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    Default piplups elite four!!!

    hello this is my e4 and here is the application to jin as a gym or a challenger!
    in-game name:
    Friend code:
    Why you wanna join:
    gym1- dragon: Steve 1332 4396 1063
    prize- w/ elctarizer

    gym2-ice: beto 2363 2341 7553

    gym3-ghist:chris 4338 9298 6596
    prize-rtotom w/ left overs

    gym4-ground: zac 0086 8912 0321

    gym5-fire:cam 120357179804
    prize- giratina

    gym6-poison: lucy 1676 0269 2190

    gym7-pj:4424 8066 6823

    gym8-bug:huy 0000 9894 6133
    prize-combee w/ honey
    elite four

    elite1-brian friend code is 1246 5379 8542
    prize- w/ materball

    elite2-flash 4553 6556 9610

    elite3- trent friend code 4038 2474 1550


    champion-kos-mos 0430 4771 7317
    prize-lugia or def and speed iv gible

    what you get if you beat all gym leaders and elite 4 the champion spot!
    The challengers chose 8 pokemon, 6 pokemon of the party and 2 for reserve.
    These ones can be exchanged for one of the party if needed.

    LEADERS: Can have 1 legendary.

    ELITES: Can have 2 legendaries OR 1 Uber.

    CHAMPION: 2 Ubers or 2 Legandaries.

    CHALLENGERS:can have up to 2 legendaries and Can gain access to One UBER on place of
    the 2 legendaries if they beat up to the 7th GYM.

    -The challenger using Illegal or Not authorized Pokemon will be BANNED.

    -In case that the rules aren´t followed:
    a)Challengers: 1 Badge will be Ripped Off.
    b)Leaders/Elites:The victory will be for the challenger.

    I Legendaries:Suicune,Entei,Raikou,Zapdos,Moltres,Ar ticuno,Regice,RegiRock, I
    I Registeel,Azelf,Uxie,Mespirit,Cresselia,Heatran,Ma naphy,Phione,Jirachi,Celebi, I
    I...latios,latias.(without soul dew) I
    I I
    IUbers:Mew,Mewtwo,Lugia,Ho-oH,Groudon,Kyogre,Rayquaza,Giratina,Dialga,Palkia, I
    IDeoxys(the 3 of them), Arceus, Darkrai I
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