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Thread: Trials of the Elite Four(AAMAYL/AdvanceShipping)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Necroexodia View Post
    it's aint the end yet, it can't be, mask still needs to answer for his crimes
    That and the prophecy needs to be fulfilled

    Credit goes to Tyranidos
    Advanceshipping all the way

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    -Wow, you guys started a new page even before I could post my next chapter!
    -There's emphasis on AaMayL in this chapter, since I seem to have neglected that department for a while. Hope you like...
    EF84: Induction, Revelation!

    The crowd all went to their feet, applauding at their loudest! Ash shouted a loud "YES!", and Charizard descended back to the field. As Ash's feet touched the ground, he collapsed, falling on his back, and so did Charizard.

    Sprawled in the middle of the ring, Ash gazed upwards, and shielded his eyes from the noon sun directly above. He then turned his gaze to Charizard. "We did it, Charizard. We beat Drake and Palkia," he muttered weakly, with a matching weak smile. The response is a friendly(?!) Flamethrower to the face.

    Ash sat up, and saw May and nearly every human in the arena all jumping from their seats to the field, running towards him. As May tackled him for a hug, she and Ash were soon surrounded by a nearly hundred people, all reaching to shake Ash's hand.

    The only people not in the field are the Elite Four. Bruno appeared behind Drake, who was still in his podium, followed by the other Elites Ash has defeated. "Feeling a bit disappointed?" Bruno asked.

    The defeated Elite shook his head. "No. On the contrary, I feel very pruod to be defeated." He gazed at the center of the arena. Ash is still being mobbed by supporters, Pichu hanging on to his head, or, more specifically, his hat. "This is the sort of way I'd like to see myself defeated."

    "Good," Prima added. "No regrets then?"

    Drake shook his head no again. He recalled Palkia, who was hopelessly under the mob, then jumped into the field himself. The crowd parted ways to give him room, as Drake walked to Ash and his friends in the center.

    "Congratulations," he said in an indifferent voice. He extended a hand, and Ash shook it, albeit hesitantly. "You have defeated me, fair and square. May I see your MasterBadge, please..."

    Ash, as silent as the crowd is around them, rummaged in the inner layers of his jacket for the MasterBadge. A confused look invaded his face. "Huh? Where did-?" Pichu, still sitting on his head, called for his attention, and Ash looked upwards. Miraculously(how did it happen, even I don't know!), Pichu was waving the Badge.

    Our hero sighed, narrowed his eyes, and reached upwards to take the badge, but Pichu's along for the ride. Charizard rolled his eyes at the sight. "May," he said calmly, holding out Pichu with the Badge to her. "You've really got to keep this baby in line..."

    "Sorry, Ash," the female Coordinator said, and took Pichu, separating him from the MasterBadge. Ash then handed the Badge to Drake, who took it. The two never left their eyes on each other.

    It took Drake only a few seconds before handing it back to Ash. The Badge is now cnsidered complete, shining in the four colors: white, brown, red and blue. However, instead of the latter, Pichu jumped to Ash's arms to grab it instead. Ash rolled his eyes, and Drake let out a loud, amused laugh.


    Drake's upgrading of the MasterBadge is just part of Ash's victory. There is now a closing ceremony, as the limit for the competition is for someone to defeat the entire Elite Four, and, of course, Ash did just that.

    The cermony will be held in the hotel at 5:00 P. M., giving everyone, especially Ash and Drake, a time to prepare and rest. Professor Oak, meanwhile, using his ties with the PLA, made it so that all f Ash's Pokemon from the lab will be present as well. Before the party/ceremony, the park is littered by over sixty individual Pokemon all belonging to Ash.

    And so there Ash's Original 6 is truly complete. Bulbasaur and Butterfree greeted Charizard, who only replied with a nod. Squirtle is next seen helping a still-weak Pikachu from the Pokemon Center, both walking towards them. Ash and Swellow immediately went to their aid. Pidgeot and Lapras are already in the park.

    Ash leaned on one knee as he gazed at his starter Pokemon. "Well, Pikachu, it's over. We won." Pikachu nodded. Ash extended his hand to the Electric Mouse, and the latter promptly climbed it to rest on his usual spot on Ash's shoulder. So that his other Pokemon could see, Ash took out his MasterBadge again.

    "We did it, you guys." Ash grinned as his positioned themselves right behind their trainer as Ash readied for his trademark. "We beat the Elite Four!" he shouted at the top of his lungs. This was followed by a loud roar from all the Pokemon.


