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    Just so you know, this is a mystery dungeon Fanfiction using real people I've met in real life as the characters to give it a more realistic feel. I myself, star in this fanfiction, though you won't see me until much later. For now, enjoy the first chapter.

    Oh, one more thing. This comic is rated PG.

    His face was everywhere she could see.

    All across the main cobblestone road of Viridian City there were posters of a missing person on telephone poles, brick fences, ironbar gates, and dozens more littering the roads. Kate strolled down the sidewalk when one of the posters landed on her sneaker, swept up by the wind. She looked down, observing the picture briefly. Between the phrase, “Have you seen this man?” and a reward and local phone number for information was the photograph of a young man's face in his early 20s. He was a tanned, slightly pudgy caucasian with sandy thick hair falling to his shoulders, freckles, an unshaven chin, and uniquely bright, blue eyes.

    Kate kicked the poster off her foot and continued on her morning stroll, to their special place in Viridian Forest. It had never been the same since he left, but Leah promised she would stop by, too. If Leah could shed some light on this whole mystery, nothing would ease her anxiety.

    He had been gone for so long now, no one even seemed to care anymore. On the other side of the road, an old woman and a young child with a pichu on her shoulder looked casually at one copy of the pic, and kept moving. Not even a sign of sympathy for the dude or his family, worried beyond doubt. Was she alone the one who ever noticed he was gone?

    It was two years ago when Kate first met him. His name was Stephen, though he preferred to be called by his alias, Wrathofautumn or just Wrath(as most people commonly said it.). When Kate had first asked him why, he merely said, “The name was too common.” He was preparing to begin a long-awaited journey as a pokemon trainer. For some reason, his parents kept him under their wing until he would turn eighteen. There were moments where he had made himself out to be rather bizarre, but there was something special about him that attracted her. In his own way, he was adorable and humorous when he tried not to be. Many things about the world were a mystery to him, and he blamed his parents for overprotecting him. It never mattered to her.

    He became an official pokemon trainer at the age of 20, taking two years to educate himself before finally making a trip to Pallet Town to earn the title. A small crowd was gathered there the day he was to leave, including his own parents. Kate was there, too, wishing him the best of luck. Before he had left, he admitted he had strong feelings for her. She had been kind to him, and he would never forget what she'd done for him. That was the last time she ever saw him.

    But something happened two months ago. She was walking past his house to visit a friend when she saw a pair of officers with the insignia Cerulean City on their shoulder patches talking with Stephen's Mother. The officer was holding a pile of clothes along with standard Pokemon Trainer equipment. The distinct glasses caught her attention the most and she came to realize those were Stephen's clothes. After the officer left, she asked the Mother if something was going on. The mother told her to go away and not worry about it. It was two days later when the first poster was displayed in town. Afterwards, they began to multiply. Before long, the town was littered with missing posters of the same face. It got so bad, no one even cared anymore.

    But she still cared.

    Some strands of her blonde hair, recently dyed red and pulled back, dropped at her eyes. She brushed it aside. She had an elegant face with blue eyes and bright lips. She had become addicted to exercise and her appearance was beginning to thin out. She wore a white blouse and some new shorts, perfect for summer weather. Like Stephen, she also wore glasses, but unlike his, her lenses did not spontaneously pop out of the frames.

    Viridian Forest lay just ahead. Some new trainers sat at the side, making final preparations before entering the woods. With an air of confidence, she crossed pass a grove of oaks and the world changed. What was once an urban and predictable world became something wild and unfamiliar. A pidgey eyed a caterpie hungrily as it crawled along a shrub to get its daily nourishment. A weedle had strayed too far from its nest and now stood idle, looking every way in disorientation. Another caterpie was shooting a stream of silk around itself, evolving into metapod. Life was everywhere and anywhere.

    Bug-type pokemon were seen quite occasionally in the forest and it didn't make her as nervous as it did many years ago, with the exception of running into a Beedrill Hive by mistake. As long as she left them alone, they didn't bother her.

    She wondered how many pokemon Stephen had caught on his journey. God, how she missed him! There were times when she had wanted to be a Pokemon trainer like him, but her parents nagged her to get a proper education and a real job. If she had even perhaps come along with him, would she have been able to do something?

    She found the oak tree. Carved with an S, it marked where she had to go. Going around and behind it, she struggled through bushes and snagging branches until she reached a small clearing. No Pokemon ever came here to bother anyone, somehow. A odorless repellent, good still for another six months was sprayed around the borders. It was here that they had always met and talked about all kinds of things.

    Leah was already there waiting for her. Her blond-brunette hair was just recently cut to a few inches below her jawline. She had high cheek bones and smooth skin. Like Stephen and Leah, she also wore a pair of glasses. A scarlet bandana covered the top of her head and her brow. She wore a black sleeveless jacket over a white shirt with dust-covered jeans and a brass chain for a belt. Across the front of her pockets were pokeballs, five in all. She tossed one freely in the air, catching it and repeated. Her durable ankle-length boots scraped across the grass.

    She looked her way with hazel gray eyes, and smiled thinly. “You're late.” She said briefly.

    “I had to do something.” Kate found a comfortable spot on a tree right next to Rhiannon and leaned on it. “How long have you been waiting.”

    “Only a few minutes, no big deal.” Leah paced a few steps forward, compressing the pokeball and then returning it to its cache. “I was on my way to the Saffron City Gym when I got an email from you. You didn't say much about it.”

    Kate blushed. “There wasn't much time to talk at the time.”

    Leah turned around and lifted her chin. “You mind explaining what you tried to say now?”

    She nodded, standing back up. “Have you heard what happened to Stephen?”

    A shrug. “Only briefly. I know what little was explained in the national newspapers.”

    “What did they say?”

    “They didn't know much about it themselves.”

    Kate's expression dimmed slightly. “People are saying he's dead.”

    Leah tilted her head. “Are they really planning a funeral?”

    “I'm not sure what they're planning to do.” She heaved a sigh. “It's so frustrating. I wish I could know what happened to him.”

    Leah looked up to the sky. “It's high unlikely he was killed. His clothes were perfectly intact. No sign of even a struggle.”

    “But then where is he?”

    “There's nothing I can do about it. Neither can you. Maybe he'll turn up eventually.”

    Kate ran her hands through her hair. “I don't know. I just don't know. I wish there was something I could do?” Suddenly she looked up, her expression from concern shifting to confusion. “Did you just hear something?”

    Leah went silent for a moment, and nodded slowly. They both focused on trying to listen to it. For a moment, it sounded like a breeze, and then a whisper, and then it came out clear and strong in Kate's head.

    Do you wish to find him?

    Kate wondered who it was, yet didn't know how to talk back.

    I am Gardevoir, once alive but now an agent of spirits. I came from another world to find a hero amongst your kind. Your friend, Wrath, was to be that hero.

    “But why?” Kate spoke aloud, not sure if the being called Gardevoir could hear her.

    Our world was in peril once, and he helped to save it. Now he lives amongst us, caring little of the life he had before.

    A pause. “I don't understand.”

    Is it your sincere desire to find him?

    “Yes! Yes, I do!”

    For a while nothing resonated in her mind. Very Well. I will take you to him. What of you, Human Trainer? Will you also come? Gardevoir appeared to be speaking to Leah, yet Katecould also hear it.

    Leah looked up dreamily, her eyes focusing on nothing. “Yes. I'm a bit concerned too.”

    Something began to blow beneath them. The world which you are about to enter is full of danger and peril. You may bring one partner with you.

    She frowned. “Just one?”

    The breeze became a strong gust of wind. Yes. Choose wisely.

    Her eyes darted across her line of pokeballs. After half a minute, she pulled out one on the far right. “I'll take my Houndoom, Loyalty.”

    The gust became a strong whirlwind. Kate clutched at her clothes, afraid they'd be blown away. What kind of storm was this? Before I can take you, I must understand the nature of your hearts. Answer my questions sincerely, please.

    Kate wanted to take cover before the storm hit, but it never did. Taking the time to answer Gardevoir's questions sincerely, the winds suddenly grew stronger, yet Kate and Leah managed to stand their ground. I now understand both of your natures. Nothing that you've said is deceitful. It is time. Ride the winds to the World of Pokemon, humans!

    Kate was suddenly falling. The ground vanished beneath her and the trees and grass disappeared. She was twirling in a maelstrom of indigo, too panicked to realize that her skin was completely bare. Where in the world was she, and what had happened to Leah? She tried shouting her name, but the winds muted her voice.

    Then Kate's eye caught her, for a brief moment. In the far distance, Leah was twirling around in the same state as well. But something was different. Somehow, she didn't look the same. Even afar, she was still human, a speck of flesh and hair, yet Kate wasn't sure how to identify her appearance. Then she dissapeared into the distant clouds of shale and Kate continued to fall, slicing through a thick blanket of clouds, the mist blocking all sight and rain drops tormenting her until it parted to make view of an ocean, a vast sea of water and churning waves growing closer and closer. Kate prepared for the impact.

    The ocean gave way to her and she fell, the freezing cold stabbing at her like knives. She struggled to get to the surface for air. She broke free of its struggle, taking in as much air as she wanted, before she looked gloomily and a gargantuous wave towering over her and slammed her down below the surface.

    At that point, it was beyond all she could take. Her body began to shut down, and despite trying to fight it, her mind could no longer resist. Caught by the currents of the ocean, drifting helplessly, she blacked out.

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    A great start, really^-^

    its very original of putting yourself in a story (at least I think it is) very good, the beginning was very cool, putting up posters and all that, I never knew that Gardevoir asked those questionsO__o well, its was cool how you described Kate and Leah reaching the Island (that's what they did, didn't they?)

    I'm thinking about writing a one-shot fic for dungeon, but that's not important now, keep writing because its awesome^-^

    one question: How long was this chapter?

    I hope more than 3 pages on word^-^because that's the required length, keep it up

    Electric Soul Fairy

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    Quote Originally Posted by electric soul fairy View Post
    A great start, really^-^

    its very original of putting yourself in a story (at least I think it is) very good, the beginning was very cool, putting up posters and all that, I never knew that Gardevoir asked those questionsO__o well, its was cool how you described Kate and Leah reaching the Island (that's what they did, didn't they?)

    I'm thinking about writing a one-shot fic for dungeon, but that's not important now, keep writing because its awesome^-^

    one question: How long was this chapter?

    I hope more than 3 pages on word^-^because that's the required length, keep it up

    Electric Soul Fairy

    Oh, no worries. This chapter is well over 3 pages. The fanfiction itself is over 70 pages long and fourteen chapters long. A good length, I might add.

    I look forward to hearing more from you. Stay tuned for tomorrow's chapter.

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    All right! Here it comes!

    ~Chapter 2~

    The sounds of the ocean continued ringing in her ears. At first she thought she was somewhere out deep in the ocean, when she felt sand shift beneath her weight and tail.

    Tail? Since when did I have a tail?

    The morning sun's glare got in her eyes. She got up groggily and stretched out her arms, heaving a big yawn. She felt strangely refreshed for all the suspense and danger she had to go through the night before. It wasn't until she was more than half-awake when she realized there was something sticking out in front of her face. She felt it with her hands, first at the bridge and then all around. It was fiery red and felt scaly. She had grown a snout! Then she realized her hands weren't exactly hands anymore. They were small, three-fingered claws.

    There were more changes as well. Her arms had become short and stubby, she had grown a pale yellow underbelly, her legs were short and stock with three-clawed feet. Her ears and hair were nonexistent, and from behind her, she could see a long reptilian tail with a bright flame, burning strongly. All over her body was fiery red scales. What in the world had happened to her?

    Another wave pulled in to the shore, touching her feet. Before they receded, she tried to get a good look at herself. It finally dawned on her as she saw the pokemon looking back .

    I'm...I'm a charmander! I've been turned into a charmander!

    Her legs became noodles. She staggered back and landed on her bottom, shocked. This was too much to take! Did Gardevoir do this? Why would she turn her into a pokemon?


    It was that voice again, this time stronger than usual. In the blink of an eye, a ghost appeared to her, a frail humanoid being with feminine features. A crest of green hair covered most of her whitish face. She looked back at her with red eyes.

    “Gardevoir?” She asked, surprised to hear that she could still talk.

    I am. No one but you and your friends from the other world can see me or hear me. She glided motionlessly across the shore. You seem rather shaken up from your transformation.

    “I...I...” She couldn't figure out what she wanted to say, and then asked, “Why did you do this to me?”

    It is because in this world, humans no longer exist. Introducing one would only unravel the natural order. To preserve it, I've changed you into a pokemon.

    A agitated growl escaped her throat. “You could've warned me.”

    You never asked. Gardevoir chuckled lightly. I leave no stones unturned. Your friend, Wrath, he too had been changed into a pokemon. And your other friend...she is also a pokemon now.

    Kate suddenly rememebered. She stood back up, spreading her arms. “Wait! Where's Leah? What happened to her?”

    You may relax. She is fine, but she has been placed on another side of the world. You will have to find both her and Wrath.

    Kate scoffed. She wasn't exactly worried about Leah as much as Stephen. Leah could take care of herself. It was impulsive for her to continue gaping at her own appearance.

    Gardervoir loomed in close to her, her head tilted. Is it really that hard to accept? Being a chamander? When I read your heart, I understood you liked charmander.

    That was true. Kate had mixed feelings. Admiring was one thing, but to be was something different and unexpected. Still, she recalled when she pretended to be a pokemon amongst friends when they played. It would take some time, but...

    Her frown turned into a thin smile. “Well, I suppose I could get used to it.”

    That's the spirit! Gardevoir beamed. Now, where you are exactly are the shallow beaches, a friend area located on the northeastern peninsula of this continent. You'll find Wrath's team rescue base passed the Mushroom Forest.

    “Friend Area? Rescue Teams? Mushroom Forest?” She tilted her head. “Do you mind letting me in on some of this stuff?”

    The world is plagued with natural cataclysms, and pokemon often find themselves in tight spots these days. Therefore, many pokemon form rescue teams to help save those in distress. Sometimes, along the way, they'll find pokemon who are willing to join teams, but they need certain reserved lands called friend areas to live in before they can join.

    “Natural disasters, eh?” Kate said ponderfully. “That doesn't sound good at all.”

    At a time, they happened very frequently. But when Wrath saved the world, they happened less frequently. Rescue Teams still remain active, though. Gardevoir laughed lightly. As time passes, you may find yourself caught up in aiding Wrath in rescues as well.

    Kate frowned in disappointment. “ family back home...I just can't...”

    It's understandable. You must do what you can. But Wrath found it more difficult to sustain his resolve to becoming human again. His feelings simply changed to that of a pokemon. You, too, may find that your feelings will change over time as well.

    Kate flexed an arm. “I'm not too worried about that. I'll find Wrath and bring him back with me, even if he hollers all the way!”

