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    -For the record, like Hikari, I'm going to have a certain Sinnoh character keep his name.
    -Wow, Oozaru, you figured it all out. Either I'm a bad plotter, or you're Sherlock Holmes' long lost descendant.
    -For the nine babies thing, I call it movie-, T.V.-, or Poke-magic!

    'Even we can't figure it out! Nor can he!' Meowth remarked.

    EF33: Many "Happy" Returns

    Ash was immediately startled by the unprovoked attack. His cries, meanwhile, are muffled under the white mass. Several onlookers only gawked at the sight. Heracross immediately lifted the mass off his trainer as a female trainer approached. Once Heracross sucessfully lifted the unknown "attacker", Ash could be seen sprawled underneath, swilry eyes and all.

    "Primeape, I told you never to run off like that," the trainer scolded her Pokemon.

    Primeape looked at his trainer and grinned(I couldn't help it. But look who I found!)

    Once Ash recovered, the others arrived, hearing of the commotion. Ash sat on the ground, clutching his head. The first thing he saw is May looming over him, and the porta-cubator holding a Pichu egg in her arms.

    "Ash?" she asked. "Are you alright?"

    "Yeah, I guess. Why do they always go for the head?" Ash turned to his attacker, but then his eyes widened when he realised who it was. "Primeape!"

    Primeape grabbed Ash by the waist and lifted him in the air in a backbreaking embrace. The trainer then snapped her fingers. "Ash? Is that really you?"

    Everyone turned to her, and Brock recognised her at once. "Rebecca! Oh, sweet Rebecca. How I wish I could count the stars that I-' But, as usual, Toxicroak has appeared, dragging the amorous breeder away.

    "So, any introductions now?" Hikari spoke up.


    After introductions, Rebecca took the trainers to her family's wrestling tent. Anthony is seen sparring with his Hitmonchan. There were other various fighting-types seen in the tent/gym.

    Anthony greeted Ash by patting him on the back. Considering the larger man's own strength, Ash fell to the floor again. "Ash! It's good to see you again!"

    "Tell me, you guys can still recognize me after all theses years?" Ash asked, taking a seat on one of the benches inside. May and Hikari sat on either side of him, while Brock was still paralyzed, motionless on the ground, just being dragged inside by his Pokemon.

    "Sure! Why, we heard of all your various achievements in all the regions of the world."

    "And Primeape here makes sure we don't miss a single one," Rebecca added, standing between her father and Primeape.

    Hikari nudged Ash. "You're getting pretty famous, Ash," she joked.

    "Oh, right, I didn't tell you girls yet," Ash said. "Primeape is a Pokemon I caught a long time ago. But I decided to leave him with Anthony to train."

    Primeape is now a living, breathing playground. The Pichus, who followed their little brother/sister with May, are now dotted hiding in and around Primeape's thick fur. The larger Pokemon doesn't mind it at all. In fact he seems to be enjoying it.

    "So tell me," Rebecca suddenly said, "you're here to enter the Bruno's Cup, huh?" Ash nodded. "Dad is an old friend of Bruno's, and he was asked to be MC."

    "I owe the Elite a few favor, and fighting Pokemon are my niche, so I couldn't refuse." Anthony thought for a moment. "Say, I think it's time Primeape here is returned to you, Ash. I'm pretty sure that he would be great help or you in the Cup."


    "Sure. I'm positive that Primeape would love that, won't you, buddy?" Primeape nodded so enthusiastically that some of the Pichus had to hang on by a thread(literally).

    Ash mildly laughed at his "former" former Pokemon's gesture. "Sure. Why not?"

    "By the way, you have to register for the competition at 3 P.M." Rebecaa looked at her watch. "And you'd better hurry. It's quarter to three already."

    "Oh, no! I've gotta go, fast!" He ran out of the tent, followed by Heracross and Primeape. The Pichus, still clinging on to the latter Pokemon, fell to the floor in a thud, and all began to cry.

    May sighed. "He still hasn't got rid of that habit..."

    Meowth walked in the tent, who looked like he was trampled(and probably was, by Ash in a hurry). "Where are my godchildren? Why are they crying?" he added, picking one up to calm it down.

    "Meowth... Godchildren?"

    "Hey, in case something happens to the parents, I'm their legal guardian, okay? I'd like to think of myself as a GodMeowth or Meowthfather. What do you think?"

    Anthony and Rebecca just looked curiously as Hikari and May sweatdropped.


