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    Default Megaman - The New Net Savior

    Hmm I'm not to confident about this fic but hey it's fun writing it, please review, thank you

    The main character is me except for a name change and obviously I have given myself a Navi, if this fic goes good and I keep it going, there will most likely be a tournament and I will ask some people who want to make an appearence in my fic, Oh and incase no one notices I like the name Joseph a lot that's why I named myself that in this fic, well Over and Out, let the fic begin!

    The New Net Savior

    ~~Chapter 1~~
    I was on a train, I was waking up from a dream when I heard over the intercom "Next stop ACDC town, all passengers who are getting off here please remained seated for another 5 minutes or so" I have been on this train for hours, my suitcase was next to me, filled with my things. I was moving, that's right, I had to move to get away from that place... that horrible awful place. I closed my eyes and then heard the train begin to stop. "Please watch your step and have a nice day" a voice called over the intercom, I got up and walked off. I was suprised to be the only one getting off, I left the station and followed the map to my new house, it was on the right of some blue and white house. I looked through the window and seen a boy closing his curtain, all I seen was that he wore a blue headband and had brown hair. I walked to my house and stayed up all night unpacking. I slept for most of the day and when I woke up I headed over to where the school was located, it was 12:35pm so school was still going, I went in and headed to the main office after getting lost a few times. I walked in and discussed my enrollment in this school, when it was done I headed home and into my room, I then layed down on my bed.

    "Man it's gonna be tough living on my own" I said sighing

    "Hey your not completely alone" A voice from my desk said

    "Oh" I said, I had forgotten about Creaman "Sorry Creaman, todays been hectic, did you manage to set up the net access?"

    "Yeah I did, but it isn't completely ready yet, it will probably be done by tomorrow" He said to me while setting something up

    "What are you doing Creaman?" I asked him

    "Setting up the alarm clock, duh. You know how bad you are at waking up on time, and tomorrow is your first day of school isn't it?"

    "Yeah" I said a little depressed "Well I'm gonna go shopping to stock up on food, okay?"

    "Okay" and with that I left, I returned hours later with so much food you could literally feed an army

    "Woah!" Creaman exclaimed "Do we need all that food?"

    "Well I want it to last" I said plainly

    "What about the money, how much did you spend?"

    "Enough' I said "Besides we have enough money to last us a long time" I said grinning "Well I'm gonna hit the hay, I'm beat"

    "Kay, goodnight"

    Yawn "Night"

    And with that I fell asleep and I began to dream What are you doing here? You shouldn't be here, they got rid of you, no no no no noooo!!!! I awoke from my nightmare sweating, I looked at the clock, 6:30 an hour until school, I figured I might as well get up, I walked over to the bathroom and turned the shower on, I got out of my clothes and in the shower, 20 minutes later I emerge and wrap myself in a towel. I then head out to my room to change into some clothes.

    "Well well, look who got up on his own" Creaman said from his PET

    "Shut up Crey" His nickname I called him almost since I received him from my father

    "Hehe, well make sure you have everything for school" He said smiling

    "Yeah yeah" I said a little annoyed, I got ready and put on my usual getup, a blue long sleeve shirt with jean like shorts, a brown sleevless jacket over the blue shirt, my black gloves with finger holes, my white ankle socks and my blue shoes with white stripes going through them. I headed off to school and when I arrived the teacher met me in the hall and had me wait out there, I heard the teacher speak.

    "Class we have a new student joining us today, he's from America and please be kind to him, you can come in now"

    I did as she instructed I walked in with my bag over my right shoulder and my PET on the right side of my waist band, I turned towards the class.

    "Hey, my name's Joseph, just call me Joey please" I said doing my usual greeting motion where I put my index finger and middle finger to the right side of my forehead and flick it forward

    "Let's see" The teacher said putting her finger to her chin, "you can sit over there" She said pointing to an empty seat, before I began walking I heard someone say "Can you introduce us to your Navi please?" I just said "Sure" then I pulled out a chip and people looked at me curiously but I ignored it "Virtualize chip, in!" everyone let out a few "huh's" and "wha's" the PET began to glow then enveloped in light and then standing there was Creaman in all his glory, He was red with three spikes on his head slicked back, Blueish torso, legs and arms, his symbol was a blue circle with with a red X in it, his shoulders were kind of pointed and his eyes were green

    "Hiya my name's Creaman" he said smiling doing the same hello motion I do

    Everyone was amazed by what they saw the first one to run up was a boy with brown spiky hair wearing a blue headband "You" I said, he just looked at me "Do I know you?" he asked me raising an eyebrow "Nope, I just seen you in your window when I first arrived here, blue and white house right?" He stared at me a little then answered "Yeah, anyway how did you do this with your navy?"

