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Thread: What's meant to be will find a way.

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    Default What's meant to be will find a way. CS. PG-13

    Ok, this is my first fanfiction here so don't be too hard on me.
    Everyone is around 17 in the story, except for Max, I don't really need to explain it, you'll get it when you read the story.

    PS; There is a time jump in the first chapter, but don't worry there won't be anymore throughout the story, and you will find out what the first bit was about a little later..

    Chapter One: Take The Stage!

    22nd June.

    He had stood strong up until this point in time, if only on the glimmer of hope that he wasn't as strong as a coordinator as he thought he was. But now, his legs were giving away beneath him, falling to the hard ground too fast for him to prevent.
    The impact of this fall hadn't come close to registering in his mind yet, let alone his body. His mind was running through all his mistakes, his attitude toward her, his entire foundation of friendship with her.

    "..Forgive me..." He couldn't stop himself from calling out in-between sobs.

    His aquamarine hair fell over his face as he lowered his head into his hands in shame. His body was then brought to a stage of uncontrollable shaking and the sense of utmost devastation hit him like a bullet.

    "..M-May... I've failed you..."

    19th June.

    "MAX MAPLE! TAKE THE STAGE!" Shouted Madeline, who had been given the honor of presenting the awards for this years Grand Festival Top Four.

    Max bounded onto the stage, his smile so wide it almost reached the ends of his face. He came out with Ralts, who was equally as happy to be there, from sensing Max's emotions.

    "Hey everyone!" Max shouted cheerfully, "I just wanted to say, fourth place, I'll make it number one next year!"

    A huge cheer went up for Max, fifteen now, and even more mature than he had been when he'd traveled with his sister all those years ago.

    "Shadow Ball Ralts!" Commanded Max, "Then break into Psychic, Go!"

    Ralts summoned enough power to create a large shadow ball, after releasing it, Ralts begun breaking it up using psychic, causing a whirlwind of blue and purple lights around Max. As the chaos died down, he and Ralts bowed to their fans.

    "What a brilliant use of Shadow Ball and Psychic!" Cried Madeline, "Onto the next one, your third top coordinator, Drew Kurain!"

    Instead of bounding out, smiles on his face, Drew strolled out calmly to the center of the stage with Roselia by his side. Screams of fan girls and admiring coordinators met his entrance to the stage. Oddly enough, Drew didn't move an inch until the screams had died down.

    "Solarbeam, followed with Petal Dance, Roselia!"

    Roselia jumped into the air and created a solar beam, then shattering it with Petal Dance, causing the stage and crowd to be flooded with hundreds of illuminated petals.
    The round of applause that met this was staggeringly loud.
    Drew, pretending not to notice, did a small bow to his fans.

    "That must have taken so much practice" Ash whispered to May.

    May kept her eyes on the stage from the table they were sat at, "Yeah, I guess"

    "Okay! What a splendid performance from a Grand Festival legend- Drew Kurain everyone!"

    There were chants of 'We Love Drew!' in the crowd, which caused many people, including Drew himself, to roll their eyes and try to ignore it.

    "Here is your second place in the Grand Festival, everyone, it's Clifford Miles!"

    The second-place in the Grand Festival stepped onto the stage, you could tell why he was so popular. His blonde hair fell over his face in a messy fashion, complete with a black and white biker jacket, which almost made him look like a typical teen movie jock. He ruffled his hair up at the back a little and winked at his screaming fans.

    "Solrock, Cosmic Power!" He shouted.

    As Solrock emitted a display of lights and star-like shapes to fall over and around Clifford, he waved and winked at his fans.
    Upon seeing their hunger for more, he brought Solrock back to his level instead of above him.

    Clifford begun to speak again, "Okay Solrock, let's do-"

    "Milotic! Rain dance then Safeguard the entire hall!" Came another voice, pushing Clifford and Solrock out of the way to make room for the number one coordinator of the last five years, Jordan Coran.

    Milotic set off rain dance in all directions, countering it with Safeguard which caused the entire attack to bounce off and create dazzling lights.

    He bowed, "Thank you ever so kindly, I've been Jordan Coran, and you've been great!"

    Brock rolled his eyes in the seat next to Ash, "Is that guy ever gonna come up with a new line?"

    May laughed, "You can talk, Brock!"

    His face flushed red, "I guess I can't"

    The applause had begun to die down, Madeline stood on the stage, not quite sure what to say.

    "I- These are your top four coordinators in this years Sinnoh Grand Festival, and the winner-"

    "By now we've established that is me" Jordan Coran said cockily, messing up his hair to look as bored of the ceremony as possible.

    "Y-Yes! Well, we'll be back in 45 minutes with a post-ceremony tribute to Jordan Coran!" Madeline smiled and waved at the audience as the applause begun to die down and people begun to walk out of the hall.

    "I can't wait for this tribute to Jordan!" May squealed excitedly, "He really deserves all the success he's getting!"

    "Yeah, his arrogance will eventually get the better of him" Brock said sharply.

    May shrugged and reached over the table to grab yet another bread roll from the basket in the middle of the table. Brock and Ash looked on in horror as it disappeared in two bites.

    "..Let me guess by your horrified faces that she didn't even chew that time" Said a familiar voice behind May. She turned to see Drew smirking and Max standing awkwardly behind him.

    "D-Drew!" May exclaimed, her cheeks gaining some colour.

    May realized she couldn't exactly say 'Funny enough we bumped into each other!' or 'I haven't seen you in a while', May has taken part in the Grand Festival, but had the misfortune of ending up battling Jordan Coran, who had been unbeaten in battle for over five years.

    "Congratulations May" Drew said, taking her out of her thoughts, "You've learnt how to pronounce my name"

    May rolled her eyes, "I didn't think you'd come over to talk to us"

    Drew sat in the empty seat next to May, "Maybe I wanted to surprise you"

    "Hey! I was sitting there!" Max exclaimed, showing some traits of his eight year old self.

    Ash and Brock laughed and created a space between the both of them so Max could sit down.

    May smiled while watching people set up the stage, "This is so exciting, I've never been to one of these before! I can't believe Jordan did it again, this is so fun!"

    Everyone smiled at May's childish behavior.

    "I am getting way too old for this" Brock smirked, "All this excitement about coordinators.."

    "I'm glad you're all having fun" Max smiled, "As I did manage to get a Plus 3 on my invite.."

    "This is a complete dream!" May smiled, looking from the stage to the buffet on their table.

    "Hmm" Drew said, "You know, I'm sure there’s a lot of tension backstage right now"

    "Why's that?" Ash asked.

    "I heard Jordan Coran and Clifford Miles don't get on at all"

    Max nodded, "I've heard that, too. They never spoke to each other through the entire Grand Festival"

    "It makes sense" Brock said, "Jordan Coran has been number one in every festival for the last five years, and Clifford Miles has always been second best to him"

    May looked confused, "When I've spoke to Jordan he's never mentioned disliking Clifford-"

    "It's not exactly something you want to shout out, is it?" Brock said, folding his arms.

    May sighed and leant over the table for ANOTHER bread roll. Everyone stared at May in shock as they watched her eat it, she looked up and shrugged.

    "It's not my fault I'm still hungry"

    "I think your stomach must be bigger than your entire head, May" Max commented in shock.

    May blushed bright red when she noticed Drew laughing at Max's comment.

    "Leave her alone, she's probably really hungry" Ash said, unimpressed at Drews laughter.

    Drew laughed harder, "You're only saying that because you eat double what she does!"

    May finished off her roll and stood up, "Does anyone want to go congratulate Jordan?"

    Without answering, everyone stood up and followed May out of the banquet Hall, probably so they could team up and restrain her from going back in.
    A large number of trainers and various other people were gathered in the lobby, socializing and talking. This was quite a posh ceremony so everyone wore dresses and suits.
    May wore a peach coloured knee length dress, which made her feel a little uncomfortable, especially since she caught quite a few people looking at her as she made her way through the crowd. Eventually they managed to get through to the Hallway leading to the dressing rooms.

    Everyone jumped as there came the noise of a door slamming shut, everyone looked around and realized that Max had just gone into his dressing room, while the others made their way to Jordans dressing room.

    As soon as May knocked on the door, it opened, nearly making her fall through the entrance.
    Although, the Jordan they saw wasn't as well-looking as the one they'd seen on stage twenty minutes ago. His face was pale and sweaty and his usual bright smile was replaced by a completely fake one.

    "May, it's lovely to see you"

    May bit her lip, "I wish i could say the same for you, Jordan"

    Jordan begun to shiver a little while May put a comforting arm around him.

    "What's wrong?" Brock asked, walking over to the other side of the dressing room where there were a few blankets. He then brought the blankets over and put one over Jordans shoulders.

    "I'm fine, honestly" Jordan walked over to his dressing table and looked into the mirror and hastily trying to look presentable.

    "Jordan, do you want us to get a doctor?" Ash asked.

    Jordan nodded, "M-Maybe if someone could just get me some medicine.."

    Ash smiled, "Brock, come with me"

    Brock followed Ash out of the room, leaving May, Drew and Jordan in there.
    May put her arm around Jordan in a caring fashion, unfortunately in his feverish state, Jordan stood up quickly, sending a half-full glass of water over the dressing table and onto Drews suit.

    Drew didn't say a word, he just looked at the floor.

    "Drew-" Jordan said, wiping his forehead and squinting in Drews direction.

    May rubbed Jordans back, "Have you felt like this all day?"

    Jordan shook his head, "I came back and drunk the water on my desk and that's it.."

    The door clicked open, Drew and May looked to it, hoping it would be Ash and Brock with medicine, but it was a girl they didn't know. She was quite tall and wore a long blue dress, with dark brown hair that came down to her waist.

    "W-Who are you?" The girl asked in a quiet voice.

    "I'm May" May smiled at her, "And that's Drew, I'm friends with Jordan and came to congratulate him, I don't think he's very well"

    The girl nodded, "I'm Kaori. I came here to congratulate Jordan"

    "Hi Kaori, could you look after Jordan, I think we need to get some help for him?" May turned to Drew, asking him the question.

    Drew nodded, "We'll be back in ten minutes, tops"

    Jordan reached out and grabbed Mays arm, "Thank you, May, I don't know what's wrong with me"

    May looked sad then clenched her fists in determination, "We're going to have you better for your tribute, I promise!"

    Jordan laughed, "We have twenty minutes May, I highly doubt that"

    Kaori smiled shyly and knelt down next to Jordan, as May and Drew left, they were talking quietly in Jordans room.

    May stopped outside Max's dressing room door.
    "I don't want to go running around in this" May pointed to her dress, "And I left some clothes in Max's dressing room before the show, I'm going to get dressed, okay?"

    Drew rolled his eyes, "So then, you'd rather be comfortable than save one of your good friends lives?"

    May looked perplexed, Drew rolled his eyes.

    "It's obviously more than just a fever, but if you want to change, I'll be downstairs calling for an ambulance, See you-"

    "Okay!" May exclaimed, "Let's go"

    May couldn't hide the fact how uncomfortable wearing dresses made her, especially when she was running. Running right into- A Cacturne? No, running into Harley.

    "H-Harley!" May gasped, "You aren't allowed backstage, you're not a top coordinator"

    "Neither are you, Hun, and nothings stopped you" He smirked.

    May glared at him, "I need to go call for an ambulance"

    "Why? So someone can go sort out the tragedy they call your hair?"

    Even Drew laughed at this, May went slightly pink, then clenched her fists, smirking.

    "No Harley, it's to call for someone to remove your cacturne outfit and replace it with something half-decent!"

    Harley went bright red, "Um.. You're.. You're.."

    May began to walk down the corridor, Drew following her.

    "Wait just one minute!" Shouted Harley, running to catch up with them, "What's so important that you can't stay to be insulted by me?"

    "Jordan Coran" May said, shrugging and walking a little faster.

    Harley walked along with her in a comical fashion and smacked his hands together, his eyes lightening up at the name mentioned, "What's happened? I'm his biggest fan!"

    May went slightly pink with embarrassment at Harleys behavior, "He's.. got a fever, and I need to find a doctor"

    Harley jumped along, "May darling can I pretty pretty please come along? I would love for my Jordy to get nursed to perfect health!"

    Mays expression was unreadable, she just carried on walking, "..Sure"

    They all managed to get through the crowds gathered in the Lobby to find the videophones, located in a room near the front desk. May hastily typed in the number for the hospital and waited for the call to connect.

    Harley kept jumping up and down, "You know what, I'm going to go find my little Jordan and keep him some company, bye May!"

    "What's his problem..?" May asked.

    "He is acting weird" Drew said bluntly as the video call connected.


    "Hi, This is May Maple, I'm at the Bayleaf Hotel in Hearthome City, one of my friends Jordan is very ill, and there are no doctors available"

    The Nurse nodded, "We'll send a Doctor over and if needed, an ambulance"

    May smiled, "Thank you, I just know my friend is going to be okay"

    The call ended and May and Drew walked towards the entrance of the Hotel.

    "I guess we'd better wait here for the doctor"

    "We?" Drew asked, "I'm going inside, I'm cold"

    May sat on the front steps of the Hotel for over twenty minutes until she noticed a man rushing up the steps, a briefcase in hand, his glasses falling off his nose every once in a while.

    "Excuse me?" He asked May, "Are you May Maple?"

    "Yes, I am" She smiled.

    The man smiled, "I'm Doctor Bennett, I've come here to see your friend Jordan"

    May nodded, "Right this way"

    May began to lead him through the lobby, telling him all about Jordans condition.

    "When was the last time you checked on him?"

    "About twenty minutes ag-"


    The entire lobby, including May, went silent. Suddenly a sense of worry built up inside May that she couldn't explain until she cried out.

    "I think that came from the dressing room hall.."
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    ...Sunrise! For a first attemt, this is looking very good! Not too long, not too short: just right! Lot of drama, not quite much contestshipping, more JordanxMay, but I'm sure you'll get contestshiping in soon.

    Oooh! Screaming! Jordan, or Drew??? And who has Aquamarine hair? Couldn't be Drew, 'cause his hair is it Jordan???

    XD Harley's part was halarious. May's comment+Harley screaming about Jordan=a very funny performance.

    I'll be keeping an eye on this! If you need any help, talk to me and read some contestshipping fics. Contest Tie, Hot Chocolate, Heartbroken again and again, Demons of Metropolis and Sunreise To Sunset, my fic, are all full of contestshipping and great for learning experience.

    PM me when the next chappie's up!

    PS: My comments will get randomer as the story contiues, they always do with fics.

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    thank you so much flygonrulz!

    i have this story planned out so everything will begin to make sense as soon as the next few chapters come out!

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    Chapter Two: Dean Coran.
    June 19th.

    May and Doctor Bennett attempted to make their way through crowds of panicked people. May wasn't sure whether it was the fact it came from the dressing room, or the fact the scream was pretty chilling as it seemed to ring out throughout the entire hotel.

    Fortunately no-one seemed to be attempting to get through the door to the dressing rooms, May barged right past the noise of everyone talking and into the dressing room hall, which effectively kept out most of the outside talk. As soon as they both had stopped their heads from hurting from the noise, they made their way to Jordans room.

    His door was wide open, and his body was lying on the floor with a crying Kaori and a oddly concerned looking Drew next to him.

    Kaori kept attempting CPR on him with no avail and Drew leant down to take a pulse. Doctor Bennett moved Drew out the way and took the pulse.

    "He's alive" The Doctor said.

    "..But unconscious" Drew explained.

    May glared at him and resisted to urge to use Skitty to double slap him and shout out 'Well, DUH!'
    Doctor Bennett fumbled around in his pockets while the only other noise in the room was Kaori's quiet sobbing. The Doctor took a phone out of his pocket and held it out without looking up.

    "Someone, take it and phone the ambulance" At first no-one went to grab the phone, "Yes, I know it's very primitive technology, but you'll have to use it, I apologize"

    Kaori took it, her hands shaking, and walked into the hallway to make the phone call.

    "Ms. Maple?" Asked Doctor Bennett, not looking up at her, "Do you know Jordan well?"

    May's cheeks went slightly red, "Yes and No, I know him through his brother really.."

