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So if Staravia lose he's a bad pokemon and if he wins he's a bad pokemon too? Turtwig couldn't even handle Cherubi. Staravia lost without even getting a hit. He's a nice battler and I loved all that he did. Going high in the sky to dodge the Magical Leaf and then beating Cherubi's *** with his amazing Quick Attack. Everyone was great in this episode and even that Turtwig is not my favorite I have to agree that he was great.

Aipom stole my heart and becomes one of my favorite Ash's pokemon with Staravia, Swellow and Sceptile.

I hate the Underground in the games but I guess is nice that they presented it in this episode.

And I totally agree, the sky was too blue, Turtwig was too green and the grass too.
Let's hope the next gym is just as good.