    Gardevoir looked out into the open sea, and then spoke to Kate. <i>It is time for me to go. I wish you luck on your journey.[/i] Without another word she disappeared into nothingness. Her voice continued to speak to her mind. I will always be with you when you need me.

    Kate took one last look out into the open sea and then gazed toward the land. The lands were specked with palm trees and coconut trees, saw grass, and stilted huts of dead branches and leaves. Some Pokemon that resembled seagulls were flying over head, looking for their breakfast meal. Maybe they could help her out.

    Sighing, she began walking away from the shores towards civilization. The Seagulls, who turned out to be Wingulls, landed on the ground and smiled happily. “Hi, there, Charmander! I'm Oscar and this is Fussy.”

    Kate was surprised to actually hear other pokemon talk. Maybe it was because she was a charmander now. She waved a claw at them, laughing nervously. “Um...hi.”

    “What's your name?” Fussy asked.

    Kate was about to say her own name, but held back. Wrath wasn't using his own name, so then maybe she ought to use her alias as well. “I'm...Gyp. Yeah, that's right. Gyp.”

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    wow, his one was really shortO__oare you sure this one is the right length^-^'

    anyways, cool, I would react the same way if I found out that I turned into a pokemon, Oscar and Fussy, are those guys twins? also very cool that you let her ponder over staying there, the description was flawless^-^good plot aswell...

    now, who exactly is the main character, currently we're following Kate, but is she the main character?just a question...

    very good chapter and awesome description, keep that up^-^

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    Quote Originally Posted by electric soul fairy View Post
    wow, his one was really shortO__oare you sure this one is the right length^-^'

    anyways, cool, I would react the same way if I found out that I turned into a pokemon, Oscar and Fussy, are those guys twins? also very cool that you let her ponder over staying there, the description was flawless^-^good plot aswell...

    now, who exactly is the main character, currently we're following Kate, but is she the main character?just a question...

    very good chapter and awesome description, keep that up^-^

    Electric Soul Fairy
    Ah, good. More questions. ^_^ I'm not trying to get attention here, anybody. I'm just answering her question.

    Yeah I'm pretty sure this was the right length. It came out as five pages, double-spaced, in my word program. Do the rules measure chapters in single space or double space?

    Yes, Oscar and Fussy are Twins.

    By description, I assume you mean the description of her new body.

    The main, main character is Wrath, but he doesn't show up for another couple of chapters.

    Does this clear up everything for you?

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    I don't really know if anyone else is currently reading this^-^'

    I don't really know what you mean with doublespaced but I guess its okay, it seems long enough, its just, I read longer chapters and more difficult stories (of course, yours has just began so I don't know what you are plotting)

    alright, my hunch was right, will those guys return? (another questionT__T

    yes, I liked the way how you described Kate, its very cool^-^

    too bad, I was hoping Kate would be the main character, she seems like a cool person to me, with her thinking that she can bring Wrath back home, I think she's not going to stay as a pokemon but rather know that he still exists^-^


    Electric Soul Fairy

    (If it doesn't bother you, I have started a dungeon fic myself, it should be below the list, as well as my other fic, well, would you like to read my new fic, I was hoping that at least ONE person would read it^-^')
    Searching for Inspiration...

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    Ah, well. At least I know someone is reading this. :P

    No, I'm afraid those twins won't be returning.

    Oh, really? An MD fanfic? That sounds interesting. I'll be sure to take a looksie. ^_^

    And now, here's the next chapter!

    ~Chapter 3~

    Gyp had come a long way since she had first landed on the shallow beach. With the help of local pokemon in nearby friend areas, she was able to find directions easily through the peninsula. Eventually, the sandy beaches turned to wide fields of grass, and the grass made way for the Western Forest. Before long, she came upon a section of the wood where towers of fungi dominated all, exactly as Gardevoir had said. She couldn't be too far from Wrath's base now.

    Giant mushrooms released spores in the air that left a bitter smell. A shroomish scuttled across the edges of one mushroom, looking for a good place to take a nap. A paras, already finding some shade, sat down and began to rest. A nuzleaf flew down from canopy, almost surprising Gyp. Politely pardoning herself, the Nuzleaf began searching for some food.

    Perhaps this was another friend area. She noticed differences between pokemon within friend areas and outside them. The ones outside were rather wild and either timid or very violent. She had heard they become quite worse when an earthquake strikes. At that point, the only thing they'd reason to was a punch in the face.

    There had been fights along the way. The first had been against an weepinbell, who had been knocked out of his favorite branch from a thunderstorm the other night. He blindly threw razor leaves at Gyp, which left a stinging cut on her arm. Upon the second volley, she was suddenly breathing fire and turned those razor leaves to ashes. Weepinbell came to his senses and fled, not wanting to fight a fire type.

    Gyp wasn't entirely sure how it happened. It was probably out of instinct, becoming provoked by the weepinbell's attack. She took some time off to practice and eventually got the hang of it withing a few hours. The excitement had gone to her head, though. A forest fire had just began to spark when a rescue team of flying type swooped down throwing sand onto the burning trees. There were no fingers pointed at her. The leader of the group explained that droughts had made the trees very dry and more susceptible to ignition; nonetheless, she was more careful on where she used her fire attacks. Eventually, she came upon a dried up branch of hickory just perfect for her size. A few tests of swinging and it became her official walking stick.

    She stopped suddenly, leaning on her walking stick while letting out a yawn. She looked up into the auburn sky, noticing the sun was already leaving the horizon. It was about time for her to find a place to rest. But where could she sleep in a place which didn't agree with her?

    Have to keep moving. Don't want to cause anymore trouble.

    But her pace gradually slowed time and again. Pushing herself to keep moving wasn't working anymore. For some reason, she felt unusually exhausted. Advancing forward was on her mind, and yet...something compelled her to just rest. Her eyes closed and opened against her will. The world became a blur of meaningless shapes and colors, and she collapsed.

    Pain welled up inside of her. Agony like nothing she had ever felt. She squirmed on the forest floor, gritting her teeth and letting out low moans. Yet she couldn't wake up somehow. What kind of a dream was this?

    Something was burning.

    The smell of smoke forced her awake. Gyp jumped on her feet and looked around frantically, searching for the source of the fire. How long had she been asleep? Was half the forest ablaze? What had she done!

    The familiar smell of cooking apples melded with smoke. Looking from behind her, she saw a rather roundly large pokemon, cooking a large red apple over a campfire, skewered with a stick. He was the color of the night with spikes going down his back and a short stubby tail. He had an impish grin on his face, whistling a tune she had never heard..

    He looked her way with scarlet eyes. “So, you're awake. Kekeh.”

    She recognized the stick suddenly. “Hey, I need that stick!”

    “What for? Fighting?” He scoffed. “What good is a stick when you can breathe fire?”

    The flames boiled her throat, but she restrained herself. “Give it back!”

    The pokemon humorous grin turned to a ponderful frown. He paused for a moment and then said. “Why are you getting so mad? You looked famished so I decided to cook an apple for you.” He took the apple off the stick and offered it to her.

    The delicious aroma made her belly growl. Gyp cluched her stomach. She was pretty hungry. Hesitating at first, she walked over and took the apple from him, eating it heartily. Her taste buds danced. So delicious! The pokemon them offered her a bottle of water. She guzzled it down, eyeing sadly at the empty bottle and back at the pokemon. With only a few quirks, he appeared to be a decent pokemon. He cared enough to help feed her, didn't he? It may have been against her better judgment, but she decided to trust him.

    After introducing herself, the pokemon did likewise. “Name's Gengar. I'm running a rescue team who intend on changing the world. Those spores in the mushroom forest are pretty nasty. They can cause comas, if you're not too careful.”

    Gyp wondered if he had used the flames on her tail to start the campfire. “Thank you for the apple.”

    “Anytime.” He rested his right hand over where his chin would be. “You're pretty brave for a charmander to walk through these parts.”

    She blushed. “I'm sort here.”

    Gengar laughed as if she had said a funny joke. “New here? What kind of an excuse is that? Unless...” He scooted a bit closer to her. “You're not exactly a real pokemon, are you?”

    That got her attention. She stared at him, jaw partly drooped.
    “How'd you know that?”

    “Kekeh! Call it intuition.” Gengar chuckled. “If you're interested, I'll let you be a part of our team. We could use someone like you.”

    She shook her head. “I can't. I'm looking for someone.”


    Gyp shifted her weight. “A friend of mine. His name is Wrath. Have you seen him?”

    Gengar jumped up, with a schocked expression. “Wrath? That human in Meowth's clothing? That Wrath?!”

    A meowth? Gyp eyes brightened. “Yeah, that's right. I've come to take him back with me.”

    “To the human world?”

    “Yes!” Gyp's tail started wagging. “Do you know where I can find him?”

    Gengar made the same thoughtful gesture as before, and then grinned from one end of his face to the other. “Kekeh,'re darn right I know where to find him, but it's not an easy situation he's in. What with that Jack bullying him and everything.”

    Gyp tilted her head. “A bully? Jack? Whose he?”

    Gengar's face turned to concern. “He's a mean little pikachu who bosses poor Wrath around and makes him do all the work on the rescue team. All the while he gets to lay back on a a nice spot.”

    Gyp bared her teeth. She could already imagine it now: Wrath as a meowth, exhausted and working his paws off fighting and rescuing while Jack sat in a corner, munching on necessary rations. “That rotten...”

    “I've been trying to get him out of that pickle for a long time now, but Jack always winds up beating the snot out of me.” Gengar looks at her hopefully. “But with your flames and my brains, we'll teach that no-good Jack a lesson and get Wrath back home in no time! What do you say?”

    Gyp nodded her head in determination. “All right. Let's go find them together. I can't just leave Wrath to that meanie.”

    Gengar looked up into the sky. “It can wait until morning. Let's get a good rest and I'll take you to his rescue base first thing in the morning.”

    As Gyp lay down on a good patch of dead pine needles, she thought she heard a soft cackle.

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    Bad Gengar, very badf Gengar,

    you don't fool me, He's going to use Kate(Gyp) for attacking that Jack, he's probably the partner of Wrath, isn't he, funny, my character also has a partner that's a Pikachu(although the name isn't THAT original), ironic, he calls Jack a Meanie, while he's one himself^-^

    It's interesting how this is gonna end, Kate being(probably) manipulated by Gengar of team Meanies while Wrath and Jack are not aware of any danger, at least, that's what I think^-^

    The description was flawless, I could imagine the whole story^-^the characters are nice as well, although Kate seems a little Naive, isn't she, if she is she should have turned into another pokemon^-^anyways, nice chapter, really, its a shame nobody else reads thisT__T

    Now, the name of my MD fic is Mysterious Dungeons: A Special Rescue Team, it should be on the second list, I still haven't put the link into my sig, oh well, hope you come to read(only one chapter though^-^')

    Fighting against the Weepinbell(man, I almost forgot that that thing exists) must have rapdily increased her level to obtain the attack Ember, or maybe it was just out of pure rage, I'm also wondering, where Medicham and Ekans currently are, I hope you'll introduce them to me soon^-^

    laterz(hope you come to read^-^)

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    Quote Originally Posted by electric soul fairy View Post
    Bad Gengar, very badf Gengar,

    you don't fool me, He's going to use Kate(Gyp) for attacking that Jack, he's probably the partner of Wrath, isn't he, funny, my character also has a partner that's a Pikachu(although the name isn't THAT original), ironic, he calls Jack a Meanie, while he's one himself^-^

    It's interesting how this is gonna end, Kate being(probably) manipulated by Gengar of team Meanies while Wrath and Jack are not aware of any danger, at least, that's what I think^-^

    The description was flawless, I could imagine the whole story^-^the characters are nice as well, although Kate seems a little Naive, isn't she, if she is she should have turned into another pokemon^-^anyways, nice chapter, really, its a shame nobody else reads thisT__T

    Now, the name of my MD fic is Mysterious Dungeons: A Special Rescue Team, it should be on the second list, I still haven't put the link into my sig, oh well, hope you come to read(only one chapter though^-^')

    Fighting against the Weepinbell(man, I almost forgot that that thing exists) must have rapdily increased her level to obtain the attack Ember, or maybe it was just out of pure rage, I'm also wondering, where Medicham and Ekans currently are, I hope you'll introduce them to me soon^-^

    laterz(hope you come to read^-^)

    Electric Soul Fairy
    Well, those were my thoughts exactly. But I had her take the interview myself and she got bravery quite frequently. I can see that, too.

    All right, I'll try looking for the MD fanfic. ^_^ It shouldn't be hard for me.

    Okay, here's...

    ~Chapter Four~

    The howling winds of the mountains blew echoed loudly inside her skull helmet. Standing firmly on a small mesa of granite, brushing the dust off her stubby legs, Leah breathed in the air of this new and strange world. From the edge, she could the woods to the south, open plains to the east, and further east a series of beaches and islands where Gyp was said to have landed. Gyp was well on her own now, and her chances to survive on her own were beyond her sight. Near a bay of vast green stood a lone city, perhaps the only city in miles. It was where Wrath was said to have settled. So many places to see and do. Leah wished to explore it all yet didn't know how much time she had to spend on this place.

    When it happens, it'll just happen.

    It had been two days since her arrival. Leah took the changes much easier than Gardervoir had expected. Just what was the big deal? What Gardevoir had done and her justifications for it made sense. When she said how Kate had reacted, she wanted to laugh. It sounded like how she'd react. Before Gardevoir left, she mentioned that Gyp would most likely find Wrath first. Regardless of who got there first, Leah would find her own way back to them. It mattered to her that she find her friends; for now, though, she didn't need anyone or anything else but her new club and Loyalty.

    She looked from behind her shoulder. “Loyalty! Come!”

    Loyalty, a houndoom, sat at the other side of the mesa, sniffing the air curiously. He had the resemblance of the fabled hellhounds, a mix of doberman and demonic features. Like dobermans, his fur was blackish with red-brownish markings on his underbelly, muzzle, and paws.Curvy horns were mounted at the top of his head, and a devilish tail ending in a arrow-headed spade. Rings of bone encircled the ankles of his forepaws and hindpaws in twos. Bony Semicircles arced across his back, with a finy bony semicircle around his neck in the shape of a collar. A grayish skull was engarved at the top of his sternum.

    Perhaps it was the wind. Waiting patiently for a few seconds, Leah narrowed her eyes. “Loyalty! Come!” This time much louder.

    Loyalty still did not come. It lifted its hind leg, scratching around his neck. Could he really not hear her or was he just starting to ignore her more frequently? She could believe the latter much easier. The disobedience was becoming quite more noticeable as time passed.

    Growling softly in frustration, she stomped over to her partner, tapping her bone club across the floor. “Hey! When I say come to me, I mean come to me! Have you forgotten who I am?” Loyalty blow a small stream of searing fire at her feet. Leah dodged it barely. “Watch where you do that!”