    Doctor Bennett smiled, "Good, I need you to phone his family and get them to come here as soon as possible, I fear this is far more than a fever"

    May bit her lip, "What could it be?"

    The Doctor shrugged, "I have no idea, I'm going to make sure he is stable enough to go in the ambulance, so if you could possibly phone his family now that'd be helpful"

    She nodded and begun to walk out the door, then paused.

    "Drew..?" She asked, "Are you coming with me?"

    His reply was a sigh, he begun to walk after her, not bothering to keep up with her pace and walking very slowly. May begun to get increasingly frustrated.

    "Drew! Keep up the pace!" She exclaimed, running back to where he was walking and grabbing his arm.

    This wasn't a good idea as his arm shot back like she'd just electrocuted him. May blushed in embarrassment.

    "I prefer to travel without being dragged along by a girl like you"

    May went scarlet, "And what's thatsupposed to mean?!"

    Drew smirked, walking just a bit further ahead than May, not answering her question. May clenched her fists and shot him an angry look, which she didn't realize that because he was in front of her, he couldn't actually see it.

    Drew began to be calmer again, strolling just ahead of May still, as if to say he wasn't with her.

    "So, how do you know Jordan and his family so well?"

    For the first time ever, she was stuck for words.

    "Um.. I.. I.. Guess.. I.."

    She couldn't finish her sentence so she didn't bother trying, and decided to overtake Drew so he couldn't see the pained expression on her face. Drew stared at her in silence, trying to think of a reason for her weird behavior.

    She's hiding something, he thought, She probably doesn't know them at all.

    "You don't know them at all, do you?" He asked her, his eyes still constantly on her.

    May shook her head, her face still red, "No, it's not that it's-"

    "May! Drew!"

    Drew stopped staring at May and looked at Max, Ash and Brock.

    "Where've you been?!" May asked, giving her brother a bone breaking hug, "I was worried"

    "No-one died, May. Anyway I heard that scream, and I ran into Ash and Brock, I haven't exactly been missing" Max rolled his eyes at his sisters concern.

    She nodded and yelped a little when a big brown bottle advanced right into her eyesight.

    "What the hell is that?!" She shouted, shocked.

    Ash looked perplexed at her reaction, "This is medicine"

    Max smirked, "Stating the obvious, Ash?"

    Ash didn't quite get the sarcasm and nodded.

    May heard laughing to her side and turned a little to see Drew stifling a fit of laughter.

    "You really think that medicine is going to help Jordan at all?" He laughed, "He's unconscious"

    Ash Brock and Max looked concerned and walked into the dressing room to see for themselves.
    May hit Drew on the arm, appalled.

    "You're-laughing?! How are you so insensitive?!"

    Drew shrugged, humoring her, "I guess it comes naturally"

    May realized he was doing this to get her good and angry so she fell silent and walked into the lobby, pretending she hadn't heard anything.
    This seemed to work because Drew followed her, still not keeping up the pace.

    "You know I was joking!" He called after her.

    May smirked as she reached the videophones, dialing the number and waiting for the call to connect. Then it hit her who she was calling and why.
    The screen showed a symbol to show the call had connected and May began to panic.

    "Drew- can you take the call- please?" She said quickly, as soon as the picture came up on the screen she hid behind Drew and pushed him closer to the screen. Drew stood there, unsure whether to speak to the guy or not.

    "May, is that you?" Said the person on screen, "Why are you hiding behind a guy with green hair?"

    May gave a small laugh, and stepped out from behind a very confused Drew.

    "Hi Dean" She said quietly.

    "Why are you calling me, May?" He looked really impatient.

    Dean had the same aquamarine colour hair as his brother, and was wearing a lab coat.

    "Jordan’s ill" She said seriously, "He's unconscious, we're at the Bayleaf Hotel, the doctors recommended that you come see him, I know you didn't want me to phone but it was requested by the doctor."

    Dean sighed heavily, "I'll come. I'm not too far away from here, anyway. And I was thinking that I need to talk to yo-"

    May smiled and cut the call off hastily, then leant against the screen, sighing in relief.
    Drew looked at her for a moment, thinking about what that Dean guy had just said, he'd said 'He needed to talk to May'. What was that about? Various thoughts rushed through his mind which he tried to push away, simply telling himself he didn't care, knocking himself back into reality.
    May forgotten Drew was standing there, watching her the entire time she was on the phone, and got the shock of the life when he cleared his throat.

    "What was all that about May?"

    May looked at Drew and smiled politely, "If you don't mind Drew, it's really none of your business"

    He looked taken aback, "Why is it none of my business? I'm your friend aren't I?"

    May freaked out, "Friends? No, no we're not.. we're not friends.."

    Drew smirked, "A rival should never show their sensitivity, you should know that, I was only joking. It was quite funny to see you freak out, though"

    May was still unnerved by what he said and laughed a little, "Yeah, it was"

    She tried to calm herself down and walked into the lobby again, to go and see whether an ambulance was going to arrive anytime soon. She felt an arm on her shoulder.

    "Do you like having boys follow you round like puppy dogs?" Drew said sarcastically, "Funnily enough I care about Jordan too, so just slow down"

    May let herself walk at the same pace as Drew, although she was very uncomfortable, considering she wasn't even sure if Drew was an enemy or a friend, the amount of times he'd been nice then turned it around and been the worst person on earth she had lost count by now.
    Drews eyes kept wondering to May and looking at her in that dress, he'd only ever seen her looking like a tomboy, which he didn't find very interesting or attractive. Tonight, she was different.
    He wasn't sure whether to act nice or anything to May, he didn't want to come across as a complete idiot, like when he was laughing at the fact Jordan was unconscious, but he also didn't want her to think he'd gone completely soft on her.

    As they got closer to the dressing room hall, they noticed something different.
    Instead of just being loud, the crowd were screaming and shouting, some shoving to get to the front, some just shoving anyone they could for the sake of it. May and Drew began to move through the crowd, then heard some familiar voices.

    "Look! Everyone, you're going to have to calm down!" Shouted Brock, "Yes, an ambulance has been called for Jordan Coran, but we guarantee that there is nothing seriously wrong, he is simply ill"

    This statement made the crowd shout even more, the shoving and pushing got stronger as May and Drew continued to try get to the front. This was until some crazed Jordan fans began to push their way through, one of them grabbing May's arm and deliberately pushing her. Drew quickly moved and grabbed May before she could fall to the ground, and before she'd even figured out what was happening. He held her in his arms, trying to keep her upright until she noticed and stood up, which she did after a minute or so.

    "Thanks Drew" She said, bewildered, "I don't even know what happened, but thanks"

    He looked away from her, replying with a simple, "Hmm."

    She staggered to the side a little, the push had shocked her a little, partly because she'd done nothing to deserve it except for try to get to one of her friends before his condition could get worse. May shook off the feeling quickly and turned to Drew.

    "This time, we're just going to push straight through" She said to him.

    He nodded, and they both started to push through the crowd, some people turned around to shout at them, but they both got to the front so fast they were almost like May, completely oblivious anything had just happened.

    Brock looked at May and Drew.

    "Thank god you two are here.." He muttered to them, "This is absolute hell"

    May smiled a little, "I need to go check on Jordan"

    "Actually, you don't"

    May turned around to look at Drew, "Excuse me?!"

    He pointed at a stretcher parting the crowd, led by two paramedics, "I think they may be going to the hospital already"

    May's eyes widened, "If they go to the hospital I need to wait here for Dean!"

    Brock looked at May, already in full knowledge with who Dean was, "Did you have to call him?"

    May nodded, embarrassment visible on her face, "Yep"

    Drew looked between her and Brock, "Can one of you please explain who Dean is?"

    He wasn't too sure of his reasons for wanting to know a lot more about Dean that he already knew, perhaps it was just curiosity. Drew didn't want to admit it, but it was kind of because May hadn't done anything but get nervous and unhappy every time he was mentioned, and hung up as soon as he'd said he wanted to talk to her. If he made May unhappy, then he wasn't going to stand there and watch her get upset while one of her friends was in hospital.

    Brock looked at May for a moment, as if they were communicating telepathically, "You'll find out when you meet him. He just makes May embarrassed.."

    But, Why? Thought Drew.

    Jordan Coran came out on the stretcher, completely unconscious, appearing to not even be breathing very fast. The lobby fell into silence as he was wheeled out of the hotel lobby as quickly as possible.
    A minute or two later, Max Ash and Kaori stepped out of the hall, Kaori was still in tears.
    May approached her, "How're you feeling?"

    Kaori nodded eagerly, "Fine, I'm fine"

    "How do you know Jordan?" She asked, holding a comforting arm around her.

    "I... Well.." Kaori said, looking to the floor, "I'm the girlfriend of Clifford Miles, but I used to be best friends with Jordan"

    May looked at her for a moment, "I guess you had to pick either one of them because of the rivalry between them"

    Kaori nodded, "Jordan made me choose, I thought I could make up with him tonight and speak to him a little more but- When he fell unconscious and I just screamed"

    "So that was you..?" Drew asked, Kaori nodded.

    "Yes, I apologize"

    The crying, hysterical woman they'd seen only half an hour ago appeared to have been replaced by someone pretty blunt toward other people. May didn't like these kind of character changes in people, like when Drew turned from nice to horrible in minutes.

    A paramedic approached the group of them.

    "Would any of you like to come with us to the hospital?"

    Kaori stepped forward, "I'll go for now"

    The paramedic nodded and turned to the rest of them, "It's Hearthome City Hospital, the bigger one, not the one with a private clinic"

    May nodded, "I guessed he'd be going there"

    Kaori walked off with one of the paramedics, leaving the rest of them to stand there to talk amongst themselves.

    "There's something I don't trust about her" Drew thought aloud.

    Max looked at him bewildered, "You're joking? She's the kindest, most innocent girl I've ever met, if she has a hidden agenda, I'm never going to trust anyone again!"

    "Max has a point" Ash said, "You're too untrusting, Drew"

    Drew rolled his eyes, "Whatever you say"

    May and Brock watched the three of them and realized how much they didn't get along sometimes. They both smirked at each other and watched them, amused. It almost put them off what was going on with Jordan until an announcement came on through the PA.

    "Hello Bayleaf Hotel residents, if you are not staying here tonight, we will have to ask you to calmly leave the premises, we apologize for the inconveniences tonight. Also, if your name is Miss. May Maple, you have a guest waiting for you at reception. Thank you."

    A rush of cold sweat ran over May, she knew exactly who was visiting her. Everyone else in their group had stopped speaking, looking at May expectedly.

    "May..? Are you going to go see your guest or do you really need us to accompany you?" Drew mocked her.

    May nodded, ignoring his sarcasm, "Come with me, it's better if we stick together"

    She'd only asked them to come along with her so that like with Drew and the phone call, she might be able to hide behind one of them if the going got tough.

    They reached the front desk and found Jordans brother, Dean, standing there. May wasn't sure whether to introduce everyone to Dean. She knew he worked in the Pokemon Lab in Hearthome City, discovering Pokemon and going on archaeological digs, but she didn't know if they knew that. The only one who really knew who Dean used to be to May was Brock.

    Dean looked at May, "Are you going to continue gawping or should I introduce myself?"

    May looked at the floor, "Guys, this is Dean Coran, Dean this is.. everyone"

    "How've you been, May?" He asked her.

    "..Ok.." May still looked at the floor, desperately trying not to look up.

    Dean looked up at Ash and the others then spoke the words May really didn't want him to, "Does she always treat her ex-boyfriends like this or am I the only one?"

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    You could probably do well with putting what shipping this is and an age rating in your topic's title.

    Just a head's up; it's in the rules somewhere that if you don't do that, this will be locked.
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    Thanks for the heads up, I swear I read in the rules you didn't have to put it in the title so that's why I didnt, changed it now so hopefully this won't get locked.

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    Chapter Three: Tarnation.

    19th June.

    May just stood there, panic rising up throughout her whole body, she didn't want anyone to even look at her, but she could feel everyones eyes on her and decided it was best if she looked up. She smiled a little at her friends who were all staring at her in shock, except for Brock, who just stood there, waiting for someone to speak.

    "..Ex-Boyfriend?" Drew asked calmly, trying to hide his shock.

    May bit her lip, "Well, I am seventeen, you can't have all expected me to not have dated anyone.."

    Max shook his head, "Why didn't you tell me? Or Mom, Or Dad?!"

    May gave Max a look, "You think the first person I'd tell that I've got a boyfriend would be Dad?"

    "I guess not.. When did you go out anyway?"

    Dean leant against the front desk, staring at Drew with a strange look on his face. He then turned to Max.

    "We went out for around seven months, we broke up a couple of months ago"

    "WHAT?!" Max shouted, then realizing how loudly he'd said it, calmed himself down, "You were going out for seven months and you didn't tell me?!"

    "That is pretty weird that you wouldn't tell us.. Did you tell Misty?" Ash asked curiously.

    May looked to the floor, "..I did actually.."

    Ash's jaw nearly dropped to the floor, "SHE DIDN'T TELL ME?! SHE ALWAYS TELLS ME-"

    Brock stepped forward, "I think we should worry about Jordan instead of Mays choice of boyfriends"

    May tried to laugh it off, "I.. I'm sorry I kind of forgot"

    "Exactly, you know how forgetful May is" Brock said.

    Ash nodded, following Brocks lead, "It doesn't matter anyway, as Deans here now, we should make our way to the hospital"

    Everyone walked outside to the taxis waiting outside the hotel, one of the many good points about staying in such an expensive hotel, you didn't have to wait for a taxi, they were just there.

    Ash, Dean Max and Brock got into one taxi and as May tried to get in the driver stopped her.

    "Sorry, miss, we've only got room for four people, you're going to have to take another"

    May looked at the driver then at Drew, who was standing behind her, he'd been pretty much silent since Dean had shown up. She sighed and closed the door to the taxi and walked down to the next taxi. They both sat in the taxi together.

    "City Hospital, please" May said to the driver, who nodded and begun to drive off.

    Drew hadn't spoken at all and May wasn't sure what to say to him, so she just looked at the price the taxi was going to be, watching it go up every thirty seconds or so. She even begun to count how much longer it would take to get to the hospital, and how much more the price would go up by, she sat attempting to work it out, maths was something she was never very good at.

    "May?" May came out of her daze and looked at Drew.

    "..Yeah?" She asked, fighting off the temptation to apologize, after all, she hadn't done anything.. had she?

    Drew looked at her for a second, "How come you and that Dean guy broke up after seven months, that's a pretty long time"

    May blushed bright red but under the darkness of the cab, Drew couldn't see, "It wasn't working out, There was someone that made me change my mind about him.." May paused, "It doesn't matter now"

    Drew stared at her as she turned her head to look out of the taxi window, trying to work out what she meant by 'someone made me change my mind', he didn't want to press it because he didn't want her to feel like he was intruding in her private life. He sighed and looked out the window next to him so he wasn't looking at May.
    As the taxi pulled up to the front of the hospital Drew got out straight away to catch up with Ash and the others, leaving May to pay the bill.

    "Great" She muttered, looking through her tiny clutch bag, which was only just big enough to fit a little bit of money.

    "Is that enough?" She asked, after searching through every bit of her bag and collecting every bit of change she had.

    The taxi driver rolled his eyes, "You owe me a little more but I can tell getting that little bit more will take you longer than it'll take for me to earn it back, so just leave it at that"

    May nodded, very grateful, and got out the taxi, "Thank you-"

    Before she could check the taxi driver had heard, he sped off into the distance, May smiled slightly.

    Maybe it's good to be annoying sometimes, She thought, I didn't even need to pay the full fare.

    May begun to walk up to the entrance of the hospital, just now realizing that although she didn't mind her friends walking ahead of her, she actually had no idea where they would be.
    She shivered a little, the air had got pretty cold and she was still wearing the dress she'd had on all evening. She sighed, maybe she should have just got changed instead of trying to keep up with Drew.

    "I'm not surprised your cold, wearing that tiny thing" May spun around to see Dean smoking a cigarette outside the hospital.

