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Thread: Love in Sinnoh(AshxDawn)PG-13

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    Post Love in Sinnoh(AshxDawn)PG-13

    Love in Sinnoh(AshxDawn)
    "huh"for normal
    'huh'for thought

    Chapter 1
    Ash just received his fifth badge from Melissa and were leaving Heathome City.As they walked Ash,Brock,and Pikachu were in the front talking about their next destination while Dawn was in the back in deep thought.Dawn was thinking about Ash again.She has been doing this for a month now and can't seem to get him out of her head,and it was driving her crazy.Every time Ash talked to her she could feel her face burning up and forming blush.She tried to deny her feelings toward him but it became harder and harder as time passed and soon she excepted her feelings towards Ash.
    "Hey guys,lets stop here for the night and continue traveling tomorrow."Brock suggested.
    "Yeah,good idea Brock."said Ash."Hey Dawn.We're stopping here for the night."Hearing the sound of Ash's voice snapped Dawn out of her thoughts.
    "O-Okay Ash." she could feel her facing burning up.
    "Hey Dawn are you okay,you look like you have a fever."Ash moved his hand to Dawn's forehead to check her temperature,but Dawn immediately scooted back before he touched her forehead.
    "Ash I'm okay,you don't need to worry about.Really,I'm okay."Dawn said while laughing nervously.Ash had a clueless look on his face and was wondering why she was acting so weird,but he decided to leave her alone and went back to Brock and Pikachu.Dawn sighed to herself,Ash so dense when it came to romance and couldn't possibly understand how she felt.Dawn walked over to where the guys were to see what they were doing.
    "Hey guys,I just found out that the next town we're heading to is called Fantastic City and that there holding a festival that they do once every year."said Brock.
    "Brock that sounds like fun.Can we go Brock,huh?"asked a very enthusiastic Dawn.
    "Yeah,sounds good to me.What about you Ash?"Brock asked.
    "Yeah,the festival will be fun,right Pikachu?" Ash asked his furry rodent standing next to him.
    "Pika!"said Pikachu,agreeing with its master.
    "The festival will start in a week,we should arrive at Fantastic City by tomorrow.Okay guys,we need to setup camp.Ash,you go find us some water,Dawn,you go find some firewood,and I'll roll out the sleeping bags and get dinner ready."Ash and Dawn nodded and went to do there task.While Dawn was looking for firewood she decided to let Piplup out.
    "Piplup,come on out!"Dawn threw her poke ball and in a flash of light out came Piplup.
    "Piplup!"said Piplup.
    "Hey Piplup,want to help me look for some firewood?"asked Dawn,bending down to Piplup's level.
    "Piplup"said the penguin pokemon while nodding its head.
    "Great lets go."Dawn and Piplup started wondering around around the forest and managed to find some firewood.On there way back to the campsite Dawn was thinking about Ash again and decided to talk to Piplup about the subject."Piplup,do you think Ash likes me?"This question caught Piplup off guard and she almost tripped over her own feet.
    "Pip,Piplup,Pip."said Piplup
    "Your right,Ash doesn't know anything about love or romance.All he thinks about is pokemon and becoming a Pokemon Master."said Dawn getting a little depressed.
    "Pip,Piplup."said Piplup,trying to rise her master's spirit up.Just then Dawn had a idea.
    "Hey,Piplup I have a idea.I'll ask Ash to be my date for the festival."Dawn said,her mood brightening.
    "Piplup!"said a enthusiastic Piplup,agreeing with its master.
    "Okay,I'll ask him to be my date."said Dawn,getting really excited about Ash and her on their first date.Dawn and Piplup made it back to the campsite and saw Ash,Pikachu,and Brock waiting for her."Hey guys,I'm back!"yelled Dawn.Piplup left her master and went to talk to Pikachu.
    "Whats up Dawn,what took you so long?"asked Ash,then he started walking over to her.
    "Just took a walk with Piplup after finding some firewood."said Dawn,while putting the firewood down.Ash nodded his head and began to head towards Brock.
    "Ash wait.I need to ask you something."as Dawn said this a blush began to appear on her face.
    "Whats up Dawn?"asked a clueless Ash.
    Dawn began to twiddle her index figures."A-Ash,I was won-wondering if you,uh,would..."Dawn began to look at her feet,finding them very interesting.
    "Come on Dawn,we're friends.You can tell me anything"said a smiling Ash,trying to calm her nerves.
    Dawn took a deep breath to calm herself and started over."Ash,I was wondering if you would be my da-"before Dawn finished they heard a boom.
    "What was that!"yelled Ash,turning around to see what was going on.There was a giant Robotic Staravia with a big R in the middle of the robot.On the top of it they saw some familiar figures.
    "Listen, is that a voice I hear?"
    "It's speaking to me loud and clear."
    "Floating on the wind......"
    "Past the stars......."
    "In your ear!"
    "Bringing chaos at a great pace!"
    "Dashing hope putting fear in its place."
    "A rose by any other name is just as sweet."
    "When everythings worse our work is complete!"
    "Meowth, thats a name!"
    "Putting do gooders in their place...
    "Team Rocket..."
    "We're in your face!"
    "Team Rocket!"yelled Ash.
    "Thats right twerp,and we've come for you're Pikachu."said Jessie.
    "Yeah,our new robot will make sure we succeed this time."said James.Team Rocket jumped back inside their robot and released a giant net that not only captured Pikachu...but Dawn to!
    "Ash help!"yelled Dawn.
    "I'm coming guys,hang on!"Ash started to run as the robot bird started to take off.
    "Ash,wait"!yelled Brock as he chased after Ash.
    Ash came closer and closer to the robot.Ash jumped and managed to get a hold of the net that was holding Pikachu and Dawn before the robot took off into the sky.
    "Ash!"said Dawn in relief.
    "Pika!"said a happy Pikachu.
    "Don't worry guys,I'm gonna get us out of here."Ash climbed the net until he reached the top of the net that was connected by a rope.Ash took out a knife that he kept when Brock gave him a wrapped lunch before he went home for sort time awhile ago.Ash started cutting the rope until it finally snapped,sending them hurtling towards the ground,while Team Rocket flew away thinking that they still had Pikachu.Ash grabbed Pikachu and put him in his backpack,while he wrapped his arm around Dawn's waist."Dawn,I want you to put your arms around my neck!"Ash ordered.Dawn nodded her head and wrapped her arms around his neck."Go,Staravia!"In a flash of light the bird pokemon,Staravia,appeared.
    "Staravia!"said the bird pokemon.
    "Staravia,grab on to my shoulders and bring use down to land!"Staravia obeyed and grabbed Ash's shoulders with its sharped feet.As Staravia glided them to land it started to pierce threw Ash's skin which caused him to start bleeding.Ash winced when he felt Staravia's sharp nails pierce threw his skin.
    Dawn felt Ash wince and looked up to see Staravia's nails making holes in Ash's skin.Seeing this she buried her face into his chest,wondering if he was ok.Staravia finally found land and landed the group safely on the ground. Pikachu came out of his master's backpack and was horrified to see 2 small holes on each of his shoulders bleeding.Dawn got off of Ash and looked at his shoulders.
    "Ash,are you ok?"asked a very concern Dawn.
    "Yeah,I'm fine."said Ash.Staravia started feeling guilty because of what it did to its master."Staravia don't be sad,you did what you had to do and I couldn't be any happier.If it wasn't for you we would've died,so good job buddy!"Ash said while smiling.Staravia mood started to rise and gave a happy squeak."Take a nice long rest."With that said Ash returned Staravia inside its poke ball.
    "Now thats that settled,Pikachu,can you get some bandages out of my backpack."
    "Pika."Pikachu searched around Ash's backpack until he came across some bandages.
    "Thanks buddy.Dawn,can you help me take off my shirt so you can put the bandages on?"
    "Dawn's face turned red when she heard Ash say that, but nodded none the less.She crawled over to Ash and helped him take his shirt off.Struggling to take off Ash's shirt they finally managed to get it off.Dawn started to wrap the bandages while trying not to blush so much.
    "Finally,hey Pikachu,can you grab some food I bought back in Heathome City out of my backpack?"Pikachu nodded and went back to Ash's backpack.Pikachu brought back 2 bags of chips and 2 wrapped up rice balls."Hey Dawn,you want some."
    Dawn was about to say no but then her stomach growled.Dawn started blushing from embarrassment,while Ash chuckled."Yeah Ash,I'll take some food."
    "Okay,you and I will take the chips and Pikachu will take the rice balls."Ash handed Dawn the chips and gave Pikachu the rice balls.After everybody was down eating Pikachu walked to Ash's backpack and found a blanket for them to sleep on."Dawn you can take the blanket I'll sleep on the tree."said Ash while leaning on the tree.When Ash was about to go to sleep he felt something warm.When he opened his eyes he released Dawn was next to him and the blanket was over them.
    "Now all three of us can be warm."said Dawn while smiling.Ash decided not to argue and decided to go to sleep.Dawn buried on Ash's chest and soon went into a peaceful sleep.
    to be continued....
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    Thanks!This is my first time writing a romance fanfic.Now,on with Chapter 2!

