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Desert of Illusion

Growlithe nods his head and runs up to Torkoal, and faces Onix. The dog opens his mouth and spits out an Ember, Torkoal doing the same. The pair of fireballs speed towards the rock snake, the attacks slamming into Onix's face. The rock type lets out a roar of pain as the side of its face blackens. Raising into the sky, Onix Slams his tail into Growlithe and Torkoal. The pair of fire pokemon are sent flying backwards, each hitting the ground with a large thud. They pick themselves up, and you see that they have started to sway from side to side. Torkoal opens its mouth, and flames begin to build up. Thrusting its head forward a snake of flames erupted and made their way towards Onix. The Fire Spin constricted around the rock pokemon, but not enough to stop Onix from digging its tail into the ground and proceeding to Throw Rocks at the pokemon. Growlithe is easily able to dodge the falling rocks, but Torkoal isn't so lucky. A particularly large rock slams into its body and sends it into the ground. Seeing the now hurt pokemon, Growlithe sends out a Heatwave to attract Onix's attention, and the attack does.

What will you do?
With Growlithe teaming up with Torkoal against the fearsome Onix, the pair take a deep breath and exhale a barrage of embers that flicker brightly in the sunlight. The two pokemon look satisfied as their combined attacks speed onwards towards the rock snake that stood against them.
As the attacks strike Onix in the face, there's a visible wince from the attack before the pokemon unleashes a loud roar of pain. This roar causes Yougi to cover his ears, though not as tightly as before as it wasn't half as painful as the screech had been. Looking back up towards Onix, the left side of its face has visibly blackened from the heat of the two embers and Onix itself looks intense and filled with rage. Then, it raises it's tail sharply to strike at the two fire types.

The tail slams into the ground with a dulled thud after striking both Growlithe and Torkoal. The pokemon look visibly shaken after the assault and struggle to remain upright as they make the effort to stand against the Onix again. Torkoal makes a move, opening it's mouth as a intense flames build up before erupting out and snaking their way towards Onix. The fire spin spirals around the large rock pokemon and form a constricting barrier around it, but Onix manages to move around enough to continue attacking.

Onix digs its tail deep into the ground and with an almighty effort and a small battle cry, it thrusts it back out bringing a barrage of sand and rocks through the flames and towards the two fire pokemon. Growlithe bounds out of the way with it's natural speed and manoeuvrability, but Torkoal doesn't fair as well. A large rock soars through the air and, in what seems like a slow motion event to Yougi, strikes Torkoal hard, causing it to slam into the ground as the rock pushes itself along with the momentum it was given.

Torkoal looks seriously injured after that blow and Growlithe sees fit to unleash a powerful attack. Taking a deeper breath than before, Growlithe holds onto it for a few seconds longer than the ember before unleashing an intense breath. The heat infused air flickers with flames as the powerful heat wave surges over towards Onix, giving it another impressive battering. But this time, it doesn't seem to have made an impression other than attracting Onix's full attention.

Having to think fast, Yougi had to deliberate between Torkoals safety and that of his own Growlithe. He knew Growlithe had access to Sunny Day to be able to heal itself, but was unsure if it'd be the wisest move considering that it had Onix's full attention. He knew that there was two non-fire typed moves that Growlithe had access to and one would be more effective than the other. He also had a Clefairy that could have unleashed a barrage of leaves to give Growlithe a minor distraction, but he might need her help with Torkoal.

Deciding on the course of action, Yougi called out to Growlithe, "Growlithe, give it another Heat Wave, we need a bit of time. If it gets close follow it up with an Iron Head, if not find an opportunity to use Sunny Day instead."
With that out of the way, Yougi looked to make his way over to the injured Torkoal. He had to get it out of the way of the battling if it couldn't continue and he had Clefairy to call on if needed. The altar that had been the setting for the start of all this seemed as good a place to move Torkoal to for safety, if they had enough time.