both sides. Before it was only for Bertha, but now even Ash is getting some cheers of encouragement.

    'Another tie,' Ash and Bertha both thought.

    'This kid really lives up to a good reputation. I am proud to have to fight him.'

    'This last match will be the tiebreaker. I can't afford to lose now. Chances are-'

    'He will use that water-type of his, Feraligatr. No more Miss Nice Lady this time, Ash.'

    "Go, Feraligatr!" Ash called out his Big Jaw Pokemon.

    "Go, Rhyperior!"

    Ash and Feraligatr found themselves facing the same species that they fought against Drill in the competition. However, this one seems a tad bit larger than usual. The giant towered a few feet above Feraligatr, who should be about the same height as a normal Rhyperior.

    "Final match. Feraligatr vs. Rhyperior. BEGIN!"

    "Rock Blast," Bertha ordered.

    Ash decided that it would be too soon to use Hydro Cannon, so he made another kind of offensive. "Hydro Pump!"

    The two projectiles met in the middle, but Feraligatr's Hydro Pump was able to push the rock back at the source. Yet, Rhyperior only covered himself with his right shoulder-blade, and the rock was turned to dust.

    Feraligatr didn't wait for Rhyperior to stop blocking. Planting his feet, Feraligatr jumped forward to land a Metal Claw. At the right moment, Rhyperior used his defending arm to swipe Feraligatr, tossing the latter aside. Feraligatr dug his claws into the ground so as to reduce the force of the push. He stopped a mere inch away from the divider wall.

    Feraligatr rolled over to all fours, and fired another Hydro Pump. The Drill Pokemon didn't even turn around to face the attack. He was hit sideways, and, as expected, Solid Rock makes it ineffective.

    When the crocodile stopped Hydro Pump for a breather, he didn't get the chance. Rhyperior fired another Rock Blast, two in sucession, at his opponent. The first nearly hit Feraligatr's left side, but the second was a direct hit. Feraligatr had the air knocked out of him as the bullet-like projectile hit him in the stomach.

    Leaning against the divider wall, Feraligatr is clutching the part of his gut where the Rock Blast hit. Now Rhyperior is moving, and Ash knows it won't be a good thing.

    "Giga Impact!" Bertha ordered. Rhyperior, surprisingly fast, dashed towards Feraligatr, trying to ram into him.

    "Get out of the way, Feraligatr!" Too late, Feraligatr was slammed into the wall, so hard, that the crowd above shook in place. Though he was shaking himself, Rhyperior managed to jump backwards, away from Feraligatr.

    Feraligatr shook the pain out of his head. Ash leaned in his direction, trying to see if his Pokemon is okay. Feraligatr noticed this, and gave him a thumbs-up and (coincidentally) a peace sign.

    Ash laughed in his head, remembering the bizarre illusion he had(prev. chapter). 'I know you won't be defeated after that, pal. Thank you.' "Now, Feraligatr, try for Metal Claw again!"

    Feraligatr jumped at his trainer's words. Both claws glowing, he used them to slash Rhyperior. The latter countered with dual Stone Edges.

    The two Pokemon are now standing toe to toe in the center of the arena, exchanging blows with the attacks above. The Big Jaw was able to withstand the larger Pokemon's attacks, and vice-versa.

    Feraligatr tried a Metal Claw uppercut, and Rhyperior countered with a low Stone Edge. The two attacks kept cancelling out each other. Both combatants jumped backwards to take breathers.

    The crowd started clapping, slowly, a clap a second, to recognize the efforts of the two Pokemon. May joined in, and also Pikachu, who just woke up at the sound of the claps.

    "You hear that, Ash?" Bertha called to him across the field. "The crowd loves you and your Pokemon." She joined the crowd in the applause.

    "Heh, look who's talking. You're their hometown heroine," was Ash' friendly retort. He, too, began clapping to encourage Feraligatr.

    Feraligatr(They love me! They really love me!)

    Rhyperior(You are one strange Pokemon, you know that?)

    Pikacu from the stands(Yeah, he is!)

    "Okay, Ash, let's finish this. Rhyperior, go for another Giga Impact!"

    "Feraligatr, I know you can defend yourself from this attack. I'm counting on you, buddy!"

    Fueled by their trainers's, and the crowd's, cheering, both Pokemon braced for the next impact, each with a smile on their face.