    “No.” Loyalty said briefly.

    Leah gaped at him. “What?”

    “I said no. I won't obey you.”

    It came as a sudden shock to her. After all this time of raising him, nurturing him...what ever happened to their bond as partners? “Why?” She strained to ask.

    “Enlighten me.” Loyalty lifted his head in defiance. “Why should I
    follow a mere cubone? Why should I listen to something so small and weak compared to my strength?”

    Somehow, she knew he was right. Leah admitted to herself that she had become very small. A stout reptilian-like dwarf with a tough, sand-brown hide and pale underbelly, a few boney plates along her spine ending in a short tail; stubby legs and arms with hands flexible enough to manipulate tools, and a skull for a mask though it may as well have been her face.

    But even dwarves possess strength!

    “You can no longer control me, my former master.” Loyalty made a haughty grin. “It ought to be me making the orders now.”

    Is that how he'd seen it always? Leah's grip on her club tensed. “I thought...we were friends.”

    Loyalty spat a piece of brimstone on the ground. “You had followers as a trainer, but you had no friends. Never have and never will.”

    Leah's head lowered. “That's...that's not...” She thought of her other pokemon partners. Surely there was a bond between them. Why was she beginning to doubt herself?

    Loyalty took one step forward, flames dancing within his mouth. “If you can deal one decent blow on me, then maybe I'll consider listening to you.”

    Did it have to come to this? Flowing into a fighting stance, Leah raised her bone club. “Loyalty. Please...”

    “Die!” Loyalty blew a stream of flame directly at her.

    Leah dodged it but got cooked at her flank. There wasn't time to think as he blew a second stream of flames at her. All she could afford to do was dodge and jump. She was a ground type, but even she couldn't withstand it forever. How was she supposed to get close enough to him to deal a decent blow?

    Then it occurred to her. She remembered a move used by another trainer's cubone and applied it to a medical issue with Houndoom. In the middle of a jump, she was able to find a target at his left flank. Pulling her arm back, she let the bone club fly.

    Houndoom's expression changed to sudden fear. There was no time to get out of the way. The bone club hit against his left leg with a loud thwack!, causing Houndoom to yelp and whine out of control. The sound of it strained at Leah's heart, but there was no other way. At the very least, when the pain subsided, Houndoom appeared to have been humbled.

    He moved his tongue to lick the scar, but he hesitated. He snarled at Leah indirectly. “How could I forget about that wound? The scar I received from my former pack?”

    The law of club and fang. Leah caught the bone club as it returned to her hand, looking at Houndoom more coldly than she had while human. “Don't you ever question my strength again.”

    “This fight doesn't prove a single thing.” He growled stubbornly. “I'll continue to follow you, but never forget this: I await the day you show weakness, and then I will crunch that bone into splinters!”

    Her flank hurt a little more than she thought as the adrenaline left her. She started to climb down the mesa. “Come, Loyalty. We've got a long ways to go. And for the records, here you can call me Leah.”


    Wrath rolled in his bed of alfafa with a happy grin, his curly tail thumping against the ground. The sun was just beginning to rise and he could feel it's warmth envelop his body. He liked to bathe in the sun. He could do it all day, but there was no time for relaxing. There was still plenty of rescues to do today.

    Crawling up onto his floppy hindpaws, he let out a big yawn. He looked like any plain Meowth. His fur was a milky peach color with muddy brown markings on the tips of his feet and tail. His ears were black around the edges but were otherwise also a milky peach. He had short legs, a roundish torso with a football-shaped head, whiskers dangling at the sides and top of his face. From his wide feline lips, two fangs portruded at the ends. His almond cat eyes reflected a blue which a lot of other pokemon said they had never seen in their lives. At the very top of his brow was his most prized part: A shiny golden Jewel grafted into his skin. He occasionally liked to fawn over it.

    Walking over to his large map of the world, he moved his very flexible paw across tacked arrows with tags on them, checking the dates on each individual tag to see where it was Team Blitzkreig would do their daily rescue duties. The most recent dated tack was located right on top of Sinister Woods. Wrath remembered getting a newletter discussing a recent cloud of poisonous gas covering the woods. Team Koffing was supposedly to blame, but no one could really be sure. This looked like a job for him and Jack!

    Splashing fresh spring water over his face from a nearby urn, He went over to the table at the far end of the corner and began to put on his gear, all neatly organized the night before. He wrapped around around his neck a pink pecha scarf, which would protect him from the poisonous gases in sinister woods. He would leave behind his generic blue scarf for now. Every rescue badge that a rescue team carried was distinct and unique, so that's all they would need. Next, he snapped on a red power band acround his right ankle, feeling power surge through him almost immediately. Finally, he strapped on around his head a scope lens, a pair of heavy goggles that could help mark vital weak points in enemy targets. He pulled it over his head and pressed a few knobs at the sides to check the zoom in and zoom out capabilities. Targeting was also nominal.

    Yep! I'm ready to go!

    Pulling the lens onto his brow, he walked over to a two level bed and climbed the ladder. He was about to wake up his good buddy Jack, but then he saw that he was gone. For a little while, he was sort of anxious. But then he smiled and said to himself, “He's probably already up and about.”

    Walking out the door and into the morning, he looked around admirably at their base. The building astonishingly resembled his own head . In the far corner a flag wavered with a meowth's jewel piece as his insignia. A small little pond of freshwater rimmed with tumbled riverstones rippled from eastern winds. A few plants grew inside of it. A pathway of limestone slabs led him down to a fork in the road. Going left took him to Pokemon Square, the finest city in this world; going right took him to his friend areas purchased from the Wigglytuff Club, a circle of friends; if he went straight down, it would take him out into the wilderness, where in many parts of the world, pokemon were constantly getting trapped and needed help.

    It made Wrath happy to know that he was making a difference. He was so busy helping others in distress and having fun with Jack, he never really had time to think about his old life. What could his life has been like before? Was it good or bad? He sometimes thought about what he used to be as a human when alone, but he eventually just shoved it aside for the troubles of the day. Nobody seemed to mind that he used to be human...or even cared for that matter. Wrath doubted that he was really all that human anymore.

    There's nothing left but a cute meowth called Wrath! He thought to himself.

    “Hey, Wrath!”

    Jack was just coming from the friend areas, it seemed. He was a pikachu, a mouse-like pokemon with shining yellow fur, short legs and feet, and forepaws that could be used for both bipedal and quadrapedal tasks. His lightning bolt shaped tail hung at the side, the base of the tail being a brown. He had a rather rodent like face with a short muzzle, small black nose, and red circular cheeks which sparks flew out. His beady black eyes had a hue of hazel to them. His long pointy years moved freely at the side of his head. He had already put on his gear as well: a pecha scarf went around his neck and on his right wrist was a blue special band, which would enhance his electric attacks, and a weather band, which would protect him from bad weather.

    “Hi, Jack!” Wrath said, tail wagging. “Are you ready for the trip to Sinister Woods?”

    “Just about. I was checking up on you.” Jack laughed. “I hope I didn't worry you. I was just checking up on some of our longtime team members.”

    “Hey, no worries here.” Wrath smiled. “None of them want to come with us?”

    “We don't have enough reviver seeds to support a full team right now.” Reviver seeds were essential in any rescue mission. They helped revitalize a pokemon team member if it fainted. Jack shrugged. “So we'll have to do this ourselves. How many jobs do we have?”

    Wrath checked his storage box of job lists, looking for all of them labeled “Sinister Woods.” He counted with his left paw. “Three of them.”

    “Good! We'll be kept real busy today!” a strong gust of wind suddenly blew in, making Wrath's guard hairs stand on end. Jack shivered violently. “Wow, that's cold. Hey, Wrath, look over there!”

    Jack was pointing to the eastern skies. Wrath followed his fiinger to a storm of clouds like nothing he had ever seen before. “I've never seen a storm like that before.” Wrath said.

    “Me, neither.” Jack tilted his head with a thoughtful look on his face. Then he reverted back to his optimistic face. “Ah, it'll probably blow over in no time. Let's go and do our best as always, Wrath!”


    Okay that does it for chapter Four. Btw, I don't know if I made this clear, but I'd like to ask for some constructive criticism here. I didn't think I had to ask for it before, but I suppose I have to clarify it, don't I? Ah, well.

    Anyway, yes, I'm looking to have constructive criticism on what I've got so far. Give me everything you've got! >:3

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    Well, I can't really crit because you're chapters are awesome, they're greatly detailed, have nice characters and a cool plot^-^aside from the thing that I don't know where they currently are^-^'

    very nice, geez, how ironic to call Houndoom, Loyalty^___^he seems cocky to me, I hope he's not gonna join Gengar or fool Leah like Gyp(Kate) , at least, I think Gengar is fooling Gyp, and Wrath also seems to fool himself...

    awww, man, you're so much better at describing Pikachu and your other characters>__<I just loved it when Leah hit Houndoom with her, Bone Club, wasn't it?

    Did something happen with Loyalty before at the place that he was hit? anyways, this was an amzing chapter, no flaws at all, except for, you know, describing the areas where they are now, that, or I just misread^-^'

    keep going, eager to find out what's in the next chapter

    Electric Soul Fairy

    laterz(BTW: thanks for reviewing^-^)
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    This is really cool! I saw it when i was looking for something good to read, and I found it. Trust electric, She's(?) right. Your fic is great.

    Peace. ^^ v

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    Well, I can't really crit because you're chapters are awesome, they're greatly detailed, have nice characters and a cool plot^-^aside from the thing that I don't know where they currently are^-^'

    very nice, geez, how ironic to call Houndoom, Loyalty^___^he seems cocky to me, I hope he's not gonna join Gengar or fool Leah like Gyp(Kate) , at least, I think Gengar is fooling Gyp, and Wrath also seems to fool himself...

    awww, man, you're so much better at describing Pikachu and your other characters>__<I just loved it when Leah hit Houndoom with her, Bone Club, wasn't it?

    Did something happen with Loyalty before at the place that he was hit? anyways, this was an amzing chapter, no flaws at all, except for, you know, describing the areas where they are now, that, or I just misread^-^'

    keep going, eager to find out what's in the next chapter

    Electric Soul Fairy

    laterz(BTW: thanks for reviewing^-^)
    Well I had to use a map to coordinate where they landed. Gyp landed on the northwestern peninsula on the mainland and Leah landed nearby the Badlands, I believe. Wrath and Jack are currently nearby pokemon square. That clears some stuff up, though I'm sure that I made it clear in the story.

    Well, you seem to be on the right track there with a lot of the stuff. Now, that last sentence was something I've never heard before. Wrath seems to be fooling himself? In what way, do you think?

    You skipped the part that explained he had belonged to a pack before Leah had caught him. During his time with them, he received a nasty burn from the pack leader. When a Houndoom burns someone, the pain of that injury never goes away. :P

    This is really cool! I saw it when i was looking for something good to read, and I found it. Trust electric, She's(?) right. Your fic is great.

    Peace. ^^ v
    Aww, sweet. I'm glad to see another person's enjoying this fic as well. But is that all you have to say? And are you wiling to read more of this?

    Anyway, here comes the next set of my fanfiction. Chapter Five! This is where it gets really violent! :3

    ~Chapter Five~

    A maddened Exeggutor trampled through a lee of birch trees, glaring madly at Wrath. A gigantic palm tree with thick legs and hardly any feet, it had six heads, though normally only three could be seen at any angle. The look on its face, normally docile and relaxed, was now irritated and cranky.

    As it eyes glowed, Wrath felt himself being slammed into a tree without use of physical strength. He landed on the trunk with his hind paws and jumped back onto the forest floor, retracting his claws. Letting out a screech, he charged up to the exeggutor and leapt, swiping furiously at its wooden hide and then at one of its many faces. It was more than the Exeggutor could handle. It fell over on its back, mildly shaking the ground.

    He walked a few paces on top of the Exeggutor, and then waved at his team from behind. “Come on, Jack! I can see the path to the thirteenth floor now.”

    Jack and a new member, Mario followed right behind. Mario was a shroomish, a pale yellow blob speckled with green patches. He had beady red eyes and a tiny mouth. The Shroomish population wasn't being affected by the toxic gases, unlike many of the pokemon here. Bug types who couldn't stand poison had to be evacuated immediately. Any pokemon who were resistant to poison came to their senses to help out. Mario, seeing how other pokemon were suffering, caught up to Jack and Wrath and asked to become a part of the team. He practically leapt with joy at the time.

    Jack wrapped his pecha scarf more tightly around his neck. “The poison stings my eyes a little, but I'm all right.”

    Mario jiggled a little. “That luminous orb sure is coming in handy for you guys.”

    The light went through the rescue team tool box. It was rather bright for Wrath, so he kept it inside. Even in the toolbox, it lit their way through the toxic clouds. The clouds were growing thicker, though, so they must obviously have been getting closer. Thank goodness they had found it somewhere on the sixth floor.

    When they had first entered the Sinister Woods, Jack and Wrath had noticed that other rescue teams were already helping. Several of them covered the first half of the woods, leaving Wrath and Jack the rest of the area to patrol. They had gotten the raw end of the deal, but there were no complaints from either of them.

    Entering the next room, they checked around for any crazed pokemon. “Nobody's here.” Jack said.

    In the very back corner was the vine that took them to the highest point in the forest. Wrath tested it, making sure it hadn't become weak from the poison. It held firm when he tugged his claws on it. “It would've taken more than a team of Koffings for the poisonous clouds to be this thick. There's got to be something else.”

    He helped Jack up the vine and started climbing from behind him. Mario scuttled along the base of the ridge. Wrath almost lost his scarf climbing up, but managed to hold on to it. When they finally reached the top. In front of a wall of pine trees within a thick smoke of clouds, were a trio of floating Koffings. Floating spherical beings stippled with pores, each of them possesed a poisonous symbol engraved on the rubbery bellies. They floated around in circles, mumbling frantically.

    “What are we going to do? The clouds won't stop coming in!” One of them said.

    “We're likely to get in trouble for this. It wasn't entirely our fault.”
    Another replied.

    Just then, the third of them noticed Wrath's Team present. She bumped into them to get their attention. They backed away slowly, towards the wall of trees. “L-look! We don't want any trouble!”

    “It wasn't our fault! We didn't do any of this!” Another exclaimed.

    “Wait, hold on.” Jack waved his arms violently. “We're not here to fight. We overheard some of what you said. Do you mind telling us what's going on?”

    They paused for a moment, then the female koffing in the middle stepped out and started to talk. “You hear about a lightning storm over poison swamp lately?”

    “Well, only a bit.” Jack admitted.

    “The swamp's full of volatile chemicals. There was a fire not too long ago that started forming clouds of poison. A rescue team of flying types came in and put out the flames, but mistakenly fanned the clouds down here!”

