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Thread: Trials of the Elite Four(AAMAYL/AdvanceShipping)

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    I find it a little hard to believe that the trickster Haunter now Gengar, is actually fighting seriously, guess Evolution can change you, that or Gengar is actually helping Ash. Ash is in a difficult position in a 0-1 with a Tie.

    EDIT:After finishing my review, you post another chapter? Well, two ties, that was unexpected and looks like we are going to get more shippiness! The spoiler, looks like something going to go wrong...
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    Hi! I just finished reading your story. Brilliantly executed, and a good job. However, I was surprised t read that Max and Dawn have already made SO much progress in a short span of time. It can hardly be 2 weeks between the Time Ash left them and Ash facing Bertha. After all, Ash took an entire year to finish earning his Kanto Badges (from Varidian City to Varidian City).

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    -And so, this is the point where my fic stands right now. So don't expect by-the-day(or, -review) posts from me.
    -Welcome to my drabbling, Earthborn. BTW, even before Ash and May left the gang for Sinnoh, Max has already earned two badges(Boulder and Cascade). According to my continuity, Max has earned four. So earning two more badges on the sidelines was a no brainer.
    -Annihilator Zero, you earn a point for learning that Ash has some of Brock's, er, material. I just put it in for fun. Also, can I "TM" that 'Sceppy' name you cooked up? it could provide some more fun for me to write.
    -Maybe you'll get bored with this one. It's only filler, but it's AdvanceShipping (and FireGrassShipping) filler.

    EF23:Acting not so Alike

    Before leaving Jubilife City, Ash made his mandatory call to Professor Oak's.

    "Congratulations, Ash. Two in a row? You're making quite a record for yourself with your Pokemon."

    "Thanks, Professor."

    "Call your mother. She's pretty anxious to hear from you."

    Shrugging, Ash placed a call to his house. It was Mimey who answered.

    Mr. Mime(Hello, Ash.)

    "Mimey, is my mom there? Professor Oak told me she wanted to hear from me."

    Mr. Mime( Delia! Ash is calling!)

    Delia Ketchum appeared on the monitor beside her Mr. Mime. She is carrying a white egg with red spots.

    Ash was shocked. "Mom, is that-?"

    "Yes, honey. Mimey has, um, met another Mr. Mime from the lab, and, well... Look what happened!"

    Mimey blushed as she, seen in the background, was clumsily sweeping the floor. Ash hung his head. 'I called home for this?'

    "Ash, it'd be like you're going to have a little brother..." Ash just stared at his mother, who was now cuddling with the egg. "And speaking of which, don't forget to change your you-know-whats, okay? And don't do anything that could make you atart a family early, okay?"

    Ash facefaulted backwards in his seat.

    After his mom, Ash called back at the lab to ask for his Heracross. So far, Heracross is the only fighting-type on Ash's entire team. He would be a good candidate for the Bruno's Cup, which will be held after two weeks.

    Ash sent his Snorlax back in exchange for the Singlehorn Pokemon.


    While on their "Sinnoh vacation", Ash decided to take May to Pastoria City. He thought May would be happy to see more Sinnoh Pokemon, and the Safari Zone is a good place to start.

    However, May was less enthusiastic when she heard the name. "You're taking me to a place called Great Marsh? What sort of girl do you think I am to go to someplace that's a swamp?"

    "I thought you would want to see some more Sinnoh Pokemon, so-"

    "Ash, right now all I want is to take your mind off Pokemon battles. We still have two weeks until the Cup in Johto begins, so let's treat this trip like a vacation."

    May looked at her Pokegear, which was updated with a detailed "world map". After browsing in the Sinnoh section, something caught her. "HERE! I want to go here!"

    Ash peered over her shoulder to see the Pokegear showing a map of-

    "Floaroma Town? But, May, that's-"

    "A place that's 'Vivid and scented'? That means flowers, and the map shows it as well. This place is perfect! It is-"

    "Too girly for me," Ash muttered.

    May stared at him. "Ash, this is my first time in Sinnoh. I want to go to places that I really want to see! You, you've been travelling here for over a year now. Besides, Floaroma is much closer here."

    "Pikachu, help me," Ash hissed to his partner, who was on his shoulder.

    Pikachu shook his head(Sorry, pal, but you're on your own). Pikachu jumped off Ash's shoulder and onto May's.


    Pikacu(you said it yourself. I quote, 'Never get on a girl's bad side. EVER...' Take your own advise, pal.)


    And so, Ash and May and their Pokemon are now heading to Floaroma Town, much to Ash's dismay. To compensate, Ash decided to begin training Heracross along the way.

    Route 204 is not exactly a very large route, but how long it took Ash and May to get from Jubilife to Floaroma, we'll never know. Ash spent half the trip training Heracross, making their trip longer than expected.

    May looked at Ash disapprovingly as he stopped for the fifth time to train. They were already an hour away from Jubilife City, but they haven't even reached halfway through the route yet!

    "Okay, Heracross, Focus Punch!" Ash had Feraligatr and Gengar help with the training. The former is digging for large boulders to target, while the latter is using Psychic to hover the boulders. Heracross smashed through the targets with ease.

    'At this rate, we'll reach Floaroma by night fall,' May thought, frowning.


    May must be psychic, because indeed it was nightfall when they finally reach their destination.

    "Terrific, Ash. Because of your training, the town is probably asleep right now," May said to her boyfriend.

    "Hey, it's been a long time since I last used Heracross. I have to keep him in shape for the competition, you know..."

    May shook her head and sighed. "How does that old saying go? 'You can take the trainer out of the battle, but you can't take the battle out of the trainer'..."

    The two checked in the Pokemon Center in the center of town. They had their Pokemon refreshed, and took a room. This time, there is a bed for each of them.

    As Ash lay on his bed, he is not looking forward to the next day, for he knows that with May, it would all be about 'girly stuff'. May, meanwhile, was thinking the opposite as she lay on her bed. She thinks that tomorrow would be all about training for Ash. They both sighed as they drifted to sleep.


    The next morning, May woke up to find that Ash is already outside the Pokemon Center training. May sighed as she peered out the window to see a large boulder being hurled across the window where she was looking.

    Ash is still trainig Heracross, using the training regime he was using yesterday. Heracross is just as invigorated as his trainer, not missing out on the targets he was aiming for. Feraligatr, meanwhile, is beside the wall of the Center. It seems Ash has tired out the Big Jaw Pokemon, too. But, actually, he is always like that.

    "It's a wonder that he's not waking anyone with that racket," May muttered, rubbing her eyes.

    May went out of their room and out of the Center to join Ash. She found Pikachu sitting on a bench next to Feraligatr, nodding himself to sleep. She sat beside Pikachu, which prompted the latter to snap back awake.

    Pikachu(You tried your best, May.)

    May looked like she understood what Pikachu said. "I'm not giving up," she told the Electric Mouse.

    May and Pikachu watched, and endured(in the case of Feraligatr's loud snoring), the training session. Finally, the sound of a growl coming from Ash's stomach could mean their salvation. For the first time, Ash noticed May was there.

    "Oh, hey, May. Good morning," Ash said cheerfully. Pikachu and May both hung their heads, sighing. "Want to get some breakfast?"

    "Ash, you're the most absent-minded person I know."

    "Huh? Why?"

    May shook her head. Pikachu did the same. "You're so much focused on training that you didn't even notice me come over. Humph. Some boyfriend you turn out to be..." May walked away. Pikachu followed her back into the Cener to get something to eat.

    Ash stared blankly at the two. "What'd I do? I just said to get some breakfast..."

    At those words, Feraligatr woke up, drooling(Did someone say breakfast?). Ash stared at his Pokemon, and shook his head.

    Heracross(I could go for food as well. I wonder how they serve honey here?)


    Now, Ash, May and their Pokemon are enjoying a well-deserved breakfast. May kept throwing disapproving looks at Ash, which confused the latter to why.

    "Today, no training, understand? I want to see those flower fields Information told me about this town."

    Ash sighed. 'I knew it. Girly stuff...'


    "Fine, fine... Sheesh..."

    Pikachu looked at the two trainers(Am I glad Sceptile's not here. He may be going to rant about that dark side of females bit again...)

    Blaziken(And where is he?)

    Pikachu(He's with Max and, uh, uh-)

    Blaziken raised her eyes(Go on. With Max and whom?)

