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By looking at the episode pics i have a feeling that they are going to connect the anime & movie together this time, because they showed the Tower of Time & Space and also the legend.
But i am not sure how.

Extra:-Hey i got a very weird idea that Ash & Hunter J would be made in a sort of way as Ruby & Courtney were in the manga. Meaning how Courtney & Ruby where enemies first but then joined forces to fight together & became rivals after that, I think Ash & Hunter J would be showed in the similar way.
If that is the case Ash will have his very first girl rival, I hope that happens. Ash will have two rivals than this series, J & Paul, maybe we can see Paul/Ash work together agianst J. Ahh so many ideas come to mind, any ways I liked this episode am glad Team Galxy is going to be in the anime and J is returning *WE*