    “We came here in the hopes that we could do something to help.” One Koffing muttered nervously. “But it looks as though we've become the scapegoat for this whole mess.”

    “Please, you gotta believe us!” The right Koffing said. “We're not trying to cause any trouble!”

    Wrath believed them. “Jack, let's let them go. They've been through enough.” He suggested.

    Jack nodded. “That's exactly what I was thinking.” He smiled in dismissal. “You guys go ahead and get out of here. We'll take care of this.”

    “ will?” One of the Koffings asked, almost bewildered.

    “Yeah, sure.” Wrath grinned. “None of this was your fault.”

    A cackling voice rang in the air. “Leaving? So soon? I don't thinks so, kekeh.”

    Jack was about to say something when Gengar of Team Meanies came out from behind, followed by a charmander. They turned and confronted their long arch rivals. Gengar cackled. “Kekeh! Long time no see, Jack and Wrath!"

    The Koffings suddenly panicked. “A Ch-charmander!”

    “She'll make this whole place explode with one breath of her fire

    “Let's get out of here!” They fled past both teams faster than a Rapidash, floating down the cliffs and disappearing.

    Pikachu shook his fists at Gengar. “Gengar! What're you doing here? Don't you ever give up?” Gengar happened to be the leader of Team Meanies, a group of evil pokemon bent on world domination. What made things worse was under the guise of a rescue team, they could get away with their mischief and manipulations.

    Wrath was not really paying attention to anything that was going on, except for the Charmander. Something about her determined expression and the unusual color of her eyes. He couldn't help but gape at it and wonder.

    There's something different about that Charmander. What is it, though? Wrath continued to study her. Why does it feel like I've seen her before?

    Gengar had noticed how he was staring at her. “Kekeh! Does her face ring a bell, Wrath? Maybe she ought to speak for herself.”

    The charmander stepped forward, her expression changing to concern. “Wrath? Is that really you?”

    Wrath's body trembled. “Who are you?”

    “It's me! Gyp, from Virdian City!” She tilted her head. “Don't you remember me at all?”

    Wrath couldn't remember at all. He focused on remembering with all his might, and yet nothing was coming out. His stomach tied in knots just seeing her. He didn't like this feeling, whatever it was. Jack looked at him curiously. “Wrath, what's going on? Who is this?”

    Wrath moved his mouth but nothing came out. He already accepted the fact she knew him. What did she want with him?

    “Get away from him, you meanie!” Gyp snarled. She clawed at Jack's face, sending him tumbling a few feet backwards.

    “Jack!” Wrath exclaimed. He crawled over to check up on his friend. He glared at the charmander. “ could you?”

    “Stop protecting him, Wrath! That pokemon's just using you.”

    Wrath's claws slowly retracted. “What are you talking about?”

    “Kekeh! You heard right, Wrath! Jack's done nothing but made a slave out of you.” Gengar laughed. “But now it's time for you to come back home.”

    Wrath's eyes bulged in fear. “Wh-what?”

    “I'm taking you back to the human world, Wrath.” Gyp held out a stick, her face frowning sadly. “Don't make me have to fight you.”

    Wrath flowed into a fighting stance and cupped his paws together, a shadow ball materializing inside. His happy-go-lucky expression suddenly turned piercing cold. “I'm never going back! No one can make me! Friend or not, if you're fighting with Gengar, then you're an enemy too!”

    "What?" Gyp asked puzzled. "Gengar's just trying to help!"

    Jack got back on his feet and came along side his friend, sparks flying from his cheeks. “That goes the same for me. I don't know who you are, but we're not going down without a fight!”

    Gyp scoffed. "I don't believe this. You're choosing a bullying pikachu over me?Your best friend?" She raised her stick even higher. “You always were stubborn. Fine, I'll take you on!"

    Gengar lined up right beside her. "Kekeh! don't worry, my lovely Gyp. I'll help knock some sense into Wrath." He smiled impishly at Jack. "This is the end for your team now, Jack!"


    The two parties engaged each other in combat. Extending his arms, Gengar unleashed a deadly wave of shadow energy in all directions. Jack charged himself up until he was enveloped in electricity, negating the night shade technique with a wave of lightning. Before long, Jack was lifted up from the ground with the wave of Gengar's hand. A strange blue mist rose from Jack's body like steam as he struggled. Protruding his long tongue, Gengar began inhaling the mist, making Jack's squirming slow to a halt.

    Suddenly, Shroomish let out a storm of glittering spores, freezing Gengar's body in place. Jack dropped onto the forest floor, slowly recovering from his spite technique. Before Gengar could gain mobility, Jack charged on all fours, making a swift tackle that knocked the wind out of the ghost. When he fell to the ground, Gengar did not get back up.

    Gyp and Wrath had dodged Gengar's night shade attack, and went at it unhindered. Gyp swung high with her stick, continued to circle around, and then swept it under Wrath's feet. Wrath dodged the first strike, but took the low attack, falling onto his back. As Gyp swung it down, he rolled to his right, slashing at the stick while he got back on his feet. The weapon trembled for a moment, then broke apart into smaller chunks. Gyp looked startled at her new stump for a stick, then tossed it aside, flashing tiny metal claws.

    Letting out a growl, she lunged at Wrath, claw extending outward. Wrath moved out of the way, grabbing her arm with his paw, and threw her forward, causing her to stagger and almost lose her balance. Her back now faced him, giving Wrath an advantage. Forming another shadow ball, the last one deflected by Gengar, he let it fly at Gyp, this time hitting its mark. Gyp howled in pain as she flew a few feet, and then collapsed on her stomach.

    Wrath couldn't help but smirk. What a pushover.

    But she was refusing to give up. Getting back on her feet, she panted heavily. “I'm...I'm not going to quit so easily, Wrath.”

    “Want more so soon?”, he laughed confidently. “Why don't you just give up?”

    “'re my friend!” Gyp gasped. “I'm not just going to leave you with that bully!”

    Wrath rolled his eyes. “Will you stop saying that? Jack's not the bullying type.”

    The charmander blinked. “What?”

    Jack walked up beside Wrath, singed but otherwise okay. “He's right, Gyp. I've always been a good friend to him. I've stuck by his side through everything. From the day we performed our first rescue to when we convinced Rayquaza to destroy the falling star, I've gone everywhere he's gone. Together, we've overcome what was once impossible.” Many of the things Jack talked about, Gyp just frowned and asked questions. Jack laughed. “Hey, that's almost the same kind of atttitude Wrath had when I first met him.”

    Then he paused, and eyed her curiously. “Is it possible that....:?”

    Gengar was just beginning to get back up, a hand running over his back.

    “What made you think Jack was nothing but a bully?” Wrath added, now grinning happily. He wasn't really angry anymore.

    Gyp's gaze lowered to the ground. “Well, Gengar told me...”

    “Gengar's free to say whatever he wants. You don't have to listen to him.” Wrath laughed. “I've never really trusted him since he plotted to kill me and Jack a few weeks back.”

    Gyp jumped a few feet, saucer-eyed. “What?!”

    Gengar suddenly looked nervous. Gyp's lips pulled back into a snarl as she turned to Gengar. “Is this true?” She growled through gritted teeth.

    “Ugegegegegege...” Gengar looked left to right, walked back a few steps, and then sprinted over the cliff, running for the exit.

    “That little trickster!” Flames could be seen dancing in Gyp's mouth. “I'll...”

    “Nooooo!” Jack, Wrath and Mario moved to shut her mouth, the toxic clouds still hanging in the air. Gyp struggled for a while, then seeing their expressions, finally relaxed.

    She got back up and scratched the back of her head. “I guess I almost let my temper get the best of me.”

    Jack nodded to Wrath. “Wrath, let's go back to the Pelipper Office and talk to the pokemon we've rescued.”

    They moved to go when Gyp asked them to stop. “What is it?” Wrath asked.

    Gyp shuffled her feet. “Can I come with you?”

    Jack's eyes brightened. “You mean you'd like to join our team?”

    “Well, when I first got here, I saw a lot of disasters going around and lots of pokemon in trouble. I've been thinking about it, and I want to do what I can to help.” She smiled, tail wagging. “So I want to join the team!”

    Jack turned to Wrath. “What do you think?”

    Wrath took a look at her. Something about her still bothered him. He was uncomfortable about it before, but the feeling seemed to have lessened after the fight. If she wanted to join the rescue team, how could he refuse?

    Aw, shucks. He nodded and held out a paw, grinning from ear to ear. “Welcome to Rescue Team Blitzkreig, Gyp!”

    Gyp shook his paw erratically. “Thanks, Wrath! That's what I like about you. Even as a pokemon, you haven't changed.”

    Wrath cringed at that remark.

    Back at the rescue base, Jack made ready to show Gyp where she'd be staying. In the center of a volcanic island just southeast from Pokemon Square was a scorched field of plains, the perfect friend area for a charmander. Plus she could get to know the other pokemon that had moved in as well.

    “I'm so sorry I misjudged you like that, Jack.” Gyp said timidly. “I shouldn't have trusted Gengar like that.”

    “Hey, no worries!” Jack laughed. “You're still brand new to our world. Gengar only took advantage of that.”

    Gyp laughed with a bit more confidence. “I'll promise I'll make it up to you guys! I'll do my best to help other pokemon in need.”

    Jack waved his finger. “You'll need to get stronger first, though, if you want to start going on real missions with us. But there's no hurry. You'll catch up to our strength in no time at all.” Jack turned to Wrath. “Okay, Wrath. I'm gonna show her to her new home. I'll see you tomorrow.”

    They walked down the road towards the friend areas. “Bye, Wrath! See you soon!” Gyp waved.

    Wrath waved a paw back at her, laughing nervously. When they were gone, he heaved a long sigh. Just who was that charmander really? The feeling had gotten stronger, wrenching at his gut. What was he doing?

    “Gyp...” He said quietly, not really knowing the full meaning of the word.


    The story doesn't end here. It's only halfway through.

    C&C well appreciated.

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    hey, just asking, how big does the font have to be on word? sorry for posting something irrelavent. and also, can u copy and paste straight from word to post?

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    Man, how cool^-^this chapter was amazing, first of all, with Wrath fooling himself, because he tries to forget the fact that he's a real pokemon^-^That's what I meant, and it eagers me even more, how he thinks about Gyp

    No Leah and Loyalty(ironic^-^), too bad, makes me wonder what they are going to do now, maybe, Gengar tries to trick Houndoom into attacking Wrath, Jack, Gyp(and maybe Leah herself), that should be awesome^-^

    Hmmm, Gyp seems to befriend Jack easily to me, after she thought that he was a bully, Gyp currently resides in the 'Scorched Plains', huh?and I knew where Wrath and Jack were, but I didn't really knew where Gyp and Leah were^-^

    The battle was amazing, maybe a little short but the great description makes up for it^-^Gyp may be weak but she seems confident in improving her abilities. Also makes me wonder, will Wrath like it when she tags along in a dungeon, or would he dislike it? Its a Mystery^-^

    I found the quote from Jack funny, that she asked many questions and was suspicious of him, maybe that's why Jack gets better along with Gyp(at least, it seems to me that way^-^)

    anyways, great chapter as always, this was your fifth, right?

    laterz(BTW: my chapter will be done soon)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ankokuryu View Post
    hey, just asking, how big does the font have to be on word? sorry for posting something irrelavent. and also, can u copy and paste straight from word to post?
    You could always check with the rules about this kind of stuff, you know.

    I use Font-size 12 for all my writing. And yes, you can copy and paste straight from word to post. But you've have to use html scripting to stylize any words that are italic or bold or whatever.

    And Electra, thanks once again for the comments. Btw, when you say he tries to forget he's a real pokemon, don't you mean he's denying he's really a human? XD

    I suddenly realized an error in my writing. It's not the scorched plains that's a charmander's friend area, it's Mt. Cleft. I screwed up big time. DX But, oh well. It doesn't seem like that big of a deal.

    A short battle? Well, it wasn't anything large scale, mind you. :P And Gyp's only begun to realize her true power while Wrath's had tons of practice and eperience. So of course she's gonna get trumped! XD

    Jack's quote funny, eh? Well, that's new. lol! Well, Jack's just making her feel llike a part of the team.

    Yes, this was my fifth chapter(Actually, this chapter and the previous one were combined chapters. So what you just read was like chapters six and seven.)

    And finally, yes! I saw that you posted the next chapter on your site. I'll get to it as soon as possible.

    All right. Here comes the next section of my fanfiction!

    ~Chapter Six~

    The scorched plains were searing hot this morning. The afternoon sun had some influence, but volcanic eruptions from time to time would slap on a fresh coat of lava. Any grass that was fresh or already dead was set ablaze. Strangely enough, that was how Gyp liked it.

    She was relaxing in her favorite spot, a comfortable slab of pumice perfect for sitting. Two months had passed since she had arrived here. It wasn't as bad as it had been in the start. Pokemon tended to be very nice here and didn't treat her like a weirdo. In some ways, she could see why Wrath liked it here.

    Every once in a while, her thoughts dwelt on her parents and her family. In those few moments, growing rarer as the days flew by, she felt a hint of sadness. But the human world seemed so remote now. She could vaguely picture the faces of her own parents and it didn't bother her. There was still plenty of rescues to do in the world of pokemon, and it felt good to be able to make a difference.

    She felt her new blue scarf, wrapped soundly around her neck. It had a familiar touch to it, like cotton. Because it was flame-proof, there was no risk of it being destroyed by the scorched plain or her own fire attacks. Wrath had given it to her not too recently, identifying her as a team member.

    But there had been something else more personal he had given her. Somewhere on her tail was a special band, which supposed to strengthen her elemental powers. At first Gyp hadn't been too keen on wearing it, but Wrath insisted. It wasn't until she actually looked at the thing where she saw written in tiny letters around the outer edge, “Friends Forever.” It struck her as something sweet and thoughtful, and ever since then, she'd been wearing it happily.

    Gusts of wind fanned embers at her scaly skin. She looked up to see a very large bird with the likeness of a condor. It had brown feathers and feet with talons the size of knives. If it had ever come across a shellder, it could crush its shell easily. The birds neck was long, mounting a small head with a fleshy, red crest and a long, sharp beak. It was Stratta, one of the oldest members of Team Blitzkreig. Gyp got off the rock and walked underneath him, waving her claw at him. What brought him over here, she wondered?

    Stratta descended to the ground, landing on top of the pumic rock. Hopping off of his back was, Wrath, looking around nervously at the scorching hot field. He adjusted his scope lens with a paw and said with a much happier tone, “Hey there, Gyp! Ready to go on another adventure?”

    Wrath had changed much in the past two months. In the very beginning, he seemed to be constantly avoiding her during missions. Gradually, though, he'd been growing more friendly and more ecstatic about seeing her. Whether he was regaining his memories or not, he never actually said openly to her. They continued their rescue work like always, but Gyp was beginning to get the impression that he remembered her far better than before. It probably helped that she had mentioned her real name to him at one time.

