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    After moths with to much homework and a computer without internet, I'm finally free from all that trouble. I also wrote a story to celebrate it. It contains both contestshipping and advanceshiping. It's from May's point of view.

    Prologue: A letter

    Dear Max,

    It’s been a while since we last seen each other, so I decided to write you a letter on how I’ve been doing. I’ve heard that you made it to the top four of the Hoenn League and I most say that I’m very proud of you, knowing that it was the first league you ever competed in.
    You’re probably wondering where I am at the moment. As you know I went to Johto to compete in this year’s Grand Festival of Yohto. Currently I am staying in a little town called Floral City, it’s so new that even my PokéNav didn’t knew it existed. It’s build around a huge Contesthall and there while be held one in just a couple of days. The houses are made of a stone with a light pink colour and the roofs are dark blue. Besides that the surrounding are beatiful as well. There’s a tiny forest at the edge of the town and if you walk through it you come at a cliff with one huge oak standing on it. If you listen carefully you can here the waves crashing on the pure white rocks underneath it and the sunset is one of the most amazing one’s I had ever seen. I wish you could see it, because I can't discribe the feelings it gives me when I see it.
    But I have also some other news to tell, which can shock you a little bit. Lately I have some mixed feelings and I could handle it pretty well, untill a couple of weaks ago. So from that point on it started to get worse be every day that passed by and got more confused with every minute I thought about it. You’re probably wondering by now what it is that I’m talking about, so I’ll start at the beginning for you.
    The first thing that happened was when we were still traveling with Ash and Brock through Hoenn. I was really starting to love Pokemon and I could finaly understand why so many other people did as well. One day I was watching Ash and Pikachu train against some wild Pokemon. The battle that they were in was against a wild Weepinbell. Pikachu was already tired from previous battles so they barely defeated it. After the battle Pikachu collapsed to the ground, it was truly exhausted. Ash picked it up in his arms and told him he did great today and that he would be taking care of it for the rest of the day. And he did as you maybe remember. On that point I saw that he truly loved his Pikachu and probably all of his other Pokemon as well. And deep down inside of me was a little voice saying that it wanted for Ash to love me as much as he did his Pokemon. And with the time that followed after that the voice inside of was getting louder and louder, untill my whole being was shouting the exact same thing.
    By now you probably are thinking, big deal, so she has a crush on somebody it’s not the end of the world. And you’re right, it’s not the end of the world, but that’s just half of the problem.
    The other half started at the Hoenn Grand Festival, it’s was when I still believed Harley was a good person and Drew tried to warn me for him. I refused to listen because I believed that there is a good side in everbody, how foulish I was back then. Anyway after I found out that Harley had fooled me again, I started to wander if Drew really was the cold, non-carring person I always had thought he was. After all he tried to warn me to stay away from Harley, I was the one how refused to believe that somebody that looked happy and was cheering me on could just be playing a trick with me. Even after the festival was over it still wouldn’t let me go and slowly I was starting to like him and after a while I even loved him.
    So you see it’s not just a crush, I’m starting to think that I could never find the right one for me. One side there is Ash, a person that really cares for everyone, that will always cheer you one and be there for you. One the other hand he is also very stubborn and sometimes a bit clueless about what is going on in the world. Drew is very different from that, he always knows what to say and seems to know a lot about what is going on. But he also can be very cold and sometimes just doesn’t seem to care about anything but the victory.
    As I told you earlier I could hide it perfecty, but since a couple of weeks I have no-one to travel with. On my way from town to town the one thing that kept me company were my thoughts. But you don’t have to worry about me, because since few days I have made my decision. I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you sooner, but I made sure that there was no-way that you or anybody else could stop me. The last thing I do before making my decision final is posting this letter. So when you read this, it will be to late for you and me. I’m sorry that I have to do this to you, mom, dad and everybody else, but at the point where I’m now there are no other options left. I’m truly sorry, little brother, I hope you can forgive me. It’s time for me to end this letter. I wish you all the luck of the world for the things you will do in the years that follow.

    I will love you for ever,
    your big sister

    It's a bit short I know, just 1.5 pages on word. Any comment is welcome, good or bad. If bad, pleaz tell me what can be improved.
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    Don't worry about it.


    I must say, this was very cute. It was short, but I am guessing a one-shot? You didn't really specify. I, being the die-hard contestshipper I am, loved that part of the letter the most. The only thing that I would see as needing approving, would be the ending, it kinda made it sound like May was dying or something ;_; . Other than that, great job =]
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