    'Oh, man, Sceptile's going to kill me for this...' (W-with Max's Grovyle...)

    Blaziken(Well, there's no problem with that...)

    Feraligatr(Yeah, Rose is- Ooops...) Pikachu slapped his head.

    Blaziken(Rose? Why that- That two-timing...) One of Blaziken's fists flared up.

    Pikachu stared at Feraligatr(Great. Try explaining that to Sceptile when he gets back...)

    Feraligatr looked crestfallen(As if he's got enough bad blood against me already... Besides, it's not like Sceptile is like Ash...)

    Now both Blaziken's fists flared up. Pikachu (Oh, joy... If Sceptile returns, and survives this, he's going to shish-kebab us...)

    Feraligatr(True... If he survives this... Or, if he finds out...)

    Pikachu(If... If is good...)

    Donphan, Heracross and Gengar exchanged amused looks. They also tried to stifle their laughs. Staravia just shook his head in a mixture of amusement and disbelief.


    After breakfast, Ash took May(or is it the other way around?) to Floaroma's landmark: a flower field thirty square meters in size. This garden has the largest collection of every flower of every kind. Ash kept his head hung as May took the sleepy guide around(again, it should be the other way around) the field, admiring every flower in sight.

    The tour took them to the center of the field where a small statue is erected. The subject of the statue is a small hedgehog-like creature.

    "Is that a Pokemon?" Ash asked the guide, his interest suddenly rising.

    "Yes," the guide answered. "Shaymin, the Gratitude Pokemon. Legends say that, long ago, this land used to be a barren wasteland. No matter how much people try to make the land beautiful, it always fails. But when a kind heart wished for a blessing of nature, and the whole areaburst into bloom."

    "Wow," Ash and May said together.

    Ash stared at the statue of Shaymin, and trained his Pokedex on it:

    Shaymin, the Gratitude Pokemon

    Although it lives in flower fields, it curls its body up like a flower and therefore people seldom pay notice even when they see it.

    "That's strange," Ash wondered.

    "What is it?" May asked, turning to him.

    "How come the Pokedex was able to analyze data on Shaymin when I was only pointing it at the statue?" Ash and May continued to stare at the statue in puzzlement, but then shrugged it off.


    The couple's next stop is(much to Ash's dismay) the "Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop". May and Pikachu browsed at all the flower bouquets and berries on display. Ash is still lagging behind, not so enthusiastic about how their trip is going.

    Right now, May, as well as a few other sightseers, are being shown how to make Poffin.

    'Uh, oh... If May got the idea to make her Poffin, then, D-Day...'


    Fortunately, for Ash(and perhaps all the Pokemon), making the Poffin was the least of May's interests. Now she's inching to get to the next town.


    -No heads up for this one, either. This is where my story stands rgiht now as well. I'll update at unknown intervals from now on. But I'll make sure they'll be updated ASAP.
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    Okay, the 'if is good' is from the Hercules Movie right? And the statue is actually the real Shaymin? The Blaziken part was really funny, wonder if Sceptile will find out...

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    Yes, May will get a Pichu, and, yes, it will be the offspring of Ash's Pikachu and She-chu.
    Time for a pop quiz- I bet you'll never guess who May's Pichu's mother's trainer is. That question popped 2 chapter's worth of reviews in!
    To mods, please don't delete this yet, I'll edit this later to include my chapter.

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    Any of your business?


    Misty, and sure you can use 'Sceppy', Blaziken is gonna kill him though
    Comp has died, borrowing brother's to edit this, won't be on much if at all.
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    Well it could be someone new...
    I don't think it's Misty since I'm sure Ash would know if she had a Pika

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    -You guys don't even come close. (huge sigh)

    EF24: Johto, Here we Come

    After much debating, Ash has finally convinced May to finish their Sinnoh vacation at short notice. He wants to get to Johto ASAP so he can train better if he knew what sort of competition the Bruno's Cup would be.

    They made one last stop back, in Sandgem Town. Ash decided to drop by Professor Rowan's lab again. The large steel gates opened to let them in. Strangely, the guard Pokemon are nowhere to be found. Ash and May walked to the lab, where a female assistant welcomed them.

    "What happened to the security?" May asked curiously.

    "Well, now that the Azure Flute is stolen, there's no need for high security," the assistant answered. She took the trainers back to Rowan's office. "The Professor will be with you shortly."

    Ash and May sat on the couch, with Pikachu in between. Moments later, Rowan stepped in. He greeted his two guests and took a seat behind his desk.

    "So you're leaving Sinnoh now? I'm sorry to hear that."

    "Well, I should have seen more of Sinnoh if a certain someone didn't find my pick of vacation spots 'too girly'," May muttered airily. Pikachu nodded in agreement.

    "Come on, May, we have to make a headstart on Johto if I want to make it in time for the competition," Ash countered. He's not angry, just, uh, impatient. He tried to change the subject to keep his mind off May's disappointment. "By the way, Professor, when we were in Floaroma Town, I examined the statue of the Pokemon Shaymin there. The Pokedex was able to file the data? How come? Is it because the statue is Shaymin?"

    Rowan thought for a moment before making an answer. "Maybe. Or maybe it's because, since the legend says that Shaymin created the flower field, the Pokemon left something of itself enough for the Pokedex to pick up."

    "You think so? Shaymin must have been really powerful..."

    "Well, it is classified as a Legendary, after all..."

    May looked at the clock on the wall. "Well, Mister In a Hurry, we'd better go, or the boat will leave without us."

    Ash stared art her back as May, carrying Pikachu, went outside. It was his turn to sigh and shake his head. "Girls. Go figure..."

    Rowan was a little bit amused. "I may be a renowned professor, but even I can help you with their logic..."

    Ash smiled. "Thanks, professor. I'll keep that in mind..."


    As the trainers left, Rowan opened a drawer in his desk. It was the same drawer where he locked the Azure Flute before. But, instead of a really-looking important relic, all it contains are files. Then, he picked up a phone.

    "I want to send some security to Floaroma Town," he was saying to someone on the phone. "I have a feeling that our enemies will go after the statue there."

    "Yes, sir. I will send for our best men immediately, Professor."


    Pikachu seemed happy. Really happy. Why? The boat that he and his human companions are boarding is the S.S. Mollusk. He's happy that he may find O-(She-)chu again.

    Ash and May are heading back to Kanto first. For Ash it is to deal with something(Brock's "present"). After that, they will be taking a route to Tohjo Falls. Then, a little detour on New Bark Town, and finally riding a second ferry on Cherrygrove City that will take them to Cianwood.

    The captain of the ship recognized Ash and May as previous passengers of his. This is largely due to the fact that their Pokemon caused a little bit of mayhem when they last boarded. Still, he welcomed them. So, the Pokemon "gang" are now making themselves at home at different spots on the ship.

    Feraligatr is once again lounging with fellow "sloth" Munchlax. Blaziken is seen on the upper deck, practicing her Blaze Kick, which she plans on using on a two-timing Sceptile when they meet(she must really feel jealous). Staravia and Heracross decided to exercise their wings by flying along the port side of the boat. Gengar is seen by the entertainment hall in the lower decks, putting on a magic show for a few guests, assisted by Espeon.

    At one of the lounge chairs in the port side, supervising his flying Pokemon, is Ash, wearing only bathing shorts, his jacket and the cap. At first, he thinks the small footsteps he hears behind him belongs to Pikachu. He turns around, to find that it was only a little girl walking past him. Ash wonders where his best friend is.


    Pikachu is found in close proximity to the kitchens, where he first met She-chu. But when he tried to peer into the kitchen, he was only shooed away by the chef. Dissapointed, Pikachu was spotted by May, who was on her way from her and Ash's room to join her boyfriend at the deck. She is now wearing a red one-piece with flower designs(she manages to have different swimsuits everytime).

    "What's wrong, Pikachu?" May asked him, scooping him up.

    Pikachu(I have the worst luck in love.)

    May, still wondering about Pikachu's disposition, went topside to join Ash. The latter is now having a trainer battle on the same spot as he was before. Ash's opponent, a CoolTrainer named Jack, is using a Machamp.

    "Okay, Heracross, Mega Punch!" Ash ordered.

    "Fend it off, Machamp!" Jack countered.