    May watched Ash and the Pokemon the whole afternoon. The trials of the Elite Four are over, and they have no reason to worry anymore.

    But where is their brave trainer?

    That's the question that popped into May's head as she watched the full Pokemon reunion. Her eyes scanned the entire park, but Ash is nowhere to be found! "Where is he?" May asked, a bit miffed. "He shouldn't be going AWOL on his own party!"

    Pichu, in her arms, noticed something, and kept pointing in Snorlax's direction. The large Pokemon is seen with his best friend and pre-evolution Munchlax. But the former isn't asleep at all, instead standing around as if to hide something, or in this case, someone. May walked right over, and one look from her face did Snorlax and Munchlax move out of her way.

    From behind Snorlax May could see her boyfriend rested against a tree, asleep, his hat tipped over his eyes. May walked tight over, and snatched the hat right off to give to Pichu.

    Waking up after the hat was taken away, Ash slowly opened his right eye, took one look at May, and closed it again. "Ash," May said in a calm voice. "You have to prepare for the party. it's in your honor, you know..."

    Ash kept his eyes closed, then turned, pretending to be asleep, his back to May. "The last time I went to a party like that, I have to wear- Brrr... Piplup clothes..."

    May's eyes twitched, but kept her composure. She turned around, heading back to the hotel. "Fine. I guess I'll just have to settle with Drew in the party then..."

    "Wha- Wha- WHA-!" Ash quickly sat up again at the sound of Drew's name. "May, WAIT!" His Pokemon could only snicker at the sight of their trainer, who all knew very well that he has fallen for his girlfriend's bait! XP


    At 5:00 P. M. sharp, the hotel is packed. Many trainers are dressep up in formal wear, anticipating the ceremony, as well as the dance. In the lobby, we train our eyes on the winner of the entire competition, and he doesn't look like he likes what he sees right now.

    For the second time, Ash looks through a mirror, and a stranger is looking back at him. "Not again. This is the most horrible thing that's ever happened to me. TWICE," he muttered. He also found out that Drew isn't even going to be at the celebration, so- 'I went through all this for nothing?!'

    "It's not that bad, Ash." Brock's reflection appeared beside Ash's. The former is wearing white, which is, surprisingly, the sort of tux a newlywed man would wear. "Who knows," he added with a wink and a nudge, "you might attract a lot more female fans..."

    "Nah, I think I'll stay with May. Besides, that's your department. But," Ash continued, his brows furrowed, "a female fanbase may not be a bad idea..."

    "What sort of idea?" Horror flooded both young men's faces at the sound of the voice. Ash slowly turned around, but he could already see her reflection in the mirror .May is standing right behind Ash and Brock. Luckily, for Ash, she was only able to hear the tail-end of their conversation. Ash grinned sheepishly at his girlfriend.

    "E-he-he," Ash said nervously. "Hi, May. Nice dress..." 'Wow...' May is wearing a silk emerald-themed gown. Her hair is tied by a green bow with the same theme as her bandana.

    Just then Misty popped up. She took Brock by the arm. "Come on, Romeo, you're not a Stantler tonight. You're my escort..."

    "But I wanna be a Stantler!" Brock whined, being dragged by the arm away from Ash and May. "Girls dig the Stantlers!"

    "Not on my, Max's, Sudowoodo's nor Toxicroak's watches, you're not," the Cerulean Gym Leader retorted. She gave May a wink, and Ash knew then that Misty was doing it so May and Ash could have some time alone before the party.

    'I'm in for it now,' Ash thought, as May led him by the arm to the packed dance floor. "I thought this was supposed to be a Winner's Dance to close the competition!" he wondered aloud. "Why do I have to dance?"

    "You said it yourself, Ash! It's a Winner's Dance!" May countered.

    At the banquet table, Max and Meowth are seen gulping down large servings of food. They seem to have babysitting duty, as Pichu was with them. He ignored his sitters, and instead divulged in a familiar red condiment.

    In the dance floor, Richie is dancing with Sheila. Jessie with James. Brock and Misty are right next to them. The male of the latter pair kept whispering "Cuts" to Richie, but, before he could answer, Misty pulled her dance partner by the ear, as usual.

    May stopped right next to her friends, and Ash took a little breather. It was short-lived, however, as the former wants to dance, of course. Ash thought up an excuse so he won't do the dreadful(to him!) task.

    "Uh, May, I hate to break it to you, but-" Ash turned away to hide his grin. "I don't know how to dance..."

    Brock and Misty stopped mid-dance, and stared at their friend. But May gave a warm smile(which melted Ash's heart) and just shrugged. "Don't worry, I'll teach you."

    "Oh, cra-, that's not what I had in mind!' "But, May-"

    "It's simple, really," May continued, ignoring Ash's protests. "First, put your right arm-" Ash hopelessly did just that, but- "-your other right, and a little higher, please..."

    "Sorry... what next?"

    Outside the patio, in the park, the Pokemon are looking at their trainer's perdicament. Not a single one of them were silent at all, as they were all laughing their heads off!

    Max and Meowth are indifferent to the Pokemon as well. "Hoo boy, I didn't know Ash doesn't know how to dance," Max wondered aloud. "Can't blame him, though..."

    Meowth nodded, then looked at their charge. Pichu is prancing about on top of the table, slow-dancing with the ketchup bottle. Meowth jerked a finger in the baby's direction. "And, as seen here, the baby is a better dancer than the father..."

    Not from afar, Drake was watching the scene amusedly. Prima was taking a cup of drink from the punch bowl, handing Bertha one as well. Prima followed Drake's gaze, at Ash, who has tripped on May for the third time. "Maybe you should get this over with, to get him out of his misery..."

    Drake gave a small lopsided smjile. "I think I'll let them have fun for a little longer. By the way, where's Bruno?"

    Prima pointed to a hotel sign above them: No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service. Then she pointed outside to the park, where the large Elite is huddled to one side, Ash's Pokemon crowded around, looking at him curiously. Drake raised an eyebrow at the predicament of his friend.

    Back to the dance...

    "See, Ash, you're doing fine."

    "Doing fine, but May, I tripped, twice; then we keep bumping into everybody; and don't get me started on how many times I stepped on your feet!" Ash protested. For the unknown number of time, Ash stepped on May's feet. "See?"

    "Well, we could be getting more progress if you look at me!" May countered. "Why aren't you looking at me?"

    "It's because, uh- Well, it's because- You look beautiful tonight," Ash said, turning away again to hide his red face. Nearby, Richie was coughing something that sounded like Getting Fresh, while Brock started whistling absently on the other side. "Shut up, you guys!" Ash hissed.

    "Ash," May said, snapping him out of his delusion. Ash scratched his head in embarassment.

    Much to Ash's relief, Drake decided to proceed with the ceremony. He stood in the center of the stage on the edge of the room. "There will be no formalities in this ceremony, as I have only a few things to say. Will the Pokemon trainer Ash Ketchum please step up to the stage, please..."

    Ash left May's side, and walked nervously up to Drake. "You have defeated the Elite Four. You are now eligible to join our ranks. Do you accept?"

    "Join the Elite Four?" Ash echoed, then he seems to have lost his voice.

    Drake nodded. "That's what the competition is for, as I have already told you before, didn't I?" He extended his hand, so he could shake Ash's again. Ash took it, and their handshake was followed by applause, and lots of flashes from news cameras. Plus, Drake whispered something so that only Ash could hear. "Now, you are definitely closer to your dream..."

    Ash nodded. "Thanks."


    Well, the competition is over, but our group decided to stay in the hotel until the morning. Drake and Ash are seen alone on top of the cliff at the edge of the park. There's one thing left that Ash wants to know from the Elite. Drake knew pretty well what question Ash is going to give him. And he's ready with his answer.

    "It is for the battles that await you in the future, Ash," Drake said slowly.

    "What do you mean?" Ash asked, confused.

    "You know pretty well about Mask, don't you?" Ash nodded. "It is inevitable that you will soon face him in battle. I want to see that you are ready for the losses that you will endure for that battle..."

    "I won't let that happen. I'll beat this Mask character, but I'm never losing any of my friends. Human, or Pokemon." Ash clenched both his fists, then thrust his right out towards the rising sun. "I'll make sure of it."

    "I'm glad you see it that way. I hope it doesn't happen, either." Drake took out a Pokeball, and called his Salamence. The dragon Pokemon hovered in the air in front of them, and the Elite got on the back. "It's all in your hands now, Ash. Good luck."

    Ash watched as Drake left with Salamence. May walked up to him, Pichu in her arms. Ash kept his fists clenched, and May noticed this, so- "Ash, I've been trying to teach Pichu to speak, like I did with Manaphy before, remember?"

    "Huh? Oh, yeah, well, any luck?" Ash's frown dissolved, replaced by a smile.

    "Well, I had luck, sort of. I was trying to teach Pichu our names first, but- It almost worked..." May gave a sheepish smile as she held Pichu out so Ash could take a closer look.

    "So, what are you gonna say?" Ash joked to the baby.

    Pichu blinked, grinned, and said, "Ketchup!" Ash facefaulted, along with everyone else listening. Squirtle scratched his head, then shifted his eyes at Pikachu. Squirtle(Wow, he really does take after you...)

    After that incident, Ash and May stood over the cliff, looking at the sunset. Right behind them are their Pokemon, lined up just like they appeared in the Spurt song...

    -This is the last episode, as the next post is the Epilogue.
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    Bruno's joke was very funny! Nice Advanceshipping moments and Ash is in the Elite Four, yay! Pichu saying ketchup is a bomb of laughter.

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    I knew Sheila and Richie had a thing for each other. It was like, obvious!
    I know how Ash feels now. Tuxs (or tuxes?) are so annoying to wear. I remember how I complained the whole concert that I played at about how uncomfortable that was.
    What does Sudowoodo have to do with Brock's constant flirting?
    Hah! Bruno can't go in.

    I'm looking forward to the epilouge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ze Skarmory View Post
    What does Sudowoodo have to do with Brock's constant flirting?
    -When Sudowoodo was still a Bonsly, he occasionally replaces Max with the running gag(he uses Take Down on Brock, lol.)
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    Nice chapter! can't wait for the epilogue, Ash doesn't know how to dance? that was funny, i loled alot when Pichu talked "ketchup" that was sooooo funny, you sure do know how to make a good fanfic, can't wait for more
    Advance shipping rules! Ash and May for ever!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Master_in_Training View Post
    -When Sudowoodo was still a Bonsly, he occasionally replaces Max with the running gag(he uses Take Down on Brock, lol.)
    I gotta pay more attention next time I watch the shows.
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    Before the epilogue, there is the...


    Ash and company are seen below the cliff, saying goodbye to Lapras and his pod. All the Transport Pokemon fired Hydro Pumps simultaneously into the air as a tribute and farewell.

    "Take care!" Ash called to his departing Pokemon.

    "Farewell!" May followed, and Pichu kept saying Ketchup over and over, waving both arms at them.

    Lapras(We'll be there for the wedding!)

    The other Pokemon, who were there to bid farewell to Lapras, choked back in laughter, shifting their eyes to Ash and May. Of course, the couple is unaware of what Lapras said.


    The scene shifts to the Evergrande Harbor. The group is going to go their own separate ways. Richie is going to stay in Evergrande City for a while, awaiting the Hoenn League. Brock and Misty are going back to their respective cities and gyms.

    Ash shook hands with both Richie and Sheila. "You're both competing in the Hoenn League, huh?"

    "Yes," Sheila spoke up. And she gave Ash a friendly wink. "And just because he's a cutie, I won't take it easy on him."

    "HEY!" Richie said, pretending to be offended. "I'm afraid it will be me who has to take it easy on you, and we both know it!"

    They both laughed, and Ash sweatdropped. 'Am I glad May and I aren't like that,' he thought. And then, Sheila gave Ash another wink.

    "Don't forget to invite us to the wedding, okay?" Richie nodded.

    "Wha- HEY!" Ash was flabbergasted, then tried grabbing the two, but they went back to the hotel in a rush, to train.

    Max and Hikari have to return to Kanto as well. They are also going to compete in the regional league and Grand Festival, respectively. As for Ash and May...

    "What do you mean, you're not going back with us?" Hikari asked.

    "I want to drop by home for a while," May explained, "and check up on Mom and Dad and Julianna. Max, after the Indigo League, you'd better visit home as well. Julie has to see he rolder brother for the first time, you know."

    "Yeah, yeah, don't nag," Max said. This earned him a slap on the top of the head, while the others watched with amusement.

    "Uh, guys," Brock piped up, "the boat heading for mainland Hoenn is leaving right now." He pointed to the ship in question, which is indeed heading away from the harbor.

    "Don't worry about it," Ahs told his friend. "We're not leaving by boat." He took out a Pokeball. "Let's go, Charizard!"

    Charizard(NOW you really owe me BIG TIME!)


    Pikachu(See ya back in Pallet!)

    The Electric Mouse is waving to the large group of Pokemon on the deck of the S. S. Tidal. Of course, they all belonged to Ash, saying farewell to their trainer. Ash waved back, along the rest of the group he's taking with him: Quilava, Pidgeot, Butterfree, Charizard and Donphan.

    "Take care, you guys!" Ash called back to his Pokemon. He sweatdropped when the deck where the Pokemon are on slightly shifted downwards.

    "ACK!" the group heard Professor Oak say. "Quick, get Snorlax back into his Pokeball!"

    "We're on it!" was Meowth's reply. "Back in you go, Snorlax!" This was followed by a groan from the large Pokemon, but could do nothing but comply. "What about the Tauros? They need to be- YOW!"

    The group saw Meowth spring up high into the air, grabbing his rear. He must have been poked there by a certain horned Pokemon. The last thing Ash could hear was "Wobuffet!"


    EPILOGUE(this time it's for real!)

    except for this first part, there is a random alloted time in between each segment of the epilogue.

    "Okay, Charizard, let's go!" Ash said. Wth one flap of his wings, Charizard took off, his passengers hanging on tight.

    The Flame Pokemon flew alongside the ship carrying the rest of the gang. Brock, Misty, Max and Hikari all waved at them from the bow, and Ash, May, Pikachu and Pichu waved back.

    Charizard flew ahead of the ship. Surprisingly, after a few minutes, they passed the Lapras pod, who are basking under the warm sun, in the island where Ash took refuge.

    "HEY!" Ash called cheerfully to get their attention. The Lapras looked up, and saw the newcomers. From a distance, Ash couldn't tell which is his Lapras, but, to compensate, they all waved up at them.


    A few days later, Brock is seen walking Route 2 up to the outskirts of his hometown. Walking alongside him are Toxicroak and Sudowoodo.

    Soon, the impressive stone(literally) building that was the Pewter Gym is in sight. The breeder ran the rest of the way. He was followed by Sudowoodo at the same speed, but Toxicroak was still in his own pace.

    Lola, Brock's mother, was seen tending to her Water Pokemon, helped by two Brock-lings. The children spotted their eldest brother, and ran right over to greet him. They were then followed by the rest of Brock's siblings, with the exception of Forrest. Brock learned that the missing sibling is actually in the middle of a gym battle right now.

    The family went inside the gym. Forrest's challenger is a young(too young for Brock) female Jr. trainer, who Foresst has a crush on at first sight! Because of this, the young Pewter City Gym Leader faced a quick defeat, much to his father Flint the referee's embarassment. Forrest personally handed the winner the gym's gray-colored symbol, the Boulder Badge.

    Forrest's object of crush thanked the family, then headed out to meet her, to Forrest's great dismay, boyfriend! Brock approached his oldest younger brother, patted him on the back, and said, "Don't worry, brother. I've been through that sort of stuff myself. I feel your pain..." They both burst into so much tears that they put Ash's Torkoal to shame!


    Now that all he radventures with her friends are over, Misty has to return, as well, to her home, the Cerulean City Gym. When she arrived, the gym is in total disarray! There is a large queue of trainers waiting to challenge for their Cascade Badges, that not even the combined efforts of Lily, Daisy and Violet, and helper Tracey will do!

    "Hoo boy," Misty sighed as she dropped her Spheal backpack on the floor of the gym to take over for Lily on the next gym battle. The gym battles strained on, and they were only able to finish just in time for supper.

    During supper, the three older sisters interviewed Misty on all the events in Evergrande City. The latter has to answer all of them, and by the end of it, Misty was more exhausted than ever. Then she found out that more challengers are coming to the gym for tomorrow. How did she find out? The Pokemon Center called, notifying them with the increase in trainer occupancies!


    Max paced the living room in Professor Oak's lab. The Professor allowed him to stay there while training for the Indigo League. Watching him are his Grovyle, Snorunt and Kirlia. The young trainer was anxious, as his father called, saying that there will be a gift for him as soon as he arrives in the lab.

    Professor Oak came in, and all eyes were trained on him. The professor smiled and handed Max the package, which he opened immediately. There are two contents: a picture of Max's little sister Julie, and a Dawn Stone. Max stared at the latter object, then at his Snorunt and Kirlia. "Why didn't he give me two Dawn Stones?" Max asked. "Who am I going to use it on?!"

    Samuel Oak sweatdropped at the comment.

    Outside the lab, in the corral, was chaos, as usual. There is another turf war, and it's now too much for Bulbasaur the Ambassador to handle. Luckily, for him, there is Sheriff Meowth and his squad of Pichu-deputies to assist him in the peacemaking.


    In Saffron City, where the Kanto Grand Festival will be held, Hikari was feeling a bit nervous. Zoey was there, and so was Kenny, but her other friends aren't there at all.

    But, suddenly, a Delibird arrived, carrying mail for the Coordinators. The majority of the Pokemon's packages is mostly for Hikari. They were all good luck letters from Ash, May, Max, Brock, Misty, her mother Johanna and even Professor Rowan!

    The female Coordinator felt more confident now that she's read the letters, and sets out for her cue for her first match in the Festival.


    At the steps of the Snowpoint Temple, a young trainer arrived. Waiting for him is the Snowpoint Gym Leader Candice.

    "So you're the trainer Professor Rowan sent over to investigate, huh?" Candice asked.

    "Yeah. I owe the professor a lot of favors, and I couldn't refuse."

    Candice nodded to the Temple guard, and the latter opened the Temple gate. "I hope you find anything that might help solve this whole matter."

    "I hope so, too..." With that, the young trainer entered the Temple. Candice could do nothing but watch after him.


    In a small meadow somewhere near Mauville City, we could see Ash and May. They set up a table, and the latter is preparing lunch, while the other one is sleeping, as usual.

    Right next to Ash are sleeping Pokemon as well: his Charizard, Pidgeot and Quilava, and May's Munchlax, Espeon and Blaziken. Close by we could see Donphan playing tag with Squirtle and Pichu, while Butterfree flew above.

    May walked over to Ash. "Aren't you going to get any work done?"

    "Nope, and that's the way I like it," Ash said, keeping his eyes closed. May sighed, and returned to her cooking.

    Just then Ash heard a flattening of grass, as if someone's approaching. He looked up to see a bald cueball trainer staring right at him.

    "Are you Ash Ketchum, the newest member of the Elite Four?" the stranger asked.

    "Yeah," Ash answered. 'Why do you ask?" As if he didn't already know the answer.

    "I've come to challenge you to a Pokemon battle," the other trainer replied. "Unless, you're not as strong as you say you were."

    "HAH! We'll see about that! Come on, Pikachu!" Ash jumped to his feet, and so did his partner.

    May leaned on her elbows at their table. She sighed loudly. "He'll never change..."

    The last thing we see is a still-frame of Ash commanding Pikachu against the generic trainer, with a fresh face of determination and victory on their faces...


    Mask is seen sitting in his throne, in his unknown headquarters. Behind him is a large steel door, guarded by two of his men on either side.

    Suddenly, the steel door blasted open with a powerful psychic force, the guards along with it. The perpetrator, a cloaked figure, walked through the door, slowly towards his target: Mask.

    However, Mask wasn't exactly caught by surprise. In fact, he swivelled his seat around to face the intruder. "I've been expecting you, Mewtwo..."

    The figure removed the hood of his cloak to reveal in fact Mewtwo! Mewtwo(I've come to stop you, Mask. Your madness ends here, now.)

    "Now why would someone like you want to stop me?" Mask asked amusedly.

    The psychic-type Legendary narrowed his eyes. Mewtwo(Your actions are endangering many lives, and upsetting the balance of nature. I won't allow it.)

    Mask let out an eerie laugh, which enraged Mewtwo even more. "Funny for you to say that. After all, didn't you once try to destroy the world?"

    Mewtwo(Shut up! I've changed now, and I'm going to put a stop to you, NOW!)

    The Genetic Pokemon fired a Shadow Ball straight at Mask. But the attack veered sideways, hitting only the screen behind the villain! Mewtwo(What? How did-)

    He never finished his sentence. Mask disappeared in front of Mewtwo, then reappeared right behind him. The Pokemon turbed around, only to be slammed hard, sending him backwards crashing into the wall.

    Mewtwo struggled out of the rubble, but was surprised when he found out his energy was sapped with that one move! The artificial Pokemon could even barely get up as Mask walked closer. At that moment, more of Mask's men are rushing in.

    The Genetic Pokemon scowled upwards at Mask, who was looking down on him. Mewtwo(You- You're not human, are you?)

    "No," Mask said. "And I'm not Pokemon either..." He reached inside his cloak, and took out a small crystal. Mewtwo's eyes widened at the sight of the object. Mask slowly put the crystal to Mewtwo's face, and the latter was helpless to do anything about it...

    Not the END, that's for sure... See you in the sequel, War of Legends!
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    Hah! Pichu is saying Ketchup as a good-bye. And EVERYONE is expecting their wedding.
    Max is being dense just like Ash. He should use it on his Snorunt! :ţ
    Young trainer eh? I think it is
        Spoiler:- guesses:

    And you should really make Quilava evolve. XD
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