    He wasn't the type of guy she'd normally like. Through all the years of traveling alone, she'd needed to be with someone, even for a little while. And plus, his personality traits were exactly like those of a certain green-haired boy..
    May walked over to him and took the cigarette out of his hand, then stamped it out on the floor, she'd always hated the fact that he smoked, and smoking outside a hospital was an outrage to her.

    "Dean!" She shouted, almost bursting with anger, "Smoking outside a hospital- You're unbelievable!"

    He looked at her for a moment, his expression softening a bit, "Excuse me, but if you smoked, and found out your brother has come down with some mysterious, and I have to say quite suspicious, illness, wouldn't you want to have a cigarette before you went into the hospital?"

    May glared at him, her mind running through what he just said. Eventually she sighed.

    "Fine, but you aren't supposed to smoke near the entrance where all the patients are going in through. That's just c-common sense" May had begun to stutter from the cold.

    May and Dean looked at each other for a moment. May begun to remember all the events, and reasons leading up to their break up. She wasn't sure whether Dean hated her for it but she was certain he didn't exactly like her. She just nodded at him, not bothering to use words to tell him she was going into the hospital.
    She had wondered why she even called him for a moment but then remembered about Jordan and the fact she couldn't not phone his family because it just wasn't fair.
    May reached the front desk, there sat a woman with black hair and glasses who looked pretty tired.

    "Excuse me.." May looked for some sort of name tag but there wasn't one, "I need to find my friend, he's just been admitted, his name is Jordan Coran"

    The woman behind the desk stared at May behind her glasses, "Are you family?"

    May looked at her, "..Do I need to be?"

    "Yes, you do" The woman said bluntly, "So if you are of no relation to the patient, visiting hours are over for you until 3PM tomorrow. I'm going to have to ask you to leav-"

    "She is family"

    May cringed when she heard Deans voice. She did NOT need him to bail her out of these things. She could have just easily looked around the whole hospital and found Jordan.

    "I'm Dean Coran, this girl is Jordans sister, May Coran"

    May glared at Dean, with Jordan so famous it was hard to believe anyone would fall for that stupid lie. Every newspaper and magazine in the world wrote about Jordan, as if they'd miss out a detail as tiny as a sister-

    "Oh" The woman behind the desk typed a little on the computer in front of her, "He's in Room 654. This admittance report says that he is in a serious condition, they're still trying to find out exactly what's wrong"

    Dean nodded, "Come on, Sis"

    As they walked off to the lifts May kept shooting angry looks to Dean.

    "Why do you think I need your help all the time? I'm perfectly capable of finding Jordan myself, infact I was going to ask my friends-"

    "Friends?" Interrupted Dean, "The friends that just left you to pay for your taxi? The friends that left you to find Jordan on your own in a huge city hospital?"

    May pressed the button for the lift. Deciding not to answer.

    "Unbelievable" Dean said under his breath, "Even though you were a complete and utter bi-"

    "Hey!" May turned to see Drew standing with two cups of what looked like coffee. She wasn't too sure whether he'd just heard what Dean was saying, she kind of hoped he hadn't.

    May silently thanked God for her stroke of good luck. Dean sighed and looked to the lift, which had just opened.
    Drew handed May one of his cups of coffee and they all stepped into the lift.
    It took a few minutes of silence until they were up on the correct floor. As soon as the lift doors opened, Dean walked with them until they reached the room Jordan was supposed to be in.

    "No drinks are allowed in hospital rooms" Dean said, closing the door behind him.

    May and Drew sat down on some chairs in the corridor beside Jordans private room. May sat and drunk a little of her coffee, which was still boiling and a little too bitter for her taste, she was just thankful it was waking her up and keeping her alert, she didn't want to fall asleep when one of her friends could be seriously hurt.

    "He's a jerk" Drew said bluntly, taking a sip of his coffee.

    May nearly spat out her coffee, "What?!"

    Drew gave her look, "He's not a nice guy, May."

    May was perplexed.

    "Do you know him, then?"

    "I used to"

    All the colour drained out of Mays face.


    Drew nodded, sipping his coffee. May took a large gulp of hers, which turned out to not be such a good idea. She yelped in pain.

    Drew looked shocked, "What did you just do?!"

    "Buunn Tuunnggee.." May moaned, not able to pronounce her words properly.

    May expected a horrible comment off Drew, or for him to sigh at her, but he did something she didn't expect at all, he walked over to a vending machine toward the end of the corridor, and brought back a bottle of water. He handed it to May. As May took the water her hand brushed just over Drews, resulting in her stomach to suddenly be full of butterflies. She looked at Drew, almost wanting to ask if he'd felt it too. His eyes were directed on the floor with a small smile on his face that wasn't one of contempt, it kind of looked like a happy smile. The kind of smile May had never seen Drew do before.

    She'd almost forgotten why she was holding the water, but as all her normal sensations came back, so did the pain of her burning tongue.
    May quickly opened the bottle of water and gulped at least half the bottle down. She looked over at Drew again, his smile had gone and his face was blank again.

    Drew began to drink the rest of his coffee as May sat there, thinking about what had just happened until she noticed a few familiar faces running down the corridor.

    "Ash!" May yelped, "Don't run, this is a hospital!"

    Max glared at Ash, "Told you we couldn't run!"

    "How was I supposed to know?!" Ash asked.

    May heard Drew sigh beside her, her eyes flicked from Ash and the others to Drew for a moment, then back to Ash. They'd reached May and Drew now.

    "We have some news" Brock said, "Officer Jenny is coming up to the hospital now, she needs to ask Drew some questions about Jordan and Cliffords whole rivalry thing they have going on-"

    Drew looked up, "Does that have any relevance to Jordan being ill?"

    Brock nodded, "In fact, there are rumors going around that Jordan was deliberately poisoned so that the title of top coordinator would be taken off him"

    May looked at Brock for a minute, "That's not possible is it?"

    "Actually it is" Said a voice behind Ash and the others.

    Officer Jenny has obviously caught up with them quickly. As soon as Brock set eyes on Officer Jenny Max released Ralts from its poke ball.

    "I swear to god, Brock.. If you try to tell her how much you love her-"

    Brock looked between Officer Jenny and Ralts, then at the floor, "Sorry"

    May giggled. Officer Jenny stepped forward and held a hand out to Drew.

    "I'm Officer Jenny, Pleased to meet you"

    Drew shook her hand and stood up, "You said you wanted to talk to me?"

    Officer Jenny nodded, "First there is some news I need to tell you all. We're all quite sure that this 'illness' isn't quite an illness, we're going to have to ask you, especially Drew and Max, to watch out for your safety. We've already taken someone into custody we believe is related to Jordans illness or at least knew something about it"

    May looked shocked, "Who?"

    "Clifford Miles, the second-best coordinator in this years Grand Festival"

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    Well, this sure is an interesting story. Unique storyline too. You never really specified the shippings involed but I am guessing this is going to end..contestshipping? That would make me happy. Anyways, I like your characters, a.k.a Dean for example. It plays in well to the story, being May's ex and all. =] So, I like this story. PM me when you update next? Thanks.
    kyo sohma is my bishie (:

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    Thank you HelloKitty17! Yeah I kind of messed the story up because I never specified the shippings involved, you'd be correct with the contestshipping guess and of course i'll PM you! Thank you for reading x

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    Chapter Four: Hospital Beds.

    19th June.

    As Drew and Max had ended up going off somewhere private in the hospital for questioning, Ash Brock and May were left in the corridor by Jordans room. Brock had taken to going up to every woman he'd see and proclaiming his love for them, even Ash and May had begun to stop dragging him away by now.

    After around an hour, Ash had settled his head on Brocks shoulder and had fallen asleep while Brock leant on Ash's head. May thought that might be dangerous for them, but decided to leave them. Unfortunately for her, the coffee Drew had given her had completely woken her up, meaning she was restless and couldn't stop fidgeting.

    The door to Jordans room clicked open and Dean stepped out, yawning and taking out a cigarette packet from his pocket. He stopped in his tracks when he saw that May was still there.

    "You're still here?" He asked, the tone of his voice different than before.

    "Yeah" May said, looking at the cigarette packet in his hand, "Do you want me to watch Jordan while you go outside?"

    Dean nodded, "Thanks."

    Dean rushed, almost ran away, from May, she could tell he'd been dying for a cigarette since she took the last one he'd had away from him. May opened the door to Jordans room.
    Managing a slight gasp as she walked inside. It was strange seeing one of her friends hooked up to so many machines, wires running through him. At that moment May realized that this wasn't simply a flu, there was something seriously wrong.
    And she'd had her doubts about those 'suspicious circumstances' and the safety of Drew and Max, but now she'd realized she was wrong. There weren't many illnesses that just came about like this.
    She sat down on the chair next to Jordan and looked at him for a moment.
    His face was so pale, compared to the one she'd seen only hours before.
    She knew that getting upset or crying wouldn't exactly help the situation, but she couldn't help it when tears came to her eyes. There was nothing she could do to help, and she couldn't help but think that if she'd stayed with Jordan that somehow it could have been better.

    May had been stuck in her thoughts and jumped as she heard the door click open behind her.
    She quickly wiped her eyes and saw Dean standing there, as soon as he walked in she caught the smell of smoke on him and made a face.

    "I hate the smell of smoke" She stated, wiping her eyes again from the fresh lot of tears that replaced the last ones.

    Dean looked at her for a moment, "You're.. crying?"

    May rolled her eyes, "Sorry I can't cut myself off emotionally from everything that happens in life"

    Dean sighed and walked to where May was sitting, kneeling down beside her.

    "Do you really think I'm like that?" He asked her.

    May ran a hand through her hair and slowly exhaled to stop herself from crying anymore.

    "No" She admitted, "I just- I guess I'm pretty scared"

    Even Dean wasn't sure what to say, instead he wrapped his arms around May and hugged her softly. May didn't know what to make of it, but held him back just to be polite.

    The door clicked open again and Max, Drew and Officer Jenny walked in. May nearly jumped away from Dean, and stood up, looking at both Max and Drew.
    May couldn't help but notice Drews eyes had been fixed on her since he'd entered the room.

    "H-Hi guys" She said, "What's going on?"

    Officer Jenny smiled kindly at May, "We are under the impression that Jordan has been poisoned. Blood tests have shown that something could have been given to him, or put in a drink or food. Unfortunately we don't know what he could have been poisoned with, and until we find out, we won't be able to know whether his condition could get better"

    May walked over to her brother and stood protectively by him, even though he had now grown taller than her.

    "What about Max?" She asked.

    "He or Drew could be targeted next, if our assumptions are correct that this is purely because they are in the top four coordinators. Until we have finished our questioning of Clifford Miles, we have nothing we can tell you that is one hundred percent true. I apologize." Officer Jenny said, "I have to get back to the station right now. The hospital have suggested you all go back to the hotel and stay there, we have officers stationed in the hotel. You will be safe there."

    May nodded and smiled at Officer Jenny, "Thank you very much, I think we're all going to head back now"

    Officer Jenny smiled and left the room.

    "Hmm" Drew leant against the wall, "How do they know we're safe, though?"

    "What do you mean Drew?" May asked.

    "Well, if they'd put poison in a drink, and gave it to us disguised as room service, how would we know?"

    Max turned the leave the room, "Before you turn me even more paranoid, I'm leaving Drew"

    Max closed the door behind him, leaving May with Drew and Dean.

    Just great, She thought, This is just what I needed.

    They all stood in silence for a moment, none of them too sure whether to leave or to start a conversation. Dean moved from kneeling on the floor to standing by the door. He turned to May.

    "Are you coming?" He asked, looking at May.

    "Coming.. Where?" She looked confused.

    "He means to the hotel, May" Drew sneered, "I guess you're too stupid to realize that"

    May looked taken aback, "I- Oh.. Sorry"

    Dean looked at Drew with a angry expression on his face.

    "You know, talking so nastily to people is going to get you in trouble someday" Dean said, his eyes firmly fixed on Drews, "You should watch your mouth. Especially to someone as kind as May"

    Drew looked bored with what Dean was saying until he heard Mays name mentioned. His face and eyes softened for a moment, then resumed with his bored expression. May looked at the floor for a moment then looked up again, Drew was looking straight at her as if he was having some sort of internal conversation with himself.

    “Come back to the hotel with me, May?” Dean asked, May and Drews eye contact broke.

    “Oh” May said, turning to Drew, “Do you want to share a taxi with us, Drew?”

    Drew smirked at Dean, who rolled his eyes, “I’d love to”

    Dean opened the door, muttering, “I’ll see you two outside”

    May looked at Drew for a moment, then at Jordan. The tears she felt before Dean had walked in had come back, she tried to wipe them away furiously. She didn’t want Drew to see this kind of weakness in her. He’d always spoke about how she was weak, she wasn’t strong enough with her pokemon, she wasn’t a strong person at all. This had given her determination to show him how strong she could be. She didn’t want all the time and effort she’d put into appearing to be much stronger than him to go just like that.

    May looked at Drew and mustered a smile. He could see right through her. As she reached the door and begun to walk out she felt his hand on her shoulder, stopping her in her tracks.

    “Were you crying?” He asked blankly.

    She couldn’t tell whether this was him caring or a trap for him to catch her in and laugh at, she shook her head furiously.

    “No way, I’m fine”

    She shook his hand off her shoulder and walked out. Drew caught the door before it could slam shut, looking at Jordan one last time before walking out himself.
    Ash and Brock were still asleep in the hallway with Max sitting beside them looking slightly uncomfortable. Drew looked at Max.

    “Wake them up, we’re going back to the hotel”

    Max nodded, “Okay, we’ll meet you guys there”

    It was just around midnight when the taxi pulled up to the hotel. May and Dean had got a taxi together while Drew decided to hang back and wait for Max, Ash and Brock to leave May some privacy. He didn’t want a taxi journey like before. The tension between him and May had been different since Dean had shown up.

    He didn't want to dwell on it too much, but he hated how Dean had stuck up for her. In some way he figured May would always see what he said as a joke, instead of an insult to her.

    May, Dean, Ash, Brock and Max were waiting in the lobby of the hotel.

    "Your taxi took a while" Ash remarked.

    Drew nodded, "I did notice the driver take a few wrong turns"

    Ash turned to Brock, "Can we phone Misty now? I need to tell her that everyones okay.."

    Brock gave Ash a look, "She's not going to like being woken up at midnight, Ash.."

    Ash ignored Brock and dragged him along the lobby to the videophones. Max laughed at Ash, knowing very well the kind of reaction Misty would have at this time of night. He smirked.

    "Sorry, but I'm going to have to see this" He smiled broadly and ran after Ash and Brock.

    "So much for being safe and sticking together!" May shouted after Max, who appeared to not hear what she'd said.

    May turned to Dean and Drew and shrugged her shoulders, "Are you guys going to sleep now or.."

    Dean smiled, "Could you keep me company, May? With this whole thing with Jordan I feel kind of alone. You know our parents died when we were young so it's always been us two.."

    May smiled at Dean to comfort him, "Of course"

    "If you'd have said no I'd have had to go back to the hospital alone" Dean said glumly.

    May laughed nervously, "Don't be silly. I wouldn't abandon anyone like that!"

    Drew looked between May and Dean, his face slightly red with anger. This guy did not have the right to do this, to treat May badly then come back and make Drew the bad guy.
    He clenched his fists, seeing Dean look at May like he did. It was like his eyes softened and glazed over, unlike when he looked at any other person.

    "May, are you hungry?"

    Drew snapped out of his daze. Dean had begun to walk up the main staircase of the hotel. May stood at the bottom of the staircase. Drew wasn't sure, but he could swear as soon as he looked up May looked away from him.

    "Uh.. Yeah." May said, attempting another smile.

    "Come on May" Dean said, "I want to see you smile like you mean it! You have such a pretty smile-"

    Drew sighed. He was getting tired of this Dean guy really fast.

    "I'm going. Goodbye May" He said, turning around and walking out of the front door of the hotel.

    May stood at the bottom of the staircase, watching him walk out of the front door. She turned to Dean.

    "I'll meet you upstairs in five minutes, okay?" She said, not bothering to wait for an answer, and running out after Drew.