    Heracross delivered a right punch to Machamp's jaw. The Superpower Pokemon shielded himself with all four arms. Then, Machamp countered by a backhand, sending Heracross backwards. Heracross planted his claws to the floor, making a screeching noise, to stop himself from hitting the boat's railing.

    "Take Down, Heracross!" Ash commanded.

    Heracross charged towards Machamp at great momentum. Machamp braced himself to use Counter, but...

    "Heracross, circle around Machamp," Ash immediately said. Heracross sidestepped Machamp just as his opponent tried to reach for Counter. Surprised, Machamp wasn't able to defend himself from behind, where Heracross hit him with Megahorn.

    Ash punched his fist in the air as Machamp slumped to the floor face-first. A sailor, who was guest-refereeing, raised his hand in the air to declare Ash winner.

    Jack, who was kneeling to check on Machamp, stood up and shook Ash's hand. "Nice battle I had for a long time. You're quite the trainer."

    "Thanks," Ash answered. Just then May walked up to them.

    "Hey, why don't you dine with my friends and I? The more the merrier," Jack suggested.

    Ash and May looked at each other. "Sure."


    Jack's friends turn out to be a bundle. He has a girlfriend named Jill, twin brothers, Zane and Joey, one sister, Holly and his girlfriend's brother, Donald. The ship help arranged a few tables for the little party.

    Jack, Donald and Ash are exchanging stories about their trainer exploits. The former two are impressed at Ash's defeat of two members of the Elite Four.

    May, meanwhile, was discussing appeal moves with fellow coordinator Jill, throwing in a few love storieswhile they're at it. Holly, Zane and Joey, all at the age of seven(too young to be trainers), were watching Gengar and Espeon's magic show, watched and (baby-)sat by Pikachu.

    "Right, now, I'm going to Johto to compete in my third Elite competition," Ash was saying. "But first, I have to return to my hometown to," he and the other two huddled close so the girls won't hear, "take care of some, er, materials given to me by a crazed friend of mine."

    "We're all going to Johto, too," Donald said. "Jack and I are also going to compete in the Bruno's Cup."

    "Small world, isn't it?" Jack added, smiling.

    "Yeah. Boy, this never fails," Ash said with a shake of his head. When the other two asked what he meant, Ash answered, "Every time I go to a competition of some sort, I would always meet someone who becomes my rival. I won't be surprised that you two would become rivals of mine."

    Jack and Donald looked at each other, and understood what Ash said. Together, the three of them laughed, shaking their heads in disbelief. The two girls, May and Jill, shook their heads, not to join them, but to disapprove of their companion's behavior.

    May and Jill stood up from the table to leave the boys, and went back topside. It was now noghtfall. May sighed as she saw a shooting star dart in the sky.

    "That boyfriend of yours, he's obsessed with training, isn't he?" Jill spoke up.

    May nodded. "He's like that all the time. But that's one of his best points. When he's not thinking about Pokemon, he's really sweet," she added, with a pink tinge.

    "Wow. That definitely sounds just like my Jack. When is he not thinking about battles?"

    May gave a lopsided smile. "About 99.9 percent of the time." Both of them laughed.

    Blaziken, who was right on top of them, is now beating the stuffings out of a training dummy that looks suspiciously like Sceptile. The rest of the Pokemon, who are watching, were looking chibi cowering in fear at the aggression. Even the larger Pokemon, Donphan and Feraligatr, are intimidated.

    Blaziken(when I get my hands on that king, I'll crown him...) A Blaze Kick ripped off the head of the dummy. It rolled over to Squirtle, who ran out of the way to behind Munchlax.


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    Wow, nice chapter, one mad Blaziken and a lot of scared pokemon. Ash met his new rivals and May gets a friend. But sadly Pikachu didn't meet She-chu!

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    Any of your business?


    Erk. If I was Pikachu at this point I'd try and defend Sceptile to prevent him (In the off-chance he survives) from slicing him into pieces
    Comp has died, borrowing brother's to edit this, won't be on much if at all.
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    -By the way, Pikachu's only a front man(er, Pokemon) for Operation AaMayL. Want to make a wild guess who is the real mastermind? Now that's two interesting quizzes for you to answer.
    -Just filler here. But you might get interested, especially at the end...

    EF25:Planning Way, Way(times infinity) Ahead

    We leave Ash and May for now to check on the two-timing king. Somewhere near Fuschia City, Max and Hikari are camping out in the open. They let all their Pokemon out to stretch their limbs.

    Max is seen feeding his Camerupt and Kirlia some special pellets, from a recipe he borrowed from Brock. Barboach and Crawdaunt(just evolved) are swimming around in a small pond nearby. Hikari's Pokemon, meanwhile, are already fed and asleep.

    Sceptile, feeling distant to the other Pokemon, was perched on top of a tree just above the others. Max's Grovyle, Rose, looked upwards at Sceptile. She has a twig on her mouth as well. But at the end of it is a small rose. : P

    Max strode over beside Grovyle, and looked at Sceptile. "Come on, Sceptile, you've got to get hungry sometime or another..." Sceptile just turned away. Max sighed. "How does Ash do it?"

    Hikari, who was inside her massive orange tent, went out, straightening her hair. She is already in her PJs, ready to sleep. "He must be really upset that he's far from his trainer. That's what I call loyalty."

    Sceptile continued looking at the stars(I hope everyone's okay. I wonder if Boss is well with May? And Blaziken, uh, er...)

    A/N: Wow, the feeling is mutual... Poor Rose, though...


    After the S.S Mollusk left Viridian City harbor to its next destination, Ash and May said farewell to their new friends. Jack and his gang are going straight to Johto, while Ash and May are going for a little detour for Pallet Town.

    The couple walked the countryside between Pallet Town and Viridian City. Ash still has Heracross flying around for exercise. But so May wouldn't get angry with him again, no training stops for now at least until they reach Pallet Town.

    After thirty minutes of walking, the two are now on top of a hill. Just below them is the familiar sight of Pallet Town. Ash, forgetting about May with him, ran all the way downhill, Heracross and Pikachu right on his heels. May sighed, and followed suit.

    At the doorway of the Ketchum residence, Ash recalled Heracross as he and Pikachu stopped to take a breather. This is when May just caught up to them. Before he could knock on the door, it burst open, knocking Ash aside, to reveal Delia, who went on to hug May!

    "Uh, M-mrs. K-ketchum," May stuttered, from beneath the older woman's embrace, "you're hugging the wrong person..."

    But Delia only smiled. "I think you're just the right person, May," she said. "After all, it won't be long until you become a Ketchum, too..." May blushed deeply.

    "MOM!" Ash shouted. Both women stared at Ash, who was sitting on one of Delia's flower shrubs after being knocked by the door. He, too, was blushing.

    "Now, now, young man," Delia said, letting go of May and waving her index finger in Ash's direction, "is that how you question my intuition?" Ash just hung his head in defeat. Delia then turned back to May, completely forgetting about her son. "Now, we've got to talk about the wedding arrangements..."

    "We-wedding?" Ash stuttered.


    At the family room(also living room), Delia is sitting in the comfortable chair, while she made Ash and May sit next to each other on the couch. Pikachu is sitting on May's lap.

    Ash was tightlipped, May is just silent as she is listening to Delia's rambling about "their future", and Pikachu just looked on with suppressed laughter. Mimey, who was in the kitchen, returned with drinks, to serve to everyone.

    "It should be the most beautiful and most wonderful of wedding gowns," Delia was saying. "It should be held right here in Pallet Town's cathedral. Oh, with all the places you've been travelling to, and all the people you've met, I have to get started mailing the invitations..."

    May was starting to get interested, which made Ash even more embarrassed. "Excuse me, I, uh, have to get some things from my room..."

    Delia shook her head with contempt. "You won't find those things under your bed anymore."

    Ash stared. "What?! But I've got to return them to Br- Whooopsss..."

    "AHA! I knew IT! I knew he was a bad influence on you! Good thing he isn't travelling with you anymore..." Ash hung his head.

    (In Pewter City, at Brock's house, the breeder shivered and sneezed, feeling some sort of draft...)

    "I took them to Professor Oak's so he can get rid of them... Go ahead if you want to get them back, I hope he already took care of them..."

    Ash went out to go to Professor Oak's lab. May started to follow, but Delia stopped her to continue their discussion.