    Chapter 2

    The sun shined bright in Dawn's face,she tried to ignore it but the stupid sun shined even brighter.Dawn opened her eyes and found out that Ash was no where in sight.'He must be getting some food.'Dawn thought and decided to go and look for him,but then she felt something nuzzle her back.She turned around and found out that it was none other than the turtle leaf pokemon, Torterra."Whats up Torterra, what are you doing here, did Ash send you to watch me while he went to go find food."Torterra smiled and nodded.'Thats so sweet of Ash, he really does care about me'.This thought made her blush. Torterra noticed this action and was wondering why her face was red, but decided to let her be.With this thought, Torterra laid down to take a nap.Dawn sat down next to the tree Ash and she slept and started to think of the events before her and Pikachu were captured by Team Rocket, and how Ash saved them both.She was thinking about how she almost asked Ash to be her date for the festival in Fantastic City.'If only Team Rocket hadn't tried to capture Pikachu again Ash would've probably would've said yes to being my date for the festival, but they had to go and ruin it!Those three are such a pain!'Dawn began to get angry, but then remembered that Brock didn't know where they were or if we were okay.'I hope Brock is okay, his probably really worried abut use.'Before Dawn can think any further, she heard her name being called.
    "Dawn, I see that your finally awake.I bet you're hungry, so Pikachu and I brought use some food."Ash and Pikachu walked over to Dawn carrying berries that they found in the forest.
    "Hey Ash, whats up?Are your shoulders okay?" Dawn got up and walked over to Ash so she could help carry the berries.
    "Yeah, they feel alot better after a good nights rest."Ash placed the berries on the blanket they had last night and went over to Torterra."Thanks for watching Dawn for me Torterra."Ash petted Torterra which brought a smile to the pokemon's face.Then Ash got out Torterra's pokeball and with a red beam of light Torterra was back in his ball.
    "Hey Ash, what are the berries called anyway?"asked a curious Dawn.
    "Well, I don't know what there called, but you should try one, there very sweet.
    Dawn nodded and took a piece of the berry and put in her mouth.The berry brought a smile to her face,it was very sweet and tasted great."You're right Ash, they are sweet and there good too."
    "I thought you like `em."Ash picked up one and started to eat one himself.
    "Pikachu."said the little mouse pokemon, enjoying the sweet taste of the berry he was eating.
    After everyone was down eating their berries, they packed up and decided to look for a near by town.
    "Hey Ash, do you think Brock is okay?"Dawn asked.
    "Don't worry about Brock, he'll be okay.I just know it."said Ash, smiling at Dawn.
    Dawn turned pink and looked away from Ash."Yeah, you're probably right."Dawn said.The group continued their journey to find a nearby town.