    The night air was colder than May had remembered it, as she ran down the steps leading up to the hotel entrance, she spotted Drew running to a taxi that was parked a little further down the road.

    May picked up speed.

    "Drew! DREW!" She shouted, as many times as she could, she'd begun to run out of breath by the time she'd realized he had stopped.

    He stood there, looking at her running toward him. As she caught up to him she almost collapsed in his arms from the running she'd been doing. She used most of her strength holding onto his arms and forcing him to look her in the eye.

    "D-Drew.." She panted, "Don't... Go.."

    This caught him a little off guard. If anything he'd have thought she wanted to say goodbye to him properly.

    "W-What?" He stuttered, completely throwing away his usually ice cold exterior.

    "Please.. Don't go.. For.. for me?" She asked, beginning to regain her breath.

    He looked into her eyes, trying to make sure this wasn't some sort of stupid joke.

    "Why shouldn't I go, May?" He asked, his anger coming back, ”You’ve got Dean, I'm sure he'll look after you"

    May shook her head, her breathing had returned to normal, "I don't want him to look after me.."

    Drew rolled his eyes, "Well, it seems like he wants to look after you, so why don't you just take his help? I'm sure it'll be a lot better being looked after by him than getting insulted by me-"

    "I want you to look after me" May interrupted him, catching him off guard, "I feel safe with you here. Not him. I know I dated him but it didn't mean anything to me, it was me that ended it, I wasn't exactly heartbroken"

    Drew looked at her in the eyes, seeing the emotion displayed in them had made him certain she wasn't lying. He noticed tears welling up in her eyes as he stepped closer to embrace her, they were almost in an embrace until a voice came from what seemed like nowhere.

    "Fabulous! Isn't it the two lovebirds? Are you planning on running away together? You know I'm joking, Darlings!"

    May jumped apart from Drew as fast as she could, her face flushed red, even under the darkness of the night, Drew could see how much she was blushing.

    "H-Harley!" She stuttered, "Always a pleasure to see you.."

    Harley rolled his eyes at May, "I don't have time for you, twerp, I'm here to see your lover-boy!"

    Drew smirked, "You're only embarrassing yourself when you refer to us as 'lovers', you know that it's not true"

    "You'd be surprised, darling!" Harley winked at Drew, which freaked him out, "Actually, I'm here on account of the gossip going around about you, Drew! It seems the entire world is going crazy for this story!"

    "And what's that?" Drew looked unimpressed.

    Harley smirked, "Because Jordan is 'unwell', if you defeat Clifford Miles, you'll be the new top coordinator for this years Grand Festival!"

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    Don't worry about it.


    Okay, it's offical. Dean pisses me off. He really needs to lay off, kay?
    Anyways, back to the story, this was a good chapter, and the end was such a suprise by the way! Shouldn't Max be included in that battle too or no? I kinda like it just Drew and Clifford. & that moment, at the end with May running towards Drew, big awww. It reminded me of the end of the KGF when she ran off to him to say goodbye. I love how May said she feels safe with Drew no Dean, very cute. Like I said at the begainning though, Dean = no.
    Great chapter, thanks for the PM.
    kyo sohma is my bishie (:

    &*heres__ to the note |she| wrote
    well RAISE a finger
    obscene g e s t u r e s , so she said
    but i only said sweet things to get you in b e d;

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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloKitty17 View Post
    Okay, it's offical. Dean pisses me off. He really needs to lay off, kay?
    Anyways, back to the story, this was a good chapter, and the end was such a suprise by the way! Shouldn't Max be included in that battle too or no? I kinda like it just Drew and Clifford. & that moment, at the end with May running towards Drew, big awww. It reminded me of the end of the KGF when she ran off to him to say goodbye. I love how May said she feels safe with Drew no Dean, very cute. Like I said at the begainning though, Dean = no.
    Great chapter, thanks for the PM.
    Thats ok. And yeah, you've always got to have people to shake the story up a little, though

    Oh, and the reason Max isn't involved in the battle is because Clifford and Drew were second and third place, as its only the two highest ranks fighting for the title of top coordinator, that's why Max isn't involved in the battle.

    Thank you for reading

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    Just out of interest. I'd like to know how many people are actually reading this story? Because I've come up with quite a few storylines that could make this story go on a lot longer. I just want to know if anyone would like this story to be very long, or not?

    Anyway, on with the story.

    Chapter Five: Gossip.

    19th June.

    "Unfortunately for you Harley, I'd only believe your lies if and when I'm told by an official spokesperson or organizer for the Grand Festival"

    Harley looked as if Drew had punched him, his face then flushed red with anger while Drew stood there, looking as calm as ever.

    "You little-" Harley couldn't stop his face getting an even brighter shade of red, "You know, Drew. If I didn't know better I'd think you didn't like me, the way your treating me!"

    Drew raised an eyebrow and uttered under his breath so only May could hear, "Where could you have possibly got that idea from..?"

    May laughed under her breath but stopped as soon as she saw Harley looking at her, his hands on his hips. She could see him getting angrier and angrier every time Drew came back with a sarcastic comment.

    "Sweetie, I'm beginning to get awful tired of you, what I'm telling you is the truth"

    Drew raised an eyebrow, "I can't say I believe you 100% until I talk to someone I trust"

    Harley turned bright red.

    "Believe what you will" He said, a smirk suddenly creeping up onto his face, "I guess the rumors mean nothing to you"

    May looked confused, "Rumors? What rumors?"

    Harley laughed, "Oh sweetie. Your little boyfriend here, Apparently, he's so obsessed with being the top coordinator, he's tried to kill poor Jordan so he can gain the title"

    May looked at Harley for a moment, who had begun to slowly realize she wasn't giving him the reaction he wanted.

    "Actually Harley," May paused for a moment, "Jordan fell ill after the ceremony. Meaning that, as Drew was with me Ash Brock and Max the entire time after the ceremony, he couldn't have even gone near Jordan without one of us there"

    Harley had begun to visibly shake, he was obviously seething with anger, "Well- He doesn't even deserve to be a coordinator! He can't even train his pokemon!"

    Drew flicked his hair to the side arrogantly, "Sounds like someone else I know"

    "Why you little! Arghhhhhh!" Harley shouted, turning on his heel and storming back into the Hotel Lobby.

    May and Drew watched him enter the lobby, then looked at each other.

    "What just happened?" May asked, confused.

    "To tell you the truth," Drew shook his head, "I have no idea"

    Drew watched May for a little while until he noticed her eyes suddenly shine bright, as if she'd had an idea. She turned to Drew, a bright smile on her face.

    "You know, if this is true, you have another reason to stay!" She exclaimed, grabbing his arm.

    "I- I do?!" He asked, as May begun to drag him towards the Hotel Lobby.

    "Yeah!" She said, a smile on her face, "If you get the chance to become top coordinator, you're not going to pass it up!"

    As they entered the Lobby of the hotel, they found Brock and Max crowded around Ash. Probably trying to check he wasn't deaf from how loud Misty would have shouted at him. Surprisingly, they also found Mr Contesta, dressed in his usual uniform, except for the fact that instead of shoes, he was wearing slippers. Unfortunately, Harley had already seen him and was standing there, sucking up to him.
    Mr Contesta smiled sleepily and ignored Harley as he saw Drew and May walk up to him.

    "Mr Contesta, what are you doing up so late?!" May asked.

    Ash and the others had noticed Mr Contestas presence and made their way over to see him.

    Mr Contesta smiled at May, "It's ok, May. Actually I just received an urgent phone call and had to take it down here. I was just about to come find you, Drew"

    "Oh, Why?" Drew asked blankly, hoping that Mr Contesta wasn't about to repeat what he already knew.

    "You are obviously well aware of the situation with Jordan" Drew nodded, "According to Grand Festival rules, because of his current state he can't keep his title. We need to find a temporary top coordinator as soon as possible"

    "Told you!" Harley smirked.

    Drew stood for a moment, pondering what he'd just heard, "Why am I the person that has to battle? What about Max?"

    Mr Contesta looked at Max apologetically, "Unfortunately, the battle will automatically be between the second and third highest ranking coordinators. If, for any reason, Drew or Clifford did not want to compete, Max will be the next choice to battle"

    Max looked interested, "So, I could be the next top coordinator?"

    "In theory, Yes"

    May ran a hand through her hair, she had begun to get increasingly worried.

    "You know Max, I don't think that's such a good idea" She said, trying her hardest to not act too overprotective.

    Drew looked at May, an arrogant smirk plastered on his face, "Don't worry. I'm not missing this for the world"

    Max looked disappointed, "I would have loved to have beat that creep."

    "Excuse me, kid" Harley said, "I'll have you know, Clifford Miles is NOT a creep!"

    May looked at Harley, "I hate to say this, but I agree with Harley. You can't go around saying he's a creep. It's not nice, Max"

    Drew shook his head, "Clifford Miles isn't a nice guy. Max and I would know"

    "That's just your assumption" May said flatly.

    "Actually" Harley spoke up again, "I have heard he's not very nice"

    "Exactly" Max said, then looked at Ash and Brock, "I can't believe I just agreed with Harley.."

    "I heard that!" Harley shouted, "In fact, there have been a lot of articles written about Clifford Miles, most of them in gossip magazines"

    May looked unimpressed, "I should have known you'd be reading gossip magazines"

    Harley rolled his eyes at Mays comment, "Actually, there have been some very interesting stories lately about Jordan being seen out with some mystery girl, and Clifford Miles shouting at Jordan about it."

    "Elaborate on that" Drew said, looking at Harley, a new found interest in what Harley was saying.

    "Well, I gave the article to Cacturne.." Harley let Cacturne out of its pokeball and there it was, Cacturne had a magazine article attached to one of its spikes.

    "My My," Mr Contesta said, "That's a unique way of storing things"

    Harley took the article off Cacturne and put it back into its pokeball.

    "Lets see- Ah here!" Harley read aloud, "'Top Coordinator Jordan Coran was seen meeting a unidentified girl at a Cafe, on the 5th of June. Clifford Miles quickly arrived at the scene, obviously angry, and shouted at Jordan and the girl he was with. Onlookers said Clifford was shouting about 'Loyalty' 'Trust' and 'Betrayal'. Clifford quickly left the scene, and the woman walked out, crying.'"

    Harley then showed the article to everyone, "There’s even a picture of them together"

    Everyone looked at the picture, it had obviously been taken on a low quality phone and blown up, thus dropping the quality even more. The picture showed a pixilated figure that could only be Jordan, sitting with a girl with long straight hair.

    May looked at Drew for a moment, "Do you think that could be Kaori?"

    Drew tried to figure out who it could be, then shook his head, "It could be, but there's no way to prove it is”

    “There is!” Harley said cheerfully, “Go and ask at the Café”

    Max looked at Harley, “It’s midnight! And why would we go all the way there just to find out who he was meeting at the Café? There’s a little thing called privacy, Harley”

    Harley and Max had begun to argue, much to the dismay of Brock and Ash, May took the opportunity to turn to Drew.

    "Can I speak to you?" She asked.

    "..Sure" He said flatly and walked to the corner of the lobby so they were out of earshot, "What is it?"

    May wasn't sure whether to ask, so she stood there for a moment looking at the floor, "You're definitely going to battle, right?"

    Drew nodded, "Of course I am"

    May looked at him very seriously, "Look. I know you said you are. But you have to promise on my life that you will."

    Drew looked into Mays eyes, trying to look for a hint of sarcasm, or a joke, or anything else that this could be. But he found nothing. He paused before speaking.

    "I promise"

    May looked relieved, "I don't want Max to be in danger. I mean I know I have the rest of my family, and my friends, and well, you. But Max is the only person I've ever wanted to protect with my life"

    "I understand" Drew said, looking at May, "I've never felt like that about anyone before"

    "Felt what?" May asked.

    "Like I would give my own life to protect someone" Drew noticed Harley and the others walking over to them and flicked his hair to the side, "Especially as I'M the most important thing in my life"

    May nodded, not quite listening and definitely not agreeing to what he said. Drew looked at the floor glumly, he didn't mean to come across as an arrogant jerk, or anything at all, he just didn't like knowing that people could know his weaknesses and use that against him.
    Mr Contesta had walked over with the others, looking at Drew expectedly.

    "Are you sure you want to take part in the rematch?" Mr Contesta asked Drew.

    Drew nodded, "Definitely"

    "You're certain you don't want time to think about it?"

    "No" Drew said blankly, "I just want to start preparing for battle"

    To the side of Drew, he saw someone yawning. He turned to see May looking pretty tired.

    "You should go to sleep" He said to her.

    She nodded sleepily and turned to the others, "Night.." She then paused and looked at Drew, "Walk me to my room?"

    Drew was a little taken aback but nodded nevertheless, "Okay, it's only on the first floor, right?"

    "Second" May yawned again, "It's not a long walk"

    Drew nodded, He and May turned away from the others and begun to walk up the staircase together.

    "Thanks for helping me look out for Max" May said, her eyes flickering open and shut from how tired she was.

    Drew put an arm around her so she didn't fall over, it looked like she could fall asleep walking along, she was that tired. May offered him a faint smile before looking ahead to see her room.

    "That's my room" She said only just loud enough for Drew to hear.

    Drew took her key and opened her door for her. Then walked her over to her bed and made sure she was actually on it, he didn't want to leave and find out she'd ended up sleeping on the floor. Mays eyes flicked open for a moment as Drew knelt down so he was at the level of her bed.

    "Drew?" She asked quietly, her eyes opening and closing every few seconds.

    "Mhm?" He asked, resisting the urge to run a hand through her hair, or do anything affectionate toward her.

    "Thank you" She said, then did something very unexpected, in her tired state, she leant over and kissed his forehead softly, Drew closed his eyes while she did this and only opened them when he realized she'd fallen asleep.

    He stood up and walked to the door, turning round to see her once more before he left. He wasn't entirely sure what had happened. The door was shut behind him, and he made his way to his room. Instead of sleeping that night, he sat on his bed, and rerun what had just happened through his mind, over and over again.
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    Your chapters are so fufilling! Anyways, I will start with the ending before I forget. That was super sweet. I like how you made it cute but not over the edge retarted cute. Hah, and for some reason I found that so funny what you said about May possbily ending up on the floor. I guess it just seems like something she would do. Back to the rest of the story, god I love Harley in this story. He is just like himself. Always getting outsmarted. The part when he started shaking out of madness was especially funny. Thanks for the PM. =]
    I hope more people are reading this story, since it is so great and you update so often.
    kyo sohma is my bishie (:

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    HelloKitty17,I love the feedback I get from you, it's always nice to see that someones actually reading!

    Anyway. I have a lot planned for this story so I hope more people will be more open about reading this. Even if they aren't I don't mind, I enjoy writing this story a lot!

    Chapter Six: Detective Groom.

    20th June.

    The day was cold for what was supposed to be a hot summer. As everyone woke up to begin to look for anymore information about Jordan, Drew was only just closing his eyes.
    Sleep never came easily to him, his mind was constantly full of thoughts he had to process. The twenty minutes of sleep he had before his door was knocked on seemed like hours to him, usually the amount of sleep he got was a quick nap, then he'd be back to doing more training. He could never be like May, who for the most part couldn't function without about eight hours of sleep.

    "Wake up Drew" Came a voice from the other side of the door that Drew automatically knew was Mays.

    He yawned and walked to the door, as soon as he opened it he was nearly knocked back from her bounding into his room. She had a bright smile on her face, with a better ability to move today as she'd changed from the dress she was wearing. Drew recognized this as a traveling outfit she'd worn since she went to Johto all those years ago. Black high-waisted shorts and a simple white shirt, Mays excuse for wearing it all these years was that it was comfortable.

    "Someone's cheerful today" Drew yawned again, looking at her sleepily.

    It was funny how that now he was up, he wanted to go to sleep. It constantly happened where he'd be awake all night and tired when he saw people. Maybe it was Mays happy personality that made him react so badly.
    Drew smirked as this thought passed through his head.

    May, oblivious to him smirking at her, nodded, "Of course I'm cheerful. I'm hopeful for Jordans condition!"