    Ash knocked on the door of the lab. It was closed, even though it was only noon. But Ash could hear voices inside. He knocked a little harder. Finally, the door opened to reveal Professor Oak, wiping his nose and mouth with a piece of cloth.

    "Oh, Ash! I wasn't expecting you too early..." Ash narrowed his eyes to look at the cloth. The part where Oak rubbed it on his nose was slightly red. "Come in, come in..."

    Professor Oak took Ash inside, then closed the door. The lab was empty, except for Tracey and Gary, who are huddled in a corner, reading something. They are looking serious, but the drool fom their faces tell otherwise.


    -Brock's been a bad influence. I call it Brock-itis. And it's catching!
    -That's exactly how my parents reacted when I came home to introduce my GF.
    -The reason for the amount of fillers is because I want this fic to coincide with another Pokemon fic of mine:
    EDIT:Sorry, Encyclopika, I have a little problem with the computer. I tried loading all the time, and when the message was finally sent, I found that it was double-posted.
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    Hmm, the main man would be Charlizard? Wait, no, Blaziken! Delia plans very ahead, way way ahead. I like the part where Ash says it was Brock and suddenly Brock felt it, that is so anime-ish. So the book wasn't disposed, Oak, Tracey and Gary are reading it...

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    -No comment on Charizard.
    -Who said it was just a book/magazine?

    EF26: The Brock-itis Outbreak

    It took Ash quite some time to pry away the materials from the older men's hands.

    "You guys should know better," Ash said with a tone of disapproval in his voice, snatching the magazine away from Gary's grasp. "Gary, I thought you said that you were beyond this..."

    Gary shrugged. "Hey, we're only human. Cut me some slack..."

    Tracey nodded. "True. Even I can't resist these things."

    Oak cleared his throat. "Ash is right, though, boys. We should act more mature."

    Gary and Tracey looked at each other, then focused on the older researcher. "Give me a break, gramps. You're the one who was itching to get it out of Mrs. Ketchum's hands..."

    Oak gave a sheepish laugh, while Ash shook his head. 'And these guys were supposed to be the biggest influences in me...'


    Ash placed all of Brock's stuff into a duffel bag. These materials include, but not limited to, magazines, CDs, pin-up posters, need I say more...?

    Before leaving, Ash stopped by the corral to check on his Pokemon. His entire Pokemon family are eagerly awaiting his return.

    "Okay, guys, I've got some new friends I'd like you to meet." Ash called out all his Pokemon(save for Pikachu, who was with May).

    The new members, Feraligatr and Gengar, stood above the rest.

    Cyndaquil(Now I feel like the low man on the totem pole...)

    Bayleef(And I'm in between.)

    Feraligatr gave his fellow Johto starters a huge grin(It takes patience. Someday, you guys would evolve, too.)

    Gengar(And- HERE!) A bouquet of flowers materialised out of his hand, and gave it to a blushing Ambipom.

    "Okay, listen up, you guys," Ash spoke up, trying to get their attention. "Two more competitions and all our dreams will come true." At this everyone cheered.

    "We are going to Johto next. Gengar, you can stay here to get better acquainted with the others. Donphan, sorry but you have to stay too. Pikachu, Feraligatr, Heracross and Staravia are coming along. Anyone else wants to come?" Everyone voiced their notion to join the team. Ash smiled and shook his head. "Sorry, guys, but there's only room for two more."

    Ash looked around at the dissapointed faces of his Pokemon. "Look, you guys, I wish I can take all of you along, but I can't. The "six Pokemon" rule, you know..."


    Ash left the lab, duffel bag full of naughty paraphernalia slung on his right shoulder. On his way back to his house, he looked for a nearby phone. He placed a videophone call to Brock in Pewter City. On his first try, the line is busy. But on the second, the breeder answered, and he looks like he's been ruffled or something.

    "Wow, Brock, what happened to you?"

    "Yeah. Well, just a minute ago, your mom called."

    'Uh-oh. I think I know what she wanted,' Ash thought.

    Brock continued. "It seems that she's a little angry that I tainted her son's future." Ash laughed nervously. "What did she mean by that?"

    "Like I told you, she found out that you've given me these," Ash held out the duffel bag for Brock to see, "things. Heh, I wasn't the only one affected. I found Tracey, Professor Oak and Gary looking like they're worshipping these or something..."

    The two of them exchanged laughs, before Ash continued. "May and I are going over there before we head for Johto. I'm going to return these to you before it causes any more trouble."


    Ash re-entered his home to find that Delia is still conversing with May about the wedding. Ash cleared his throat to announce his arrival. He was merely given a glance, then they returned to the conversation. Ash sighed, and went up to his room.

    Closing the door of his room, Ash sat on his bed, and opened the duffel bag. "Now, let's see what's so interesting about you guys..."

    After a few minutes, Ash walked back out of his room, shaking in nausea. 'I shouldn't have looked... Auughh...'


    The two trainers said their farewells, but not before Delia voiced making some calls to Petalburg, which, for some reason, scares Ash. As they go back up the road going to Viridian City, leaving Pallet Town, May wonders what was in the duffel bag Ash was carrying.

    "Eh? Oh, just some stuff I'm going to return to Brock." Ash slung the bag further to his right, so that May, on his other side, wouldn't try to cross-examine Ash.

    Pikachu(Quoting Charizard: This gets pretty interesting.)

    Ash and May leave Viridian City and to Viridian Forest. But, even with their pace of travel, they decided to camp out in the forest. Blaziken's jealous rage was still unmanageable, that she was left alone on one corner of the camp. Even all her teammates are still scared of her.

    After a meal Mrs. Ketchum packed for hem, Ash and May immediately went to sleep side by side, but on different sleeping bags.

    Pikachu(At least we don't have to move them...)

    Swellow(Tsk, tsk. Pikachu, I never knew you to be promoting such things.)

    Pikachu(Hey, I'm only following orders. I like that Ash and May are together, but the whole Operation AaMayL was not my idea.)

    Feraligatr(Then, whose idea was it?)

    Swellow(Yeah. Who?)

    Pikachu(I'm not telling. All I'm saying is this guy expects too much in so little time.)

    Feraligatr asked Heracross(Do you know anyone who fits that profile?)

    Heracross shook his head(Nope. Not a thing.)

    At this, both Feraligatr and Heracross stared at Staravia(Do-don't look at me! I don't know him either!)

    Feraligatr sighed as he leaned on a tree in a sitting position. Pikachu went to his spot on top of Ash's sleeping bag. Squirtle is on May's other side, and Munchlax and Torkoal leaned against Feraligatr. Heracross, Swellow and Staravia perched themselves on the tree over all of them. Blaziken fell asleep practicing, still distant from the others. Espeon, the only Pokemon not remotely scared of her, was curled up next to the fighting-type.


    At midnight, Feraligatr snapped awake He let out a big yawn. He looked around, and found that all his companions are still asleep. After looking around, he saw the duffel bag that Ash was carefully guarding. Making sure that his trainer is sound asleep, the Big Jaw silently swiped the bag from beside Ash. But his move awakened Pikachu, and Munchlax and Torkoal.

    Pikachu, whispering(He-hey! What're you doing?)

    Feraligatr gave a large grin. He, too, spoke in whisper(I want to know what Ash has in this bag of his. Could be food.)

    Pikachu sighed. When Feraligatr makes up his mind, there's no convincing him otherwise. The three Pokemon looked over the larger Pokemon's shoulder as he opened the bag.

    A/N: Words won't be enough to describe what happened.

    Pikachu(YOW! Is that how the humans- BRRR!)

    Feraligatr shook his head so fast(THE HORROR! THE HORROR!)

    Torkoal burst into sobbing fits again(Auughh! MY EYES! IT BURNS!)

    Munchlax(I think I lost my appettite!)

    Feraligatr(At least we Pokemon don't mate like that. Wait. How do Pokemon mate again?)


    "Welcome, you guys!"

    The cheerful, yet hollow, voice belonged to Brock. It was early the next morning, and Ash and May made record time in reaching Pewter City and Brock's family house. Brock took Ash aside as Lola, the breeder's mother, ushered May int the living room.

    Ash handed the duffel bag to Brock. "Here. They caused a lot of trouble for me."

    Brock took the bag just as Flint walked in. Ash tried to grab the bag back again to hide it, but Brock said, "Don't worry, Ash. Dad here is the one who gave me these stuff..."

