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    Disclaimer: This story is rated R (Restricted) for Strong Sexual Content, Adult Language, Adult Situations, Violence, and Non-descriptant nudity.

    Author Notes: This story was first conceived two years ago, in August 2005, when I first began to write the fanfic for this forum. I even posted the first few chapters and the prologue, which, for a short time, were among the top posts on the fanfic forum. It's probably long gone now, so to revive it, I thought it would be smart to start anew right here, right now.

    The story is far from done. In fact, it's much longer than even I anticipated. I currently have 10 chapters complete that I can post without editing, and another 30-40 chapters I need to revise, finish or begin writing. Like most journey fics, it will be long, will have peril and have adventure. Unlike most fics, it will not be affiliated with the games or the television show at all. Only the pokemon will be carried over, as well as some subtle references to the game itself, and other various pop culture things (for your entertainment of course, find them if you can!)

    I also hope that everyone reading enjoys the story. It is my hope to try and bring something somewhat new to the "Journey Fanfic" by creating a whole new world from the ground up, with new characters, towns, and possibly new battle sequences. Writing is a hard thing, and writing a good work is even tougher, so hopefully you all enjoy the story as much as I do. There is a lot of stuff going on in this story, so if it is not explained at first, don't worry; by the time we get to the end, it will all make sense.



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    Chapter 1- All Stories Have a Beginning
    Chapter 2- Up for a Challenge?
    Chapter 3- A True Test
    Chapter 4- Rivals in Rawst
    Chapter 5- No Hard Feelings
    Chapter 6- Darkness Falls
    Chapter 7- Fours A Crowd
    Chapter 8- Night Fright
    Chapter 9- How Strong Are You?
    Chapter 10- Refusal and Resurgence
    Chapter 11- Old Friends
    Chapter 12- Double Jeopardy
    Chapter 13- A Race Against Time
    Chapter 14- The Great Schism
    Chapter 15- Intrusion
    Chapter 16- Collapse


    The darkness around Sebastian made his head spin. The old, dusty cave looked malevolent in his mind, and no amount of light was going to change his mind about that. Even using flash to aid his eyesight couldn't fight the gloomy shroud around him. In the back of his mind, he knew he should turn back. He pushed forward regardless of his primary fears, knowing that he had no choice in the matter.

    'They are counting on me,' he kept saying to himself, 'I can't let them down.'

    Sebastian cautiously walked forward, making sure to avoid the sleeping Geodudes on the ground. His guide, Amp the Ampharos, stayed in front of him and was using his tail as a lamp, swaying it back and forth, cutting a path of light through the thick shadow.

    'Thank god Damon lent me Amp, or else id be lost in here forever.' Sebastian thought to himself, as he ventured deeper into the cavern, his thoughts clouding his mind with each step.

    'What if the legend isn’t true? What if i'm wasting my time in this cave? What if i'm to late to save them?' On and on he doubted himself, but regardless of his thoughts, he pressed forward, mustering up any courage he had to continue his trek.

    Soon after, Sebastian heard a rumbling ahead of him. Amp stopped dead in his tracks, and began darting it’s head around, it’s arms outstretched in case of an attack, staying alert.

    "What is it Amp?" Sebastian whispered to the startled pokemon.

    Amp just looked around, a hint of fear in his eyes as it let out a small yelp, and began running towards the blackness.
    " up!" cried Sebastian, as he picked up his own pace to catch up with Amp.

    He kept running towards the dimming light of Amps tail, but the speedy creature kept a healthy pace in front of Sebastian. Try as he might, Sebastian couldn't catch up to Amp, and light went dimmer as they raced deeper into the cave.

    Sebastian was now breathing hard from the sprinting in the cave. He nearly tripped over the many Geodudes on the floor, and was lucky enough that they didn't wake up and attack him in the darkness. Soon, there was no light in front of him. For the first time, he felt a cold chill rise in his spine.

    'Amp must be miles from where I am.' he thought to himself.
    Sebastian took a step forward, and then he began to falling into a hole in the ground.Sebastian screamed as he was looking around in the darkness. Ahead of him he saw the dim light he was chasing, as Amp fell through before him, He then heard a large growling sound, and in mid air, he looked toward his left side, and saw a shape moving in the darkness. Sebastian’s heart nearly burst from his chest; eyes wide with fear as the dark shape began to move closer towards him.

    "Www..what are you?" Sebastian cried to the creature bathed in shadow. He couldn't see anything but the silhouette of the large pokemon, until it turned towards him face to face, and stared at him with it's glowing eyes...

    CHAPTER 1- All stories have a beginning

    One year earlier.

    The sky was clear in the seaside town of Ganlon, with no clouds to block the shining rays of the sun. The whole town, nearly 1,000 residents strong, was present in the main square for a celebration. Two 16 year olds were sitting on a brightly colored stage and band was near the front of the stage, playing some music that couldn’t even be heard due to the crowds high pitched cheering. Balloons were flying in the air, with confetti littering the narrow, cobbled streets of the sleepy seaside sanctuary. The mayor of Ganlon continued his speech to the throng of people in front of him.