    Drew smiled sleepily, rubbing his eyes to try to wake himself up a little more, "Good for you"

    Without any warning, May had grabbed his arm and begun to lead him out of his room. He decided to not complain or try to stop her, he had no idea whether her good mood would last, and he didn't want to be the one to break it.
    As he and May reached the hotel lobby, they noticed something different. Something strange was that even though it was nine in the morning, hundreds of people were gathered in the lobby. They were all talking amongst themselves.
    May assumed Ash and the others would be in the crowd as she was sure she heard them all leave their rooms just as she woke up.
    Drew and May tried to make their way to the front of the crowd which appeared to be at the hotel entrance.

    "Excuse me! May I have every ones attention!"

    May realized straight away that the voice belonged to none other than Mr. Contesta, and tried jumping in the air to see above every ones heads.
    She stopped upon seeing the look Drew and people surrounding were giving her, and smiled bashfully.

    "I thought I'd give it a try" She said.

    Drew shook his head and pushed past a couple more people, partly to walk away from May because of all the attention she was casting onto them both.

    "As you are all aware" Mr. Contesta continued, "Clifford Miles was taken in for questioning but, that's all this is. And yes, he will be taking part in the rematch for the title which will be taking place over the next two days"

    People from all angles begun to shout things out but Mr. Contesta ignored everything by simply shaking his head.

    "I will not be answering any questions today, my apologies"

    And with that, the crowd began to disperse. May noticed that Mr. Contesta had been standing with a few police officers who appeared to be looking after Clifford Miles himself.

    May pointed this out to Drew, who walked over to Clifford, May close behind, who had just noticed Ash and the others making their way towards them.

    "How're you doing?" Drew asked Clifford, who shrugged.

    "Ok, you?" He said this very bluntly, prompting Drew to rethink whether he should be talking to him, he'd been arrogant and rude during the Grand Festival and hardly spoke to Drew so why would he bother starting now.

    The police gave Clifford a nod, and with that Clifford pushed past Drew, deliberately hitting his shoulder as he passed and walked towards the stairs, running up them until he was out of sight.

    Mr Contesta made his way toward Drew, who was rubbing the part of his shoulder Clifford had hit.

    "I apologize on behalf of Clifford, he's been in questioning since last night"

    Drew fought the temptation to be rude or arrogant and nodded. He noticed Ash and the others walk over and smiled a little at them.
    May enveloped Max in a huge hug, acting as if she hadn't seen him in years.

    "What did they find out?" Brock asked, trying to distract every ones attention away from Mays display of affection toward her brother.

    "I shouldn't really say.." Mr. Contesta looked to the floor, everyone could see he was thinking about telling them any information he had.

    "Please say" Max asked, wrestling his way out of Mays bone-breaking hug.

    A police officer walked over to Mr. Contesta. He had on a dirty grey coat, with messy brown hair, he looked very old, but only because of the stress of his job, if anyone guessed he could be in his late twenties.

    "Mr. Contesta, if these kids are bothering you we can easily escort them off the grounds" The Officer said.

    Mr. Contesta shook his head, "Detective Groom, two of these people took part in the award ceremony the other night"

    The Detective looked at Drew and Max and smiled a little, "You two were really good at the Grand Festival. I watched you battle a little at the precinct before going off to investigate cases"

    Drew and Max smiled politely but deep down wondering whether all Detectives decided to watch Contest battles as opposed to solving cases.

    The Detective smiled brightly at them, "Top Coordinators and they still like the little people! Tell you what, I'll tell you guys whatever you want"

    Mr. Contesta looked startled, "Detective!"

    The Detective looked at the floor, "Sorry"

    "I'm going to leave now. Drew, I'll be back for your battles over the next few days"

    "Battles?!" Drew asked, bemused.

    "I must have forgotten to tell you" Mr. Contesta smiled, "There will be three five-minute battles and the one that wins two out of three wins the title. It also gives the judges a better chance to see how well your pokemon execute their moves as opposed to how powerful they are"

    Drew sighed, "So I'm training for three battles instead of one? That's going to be so much work"

    Detective Groom patted Drew on the back to comfort him. But considering the Detective was over Six Foot, and built pretty broadly, you could bet anything the 'pat' was more like a punch. May laughed as she saw Drew trying to fight the temptation to shout out in pain.
    Mr. Contesta took the opportunity to leave, as most people in the Lobby had left, a police officer at the front doors walked with Mr. Contesta, he was probably there for his protection.

    "Kids, I'd better go too" Detective Groom said.

    Brocks face changed a little, "You're calling me a kid?!"

    The Detective leaned in closer to the group, "Look, I could be out of line saying this to you, and I could get in a lot of trouble. But, there is a lot of evidence, almost too much evidence to show Clifford had something to do with Jordans mysterious illness. If you want to go check it out," Detective Groom placed a key in Mays hand, "Go do it while I brief all the police on the situation. If you want to talk more about the case, I'd be happy to speak to you if you come to the station"

    Everyone tried their best to not look suspicious so simply nodded as Detective Groom walked away. As soon as he'd left, they all smiled at each other.

    Ash grabbed the key out of Mays hand, "Who’s up for investigating this 'evidence' then?"

    "Hey!" May said, her hands on her hips, "Only a couple of us should go, we don't want to look too suspicious.

    "Me!" Max, Brock and Ash shouted at the same time.

    "You three go" Drew said, "Me and May can go talk to Clifford ourselves"

    "We can?!" May looked taken aback.

    Drew looked at her, "Yeah, let's go"

    Ash, Max and Brock tried to look as nonchalant as possible going into the dressing room halls while Drew and May walked up the stairs as fast as possible to get to Cliffords room.
    They reached a room up on the same floor they were on.

    "Is this his room?!" May asked.

    Drew nodded, "I wouldn't be so stupid to lead us up to find Clifford if I didn't know where he was staying"

    May looked at him for a moment, "Right"

    Drew stopped for a moment and let Roselia out of her pokeball.

    "Why are you doing that, Drew?" May asked.

    "In case we get into any trouble" Drew said, "It's always best to be prepared"

    As Drew went to knock on the door, he was stopped by the sound of an argument inside the room. As he and May listened in, they could tell the argument was between what sounded like Clifford Miles and a woman. They stood with their ears to the door and listened, unfortunately they couldn't make out who was saying what from how muffled the sound was while it came through the door.

    "I didn't do anything! It was you that did this!"

    "You're trying to make me seem like I did it, but everyone will soon know it was you"

    "You're sick, you're trying to make this my burden, I'm sick of making this MY burden to carry"

    "I never asked you too. Maybe if you weren't so desperate it would be cute your so nice to me"

    "You cannot treat a person like this, it's not fair. I am beginning to get very sick of you. I quit"

    "Quit?! You can't quit"

    "Just watch me!"

    Drew and May heard someone beginning to walk to the door, so they took off down the corridor and up the steps of the hotel, with no real destination, just the fact they needed to get away from whoever was storming out the room.
    By the time they were sure no-one could find them, they were completely out of breath. Roselia looked angry at the fact it had to run such a long way when the person might not have even left the room.

    May leant against the wall of the corridor they'd ended up in, trying her hardest to get her breath back to normal.
    Drew didn't have a problem with breathing normally after large bursts of running, he'd done so much when training his pokemon he'd disciplined himself to keep calm in all situations. He looked at May, then at the corridor they were in.

    "You know where we are, right?" He asked.

    May shook her head, trying to breathe, "No.. Where... Are... We..."

    "By the dressing rooms. We can meet Ash and the others now" He said coolly, looking at May, "Are you alright?"

    He leant down a bit so he was at her height. Roselia stood beside Drew, he let Roselia back into its pokeball and realized as it had gone, it had left something in Drews hand. He looked down and noticed a rose.

    May was still having trouble breathing, she closed her eyes and Drew quickly put the rose delicately into her hair, pretending he was just pushing some hair out of her face.

    May looked up at Drew, catching her breath properly.

    "Did you just do something?" She asked.

    Drew shook his head, "No. Shall we go find your brother?"

    May nodded eagerly, "I hope he's ok"

    They began walking to Jordans dressing room, as they assumed there were those clues the Detective was talking about.
    As they entered Jordans dressing room, they found Ash Max and Brock checking every bit of furniture they could for clues.
    Drew shook his head at them.

    "You're such amateurs, if it doesn't look suspicious, it probably isn't" He said.

    May looked pained at what she was about to say, "I have to agree with him. What have you found?"

    "There are signs of struggle everywhere in the room, something I can't remember seeing when we came in here after the ceremony" Brock said.

    May felt nervous, "There was a twenty minute gap when we left him with Kaori. I think that was the only person that was here"

    "Why are there signs of struggle, then?" Ash asked, "If Kaori is his friend, or at least, was"

    "We'll never know" Brock said, "Max have you found anything?"

    "On the glass Jordan knocked down, there are distinct fingerprints, we can safely say that if he did do anything they probably belong to Clifford Miles. Because, I looked in Cliffords dressing room, and there is a room service tray, with a bottle of orange juice on it, we think the glass was taken from Cliffords room to here" Max said, looking up from under the dressing table.

    "Why would Clifford do that?" May asked, "It makes no sense"

    "Maybe he's just a bad criminal" Said a voice from behind May and Drew.

    Drew rolled his eyes as he noticed who it was, Dean Coran, standing there looking very arrogant.

    "Morning Dean" May said, bemused.

    Dean walked over to May and hugged her, she put her arms around him awkwardly.

    "I just got a call from the hospital" Dean said, "They want me to go in and see Jordan, apparently it's urgent"

    "What could have happened?" May asked.

    Dean shrugged, "I guess they're going to tell me when I arrive".

    Drew looked awkward standing near Dean so he moved to where Max was searching for clues.

    "Found anything else?" He asked, trying to ignore the fact Dean was there.

    Max shook his head, "It's hard when we have nothing to determine whether these are Jordans fingerprints or Cliffords"

    "Wouldn't all the real evidence be at the police station?" Ash asked, upon hearing their conversation.

    Max looked at Ash for a moment, "I've just realized what a waste of time this was"

    Drew nodded, "I'm glad I wasn't a part of it"

    Max glared at Drew, "I say, Brock and I go to the police station while you guys go to the hospital"

    "The hospital only want to see me" Dean said flatly, "I'd take you all, otherwise"

    "Shame that" Drew said sarcastically.

    May gave Drew a look, "Don't be rude Drew, his brother is in hospital"

    Max and Brock left the room while everyone spoke amongst themselves, Dean also managed to leave to get to the hospital in time incase anything terrible happened, leaving May Drew and Ash together.

    "Are you going to start your training?" Ash asked Drew curiously.

    "Of course I am" Drew said, "I've got my victory all planned out"

    "Don't get too arrogant" May snapped at him.

    Drew looked at her, "What's wrong with that? I know I'm going to win"

    May shook her head, "You can be such a jerk sometimes Drew, honestly"

    Drew looked taken aback at first, his eyes softening for a minute. May had begun to feel bad about what she said.

    "Drew I didn-"

    "I know I'm a jerk, May" Drew flicked his hair to the side, "Maybe that's part of my charm"

    Drew turned and walked away.
    May ran out into the hall, calling after him, "Where are you going?!"

    "Training" Drew said, not bothering to turn around as usual.

    Ash looked at May, "What was that about?"

    May leant against the wall, "I don't know"

    Ash and May begun to walk down the corridor to the Lobby, they weren't sure what they would do there, maybe deciding on a plan of action where a possible crime happened was a better option.

    As they reached the lobby they realized the amount of police swarming throughout it. May scanned the Lobby for Brock Max or Drew but couldn't see them anywhere, she assumed they must have just missed the police, or had exited the hotel a slightly different way, or maybe just ignored the police completely.

    "I guess they didn't need to go to the station, after all" Ash said, shocked at the amount of officers there.

    May and Ash walked down the steps and watched as around ten Police Officers walked through the Lobby.
    May wondered why they were bundled so close together until she figured out they had Kaori and Clifford beside them.

    Detective Groom was walking throughout the Lobby, talking to various people on the way. He spotted May and Ash and walked over to them.

    The Detective smiled goofily, "Hey guys, we're bringing Kaori in for questioning, and due to the evidence we have Cliffords a definite suspect for poisoning Jordan"

    "So it's definite he was poisoned?" May asked, biting her lip, "Will he get better?"

    Detective Groom hung his head, "That, I cannot say"

    "Will Clifford be competing for top coordinator still?" Ash asked.

    "Of course" Detective Groom said, "As soon as he wins, or loses, he will have to be taken away and arrested officially"

    "Oh" May said, "Do you really think he tried to hurt Jordan?"

    Detective Groom shrugged his shoulders, "Miss it's not my place to say"

    "My name is May" May said shyly, "Don't call me Miss"

    "Okay" Detective Groom said, "May, It's not my place to say. It's more like all the evidence that he hates Jordan, he lost to Jordan, his fingerprints, it's too coincidental"

    May nodded, "I understand"

    "I have to get to the offices now" Detective Groom said, "Get you or your friends to stop by whenever, I'm always in"

    As the Detective walked away May turned to Ash, "Do you think it's a good thing that as a Detective he's always in his office instead of solving cases?"

    Ash laughed a little, "Probably not, no"

    Ash looked at May for a moment, noticing something. May had begun to feel uncomfortable and looked at Ash.

    "What is it?" She asked, blushing slightly.

    "You have something in your hair" He said, "I'm going to go catch up with the Detective, I'll be back soon"

    Ash walked out of the Lobby as quickly as possible, leaving May confused. She knew there were mirrors all over the walls of the Lobby, so she walked up to one.

    What could I possibly have in my hair, May thought, This is so embarrassing!

    She looked in the mirror and it took a moment for her to actually reach out to touch what was in her hair.

    A Red Rose.

    "Drew?" May thought aloud, taking the rose out of her hair and holding it in her hand, "Why.. Why would he get me a rose?"

    She stood staring at the rose for a long time, a smile working its way onto her face. A true smile, not one that May would have to put on there fakely. She smiled for so long it had begun to make her cheeks sore, but she didn't care. All she cared about was the beautiful flower in her hand.

    As she turned to go place the flower in her room, she looked down at it once more, looking up and saying to thin-air, "Thank you, Drew"
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    You really are truly creative. Your chapters are long and full of detail. By the way, wow Kaori? I would never have expected her to do something like poisoning someone? But wow, I can't wait to find out about the relationship with those 3. The thing with the rose was so incredibly sweet. I knew from when he put it in her hair and said he did nothing that someone would point it out to May later. I think that is just soo adorable ^_^
    Finally, god Dean is back, yuck for some reason I really can't stand him, I guess it's because I get so into your storie that I feel like Dean is a real person interferring with May and Drew, and we can't have that at all.
    Hmm, I think I covered most everything, that part was funny when the detective was patting Drew also.
    You're welcome about my reviews, I don't mind reviewing truly wonderful stories. Ya know, if you edited the title and included the rating or shipping it might become more popular because people look for those things. & I am sure more people are reading and not commenting about your story, I used to do that too ;]
    Thanks for the PM
    update soon.
    kyo sohma is my bishie (:

    &*heres__ to the note |she| wrote
    well RAISE a finger
    obscene g e s t u r e s , so she said
    but i only said sweet things to get you in b e d;

    touch me, tease me - a day away
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    Hi, sunshine!
    I must say, this story is really beautifully written. Your descriptions are awesome, and I love how well you depicted each character. For example, Brock. Writing that he was the only person who knew about May and Dean's relationship shows that he's the big brother figure type. ....or maybe i'm just over-analyzing... -_-;;
    I absolutely LOVED the may and drew interaction. The kiss on the forehead and the rose in May's hair was absolutely.... HEART WARMING! lol.
    and dean can just go to..... yeah, you know where i was gonna say. lol. good job on depicting his role in the story as well!
    Your chapters have a very good length and are well described.
    I love this story! Keep up the good work!

    As for how long the story should be.... that's completely up to you. But I'll tell you that I prefer stories that don't go all the way up to chapter 40 >_>.
    25-ish chapters is good enough for me, but if you're planning to do less or more, go ahead! I'll read them!