    “Hey, Wrath!” Gyp said excitedly, running over to meet him. “So what's the big adventure this time?”

    Wrath waved a letter. “It came straight to the mailbox. It's a rescue mission from a cubone saying she's lost up in the great canyon. She mentioned our names in particular, which is a little odd.”

    Gyp's eyes brightened. “I think I may know who it is.”

    Wrath tilted his head. “You do?”

    “Yeah, it could be Leah.”


    She crossed her arms ponderfully. “Well, to be honest, I don't really know what pokemon form she took when she got here, but I just got the feeling it could be her. She should've already gotten to pokemon square by now.”

    Wrath repeated the name a few times, and then, “Hey, I think I remember her now! She was a pokemon trainer...right?”

    “Yeah, that's right!” Gyp laughed joyously. “I've been wanting to ask you a while, how much do you remember of me?”

    Wrath paused for a moment. “Well, I remember that we were best friends in high school. We first met at a club of some kind, though I can't put my finger on it.”

    “Anything else?”

    “I remember taking a sport injury and how you were kind to me. While I had to watch the practices on the sides, you would visit me.” He had a dreamy expression, but then turned solemn, and he looked away. “How could I forget that kindness?”

    Gyp recalled the memory too. “It's okay, Wrath.” She got on top of the rock. Thank goodness there was plenty room for all three of them. “Your memories were erased when you left the human world. It's not your fault.”

    Wrath lowered his head. “But I asked to not remember my life as a human.”

    That was new. “Why?” She asked.

    “Gardervoir had said I had wanted it as a test of courage, but...” He looked in shame. “I just think there was more to it. Why did I ask for it?”

    Stratta turned his long neck at Gyp and Wrath. “It's getting late. If you're going on that mission, we'd better hurry.”

    Wrath heaved a pained sigh, and he wore his happy expression again. “Well, that's enough of that. Let's get going, Gyp!”

    Gyp wanted to talk some more, but there was no time for delay. She hopped onto Stratta's back, wrapping her arms around Wrath's waist. He tensed up for a moment, but relaxed. Stratta opened his wings and began to soar into the sky.

    “By the way, Wrath,” Gyp shouted over the winds. “While we're heading over to to the mainland, I'd like to make a stop at Whiscash Pond.”

    Wrath looked over his shoulder, his whiskers tickling her face. “Whatever for?”

    “There's a cave I hear that causes evolution. An arcanine was telling me all about it.” She laughed joyously. “I wanna be a charizard!”

    Wrath looked like he was about to say something, and then he nodded in approval.

    Wrath and Jack waited patiently around the edges of Whiscash lake. Along the edges of a giant fault fell a waterfall which formed a small pond. Slowly, it had been reshaped into a beautiful garden. Trees lined up congruently along a path going to pokemon square and around the pond, children pokemon role played battles, rolling around in the soft grass. A pokemon resembling a large blue Koi watched them and laughed wholeheartedly.

    Wrath leaned by a tree, arms crossed and deep in thought.

    “Isn't it exciting that Gyp's going to become a Charizard?” Jack asked Wrath, breaking the silence.

    Wrath shrugged. “I guess so.”

    Jack tilted his head. “Something wrong, Wrath?”

    Plenty of stuff was wrong. Why did Gyp have to become a charizard? Wrath had never bothered evolving because being a persian never did appeal to him. Charizards weren't exactly that bad, but he liked Gyp how she was. Still, it was her decision and he'd respect it. He just wanted Gyp to stay the same person.

    He smiled assuredly at Jack, “Well, we certainly could the extra muscle. And Stratta will have some competition.”

    Jack laughed. “I like to think that no one on our team is in competition with each other.”

    He looked over to the center stepping stone. Following a path of stepping stones, one would come across a pillar or rock with a stairwell to the Luminous Cave, a cavern from which evolution could occur. Pokemon would walk in and come out looking completely different, not just physically, but personalities as well were altered.

    Wrath looked up into the sky, now trying to look at optimistically. No matter what happens to Gyp, she'd still by herself, right? Wouldn't they always be best friends? “She's been in there for a while now. Isn't this her second trip?”

    “Yeah, I think so.” Jack nodded. “She became a charmeleon earlier and walked back in.”

    The ground began to thunder. Wrath looked over at the pond, now rippling erratically. That must be her walking out.

    “That's got to be her!” Jack's eyes brightened. “Oh, I'm so excited!”

    The other children and Whishcash began to look over too. Emerging out of the cave emerged a giant amber-colored dragon of a pokemon. She had short, monstrous legs with long claws scraping against the stone. Her long reptilian tail dragged along the steps, a flame the size of a campfire burning bright. Her neck was longer too now, but she lowered her draconian head, making herself look shorter. She had a broad snout with blue draconian slit. At the back of her head were two long horns level with her skull. Unlike other charizards Wrath had seen, however, this one was more feminine in appearance. She had a curvy torso rather than the roundish type, but still had that pale yellow underbelly. Her arms were slightly longer and her three fingered claws looked more flexible. She had elegant-looking wings, yet very powerful.

    Wrath recognized her by her eyes. Without a doubt, this was Gyp's new body.

    She let out a huge roar of triumph, which frightened some of the children. She looked at Jack and Wrath. When she spoke, her voice's pitch had grown lower. “Ah, this is much better! I feel stronger than I ever had as a charmander!” She walked over to Wrath and flashed her claws. Her size was almost frightening. “Come on, Wrath! Let's see if you can beat me now.”

    Wrath hesitated. In the past, Wrath and Gyp often practiced fighting with each other and he was victorious every time. But he had been noticing her growing strength. She fought harder and lasted longer with each new session, and Wrath's victories were growing less one-sided. And now, she had attained a sudden leap in power. It almost seemed unfair. Could he really take her on as she was now?

    Jack got in between the two, waving his arms frantically. “Wait! Remember the
    mission! We still have to save Cubone!”

    Wrath sighed. Saved by his partner.

    Gyp groaned in disappointment. “All right, then. It's not that important. We'll do it sometime later, okay, Wrath?” She smiled.

    She was still the same after all. Grinning slyly, he nodded. It would be fun to see who was still stronger. Before he forgot he handed to her back her scarf and special band. 'I don't know if they'll fit you anymore.”

    “Don't worry, Wrath. I'll find room.” She wrapped the scar around her left arm and on the same arm, put on her special band. “Let's get going now.”

    After getting out of pokemon square, Gyp offered to fly them over to Great Canyon. Hopping onto her back, Wrath warned her to be careful while she was flying. With the flapping of her mighty wings, they zoomed into the evening sky.

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    Whoo, nice chappie. Thanks for evolving Gyp, I love Charizards! Lol, it would've been funny to see Gyp and Wrath fight. Funny, yet sad. All hail Jack for saving Wrath!

    Okay so I'm thinking that Wrath fells stronger about Gyp than the others do, hmmmmm. ANd sorry if everyoone else knows this already, I'm slow on this kind of things.

    Well the description of Gyp when she evolved was very good, trying to make a Charizard looking feminine is a hard one. You deserve something good, I've got an idea:

    I have officially pimped your ride *Shows you a trycicle*

    "What happened to my car!" *you yell at me*

    "Look, I made a horn. Hehehe." *I squeeze horn*

    Well anyway, good chapter overall.

    Peace. ^^ v

    P.S. Here is a Gyp plushie, she's just so cool now.

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    ~Chapter Seven~

    The setting sun painted the towers of sandstone in all hues of amber, crimson, and gold. In a large opening of prairie in the great canyon, pokemon resembling large bulls with several whip-like tails were slowly lowing themselves to sleep. They waited until the very last Tauros shut their eyes. What a perfect time to cause some mischief.

    Gengar cackled to himself as he looked down from a from a tall ridge. How sound and helpless they all looked now. He could only imagine the terrified looks on their faces when the newest member on their team gave the signal. Revenge would be his this night, and he would get to have some entertainment as well.

    Sitting him beside him were his two original members. The first was Medicham, a pokemon that used a perfect blend of physical and psionic skills. Medicham was rather humanoid, with red bulbous legs that resembled something very much like pants. Yellow spots were located at where it's knee caps would be. The upper torso, head and feet of Medicham were a pale purplish color, and looked rather frail. Unlike the hands, which possessed the ability to manipulate objects, the feet had no digits whatsoever. It had few details for its face: thick, red lips and eyes colored soot black. On the top of his head he wore a peculiar headcrest with three dots at the front and flaps at the side and back.

    Medicham rubbed his stomach. “Oh, I'm hungry, Gengar. Couldn't we have brought some food when we came over here?”

    Gengar rolled his eyes. Medicham had been complaining all day. “Just quiet, you! You'll wake up the herd if you keep talking.”

    The other pokemon resembled a very large rattlesnake with purple skin and a yellow underbelly. Around the neck was a band of yellow scales as well. It's pale yellow sepertine eyes glowed in the night. “Where is that Loyalty?” The snake hissed. “Are you sure he's worth trusting? He did belong to that human...”

    Gengar snorted. “Relax, Ekans. Trust me. His goals are the same as ours. Kekekeh!”

    It was a funny story. Gengar had heard rumors that a third pokemon that was once human was now walking amongst them. He had originally appeared before her(she had taken the form of a cubone) and offered her to join Team Meanies. She politely refused, which maddened Gengar. His time had not been entirely, however.

    A pokemon had been following her as long as he had observed. A Houndoom by the name of Loyalty. The ideals of world domination appealed to Loyalty. In a short confrontation, with their combined strength, they beat the human into submission. Not long after, Houndoom had become a part of Team Meanies.

    But their troubles were not yet over. Loyalty had informed them that his master, named Leah, had sent a letter not long ago requesting aid from a rescue team to find them, primarily Team Blitzkreig; in fact, Medicham had just given word to Gengar that he felt Wrath's presence drawing closer. If the three humans were to all work together, then Team Meanies would surely be finished for sure!

    Loyalty will surely cooperate, He thought confidently. <i>If all goes according to plan, we may be able to rid ourselves of all three humans without having to pick a fight. Kekeh![/i]

    “They were all related somehow.” Ekans hissed softly. “Who would've thought more humans would've come to our world?”

    “Kekeh! It doesn't matter.” Gengar laughed. “They'll all be annihilated in one massive blow!”

    “Oh, goodness!” Medichan pointed down at the herd. “There he is!”

    They could see him now, standing atop a cliff. The moonlight gave him an eerie perplexion, now that Gengar thought about it. Lower his head, he let loose that terrible howl, a howl that shrieked into the night more terrible than a swarm of feasting golbats. The Tauros stirred slowly, then shot up to the ground, looking around anxiously at what was causing the noise. Houndoom would not be seen, however. He was in a spot high enough and covered in vegetation that he could not be revealed.

    The Tauros began to grow agitated. Heaving a bellowing roar, the largest began to make a run, then another followed and another and it multiplied until the entire herd was stampeding, exactly in the direction Gengar had wanted.

    He cackled amusingly. Watching such timid creatures run from a bit of noise was funny. No one would stand in his way now. Goodbye, Wrath and Jack! Kekeh!

    It had grown very late when they finally managed to arrive at the Great Canyon. Wrath was have trouble staying awake, but Jack was smart enough to bring a good bunch of chesto berries, packed with enough stimulants to keep them going the whole night. Fortunately the trip would not be too long. Gyp took them straight to the area which the cubone had said to have been lost. It was rather brief in detail, but they were able to figure it out.

    A flock of Murkrows, now beginning their daily routine of flight, dodged Gyp as she dived to the rocky floors. Jack tightened the scarf around his neck. Wrath just sat back and felt the wind blow in his face. It sure turned cold at night here in the Great Canyon, but it felt rather good to him.

    Gyp landed with a quaking Thud! and Jack and Wrath dismounted her back. A lone ariados, a large red, spider-like pokemon, was spindling a web, but showed no interest in fighting. Surrounded entirely by Walls of sandstone, there was but one way through where they were: a narrow pathway between two gigantic rocks, smoothed out by sandstorms.

    “We'll have to walk from here on, I guess.” Jack said, pulling out the rescue toolbox and checking their inventory.

    Gyp pounded a claw at her chest. “I might be able to widen the path a little bit.” She moved ahead and warned them to stay away. “Don't want to have you all burned in the process.”

    Wrath shifted his feet and felt something rubbery scrape off his foot, tickling him a little. It felt so strangely familiar. Was it possible...? “Hey, I found something!” He retracted his claws and started digging away at the item.

    Jack faced his friend, his head tilting a little. Gyp turned her back against the path and watched Wrath digging grew faster and more eager. “What'd you find, Wrath?” Jack asked.

    Wrath's eyes bulged with excitement! Yes! It was just the thing he had always wanted. He held up his new treasure. “It's my rubber ball! Yaaaaaay!” He crumpled to the ground, cuddling his body close to his beautiful treasure, mewing happily. He had lost it once in the Great Canyon during a Tauros Stampede, but that didn't matter now. He was back with his favorite toy, and nothing could seperate him from it. Nothing!

    He overheard Jack and Gyp talking with one another, but he was having too much fun to really even care. He kicked it up in the air, hoping to catch it. It never did come down. Opening his eyes, he saw Gyp holding onto his ball with one claw. What was she doing? That ball belonged to him.

    “I'll hold onto this for now.” Gyp said sternly.
    Wrath wasn't done playing with it yet. “Give it back!” Wrath climbed onto her, moving for her arm, but Gyp shook him off and he tumbled onto his back. He looked at his friend with sad eyes. How could she be so mean to him?

    “Hey, does anyone seem to notice that the Ariados had just gotten up and left?” Jack said in the background.

    “You can have the ball back later.” Gyp promised. “We've got other things to worry about, like rescuing who could be possibly Leah.”

    “I don't like the looks of this. Hey, are you two even listening to me?”

    Wrath felt a little better. What they had to do was important too. Leah..., He reminded himself in the back of his mind. Yes, that's right. We've got to save Leah.Slowly, the impulse faded away. He got back up on his feet and readjusted his scope lens. He was rational again.

    “Hey, do any of you hear that?” Jack asked. The ground trembled beneath them. “What's that?”

    The ground began to shake violently. “Whoa! Qu-Quake!” Wrath shouted.

    In the distant depths of the path, a cloud of dust was slowly turning visible and growing closer at horrible speed. Gyp narrowed her eyes, staring at the cloud. “No. It's a stampede of Tauros!”

    “St-Stampede?!” Jack shouted.

    “There's no way out!” Wrath looked around frantically. “We'll be flattened into pancakes!”

    “Get behind me!” Gyp roared. Keeping their distance from her, she inhaled a deep breath, and then unleashed a roaring blast of flames hot enough to melt rock. The world turned a blinding amber. Wrath could feel the heat so intensely, he thought he'd get blisters.