    ~ ~

    Meanwhile in Fantastic City, Brock ran at top speed towards The Police Department.'I have to hurry, Ash and Dawn could be in serious trouble.'With this thought in mind Brock kept running until he reached The Police Department.Brock than came face to face with Officer Jenny."Oh my sweet and beautiful Officer Jenny, my name is Brock and I ask that you please help me find my friends.After you help me do that may I offer to take you to a romantic dinner getaway under the moon light sky."Brock said, in typical Brock fashion.A flash of light came out of Brock's back pocket, and it was none other than Croagunk.Croagunk poison stung Brock, grabbed his ear, and started dragging him away."Ouch, ouch, ouch!"Brock said in pain.
    "Excuse me,I couldn't help but hear your conversation."
    Brock turned around to see a man with spiky hair, a cloak coming down to his feet,under the cloak he had a red shirt on,finger less gloves,blue jeans, and had blue eyes.He looked like he was in his mid 20's and like he could smash a bolder with his bare hands with the muscles he have.
    "Who are you?"Brock asked.
    "Brock, this is Michael, he helps find lost pokemon when his and town, and he also helps around town."Officer Jenny said.
    "Please to meet you."Micheal than bowed like a gentleman."Now, whats this about finding your friends."
    "My friends were captured by a crime organization called Team Rocket and I think that they are in serious trouble."Brock said in a serious tone.
    "Don't worry, it would be a pleasure helping you find your friends.We will leave immediately."Michael motioned Brock to come.
    Guys,I'll let the other Departments know in Sinnoh to keep a eye out for your friends!"Officer Jenny yelled before they were out of ear shot.
    "Thanks Officer Jenny."Brock yelled back.
    "Now, where did you last see your friends?"
    "In Prickly Forest."said Brock.
    "Go, Dragonite!"Micheal threw his pokeball.In a white flash, Dragonite appeared.
    "Dragonite!"said the dragon pokemon while stretching its wings.
    "Dragonite,I need you to fly to Prickly Forest as fast as you can!"Micheal ordered.Dragonite nodded and motioned for the two to get own its back.The to hopped on,with a roar, Dragonite took off at top speed."Don't worry we'll find your friends."said Micheal,turning his head to face Brock.
    "Yeah, I hope so."Brock whispered.

    ~ ~

    Back with Ash and Dawn, they've just found a small town called Sindo Town.
    "Finally, we're out of the forest.Now, lets go find a Pokemon Center so we can rest up."said Ash, glad to be out of the forest.
    "Alright, lets go!"said Dawn enthusiastically.
    "Pika!"said the mouse pokemon, agreeing with Dawn.
    The trio began to walk into town and found out that it was pretty nice for a small town.The streets were clean, the buildings were well kept, and everybody seemed to be happy.The gang began looking for a Pokemon Center. While they were looking for a Pokemon Center they passed a mall.When they were about to pass it something caught Dawn's eye.
    'Wow,that dress is beautiful.'Dawn's eyes started to sparkle as she stared at the most beautiful dress she ever seen.The dress was a blue, sparkling like moonlit sky.Dawn thought it would go great when she's entering one of her contests.She just had to have it.Dawn ran to Ash and managed to get in front of him."Ash, before we go to the Pokemon Center can we go shopping."I saw this wonderful dress that would go great when I enter my next contest.Please Ash can we go shopping, pleassssssssse."Dawn mustered up the cutest puppy eyes so Ash would let her go shopping.
    Ash tried to resist Dawn's puppy eyes, but failed terribly.Ash sighed"Fine,lets go shopping."
    Dawn started jumping up and down with excitement."Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!"Dawn grabbed Ash's hand dragged him into the store.Dawn dragged Ash right to the dress that she saw in the window.Dawn grabbed the dress and went to the manager to ask were to she could change.
    "The changing rooms are right over there."said the manager, pointing to his left.
    "Thanks.Okay Ash, lets go."Dawn grabbed Ash's hand and dragged him to the changing room.
    "Have fun with your girlfriend, kid."said the smiling store manager.
    This statement made Ash blush"Sir, she's not my girlfriend."Ash said while still blushing, but the manager didn't hear him, he was busy talking to another costumer.Pikachu started to giggle when he saw his master's reaction.When the trio made it to the changing room, Dawn dropped Ash's hand and went inside the changing room to try on the new dress.Ash and Pikachu sat on a small bench next to the changing room.Five minutes of waiting for Dawn, the door finally opened.
    "So Ash, how do I look."Ash's jaw dropped to sea level.Dawn was wearing the blue sparkling dress she saw, and the dress matched her hair perfectly.
    Ash was speechless at how beautiful Dawn looked.Pikachu started laughing at his master's antics."Yo-You look great."Ash felt his face heating up.
    "Really."Dawn said with a grin on her face.She walked over to Ash,she hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.Dawn whispered in his ear"Thank you,Ash."Dawn went back to the changing room to put her regular clothes on.
    Ash's face was deep red at what Dawn did.Pikachu rolled around in laughter at the look of Ash's face.Ash couldn't believe what just happened, Dawn kissed him,HIM of all people.This didn't make any sense to Ash and gave up trying to figure out why she did that.
    Dawn finally came out of the changing room with the dress folded and was in her right hand."Okay Ash, lets pay for this and head to the Pokemon Center."Ash could only nod and he followed Dawn to the counter.
    After the dress was paid for the trio headed towards the Pokemon Center.When they came in Nurse Joy appeared with her Chansey soon following.
    "Hello, welcome to the Pokemon Center.May I help you?"said Nurse Joy kindly.
    "Yeah, Nurse Joy can we have two rooms?"Ash asked.
    "I'm sorry but we only have one room available."Ash couldn't believe his luck, but they needed a place to sleep.So he took the room.Nurse Joy motioned them to follow her.Nurse Joy opened the door to the room and went off to help other pokemon trainers.
    It was just as Ash thought, the room only had one bed.He let out a sigh.How was he going to figure this one out.He didn't want to sleep with a girl, especially what happened at the mall.He let out another sigh"Dawn, you and Pikachu can sleep on the bed, and I'll take the floor."
    Dawn put her hands on her hips"Whats wrong Ash, afraid to sleep with a girl."Dawn teased.
    Ash started to blush"N-No I ju-just thought you would want the bed."
    Dawn started to giggle"Calm down Ash,I'm just teasing you.Why don't we both share the bed."
    Ash thought about it for a moment.Would he rather sleep on the cold, hard floor or a nice, soft bed.Ash finally made his decision."Okay, we can share the bed."Pikachu immediately ran over to the bed and snuggled in one of the pillows.
    Great,I'm going to take a shower first before I got to bed."Dawn grabbed her sleeping close and went to the bathroom to take a shower.
    When Dawn closed the door, he took of his hat and his sweatshirt. Then he laid down beside Pikachu and understood why the mouse pokemon liked the bed so much.It was like being on a white, fluffy cloud that you can just fall asleep on.Ash felt himself dozing off, he guessed it was because the softness of the bed.Then he went into a deep sleep.
    Dawn came out of the bathroom to find Ash and Pikachu asleep. 'They look so cute.'Dawn smiled and went over to the bed.She got on top of Ash, put her arms around his neck, and snuggled into his chest.Dawn smiled to herself and went into a peaceful sleep.
    Outside the Pokemon Center, five shadowy figures were on top of a tree."Be ready, Ash Ketchum."
    to be continued...
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    Not bad. I noticed a few errors, like there seem to be no spaces between sentances. Adding the spaces would make it much easier to read. Anyway, not a bad start. I like it. Not many pearlshipping fics out yet. Five shadowy figures. Hmmm. That excludes Team Rocket. Who else? I guess I'll just wait till the next chapter.
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    Don't worry, I'll fix those mistakes during the next chapter. Also, thanks for pointing out my grammar mistakes, I'll fix that as well. Next chapter should be up soon!