    Please put me on the PM List!

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    Oh Gosh, you guys are so sweet! It made me smile so much to read your comments. And, Genkiness you weren't over analyzing haha! That's what I meant for people to read it and see.

    Oh, and obviously I don't like Dean either, but you can't just have everything go smoothly all the time, As you'll find out in this chapter.

    I'm not too sure because it's not going to be like a story that goes up to like, 40 chapters, I was thinking of doing it in like parts, so like part 1, 2 and 3 with like 20 chapters or so in them?

    This will be the last update until around Thursday or Friday because I have GCSE exams all this week so I need to concentrate on those, so this is an apology in advance!

    Chapter Seven: Phone call.

    20th June.

    "Come on just look at him! He even has an evil look about him. He did it!"

    At the police station, even Brock wasn't very happy with Max's unique way to "solving" crimes. The police officers that were there smirked, not taking him seriously.

    "Seriously, how old is this kid? Is he drunk or somethin'?" One of them asked.

    Brock looked like he was in pain, "No, he's just- got a unique way of coming to conclusions"

    The Police Officer smirked, "Okay, Okay. Kid, we're not going to arrest someone based on how they look. However, he is going to be arrested as soon as his rematch is over with that Drew kid"

    Brocks eyes widened, "I didn't know that?"

    "We just got the report through, kid." The officer said, "Come back when Detective Groom is here, I'm sure he'll explain it. But now you're going to have to leave"

    Brock and Max looked at each other, then to the officers.

    "Are you sure we can't help?" Max asked.

    "Kid, if we need someone to tell us whether someone LOOKS like they could have committed a crime, we'll find you. But for now we've got someone else that could have been involved coming in for questioning-"

    "Who?" Brock asked, interrupting the Officer.

    "I can't tell you that. I'll just tell you she's dating the guy we've arrested-"

    Max turned to Brock, "Didn't we meet her? She went to hospital with Jordan?"

    "Oh" Brock thought for a moment, "Kaori. I'd never forget a beautiful face like hers-"

    Brock was cut off by Max hitting him round the head, "We have no time for that!"

    "S-Sorry!" Brock stuttered from the impact of Max hitting him, "We'd better go, Max"

    Max nodded, and they begun to walk out of the station until they noticed a familiar detective standing at the front of it, shouting commands to various people through a phone. As soon as he noticed Brock and Max he walked over to them, a bright smile on his face.

    "Hey, you guys got here quick, I've only just got back!" He smiled, "Anything’s possible for a top coordinator like you, Max-"

    "That's enough. Honestly" Max said, not a fan of people sucking up to him, "We came to look through some evidence you've picked up?"

    "Oh" The detective ran a hand through his hair, "Don't tell anyone okay? I'm going to give you a key to the records room, in the main entrance, there is a door to the right which is always locked, this leads to the records room, there should be a file labeled 'Unsolved Cases', this is 'AM-267', there should be evidence and information about it in the file"

    "So we can just take it?" Brock asked.

    "Only for the rest of today, then put it back before five, because I could get into trouble" Detective Groom paused, "Out of interest, why are you so interested in this?"

    "Jordan’s a good guy and whatever’s happened to him was done for more than just one reason, and there is only one person that could have done it" Max said, jumping to yet more conclusions.

    "That's not true" Detective Groom said, shaking his head, "We need to question a few more people and get forensics to look at what we've found. The most obvious person isn't always the culprit"

    Brock nodded, "I agree. Thank you, Detective. We'll get back to you as soon as possible"

    "Hey Detective!" Shouted an officer from somewhere inside the building.

    "Got to go" Detective Groom said, "Lock up the room behind you, ok?"

    "Got it" Max said.

    Brock and Max waited a moment before proceeding into the building, careful to not make eye contact with any officers that could suspect they were up to no good. They waited around a little as Officers walked through the main entrance, when the coast was quite clear, they opened the Records Room and walked inside, locking it behind them.

    “Do you think anyone saw?” Max asked.

    Brock shook his head, getting quite into playing the secretive James Bond-type role. Max rolled his eyes.

    "Brock, we're not secret agents, you do not have a gun, but you do have pokemon if anyone says anything about us being in here. Now help me find this file!" Max said, his hands on his hips impatiently.

    Brock snapped out of it and nodded eagerly, "Ok, Ok"

    Brock and Max took separate ends of the huge Records Room, Both looking at the Unsolved Cases Drawers, they both had no idea how many cases were actually unsolved. As this was a police department, most of them were about stolen purses, coats, and bags that had been reported. Brock found some of the unsolved cases quite disturbing, so carried on looking for 'AM-267'.

    "Brock!" Max called, "Over here I've got files that are called AM-200 and above, I think it'll be in here"

    Brock walked over to where Max was, they both hurriedly looked at the drawers to find the file before the other one could. Brock knew he was on the right track, the next drawer was labeled 'Unsolved Cases' and he'd just gone past AM-250.
    At the very end of the drawer, there was the file he needed. Brock was going to brag and gloat about how he'd found it first, but realized Max was obviously no longer a little kid and probably wouldn't care. He picked up the file and turned to Max.

    "Found it" He said, a small smile on his face.

    Max smiled, "I'm glad no-one took it before we could"

    Brock skimmed through the writing on the small file. Max waited eagerly to find out what the police had found to incriminate Clifford.

    "What's in the file?" Max asked curiously.

    Brock skimmed through the file once more, "A Brief report on what's happened, suspect and victim data, evidence that shows Clifford could have done it. Look, they analyzed the suit Clifford was wearing that night, they found traces of some sort of poison dripped on it"

    Max grabbed the file off Brock, "Let me see!"

    Brock rolled his eyes, "You could've said 'Please'"

    While Max looked through the file, Brock rummaged through the drawer of Unsolved Cases where they'd found it, hoping to find some more about the situation.

    "Brock, what is this?" Max asked, pointing to a photograph of something the police had found on the scene.

    It was a picture of a vial which could have contained the poison that had been given to Jordan. On the lid covering the vial, there was the letter 'P' in Block Capitals next to a picture of a ghost-like shape.

    "What is that?" Max asked, "It says it had been wiped clear of prints, and it contained some drops of poison that match the ones found on Cliffords suit"

    "Are you serious?!" Brock asked, "There is no way this guy is innocent"

    "Yeah but, the symbol and the 'P' don't make sense. Cliffords initials are CM"

    "Maybe it's the company that makes the vials?" Brock offered, turning back to the drawer and looking through more files.

    "Brock, you were there when Clifford first fell ill, right?" Max asked.

    Brock didn't look up, "Yeah, why?"

    "Did you notice any of this when you got there?"

    Brock thought for a moment, "To be honest, my attention was focused on Jordan, then Ash and I left to get medicine, I'm pretty sure I'd have noticed something like that vial, though"

    "Oh, here it says the vial was found on his dressing table, amongst a load of cosmetics"

    As Max learnt more about what was going on, Brock looked through some records until he found a very large file with the label 'P'. He was taken aback there was such a large file dedicated to one letter, but then begun to realize this could help with Jordan. He opened the file as carefully as possible, it was so large it had its own contents page.
    Brock looked at the contents and flicked to the Suspect Data. The amount of information there was in the file was astounding. Brock figured they must have been following this guy for years. He took the Suspect Data out of the file and looked through the rest.
    There were over a hundred cases unsolved in the file, all with this 'P' and the ghost shape left on the scene in some way. Many 'suicides' left with a 'P' on the wall, and many people 'suddenly' dying with a 'P' written on a card and placed next to the person.

    "Who the hell is this?" Brock thought aloud.

    Max looked up, "What are you looking at?"

    "The file about what's written on the vial" Brock said.

    Max looked at the Suspect Data Brock held in his right hand, taking it off him.
    As he scanned through the file, he got gradually more scared for Jordan and everyone else’s safety.

    "'P' or what those call, 'The Phantom', is a Criminal who is said to have connections to Team Rocket. The Phantom will do any crime for anyone, if money is paid toward him. There is not much known about Phantom as no-one has ever seen him, he is said to leave symbols at a Crime that he's done to 1. Protect his clients and 2. To Brag about the crime he's done. His crimes have been going on for Six years. There is no way to tell where he will strike next, although it has said he has a very strong hatred toward pokemon trainers and coordinators.'"

    "Wow" Brock said, "If this is the guy that did this to Jordan then this is a lot more serious than I'd originally thought"

    "But" Max said, "He's been written about a lot, it seems. Who says someone couldn't have just printed the letter on the vial and left it there to make it seem like the 'Phantom' had done it?"

    Brock thought for a moment.

    "I don't know, Max" He said, sighing, "There are some really disturbing files in here, though."

    "Like what?" Max asked curiously.

    "I'll tell you one, and not the most disturbing one at that. Okay, during a Grand Festival Final Battle, in the last ten seconds, the person who was winning, some guy called Phillip, appeared to have been blown up by a very strong pokemon attack from outside the battle. As the dirt and smoke cleared, the coordinator was gone and never seen again, but from the very top of the stadium, the dirt that had gone up into the air had landed to make.. No way." Brock stopped for a moment.

    "What did it make?!" Max asked impatiently.

    "It made a 'P'" Brock said bluntly, shocked at what he was reading, "That's.. that's amazing"

    "That's weird" Max said, "So this guy disappeared?"

    "Yeah, and from then on, every few weeks, or months, there would be another crime with the mark of 'P'. He's never been caught because no-one knows what he looks like or what he'll do next" Brock said.

    "I'm going to keep the data about him" Max decided, "Are there any cases we can take to show the others?"

    Brock took the case he'd just read out of the file, then put the large file back into the drawer and made sure it was closed.

    "Let's go"

    Max turned back and put the AM-267 file back into the drawer too, the police would be using it soon so he couldn't afford to take it. Brock opened the door to the Records Room, he and Max hid the fact they'd taken files out of it. Brock locked the door behind them and quickly almost ran through the station and out the door before anyone could say anything.

    The Police Station wasn't far from the Hotel so they decided to walk the thirty-minute walk back. Brock and Max were both confused and shocked with what they'd found, because if this was the person who'd done it, then someone had paid him to do it, and whoever that someone was, could be very dangerous if they could hire someone to just hurt anyone they wanted at any time.

    When they made it back to the hotel the Lobby was pretty empty, Brock and Max walked into the main hall where the ceremony had taken place to find Ash and Drew talking.

    "You're going to win, for sure" Ash said, "Roselia must be so strong now"

    Drew looked at Roselia, "I guess, could be stronger"

    "Hey guys" Max said as they reached Drew and Ash, "We've been in the Records room at the Police station"

    "Don't you need permission to use those?" Drew asked arrogantly.

    "We got permission off Detective Groom" Brock stated.

    "What did you find?" Ash asked.

    Brock was about to go into the story about The Phantom and how there were symbols found at the scene that relate to him, when May walked into the hall, with Dean beside her.
    Drew immediately put Roselia back in her pokeball incase he did anything, and glared at Dean until he and May reached everyone else.

    Dean smirked at Drew, "You know if you stay looking at me like that and the wind changes you'll look like an idiot forever"

    Drew looked taken aback by his comment then regained his cool, "Why, are you talking from personal experience?"

    May looked at them both, "Can you two quit being childish? You're both 17. Grow up!"

    Drew and Dean both looked to the floor, mumbling under their breath, which May chose to ignore.

    "Dean, we came here to tell everyone what you found out at the hospital!" May said, "So.. Tell!"

    Dean smiled at her, "Right. Um, Jordan was poisoned. And the doctors aren't sure he's ever going to wake up again"

    Everyone, even Drew, felt sympathy for Dean.

    "Are you sure there's nothing they can do?" Max asked.

    "They can try, but it could take months for him to wake up and even longer for him to remember anything. There were a mixture of poisons that were given to him so it's hard to say what could happen. I mean, he could wake up and be fine, it depends how strong his body is" Dean said, "I'm going to try and work with the doctors to help my brother"

    May nodded, "I can't believe someone would do that to Jordan"

    Drew walked over to stand near May.

    "Are you okay?" He asked her quietly, turning his back to where Dean was standing.

    "Fine" May said in a small voice, "I just don't like this situation, this was supposed to be a nice time staying in a hotel, but it's turned all wrong"

    "May, honestly it'll be fine in the end. The doctors were probably telling Dean the worst case scenario. It won't happen, I promise"

    May smiled at Drew brightly, "You're probably right"

    Drew begun to walk over to talk with everyone else, May held his arm with her hand to stop him.

    "Drew" She said, "Why did you give me a ro-"

    "Excuse me" Said a posh voice from behind May, "Are you May Maple?"

    May turned around to see a man dressed in a posh uniform, she assumed he worked at the front desk as he had a hat on with 'Bayleaf Hotel' on it, and his uniform was too posh to be a bellboys.

    May looked a little shocked, "Y-Yes I am"

    "Miss Maple, you have a phone call waiting for you at the reception. If you'd like to come with me, I'll take you there" He said, a small smile on his face, his accent wasn't like anyone else’s May knew, it was pretty English in a way.

    May turned to everyone, "I'll go take this, I'll be right back. I hope it's not Mom worrying again.."

    "Tell me later, okay?" Drew asked her, May nodded.

    "May, we need to talk about something too, so come back soon" Brock said.

    Without giving her a chance to reply the man walked with May to the front desk. She was confused as she got there, as she saw no phone in sight, there was also no-one on the front desk, May assumed the man was supposed to be there, otherwise the hotel wasn't a very well run place.

    The man shook his head, "Miss, the phone is in this room here, it's the Hotel phone, not one of the payphones out by the Lobby"

    "Oh!" May smiled at the man.

    She walked into the other room and saw the phone lying there, her back to the door in the small room. She picked up the phone. May noticed that behind the front desk there was a maze of rooms and corridors that were probably where the staff slept or worked in. She had no idea how much work was put into running a business.

    "Hello, May Maple speaking" She said.

    There was no reply. In fact, there was just a dial tone on the other end of the phone, May had already begun to panic a little.
    She looked confused and put the phone down and begun to dial her mothers number to see if it was her that had phoned.
    As she was doing this, she felt something warm go over her mouth, someone was holding a cloth up to her mouth and covering her nose, she couldn't help but breathe in whatever was on the cloth in a panic.
    Slowly realizing there was probably no phone call at all, May begun to drift into darkness, never even seeing the face of the person that had done this to her.

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    so... 60 chapters.... o_O... wow....
    just promise you'll do everything you can to actually finish this story. i really don't like it when a favourite story of mine goes on hiatus for a year or something. lol.
    anyways…. HOW DARE YOU GIVE US A CLIFFHANGER?!?! T________T lol. j/k.
    I hate cliffhangers, but yeah. It’s bound to happen sometime. Nice description for the first half of the story though. Brock is funneh doing the james bond stuff.
    *throws out pokeball*
    *drew doll appears*
    what? You didn’t actually think drew was capturable, did you? Lol.

    click on my banner to go to my CS fic! (no flames!)

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    Don't worry, I plan alot of chapters out before I write so I'm not going to get stuck for things to write anytime soon. I have to agree with you though, I do get really annoyed when good writers go on some six month hiatus and you're waiting forever for a new chapter and usually they just abandon the story

    And I feel really mean because of this cliffhanger but, I've already written the next chapter so if I get a free hour or so I'll type it up, and I'll update often because I love this story, just silly exams are in the way

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    Just a little note before I start: In the anime there are episodes with the 'Phantom masked coordinator' etc. Just so there's no confusion, this isn't the same person, this is set quite a few years after, but this is not to say the 'Phantom Masked Coordinator' couldn't have given the idea to someone who is now using it not to enter contests, but to be a criminal. Believe me, this will all be explained very soon I just wanted to point out that I'm not writing about the same person.

    Chapter 8: Phantom.

    20th June.

    May stirred a little. The darkness she'd succumbed to for god knows how long remained. Her eyes were so heavy it would take unbelievable strength to open them, strength she didn't have.
    She could hear the sound of her own panicked breathing, she didn't even know whether she was still in the hotel. She tried to listen to whatever else was going on but it was hard to above her own breathing. She wanted to call out for help but she just couldn't manage to raise her voice enough.