    Flint nodded. "I left these along with Onix to Brock before I left on my journey."

    Brock burst into mock-tears again. "Those are the few things he's left me that was worthwhile..."

    Ash sweatdropped at the older men. Their conversation was cut short when Lola popped her face in the living room door, to check on the three of them. "What are you boys up to?"

    Flint was feeling uneasy. "Uh, nothing, dear." Flint followed his wife into the living room.

    Ash stared at Flint walking away, and turned to Brock, a wry smile on his face. "Like father, like son..."

    Brock sighed and shrugged. "Runs in the family."

    "Other than looks?"

    "Ha-ha," Brock said sarcastically.


    Ash and May couldn't stop by for lunch, since there won't be enough room for a family of twelve and two trainers to eat. After saying their goodbyes, the two set off back to Viridian Forest and to Tohjo Falls.


    -And you thought Sceptile's evolution/rejection was traumatic...
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    Wow, that is a lot of stuff.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ash
    And these guys were supposed to be the biggest influences in me...
    This gave me a quick laugh, how sad, funny and true all at the same time. So Ash never did look till now? At least he was grossed out by it, the pokemon looking at it was the funniest, guess great minds think alike. And Feraligatr is right, how do they mate?
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    -With the implication of Egg Groups in the games, a jumble of ideas comes to my head on the Pokemon mating.
    -This is Part 1 of the "End of Rocket" saga. See the link in my previous chapter for more information.

    EF27: Too Many Baddies to Handle

    We next see our favorite couple running towards a freshwater ferry that would safely cross the wide river of Tohjo Falls from the east(Kanto) to the west(Johto) sides. Ash got the tickets from the booth, and, handing them to May, they boarded the ferry just in time.

    They took the boarding at a run. Only when are they on the boat did they stop to take a rest. At that moment, the boat left port. They barely made it in time.

    May leaned on the guardrail to support herself while she catches her breath. "That was close."

    Ash slumped on his back. "You can say that again." Pikachu slumped next to him, also lost his breath.

    Pikachu(That was close. Happy?)

    Ash stared at his partner. "Whoah, Pikachu, why so tense all of a sudden?"

    Pikachu stared at him with contempt. Then he reached below Ash's arms to the Pokeballs containing Feraligatr and Torkoal. The two Pokemon came out.

    The three Pokemon all looked at Ash, then at each other, then... BOOM! Pikachu used Thundershock, Torkoal Ember and Feraligatr Water Gun.

    A confused, charred and soaked Ash just looked at his Pokemon. "What was THAT for?!"

    Pikachu and the other Pokemon burst into angry tirades. They were speaking so fast that even I couldn't translate. Ash tried to calm down his Pokemon, but he doesn't even know why they were angry in the first place, so no dice.

    A/N: The rest of the team doesn't know about the trauma. Ash is lucky Pikachu didn't tell them, or else, D-DAY...

    Ash recalled Feraligatr and Torkoal back into their Pokeballs. He then picked another Pokeball from his belt, and from within it came Heracross. Ash decided to get his mind off his rampaging Pokemon by training again.

    He and May, and their Pokemon, are the only passengers on the ferry. At first, it sort of made the girl nervous, but.

    "Hey, what's wrong, May?" Ash asked her, turning away from Heracross.

    "Nothing. Just, well... Okay... Don't you think it's a bit weird that we're the only passengers on this ship?"

    Ash and Pikachu looked around. Aside from a few sailors, May was right. They were the only passengers on the ship. "No brainer. Even though Tohjo is a passing point between Kanto and johto, it's not exactly a beehive of activity."

    "I guess you're right..."

    Returning to his training session, Ash had Heracross practice Focus Punch onto a metal plate he picked up. The plate sounded before shattering into bits and pieces. Heracross is improving bit by bit, and Ash is happy about it.

    Unknown to our heroes, one of the sailors kept shooting looks at them and whispering to his companions. "The Boss says to get the boy's interest. Maybe if we hurt them or-" he was saying.

    "NO!" one of his companions snapped, though silently. "The Boss also said not to hurt him, or his companions."

    The first sailor grunted. "Fine. What's wrong with the Boss anyway? Why is he so interested in a brat like that?"


    The boat reached the Johto side of the river, and Ash, May and Pikachu stepped out. Ash looked at his Gear map. "Newbark Town is not far from here. Might as well drop by and say hello to Professor Elm."

    The two of them walked along the wooded path towards New Bark. Ash remembered the first time he set foot here in Johto, and stole a glance to the left of their path. It was a small pond, where Ash first saw the legendary Suicune. May followed his gaze. But, of course, the illusion that was Suicune was gone, so she wondered what Ash saw.

    "What is it?"

    "Huh? Oh, nothing."

    As May and Pikachu walked on ahead of him, Ash stared back at the pond. For some reason, he's not getting a good feeling.


    From one Pokemon lab to another, Elm's lab is a welcome difference to Rowan's. Ash joked, "If we're lucky, the professor would fit our visit into his hectic schedule..."

    May shook her head amusedly at Ash's attempt at humor as he continued. "Professor Elm was Professor Oak's student. He's pretty absentminded about anything but his research."

    Ash knocked at the front door of the lab. But on the first thump, the door slowly opened. 'Boy, this looks familiar...' "Prof? Are you here?" There was no answer. Ash, sounding alarmed, pushed the door all the way.

    Ash and May stared at the bound form of Johto's regional professor on the ground. He looked at them pleadingly, and Ash ran right over to untie the Professor. May watched as Ash took off the gag on Elm's mouth. Elm gasped for air before he could speak.

    "Thieves!" he exclaimed. "Jumped me when I was just returning from a seminar. Two men in black. They took some of the research papers Professor Oak gave me."

    "Where are they?" Ash asked.

    "They're already gone. I don't know where they went."

    Ash turned to May. "May, call the police and stay here with the Professor. Pikachu, you also stay here to protect them. I'll go after those thieves." Ash took three Pokeballs and called out his flying Pokemon. "Swellow, Staravia, Heracross, go out and scout for suspicous characters!"

    The three Pokemon flew off in different directions, above the city traffic. Just as Ash started to follow in Staravia's direction when he heard Swellow's call. Ash dodged the ongoing busybodies trying to go in Swellow's direction.

    Swellow is leading Ash into NewPark(a pun on Newbark). From a distance Ash could see his flying-type nosedive an Aerial Ace towards the trees. When he reached the spot where the Pokemon dived, and spotted a middle-aged man wearing a lab coat. However, the trainer could see a telltale "R" on the shirt underneath.

    "Team Rocket!"

    The Rocket Grunt looked at the direction of Ash. He only replied with a grunt, and took out a Pokeball containing a Sandslash. "Swellow, use Aerial Ace!"

    Swellow, hovering above, dived downwards again towards Sandslash. The latter curled up into a ball, to protect himself from the attack. To avoid the spikes, Swellow immediately barrel-rolled and swooped out of the dive.

    The Grunt sent out another Pokemon, a Piloswine. The Swine Pokemon launched an Icy Wind at Swellow. Reacting fast, Ash sent out Torkoal. The Coal Pokemon protected Swellow from the ice-type attack with Flamethrower.

    Swellow perched himself on Torkoal's shell. "Another Flamethrower, Torkoal!"

    Torkoal fired Flamethrower, but Sandslash, in between Torkoal and Piloswine, curled for a Rollout. Spinning fast, the Mouse Pokemon deflected the attack.

    "What did you guys do with Professor Elm's files?" Ash shouted.

    The Rocket only smiled mischievously, though he didn't answer. He only had Piloswine use Earthquake. While Ash struggled to maintain his balance, Swellow, grabbing Torkoal by the edge of his shells, flew them both upwards, safely avoiding the attack.

    While his Pokemon are in the air, Ash ordered, "Swellow, release Torkoal. Torkoal, use Rapid Spin!" Swellow let go of Torkoal, who withdrawed himself into his shell. In midair, Torkoal spun very fast, spinnig right in the direction of Sandslash. The two spinning Pokemon clashed with enormous friction.

    "Okay, Swellow, Aerial Ace!" Swellow dived, and, instead of targetting Sandslash or Piloswine, targetted Torkoal. The streamline of Aerial Ace protected the flying type from Rapid Spin. But the force of his attack violently pushed Sandslash backwards. Sandslash broke out of his Rollout, and smashed backwards onto Piloswine.