    The ground ceased to shake. Stopping at once, Gyp sank a little, panting slowly. Wrath and Jack looked at the aftermath of her attack. The stampede of Tauros had been brought to a sudden halt. Blackened to a crisp, they were on their backs and sides, groaning loudly. The path way had been suddenly widened, the walls still red hot but gradually cooling. Now there was enough room for them to fly through.

    “They'll be fine, I think. They just fainted.” Gyp got onto her knees and claws. “We can worry about them later. Let's find that cubone already.”

    “Can you still fly after that attack?” Wrath asked.

    “I'll be all right. Let's get moving.”


    They found her.

    She was on a small island of sand and rock, surrounded entirely by water. Laying on her stomach, she did not move a single inch. Of course, she was also bound with brambles that appeared to glow with a vivid red. The island was barely big enough for the four of them.

    Landing near the southern edge, Wrath dismounted Gyp and eyed the water nervously. It wasn't necessarily that deep, but he would be treading if he fell in. His skin crawled with goosebumps just thinking about it.

    He walked over and swiped away at the brambles until Cubone was freed. He kneeled beside her and jostled her a bit. She didn't move at all. Looking at her skull, Wrath had always wondered what was underneath that mask.

    “She's been leeched for some time.” Jack hurried over with the toolbox, taking out a blue oran berry, a medicinal fruit that restored vitality to an injured pokemon. He turned cubone onto her back, and offered the berry under the jaw of the mask. “Here, if you can still swallow, eat this. You'll feel a little better.”

    A snorting noise echoed in the mask, something like that of a sniff. Jack pulled out his paw and the oran berry was gone. The Cubone's chewing and swallowing was amplified by the mask. Her eyes opened, but remained half shut.

    Jack's eyes brightened. “She's gaining consciousness!”

    “Who are you?” the cubone asked weakly. Her voice sounded familiar to Wrath, somehow.

    “We're Team Blitzkreig!” Jack said proudly, wagging his tail. He introduced the other team members and then tried to help her up. “We've come to rescue you.”

    The cubone looked at Gyp. “So, you really did come, Kate. Aren't you a sight for sore eyes?” She coughed.

    Gyp nodded and beamed. “Hi, Leah! Sorry I'm late.”

    Wrath studied her. This...this was Leah? He already had gained some memories of her, and he had the impression they were good friends; at least, from what little he knew. Somehow, he found a cubone form fitted her.

    She then turned to see Wrath. “I thought I recognized your voice. Wrath, is it really you?”

    “Yeah. It's me.” Wrath smiled, tail wagging. “I remember you. Weren't we pokemon trainers from the same town?”

    “Yes.” Leah agreed. “But whatever happened to you after Cerulean City?”

    Wrath gaped blankly at her.

    “Whoa, wait a minute!” Jack said startled. “Another human? Here in our world?! Just what's going on?”

    “We were brought bring Wrath back.” Leah turned to Gyp. “Isn't that right, Kate?”

    Gyp hesitated, and turned her head a little to consider. “...Well, I...”

    Leah narrowed her eyes and then looked away. “So that's how it is...”

    “No, no! It's nothing like that.” Gyp shouted.

    “You don't fool me.” Wrath helped her up onto her feet. Her bone dragged across the ground. Leah looked again at Gyp. “We can talk about this later. Right now, I need to find a nice spot to rest.”

    Jack was the first to suggest it. “Let's take her to Mt. Deepgreen. That's the perfect place for a cubone to live.”

    “Leah...” Gyp said.

    “I have no intentions to stay here.” Leah clarified as Wrath put her on Gyp's back.

    Jack took out a sleep seed and had Leah chew it. Slowly, she fell back to sleep as they rode out in a clear sky, when the stars were so much brighter. Wrath wondered which one was his own world.

    A rainstorm had blown over the mountain not long ago. Now the clouds had scattered, leaving nothing a clear, sunny sky. Pokemon that had retreated to underground refuges slowly began to climb out and continued their daily routines of romping and scurrying. That wasn't Leah's cup of tea, though.

    Fully recovered from her journey, Leah sat next to Gyp while they watched Wrath play with his rubber ball. He looked so very content as who he was now. It surprised her when he showed any trace of being human at all. She was beginning to notice the same thing happening to Gyp as well. And if I stay for much longer, I may succumb as well.

    “We're taking him back, Kate.” Leah said. “Whether he likes it or not, it has to be done.”

    The ball rolled out of his grip. He chased after it on all fours, and soon caught the ball with his paws. Gyp frowned sadly. “Can't it wait for a little while? Look how happy he is...”

    “He doesn't belong here. None of us do.” Leah looked at her solemnly. “You can't deny we're human.”

    “He still hasn't remembered everything about being a human.” Gyp sad reasonably. “We can't bring him back until his memory's fully returned.”

    Leah stood up, the club tense in her hands. “Then I'll jog his memory personally. A
    few whacks of this club ought to get him back...”

    Gyp suddenly faced her, crossing her arms. “I don't get you. Just what is it about this place that makes you want to leave so badly?”

    Leah snorted, turning her head. “You wouldn't understand.”

    “What wouldn't I understand?”

    Leah sat back down. “Whether he's already gotten his memories back isn't important. Right now, my only concern is getting back Loyalty.”

    In the morning, Leah had told her them of Loyalty's betrayal. How he had teamed up with Gengar to take her down. And then an injured Cacturne, seeing how helpless, she had been, took the advantage and wrapped her in a leech seed, slowly sapping away at her health until she could no longer move. There were events from before that she could've describe to Gyp and Wrath, but she kept herself silent. They didn't need to know everything that happened to her.

    Now that she was free, she had to take Loyalty back. She had raised him since he was just a houndour pup. And he had always seemed fond of her...didn't he?

    Gyp looked up into the sky, baring her teeth “I can't believe Loyalty would do that to you. He never seemed like the treacherous type.”

    “I have to get him back. If I just leave him here in the world...” Leah lowered her head. “It would be just such a waste.”

    Wrath tossed the ball freely in the air and caught it, tail thumping against the ground. “Do you know where he could possibly have gone?” She asked.

    “It looked like they were moving north. To Howling Forest.” Leah whispered something as faint as a whisper. “What could they be possibly doing there?”

    Gyp lightly patted her shoulder. “We'll get him back, Leah. You just wait.”

    Staring gloomily at the ball, Wrath got back on his legs and picked the ball up. He was finished playing now. He put back on his accessories and generic blue scarf. And then pulled out a new one for Leah. “So we can mark you as an official member of our rescue team,” Wrath said.

    Leah held it in the air, looking at it, and then handed it back. “I'm not here to play your games.”

    Wrath frowned. “Oh, come on. Just wear it for at least today.” He offered it again. “I promise I won't bother you about it afterwards.”

    Leah looked at him, and back at the scarf. She heaved a painful sigh. Somehow, she knew she was gonna regret this later. Tying it around her neck, she then flashed it to Gyp and Wrath. “So how do I look?”

    “Fantastic!” Wrath and Gyp said, and then laughed at each for saying it simultaneously.

    Wrath adjusted his scope lens. “Well, let's go back to energetic forest and get Jack. Then we can go on our way to Howling Forest!”

    “Oh, goody.” Leah said with a sarcastic tone.

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    I'm very sorry for not reviewingT__Tman, having two fics really takes time^-^'

    Well, nothing to angrily throw at you, because once again you succeeded in portraying, describing and plotting, man, your chapters were amazing.


    *regains consciousness*

    well, it's very cool, and you can already see that Leah doesn't like it there^-^it was so hilarious when Wrath found his old toy thingie, and Gyp kept it with her^-^what I don't like is that you made Gyp evolve so fast(I don't like Charizards either>__<)I would have loved it if she had stayed a Charmander.

    Leah is very funny, she seemed very reluctant to joing team Blitzkreig, she doesn't like being a part of it too, at least that how it seems to me, I wonder, will Gyp stay along with Wrath and Leah will leave them, will Leah, Wrath and Gyp return to the human world, will Leah stay with Gyp and Wrath or will Gyp and Leah leave the pokemon world without Wrath, geez, that are a lot of possibilities>__<

    Gyp seems to like it with Wrath, I wonder, will she stay? she also seems to know that Leah doesn't like it there, because Leah pointed out that they were humans and not pokemon^-^seems very mysterious to me, Hmmm...

    And like I predicted, Loyalty joined Gengar and team Meanies, hmm, Medicham doesn't seem to act like in the game, it always seemed so cheerful, in a bad way^-^I didn't really see how Ekans acted but I assume it a little arrogant^-^

    It was quite cool, how Gyp scorched the Tauros stampede, it was so cool, I could imagine it in my head, and that's practically needed for the reader^-^

    You once gain created splendid chapters, keep going, I'll sure stay here to read^-^

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    Leah? Funny? That's new...XD

    Well, thanks for the comments, Electra. Stay tuned for more fanfic coming this way! 8D

    ~Chapter Eight~

    The Howling Forest was steaming with humidity. Whismurs, bunny-like pokemon utterly deaf, scurried around beneath the canopies as packs of Houndours and Mightyenas strolled on their daily hunts, and confronting each other with violent struggles. But in a certain clearing of the forest, behind a grove of overgrown ivy, Team Meanies sat down to take a breath, while Gengar paced back forth in front of Loyalty. Finally, he stopped and pointed an accusing finger at Loyalty.

    “This is clearly your fault, Loyalty,” He said angrily.

    It had only become recent news by Medicham that the humans were still very much alive. How could they have survived that trap? It was just inconceivable. At the moment, Gengar felt like blaming someone. Medicham and Ekans were too easy, though, so Loyalty would be the scapegoat. His two lackeys seemed perfectly content with the idea, laying back underneath an uprooted tree while their leader harassed the rookie.

    Loyalty scoffed. “You should know that as a leader, everything is your fault.”

    “Don't you talk like that to me!” Gengar thought of an excuse. “You obviously woke them up too early, so they weren't panicked enough. Why didn't you wait a bit longer?”

    “If that were so, why didn't you use nightmare to rouse them up even more?”

    “Ugegegege,” Gengar stuttered. From behind him, his lackeys appeared to be laughing. Even they believed Loyalty. Who did this houndoom think he was? “If it hadn't been for me, you'd have been stuck with that human in cubone's clothing!”

    Loyalty laughed. “I would've left her anyway. She lacked the strength that you had when I first saw you. And now,” flames danced in his mouth. “I see none of that strength in you now.”

    “Ugegegegege!” Gengar stepped back. “What do you think you're doing?”

    “This team needs a new leader. I've decided to nominate myself.”

    Medicham and Ekans suddenly sat up, looking at each other and then back at the quarreling two.

    “You, little...!” Shadow energy smoked out of Gengar's hands. “You think that you can take me on?”

    “Yes!” Loyalty barked confidently. “You can't even dispose of a few pests. What makes you think you can defeat me?”

    Gengar grew livid. Loyalty was already wearing down his will to fight just be talking to him. He was becoming aware of how much of a coward he really was. “Bah!” He dismissed. “You're all talk! Let's see what you got!” He unleashed a wave of shadow energy, enveloping the houndoom. He didn't appear to be struggling either. When the energy dissipated, Loyalty was nowhere in sight.

    Kekeh! Just as I thought!

    “Think again.”

    “Ugegegege!” Gengar turned around to see Loyalty behind him, perfectly unscathed. He couldn't believe it. The houndoom he had just annihilated was only a copy.

    Loyalty sprayed a stream of flames at Gengar, engulfing him in anguish like nothing he had ever felt. Still caught ablaze somewhat, he ran around in circles, screaming. He could think at all, even his mind flared with pain.

    Loyalty's tail materialized into a slicing steel blade. Running up to Gengar, he made a quick circling turn, his iron tail cutting Gengar at full swing. The world flipped and spun all around him, and then it turned icy cold. Gengar soon found himself laying on his right side, his body half submerged in water and continuing to burn though there were no flames.

    As his vision started to fade, he saw Loyalty speaking to Medicham and Ekans. They looked rather distraught. And then suddenly they were walking away, leaving him behind. Leaving him! How could they? Why?

    His thoughts slowly sank into the mud with the rest of his being.

    Wrath suddenly remembered everything.

    It came to him as they flew high in sky, just as they grew closer to Howling Forest. Just thoughts that spontaneously sparked and flashed before his eyes. How exactly did it happen? What was the last thing he thought of that could trigger it? He couldn't tell. In mid flight, a sudden migraine pierced into his skull like a nail. Someone asked him what was wrong, but he couldn't remember his or her name anymore. Nothing no longer mattered. The cares of the real world faded away as a theatre of his life played before his eyes. There were voices shouting in the background to but he could no longer notice.

    One moment, he was a newborn child being fondled by his mother, a gentle looking woman. A few years flew by of his childhood and suddenly he was beginning middle school, taunted and bullied by the other classmates for reasons he couldn't understand. Then he was an adolescent and the situation had never changed much.

    But then it slowed slightly and played back some of his more blessed memories. He had joined a club of some sorts, which was where he had first met Kate and Leah. Leah was a rather busy person, but he could spend more time with Kate though. He could recall all the moments they had together, laughing playing, but most of all, he remembered that kindness she had shown him. It helped him through the hard times he had been going through growing up. He vowed never to forget them again.

    He was twenty now, just coming back from pallet town with his starter pokemon. A small crowd had gathered across the exiting roads of Viridian City. Even his mother had come to see him. And his own heart warmed as he remembered how Kate was there too, wishing him the best of luck. He admitted how affectionate he'd been for her, and then had gone off on his adventures.

    Viridian Forest, Pewter City and their gym Leader Brock, Mount Moon: all of these places he had come and gone, gone and visited, fought and left. And then came Cerulean city. His mind skipped. Cerulean City? When did he ever see Cerulean City? He didn't remember ever reaching there. Was his mind blocking something?

    The memories continued to slow. He found himself, huddling outside the other side of Mount Moon. His hands were clenched his fists and he was fighting back tears. Wrath was seeing himself as he appeared when he was human. All his pokeballs were gone. His pride and dignity, stripped within one trip of the dungeon by laughing members of Team Rocket, an organization of pokemon trainers bent on world domination.

    It finally came back to him, the fuel for his reluctance and resentment for ever wanting to go back to the human world. He never did become a successful pokemon trainer. By the time he had made it out of Mount Moon, his career had been ended. The shame had been too much to bear. He could not face his parents, his rivals or his peers. All of their worries and doubts would've been proven true. He was nothing more than a bum now. What could he do?

    But then Gardevoir had appeared to him. What she had offered was an opportunity to make something better of himself, to throw down his shame and dishonour and become a somebody. It was an offer he dared not refuse. He even added that he ought to have his memories erased to prove himself worthy. And the rest of his time on this pokemon world played at the speed of lightning, the things he already knew.