    There was a small noise about five minutes after May had regained consciousness; she recognized it as a door clicking open somewhere in the room. May heard footsteps walking through the room she was in. She could tell that wherever she was, it was small.
    The footsteps stopped near where May was lying on the floor, whoever it was stood beside May, watching her.
    She moved her head a little, using all of her strength to open her eyes just slightly.

    Her head was in an excruciating amount of pain, as her eyes open her vision was completely blurred for a while, leaving her only able to make out a shape among the darkness of the room.

    "Miss Maple, contrary to what you must think, I do not want to hurt you"

    May recognized the voice from somewhere, being so out of it she couldn't quite think where.

    "Who are you..?" May asked, her strength fading a little more every word she said.

    Her captor laughed, "Unfortunately Miss Maple, I'm not at liberty to divulge personal information to you"

    May attempted again to strain her eyes to see her captor but her vision was still blurred that only shapes remained. She doubted she'd see much in the dark room anyway.

    "Why am I here?" She asked wearily.

    She noticed the shape of her captor moving toward her, so close that she could hear the sound of breathing.

    "Your little friend Drew is that reason"

    "Why him?" May asked, her mind spinning.

    "Miss Maple, you are simply insurance, please don't take this personally" Her captor said, "I'm going to contact him now"

    May lay there for god knows how long, her captor still in the room. While she begun to feel more awake she heard a voice.

    "Am I speaking to Drew Kurain?"

    Location: Bayleaf Hotel.

    Everyone had been sitting on the stage discussing how Drew should win the title of top coordinator. The problem was that everyone had different fighting techniques, resulting in Drew being bombarded with suggestions all different from each other.
    He let out a small sigh and tried to smile politely.

    "Maybe I'll just train alone" He said, awkward from the attention he was getting.

    Before anyone else could say anything, the doors to the hall opened, everyone looked to them expectedly for May but instead came a person with a haze of purple hair and lime green clothes.

    "Sweethearts! I have something for you!" Harley smiled brightly at everyone, "You're all gathered here for me! I am so honored!"

    "Beat it, Harley" Max said bluntly.

    Harley let out an overly sarcastic laugh, "Oh, you're so funny, Max!"

    Everyone looked embarrassed for Harley because there was no-one else who found him funny in any way. Harley had begun to notice that no-one was laughing and let out a nervous laugh.

    "Well Sweetie, I just came to tell you that I hope you lose!"

    Drew smirked at Harleys comment, "That coming from someone who didn't even make the top four"

    Harleys face turned red, "I'll have you know I put up a better fight than you did! You got lucky!"

    "Does it matter?" Brock asked calmly before Drew could come up with a reply, "Shouldn't we all be more concerned with the situation with Jordan instead of boasting about the Grand Festival?"

    For a moment, Harley looked like he was going to answer back, but decided not to.
    It looked like everyone was breathing a sigh of relief as they didn't have to argue with Harley.

    "So, do any of you know who did this to my precious Jordy?! I'd hate to see someone get away with something so terrible!" Harley clapped his hands together for dramatic effect.

    Drew rolled his eyes, "Well, there's an overreaction-"

    "Excuse me!" Harley shouted, "I've had just about enough of you!"

    "Likewise" Drew said, smirking as Harleys temper begun to get worse.

    "You are completely intolerable! I just want to help with my Jordys case-"

    Dean stepped forward, "I'm all for insulting Mr. Mould-hair over there but I'm beginning to find it disturbing that you're calling my brother 'Your Jordy'"

    Drew raised an eyebrow at Deans comment, "Childish name-calling works in school, Dean. Not right now"

    Dean was taken aback, "And who are you to tell me what I can and can't say?"

    "Someone that's getting sick of your constant presence around May-"

    "I knew it!" Dean shouted, interrupting Drew mid-sentence, copying Drews arrogant hair flick to annoy him even more, "You, are jealous"

    Drew couldn't stop his face from going bright red, "WHAT?! No way!"

    Harley joined in, "Oh this is too precious!"

    Dean didn't necessarily like Harley, he just enjoyed the fact that he and Harley could make Drew so annoyed so easily, just by mentioning May.

    Max, Ash and Brock were getting to the point where their eyebrows would disappear into their hair, they were raised so high. Brock took a step forward, determined to sort this out, and made himself the barrier between Dean, Harley and Drew.

    "This doesn't matter! Yeah, we get that you all hate each other but this doesn't help or change a thing!" He said as calmly as he could.

    Harley, Dean and Drew stopped bickering in agreement with Brock. The next person to speak was Max, who had suddenly got very pale.

    "Hey guys, where's May?" He asked.

    Everyone thought for a moment, she'd been gone for a while. In fact, they'd been talking for nearly forty minutes. Dean stepped forward.

    "I'll go look for her" He said, walking away at a fast pace.

    Drew glared after him as he walked. Harley watched Dean go too, unlike everyone else, he still had a bright smile on his face.

    "I'm going to follow him, he might tell me more about Jordy!" Harley clapped his hands together, far too excited.

    "Go ahead" Max said, "Knock yourself out"

    Harley smiled brightly, "Of course, Hun"

    Max made a face and murmured so only Ash could hear, "I was being serious"

    Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as Harley begun to walk away, unfortunately that was short lived as he swiveled round and walked up to Drew again.

    "I totally forgot what I came in here for, some guy at the front desk told me to find you and give this to you" Harley said, holding out a package for Drew.

    Drew took the package off Harley and begun to rip away the layers of wrapping paper that were covering whatever was inside. Drew noticed from the wrapping that someone had given this to the front desk in a hurry, he hoped it wasn't any hate mail or anything sent to him to hurt him.
    He got to what was inside the package, a mobile phone.

    Drew was confused, looking up at Harley, "This isn't mine?"

    "Maybe it's a present?" Harley offered, "I was just told to give this to you, I don't know why, Anyway, toodles!"

    Harley walked off, his annoying cheerfulness going with him. Drew looked at the small black phone he'd been given with curiosity.

    "It's probably been mistaken for your phone" Brock said, "The owner will ring eventually"

    "I guess" Drew said, bemused that out of all people the phone would be given to him through, Harley had to be the one to do it.

    Fifteen minutes passed while they all sat around the hall, waiting for Dean to return with May.

    "I bet her and mum are on the phone gossiping" Max said, "I hate it when they do that"

    Ash was clutching his stomach, a pained looked on his face, "My stomach hates them for it. I'm so hungry!"

    Brock rolled his eyes, "Maybe May needed to make more than one phone call?"

    Max looked glum, "To do even more talking?"

    Brock shrugged his shoulders, "Maybe"

    The doors to the hall opened quite suddenly, with such speed they smashed against the walls. Dean strolled through as fast as he could without actually running, he had a determined look on his face as he walked up to Drew and the others.

    "Do you know any other places in this building with phones?" He asked, a little out of breath, "I can't see her"

    "There are phones in the room behind the front desk" Brock said.

    Everyone looked at him.

    "How did you know that?!" Max asked, amazed.

    Brock blushed, "There was a cute girl on the phone when I checked in and I couldn't help but-"

    Max raised an eyebrow, "I should've known"

    Dean looked at the others, "I seriously couldn't see her anywhere, when I was at the front desk there was no-one in the back room.."

    "She's probably gone to her room, or gone out" Drew said, "She could even be avoiding you-"

    "Enough!" Brock interrupted before either of them could say another word, "Please, no more fighting"

    Before anyone could agree or say anything otherwise, the phone in Drews hand started to ring, shocking everyone at the sheer volume of it.

    "Put it on speakerphone" Max whispered.

    Drew recovered from nearly dropping it and pressed the answer button, as well as the speakerphone button, if it was the owner of the lost phone it was best they tried to recognize the voice.

    Drew was shaking a little from the volume of the phone ringing, he hated unexpected loud noises, "Uh, hello?"

    "Am I speaking to Drew Kurain?" The voice on the other end of the line said, Drew could swear he recognized the voice from somewhere, he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

    "And you are?" Drew asked bluntly.

    The person on the other end actually begun to laugh, a creepy hollow laugh that sent a shiver down Drews spine.

    "I don't think you understand. That information is trivial. There are far more important matters you should be concerning yourself with"

    Drew raised an eyebrow, "Like?"


    Drew's heart skipped a beat at the sound of her voice, by the looks of it, so did everyone else’s.

    "M-May?!" He stuttered.

    "So now you see how trivial the matter of my name is"

    "I.. May!"

    "Come now" The voice said calmly, "I wouldn't want you to fall apart yet. In fact, I have a proposal for you"

    Drews icy demeanor returned, "And that is?"

    "Patience is a virtue, Drew" The voice paused for effect knowing very well Drew was hanging onto every last syllable he spoke, "If you do what I ask, your item will be returned. If you do not do as I ask, you will never see or hear from your item again"

    Drew lost it, again, "Your-You're SICK!"

    The voice did that hollow, disturbing laugh, "I'm just doing my job. Now, you're clever, are you not?"

    Drew was confused, "I.. guess?"

    "What is this called, in your 'clever' terms, I have the word but it's caught on my tongue"

    Drew thought for a moment, realizing this must be part of the plan to terrify Drew to his very core, he shuddered as he spoke, "Kidnapping for ransom"

    "That's right!" The voice said, cheerfully, "Yes. This is a kidnapping"

    "What he hell do you want?!" Drew shouted, he could have thought of a million other things to say or ways to say it but he didn't want to push this guy the wrong way.

    "Good. You're beginning to understand"

    Drew ran a hand through his hair, "State your price."

    "Price?" The voice asked, a slight humorous tone to his voice, "In a days work I can make triple what most people make in a year. I don't want money. The condition on getting your item back is that you have to lose"

    Drew was confused again, "Lose.. to you?"

    The voice remained humorous, "I am not the one you will be losing to. You must lose to Clifford Miles"

    Drew was taken aback, "C-Clifford? Why?"

    The voice breathed deeply down the phone line for a moment, "I will state this only once, firmly but clearly" The voice had turned deadly serious, "Clifford Miles did not do anything, he did not poison Jordan Coran, he did not try to kill him, he did not kill anyone. However, if he loses the opportunity to become top coordinator, I will"

    "You will?" Drew asked, realizing this was no longer some petty rematch.

    "Someone is planning to frame Clifford for this, someone incredibly clever, someone close to him. You can believe anything you like about what I say. But take this as a fact, your precious item is in my possession. You have two days to lose these matches. Oh and while I'm talking to you, do not contact the police about this. If I find out you have, even if you lose, your precious item will never be returned. Think hard about this, Mr Kurain. I'd hate to see you let May down"

    Drew thought for a moment, "WAIT!"

    "Yes?" The voice asked.

    "Who are you?" Drew wondered, "I know you said your name isn't important but I want to know!"

    The voice broke out into that hollow laugh, his voice deepening menacingly.

    "I haven't had a real name in years, six years to be exact" The voice said.

    "What's your 'fake' name, then?" Drew asked desperately.

    The disturbing laugh was all that took up the other end of the line for a few minutes, "They call me The Phantom"

    Before Drew could say a word the sound of that menacing laugh had been replaced by the dial tone.
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    so clifford didn't do it, eh? THEN WHO WAS IT?!? DUN DUN DUN!!!
    harley seems suspicious.... perhaps it was dean.... or... IT WAS JORDAN!! ...for some odd reason. lol.
    anyways AWESOME CHAPTER! i loved how drew admitted that he hated seeing dean's constant presence around May, and how dean and harley ganged up on drew.
    and when drew realized where may really was.... *SQUEAL*
    lol. anyways, thanks for updating earlier than planned!
    and NO MORE CLIFFHANGERS!!!! unless you're gonna post up the next chapter really soon. lol.

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    Oh wow, so mysterious, I loved the ending, this somewhat reminds me of Saw; not in a sick way, just with kidnapping and having to do what the guy says. I like that. Also, I REALLY want to know who this guy is, The Phantom. It's just like Jigsaw ;D. I feel so bad for poor May, but wow you are so creative, when I read the first chapter of your story I never would have predicted that these events would occur. I can't wait to see what Drew has to do with losing to Clifford Miles and saving May
    Update soon, thanks for the PM.
    kyo sohma is my bishie (:

    &*heres__ to the note |she| wrote
    well RAISE a finger
    obscene g e s t u r e s , so she said
    but i only said sweet things to get you in b e d;

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    This website isn't very good at loading on my computer sometimes, it's taken a few days to actually reply to this topic!

    HelloKitty17, I totally didn't think of the similarity to Saw until you mentioned it, and now that you have I really see it.
    Genkiness, Don't worry, answers will appear soon! Well, they will appear but gradually, you'll find out everything eventually.

    Just a heads up; My next update will be tomorrow, hopefully if this website or my computer doesn't mess up. The next chapter is pretty long so it's taken a bit longer to write it. And plus I've been planning out future chapters so that I can tie in all the unanswered questions I've created,

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    Gah. Over 4,000 words! Enjoy.

    Chapter Nine:

    21st June.

    However little he'd slept before was nothing compared to now. All night long his eyes were wide awake. After he'd received the phone call he'd taken himself to the Grand Festival Stadium and sat in the spot he'd be battling Clifford in a few hours.
    He felt sick knowing May was in the hands who committed crime for money, which is obviously what had happened here. He couldn't figure out whether someone wanted to scare Drew by taking May or whether they wanted Clifford to win and saw Drew as a threat.
    In either of these scenarios, Drew would actually know whoever had hired "The Phantom", which he didn't. He was the kind of person who kept his emotions and feelings close to him, if anyone could make a guess of his feelings toward May they'd have to be a close friend of his.

    Drew hung his head to the floor, whatever happened he was certain he'd get her back, the question was; when?
    What if he lost the battle and had to lose more after that? Or what if, because of his weak spot for May, he'd end up doing anything to get her back?

    Drew had been awake the entire night with these thoughts, perhaps he wasn't tired because of the person he was thinking about. He'd watched the sun rising in the sky above where he was sitting, drowning the stadium in flares of sunlight.
    He couldn't help but think this was something May would smile at, the scene he was viewing was incredibly beautiful. Surprisingly, a small smile worked its way onto his lips as that one, wonderful thought lay fresh in his mind.
    For a long time his eyes were focused on the ground, glowing from the suns rays. He hoped he could stay in this state of mind until May returned again, but he knew deep down he couldn't.

    Drew knew there were mysterious goings on happening in the Grand Festival, there were so many unanswered questions he would have to discover himself.

    In his eyesight a shadow formed in the glow of the ground, it came toward Drew, its shape changing every time it moved due to the sunlight rays changing position. The shadow stood beside Drew for a long time before speaking.

    "I came to see if you were okay"

    Drew looked up, confirming it was Max he was talking to.

    "I feel like I've let you down" Drew said sadly, lowering his head in shame once more.

    "It's not your fault he took her, Ash Brock and I are working on finding out why"

    Drews eyes remained to the ground, "Will she come back?"

    "All you can do is concentrate on not winning" Max said, slightly humorously, "Not that concentration is what you need for that"

    Drew nodded his head in agreement, his eyes still remained focused on the battle field ahead. He hadn't been too bothered by his match against Clifford, but now he felt like he needed to win for Mays sake, which was something due to the circumstances he couldn't do.
    Everything about the situation seemed planned, like he and the others had walked into a trap and were suffering for it.
    Drew remained on the hard ground until he begun to hear people enter the building. He'd noticed Max had got up and left a long time ago, he couldn't blame him, he wasn't exactly good company to be around at the moment.

    Drew put his head in his hands, constantly thinking about May, he couldn't stand the thought that this guy could hurt her and no-one would stop him. If this was the idea; to get Drew so angry it turned into sadness then it was working.
    At the same time he was angry for letting his emotions get to him so much.
    It was strange, he should be feeling exhausted and physically ill but he was numb to it, the only feelings he had were the ones in his head, not his body.
    People had begun to pile into the stadium, he couldn't believe it was that time already.

    Drew used most of his strength to haul himself up, everything felt like it was in slow motion, in the time it took for him to go backstage, the entire stadium had filled up.