    Swellow and Torkoal stood unfazed from attacks while their opponents are both knocked out. At that moment, Staravia and Heracross arrived, along with a squad of police officers. The latter has received reports of disturbance in the area. The Rocket only cursed under his breath. He threw a briefcase in Ash's direction. "You wnat it? There! My mission is just to distract you, anyway."

    The Rocket threw some smoke bombs to the ground. Smoke began to fog the area. Swellow and Staravia used Gust to blow them away, but by the time they finish, the thief and his Pokemon were gone.

    Ash picked up the suitcase as an Officer Jenny approached. 'What did they mean?' Ash asked himself.

    "Young man, are you alright?" the officer asked.

    Ash nodded. "That thief broke into Professor Elm's lab. Have you checked there? The Professor might be hurt. My friend is looking after him now."

    "The Professor and his Pikachu is already taken to the Center/hospital. But we haven't seen anyone around him, though we found this..." Jenny held out a green piece of cloth. Ash stared at it for a second until he realised what it was. A bandana...



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    Oh noes! Team Rocket has kidnapped May to lure Ash! That's not good! The pokemons revenge was funny thought.

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    I've just finished reading what you wrote so far, and your fic is getting off to a pretty good start. I like the idea of Team Rocket capturing May to lure Ash into a trap. Hope our hero can save her. Otherwise, good job.
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    -The gang will be notified aboput the situation. They will immediately jump in and join the search. But before that, Ash will run into(literally) the most unlikely of allies.

    EF28: Unfriendly Reunion

    It is around six in the evening. Ash sat in the hospital, outside the room where Professor Elm was kept. The briefcase the Rockets "stole" is on his lap, and the police have just delivered it back to him to give to Elm. But that's the least of the yopung trainer's problems.

    Ash cursed himself, for letting Team Rocket kidnap May. But the question is why. As the doctor came out from Elm's room, Ash asked if he is okay.

    Pikachu is by Ash's side as usual. This is what happened. The accomplice of the Rocket Ash fought was still there when Ash left to find them. All Pikachu could remember was some brownish powder coming from above, then he knocked out. When Pikachu woke up, Ash was now holiding him, back from the search. And May is gone.

    "He'll be fine, just some minor bruises and abrasions on the wrists, caused by the rope that tied him."

    "Thanks, doc," Ash said in relief. The doctor let Ash into the room. Elm is seen trying to sit up on the only bed in the hospital room. An intimidating nurse walked past Ash to scold the Professor.

    "No, no, NO!" the strict nurse said, trying to settle down Elm. She placed a hand on both of the Professor's shoulders and pushed him back into a sleeping position.

    "But I have to return to my re-" He stopped at the look on the nurse's face. Then Elm retreated back onto a lying position.

    Ash choked back in laughter, but returned to being serious as he approached Elm. The nurse turned to him. "Sorry, but the patient needs more rest."

    Our hero is not one to stand up to the large and intimidating nurse. Ash placed the suitcase next to the Professor on a small table and excused himself. He'll talk to the Professor later. Right now, he's got bigger things to worry about.


    At the hospital lobby, Ash placed an emergency call to Pallet Town. Professor Oak tried to greet the trainer with enthusiasm, but was only met with Ash's serious tone.

    "What's wrong?" the elderly professor asked.

    "Professor, May's been kidnapped," Ash said calmly, but Oak could sense Ash's insecurity. "By Team Rocket."

    "Oh, my. Don't those three ever give up?"

    "No, Professor, this time it's different. The Rocket who kidnapped May is not Jessie or James."

    Oak was lost in thought before he could reply. "Hmmm. This is very peculiar. Why would Team Rocket want to kidnap May? Is it because they want to get to you?"

    "I was wondering about that, too. But what have I done anyway to get on their nerves?" Oak looked at him skeptically. "Oh, alright, the Whirl Islands and Lake of Rage incidents could count, but that was a long time ago. If they're after me for that, they should have gone after me long ago."

    Ash banged his fist on the phone table in shame. A few passersby, Pikachu and Professor Oak, were all alarmed. "I feel stupid, that May was kidnapped because of me. I wish I could-" He made a motion of passing a finger across his throat.

    "Calm down, Ash!" Oak said alarmingly. "There's no sense brooding about it now. What we should focus on is how to find and rescue May."

    Ash calmed down at his mentor's words. "You're right. But how?"

    "I suggest sticking with the police for now. As for me, I'll use my contacts in the PLA to help with the search. Also, maybe you should try contacting all your friends. They would probably get worried as well."

    "Thanks, Professor Oak. I'll do just that." Ash signed off.


    The police part wasn't easy. Try as Ash might, he couldn't get them to let him join in the investigation. So he decided that this case is in his own hands. Before leaving Newbark, Ash decided to check on Elm again. However, the Professor couldn't reveal anything concrete about the kidnappers, other than proving Ash's theories about Team Rocket.

    At the break of dawn, Ash and Pikachu went onto Route 29, heading to Cherrygrove City. The greater ground he can cover, the closer he can get to rescuing May, even though he doesn't know how to start. He and Pikachu were running towards an intersection when...



    May woke up, but found out that she was blindfolded. From behind the blindfolds a voice sounded. "Such a treatment for our guest. You should be ashamed of yourselves."

    The blindfolds were taken off, and May could now see where she is. She was inside a dimly lit room, sitting on a couch. To the front of her is a large desk, with a large chair behind it. The chair swivelled around to face May.


    "Who are you?" May asked. She tried to move, but found her hands and feet tied up.

    The man behind the desk replied, "Don't be alarmed. I'm... A friend."

    "Who are you?" May repeated.

    Sensing that May is still acting scared, Giovanni turned to the two men behind May. "Leave us." May turned around, and before the two men could head out, she can see that they are wearing the infamous Rockets' uniform.

    "You must be part of Team Rocket," May assumed, her fear worsening.

    "You can say that..."


    "OWWCH!" Ash fell backwards from the collision, while the people he collided with fell to the other.

    Ash shook his head as he turned to apologize. "I'm really sorry. I was sort of in a hurry so-" Then he realised who he bumped into. It was Jessie and James and Meowth. "YOU!"

    Jessie and James took this as a cue. They stood up, and said a motto:

    "Prepare for trouble."

    "And make it double."

    "To protect the world from devastation."


    Ash interrupted them as he stood up. "I've got no time for you guys. Wait, I do. What did you do to May?"

    Jessie was a little irritated at Ash for interrupting their motto, but this time it was Meowth who cut in. "Sorry, twerp, but we-"

    "I said, CUT IT. Now WHAT DID YOU DO TO MAY?" Ash repeated, glaring angrily at them.

    The Rockets looked at each other, then joined in a huddle. "Boy, is the twerp ticked," James commented.

    "What happened to the twerpette anyway? Aren't they supposed to be travelling together?" Meowth sounded.

    "Well, it's your fault, Meowth on deciding to get here through Mt. Silver! Now how are we going to explain this to the Boss?" Jessie said abruptly.

    "Hey, according to the map, Route 46 is close to Mt. Silver, and passing there was a good idea."

    Ash is getting impatient. The answer to rescuing May is right there in front of him, and all they do is drabble. "Pikachu!" The little rodent nodded, and delivered a Thunderbolt attack to snap the trio back to reality.

    "HEY!" a shocked Jessie retorted angrily.

    "There's more where that came from if you don't tell me where you took May," Ash said coldly.

    Meowth shook his head to remove the cobwebs from his eyes. "Look, twerp, we don't know anything about your sweetheart being kidnapped, okay?"

    "Somehow, I don't believe that," Ash muttered.

    Pikachu is more than agreeing towards Ash.(Yeah.)

    Meowth turned to his nemesis. "Look, can you find it deep in your hearts to trust us this time?"

    (No. And you know pretty well why...)

    "Yeah, yeah, I know. But this time we're legit. Cross my Meowth heart, and hope to, uh-" 'Great. I have good taste in comebacks...'

    Pikachu began charging up for another Thunderbolt, when James held up his hands in surrender. "If we surrender to you, can you let us explain everything?"

    Ash hesitated, thinking it might be a trap. To prove that they are surrendering, James took out the Pokeballs holding Cacnea, Mime Jr. and Carnivine, and rolled them to the ground to the front of Ash. The latter braced himself, thinking that the Pokemon might come out and attack. James motioned for Jessie to do the same.

