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Ocean of Mystery

CyberBlastoise: You dive into the water letting go of you Carvanha as you do so, Savage following you down. The water/dark type looks thrilled to be in the water, swimming around in circles around you. You smile at Savage and keep swimming. You pass several aquatic pokemon, a Chinchou, several Clamperl nestled on the sea bed, and a school of Goldeen pass by you. You look to your side, expecting to see your Carvanha eagerly swimming beside you. Instead you see nothing. Looking around in panic, you are relieved to see that Savage has swum to the surface of the ocean. Kicking your way up, you break the surface and see a small fishing boat, the bottom of which blended in with the ocean. A man on the boat looks across and sees you, and he starts to wave you and Savage over. Not seeing any reason to not do so, you swim over to the boat and the man starts to speak.

"It is not wise to go out swimming at the moment," he started, "There is a fierce creature out there, and it has already taken several lives. I think that you should get on my boat and I will take you back into shore."

The man's revelations are surprising to say the least, but the story of the creature is also intriguing.

What will you do?
As Bill contemplated on all the man told him, he thought about what he saw at the bottom of the ocean. There was no fierce creature as far as he saw, so perhaps the man was being paranoid, but Bill had heard numerous stories that matched what the man might have said. Being curious, Bill thought that perhaps it would be better that he dived underwater and see for himself, if it was a creatures as fierce as he said, then he would think of a way to hastily retreat, and if there was no creature, he could continue his investigation.

"Sorry, sir," called Bill, "but I didn't come here just to turn around."

Savage, Bill's Carvanha, called out, "Carv-Carvanha," it started to flit back and forth underwater telling Bill that it too had decided to dive underwater. Bill knew how difficult it would be to call commands underwater, as there was the breathing underwater issue, so he told Savage, "Okay, we run into such a creature, I think our best bet is to see if it as fierce as that man implies. If we meet it, start off with Focus Energy so that we can be ready, then if the creature starts to attack either one of us, use your Ancient Power followed by Bite, but if he does not attack, then you don't either, understand?"

"Carvanha," it replied with a surprisingly happy tone as though it was wanting to fight such a creature.