    The backstage of the stadium was full of people rushing about, and a person who Drew didn't want to see- Clifford Miles.
    As Drew sat down opposite Clifford he noticed something- instead of worrying over his pokemon like he did in the Grand Festival, he was sat there smirking.

    Drew glared at Clifford, he wasn't entirely sure to say something to him or not. With the amount of people backstage, causing a scene was the last thing he wanted to do.
    Clifford sat in silence, staring at Drew intensely until his name was called by someone outside the room, as he was walking out into the hall he turned back to Drew.

    "I can't wait to see you bowing in defeat" He sneered, "After all, it's not going to be hard with you not even trying"

    Drew stood up and turned Clifford around as he begun to walk away.

    "What did you just say?" Drew asked, bemused.

    Clifford smirked again, "You heard. I'll see you on the battle field"

    Drew let him walk away this time, his suspicions for Clifford had heightened. How could this guy be so insensitive and rude?

    People used to say the same thing about me, Drew thought to himself, well really it was just May.

    Drew didn't have too much time to collect his thoughts as he heard his name being called from the stadium. Usually he'd walk out onto the stage and show at least subtle hints of enthusiasm, but today he walked out slowly. The chants of 'Drew! Drew! Drew!' were still there but in the state of mind he was in he simply chose not to hear them.
    Clifford Miles was looking at the crowd, blowing kisses to fan girls and posing for photographs. Drew looked at the crowd as if he were lost.

    While Drew had been scanning the crowd for anyone to support him, Ash and the others were darting about, looking for seats to sit in.
    Just as they were about to give up, Brock did what he was best at; scanning large crowds for seemingly alone attractive girls.

    As he was doing it he looked like a kid in a candy store, but all of a sudden his expression changed in wonder of something- or someone he'd seen.

    "Kaori's here" Brock stated, pointing a finger in her direction.

    It appeared the news about her being questioned had come out as no-one was sitting less than at least in a two-metre radius away from her. Probably in fear she'd poison them, as the rumours and police suggested.
    Ash, Max and Brock approached her, causing people around them to give them strange looks. Kaori looked up as Brock sat beside her, while Ash and Max sat to her other side, unintentionally making it look like they were trying to prevent her escaping.

    "Hello" Kaori said bluntly, not bothering to look at them.

    She had an odd aura about her, although she hadn't bothered to look at them, it was like she knew it was them anyway.

    "Kaori, we met the other night" Brock stated.

    Kaori nodded, still looking into the crowd.

    "I know who you are" She said, "My question is why you're talking to me?"

    "We need to ask you a few questions" Ash stated, "Only if that's okay with you, though"

    Kaori had begun to smirk, "You're not exactly persuasive, are you?"

    Brock, Ash and Max looked at each other, their faces all tinted a little red. Kaori shook her head at them.

    "Go ahead" She sighed, "Ask me something"

    Ash and Max looked at each other as if to ask exactly what questions they could ask her. Considering there seemed to be a lot more about this situation than everyone involved in it was letting on.

    "Why did they take you in for questioning?" Brock asked.

    Kaori looked up for the first time at Brock, he hadn't noticed before but her eyes were very red and she looked as if she'd been crying.

    "Because I was there, wasn't I? And I'm known to be the girlfriend of Clifford Miles"

    "What did you do on the night Jordan was poisoned, then?" Max asked.

    Upon hearing the question Kaori looked to the floor again, possibly because there was something she didn't want them to know.

    "I saw Clifford in the ceremony and then went upstairs" She said bluntly.

    Max looked at the others, wondering if they were thinking the same as him; he'd actually not seen Kaori during the ceremony.
    Before they could say another word a giant roar went up throughout the crowd signalling a battle was about to start.
    They all looked at the stage eagerly at Drew, who looked like he was completely lost. Clifford was waving at the crowd and his fans, Kaori looked like she wasn't bothered if he saw her or not.
    Brock picked up on this and looked at her curiously, there was so much more to this girl than he'd originally thought, perhaps if they begun to know her better, some, if not all of this situation would begin to make sense.

    Mr Contesta stepped out in the middle of the stage with a microphone. Because of the nature of the battle, he was going to be taking over as MC for the next two days, he didn't have the charisma but he was a very important judge.

    "Hello, everyone! As you know, these are a series of rematch battles between the second and third place coordinators, Each battle will be a one on one battle for five minutes unless your opponent is KO'd" Mr Contesta walked back to sit with the judges, "When you see the time start going down, contestants, please begin"

    Drew sent out Roselia, bending down to speak to it before the battle begun.

    "I'm sorry, Roselia" He said, then standing up to watch his pokemon get beaten unfairly by Clifford Miles, who'd released his Solrock.

    The time begun to tick down, Drew stood there waiting for Clifford to make the first move.

    "Solrock, Solar Beam!" Shouted Clifford.

    As Solrock gathered power, Drew watched painfully.

    "Er, Petal dance" Drew said to Roselia with no enthusiasm whatsoever.

    Needless the say, the power of Solrock's Solar Beam destroyed Roselias petal dance and send Roselia flying onto the other side of the battle field. Drew grinded his teeth together, knowing he couldn't do anything to stop it. He looked up to the giant board telling them their scores, Drews points had dropped nearly half way down already, he expected that with a high-powered attack like Solar Beam, and his attempt at stopping it.

    "Razor Leaf" Drew said.

    Roselia begun to attack, the crowd went wild as Drew was properly fighting back now, or at least he appeared to be.

    Clifford laughed at the other side of the stage, "Dodge it"

    Solrock dodged to the side, meaning the attack missed it completely. There were jeers from the audience.

    Clifford smirked at Drew, fully aware he couldn't do anything to stop him.

    "Solrock, Cosmic Power!"

    Drew stood there for a moment, knowing that Roselia could be seriously hurt by this attack. Roselia turned to Drew as if it was wondering why Drew wasn't telling it to dodge.

    "I.." Drew uttered, "Roselia, Stun Spore"

    Roselia was about to send the stun spore out to surely stop Solrock from moving, when it was hit by the Cosmic Power. Drew knew this was going to happen and ran over to Roselia as it crashed to the ground.
    Drew held Roselia in his arms, he'd never let Roselia take that kind of damage.

    "Roselia" He said, "Are you okay?"

    There was a beeping sound from where the judges were to let everyone know Roselia had been knocked out. Mr Contesta looked shocked.

    "Well, we have another battle coming up in half an hour. Clifford wins the first battle in just over two minutes, amazing"

    Cliffords fans cheered him while Drews fans jeered and shouted at Clifford from their seats. Drew watched as Nurse Joy ran onto the stage and took Roselia to the pokemon centre. He walked backstage, away from all the noise around the main stadium.
    He looked at the floor for a while, thinking about how within just about two minutes he'd let his pokemon take serious damage. He realized that there would be no need for three battles to decide the winner as he was going to be letting Clifford win the next battle, too.

    Drew almost jumped out of his skin as he heard the phone go off again, he knew automatically it was the phantom. He took the phone out of his pocket which was where he'd had it since he found out May was missing.

    He pressed the button to answer to call, "Hello?"

    There was a faint sound of clapping on the other end of the line, giving Drew the creeps, "I had my doubts, Mr Kurain. But now I am entirely sure you are understanding of your role in this, yes?"

    Drew put his head in his hands, "Yes"

    "Very well, then." The Phantom said, "Oh yes, Mr Kurain?"

    "Yeah?" Drew asked, closing his eyes to concentrate on the voice on the other end of the line.

    "I hope we have an understanding you will not let me down?"

    "Of course" Drew said hurriedly, "Can I speak to May? I want to hear her voice!"

    Drew paused for a few minutes until he heard her voice quietly on the other end of the line.

    "DREW!" She said, her voice sounded like it was wavering a little like she was going to cry, Drews heart broke a little to hear her like that, "Please, HELP ME!"

    "I am" He said calmly, "I'm going to save you, I promise"

    He could hear the phone being taken away from May, and picked up by the Phantom again.

    "Sorry, your few seconds are up. Don't let me down, or May won't live to see the aftermath of your pathetic loss" There was a laugh at the other end of the line, and then it went dead.

    Drew looked up and realized he should be going back onto the stage, as he stood up and walked into the hall he noticed Clifford leaning against the wall, as soon as he caught sight of Drew, he smirked at him and held a hand out.

    "Good match out there, Drew" He took the hand back, "Just joking. You know I never thought you'd be the one to do what someone else told you"

    Drew was planning on walking away from Clifford, but froze when he heard the last sentence he said.

    "'What someone else told me?' What is that supposed to mean?" He asked, anger rising up through his body.

    Clifford stepped up to Drew so they were closer, maintaining eye contact with him the entire time, "You heard"

    "Why did you say it?" Drew asked, clenching his jaw.

    "You shouldn't show your weaknesses to other people" He said, "I wouldn't be surprised if she's already dead"

    Before Drew could say anything, Clifford ran out onto the battle field, something falling out of his pocket as he did. Drew leant down and picked up whatever Clifford had dropped. It was a black and white photo, appearing to be from a CCTV camera. The date on it was 20/05/01. Meaning it was taken six years ago. Drew was about to discard the photo when he noticed who was on it. Clifford Miles appeared to be walking down a corridor, his clothes had splatters of something dark on it, which Drew could only assume was blood, but that wasn't the most interesting part. Drew did a double-take when he noticed what Clifford was wearing, a white top with a giant 'R' on it for 'Team Rocket'.

    Drew turned the picture around, noticing a little bit of writing in the corner. He had to strain his eyes to read it;

    Keep this safe for me.
    Never let him get it, we need this.
    Love, K. x"

    Drew wasn't sure what to make of what was written, but assuming on the facts that Clifford Miles was in this picture looking very suspicious, and this had just fallen out of his pocket, he'd taken this from Jordan, who had been given it by Kaori.

    Drew hastily stuffed the photo into his own pocket, and walked back out onto the battle field. Mr Contesta smiled at Drew and turned to the crowd.

    "The next battle is the same type as before, five minutes, one pokemon each. Can Drew make a comeback?" Mr Contesta asked the crowd, walking back to his judges seat.

    Drew glared at Clifford, angrier than ever, especially at the discovery of the photograph. Whatever past Clifford had, he was trying to hide it. But why would someone called the Phantom be interested in hiding it for him?

    Clifford sneered at Drew, noticing his anger.

    "I doubt you'll make a comeback now, after all, no-one TOLD you to" He shouted to Drew, letting his Kirlia out of its pokeball.

    Drew smirked, letting Absol out of its pokeball, "Who cares if I make a comeback when your missing something very important?"

    Clifford didn't get what Drew was talking about, looking at him as if he was a lunatic.

    "Kirlia, Double Team" He said lazily, then looking at Drew, "Unfortunately Drew, I'm not the one missing someone important. After all, you wouldn't want to have blood on your hands."

    Kirlia multiplied around Absol, which confused it as it looked to Drew for help.

    Drew clenched his fists in anger, "Take that back"

    Clifford laughed, "No"

    Drew clenched his fists harder, causing them to go red, "I'll give you ten seconds to take it back. Ten.."

    "..Three.. Two.. One" Clifford interrupted, an arrogant look on his face.

    Drew snapped, "Absol Quick Attack all the fakes then Bite the real Kirlia, GO!"

    Clifford Miles looked on in shock as Absols quick attack made all the fake Kirlia disappear, followed by a bite, which took nearly half of Cliffords points.
    Clifford struggled to speak.

    "Secret Power!" He shouted.

    "Dodge it" Drew said, with an arrogant smirk, "I told you to take it back"

    As Kirlia attacked, Absol dodged it, jumping high into the air leaving Kirlia wondering where it had gone.

    "Razor Wind!" Drew shouted.

    Absol performed the attack on an unaware Kirlia, who was knocked to the other side of the battle field. Clifford was frozen in shock at Drews retaliation, he gathered his arrogance again as quickly as possible.

    "Kirlia, Imprison, GO!" He shouted impatiently at his injured Kirlia.

    Kirlia slowly got up, then begun to run toward Absol to deliver an attack that could turn the tables around. As Drew went to speak Clifford laughed.

    "Maybe she should have relied on someone like me to save her, instead of you" He shouted across the battle field, taunting Drew, he knew exactly what he was doing and exactly the right words he was using to anger Drew.

    Drew knew this, but couldn't help but let it get to him. He clenched his fists.

    "Absol, full power Razor Wind then Aerial Ace!" He shouted, his face going red with anger.

    Absol used Razor wind to injure Kirlia and make it fly up into the air, then Absol delivered the final blow with Aerial Ace. As Kirlia made it back to the ground, it was out cold. A roar went through the crowd for Drew, who let Absol back into its pokeball and immediately walked out of the battle field, running a hand through his hair.

    He'd only just realized what he'd done and as he walked into one of the backstage rooms for the contestants, he put his head in his hands and closed his eyes.
    Drew heard a few people walk into the backstage room. He looked up to see Brock and Kaori there.

    "Where are Ash and Max?" Drew asked quietly.

    "Max ran off and Ash went after him" Brock said quietly, "What happened out there?"

    Kaori looked at Drew for a moment, "He taunted you, didn't he?"

    "He knows" Drew choked out, his voice hoarse.

    "How?" Kaori asked.

    "He did this, he knows the Phantom" Drew stated, "It's the only way he could-"

    Drew remembered something, and took the photo out of his back pocket, handing it over to Kaori.

    "This is yours" Drew said, "I think"

    Kaori took it, her eyes widened as she noticed the image on it, "Where did you get this from?"

    "Clifford dropped it" Drew said, "What is that picture?"

    Kaori looked at the floor awkwardly, "It's evidence"

    Brock looked at Kaori, "We're going to have to talk about whatever this is, Kaori?"

    Kaori nodded, "Ok"

    Drew stood up, visibly shaking, his face pale, "I've killed her, haven't I?"

    Brock shook his head, but even he couldn't hide the fact Drew had put May in serious danger, "We're going to go to the hotel, are you coming with us?"

    Drew looked at Brock for a moment, "I'll catch up with you, I need to stay here for a moment"

    Brock and Kaori left, knowing that staying would leave him even more upset than he already was.
    Drew paced around the backstage room, waiting for that call he expected, the one telling him May was going to die. He paced, and paced, and paced until the phone rung, he answered it immediately.

    "Give me another chance" He said, as soon as he picked up the phone.

    That evil, cold laugh was on the other end of the line again, "Mr Kurain, if you give me a legitimate reason why I should not kill your friend, state it right now"

    Drew breathed a little before starting, "I- I didn't mean to. I couldn't do it just today, there are supposed to be three battles, we only did two, just let me do it tomorrow, I can lose tomorrow and it'll be okay, I promise"

    "Promises from you are starting to seem like nothing more but lies" The Phantom said, sighing, "But, As I am in a generous mood today, I will spare your friends life, after all it was beginning to look suspicious that you just stood there and did nothing"

    "And Cliff-"

    "Clifford" The Phantom interrupted Drew, "Clifford will be dealt with accordingly for using me to create such a strong feeling of anger in you, Drew. You know as I watched I would say you remind me a lot of myself"

    Drew froze, "T-Thank you. Can I talk to May?!"

    "No." The Phantom said bluntly, "I will be phoning you tomorrow and she will speak to you, Mr Kurain, if you let me down this time, then she will die"

    "Wait" Drew said quickly, "Why are you protecting Clifford Miles?"

    "Why?" The Phantom repeated, "Clifford and I have a trusting, a bond between us, if that bond were to be broken I obviously wouldn't be doing this. But as this bond is strong, and we remain friends, I will protect him no matter who I kill"

    Drew didn't reply, causing the Phantom to hang up the phone again. With all the relief he was feeling from the phone call, he collapsed onto his knees, his head in his hands. Drew stayed like that for a long time, so grateful for his second chance, so grateful that May hadn't been put in danger.
    As Drew decided to tell the others the good news, he stood up and uncovered his eyes, they were completely blurred, and stayed blurred for a long time as he thought about May even more.

    He wasn't sure why until he felt something wet move its way down his cheek. He had begun to, for the first and last time, cry. And it was all for May.

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