    Ash is still at a loss for words, and so does Pikachu. To confuse the latter more, one of Jessie's Pokeballs opened up by itself to reveal...

    She-chu(STOP! Please, listen to us!)

    Pikachu just stared at the female Pikachu standing in front of him.


    -Bet you never saw that coming.
    -Another clue for the mastermind's identity:
        Spoiler:- Your Spoiler Here:
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    Charizard has returned (NO CAKE!?)
    Comp has died, borrowing brother's to edit this, won't be on much if at all.
    Quote Originally Posted by Frost Nova View Post
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    Yes, I guessed right, it was Charlizard! And the no cake thing, very funny. And Jessie is She-Chu's trainer, no way...

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    DING! DING! You got it right! Your prize: none... Mwuah-ha-ha...

    EF29:The Plot Thickens

    (May's conversation with Giovanni happens the same time Ash meets Jessie and James in the last chapter.)

    "Who are you?" May asked. She tried to move, but found her hands and feet tied up.

    The man behind the desk replied, "Don't be alarmed. I'm... A friend."

    "Who are you?" May repeated.

    Sensing that May is still acting scared, Giovanni turned to the two men behind May. "Leave us." May turned around, and before the two men could head out, she can see that they are wearing the infamous Rockets' uniform.

    "You must be part of Team Rocket," May assumed, her fear worsening.

    "You can say that..."

    Suddenly, a shadow appeared behind May. The shadow used Psychic to free May from her bonds. As the girl rubbed the part where her hands chafed, she turned around again to see a Slowking.

    Slowking(Do not be alarmed. He is the Boss of Team Rocket. But he means well, for now...)

    A little calmer that a Pokemon was vouching for Giovanni, May relaxed. But she kept on guard, in case Slowking was unsavory himself.

    Giovanni stood from his desk and walked to beside Slowking. "This Pokemon here, has asked me to do a little favor for him. The fact alone that the matter he discussed piped up my interest. It is about... The fate of the world..."

    "World?" May asked. "What do you mean?"

    Slowking sighed(Let me begin. Ancient prophecies tell of an extraordinary Pokemon, the Alpha, that will soon be summoned to this world.)

    "Slowking told me," Giovanni followed the Pokemon's speech, "that certain characters are going after the Alpha, to get the power for themselves."

    Slowking(Such desire for the Pokemon's power will mean the end of the world.)

    "I may be a criminal mastermind, but I won't like it either when the world is destroyed. I mean, who would? That's why I answered his plea."

    May is trying to fit all these in her head. "But what does it have to do with me?"

    Slowking(I'm sorry, we should have started on that. I hail from an island in the Orange Archipelago. Nearly five years ago, a prophecy was fullfilled. Three titans, of fire, ice, and lightning, waged a colossal battle. Even the efforts of their powerful guardian wasn't enough. But the Chosen One was able to fullfill the prophecy, and quelled the fighting of the titans.)

    "This Chosen One," Giovanni added, returned to his desk. He took out a folder, and handed it to May. "Is described right here. Recognize anyone?"

    May looked at the files, and down to the verse of the prophecy. Only one line caught her eye:

    The world shall turn to Ash

    "This really means Ash?" May asked.

    Both Giovanni and Slowking nodded. "If you read further, the prophecy describes the Alpha as well..." May read the verse properly:

    Alpha will appear, and Darkness he will be engulfed

    Efforts of those who serve he

    Will be all for naught

    The Chosen One

    Use the greatest power of Nature, Fire and Water

    To quell the god's anger.

    "So you see, your friend Ash is the Chosen One, the only person capable of stopping the first prophecy we told you about. I asked for my agents to, er, bring you here, so he can-" Giovanni was cut off by an explosion coming from the outside.

    May felt herself trembling from the explosion. So did Giovanni, since the whole castle rocked violently. The Boss narrowed his eyes. "Right on time..."

    Slowking shook his head disapprovingly(I told you to evacuate this area. My prediction is about to come true. Team Rocket will be destroyed.)

    Giovanni smiled. "I just want to see this other Boss for myself." He pressed the intercom on his desk. "Send out the squads immediately for defense and counter-attack!"

    The voice on the other end of the line said, "Yes, Boss. Right away."

    Another explosion, and May was thrown off her seat. Giovanni looked at her, then pressed a hidden mechanism under his desk. The bookcase to the left of his desk opened to reveal a small lift.

    Giovanni helped the young trainer to her feet, and led her to the secret compartment. May, still holding the files on the prophecy, was shoved into the small area. Giovanni also pushed Slowking inside. The two were barely able to fit inside, and no room for Giovanni.

    "I want you to take those files to your friend. If my hunch is right, my best agents will be coming along shortly with him."

    "But, what about you?"

    "It's like protecting a family," Giovanni interrupted, smiling strangely. "The Rockets aren't the only ones helping me. My other allies will be coming along shortly."

    Without another word, Giovanni closed the hatch.


    The scene shifts to a pond. There, Ash listened to the trio's story, but he still doubts about their not having involved in May's kidnapping. Team Rocket, though sincere, still kept something from Ash: the fact that Giovanni asked them to look after him. They covered it up by saying that they quit Team Rocket and decided to follow him to...

    "Keep in the show."

    'Cut it out with breaking the 4th wall, will you?'

    'Can't help it. You're the one making us break the 4th wall, ya know...'

    Ash was wondering who Meowth was talking to, but James cut him off. "So, the twerpette is kidnapped? But by our- I mean, Team Rocket?" he asked, after Ash finished with his side of the story. 'Why would the Boss do that? He didn't even tell us anything about it.'

    Ash nodded. A-chu, meanwhile, is conversing with She-chu. Ash's Pokemon still can't believe that the latter Pikachu is on the side of his greatest enemies. Quoting A-Chu: 'I feel like a Romeo...'

    She-chu(If you don't trust them, you don't trust me either, do you?)

    A-chu(N-no! It's not like that. It's just that- Well, your trainer and mine have shared some bitter history together...)

    She-chu bowed her head as A-chu looked at her(Brother Meowth told me that alreeady. But I still trust them.)

    'Brother Meowth?' A-chu thought incredulously. Just then, She-chu raised her head, and her eyes met A-chu's. A-chu's heart felt like it just melted.

    A-chu sighed deeply(I spent too much time travelling with Brock...)

    She-chu smiled at him. Meowth sighed in relief. "He-he, maybe after all this," he placed a hand on both A- and She-chu's shoulders, "we might become in-laws..."

    A-chu looked at Meowth(Don't push it.)

    Ash, however, was still not convinced of Jessie and James' sincerity. But... "Okay, I'll trust you, just this once. Can you guys take me to where you think your cohorts took May?" The two older trainers nodded, but Jessie turned to ME again.

    'Call me old again, and you'll be sorry...'

    'Sorry, Ma'am...'


    Ash and J2 are now taking a boat to Rocket Castle, south of Johto, with Meowth as navigator. In no time at all, they reached their destination. But are they too late?

    -HEADS UP:
        Spoiler:- your spoiler here:

    -And for those interested, these are the allies Giovanni told May about:
        Spoiler:- your spoiler here:
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    Wow, Giovanni turned good... Ash is in the Pokemon 2000 plot again? And Mask... who is he? All these questions, She-chu and Pikachu romances and fourth-wall breaking! This is so cliffhanger...

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    Apart from the slight confusion I had in comprehending the last chapter (it happened all to quickly and all, I think that the chapter was a little rushed...), I'm mildly surprised upon Giovanni's unlikely alliance.

    BTW,     Spoiler:- possibility:

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    -That chapter wasn't rushed, this is. BTW, you were mildly surprised? Mind telling me why?

    EF30:Under Siege

    The boat containing our heroes came to a stop. They all looked like they were frozen in place, after seeing the sight before them.

    The castle is engulfed in smoke. At the harbor were several large, unidentified(from their distance) Pokemon, being fought back by several Rockets and their own Pokemon.

    Meowth peered from the stern. "Eh, did we miss a party?"

    "Full speed ahead, Meowth!" Ash ordered.

    "Roger, Cap'n! Brace yourselves!" Meowth pushed the accelerator violently forward, forcing their boat to gain immense speed. Jessie and James held themselves from the sides, but Ash stood firmly by the bow.

