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Thread: Ho-Oh and Cresselia up for trade!!!

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    Default Ho-Oh and Cresselia up for trade!!!

    Okay I have a Ho-Oh up for trade and I have a Cresselia up for trade I am looking for probably a Dusknoir that is ev trained but around lv 70 or 60 also I would take shinies or just offer anything either pm me or post here but due to the lag just im me at saluteyou55 or msn message me at okay well let the offers begin...

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    credit to Slicing_Scizor and Aragornbird you guys rock!!My FC is 3737 5997 0669 my name is Chris if you need to get in touch IM me at saluteyou55

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    Would a Lv.53 Naughty natured Lugia from XD be of any interest?
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    i have a nonlegit shiny rayquaza

    thats my party pokemon

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