    "It's just a chip" I said plainly

    "That is so cool, where did you get it?" he asked with a burning sensation in his eyes

    "Calm down dude, I made it"

    He stared at me then he said "You.. you made it? You made your own chip, that is so cool!!"

    "Dude calm down, besides isn't it time to start class?" I said sweat dropping looking at the teacher

    "Ah yes, Lan sit in your seat, your seat is the one next to his"

    "Okay" I said plainly "Chip cancel" from that Creaman turned back into the PET and I snatched it from the air and walked over to my seat, after class was over I gathered my stuff and began to head for the door when I heard someone call for me, I turned around.

    "Hey Joey, My friends and I are gonna go to the park after, do you wanna come?"

    "Well I don't know, is it okay with them?" I asked

    "I already asked them and they're more than happy to have you there" he said smiling

    "Okay, what time are we meeting?"

    "4:00 so in an hour"

    "Okay, I'll be there" I started to walk towards the door but then stopped "Oh, hey can I have your E-mail to your PET?"

    "Oh yeah, sure thing" he said raising his pet as I did the same and a beam came out of each and on our screens read "E-mail Recorded"

    "Thanks see you at 4:00" I headed home after that and unpacked and did my homework, when I was done it was 3:47, I still had 13 minutes to be there, I dug my map out so I could find my way to the park "Hey Creaman"

    "Yeah Joey?"

    "Everyone is pretty nice here huh?"

    "Yeah they are, maybe we should start heading to the park so we can be there early"

    "Okay, let's go" I left my house after grabbing Creaman off the table, I walked to the park and waited a little and then I seen Lan with 3 other people, I guess those are his friends I thought, I stood up and waved to Lan calling to him "Hey Lan!!" He heard me and looked over, He raised his hand in the air and waved running towards me followed by his friends.

    "Hey Lan" I said "So who are these guys anyway?"

    "Oh right, This here is Dex"

    "Heya" The big guy said

    "This is Yai"

    "Hi" The little girl said smiling

    "And this Mayl"

    "Hey it's nice to meet you" Said the pink haired girl

    When I seen the pink haired girl something went weird in my chest, but I ignored it

    "Sooo, what are we gonna do?" I asked

    "Why don't we have a netbattle" Dex suggested

    "What if Joey doesn't like battling?" Mayl said

    I laughed "I love battling, I say bring it on"

    "You are my kind of guy" Lan said smiling "Well let's head over to Higsby's and "ask" if we can use the battle stadium"

    "Okay" we all said in unison, and they ran over towards the shop as I followed, when we arrived Lan quickly got us permission to use the stadium after some quick introductions, we headed to the stadium

    "Soo who's gonna battle me first?" I asked

    "I will" Dex said "Let's see if you can handle my Gutsman"

    "hah, let's roll!! Jack in Creaman, Power Up!!"

    "Jack in Gutsman, Power Up!"

    Our navis materialized in the ring and after some quick introductions the battle began

    "I'm curious to see what kind of chips your gonna use against me" Dex said smiling

    "I'm not gonna use chips" I said smirking

    "Hah don't try to act tough, Not many can match up to Gutsman, and I doubt your scronny litlle Creaman could"

    "Hah we'll just have to see, now won't we"

    "Cybersword battle chip in, download" Dex said inserting his chip

    Gutsman came running at Creaman and slashed at him, Creaman and I just smiled and in half a second Creaman was gone and behind Gutsman

    "Wha?!" Gutsman said as he turned around and jumped backwards

    "He's fast!" Mayl exclaimed

    "He's more than fast" I say "He's also extremly powerful"

    "He's not stronger than my Gutsman" Dex yelled "Wide Sword battle chip in, download"

    Gutsman ran towards Creaman and slashed at him over and over but Creaman dodged every single attack

    "Gutsman slam the ground!" Dex yelled to his navi, and Gutsman did so, Creaman was shaken up so he couldnt dodge and Gutsman slashed at him again "Gotchya" Dex said smiling

    "Creaman can't dodge this one" Lan said watching closely but looked over at me and seen me smile, which caused him to have a confused expression

    "Haha Guts rule, take this!" Guts man said and as the slash was coming down something happened that left everone in awh.

    ~~End Of Chapter~~

    Well that's it for the first chapter, please tell me what you thinkI have chapters 2 and 3 on paper and just need to type them up, so i'll update soon
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