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Forest of Adventure

Rangeet: Upon hearing your question Wurmple looks at you curiously. Its eyes look up and down your body, as if it's sizing you up. Not being able to give a spoken answer, due to the ever so obvious fact that it is a pokemon, Wurmple nods its head and shudders in fright. Peeves and Torchic look up at you with concern, each of them worried about what possibly could be in the forest. Suddenly you hear a tearing noise, and Wurmple jumps to the ground and curls up in fright. Not being an idiot, you realise that perhaps the noise might possibly be one of the things that is considered to be dangerous in the forest. Even though the noise has stopped Wurmple remains curled up in a ball, and whatever is in the forest must be awfully frightful.

What will you do?

"Oh damn, not good", muttered Rangeet. "Torchic, Peeves! Get yourselves ready, we might be in some trouble here!", he said out loud. Peering at the place the place the noise came from, he shuddered. "Should I go there or stay?...Blah, I'll flip a coin." Seeing the result of the coin, Rangeet took a few deep breaths and motioned to his pokemon. He walked towards the direction of the noise...

Sorry for the shortness, I couldn't particularly think of much else to write.