    The memories stopped, bringing Wrath back into reality again. Wind whistled in his ears and stung at his eyes. He suddenly became aware that he was falling. He twirled around and saw the ground, still distant but getting closer. His arms and legs fell helplessly and he screamed for help. Was he going to die here?

    Suddenly a blur of amber swept underneath him and he collapsed on something hard and scaly. Jack and Leah crawled to check up on him.

    “No, I'm fine.” He sat up, rubbing his head. “What happened?”

    “You suddenly grabbed your head, screaming, and then fell off of Gyp.” Jack's face did not change. “Are you sure you're okay, Wrath?”

    “Yeah, I'm fine, Jack. Really.” He looked at Leah, whose expression wasn't concern more or less than understanding. Seeing that gaze in her eyes, somehow Wrath got this strange feeling.

    She knows. He thought gloomily. She knows that I know.

    She gave him a nod of approval, and then turned her attention elsewhere. “All right, I think I see Howling Forest just ahead.”

    A stream of grayish clouds blew over them and Wrath smelt the scent of fresh rainwater. Soon, a tropical rainstorm was beginning to drench them, yet Wrath didn't seem to mind as much. He wasn't complaining about being wet at all, which made Jack turn around curiously.

    “You okay, Wrath?” Jack asked ponderously.

    “Yeah, I'm fine.” Wrath beamed. “I've got to toughen up for this mission.” When Jack looked back,
    Wrath suddenly felt guilty. What was going happen, what was bound to happen.

    This...this is my last adventure with Jack for sure this time. His eyes suddenly brightened. Unless...

    The canopies of Howling Forest came into view. Gyp saw a good place to land, a clearing of the forest covered in overgrowth. “Is that...?” Her tone of voice turned from question to surprise. “It is! It's Gengar!”

    “Gengar?” Sparks flew from his red cheeks. “I'm ready to take him on.”

    “No, that's just it. Gengar is...”

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    WowO__OLoyalty is cruel,

    another awesome chapter(this is been said alot by me latelyO__o), pure PWNness, great description(I'm stopping with this, you should know those things by nowT__T)

    Wow, Ekans and Medicham don't seem to care that much about Gengar(Hmm, that can't be right>__<), he was defeated easily by a Flamethrower and another attack(couldn't figure out which one>__<Iron Tail maybe)

    Man, never imagined Wrath to be a bum at being a pokemon trainer^-^'so Gardevoir erased his memory so he wouldn't have to remember his bad life as a pokemon trainer(its a good reason for having his memory erased and turn into a pokemon^-^)

    nothing else that specifically grabbed my attention, so I'll leave it at that^-^

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    Yes. That's exactly why he became a pokemon to begin with. He was so ashamed of himself of his failures in real life that he couldn't bear to see anyone or live with himself. Wrath's a nice guy, but he's plagued with regret.

    And yes, Loyalty is rather cruel. XD It's rather ironic though, that Medicham and Ekans would team up with Loyalty and dump Gengar. :P Loyalty used a mix of double team, iron tail and flamethrower(assuming he can learn double team and iron tail)

    Thanks once again for this review, Electra!

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    ~Chapter Eight~


    In the pouring rain, they circled around the ghost pokemon, their enemy who had been always causing trouble for them. He had been burned badly and had some nasty cuts. Half submerged in water, the pool would soon rise from the rain.

    “Who could've done this to him?” Gyp asked.

    Leah felt her flank, a soft moan escaping her lips. “I recognize these burns anywhere. They're from a Houndoom.”

    Wrath scratched his head. “Do you think Loyalty could've been behind this?”

    Leah shrugged. Raindrops bounced off her skull mask. “It's possible.”

    Gyp blew some flames. “What should we do with him?”

    Jack felt the toolboox strapped around his shoulder. Wrath could already see what he wanted to do. He smiled. “Go ahead, Jack.”

    Jack moved forward, taking out a green rawst berry, which cured burns, a golden sitrus berry, which worked much better than a oran berry, and a reviver seed which brought life back into a pokemon as badly injured as Gengar. Gyp stepped forward. “Wait. We're going to help that scumbag?”

    Jack started force feeding all of the medical items to Gengar. “Our duty is to help all pokemon in need. It doesn't touch me as right, either, but a pokemon's a pokemon all the same.”

    Leah nodded in agreement. “And he may know where Loyalty could've gone.”

    Wrath brushed water off of scope lens. “Jack's right, though. Trickster or not, we can't just abandon a pokemon when they're hurt.”

    Gyp sighed. “Yeah, I guess you're all right.”

    Life returned to Gengar. His eyes looked at Jack and then suddenly stood up, crawling into a corner. “Jack! Wrath? Gyp?! Leah?!?” He was looking left to right, and started trembling. “Ugegegegege! Wait, wait! We don't have to fight!”

    Gyp blew a raspberry. “As much as I'd like that, I'm restraining myself by my friends' wishes.”

    Jack walked up to Gengar. “We're looking for Loyalty. You know, the one that joined your Team Meanies?”

    Gengar jumped in surprise. “That treacherous dog?!” Then his body sagged a little, a depressed teethy frown on his face. “Well, it's not my team anymore. Now that he's taken over.”

    Wrath blinked. “Loyalty took over Team Meanies?”

    “Yeah, that scroungy mutt.” Gengar sighed. “Who would've thought he'd be so strong? Even Medicham and Ekans are following him now. Some leader I turned out to be.”

    Wrath suddenly felt sorry for him. Leah walked up to him, her bone swinging at her side. “Well, it serves you right! All you ever did was boss them around and treat them like dirt.”

    “Leah!” Wrath hissed. “Everyone makes mistakes.”

    Leah looked at him strangely, and then back at Gengar.

    “No, let her talk. She's right.” Gengar slowly walked down the forest. “I've been nothing but mean and harsh to everyone that's ever followed. I've got nothing. I am nothing.” Phasing through the trees, he continued talking. “Call me whatever names you want. I'm ruined, anyway. Ruined!” He continued to lament rhetorically until his voice eventually disappeared.

    Gengar, Wrath said quietly.

    They rested for the night in the hollows of a great tree. It was warm and comfortable inside. The ceiling only reached about a foot higher than Wrath, the tallest of the three who could fit inside, so Gyp would have to rest outside in the cover of the branches. The hollow itself was big enough to move around in yet strong enough that they didn't need to worry about it breaking apart. Apparently it had been used by other pokemon before. There were beds of dead pine needles still very useable and blocks of wood scattered in an organized manner that would've served as furniture. It would serve as their temporary home; at least, until they went back to Kanto. Wrath suspected that when they were reunited with Loyalty, it would be time for him to go back.

    Wrath was still intent on staying. His back faced Leah as she continued to lecture him about going back to the human world. She had been aware he had gotten his memories back when he fell off Gyp in the sky. Now she worked to get him to return.

    “How can I go back?” Wrath finally said to her. He looked at his paws. “I've changed so
    much since then.”

    He heard Leah shift underneath dead pine needles and bark. “I know this is hard for you, Wrath. I can even understand your reasons for wanting to come here in the first place. But we're not really pokemon, we're humans. This isn't our world!”

    “But it can be,” he looked at her hopefully. “Can't it? If we all stayed here long enough, then we'd all become a part of it, right?”

    Leah turned aside and talked indirectly. “As I spent my days here in the pokemon world, I would sometimes stay and look at the moon when it was full, and cry.”

    “Cry?” Wrath tilted his head. “What for?”

    “For the longest time, I didn't know. Then I realized I was crying for my mother whose still alive, and yet I think she's dead. It's occurred to me...” She looked at him sternly. “In the back of my mind, I've been suggesting to myself that my real mother is a marowak.”

    “You're...beginning to forget who you are?” Wrath suddenly realized.

    “My memories of my old life are still vivid, yet are more vague than you can imagine. I've become plagued with a feeling of emptiness and depression that I don't know will ever go away. It's driving me mad.” Leah spread her arms. “Don't you see, Wrath? The longer we stay here, the more we lose ourselves in the process. Gyp doesn't even remember her real parents anymore! She's never forgotten being with you and being your best friend. I'm surely going to experience the same thing as well.”

    She poked a finger at Wrath's chest. “But you! You and your memories have finally returned to you! You're fresh and reborn as us when we first came here. Only you can help bring us back now. If you don't take action, then we'll all slowly drift into madness. I could become a very different person. Gyp could as well. Do you want that?”

    Wrath's gaze lowered. He couldn't think of anything to say. “I....”

    Leah expression softened. “And there's your own family to think of. They're beginning to plan a funeral for you back in Viridian City, did you know that? Your sister, especially, is heartbroken.”

    Erin? His eyes suddenly widened with realization. Yes, his sister. He suddenly remembered how much he loved his sister. They had had their fights and quarrels, but Wrath had always been protective of her. Only in his later teens did he realize how poor he had been as a big brother to look after her. How could he forget about his sister?

    And then the other good memories had fallen up to. There had been hardships and times of misery, but there had been many good moments as well. When he had gotten a birthday party with friends and family instead of just the family alone, when he had finally made friends in High School, and the revelation of how much he had missed his older brother.

    What have I been doing all this time? Wrath thought. Everyone misses me so in the real world. I still have a whole life ahead of me yet over there...I've been doing nothing except running away from my problems.

    Wrath told himself he wouldn't do it again. He straightened up and said to Leah, “You're right, Leah.”

    Leah lifted her chin. “You understand now?”

    “Yeah. I think I'm ready to go back.” But then he remembered something. “I've got to tell Jack.”

    Leah nodded. “You must do what you can, Wrath. Stephen.” She corrected herself on that last part. “Talk to him. Make sure that he understands.”

    Somewhere behind a flap of tanned hide, Wrath thought he saw a flash of yellow fur.

    “So you're really going back then?” Jack asked.

    In a smaller section of the tree, a chamber outside the trunk, Wrath and Jack sat down together. Jack had overheard their conversation on accident while trying to get some sleep, and had then quietly listened behind the door flap. When he had seen Wrath coming back, Jack retreated back into the room, and pretended to be asleep. Wrath was sure that he had been listening, so the act didn't fool him.

    Wrath wasn't so sure if Jack really understood what he had to do. “I have a family back in my world who misses me. I can't just leave them alone now.”

    Jack nodded sadly. “I understand, Wrath.”

    Wrath then made the offer. “Come with me, Jack!” He extended his paw.

    His partner looked at him oddly. “What?”

    “Come with me to where I'm from, Jack!” Wrath's expression brightened.

    “To the human world?”

    “Yeah! You've...” He calmed himself down. “You've been such a good friend to me. I don't want you to leave my side. Imagine what more adventures we could have together!”

    Jack stared at the floor. “I can't.”

    Wrath's ears lowered a bit. “Why?”

    “There's still the rescue team to consider. Who would run it if we were both gone.”

    Wrath looked at the Wooden walls. What Jack said was true. Who would run it without them?

    Jack got on his feet and began move for the door. “Where are you going, Jack?” Wrath asked quietly.

    “Back to the base.” He said without facing him. “They're going to need me when tomorrow morning comes.”

    Then he looked over his shoulder with an optimistic smile and said brightly, “I'll make sure to work extra hard to run the team.” Then he turned back and Wrath heard a sniffle. Was he crying?

    “Have a nice trip,” he choked and then sprinted out of the chamberhold on all fours.

    “Jack, wait!” Wrath went to chase after him but he was already gone. He stepped to move outside the door, but something compelled him to stay. He flattened his ears and mewed sadly. “Jack...”

    Leah put a paw on his shoulder. “It was bound to happen, Wrath. There could've been nothing you could do.”

    “He was my friend.” Wrath stared at the floor. “I thought I could get him to come with us.”

    “There has other things that keep him bound to this world.” Leah shook her head, then motioned to him with her paw. “Come on. Let's get some sleep. We have a big day ahead of us.”

    His insides were a shriveled raisin. Wrath crawled to a spot next to Leah, circled a few times, and then curled up to a ball, his tail touching where his nose would've been. His thoughts still on Jack, he shortly fell asleep to the sound of the pounding rain.

    The morning sun shone through the hollow of the great tree that day. But it was left as if none had ever been there. However, laying on a bed of dead pine needles was a egg shaped badge with wings on the sides. On the tag of the discarded badge, it read the name, “Wrath.”

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    ~Chapter Nine~

    What have I done?

    Wrath walked a little slower that day. Unable to set the pace, Leah took the lead with Gyp in the middle and Wrath in the back. He stared down at his feet, dragging against the dead roots and leaves. He couldn't forget last night's encounter with Jack, how he was sobbing. He was sure he was sobbing. Did Wrath do the right thing?

    “Are you all right?”

    Wrath looked up. Gyp was looking past her shoulder toward him, a look of concern on her face. Wrath blushed, waving his paw loosely. “Oh, no. I'm fine, really.” Gyp turned to watch the path ahead when Wrath asked for her attention. “Do you know,” he paused. “Do you know who your real parents are?”

    Gyp looked away and didn't say anything for a long time. Then she said briefly. “It's hard to say. I'm rather conflicted. Sometimes I think my parents are human...and then at times I think they're pokemon. The latter is getting stronger.”

    Wrath's ears flattened. So what Leah said was true. “It must be real scary for you.”

    “Yeah. One memory, though, that's never died is you're a dear friend to me. Someone I'd never meet a second time. So,” She beamed brightly. “I'll protect you with all my might!”

    Wrath flinched. Protect him with all her might? Even at the cost of her own life? That almost sounded like...


    He felt the blue scarf around his neck. His only momento of his best friend he'd have left when he went back to the human world. Why did he have to go back?

    The faint sound of howls echoed in the forest. Leah froze and looked around. “Mightyena! And it sounds like a pack of about ten, no! Twenty!”

    Wrath's body trembled with excitement. A good fight was just what he needed right now. There was something else, too. Cries of help that sounded so familiar. Then it hit him. “That's Medicham and Ekans!” Wrath shouted.

    Their pace quickened. A giant tree root loomed in the way. Leah walked underneath it, Gyp stepped on it and kept moving, the root holding strongly to her weight, and Wrath lithely jumped right over it, landing on his feet.

    “Do you think Loyalty's with them?” Gyp asked.

    “No.” Leah said briefly. “They don't seem like his type of followers.”

    Wrath could see that. Medicham and Ekans were both not so different from Gengar as they were wimps themselves. If there had ever been any trouble, Loyalty would just leave them to fend for themselves. That didn't settle on his mind too well. They had to be rescued.

    “Maybe they'd know where Loyalty, could've gone.” Gyp asked between breaths.

    “Possibly. Or they may have lost him in the heat of battle.” Leah raised her club. “Let's get ready.”

    They were completely surrounded.