    "Double Barrel Rock Blast!" Rhyperior aimed both arms at Feraligatr, who was poised, ready to move. A barrage of rock-bullets shot from the openings of Rhyperior's hands. He's like a mad gunman wielding two Uzis!

    An enthusiastic Ash gave his next command. "Feraligatr, use Earthquake!" Feraligatr slammed his claws into the ground. The impact made the sand rise up again, acting as a wall! The sand reduced the momentum of the Rock Blasts, and Feraligatr stopped them with multiple Water Guns.

    "Hydro Pump!" The "sand wall" broke at the center, where Feraligatr's Hydro Pump shot out.

    Rhyperior shielded himself with both arms this time. But, still firing Hydro Pump, Feraligatr resisted the recoil force of his own attack to run towards Rhyperior for a Metal Claw. Rhyperior saw this, and lowered one of his hands to counter with Stone Edge.

    The two/four attacks met in a powerful explosion that knocked both Pokemon backwards. When they recovered, the two Pokemon wasted no time in charging back in for more physical attacks.

    Rhyperior threw Ferlaigatr over the shoulder for a Vital Throw. To retaliate, Ferligatr, from behind, fired another Hydro Pump. The Drill Pokemon was hit in the back, forcing him forward, away from Feraligatr.

    Feraligatr quickly recovered from his fall, and chased after his opponent. Feraligatr charged Rhyperior from the back with a Skull Bash. The Big Jaw pinned the Drill at the divider wall next to Bertha.

    Rhyperior Mega Punched Feraligatr away from himself, hitting the latter's jaw. Feraligatr reeled backwards. As Rhyperior stood from the spot where he crashed, Feraligatr, meanwhile, was standing up with Torrent acting up.

    'And so, it's time.' "Feraligatr, go get ready to fire!" Feraligatr, his face locked in a concentrated frown, dropped on all fours, his eyes giving off a blue glint. He's going to need the combined drag of his arms and legs for this one.

    "Rhyperior, brace yourself!"

    "HYDRO CANNON!" It was de ja vu. Ferligatr letting it all out with his most powerful attck, and the target, Rhyperior, trying to withstand the attack.

    Feraligatr finally stopped, breathing heavily. He is still on all fours.

    Rhyperior, meanwhile, still is standing tall. He gave Feraligatr a small smile(Good job). But, then, his eyes faltered, and he fell to the ground. Feraligatr struggled to stand on his hind legs, and gave the loudest roar he can give.

    The crowd, at first silent, broke the sound barrier with their applause. "Rhyperior is out of the battle. Victory goes to Feraligatr!" the ref happily announced.


    Ash, his Pokemon and Bertha stood on the stage in front of the Underground and the arena. The Elite took the former's MasterBadge. A few seconds with it, and the badge is now shining in two colors: the previous white, and now a shining brown.

    Ash held the badge high to the sun, and his Pokemon admired it as well. Ash rolled his fingers around the badge, and punched it upwards.

    "YEAH! I got a MasterBadge!" 'Oh, wait. I've already said that. Never mind.' All his Pokemon cheered.

    Bertha nodded, and the spectators started clapping like before.


    Later, at Bertha's manor... Ash and May are now preparing to leave. May was sitting down on Ash's bed as Ash was checking if everything's already packed. Pikachu and the other Pokemon are at the yard outside playing and watching Gengar's magic tricks.

    "So, what now?" May asked.

    "It's to Johto now. Bertha told me that the Elite there is Bruno."

    "You met this guy?"

    "Yeah, only once and briefly. I think he specialises in fighting-types."

    May thought for a moment, before speaking. "Ash, can I ask you something?"

    "Sure. What is it?"

    May looked at him with puppy-dog eyes. "Can we stay a little longer here? Not here, in Jubilife, but in Sinnoh. I want to see more of this region..."

    Ash scratched his head. But before he could answer, Bertha walked in. "Forgive me for listening in, but maybe you can spend a little more time here in Sinnoh after all."

    Ash and May turned to her. "What do you mean?" May asked.

    "There could be plenty of time before now and Bruno's Cup. You see, Bruno is going to make the event coincide with another. I think it's the annual P-1 Grand Prix."

    Ash and May looked at each other. Ash shrugged, and smiled. "So, we have some free time after all."

    -HEADS UP:

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