    The registration tent is near the center of the site, right beside the stadium where the Cup will be held. Ash found it no trouble at all, since there is a long line at the entrance.

    Ash waited impatiently at the end of the line. However, registration seems to be going at a fast rate, so the line is moving really fast. Five people ahead of him, Ash spotted Jack and Donald, the trainers he met when he and May returned to Kanto.

    "Hey, guys!" Ash called to the latter two, whose backs were to him. They turned around and saw Ash.

    "Hey!" Jack called back.

    "How you guys been doing?" Ash asked.

    "Fine," Donald answered. "It took a little faster getting here than expected."

    Ash smirked. "Speak for yourself. You don't know how much I have to go through just to get here..."

    The line, in which Jack and Donald were just outside the tent, moved, so they are now inside. After a second, the line moved again, and Ash saw his friends leaving the tent.

    Jack gave Ash a playful slap on the palm as they passed. "All you have to do to register is write your name, and the Pokemon you would be entering with, and you're done."

    "Uh, tell me, how many Pokemon are needed to enter?" Ash asked uneasily.

    "Two." Ash sighed in relief. 'What a coincidence...'

    "We'll see you later, okay?" Donald said. "We can't keep Sis waiting, do we, Jack?"

    "Oh, yeah, you're right. See ya, Ash!" The two trainers left just as it was Ash's turn to enter the tent. Once inside, Ash was led into a small table. Just as Jack said, wite your name and your Pokemon on the form, and you're done.

    As Ash turned to leave, he heard a commotion outside. Several officials headed out to inspect the source, and Ash followed.

    Outside, Ash's Primeape is now being held back by Heracross. The former must have tangled with another Pokemon, making him a tad bit angry.

    "Primeape, calm down," Ash said to his Pokemon as he approached. Primeape relaxed, and so did Heracross's hold.

    The other Pokemon is also a primate. The unknown Pokemon has flaming red hair, long bendy arms and legs, and gold makings around his body; he is an Infernape. The one restraining this Pokemon is...

    "Shinji!" Ash said, recognizing the violet-haired trainer beside the Pokemon.

    "Ash. Great, just great. What are you doing here?"

    "I was about to ask you the same thing," Ash replied.

    The officials stood between the two parties, in case another scuffle breaks out. Fortunately, Ash and Shinji managed to restrain their respective Pokemon. However, both Primeape and Infernape still looked aggressively at each other.

    "I'll deal with you later," Shinji said in the usual tone. He was also in the line of registration.

    Ash, having bad blood with Shinji, didn't wait. Instead, he heralded his two pokemon back to Anthony's gym. When he returned, May was conversing merrily with Rebecca and Hikari, while helping Meowth and Pikachu calm down the crying babies. Brock left earlier, to pick something up.

    "Well, there are some reunions, and most of them are good," Ash said airily. He scooped up a Pichu. "I forgot to ask. Where did all these babies came from?"

    Pikachu then started whistling absentmindedly, trying not to get Ash's attention.


    Ash, just like Pikachu, fainted when he found out. When he revived, Brock had returned, with a little surprise for our hero.

    "Here," Brock said cheerfully. He tossed Ash a Pokeball.

    Puzzled, ash opened the ball to reveal... Sceptile! The Forest Pokemon uncharacteristically locked Ash in an embrace. "Sceptile, it's good to see you!" Ash exclaimed. "How's it been with Max?"

    Brock stifled a laugh. "I called Max about that. Sceptile was practically begging me to..." Brock was literally cut off, when he saw one of the spikes of his hair fell to the floor. "Uh, anyway, I took the liberty of taking Staravia to the lab so you can have a free space for Sceptile. You don't mind, do you?"

    "No," Ash replied. "It's good to have Sceptile back. But what about-"

    "Max said that both Sceptile and Gengar belong to you, so he refused a trade-back."

    As Sceptile let go of Ash, he felt a tug on his tail. Turning around, he saw two of the Pichus playing hide-and-seek in the thick leaves of the fern-like tail. He looked curiously at the baby Pokemon, then gave Pikachu a smirk(You've been busy, haven't you?)

    Pikachu(I'll tell you all about it later. A lot has happened.)


    Anthony told Ash that the competition will start the next afternoon. Ash and co. returned to the hotel, but before that, Ash had Sceptile re-introduced to the team. Torkoal and Swellow were the happiest to see their old teammate among the many others. Feraligatr, who was there the whole time, greeted his pal Sceptile.