    Thanks for your patience, now here is chap.3!

    Chapter 3

    The sun shined bright in Ash's face. Ash opened his eyes sleepily and noticed that he felt something warm and heavy on him. He raised his head to see what was on him and was shocked to see Dawn peacefully asleep on his chest. Dawn nuzzled his chest which caused him to turn a deep shade of red. 'Okay, this has to stop.' Ash decided to wake up the peaceful sleeping . He started to poke her on her cheek. "Dawn, wake up. Its time to get up." He continued to poke her cheek.
    Dawn lazily opened her eyes to see what was poking her. She the came face to face with Ash. "Ash, why did you wake me up? I was having a wonderful dream." Dawn then started to yawn.
    "It's time to get up, lets get dress and go to the Police Department so we can see if they can help use find Brock." Dawn nodded and got off of Ash.
    She stretched a little, grabbed her normal clothes, and went to the bathroom to change. Ash put on his sweatshirt and his hat, and went to Pikachu to wake him up. "Come on buddy, time to get up." The little mouse opened its eyes sleepily, Pikachu yawned and then leaped onto his master's shoulder. "Now we just need to wait on Dawn." As if on cue, Dawn opened the door and was ready to go.
    "Alright, lets go." she said enthusiastically. The trio exited the Pokemon Center and were on there way to the Police Department. On there way, Dawn decided to make small talk. "So Ash, are you excited about the festival?"
    "Yeah, I can't wait to find Brock and make it to Fantastic City. Just think of all the tasty food their going to be having during the festival." this made Ash drool just thinking about it.
    Dawn let out a sigh, it was just like Ash to think with his stomach instead of with his head. "Aren't you excited about anything else besides the food they're going to be serving? Like who you're going to take during the festival."
    Ash had a clueless face."What do you mean?"
    Dawn sighed again, she didn't think he could be any denser. "Never mind."
    "Hey Dawn, we finally made it to the Police Department. Now we can see if Officer Jenny can help us find Brock." The trio ran inside the building, hoping that Officer Jenny can help them find Brock. Excuse me, Officer Jenny, can you help us find our friend, Brock."
    "You two must be Ash and Dawn. Right?"
    "Yeah, but how did you know our names?" asked a confused Ash.
    "One of my sisters contacted me and told me to keep an eye out for two kids named Ash and Dawn." said Officer Jenny.
    "So does that mean you know where Brock is?" asked Ash.
    "Yes, my sister said that he is in Fantastic City."
    "Thats great. Can we call him?" asked a excited Dawn.
    "Sure, I'll call my sister to get him on the line right now." Officer Jenny began walking to the PC and started dialing numbers. "Hello sis, can you get Brock on the phone. His friends want to speak to him."
    "Have some bad news sis, Brock's in the hospital."
    A shocked expression came across their faces. "What happened Officer Jenny?" Ash asked in a worried tone.
    "Believe I should explain." someone came beside Officer Jenny and it was Micheal.
    "Who are you?" asked Dawn.
    "My name is Micheal, I'm a friend of Brock's and I know what happened to him. It all started when we landed in ly Forest......"


    Dragonite came to a stop at ly Forest. Brock and Micheal got off of Dragonite.
    "Good job Dragonite, take a long rest." Micheal got out the dragon's pokeball, and in a red beam of light the dragon was back in his ball.
    "Alright lets start looking for Ash and Dawn." Micheal nodded and they began their search. As they walked they both noticed as they got deeper and deeper into the forest a fog appeared and got thicker and thicker.
    "Whats with the fog all of a sudden?"
    "I don't know, but we have to keep moving." Micheal nodded his head and they continued threw the forest. As they were walking they saw a pair of glowing red eyes. "What is that?"
    "I think we better follow it to find out." Micheal and Brock began running threw the fog, letting the pair of glowing eyes lead them. The pair of glowing eyes stopped and the fog started to lift.
    "Thats strange, why is the fog lifting all of a sudden?" asked a curious Brock.
    "I don't know, but we're about to find out." Brock and Micheal waited for the fog to fully lift so they can get a better look of the pair of glowing eyes. When the fog finally lifted, standing there with glowing red eyes was a vampire looking figure. He resembled Dracula, except a had a blue face instead of a white one.
    "You shouldn't have followed me. Now your going to pay with your souls." said the vampire looking figure.
    "Who are you and what do you mean we're going to pay with our souls." asked Brock.
    "My name is Drake and I'm part of an organization that creates shadow pokemon."
    Micheal and Brock had a shock expression on their faces. "Shadow pokemon?" said a confused Micheal.
    "Yes, we turn normal pokemon into shadow pokemon. Transforming them gives them power beyond that of a normal pokemon. Also, they help use capture as many souls as we can." said Drake with a wicked smile.
    "What do you need souls for anyway?" asked a furious Brock.
    "I'm glad you asked, we need as many human souls as possible to complete our ultimate shadow pokemon, it the ultimate pokemon in the known universe. Unfortunately, to complete our project we need the power of a new mysterious pokemon called Lucos. The rest of my comrades are looking for it as we speak."
    "We won't let you get away with taking human souls and treating pokemon that way! Lets have a battle!" an angry Brock yelled.
    Drake began to chuckle. "Alright, we'll have a battle. I will tell you this, it well not be a ordinary battle, we well play for our souls."
    "Fine with me." Micheal was shocked that Brock was going to put his soul on the line.
    "Brock, are you sure you know what you're doing?"
    Brock turned his head towards Micheal and had a serious look on his face. "Yeah, I've got to teach this guy a lesson." Brock turned his head back around to face Drake. "This will be a 3 on 3 battle. The first one to when two battles is the winner."
    "Fine with me. Now lets get started." Drake took out a black pokeball. "Go, Goldbat." Drake threw his black pokeball and in a white flash, a black, red eyed Goldbat appeared.
    "Go, Steelix." Brock threw his pokeball and Steelix appeared. "Let the battle begin!"
    "Goldbat, start things off with Steel Wing!"
    "Gooooooold..." Goldbat charged up its wings and flew full speed towards Steelix.
    "Steelix, dodge by using dig!"
    "Steelix." Steelix did a little jump in the air and went head first into the ground. Goldbat stopped right near the hole.
    "Goldbat, use Hyper Beam inside that hole."
    Goldbat started to charge up its hyper beam. "Gooooooooooooldbaaaat!!!" Goldbat released a fully charged hyper beam into the hole Steelix made.
    "Steelix no!" The next thing Brock saw Steelix burst from the ground and was screaming in pain. Steelix was then on the ground. "Steelix, you have to get up!" Steelix struggled to get up.
    "Goldbat, do not give Steelix the chance to recover. Use Steel Wing!" Drake ordered.
    Goldbat charged at Steelix with full speed, ready to hit the steel pokemon with its attack."Goooldbaaat!" Goldbat got direct hit. Steelix fell out into unconsciousness.
    No, Steelix!" Brock ran over to Steelix to see if the steel pokemon was okay.
    Drake began to chuckle."You are a fool, did you actually think that pathetic excuse for a pokemon would stand a chance against my shadow one. Don't make me laugh. Choose your next weakling of a pokemon."
    "Steelix return. I'll make you pay! Go, Swampert!" Brock threw a pokeball and in a white flash, Swampert appeared. "Now Swampert, use Mega Punch!"
    "Swampert." Swampert charged up a Mega Punch and ran towards Goldbat.
    "Goldbat, dodge at the last second and then use Aerial Ace!"
    Goldbat getting ready to dodge until....
    "Swampert stop and use Hydro Pump!" Swampert stopped right in front of Goldbat and used Hydro Pump, which sent Goldbat crashing into a tree.
    "Goldbat!" Drake said in total shock. Goldbat was unconsciousness flat on its face. "Goldbat return."
    "That was awesome Brock, great job." Micheal complimented.
    "Thanks, but the battle isn't over. He still has two pokemon left."
    "It's time to end this silly little game. Go, Crobat!" Drake threw another black pokeball and out came Crobat, but this Crobat was different. It had long fangs and shot eyes with slits like a cat in them.
    "Swampert, use Mega Punch!" Swampert charged towards Crobat with a fully charged Mega Punch.
    "Crobat, use Extreme Speed to get behind Swampert!" Crobat did as told and was immediately behind Swampert, this shocked both Swampert and Brock. "Now use Wing Attack!" Crobat charged for Swampert.
    "Crobat!!" Crobat hit Swampert in his back sending water pokemon flying. Swampert was sent flying straight to a tree, breaking it in the impact.
    "Swampert, are you ok?" Swampert immediately got up and nodded its head. "Good. Now, use water !"
    "Swampert!!" Swampert released a impressive water attack coming at a fast pace.
    "Crobat, use Quick Attack to dodge!" Crobat did as commanded and managed to dodge the water . "Now, use Aerial Ace!"
    "Crobat!" Crobat charged at full speed towards Swampert.
    "Swampert wait for the attack!" Swampert nodded. Crobat just kept coming closer and closer. 'Wait for it. Now!' "Swampert use Mega Punch!"
    "Swampart." said the water pokemon while nodding its head. Swampert charged up a mega punch. When Crobat was only a few inches away from him, he used mega punch and sent Crobat flying.
    "Enough of this game, time to end this. Crobat, use Hyper Beam, full power!" Crobat stopped in mid air and started charging up a hyper beam.
    "Swampert, use Hydro Canon, full power!" Swampert started glowing blue and started to charge up the hydro .
    "Now, release Hyper Beam!"
    "Crooooooooooooo.....baaaaaaaaaat!!" Crobat released a powerful Hyper Beam.
    "Now Swampert, release Hydro Canon, full power!"
    "Swaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamp......peeeeeeeeeert!" Swampert released a strong Hydro .
    The two attacks clashed, trying to push each other's attack back, but the two attacks exploded, covering the middle of the forest in smoke. Both trainers waited until the smoked cleared to see who was the victor. When the smoke finally cleared Swampart was on the ground unconscious while Crobat was still flapping its wings, looking like it was just getting warmed up.
    "I lo-lost." said a shock Brock. Micheal was just standing there, also shocked that Brock.
    Drake smiled wickedly. "Yes, and you know what that means." Shadowy hands grabbed Brock and covered him in a barrier of darkness. "Your soul is mine!" The next thing they heard was a scream being heard from the dark barrier. Then the shadow barrier faded, living a soulless Brock on the ground with bruises on his body. "Thanks for the battle, it was fun." Drake started to laugh and then disappeared without a trace.
    Micheal ran over to Brock to see if he was okay. "Brock! Wake up Brock! Brock!"


    "Thats what happened, I'm sorry for what happened to Brock." Micheal finished.
    "Its not your fault Micheal, right Ash." Dawn looked at Ash to see him clutching his fist together. "I'm going to stop this organization and get Brock's soul back.That's a promise."
    to be continued....
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    Cool Cool.

    Good start to a fic,better than one I've ever seen.As said before,there are a few grammar mistakes,but other than that,it was great.
    New pic coming soon.

    Quote Originally Posted by Red
    "You have an allergy to me too!"
    Shows that love in Pokemon (or anywhere) has ups, downs and pits.

    I've been away to think, and I've come back a more mature human being.(I think...)

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    Thanks for reviewing! Like I said I'll try to keep the grammar errors as low as possible. This story is just going to get better and better!

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    your story is great!
    "So Ash, how do I look."Ash's jaw dropped to sea level.Dawn was wearing the blue sparkling dress she saw, and the dress matched her hair perfectly.
    Ash was speechless at how beautiful Dawn looked.Pikachu started laughing at his master's antics."Yo-You look great."Ash felt his face heating up.
    "Really."Dawn said with a grin on her face.She walked over to Ash,she hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.Dawn whispered in his ear"Thank you,Ash."
    i loved this bit. such a great idea! and pikachu rolling with laughter? it rocksXD
    and sharing a bed? cant get better than that. oh yeah
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    Great chapter. The spaces made it much easier to read, thanks. So, I guess those five shadowy figures from chapter two must be from this shadow pokemon organization. You've got some interesting plot twists. Keep uo the good work.

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    Heres chap.4! Feel free to Review if you have the time.

    Chapter 4

    The next day, Ash, Pikachu, and Dawn were at the Pokemon Center in Fantastic City. They were inside Brock's room, worried about their unconsciousness friend.
    "Man, I wish I knew where this guy was so I can get Brock's soul back!" said a angry Ash, pacing back and forth. Pikachu was starting to get worried about his master.
    "Ash, would you calm down." said Dawn, starting to get frustrated with Ash's pacing.
    "DON'T YOU DARE TELL ME TO CALM DOWN!" Dawn and Pikachu was shocked of Ash's sudden outburst. Dawn began to cry. Seeing this made Ash feel guilty. "Please Dawn, don't cry. I didn't mean to yell at you like that. I'm really sorry." Ash walked over to Dawn and gave her a hug. This action caused Dawn to turn slightly pink. Ash looked Dawn in the face with a goofy grin. "Better." Dawn started to nod her head rapidly. Pikachu started giggle at Dawn's reaction. The next thing the group heard was a noise of something breaking. They turned around to see a Zubat with a letter in its mouth.
    "Ash, that Zubat has a letter in its mouth." Ash slowly took the letter from the Zubat's mouth and opened it. "What does it say?"
    "It says...."

    Dear Brock's friends,
    I bet you are wondering where my location is.
    I'm inside Mt.Caron, come here if you want to get your friend's
    soul back. Remember this, if you lose not only well you not get
    your friend's soul back, but I get to take yours. The match well
    be a three on three battle. Come, if you dare.

    "So he wants use to go to Mt.Caron if we want to get Brock's soul back. That mountain is at the edge of the city. So what are we gonna do?" Ash turned around and faced Dawn.
    "I'll tell you what we're going to do, where going to Mt.Caron. I made a promise to get Brock's soul back, and I never go back on my word. We're going to get Brock's soul back, right Pikachu."
    "Pika, Pika!" said the mouse pokemon, putting his fist into the air.
    "Right, now lets get going." The trio exited the Pokemon Center and headed towards Mt.Caron.
    "Ash, which three pokemon are you going to use during the battle?"
    "I'm planning on using Pikachu of course, Staravia, and Aipom. Those are the three I'm planning on using."
    "Ash, are you sure about this? Your putting your soul on the line. What if you don't win?" asked a worried Dawn.
    Ash stopped and turned around to face Dawn. He had a goofy grin on his face. "Don't worry Dawn, I'm not going to lose. I'm ready to put my life on the line for a friend." Seeing the determination on Ash's face canceled Dawn's thoughts of Ash losing. Ash turned back around and continued heading towards Mt.Caron. The trio finally came to the entrance of Mt.Caron. As they went into the cave, it was pitch black, the only thing the gang could see were glowing red eyes surrounding them. Seeing this, Dawn began to get scared and tightly cling onto Ash's arm. "Pikachu use Flash so we can see." Pikachu nodded its head and its cheeks began to glow similar to a flashlight. The red eyes were none other than Zubats and Goldbats. The trio continued their journey inside Mt.Caron. The gang soon came a across a gate that had two key holes. Behind that gate was the bridge they needed to continue on. "Pikachu use Thund-"
    "Don't waste your breath, that gate is indestructible. No puny Thunderbolt will destroy that gate." Two figures dropped from the top of the cave and landed right in front of Ash and Dawn.
    The one on the right wore a black cape, had neatly combed black hair, and the traditional outfit of a vampires. The one on the right had a black cape with holes in it, nappy hair, and also wore the traditional outfit of a vampire.
    "My name is Luke."
    "My name is Duke."
    "And together..."
    "We make..."
    "The Vampire Brothers! They both did a pose that freaked out Ash, Pikachu, and Dawn. Duke's pose was a ballerina pose, while Luck's was a karate pose.
    "Look brother, they're filled with fear." said Luke while smirking.
    "I believe your right brother, they looked like they wet their pants."
    "No, your stupid poses is whats creepen' us out, and your entrance was lame too." Yelled Dawn, still creeped out.
    The to bothers began to sulk in a corner. "You didn't have to be so mean about it." said a sulking Luke.
    "Yeah, we try our best to make it look cool." Ash, Pikachu, and Dawn sweatdropped at the two brother's reaction.
    "Look guys, we don't have time for this. Just give use the keys and we'll be on our way." The two brothers remembered their mission and quickly ran in front of the trio in serious mode.
    "If you want to pass..."
    "You will have to beat us first."
    "Fine, what do we have to do?" asked Dawn, letting go of Ash's arm.
    "If you want the keys...." said Luke while smirking.
    "You well have to do a tag team." finished Duke.
    "Each trainer will chose two pokemon to battle with. The first team to knock all of their opponents pokemon is the winner." Duke said.
    "Okay, my first choice is Piplup."
    "I'll choose Torterra." Ash and Dawn threw their pokeballs and out came Piplup and Torterra.
    "I'll will choose Umbreon."
    "And I will choose Espeon." The two brothers threw their pokeballs and Umbreon and Espeon appeared.
    "Piplup, start things off with Bubble Beam."
    "Pip...lupluplupluplup!" Piplup released a barrage of bubbles that were heading towards Espeon.
    "Espeon use Bide!" Espeon nodded and started to glow as the bubbles started to hit it.
    "Es-pe-on!" Espeon then released the same energy that Piplup did, but it was doubled.
    "Torterra, get in front of Piplup and use Protect!" Torterra nodded and ran right in front of Piplup.
    "Tor-terra!" A glowing shield-like barrier formed around the two pokemon and protected them from bide.
    "Umbreon, use Quick Attack on Torterra!"
    "Umbreon!" Umbreon rushed towards Torterra, and managed to hit the grass pokemon before it could recover from using protect. Torterra managed to keep its balance.
    "Torterra, are you ok?" Torterra nodded at its master's question. "Good, now use Razor Leaf on both Umbreon and Espeon!"
    "Torterra!" Torterra swung its head and spinning leaves came fro the tree-like thing on its back.
    "Umbreon, dodge by using Quick Attack!" Duke ordered. Umbreon obeyed and used quick attack to dodge razor leaf.
    "Espeon, jump into the air to dodge the attack!" Espeon did as ordered and jumped into the air to avoid the attack.
    'Perfect! Nows my chance!' "Piplup, use Ice Beam on Espeon!"
    "Pip-luuuuuuup!!" Piplup released a powerful ice beam attack.
    "Torterra, help Piplup out by doing Razor Leaf once more!"
    "Torterra!" said Torterra, releasing a barrage of spinning leaves.
    The two attacks headed for Espeon, and was hit on. Espeon fell from the sky and landed on the ground, unconscious.
    "Espeon, no!"
    "Good, job Dawn. That was a sweet ice beam."
    Dawn blushed at the compliment."Thanks, you did a good job too."
    Luke let out a small growl. "Espeon return. Go, Goldbat!" Luke threw his pokeball and Goldbat appeared, but like Drake's Crobat, it wasn't a normal Goldbat. This Goldbat had short white spiky hair, long fangs, and small spikes on its back.
    "So, thats a shadow pokemon?" Ash was disgusted by the look of that Goldbat. He couldn't believe they did this to pokemon.
    "Yes, and with my shadow pokemon, I'll win for sure. Goldbat, use Lock On on Torterra!" Goldbat focused on Torterra and a red circle focused on the grass pokemon. "Now, use Shadow Ball!"
    "Gold-bat!" Goldbat released a bigger than normal Shadow Ball.
    "No, Torterra, hurry and use Protect!"
    "Tor-terra!" Torterra used Protect and was trying to force the shadow ball back, but shadow ball managed to break the barrier and sent Torterra flying."Torterra!!"
    "Torterra, no!" Torterra crashed to the ground into unconsciousness. "Torterra return!" Ash grabbed another pokeball from his belt. "Go, Aipom!" In a flash of light, Aipom appeared.
    "Piplup, use Ice Beam on Umbreon!"
    "Pip-luuuuuuuup!" Piplup released a ice beam that was powerful than the last.
    "Umbreon, use Shadow Ball!"
    "Um-breon!" Umbreon released its Shadow Ball.
    Both attacks passed each other and hit there prospective targets. Both trainers waited to see if their pokemon's attack was strong enough to defeat the other. When the smoke finally cleared, both pokemon were unconscious.
    "Return Piplup." Dawn got another pokeball from her small backpack. "Go, Bunneary!" with a white flash of light, Bunneary appeared.
    "Return Umbreon. Go, Goldbat." he threw his pokeball and then Goldbat appeared. Duke's Goldbat looks the same as his brother's except that it has a grayish-color.
    "Aipom use Swift!" Aipom jumped in the air, swung her tail, and then multiple stars appeared.
    "Goldbat, use Shadow Ball to get rid of that attack." Goldbat charged up a Shadow Ball and released it towards Aipom's attack, the contact blowing up both attacks in the process.
    "Goldbat, use Wing Attack!" Goldbat charged for Aipom, ready to use Wing Attack.
    "Aipom, dodge and use Focus Punch!"
    "Aipom." Aipom waited to the last second, so she began charging up her attack. Aipom used her hands to jump above Goldbat and she hit it in the face with her Focus Punch.
    "Goldbat, use Hyper Beam!"
    Goldbat stopped in mid air and was charging up a hyper beam.
    "Ash, I have a idea. I want you to tell Aipom to throw Bunneary at Goldbat."
    Ash looked at Dawn with a confused face. "Why Dawn?"
    "Just trust me."
    "Okay. Aipom, grab Bunneary and throw her at Goldbat!" Aipom nodded. She grabbed Bunneary with her tail and tossed the normal pokemon at Goldbat!"
    "Bunneary, use Ice Punch!" Bunneary's ear started to glow.
    "Goldbat, use Shadow Ball on Bunneary!" Duck ordered.
    "Gold-bat!" Goldbat released a Shadow Ball that was heading straight for Bunneary, but before it could hit its target it was counterattacked by Swift. The explosion of both attacks blinded the bat pokemon in smoke.
    Aipom, use Swift again!" Aipom did as commanded and used Swift on the other Goldbat.
    "Goldbat, hurry up and dodge it!" but it was no use, Goldbat was to busy coughing inside the smoke that he didn't even hear his master. The next thing the bat pokemon knew was being hit by the swift attack and was sent hurdling to the ground. When the bat hit the ground, it was unconscious. No!! I lost!"
    "Good job Aipom!" said a happy Ash.
    "Aipom"! said the monkey pokemon, enjoying the praise.
    "Goldbat, release Hyper Beam. Now!" yelled a nervous Luke. Bunneary uppercuted Goldbat, and instead of releasing hyper beam on Bunneary, it released it on the top of the mountain roof. Causing large rocks to fall towards Dawn.
    "Dawn, watch out!" Ash ran towards Dawn and pushed her out of the way, causing the rocks to fall on him.
    "Pika, Pi!" Pikachu ran towards his unconscious master.
    "Aipom!" Aipom soon followed. Ash's legs were trapped beneath the rocks.
    "Ash, wake up! Ash! Ash!"
    to be continued....

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    I think Im missing something, is this Goldbat some sort of special Pokemon or do use just keep mis-spelling Golbat?

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    Its actually Golbat. Sorry for the confusion, I'll fix that next time.

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    You do a great job making Dawn this extroverted character who actually goes "on top of Ash" when he sleeps with his Pikachu XD XD...

    That reminds me of some fond memories


    Keep up the great work!
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    Great story. I like the way Dawn lays on top of Ash and kissed him on the cheek.

    Keep up the good work legendarytyson!!!

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    Thumbs up

    I'm not a big fan of Pearlshipping, but this story is great so far! I like the way you made Dawn's personality. Keep up the good work!

    Pokeshipping Rocks!

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    Sorry that this chapter took awhile, I've been very busy lately. So heres another chapter!

    Chapter 5

    "Pikachu, Aipom, help me get Ash from underneath this rocks." Pikachu and Aipom grabbed onto Ash's shirt while Dawn wrapped her arms around his waist. "Okay, on three we pull." Pikachu and Piplup nodded. "1, 2, 3, pull." Pikachu, Dawn, and Piplup as hard as they could, but their effort failed. "Darn, we can't get him out." Dawn sighed and thought for a moment. Then a idea came into her mind on how to get Ash out. "Bunneary, come here." Bunneary turned around and started hopping towards her master. "Bunneary, use Jump Kick to get those rocks off Ash." Bunneary jumped and kicked off the rocks, turning the rocks into rubble. "Good job Bunneary."
    "Pika, Pikachu!" Bunneary blushed at the praise Pikachu was giving her, and tried to hid her blush by covering her face with ears. This action confused the mouse pokemon.
    Dawn giggled at Bunneary's reaction. "Okay Bunneary, return." With a flash of red light, the bunny pokemon was back in its ball. Dawn turned around and faced the unconscious Ash. She let out a sigh. "Now what am I going to do. With Ash unconscious we can't continue on and I don't think I could carry him all the way to the Pokemon Center. This is all those stupid vampire brothers fault." Dawn just remembered the vampire brothers and they were suppose to give them the two keys since they won. "Hey, give use the keys you jer-" Then she noticed that they where gone. Dawn grabbed her head in frustration. "This is just great, first Ash is unconscious, and now those to freaks left with the two keys. Can this get any worse." She closed her eyes and let out a sigh.
    "Pika, Pi!" Dawn opened her eyes and say something in Pikachu's hand. What she say brightened her mood. It was the two keys that the vampire brothers were supposed to give them.
    "The vampire brothers must have dropped the keys when they were trying to escape. Good work Pikachu." Dawn petted the mouse pokemon on the head.
    "Pikachu." the yellow mouse said in delight, enjoying being petted.
    "Now all we need to do is wait until Ash feels better." Dawn turned around and say Aipom looking worriedly over her master. Dawn went over to Aipom and picked the little purple monkey up. "Don't worry Aipom, Ash has been in tougher situations then this. He'll get better, I just know it." