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Thread: Trials of the Elite Four(AAMAYL/AdvanceShipping)

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    -Thanks, that BF team of mine is especially raised, with EVs focusing in Sp. Attack and HP. They won me the Tactics, Luck, Brave and Knowledge symbols, in that order. Funny to think that I can't get the symbol from the simplest attraction: the Battle Tower.
    -I'd like to point out one of my own errors, since I can't edit the post without freezing my computer: Marco is supposed to be the name of Ash's final opponent. Yet he is referred to as Zane in the previous chapter. Sorry about that.
    -All theories and speculations to Mask, or Giovanni, for that matter, to be Ash's father will be shot down after reading this one.
    EF43: A Pokemon Story Never Told Before I

    Jessie and James returned to the hotel, to tell Meowth of their plans. Without even saying anything to the others, the three left, to the Cianwood City hospital.

    However, it seems that it just wasn't Drake who was waiting for them. Koga, Lucian, and Agatha were also there. And... Professor Oak?!

    "Ack! It's the twerp's mentor!" Meowth exclaimed, at the sight of the Pokemon professor.

    Oak cleared his throat. "Well, yes. I-"

    "We're honest this time, for sure," Jessie continued Meowth's train of thought. "We just-"

    "Yes, yes," Professor Oak repeated, interrupting them. "Drake already told me everything. Though I'm quite surprised that you are still following Ash and his friends."

    Koga grunted. "I still think we can't trust Giovanni or these three. They're part of Team Rocket!"

    Drake restrained Koga from blurting anything out more. "Let's all talk inside, not here." He led the group through the hospital lobby, to the elevators(they had to take two), and to the third floor, where Giovanni's room was. The hospital usually allows only two guests at a time, but this case was special.

    Giovanni was asleep when they arrived. Drake took a seat beside his bed, Agatha next to him, Lucian sat on the wall couch, and Oak sat beside him. Koga preferred to stand by the window.

    The ex-Rockets stood in the middle of the room, not sure what to do first. Drake then cleared his throat to get everyone's attention.

    "Well, everyone's here, except for-"

    "Ash can't make it. According to what I've heard, he's going to face Bruno tomorrow," Oak answered. "Besides, I think it's too early for him to learn everything right now."

    "This concerns that boy as much as it concerns everyone in this room." Everyone hung their heads. "However, if Ash-"

    "Hold on," Agatha said. "You are the one who put Ash through this whole challenge in the first place, if I remember it right. Mind telling everyone in this room why you placed such a bet on the boy?"

    Drake smiled. "I thoughtfor sure that that would be the first thing you'd ask, old friend. You see-" Now all eyes are trained on him. "Ash is a not a boy anymore. He wishes to put his Pokemon on the line in pursuit of his dream, and I'm letting him." Drake's tone made everyone understand that he doesn't want to discuss it further.

    When Drake finally cleared his thought, he stood, and walked to the window, right beside Koga. "It was roughly twenty years ago..."


    The setting is the Indigo Plateau. Three friends are standing high above the stadium seats, right next to the large bowl that was to contain Moltres's flame. One is Drake, the other is Giovanni, both are fifteen years younger. The third is obscured from view.

    "Another year, another adventure," Drake commented, inhaling the fresh air.

    "It seems only yesterday," Giovanni added, "that we all came to this plateau to see who is the best of all three of us."

    "How long has it been?" the third wondered. "Twenty years? And look at you guys. Drake, you're now a member of the Elite Four. Gio, you're now a gym leader. You've both gone a long way..."

    "Don't be modest," Giovanni kidded, nudging his friend in the ribs. "You didn't do bad yourself, Mr. Ten-years running Champion."

    The latter scratched his head in embarassment. "I had a hard time going against you guys in the finals. You know that. So I still am nothing compared to you guys."

    The three kept exchanging friendly retorts at each other. As the sun sets behind them, the three said their goodbyes. "After fifteen years," Drake called over his shoulder to his departing friends.

    "After fifteen years," the other two called back. As his friends disappeared, Giovanni's Pokegear rang. "Hello," he spoke into the phone.

    "Where are you?" the voice on the other end of the line said. "The On'na Boss is looking for you." Giovanni scowled at the title given to his mother.

    "I'll be coming over. So don't hurry me."


    "Next thing we know, Gio here is the new Boss of Team Rocket," Drake was saying. "He took that position when his mother stepped down.

    "Five years later, I confronted Giovanni with his decision. It's not what you would call a happy reunion..."


    This time we find Drake talking to Giovanni in his office in Viridian City. From the window of his office you could see the Viridian Gym just under construction. "You think that we'll let you get away with this?" Drake declared. "What happened to you?"

    "It's none of your business, Drake," Giovanni said coldly. "Times have changed. Either we become victims of the cruel fate of this world, or we control it."

    "That makes no sense whatsoever!" Drake countered, banging his fist angrily on Giovanni's desk. "You are a Gym leader! Going to a life of crime is unbecoming of a gym leader!"

    Drake turned on his heels, heading for the door. As he clutched the knob hard, he canted sideways to look at his friend for the last time. "You've changed, Gio. What happened to the same guy who could crack a million jokes and hit it with the girls?"

    Giovanni didn't look his friend straight in the eye. "That person is gone..."


    "As I returned to Evergrande City, I found out that the PLA has arranged a competition similar to the one right now. And guess who was the one who was first on the list?"

    Only one person comes to the mind of everyone. Since the very Elite Four hosting the event 15 years ago, is standing in this very room.

    "The man we now know as Mask," Agatha muttered.

    Drake only nodded, as an ominous air filled the room. Oak cleared his throat. "I still can't see how a fine young man like that would become so heartless."

    "Well, Sam," Koga told him, "like Giovanni said, time changes people."

    "I still remember the competition, fifteen years ago," Agatha said absentmindedly.


    "Shadow Pulse, Gengar!"

    "Dodge it, Garchomp!"

    The setting, this time, is at the basement of Lavender Tower, before it became the haunt of Ash's Haunter and his friends. This is the location of Agatha for her branch of the competition. Her opponent is none other than Mask.

    Garchomp, the Mach Pokemon, used his sharp claws to dig into the ground, evading Gengar's attack. Gengar then levitated himself, trying to overlook the whoe battlefield so he can't be taken by surprise.

    "From the ground, Garchomp. Crunch!"

    From beneath Gengar, the ground exploded, revealing Garchomp! "Quick, Gengar, Shadow Ball!" Agatha ordered.

    In a split second, the ghost-type fired negatiove energy from his hands to the target. Garchomp shielded himself with his blades, and then countered with a super-effective Crunch attack!

    Gengar fell to the ground, unconscious. "Gengar is unable to battle. Victory goes to Garchomp!" the referee announced.

    After the battle, Agatha gave Mask the MasterBadge(she was the first Elite on his hit list). "Congratulations. You've claimed a victory, but you still have a long way to go..."

    Mask clutched the badge tightly. "I know. Thanks."

    "So, where are you going off to now?" Agatha added, trying to be friendly.

    "To Sinnoh."



    While the ex-Rockets visited Giovanni, Ash and co. are back in the hotel. Anthony and Rebecca are also there. Everyone is all for celebrating, but Ash isn't.

    "I have to train my Pokemon against Bruno," was his reason.

    Like Prima's Cup(and, Bertha's, even though it wasn't implied), Ash was given a flier showing ten of the Pokemon that Bruno is going to use. They are: Poliwrath, Machamp, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Hitmontop, Blaziken, Hariyama, Medicham, Toxicroak and Gallade.

    The battle will take place back in the arena, but the battlefield would be widened, from 40x40 to 60x60. Aside from the same battle rules from Prima's Cup, the over-the-rope elimination from the P-1 was also included.

    Ash already sent Feraligatr back to the lab(Tracey is the one who received the call), thinking that a good rest will make the Big Jaw re-learn Hydro Cannon. Ash is going to use Primeape, Heracross, Sceptile, Swellow and Torkoal for the battle.

    Swellow is practicing his Aerial Ace, which he himself thinks is getting rusty. Primeape and Heracross are sparring, and Sceptile, this time inspired by Feraligatr's learning Hydro Cannon, is now exerting extra effort himself to learn Frenzy Plant. Torkoal is practicing Flamethrower and Heat Wave, helped by Charizard.

    The training went from the early evening to late at night. After much effort, Sceptile was able to release thorned vines from the ground. However, they are completely out of control, managing to ensnare everyone present(even the flying-types) with the vines.

    Charizard, his wings being pierced by thorns wrapped around him(Ack! This IS Frenzy Plant?! I didn't know they mean it literally?)

    Torkoal, whose whole shell(he withdrawed) from over- to underside was wrapped around in thorns. you could hear laughing from inside(Wait! Stop! That tickles! ACCHOOOOO!) Smoke from inside the shell burst out.

    As the vines finally withdrawed from suffocating everyone for the third time, Sceptile banged his fist on the ground in frustration. (I still can't get it right!)

    Although they were almost strangled to death, the other Pokemon couldn't stop feeling sorry for Sceptile. After all, this wasn't the first time he had problems with his techniques. Ash placed a hand on Sceptile's shoulder sympathetically. "Don't overwork yourself. I'm proud that you managed to use Frenzy Plant. But maybe we won't have to use it for tomorrow."

    Soon all six(trainer and Pokemon) are seen knocking heads together, asleep.

    Charizard carried a sleeping Ash up to the balcony of his room, in his arms. Charizard lay his trainer on the bed, where May and Pichu are already asleep. Oh, wait. Scratch that. Pichu is still awake.

    Charizard(He-he. Can't let your family keep waiting for you, now, can I?)

    Only as Charizard lay Ash beside May and pichu did the latter give him a wave and a cheer before dropping to sleep. Charizard(That's it. You're suffering from super, uber, dooper, I've run out of words that end with -er, cuteness...)

    As Charizard is now out the window, he turned back to Ash. (Good night, Ash.) And the Flame Pokemon took off.

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    Hello, I'm new here, and ever since I joined, I wanted to read a good story, and chose this one.

    Anyways, it's wierd how the Elite Four know Giovanni, and how they help him. But I want to know who the mysterious person was in the first flashback.

    I know that's not really much of a review, but then again, I never did write a review.

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    -Ze Skarmory, in my opinion, any review is a good review as long as it discusses points in the story, which is exactly what you did. BTW, thank you for reading my story. I hope you continue reviewing.
    -The person with Giovanni and Drake in the first flashback is the villain of the story, Mask. That flashback shows that the three knew each other very well(friends, in fact) prior to the changes in their lives(Giovanni turning into a criminal mastermind, Mask going what I like to say "beyond evil").
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    Ze Skarmory, I think it was Mask. Yay for Ash for defeating Marco! Crazy cross-dresser? Can't think of anyone other than James... And Charizard seems to be gaining better terms with Ash while Sceptile does Frenzy Plant, wonder what the advanceshipping about... Nice two chapters...

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    Ah, I see now.
    It makes sense.
    So now everyone is after Mask, right? Or at least looking for Mask.

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    -Ze Skamory, yes, you've got it right.
    -Part 2 of EF43 is still in the making, I'll post it out of continuity. Right now let's concentrate on the main event of this arc: Ash vs. Bruno!
    EF44: Face-off!

    The next morning, Ash ran record time to the arena, an hour early before his match! And so, May followed him to the arena's locker room, carrying his breakfast.

    "I thought I told you not to do these stuff again?" she said airily. Pichu, hat, towel and all, sat on the table right next to where May placed Ash's meal.

    "Sorry," Ash said sheepishly, as he dived his fork into the cheese omelet. Pichu is watching his every move, and mimicing them. His Pokemon were also given last-minute meals. Not too less, and not too much, Brock made sure of that.

    Meanwhile, May occupied herself with playing with Pichu. "I know you're going to do great in your first Contest, Pichu, aren't you?" she whispered, rubbing noses with the baby.

    Ash, mouth full of fried rice, blurted out, "You mean you're going to use Pichu in the Contest?!" causing bits of rice to fall into the table.

    May looked at him casually. "What's wrong with that?"

    "Well, it's, uh-" Ash swallowed all the food in his mouth. "Well, Pichu is a baby! It's-"

    "'Inexperienced'?" May finished for him, slightly offended. "That doesn't matter, now, does it? I did well with my Eevee, when I first used her, remember? I know Pichu can do the same, won't you, cutie?" May rubbed cheeks with Pichu this time. Pichu loved all the gestures, and motioned for Ash to do the same.

    Ash must have understood. But he doesn't like it. "Oh, no, I'm not-" Pichu, in one swift motion, jumped from May's arms, ran to Ash, pulled him closer to May, and, with the two on either side of him, Pichu rubbed cheeks with both Ash and May!

    "Aw, geez, this is embarrassing," Ash muttered.

    All the Pokemon looked at the scene in amusement. They then looked at each other, and fell to their sides, laughing hysterically(LOL!) No, it's not a mistranslation. They really said that...


    Now it's finally come. After May and Pichu wished their good lucks, Ash slowly walked to the arena, accompanied only by Pikachu. He reached his spot on the ring to tremendous applause.

    As Ash stood on his podium, Bruno appeared, on the other side. "I feel lucky to face you now, Ash," Bruno called out to him. "I know what is on the line for you, but I will only be disappointed if you don't give it everything you have."

    "I feel the same way, Bruno. Let's go, Swellow!" The flying-type appeared, hovering just a few feet off the ground.

    'A flying-type. A good choice. Let's see how you fare against this.' "Come out, Medicham!"

    "Ash vs. Bruno. First round: Swellow vs. Medicham. BEGIN!"

    "Swellow, begin with Aerial Ace!" Swellow flew upwards, picking up speed. Then, at a speed of a jet, he nosedived, going for Medicham below.

    "Medicham, Mach Punch!" Before Swellow hit, Medicham vanished into thin air. The psychic-type then reappeared above the Swallow Pokemon, and landed a punch to Swellow's foreside.

    Swellow, after the hit, rolled and tumbled on the ground. "Swellow!" Ash called.

    Bruno didn't wait for Swellow to get up. "Medicham, go in for a Mega Kick!" Medicham jumped into the air, and was aiming for Swellow, her right foot sticking out.

    "Swellow, use Gust to hide yourself," Ash suggested. Swellow sprang up back into the air, just as Medicham closed in. Swellow's wings picked up dustclouds, temporarily blinding Medicham!

    "Good job, Swellow! Now, another Aerial Ace!"

    This time Swellow's powerful attack landed a direct hit, right at Medicham's stomach! Swellow pushed his opponent further and further back, and seems to be getting the upper hand. However, Medicham was quick to recover, and used Force Palm!

    Medicham somersaulted out of Swellow's attack, while the latter is shuddering. It seems that Swellow was paralyzed, barely able to move or stand on his feet!

    Swellow shook the paralysis off, but Medicham closed in for another Mach Punch!

    "Double Team, Swellow!"

    Before Medicham hit, it was Swellow's turn to disappear into thin air. Swellow then appeared right behind Medicham, another to the far left, and another to the far right. A close call...

    At that time, J2 joined their friends in the stands. "Where've you guys been?" Brock asked them, looking suspicious. "This match started ten minutes ago..."

    "We- Had to visit a sick friend," Meowth answered, which was true. This didn't remove Brock's suspicion, but he decided to get back to the match. Right now, Medicham found himself surrounded by Swellows.

    "Good, Swellow, now use Quick Attack!" The real Swellow, along with his illusions, disappeared. The three kept appearing and disappearing, darting around Medicham.

    "Dodge it, Medicham," Bruno calmly ordered. One at a time, the three attacked. Medicham dodged the first two, that turned out to be the illusions. On instinct, Medicham trained his sights on the 3rd, but when he used Force Palm, it, too, vanished!

    The real Swellow appeared behind Medicham, and Ash ordered, "Aerial Ace!"

    The Swallow Pokemon hit Medicham square in the back! Swellow swooped upwards again before he gets countered, while Medicham fell to his knees.

    Ash waved to his Pokemon. "Nice job, Swellow!" he called.

    Bruno, however, wasn't finished. "Medicham, Reversal!" Medicham closed his eyes, then let out a loud scream. He slapped his palms, and waved them in opposite directions. From those palms a powerful wave was felt, and Swellow was hit!

    He began faltering, and suddenly his wings lost power! Swellow began carrening to the ground. "Swellow!" Ash called. Before Swellow could react, Medicham closed in for an Ice Punch!

    Swellow landed on his back, knocked out. "Swellow is unable to battle," the referee announced. "This round goes to Bruno and Medicham!"

    "How did-" Ash started, but Bruno answered for him.

    "Reversal is a move that increases in power the more damage the user has been hit with. You should have looked that up with your Pokedex, Ash."

    'Oh, man... I should have seen that coming,' Ash thought. He took out his Pokedex again. The Dex's description on the attack is:

    Reversal. An all-out attack that becomes more powerful the less health the user has.

    Ash clenched his fist on Swellow's Pokeball as he and Bruno recalled their Pokemon. 'You've done great, Swellow, take a rest.'

    In the stands...

    "Just goes to show you how Bruno has come to be a member of the Elite Four," Brock told everyone. I think he still idolises Bruno... "He can, pardon the pun, reverse the situation in a battle."

    For his second Pokemon, Ash decided to use Heracross. Bruno's 2nd is a Hitmontop.

    "Second round. Heracross vs. Hitmontop. BEGIN!"

    "Heracross, go for Mega Punch!" Heracross began flying towards Hitmontop. Before the Singlehorn could connect, however, he flinched, allowing the Handstand Pokemon to evade the attack!

    Bruno immediately made his counter-offensive. "Rolling Kick, Hitmontop!"

    Hitmontop jumped and landed on his head. Then he began spinning rapidly. "Heracross, block it with Detect!" Ash cautioned. The Singlehorn tried to cross his arms in front of him, but he flinched again, not able to form the defensive stance!

    "Heracross, what's wrong?" Before his Pokemon could reply, Heracross is hit several times in the face by the spinning Hitmontop!

    "Heracross!" Ash called again. Heracross, who fell onto his stomach, struggled to get to his feet. Suddenly, Hitmontop came from above, landing a powerful Mega Kick to the top of Heracross's head.

    Heracross slumped to the ground, knocked out. Ash jumped into the arena to check up on him, even before the ref could announce, "Heracross is unable to battle. Victory goes to Hitmontop!"

    Ash knelt next to the downed bug-type. "How're you feeling?" he asked. Heracross looked at his trainer, and raised a thumbs-up. "i guess that battle against Gallade took too much out of you. So don't blame yourself, Heracross. Return."

    When Ash returned to his podium, he clutched his third Pokeball tightly. 'Give it your best-' "Torkoal!"

    The Coal Pokemon appeared. Aside from the usual smoke, a strange substance is dripping from his nose.

    'A Torkoal, huh?' Bruno thought. "I guess I have to go for my Hariyama!"

    "Third round. Torkoal vs. Hariyama. BEGIN!"

    "Torkoal, use Heat Wave!" Toirkoal sniffed hard, inhaling, then sneezed the powerful fire-type attack! Hariyama was surprised at first, but when the breath was closing in, he blocked it with his arms.

    "Thick Fat, Ash," Bruno called out to his opponent. "It reduces the damage of fire-type attacks to my Hariyama."

    Hariyama kept on chopping his way through the Heat Wave, and Torkoal just kept pouring it on. At the last second, just as Hariyama is now going to deal an Arm Thrust, Torkoal suddenly sneezed right in his face! Hariyama found himself covered in gooey slime, perplexed, not knowing what those things are.

    Bruno, Ash and Pikachu are all speechless, their mouths hanging open. Torkoal sniffed again(Sorry. Excuse me...)

    Offended, Hariyam thrust his slime-covered arm towards Torkoal. Torkoal jumped out of the way. He tried to grab onto Hariyama's outstretched arm by biting, but he slipped, due to his opponent's "bath"...

    "Torkoal, Rapid Spin!" The Coal Pokemon withdrawed into his shell, then started spinning.

    Torkoal became a dangerous projectile, ramming Hariyama with the full force of his spin! The fighting-type knocked backwards, clurching his chest, where Torkoal hit. When the Coal Pokemon finally stopped spinning, he sneezed again. This time it was loud. The gesture gave Ash an idea.

    "Torkoal, Smokescreen!" Smoke came gushing out of Torkoal's nostrils and shell vents. The smoke began to fog the entire arena. Hariyama covered his eyes with his hands, to shield himself from the smoke. But, of course, he can't see anything!

    Both Ash and Bruno shielded their eyes from the smoke. Then the latter ordered, "Whirlwind!"

    Hariyama clapped his hands, creating a gust of wind! The smoke began to clear, but Hariyama couldn't see Torkoal anywhere! The Arm Thrust looked around the arena.

    "Now, Torkoal, use Rapid Spin! And propel yourself with that cold of yours!"

    Torkoal was just a few feet behind Hariyama. The latter couldn't see him, as the Coal Pokemon was hiding underneath the giant's potbelly! Torkoal slid in front of his opponent from beneath Hariyama's legs, and, Torkoal's back to him, the Coal Pokemon sneezed the best he could!

    Just as Ash predicted, the sneeze propelled Torkoal at an incredible velocity. In a split second, Torkoal withdrawed from his shell again to use Rapid Spin! The combined force of Torkoal's sneeze and his Rapid Spin, which hit Hariyama in the stomach, was powerful enough for the Arm thrust to collapse!

    Torkoal stood proudly(sort of) on his fallen opponent's chest. "Hariyama is unable to battle. Victory goes to Torkoal!" the referee announced.

    "Nice job, Torkoal!" Ash called to his Pokemon, jumping into the ring again. Torkoal only replied with the loud sneeze in place of his usual tears.

    On the stands, Pichu began to clap. No sounds came out of its tiny hands, as they're muffled from the towel that was still stuck to him. May looked down at the baby on her lap, and sighed.


    --1st round: Swellow vs. Medicham; Medicham wins.
    --2nd round: Heracross vs. Hitmontop; Hitmontop wins.
    --3rd round: Torkoal vs. Hariyama; Torkoal wins.
    -Here's a revamped version of one of the previews:
        Spoiler:- drabble 2.0:
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    Man, I really like the creativity that you put into your battle scenes, it sets them apart from the rest.

    "I thought I told you not to do these stuff again?"
    I think you meant, "not to do THIS stuff again?". I might be wrong though, I'm not an overly impressive grammar guy.

    And man, you make that Pichu sooooooo cute. I hope it does well in its contest!

    Seeing as this was primarily a battle chapter, I'll review LAST chapter, which I missed. (Oops.)

    I was a nice plot development chapter, no too stand-out-ish, and I found it a little hard to follow with all the flashbacks. My guess is that Drake is Ash's father...

    Oh, and BTW, I can't wait for that certain tall, spoilered someone to appear. He never fails to make me laugh. Will Drew be there too?

    And finally, I am having the HARDEST time getting the Ability Symbol too, and I have the ones you have, 'cept for Guts, which I BARELY missed... So don't feel bad. My question is, what did you teach your Machoke? I am a rather large fan of fighting Pokemon, and want to know what you taught a "Champion", if you don't mind.

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    -Again with the speculations with Ash's father! Sheeesh! Neither Drake, Giovanni nor Mask is Ash's father!
    -My Machoke knows Bulk Up, Revenge, Vital Throw and Cross Chop. The last one, combined with Scope Lens, makes a deadly combination. Though that combination was restricted in the Pyramid, my Machoke still sweeped through Brandon's Silver team as easy as pie.
    -Here's spoiler-o-mania for you guys to feast on, at least until I can post the next chapter, which I guarantee is looooong:

        Spoiler:- Bad Omen:

    --Combine the scene above with this one...

        Spoiler:- 3rd Poke-Death?!:

    ^--I'll leave the speculation up to you...

        Spoiler:- First Gengar, then Primeape, who's next?:

    --Read the spoiler captions. The italibolded is not the correct text, more speculation for you. Only one word(and a number) summarizes it: Original 6.
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    More shipping! Yay! Bruno is now in a 2-1 lead, Torkoal was funny. Who is the crossdresser? Can't think of anyone... And Charizard's dead? NO!!!!

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    Hehehe, imagine how Hariyama feels now. it Tucker?
    Me thinks a certain Pidgeot is back....
    R.I.P. Charizard?
    FC: 1761 9350 7870

    Credit to RaiBlade for the userbar
    Through the Fire and Flames (DragonForce) is claimed by me.

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    -Man, I love torturing you guys. All I'll say is that you just have to guess.
    -Also, about the crazy crossdresser, you should have noticed that it's only the Hoenn Pokemon that reacted to him.
    EF45: Tie it On!

    'Okay, Primeape, it's your turn,' Ash said to himself, after recalling Torkoal. "GO!" The Pig Monkey came out.

    "The star player of your team in this Cup, Ash," Bruno commented. "Then I'll have to go for Machamp!"

    The Superpower Pokemon appeared, eyeing Primeape menacingly, and flexing his four arms.

    'Leave the puns to the experts,'
    Meowth commented. 'You're really bad at it...'

    'You mean you guys? HAH! Yeah, right!'

    "Fourth round: Primeape vs. Machamp. BEGIN!"

    EDIT: That was stupid of me. Thanks, Ze Skarmory.

    'And you said that you're omniscient,'
    Meowth muttered.

    'I didn't say that! I'll bet you didn't even get the meaning of the word!'

    "Grab Primeape with all your arms!" Machamp lunged at his opponent, arms out. Primeape locked onto two of Machamp's hands, but the other two managed to deliver double Mega Punches right at Primeape's stomach! As Primeape faltered, Machamp Vital Threw him back to Ash's side, face-first.

    "Primeape, don't give up," Ash encouraged. Primeape struggled to get up, on his fours, at Ash's words.


    Meanwhile, outside the stadium, two males(at least, I think one of them is), are seen walking. One of them has green hair, and is following the other, a purple-haired taller man in a costume that looks like a Cacturne.

    "Stop, Harley," the first one called. Harley, the taller one, just ignored the other person. But the speaker finally caught up to him, and grabbed his arm. "I said, stop."

    Harley yanked at the arm his companion is holding, and finally turned around. "What is it, Drew?" he said casually, as if nothing's wrong.

    Drew, however, narrowed his eyes. "You're going too far with this, and you know it," he said. "She's had enough. Don't make her feel bad again. I mean it."

    "Now where's the fun in that?" Harley said in a 'poisoned honey' sweet tone. "I only want to say hi to our friend, that's all."

    Drew gritted his teeth. "I saw what you did before we came here. You entered that Contest, knowing that May will join, too. I won't let that happen..."

    Harley wasn't listening. He left Drew and entered the stadium. As Drew came after him, Harley called over his shoulder, "If you were there for May, now why didn't you try and stop me from playing with her, huh? You're no Boy Scout, yourself..."

    Drew clenched his fists. 'He's right. I didn't do anything. I'm really sorry, May...'


    Back to the battle, Primeape is now being pummelled by Arm Thrusts from Machamp. All Ash's Pokemon could do, was defend himself, to little sucess.

    "Come on, Primeape, don't give up on me," Ash called. Fueled by his trainer's words, Primeape rose for the umpteenth time. When Machmap tried to grab him for another Vital Throw, Primeape backhanded him. The Pig Monkey rose to his feet, and started using Thrash!

    Primeape began charging towards Machamp, delivering lightning-fast punches and kicks. This time it was Machamp who was on the receiving end of attacks.

    "Yeah, that's it. Keep at it, Primeape!" Machamp, recovering from the initial blow, began exchanging blows with his Thrashing opponent. The SuperPower tried a Cross Chop, but Primeape easily went under the arms to dodge it. To surprise his opponent, Primeape grabbed Machamp by the lower armpits!

    "Seismic Toss, Primeape!"

    Still holding onto the arms, Primeape hurled Machamp over the ropes and to the floor below. Just as he released, Primeape fell to the ground, due to the exhaustion of his Thrash attack.

    "Machamp is out of the arena. And Primeape is unable to battle. This round is a tie!"

    "Return, Primeape. I guess you also deserve some rest after the Cup."

    "It's quite a situation," Donald commented, right beside May.

    "Yeah," Jack agreed. "Two losses and a tie? Ash has to win this next one or else he'll lose this chance."

    "Don't worry," Brock assured them. "Ash has a way of turning things around in battles like these. And the last Pokemon he has, is one of his best..."

    As if on cue, Ash tossed his last Pokeball to the arena. "Go, Sceptile!"

    The Forest Pokemon appeared, and in tradition, he took out his toothpick(he still hasn't found a replacement). Bruno decided to use sword for sword.

    From over the arena, Charizard is now overlooking the battle again. Finally, he's going to get a glimpse of his rival in action.

    Charizard(This... Is going to be good...)

    "Gallade, GO!"

    Sceptile eyed his opponent, who, like him, is green, looks cool, and have blades on his arms. "Fifth round: Sceptile vs. Gallade. BEGIN!"

    "Leaf Blade!" was the command of both trainers. Gallade and Sceptile's swords clashed, releasing what looked like friction sparks. The two then jumped backwards, and launched forward again for a second try.

    To supplement his Leaf Blade, Sceptile fired Bullet Seed right at the blades of Gallade, to weaken them. But Gallade countered with Reflect, blocking the physical attack!

    Sceptile somersaulted backwards again. He has a lopsided smile on, twirling the toothpick, meaning he's going to enjoy this.

    "Sceptile, Slam attack!"

    Sceptile jumped into the air, bore down on Gallade, thick (quoting Charizard)fern-for-tail first. Gallade blocked the oncoming attack, this time with a Psycho Cut. Sceptile somersaulted again, while Gallade charged toward him for a Drain Punch.

    Sceptile felt the energy being sapped from him due to the attack. He shook it off, but gallade didn't wait for him, charging again, arms crossed in front, an X-scissor attack!

    The Forset Pokemon was knocked back by the super-effective attack. Gallade closed in for another X-scissor, but Sceptile jumped out of the way, firing Bullet Seed while he's at it. Gallade blocked it with his right arm/blade, then Sceptile closed in using Agility.

    "Slam!" Sceptile whirled around, whacking Gallade with his tail again. The latter wasn't able to defend from this one. Sceptile landed, a smirk forming into his lips.

    Gallade wiped away the soot from his eyes. He, too, is enjoying this. "Gallade, go for Psycho Cut!" The Blade Pokemon jumped towards Sceptile, trying to deliver the psychic type attack. Sceptile countered with Leaf Blade. The two sword-like attacks clashed in between the two Pokemon in midair.

    Then, Gallade slashed at Sceptile's head. But the Forest Pokemon proved fast, and dodged the attack. He then countered with a Leaf Blade uppercut of his own. Gallade also evaded the attack.

    The two Pokemon finally dropped to the ground after exchanging blows in midair. They are both out of breath. But that didn't stop the grins from their faces.

    "Terrific job, Gallade," Bruno told his Pokemon. "I'm really beginning to enjoy
    this battle with you, Ash."

    "Thanks. Nice job, Sceptile," Ash said, also smiling. "How're you feeling?"

    Sceptile gave a thumbs-up from behind, at his trainer. Then, our hero glanced upwards, past Charizard, and into the clouds above. they are beginning to part, a tiny ray of light in between.

    "Now, Gallade, finish Sceptile off with X-scissor!" Gallade dashed towards Sceptile, arms crossed.

    At that moment, the sun shone from behind the clouds. "Great timing! Sceptile, Solarbeam!"

    Sceptile evaded Gallade's attack, jumped into the air, absorbing the sun's rays. Sceptile fired a powerful beam of light from his mouth, that sweeped the whole battlefield!

    The powerful Solarbeam attack hit Gallade at full-force! the latter tried to shield himself, but Sceptile pushed on, and in moments, Gallade fell to the ground, knocked out!

    Sceptile landed on his feet, as the crowd clapped. "YES!!!" Ash shouted.

    "Gallade is unable to battle. This round goes to Sceptile!"

    Bruno only smiled, even at his defeat. "A tie. It's been a long time since I last had one..."


    Before the tiebreaker was to take place, Ash and Bruno(and their Pokemon) were given a 30 minute break. In the locker room, Ash was joined by May, while the others went to get them something to eat.

    "Oh, man, that was a close one," Ash said, taking a sip from a glass of water May gave him. The Pokemon, already healed, are taking their second lunches. "Guys, you've done great. And I mean all of you. So don't get your defeats get the better of you, okay? We've got another chance."

    His Pokemon cheered. Pichu joined in the shout, as May picked him up. "So, May," Ash continued, "what sort of appeal will you dazzle us with Pichu?"

    "Well, it's-"

    "I hope it's better than last time," a voice said from the door. May froze when she recognized the sickly effeminate voice. Trainers and Pokemon turned around to see Harley walk into the room.






    Altogether(AAUUUUGH!!!!! Quick! Defensive formations, everyone!)

    The four Pokemon assumed karate stances(which, combined, looks suspiciously like the Power Rangers posing) while their companions, Heracross and Primeape, could only take a look at them quizzically and amusedly. But one look at Harley did they understand. Primeape and Heracross flinched and shivered at the sight. As a response, Ash stood up, standing in front of May.

    "What are YOU doing here?" he asked.

    "Just came by to say hello," Harley said in a tone that ignored the collective hostility to himself in the room. "Now what's wrong with that?"

    "When it concerns you, anything and everything," Ash retorted, never taking his eyes off the Coordinator.

    Harley waved Ash's words off. He smirked at the way Ash has his hands in front of May to defend her from anything he might do. "Now, isn't that sweet?" he said with that same 'poisoned honey' sweet tone. He turned, but not before saying, "Maybe that's what you needed after all. A good shoulder to cry on."

    "Get out," Ash said. "You have no business doing here." Harley left, with a cackle similar to a witch. Ash scowled at the departing Coordinator. "I'll never stand that guy," he muttered. "May, are you alright?"

    "I- I'm fine, Ash, thanks." Ash relaxed, and returned to his seat. Just then, J2 arrived, carrying food.

    "Was that the CHarleyton that came from here?" Jessie asked, as she set the tray of fast food on the table next to Ash.

    "Yeah. And I'll bet he's up to no good again," Ash muttered.

    "Was there ever a time he wasn't? I'm glad we severed our ties with that guy," James added, shrugging. "Though I'm not exactly sure if he is a guy..."

    Meanwhile, Meowth eyed Ash's Hoenn team in amusement. "Now why did you guys pose like that anyway?"

    Pikachu(You've got your own gimmicks, and we've got ours. Live with it...)

    "Suuure... And how come these guys weren't part of it?"

    Heracross mocked tears(They didn't tell us about it...)

    As Ash finished his meal, they had another guest. And it's none other than- "D-d- Drew!" May said in surprise. "What are you-"

    Drew only nodded at her surprise. "Harley came here, didn't he?"

    Ash stood up again. "Yeah, and so what? Can't you guys give May a break?"

    Drew only narrowed his eyes at Ash. And the trainer glared back. May stood in between them. "Ash, wait. Drew's not like Harley."

    Ash stared at her blankly, then Drew interrupted him. "May, can I talk to you for a second? Alone?" he stressed, not taking his eyes off Ash.

    May looked at Ash apologetically, as she followed Drew outside, carrying only Pichu with her. Ash gritted his teeth at the departing Coordinators. As a response, Team Rocket huddled in a corner. "My, my, the twerp's temper is overwhelming," Jessie muttered, a glint in her eye.

    "Oooooh, you're right about that, Jess," James agreed, smirking.

    The Pokemon overheard the conversation(not like TR wanted to conceal it). Sceptile placed a finger under his chin, lost in thought(Don't tell me that our Boss is-)

    Swellow(Jealous? Ash?! WHOAH!)

    This time it was Pikachu in who was in mock tears(He's growing up so fast...)

    Heracross and Torkoal, the latter naturally, joined in. Torkoal(I feel so PROUD! It seems like it was only yesterday that-)

    Heracross(-that Mrs. Ketchum last reminded him to change his undies...)

    Again, the Pokemon rolled over and laughed hysterically. "I don't think I want to translate that," Meowth muttered, choking back his own laughter.

    But Ash heard, and understood what the Scratch Cat meant. "YOU GUYS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ON MY SIDE!!!!!" As Ash spoke, his head greatly increased in size, and shouting at the Pokemon and Team Rocket made them look like being blown away by a hurricane... And, I swear I could hear a faint 'Wheeeee', like they're enjoying it or something...


    Drew stopped next to the stairs next to the bleacher seats. He turned around to May, who just stopped a few feet behind him. "Listen, May, I-" Drew began, but May cut him off.

    "Why are you here?"

    "I told you before. I was here to make sure Harley doesn't get to you again..."

    May smiled, as she stroked Pichu. "Don't worry. My friends are here. I hate to say it, but maybe Harley's right. Maybe my friends is what I need..."

    Drew closed his eyes. He breathed a sigh of relief. "Maybe... I'm going to stick around for a while, so Harley won't get his hands on you."

    Drew walked off, only waving. May smiled. "Thanks, Drew..."


    Bruno requested that Ash take all his Pokemon out of their Pokeballs when he walks into the ring. When Ash arrived, he realised that Bruno did the same. This made our hero wonder what sort of tiebreaker the Elite is planning.

    "Stay there," Ash instructed to his Pokemon, making them stay at the side of the ring while Ash and Pikachu walked back to their podium. Ash saw that there is a peculiar machine right next to his spot.

    "Well, Ash, I'm sure you're wondering what type of match am I arranging for our tiebreaker. Now, pay attention. I'm sure you did what I told you to, and that is to release all your Pokemon out of their pokeballs." Bruno nodded at the Pokemon lining up on Ash's side.

    "Anyway, here are the terms. There's a special slot machine right beside you. Drop all your Pokeballs into the opening above the machine. I'll do the same..."

    Bruno took out, not five, but ten Pokeballs! He dropped them into his machine.

    "Wait a second," Ash said, taking notice, "why'd you put ten Pokeballs in?"

    Bruno smiled. "That's actually a handicap for me. You see, the larger amount of Pokeballs I dropped, the smaller the chance that I will draw the Pokemon I want. So you're the one with better chances, Ash."

    "Okay." Ash dropped his own Pokeballs into his slot machine. Unknown to him, he dropped six Pokeballs, not five.

    "Are you done? Good. Now the two of us has to alternate pushing the slot lever twice in order to get the Pokemon we need for the double battle.

    "The Pokeballs that will be drawn will be able to return the said Pokemon into itself. You got that?" Ash nodded. "Then let me begin."

    Bruno pushed his slot lever down. You could hear clinking coming from inside. A second later, a Pokeball came out of the mouth of the machine. Bruno took it, and trained it on his team.

    "Return!" Bruno waved the Pokeball in front of his team. The Pokeball responded to his Poliwrath, who returned to inside his Pokeball. "Poliwrath is my first. Now it's your turn, Ash..."

    Our hero pushed the lever of his slot machine. Like Bruno's, a Pokeball came out. Ash mimicked his opponent, training the Pokeball onto his team. The device responded to Sceptile!

    'Yes!' Ash said to himself.

    "You see, Ash? You were able to draw a Pokemon with an advantage over mine. Anyways, here I go again..."

    Bruno striked his slot machine for the second time. The second Pokeball popped out, and this time it responded to Bruno's Blaziken!

    "Uh-oh, Bruno's second draw is his Blaziken," Jill pointed out.

    "Ash has to pick another Pokemon that has an advantage over Blaziken," Donald agreed.

    "Swellow's a good choice," Brock said to his companions. "Let's just hope Ash does draw him..."

    Ash clenched his fist onto the lever as he pushed it for the second time. As Brock said, Swellow is the perfect choice for Ash's second. The second Pokeball popped out, and Ash immediately trained it on his flying-type. It's not responding!

    Troubled, Ash trained it on his other Pokemon. He was then perplexed, as none of them were able to get the device to respond!

    "What's wrong?" Bruno asked, coming right over.

    Ash frowned, examining the Pokeball closely. "This second Pokeball... It doesn't recall any of my Pokemon..."

    Bruno looked into Ash's pot. There he saw Ash's mistake. "There are four Pokeballs in here. It means that, including the two you've drawn, you put in six."

    "Then-" Ash turned to Pikachu. "Pikachu, is this-"

    Pikachu(Don't look at me! My Pokeball has a lightning symbol on it, remember?!)

    Torkoal(Then, whose is it?)

    Their answer was a powerful gust coming from above. Charizard landed next to the other Pokemon. Charizard(Let me try...)

    'It can't be,' Ash thought. 'But-'

    "Return!" This time the Pokeball's beam hit Charizard, and the Pokemon, without a word, retreated to his Pokeball. "Oh, no," Ash whispered in a hoarse voice.

    "Sceptile-" May muttered.

    "-and Charizard?" Brock finished. "Not good. Not good at all..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Master_in_Training View Post
    "Fourth round: Primeape vs. Bruno. BEGIN!"
    Ok...Since when was it pokemon VS human?
    Lol, Ash put in Pikachu's pokeball. Burning Frenzy Plant combo with Sceptile and Charizard?

    EDIT: No problem, just stuck out to me when I read it.
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    EF46: Fiery Frenzy Plant!

    In both hands their Pokeballs, Ash called out his two Pokemon, Charizard and Sceptile. The two lizard-like Pokemon stood toe to toe next to each other. Beside the arena, their teammates stood uneasily, as another fight might break out. And it's not even about the match!

    Sceptile tweaked his toothpick in disgust, while Charizard huffed. Both(You mean I have to work with HIM?!) The other Pokemon sweatdropped.

    The Pokemon sweatdropped and sighed deeply. Pikachu(Remember, you guys. The tiniest bit of agression, and we jump in, okay?)

    Heracross(You mean the battle or the two?)

    Pikachu(What do you think I was pointing to?! Of course I meant them too!)

    Ash clenched his fist. 'I feel like we've been through this before...'

    Bruno raised his eyebrows at the two Pokemon. 'And I thought he has a lucky streak. It must have run out...'

    Meanwhile, back in the stands, Ash's friends contemplated on the situation. Drew was also nearby, and Harley is found on another part of the stands. Not far from them, too, is Shinji.

    "Those two-" Meowth began.

    "Swellow is definitely a better choice," Brock said, surmising his theory. "Either that, or replace either Charizard or Sceptile..."

    "Ash can get through this," May said. But her confidence soon faltered and she, too, sweatdropped. Pichu still kept on clapping, since it doesn't understand it's father's dilemma, and even though no sounds still came out from the towel-clad hands.

    Bruno's Poliwrath and Blaziken, meanwhile, are unfazed at their opponents's aggression(since it wasn't directed towards them). However, they remained on guard, ready to act once the referee gives the signal..

    "Tiebreaker round: Sceptile and Charizard vs. Poliwrath and Blaziken. BEGIN!!!"

    "Sceptile, Leaf Blade! Charizard, Steel Wing!" Both Pokemon charged their opponents with their swords and wings, respectively, looking like they're trying to outdo each other. Due to the two Pokemon's desire to stand up the other, they were easily distracted, and Blaziken and Poliwrath easily dodged the attacks with Detect.

    Bruno gave his commands calmly. "Blaziken, Blaze Kick! Poliwrath, Hydro Pump!"

    Blaziken jumped forwards, and Poliwrath fired Hydro Pump, right at Balziken! however, the fire-type wasn't affected. Instead, the water-type attack proppelled him towards Charizard and Sceptile in great velocity!

    Ash's Pokemon were caught by surprise. The propelled Blaziken spun around 180 degrees, hitting Sceptile and Charizard with Blaze Kick! Both Pokemon reeled backwards as Blaziken made his full turn.

    Charizard(Out of the way, you king wannabe!)

    Sceptile(Likewise, dragon-fake!)

    Bruno could only sigh, and then, he ordered, "Poliwrath, Focus Punch!" Poliwrath closed in on Charizard, and aimed a FP at the latter's stomach, even before he could recover. Charizard flinched, and tried a Slam counter-attack, but Poliwrath darted out of the way.

    Meanwhile, Blaziken is now barraging Sceptile with Fire Punches, Blaze Kicks and Flamethrowers. The Forest pokemon is trying his best to dodge the deadly(for him) attacks. When the fire-type did land a blow, it devastated Sceptile.

    Again, Charizard and Sceptile found themselves toe to toe. But this time they have their backs against each other. "Come on, you two," Ash pleaded. "We have to work together..."

    Both(Tell that to him!)

    "Poliwrath, another Hydro Pump! Blaziken, supplement it wih Fire Spin!" Bruno commanded.

    From the Tadpole Pokemon's hands burst a powerful stream of water. Blaziken then jumped on top of him and used Fire Spin, encircling the Hydro Pump. The two attacks hit both Charizard and Sceptile, knocking themselves backwards.

    When the attacks finished, Charizard and Sceptile are found laid on top of each other. Charizard, who was on top, immediately recovered, and took to the sky. Meanwhile, Sceptile struggled to his feet.

    Sceptile(Hey, Batwings!)

    Charizard stopped circling the arena(You talking to me, Ninja fake?)

    Sceptile(We won't be able to beat these guys unless we work together. I suggest a truce.)

    Charizard narrowed his eyes(I don't take orders from anyone but Ash. But maybe just this once I'll let it pass.)

    Meowth went to his feet. He called out to Ash, "Hey, twerp!"

    Ash sweatdropped. 'Did he have to call me by that in front of all these people?' "What?" Ash called back.

    "I just wanted to translate for you: your Pokemon are ready to start working together. So don't waste this chance, pallie!"

    "GOTCHA! Thanks!" Ash's lips curled into a smile. "Okay, you two. Ready to beat some fighting-types?" For the first time, Sceptile and Charizard exchanged grins. "Great. Charizard, how are you at carrying 115 pounds?"

    Charizard(What? Why-)

    "Okay, Sceptile, jump ON!" Sceptile jumped onto Charizard's back. The latter cringed, but I think he can manage...

    Charizard(Ughh. The things I do for that boy...)

    Sceptile grabbed onto Charizard's shoulder blades for balance as Ash commanded, "Bullet Seed and Flamethrower!"

    Charizard fired Flamethrower, and Sceptile fired Bullet Seed. Their opponents don't know which attack to block, and this time it's Ash's team who are on the offensive!

    Poliwrath couldn't defend himself from Sceptile's Bullet Seed. In an instant, Sceptile used Agility, jumped off Charizard, and delivered a Leaf Blade right at the Tadpole Pokemon.

    Blaziken tried to counter for his teammate with Fire Punch, but Charizard blocked it with his own left wing. Using the wing, Charizard pushed Blaziken back.

    Sceptile smirked(I owe you one...)

    Charizard(Pay me back double...)

    Their conversation was cut short when Poliwrath recovered from the Leaf Blade attack and fired Hydro Pump again. Ash's pokemon sidestepped the attack, and Poliwrath's Hydro Pump just went between them!

    As a counter-attack, both Charizard and Sceptile landed Steel Wing and Leaf Blade, respectively, onto Poliwrath!

    A scowl was forming into Bruno's face, though he's still enjoying it. "Blaziken, go distract those two while Poliwrath recovers!"

    Blaziken then started the same tactics as before, this time attacking both of Ash's Pokemon. The fighting-type was so fast, that he was able to handle both Pokemon with ease.

    Ash clenched his fists as he watched Poliwrath meditating, using Recover. "I've got to get past Blaziken's attacking and aim for Poliwrath again." 'But how? It's going to need an attack that- Comes from- Everywhere... OF COURSE!' "Charizard, quick, grab Blaziken for Seismic Toss!"

    Charizard grabbed the fire-type by the waist, and went to the air again. Sceptile(Don't show off too much...)

    Blaziken struggled out of Charizard's grip as the latter began climbing altitude. The former finally suceeded, at 100 feet into the air. But Charizard wasn't about to give up. He directed another Steel Wing attack, but Blaziken used Detect again, grabbing onto the wings.

    Meanwhile, back on the ground, Poliwrath has fully recovered, and is exchanging blows with Sceptile. Even though Ash's Pokemon has the advantage, Poliwrath is still able to hold his own.

    "Sceptile, use Bullet Seed!"

    "Poliwrath, Hydro Pump!"

    The two projectile attacks collided in midair. Sceptile supplemented his attack with Leaf Blade, while Poliwrath countered with another Focus Punch.

    In the air, Charizard is now blocking the Sky Uppercuts being thrown at him by Blaziken. The former, surprisingly, is also using physical attacks. Aside from Steel Wing, Charizard is also using Fire Punch and Slam!

    Ash then began formulating a plan. He needs timing for the attack, and it has to affect both opponents. He stared at Sceptile and Poliwrath exchanging attacks on the ground. Then it hit him. 'Charizard's perfect... Sorry, pal, but right now you have to play second fiddle to Sceptile this time.'

    "Charizard! Forget Blaziken and help Sceptile!" At first, the flying type was confused, but he complied. Charizard swooped down towards the collision on the ground. The faster Blaziken raced, and beat, him there, and now Sceptile is receiving a double beating.

    However, Ash remained calm. "Now, Charizard, Whirlwind!"

    The Flame Pokemon, hovering just behind Sceptile, flapped his wings fast. Taking this as a cue, Sceptile somersaulted backwards and landed on Charizard's back again.

    Poliwrath and Blaziken have to cover their faces from the strong winds. The former, however, fired an extra-juice Hydro Pump right at them!

    Charizard, perplexed, doesn't know what to do. But, instinct had Sceptile jump again, and, in a split second just after landing on the ground, his eyes begin to glow a shade of green! The Forest Pokemon slammed his fists to the ground, and the arena began to rumble.

    Before the Hydro Pump could hit Charizard, thick, brown vines burst through the arena. The attack became like a wall, shielding Charizard from the attack!

    Sceptile kept his hands on the ground, breathing heavily, just as the vines withdrawed. then, blaziken closed in for a fire Punch, but Charizard lifted his teammate by the armpits, flying to safety.

    Sceptile(Looks like we're even...)

    Charizard(No, I saved you again, so you still owe me one.)

    Sceptile grunted. He released himself from Charizard's grip, and dropped to the ground. The flying-type landed next to him. Behind them is where Ash stood, and in front are their opponents.

    Torkoal(Looks like we don't have to restrain them, after all.)

    Pikachu(We'll see...)

    "Plan B, guys. Charizard, go and fly ahead of them!" Ash ordered. Charizard started flying again, and he passed Blaziken and Poliwrath, blinding them with the gust of his flight. "Now, Sceptile, you know what to do! Frenzy Plant!"

    Again, a green flash appeared in Sceptile's eyes. While his opponents are distracted(and blinded), Sceptile slammed both fists into the ground. The ground began rumbling beneath Blaziken and Poliwrath. Before they could react, vines began entangling them! Blaziken used Fire Punch and Blaze Kick to get free, but his partner was not so lucky. Poliwrath is last seen struggling to get free as the vines start strangling him.

    As for Blaziken, Charizard swooped in again, and used Steel Wing to stun him. Then Charizard grabbed the fighting-type again, and, at 100 feet over the ground, Charizard hurled his opponent downwards for a Seismic Toss!

    Blaziken crashed into the mess of vines that was Poliwrath, and a dust explosion occurs. When the dust cleared, both Pokemon could be seen knocked out!

    "Both Blaziken and Poliwrath are unable to battle. Victory goes to Sceptile and Charizard!"


    The closing ceremony is held in the middle of the ring. Like Bertha, Bruno asked for Ash to bring his Masterbadge. minutes after tinkering with it, the badge is now flashing three colors: red, brown and white. "Congratulations, Ash," Bruno said. "You have indeed gone a long way now..."

    "Thanks, Bruno," Ash said, shaking the Elte's hands. Then he proudly held his MasterBadge in the air as his Pokemon behind him, as well as the entire stadium audience, cheered.

    Charizard thumped his chest(Credit goes to me, of course.)

    Sceptile turned to him(What do you mean, 'credit goes to you'? I defeated Poliwrath, and you used my Frenzy Plant to defeat that Blaziken!)

    Charizard(HAH! You wouldn't have survived if I wasn't there in the first place!)

    Meowth sighed. "Looks like their truce is over..."

    Pikachu(It was nice while it lasted. After all, we can't work miracles...)

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    Some good action.
    (I've been reading on, so I wasn't replying here)

    Anyway, now that Ash has only one win to go, I guess it's time for a contest right? I hope you add in some advanceshipping and that Azure Flute mystery of course!

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    I could see those two fighting, with Sceptile being on top. The frenzy plant was a bit sudden, no?

    I always wanted to know, did they do this in a like a boxing arena, or was it all on a pokemon field?
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    -To Ze Skarmory: Yeah, the battle is held in a wrestling-like ring. And no, Frenzy Plant was already pre-meditated. It's already foreshadowed in:
        Spoiler:- Frenzy Plant steps:

    -To Earthborn: The Contest is a sure-fire Advanceshipping and humor(you'll see why) fest. However, even though I have received some suggestions for Contest ideas, I'm still in the dark about it. Things to look out for in that arc:
        Spoiler:- Contest HEADS UP:

    EDIT: 'I'm getting abusive with my Spoiler tags, don't I?'
    'Yes, you do,'
    Meowth said.
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    Sorry for not reveiwing, the evil that is KH2 was stealing my soul. Anyway, in EF 45, I thought that the score was 1 win, 1 lose and a Tie, when Jack said the score? Nice battles, a little evil Harley and awesome funny pokemon scene, Frenzy Plant awesomeness and one-sided contestshipping, does Drew know that Ash and May are dating?

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    -Only filler here, plus the beginning of the Contest.
    EF47: Dis-Honorable Mentions

    So now, Ash has only one Cup left, and all his troubles will be over. However, Bruno has all this to say:

    "I admire you, Ash. You are the first in this competition to defeat 3 Elites. However, your last opponent, Drake, he is no easy opponent. It may be your toughest battle..."

    "Thanks. I'll keep that in mind..."


    Hoenn, and the Drake's Cup, is the least of Ash's worries for now. The most of his worry is centered around two certain male Coordinators who, to him, are a threat to May.

    'With us around, the twerp don't have to worry about trouble,' Meowth said proudly.

    'How's that? You were always the ones causing trouble...'

    'Can't help it. It's in our motto...'

    Later, Ash is seen with the rest of the gang. It's May's turn to practice, for the Contest. Drew and Harley(the latter, fortunately) weren't around. Charizard, though the action(for him) is over, still lingering about. Now, he's curious about this Contest stuff.

    Charizard(Really... What are they about, anyway?)

    Pikachu(Good question. Contests are- Well, Contests are, uh-)

    Sceptile(Let me sum it up for you. Contests are some things that simpletons like you won't understand.)

    Charizard(WHAT did you just call me?!)

    Pikachu(Guys, can't we all just get along?)

    Both shouted at him(NO!) Pikachu sighed.

    Meanwhile, May is practicing by making Pichu run around, presumably for the little baby learn Spark. To accomplish this, May had Munchlax run around, wearing Ash's hat, prompting Pichu to chase him for his favorite chew-toy/blanket/acessory. Within mere seconds, Pichu has caught up to its prey. Munchlax was tackled with great force, and Pichu got its hat back.

    May, to Pichu's dismay, has to pry the hat out of the baby's hands, to resume training. Our heroine pains to do this, but it's the only way Pichu can get exercise.


    At nightfall, Pichu still is yet to learn Spark. May decided to give up for the day, but tomorrow is the beginning of the Contest. Jessie, however, was feeling confident. She borrowed James's Mime Jr. to use in the appeals, and it seemed that their training went well.

    "I shouldn't have been putting off training for this up to the last minute," May said, heaving a huge sigh. She is sitting on her side of the bed, and has Pichu on her lap. "I'm really sorry, Pichu, that I'm overworking you..."

    Pichu, however, doesn't mind, as it thinks that they're playing a game. The baby is still clinging to the trophies it acquired: Ash's hat, the face towel, and... What looks like a chunk of Munchlax's fur?!


    Outside, at the park...

    Munchlax(Ow. That kid has some nasty teeth...) He rubbed his backside, wincing.

    Squirtle(Looks bad. Is it infected?)

    The last words horrified our Big Eater. (Yipe! Get me a Nurse Joy, QUICK!)


    May couldn't sleep. She really wants to impress Ash badly that even an unofiicial Contest like the one she and her friends joined means a lot. So she contented herself with playing with Pichu. The baby seems to like it, for the first few minutes, however, he seems to like to play with another playmate. Namely the sleeping trainer right beside them.

    May sighed and smiled as Pichu prodded Ash awake. "W-Wha-? What is it?" He sweatdropped when he saw Pichu pinching him awake. "Oh, it's you. What is it now?"

    Pichu motioned for Ash to play with him by going to his hand and pulling it. "Go to sleep. I am..." Ash pulled his blanket over his face, trying to ignore Pichu, who looked crestfallen.

    May frowned at her boyfriend as she picked Pichu up in her arms. She then pulled the blanket off of Ash. "Ash, Pichu wants to play with you..."

    "Yeah, so what?" Ash said groggily. "I'm too tired..."

    "Ash," May said again. "You're forgetting to give quality time to Pichu."

    "Qua- Quality time?!" Ash repeated.

    "Yes, quality time." On cue, Pichu jumped from May's hands(again) and onto Ash's face, rubbing cheeks with him(again). "After all, your it's father..."

    "I only became its father because of a certain talking Meowth and a scheming breeder..."


    In the room of our schemers...

    At the same time, Brock and Meowth sneezed. The latter muttered, "Hey, Big Twerp, you got anything for a Poke-cold? I think the twerp's Torkoal infected me with one..."

    Brock wiped his nose with a hankie. "Sorry, never had a case like it before. Try going to the Pokemon Center."


    "Still, Pichu thinks you're its father, so you should spend quality time with him," May retorted. "You've been neglecting that ever since the Cup began. And now that it's over, you should make it up to him..."

    Ash looked, defeated, and grabbed Pichu. "Fine."


    After playing Pichu until it fell asleep(around 1:00 A.M.), Ash and May went to sleep themselves. Another on cue was the usual trio of Charizard, Pikachu and Meowth flying up to their room balcony again. Meowth picked the lock, and all three snuck inside. But their planning was unnecessary, as the trainers already have their arms around each other, sleeping comfortably, with Pichu in between.

    The three Pokemon looked at each other, and, as if someone pressed the rewind button, they left just as they came in. Sceptile frowned at them(or, more specifically, Charizard) when they returned to solid ground.

    Sceptile(You love doing that stuff, don't you?)

    Charizard(I said it once, and I'll say it again. Ash will thank me for this later...)

    Sceptile just spat on the ground(You're a real piece of work, you know that?)

    Charizard stepped up, his nose nearly touching Sceptile's. (You want to make something out of it, huh?!)

    Pikachu(We need some MUSCLE here!)

    Again, the Pokemon from all over the park stood between the two rivals, restraining them, to much difficulty. Pikachu(Oh, boy, these guys remind me of the Three Stooges...)

    "Really? Who's the third?" Meowth asked.


    Back in Professor Oak's lab. Around lunchtime(they should have different timezones)...

    Feraligatr(A- A- ACHOOOO!)

    He spilled his cold onto Cyndaquil's and Bayleef's bowl of food.

    Feraligatr(Sorry. Stupid Torkoal did give me a cold...)

    Bayleef held her bowl upside down by the tips of her Vine Whip(Ewww...)

    Cyndaquil, other than his bowl, got soaked by his friend's cold somewhere near his flame vents(After this, I don't think I can sprout fire anymore...)


    The next morning, the gang found out that the P-1 arena has been converted into a Contest Hall overnight! The giant wrestling ring where Ash and Bruno have battled on is replaced by the Contest circle, and the referee stand is are replaced by judges's seats.

    May sat on a seat in the locker room, feeling really nervous. The other Coordinators(the total of participants is 20), are all very excited, however. And Jessie, to top it off, has the flamey look of determination in her eyes.

    -HEADS UP:

        Spoiler:- 48 preview:
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    Special good luck charm? Sounds important, the cliche talking-behind-one's-back is nicely done here and man is SPichu vicious, even getting a chuck of fur from Munchlax! Wonder how the contest will go...

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    Good luck charm, eh?
    I don't think there are diffrent timezones, they are only cities. Unless the world is like really small.
    Now, how far shall the cold go hehehehe.
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    that even an unofiicial Contest like the one
    Unofficial is spelled wrong.
    has the flamey look of determination in her eyes
    I, uh, really don't think that's a word.

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    haven't commented here in a long time, wonder what Harley's cheating plan's gonna be this time =/
    Comp has died, borrowing brother's to edit this, won't be on much if at all.
    Quote Originally Posted by Frost Nova View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by swampert55 View Post
    Unofficial is spelled wrong.

    I, uh, really don't think that's a word.
    -Sorry, I was abusing my authoritarian license.

    'Too much if you ask me,' Meowth muttered.

    'Shut up!'

    What I mean to say is, i can't edit that post without freezing my computer. Sorry.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ze Skarmory View Post
    Good luck charm, eh?
    Yes, a good luck charm. Something that may prevent a dreadful event from happening.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ze Skarmory View Post
    I don't think there are diffrent timezones, they are only cities. Unless the world is like really small.
    -Try to remember that Johto, due to the filler bonanza, is one BIG region in the anime. The timezones HAS to change in real world standards, for me...
    -And now, here we go again with more spoiler abuse:
        Spoiler:- Delivery, Ninja Style!:

    The usual problems of delivering a baby, with different applications on the word delivery...

        Spoiler:- Ash's Choice:

    The last spoiler above, is
        Spoiler:- last round:

    Sorry I'm delaying. It's all because I don't know how to write good Contest rounds yet. Any ideas? Please help...
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    Ninja power, like the episode in BF where they learn to be ninjas for a day? And it looks like Ash chose something weak against a dragon-type... Charizard? Looks like the next few chapters are going to be great!

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    -So no one's going to help me? Fine, I hope you enjoy this appeal chapter, which, I'm sure, will be my worst work.
    -i'm still doing some research on the Contest thing. please help. I really need it.
    EF48: Round it Up

    Here is the rule for the appeal round of this Contest: The appeal rounds allow up to two Pokemon per appeal. Coordinators can still only use one, but, according to the judges, two makes for better appeals. Though they also cleared that the number of Pokemon used won't affect the score.

    (FLASHBACK, to earlier that morning)

    "Here, twerpette," Jessie said, handing May a Seal Pack. "Inside are Pokeball seals. Your pick on what to use for your Pichu's entrance..."

    "But, Jessie, I don't keep Pichu in a Pokeball," May revealed. She held Pichu in her arms, while Jessie frowned.

    "Well, you've got to make a good entrance for a good appeal," Jessie said. Mime Jr. appeared on her shoulder. The ex-Rocket thought for a moment. "Well, how about acessorizing Pichu?"

    "That's a good idea, but-"

    "I don't mean the twerp's hat," Jessie said, affronted. "How about-" She whispered something in May's ear, and from the latter's look, she seemed to like the idea.

    Harley, who was close by(they were ignoring him), frowned at the friendship between the two. Our scheming Coordinator wanted her part in his plans to humiliate May(again), but Jessie obviously turned it down.


    At a quarter after 8:00, the appeal rounds begin. But, before we get to that, let's focus on a certain group of audience...

    "Why did I have to sit next to HIM?!" Oddly enough, it wasn't Sceptile and Charizard who are bickering(though the color scheme's the same). It was(respectively, in color) Drew and Ash.

    Brock sighed. "You two are here for the same reasons: to keep an eye on Harley, and to make sure he doesn't get to May. So, try getting along once in a while."

    Anyways, onto the appeals...

    Jessie is up first. James, was fidgeting, again, since it was his Mime Jr. that the ex-Rocket is going to use. Surprisingly, Mime Jr. seems to warm up to the female very fast.

    Jessie called out Mime Jr.(the Pokeball seal made the Pokemon appear in a shower of stars), and Dustox, also appearing with seals, this time in flower effects. She started by having the psychic-type generate several Barriers around him. Then, Jessie had Dustox use Silver Wind on the Barriers. The powder-like attack coated the Barrier with nice, sparkling effects. Then, Mime Jr., using Psychic, crashed the Barriers into the center, ending in a harmless explosion that sent the sparkles to the entire audiernce, who applauded.

    The exception is James, who is covering his eyes the whole tiome of the appeal, not wanting to see his Mime Jr. get hurt(which, surprisingly, did not).

    "Is it- Over? Is Mimey alright?" The others only sweatdropped. Jessie, annoyed from finding out that James didn't even see her appeal, threw a rubber ball(hammerspace!) at him. It was a bull's eye on the forehead, which knocked the ex-Rocket off his seat.


    Harley is up next. May's supporters(especially Ash and Drew) tensed at the sight of him. Charizard, who was, as usual, on his spot on top of the stadium, also tensed at the sight of the Coordinator, even though he never saw him before. Pikachu and Meowth(the latter deciding to try out the view) are also there. Unfortunately for them, a couple of Pichus stowed away.

    CHarleyton is dressed in a brown cloak, covering his entire body. The crowd was silent. Ash wondered why, so Drew told him. "Harley is winner of the Johto Grand Festival."

    "WHAT?!" the outburst coming from our protagonists was the one that broke the silence. "You mean to say that he- He-" Ash broke off.

    Drew nodded grimly. "Now Harley has something to back up that nastiness of his..."

    Harlety smiled evilly(too strong, perhaps? Or maybe NOT!) as he overheard the conversation. As he walked to the Coordinator's podium, Jessie passed him as she walked back to the locker room.

    In the locker room, Jessie saw May standing uneasily, in front of the other Coordinators, watching the overhead monitor. "Boy, does this look familiar," she muttered as she walked right next to May. "And, if I remember it right, this one ends with that CHarleyton-"


    "ACK!" was the word that came out of Ash's mouth(and, in a way, Charizard, as well). This were their reaction when Harley dropped his cloak, and revealed his costume.

    Harley is wearing a bandana, green(aw, what am I wasting words here for; Harley is wearing an exact duplicate of May's clothes, again).

    Charizard's eyes twitched(Is that how male Coordinators are like? Then I'm glad Ash isn't one!)

    Meowth eyed Charizard, while he was putting a finger on a tail from each Pichu, to keep them from going overboard, literally. "I hope he doesnt' learn about your trainer's 'side achievements'," he whispered to Pikachu.

    Pikachu(Yeah, I hope not.)

    Ash has fallen off his seat, apparently not pleased with what he's seeing. "My eyes! It burns..."

    "Good thing I always keep mine closed," Brock commented. "I've had enough of that to last me a lifetime..." He nodded towards James.

    "WHAT is THAT supposed to mean?" James declared, annoyed. Brock shrugged sheepishly.


    In the locker room, May put a hand to her mouth(I think it was the same reaction to the stunt Harley pulled at the beginning of the Kanto GF). Pichu, on her lap, for some reason has the same reaction as Ash and Charizard, plus covering his eyes.

    Our heroine felt a hand tap on her shoulder. She turned around to face Jessie. one of her eyes was twitching, after witnessing Harley's stunt. "Hope that that CHarleyton doesn't get to you, twerpette. I want some decent competition, you know..."

    "Thank you. I'll keep that in mind," May said weakly, smiling at the 'encouragement'.


    Harley is going to use Cacturne and a Sudowoodo for his appeal. He began by having Sudowoodo use Rock Throw, releasing them in midair. Then, Cacturne jumped after them, and smashed through the rocks with Needle Arm. Then, Sudowoodo used Block on different parts of the Contest Circle, making the rocks fall there, making a skull-and crossbones formation(again).

    The crowd, at first silent, disturbed by the appeal, but then started clapping. Harley gave a mocking bow with his Pokemon, and smirked at Ash and Drew at the stands. The two just responded by scowling at him while the Coordinator left for the locker room.

    Just then, Drew was handed a piece of paper from a viewer to his left. Puzzled, Drew turned to the person who gave it to him, but the man just motioned for Drew to give it to Ash.

    Drew nudged Ash in the ribs. Annoyed, Ash turned to him. "What is it?"

    The green-hair passed the note to him, and shrugged. Meanwhile, the next Coordinator has stepped up(May's turn is 10th). Ash opened the note, and it read:

    Meet me outside...

    Puzzled at the cryptic message, Ash stood up, to the surprise of the others. "Where're you going?" Drew asked.

    "This note," Ash answered, waving the piece of paper in his hands. "Someone wants to meet me, and whoever it is, he/she wants to see me outside."

    "What about the twerpette's appeal?" James inquired.

    "I'll be back in time for it, I swear. Excuse me..." Ash walked sideways, to pass the people in their seats, then ran to the exit. His Pokemon, topside, were wondering where Ash went to, so Charizard took off, with Pikachu riding him. This left Meowth behind with the babysitting duties, much to the Scratch Cat's dismay.


    Ash walked around the perimeter of the stadium, looking for his caller. He spotted Pikachu and Charizard landing next to him. The two braced themselves to protect Ash, in case there's trouble. But a call was heard from behind them, and it turns out to be just Professor Oak! He is carrying a sling bag over his shoulder.

    "Professor!" Ash said in surprise. "What are you doing here?"

    "Well, aside from going to see your match, which I unfortunately missed," Professor Oak started, smiling, "I also came by to give you your good luck charm." Samuel Oak rummaged in his bag, and took out a Pokeball. But it's no ordinary Pokeball. It's the-

    "The GS Ball!" Ash said.

    -HEADS UP:

        Spoiler:- 49 preview:
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