    A ring of blackish-blue fur encircled Medicham and Ekans. Each individual pack member was about the size of a small dog, resembling a mix of german sheperd and hyena traits. They had thick black lips, gothic markings along their red eyes, and they looked irritated for being awoken during their afternoon nap. They uttered growls and barks at the two, but would not move until the alpha male made the signal.

    “Oh, goodness!” Medicham looked around nervously. “What are we to do? There are too many of them!”

    She edged to close to the circle. One the Mightyena snapped at her legs. She whirled around impulsively and let loose a powerful roundhouse. Letting out a shrilling yelp, the Mightyena flew several feet before halting in the dirt. The rest of the pack let out a frightening snarl.

    “Now you've done it!” Ekans hissed.

    The alpha male must've given the signal. Medicham gulped as the pack closed in. Why did Loyalty leave them so soon?

    A shadow ball whizzed from an unknown attacker, striking the nearest Mightyena's flank. Medhicham stared blankly at the knocked out pokemon. Where did that come from?

    “Medicham, look!” Ekans shouted.

    The pack was equally baffled as well. Emerging out of the woods were a meowth, a charizard, and a cubone, all wearing generic blue scarves and accessories. “It's Team Blitzkreig!” Medicham gasped.

    “Get them!” Wrath shouted. Their long-time enemies charged into the fray. Taken by surprise, the Mightyena scattered at the sight of the Charizard, who slashed away with her dragon claws. Wrath and Leah followed behind her, going after the Mightyena most distant.

    What were they doing? Why exactly were they trying to help out Team Meanies now? Medicham just shrugged. For now, they would take advantage of this unlikely event. Crouching down, she grabbed her wrist as her hand flared with fire. A rather confused Mightyena suddenly felt the searing pain of her fire punch. She could sense an enemy coming up from behind her. He was howling so loud, though, she didn't need to sense it. Extending her free hand, she stopped him in mid-jump, and then slammed him down on the ground.

    Ekans was helping too. Able to coil around a Mightyena undetected, his muscles began to go at work. Mightyena bit at Ekans, but Ekans continued to squeeze the fight right out of him. Eventually, the Mightyena collapsed, unable to fight any longer.

    It was a hopeless fight now. Some of the Mightyena began to flee, tucking their tails beneath their legs. The Alpha Male snarled and bit at them to go back and fight, but eventually even he seemed to understand they would lose. Letting out a howl, the Mightyena who hadn't fallen in battle came to him and they fled to fight another day.

    Medicham fell to her knees, panting heavily. Ekans came up right beside her. That had been a fierce battle. “I don't know how to repay you, but thank you, Wrath.”

    Wrath and his team walked over the fallen pokemon carefully and stopped before them. Wrath adjusted his scope lens. “We appreciate the thanks, Medicham.”

    Leah stepped forward. “Where's Loyalty?”

    “W-well, um...” Medicham stuttered nervously. “Loyalty had been with us for a while, but when those Mightyena came, he uh...”

    “He what?”

    Medicham was stuttering so much, she couldn't make out anything clear. Leah looked as though she was about to give a good pummeling.

    Ekans finished for her. “He ran off somewhere, leaving us to fight them ourselves. We'd have been wiped out if it weren't for you.”

    Gyp sighed. “So he abandoned you and kept moving on?”

    “Typical.” Leah said briefly

    "You might have a good chance of finding him in the caverns just north of here." Medicham pointed to where they had to go. "For some reason, I feel as though he's tryin to rejoin one of the native packs."

    "I see." Leah rested her club on her shoulder. “Well, you two are free to go. We only need to see Loyalty.”

    Medicham's eyes bulged in surprise. “R-really?”

    Wrath nodded. “Yeah, you ought to go see Gengar. He was kind of upset that you guys left him for Loyalty.”

    “Gengar!” Medicham turned to Ekans. “Ekans, let's go back to Gengar and tell him we've come to our senses. Oh, I'm sure he's going to punish us good this time.”

    Ekans flicked his forked tongue. “Well, it's not like we don't deserve it.”

    Getting directions from Wrath's Team, Medicham stode through into the forest, Ekans slithering behind her. Poor Gengar! Medicham brightened at the thought that she'd compensate for her betrayal. After seeing Loyalty, she didn't want any leader other than Gengar.

    Houndoom collapsed to the rocky floor. His body stopped working. He tried to get up but he couldn't move. All his energy had been expended. Why did it have to happen now when he was so close to freedom?

    After he had left those two useless fools to be eaten by that pack, he continued further into the forest until he had a reach a soundly cavern. Sniffing the air, he knew was coming close to Houndour territory. All of a sudden, the pack as a whole appeared to him. It was a large and powerful-looking pack as well, with a Houndoom leading them as every pack did. Everything he had done to get to this point had not been in vain. He would be amongst those he found worthy to lead and respect, but there remained one thing to do. Letting out a snarl, he challenged the pack leader for dominance.

    It was a one-sided battle, however. The Houndoom he fought was much stronger than he had realized. Despite reforming strategies on the last minute, the Houndoom had tenderized him until his body could no longer move. The burn on his leg flared with agony, but he could only let out a low whimper.

    The Houndoom walked up to him, nails clicking against the floor. Every Houndour encircled around him and watched as he spat in Loyalty's eye. “I have broken you, kinsman.”

    Loyalty could do nothing else, but listen.

    “You've betrayed friends, destroyed all that got in your way, sacrificed everything dear to come to face me and lost. Now you are truly <i>nothing</i>.” Houndoom looked out into a opening in the cavern, an afternoon sky of blue shining through. “Tonight, my brothers and sisters, we shall let out a howl in the forest. A howl to warn of this disgraceful creature. It will reach the ears of the other packs in these woods and the packs in the Great Canyon, They will all listen and hear and understand. This broken creature will be welcomed by none and forgiven by none. Forever, he will roam as a rogue.”

    And with those final words, he led the pack away from the miserable Houndoom. Soon, once again, he was alone. He almost welcomed the dampness and darkness of the cave.

    Rejected by his own kind. Even here! How could he lose? Now he had nowhere to go, no one to befriend. He was utterly alone, and he ought to have been happy. He didn't really need anyone else. Isn't being alone what he'd always wanted?


    His heart strained in his chest. That itself was a lie. He longed for companionship. He wanted it so much, he got sick of caring. He'd always wanted to have a companion who treated him as an equal. One who would respect him for how strong he was. Hadn't she done that? Wasn't she everything he'd wanted in an equal? Had he done anything to earn her respect in return?

    He could hear someone coming. He was so weak, he couldn't make out who it could possibly be. Maybe this is death, he thought. He hoped it would be quick and painless.


    The limestone caverns were slippery and wet. It was a treacherous course, where Loyalty had supposedly gone. It was probable that Loyalty wasn't even here in the first place, and perhaps Medicham and Ekans lied to them. This was their only real lead, however. They would all have to endure it until they could find him.

    They came across a narrow bridge of smoothed out rock, slick with rain water from above. Crawling on all fours, Wrath kept his balance and walked along the bridge with ease. Gyp, worrying her weight would break it, simply flew over the cliff. Leah managed to walk over it, sometimes looking down, a slip here and there, but she made it across.

    Now on the other side, Leah looked down. “That's a large pit. It's so black you can't even see the bottom.” Her voice echoed in the pit. “I wonder what lies down there.”

    Wrath's guard hair stood on end thinking about it. “I don't even want to find out.”

    They continued on, soon crossing a wide cliff circling across a wall, from the side of them, they could see a river of mud, shaping the cavern as it always did. Gyp eyed the river curiously. “There haven't been any enemies in sight at all. I wonder why.”

    Leah shrugged. “Maybe they're just sleeping.”

    The cliff opened up to a large floor riddled with stalagmites, blackened by the touching of pokemon skin. They crossed between two rather large ones, when they could hear something coming. An enemy perhaps? They tensed up, ready to fight.

    Out from the shadows emerged a Houndoom, walking slowly with a gimp. Leah appeared to recognize him immediately. “Loyalty!” She cried.

    “Hello, Leah...Master.” He squinted as he sat down on his hind legs. Leah moved up close to him, examining his body. “You've been picking a few fights, haven't you?”

    He looks really bad, Wrath though. I wish I still had that rescue tool kit...

    “Please,” Loyalty pleaded. “Take me with you.”

    His old master stepped back a few inches. “You mean you want to follow me now? Why the sudden change of mind?”

    “It's a deeper change than that.” Houndoom lowered his head, and spoke of the battle he had against the Houndoom and lost utterly. “I have nowhere else to go now.
    All I have is you to turn to. Please, I ask for your forgiveness.”

    Wrath forgave him already. Loyalty really did appear sorry for how he had behaved earlier. It wasn't his decision, though.

    Leah stared at him for a little while, pacing a few times, and then beamed. “There's been enough fighting between us. I'm just glad to have you back.”

    Loyalty, licked her skull mask. “Thank you.” He said briefly.

    You're all together now. Wonderful!

    All four of them looked around curiously. “Did you guys hear something?” Leah asked.

    “That voice...” Gyp concentrated. “It's familiar somehow.”

    “Gardevoir!” Wrath whispered.

    Gardevoir appeared to the four of them, floating a few feet above the ground. Wrath remembered her well. She was as beautiful as when he first saw her, like an angel from the heavens. You have done well to bring them here, Wrath. Only you could have done so. Now, She raised her arms. It is time for you to go back.

    Wrath felt as sick as he did when the meteor had been destroyed. “Will I ever see this place again?”

    Gardevoir looked away. I'm not certain if you will ever return, Wrath. But you've known this, haven't you? You've known this day would eventually come.

    She was right. Wrath could continue to stall for time...but it would never end. More people would come into this world looking for him, more of them countlessly until he returned. He had no choice in the matter.

    Are you ready?

    He took one last look at his surroundings, taking wonder in its beauty. He would keep these memories in his heart forever. He would never forget Jack, or Stratta, or all the friends that he had ever made here. It tore at his heart, but he resolved quickly.

    “I'm ready.” He said, fighting back tears.

    A gust of wind began to blow. Wrath and the others felt themselves lifting up from the ground. Their journey back to the human world was to begin.


    Wrath suddenly hesitated. He looked behind him to see a sight beyond belief. He couldn't believe his eyes. It was him! “Jack?”

    Jack stood there, wearing the tool kit and generic scarf. He desperately sprinted to him, his face bright and optimistic. “I came to see you off, Wrath! I wanted to say I'm sorry about how I acted earlier.”

    “Earlier? What for?”

    “I was angry and sad that you were leaving, but then I realized you never will leave me. As long I remember you and you remember me, I'll always be with you wherever you go.” Jack suddenly laughed. “You'll always be my friend, Wrath!”

    Wrath couldn't hold back the tears anymore. He sobbed. “Thank you for coming, Jack. I'll never forget you, too!” A brightness that was once dim slowly began to fill his sight. Jack was beginning to become more distant as he faded into the light. Wrath reached out for him as the last visible remnants of Jack waved farewell. He wanted to stay longer, only to see Jack just one last time before he had to truly go. Gardevoir wouldn't allow it.

    His tears drifted in the light. Oh, Jack. Wrath thought sorrowfully. Goodbye.

    The search for the missing citizens came to a close. A police officer had been doing her daily patrol in Viridian City when she found three adults, all naked except for some scarves, bans and scopes, lying in an alleyway. Completely freaking out, she put robes on all three of them and took them to the police office for reporting.

    Stephen, Kate, and Leah could find nothing to say to them that would rationally explain their disappearance. But they found they couldn't lie either. Finally, the Officer just dismissed them, giving back their clothes and telling them they'd burn the reports and never speak of this to anyone again. It was apparently a case just too weird to even bother looking into anyway.

    All three of them spent a lot of quality time with their parents, making up for the time they had been gone. Stephen especially was smothered with hugs and kisses from his mother, who apparently had been worried sick. When she held him, she asked him why he was shuddering. Wrath didn't say he was cold, but it suddenly occurred to him that he was purring.

    For a long time, he had retained the mindset of a meowth. He would lay on the living room couch in the mornings, bathing in the sunlight. When there was a round ball in sight, he couldn't help but rub against his face and cuddle it. He couldn't eat some of the foods that his Mom cooked for him. But they eventually passed. There were many phantom shifts as well. Sometimes, he would lower his pants or cut holes in them to make room for a tail that never existed. Other times, he'd feel whiskers that didn't exist. Those, too, also passed.

    He tried to keep these urges in private from his family. If his older brother(Who enjoyed to make fun of him), had ever found him doing something weird, he'd lock himself in his room. His little brother just stared at him with a weirded out expression. His sister, Erin, when she asked him why he was doing things like that, he told her, “You don't even want to know.”

    He was sure that Leah and Kate experienced the same sensations too. Oftentimes, he heard Kate trying to flap her wings, which didn't exist anymore. Leah had spent an unusual time clutching to her mother before she resolved to go back on her journey as a pokemon trainer. Stephen would need to go back too, eventually, but for now, he'd wait until the winter had passed.

    It was now christmas morning. Snow covered the window panes were covered with snow and a decorative frost. Outside the world looked so cold and gloomy. Stephen had thoughts of the Frosty Forest for some reason. Just seeing how the snow covered the trees, he guessed. It reminded of him so much of his second home, a home that he could never go back to.

    He sighed miserably as his brothers and sisters opened their gifts from each other from behind him. Kate would often visit him when she had the time, and he saw very little of Leah nowadays. An emptiness gnawed at him like hunger. He really missed Jack.

    “Hey, Kitty!” His older brother said jokingly. It had recently become his new nickname. “Get away from the window, there's a present for you.”

    He turned around slowly when his brother tossed him a small ball covered in wrapping. Wrath stared at it confusingly. His siblings watched as he undid the wrapping to reveal a pokeball. His mother enticed him to open it. Doing it obediently, there was an electrical flash and a popping sound as a small pokemon materialized and appeared before his feet. Wrath's jaw dropped.

    It jumped into his arms, cuddling his head against Stephen's chest. “Pika-chu!” It said softly.

    Wrath couldn't believe it. A real pikachu! And it looked as though it was a male. But where did it come from?

    “I did some research for what you wanted for Christmas.” His mother explained. “Your friend, Kate, was telling me you had a fondness for pikachus. So I did some travelling and saw him on sale.”

    She beamed happily. “I'm glad you like it.”

    There were no other presents for him from his mother, but that didn't matter. A pikachu. A real, live pikachu as his partner. He couldn't have been happier.

    It would not be the same, he deemed. Jack was a dear friend, and no one could replace him. But Stephen was deeply hurt by his absence. Nothing else could heal the damage more. He would raise this pikachu just like it was him.

    Erin tilted her head. “Are you going to give it a name?”

    His new partner fell asleep. He dared not move an inch. He stroked his head fondly. “Yes,” He said finally. “I'm going to name him Jack.”

    The End


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