    Just as Sceptile was speaking to Squirtle and Torkoal and some Pichus, he suddenly saw them change their jolly expressions to ones of fear. It seems they saw something behind the Pokemon that frightened them. Sceptile felt a finger lightly tap him on his shoulder, and turned around.

    It was Blaziken. Sceptile(Hey, Blaziken, how's it goi- YIKES!) Blaziken went ahead with a Fire Punch, which Sceptile somersaulted to evade. Pikachu and Feraligatr looked at each other uneasily and guiltily. One Pichu folded its ears, another placed a hand on its mouth. The third kept watching on in interest, but Meowth blindfolded him with his own hands.

    Sceptile kept avoiding Blaziken's attacks. Sceptile(What's wrong with you, woman? Have you gone mad?!)

    Blaziken(This is what you get for being a two-timer!)

    Sceptile(Say WHAT?!)

    Meanwhile, Ash looked on, the whole scene misinterpreted. "Wow, Blaziken is so happy that she went on a sparring match with Sceptile already?"

    May and the others sighed, knowing that it may be otherwise.


    At evening, Ash found Jack, Jill and their friends at the hotel. It seems the latter are staying there as well. J2 were also there.

    The hotel staff arranged for the large, merged group in the dining hall. They all exchanged stories, while the younger children are playing with the Pichus. May is now holding the Pichu egg closely, sensing that it may hatch soon.

    Ash was looking at May like he feels that May deserves that baby Pokemon. Meowth livened up the party by telling wild jokes, and everyone was interested. At a quarter to eleven, May stood up and yawned, still carrying the egg.

    "It's getting late, everyone," she said. "I'm going to sleep. Ash, you have your copies of the key to our room, right? Good night."

    May left the dining hall. But on the hallway, she gave a shout that made Ash stand abruptly. "Guys, it's hatching!" May called to everyone. Excited to see the new baby, Ash ran ahead of the others.

    Brock and Hikari tried to follow, but Meowth held them in place. "If you guys come along, then the whole scheme would be ruined!"

    Brock said, "Oh, yeah, I forgot."


    At the near-deserted hallway, Ash could see May grasping the egg in her own hands. It was glowing, and the incubator was forgotten, lying on the floor.

    Some of the staff looked on curiously. The egg was glowing so brightly that Ash and May had to shield their eyes. The egg began spouting a tail, stubby feet, ears, and small hands. When the light disappeared, the couple could see a small Pichu sleeping soundly.

    Seconds later, the newborn baby opened its eyes, and sure enough, as Meowth planned it, Ash and May were the first things it saw. Ash and May smiled at each other, and then at the baby.

    Like any newborn baby, Pichu began to cry. May cradled it carefully to calm it down. When the others finally arrived at the scene, Pichu calmed down, and kept looking from side to side out of curiousity. Meowth gave Brock a thumbs-up. 'Mission accomplished...'

    Suddenly a roar was heard from the cliffside. Ash and everyone else rushed to the scene, May's newborn Pichu excited to see some action. The two of them looked over the sea, where they could see a small speck against the moon in the horizon.

    Ash stood at the edge of the cliff with May, as the speck grew larger. In a few moments, Ash recognizes the orange/dark-blue wings.

    "It's Charizard!" he shouted over his shoulder to his friends.

    Pikachu(Uh-oh. I think I know why he's here...)

    "Really?" Meowth asked.

    Pikachu(He's not going to be happy at what he'll see. Any good hiding spots?)

    Moments later, the air picked up, as Charizard landed on the edge of the cliff. Ash ran over to greet his Pokemon. Sceptile and Feraligatr, who were there the whole time with the other Pokemon, looked at the newcomer in contempt.

    Charizard, surprisingly, didn't greet Ash with Flamethrower. Instead, he wrinkled his brow as his trainer embraced him.

    Charizard looked at Ash closely. (No tux.) He then looked at May, holding Pichu. (A baby, not human but still a baby, but no gown.) He then looked around. (A big crowd, but no reception.) Then he trained his eyes on Pikachu, who was looking a bit ashamed in front of him. (And most importantly... NO CAKE!?)

    Ash sensed his Charizard's rising anger. 'Uh-oh...'

    The Flame Pokemon suddenly flew up away from them all, and he engulfed Ash with a Fire Blast!

    -HEADS UP:

        Spoiler:- 34 preview:

    -Plotwise, that little tidbit would start off a bittersweet rivalry.
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