    "It is rare that our tiny town sends out its youth to be amongst the greatest pokemon trainers in the world." The mayor spoke in his typical booming voice.

    "We are fortunate that this year, two more trainers strive to become some of the best in the world. Many have attempted to become the next elite four member, a gym leader, or even the Pokecup Tournament champion. This year, we pray that these two talented boys can do just that."

    The crowed roared with excitement after the mayor concluded his speech. The cries were deafening for anyone, as the town was excited for the two youths. Clad in white tee shirts and denim jeans, the two teens were taking in the excitement of the day.

    . "Man I can't believe that they are so pumped for us Seb." The tall blond whispered to his friend. "I know Ken. I'm surprised that everyone in town is here." Sebastian replied to his friend.

    Sebastian and Ken, at first glance, can seem like opposites. One is tall, the other is short, one has blond hair and green eyes, the other black hair and brown eyes; the list goes on and on. But the two have been inseparable since childbirth. Since they were young, they have always dreamed of this moment. While most trainers start when they are in their pre-teens, the two decided to wait until they felt they could handle the journey. During that time they studied as much as they can about pokemon, from reading books on strategies to watching the World Pokemon Tour and the Pokecup Tournament's on TV. Even playing the games on pokemon helped them develop their growing knowledge of the pocket monsters that are scattered throughout the region, although they could never compare to the real thing. Now, After 16 years, they are ready to go on their journey.

    "It is now my pleasure to present to you, the two boys who are embarking on their journey today, Kenneth Wesker and Sebastian Caine." Cried the mayor, extending his stubby arm outward to the boys.

    The crowed roared as the Mayor signaled for the boys to stand up and take a bow. Both reluctantly did so, and the crowd cheered even more for them when they began to walk towards the mayor at the podium.
    "Might as well enjoy this Seb." Ken whispered to him. He then raised his arms and shouted "YEAH! WOOOOO!"

    Sebastian just looked at his friend wide eyed, and then raised his own arm like a rockstar at a concert. The crowd ate the display up, and the two youths went kept up the display until the mayor signaled for the crowd to calm down.

    "It is with great pleasure that I give you boys some parting gifts. A map of the entire Enkada region, starting pokeballs, brand new waterproof watches, and of course, speaking for the town, an overwhelming good luck on your journey."

    The mayor's aide’s hand the teens their gear, all of it neatly packed in two large, black backpacks. "With that, I want to wish both of you good luck, and I hope you have much success in your journey." The band stood up, and began playing a marching tune, and the two teens shook the mayors hand before stepping off the stage. The crowd kept cheering, until it finally subsided and began to disperse just as soon as the boys were out of sight.

    "Awesome job Sebby!" a little voice said over the noise in front of them.

    Sebastian looked around and standing next to the stage was his younger sister, Erica, and his mom, Peggy. The little 8-year old girl ran to her brother and hugged him tightly, just barely wrapping her arms around his chest.

    "Thanks little lady." Sebastian said, smiling back at her. He then turned to his mom and hugged her tightly. "I'm going to miss you mom." he said, with tears swelling in his eyes a bit. "Same here honey. Your dad would be proud of you i'm sure."

    No one knows what happened to Sebastian’s father. He was a middle class salesman, traveling from city to city in Enkada, and in different regions. He kept in contact with his family through phone calls and letters all the time while traveling, until they suddenly ceased. Sebastian was seven at the time, and was worried about his father dearly. He remembered the many nights that he cried himself to sleep, thinking about his father. Erica, who was only a year old at the time, didn't remember him at all.

    Ken meanwhile was being greeted by his parents, and was mimicking his friend’s own embrace with his family.

    "You be careful out there Ken." his mom, Elly, said to him. "Of course I will. I'm not going out there alone." he said back to her, looking at Sebastian with his family. "I will be in good company for sure."

    His father, Al, patted his son on the shoulder and said to him "Do your best, that’s all that matters." "I will dad, no worries."

    After a few more hours of goodbyes and good lucks from the townsfolk of Ganlon, the two teens are finally ready to begin their journey. Both Ken and Sebastian’s families stopped at Sebastian's house first for lunch, and spent the last hour in the town with their families. Soon, it was nearly noon, and they knew it was time to go. After the last teary goodbyes from their families, they finally leave the sleepy town of Ganlon.

    Sebastian looks back at the town, now in the distance. The grassy hills and bright blue sky make the illusion of a majestic painting is behind him, as he and Ken continue down the dirt road ahead of them. He turned away from Ganlon and looked ahead at the sprawling dirt road ahead of them. "So which town do you want to hit first?" Sebastian asked Ken, who was busy looking at the map from his backpack.

    "Well..." he says, keeping his focus on the paper in front of him, "Rawst is closer, but Liechi is bigger, and also has a pokemon gym." He replied back.

    You think were ready for the gym Ken?"

    "I doubt it, but that’s why were out here." Ken laughed.

    Seb smiled back at his friend. "Let's go to Rawst first, then Liechi, that way we get some experience before we beat the crap out of the gym leader there!" Ken just laughed and began to run up ahead of Sebastian. "Come and catch me then Seb!" he yelled back at his friend, who was smiling and running right after him.
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