    "So, brave leader," Jessie shouted over the roar of the boat's outboard, "where do we jump in the battle?"

    Ash looked back at her and grinned. "We go head-first." J2 looked at each other, and sighed.

    "He never got rid of his reckless streak," Jessie mouthed.

    "And ten movies prove it," James added.

    After gathering dangerous speeds, our heroes' boat crashed into the castle's harbor. After the collision, the three trainers now have a clear view of the battle that was going on.

    The castle's defense forces, led by Butch and Cassidy, are fighting off an army of Pokemoin of many types, led none other than by Bomb and Wire! The latter forces are gaining the upper hand. But they all looked frozen in place after noticing the new arrivals. This prompted Jessie and James to take Ash's place on the boat's bow.

    "Prepare for TROUBLE!"

    "And make it DOUBLE!"

    "To protect the world from devastation!"

    "To unite all peoples within our nation!"

    "To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

    "To extend our reach to the stars above!"



    They were interrupted oince again by Ash, who ran into them to jump to shore. "ASH!"

    Ash turned back to them, surprised that they used his actual name. "Sorry, guys, but we've got to act, fast!" Ash turned to Pikachu. "Let's go, Pikachu! We've got an old score to settle! VOLT TACKLE!"

    An electrically-charged Pikachu dashed towards one of the many Magmortar under Bomb's control. The larger Pokemon was launched backwards by the attack, hitting another Magmortar, like a domino.

    Jessie thought, 'I've got to get She-chu one of those!' She called out Seviper, Dustox and She-chu. An Electivire tried to use Thunderpunch on them, but, in the nick of time, Wobuffet let himself out of his Pokeball to Counter the attack. The Electivire was knocked backwards. Wobuffet's allies cheered for him, while he blushed.

    James took out Carnivine and Cacnea. Mime Jr.(like Wobuffet) let himself out of his Pokeball, much to James's dismay. Two Magmortar used Fire Blast on James' Pokemon, but Ash had called Feraligatr to counter the attacks with Hydro Cannon.

    "Thanks, twerp," James said as he picked up Mime Jr.

    Ash sighed. "I thought you guys would have finally resorted to calling me by name... Never mind. Feraligatr, stay here and help the Rockets. I'm going inside and find May!" Ash dashed past the defenses with Pikachu into the castle's interior.

    Ash kicked the castle's doors to find more -Mortars and -Wires fighting more of the castle's defenses. Ash sent out Torkoal to use Smokescreen. He doesn't have time to fight them for now. He has to find May first.

    The trio, trainer and two Pokemon, ran up the hallway, through the stairs and to the offices. Finally, he reaches Giovanni's office. Ash kicked the door open, to reveal an ominous sight.

    The floor of the office is cracked open to a huge crater. Ash peered below to see two trainers engaged in a Pokemon battle. The first one, Ash recognizes from his 2nd encounter with Mewtwo, is none other than Giovanni. The other one, is a strange sight.

    He is a little taller than Giovanni. The mysterious trainer is wearing a billowing black cloak. The most recognizable feature was the mask he wore. It was like formed from jagged pieces of ice, but instead of blue, the mask is colored red.

    Giovanni had a Kangaskhan fighting against the Mask's Blastoise. Blastoise fired a powerful Hydro Cannon at his opponent, instantly knocking out Giovanni's Parental Pokemon.

    "You are awfully slow now, Gio," the Mask said, in a hollow voice. "It's a fluke that you became a Gym Leader."

    Giovanni recalled Kangaskhan, furious at the other trainer. "My skills aren't like they're supposed to be. Tell me, where is the Azure Flute?"

    'So that guy must be the boss of Bomb and her cohorts,' Ash thought.

    "It's in a safe place," Mask replied. He recalled Blastoise, and took out Meganium. "I was surprised you're willing to put your organization on the line just to face me again."

    "It's an old score I want to settle," Giovanni answered, narrowing his eyes. He called out Magmar.

    Mask shook his head and laughed evilly. "You are weak as always. Meganium, Frenzy Plant!"

    The ground beneath Magmar began to vibrate. Several vines shot out of the floor, trying to snare the Pokemon. Magmar tried to use his Flamethrower to deflect the attack, but no dice. The vines snared Magmar, lifting him up into the air, forming ike a crucifix. A larger vine shot out of the ground in front of Magmar, and, to Ash's and Giovanni's horror, dropped its full body onto Magmar, crushing the Pokemon.

    Magmar fell to the ground after the vines disentangled. Giovanni grimaced, as he recalled Magmar. Mask took no notice of this, as he looked up, towards their only spectator.

    "So this is your big plan to stop me, old friend?" Mask asked evilly. Giovanni turned to where his opponent is looking. "A young boy? You are getting soft, especially in the head."

    Giovanni locked eyes with Ash for a moment. Mask called out his 3rd Pokemon, a Blaziken. The Blaze Pokemon jumped high to Ash.

    'Oh, great...' "Pikachu, use Thunder! Torkoal, use Overheat!"

    Ash's two Pokemon immediately jumped into action to defend their trainer. But their efforts were not useful at all, as Blaziken easily dodged the attacks. Giovanni reacted by calling his Golem. The Megaton Pokemon tackled Blaziken in midair, saving Ash from any attack.

    "There's a secret compartment where I took your friend!" Giovanni called to Ash. "Use it to escape. I'm sure you can see her there!"


    "GO! I'll explain everything later, I promise!"

    Ash ran around the crater and around the desk. He found the switch for the secret compartment. He pressed it, and the bookcase opened. Ash, recalling Torkoal, and Pikachu, took one last look at Giovanni's battle and jumped into the hatch.

    Giovanni turned back to the battle. his Golem is now locked in close combat with Blaziken. "You do know pretty well that what you're planning to do... It will destroy this WORLD!"

    Giovanni couldn't see the face, but he could sense an evil smile from behind the mask. "Now where's the fun in THAT? Blaziken, use Blast Burn!"

    From between the two Pokemon, a powerful explosion erupted. The explosion engulfed Giovanni and Golem, but Blaziken and Mask were able to jump high right away, the Pokemon picking up his master. That explosion was enough. The entire castle crumbled in its foundations.


    Outside, the Rockets stood perplexed as their base was destroyed right in front of them.


    "Uh-oh, now both our Bosses are gone?!" Meowth cried.

    Wire smirked. "The Boss has already left. We should go, too," she said to Bomb.

    "Hey, WAIT!" Butch called angrily. "What did your Boss do to ours?"

    Bomb turned to the Rockets, and gave them a sinister smile for all of them to see. "He's gone. And with it: Team Rocket!" The two recalled their Pokemon, and in an instant, disappeared into thin air.


    Ash and Pikachu found themselves sliding downwards in a tube-like passage. Behind them, wildfire(from the explosion above) was chasing them. Ash and Pikachu reached the end of the passage, landing on earth just as the entire passage imploded.

    Ash covered himself and Pikachu from the explosion. When it was all over, Ash rose from his crouching position. He finds himself in an underground cavern, perhaps below the Rocket Castle.

    "Pikachu, are you alright?" Ash asked his partner.

    (Yeah, I'll manage.)

    "ASH!" The young trainer turned around to the source of the voice, to spot May running up to him, followed closely by Slowking. She hurled her arms around him.

    "MAY! Man, am I glad to see you safe," Ash said, relief in his voice.

    Slowking cleared his throat, to get their attention(The cave is collapsing. Perhaps we can save the reunions for later?)

    "You're right," Ash replied, not even recognizing the Pokemon, though Pikachu looked surprised to see him. The cave ceiling above them indeed looked like it is about to collapse. Ash took May by the hand, and led her deeper into the cavern, followed by the Pokemon.

    After a few minutes, they spot a small underground spring. "This could take us outside, but," Ash pointed to where the spring opened up to a cave mouth, which was blocked, "we're caved in."

    "We can use our Pokemon to-" May started to suggest, but befor she can even finish, the rocks gave way, to reveal a Swampert and Empoleon, accompanied by Ash's Feraligatr!

    Pikachu(Ash, help has arrived...)

    With the help of their rescuers, Ash, May and Slowking swam out of the cavern.

    -Mask is based on the Mask of Ice, BTW.
    -If you notice, Mask's Stage 2 starter Pokemon came from three generations, like Ash's, and corresponding to the weakness of Ash's own Stage 2 Pokemon.

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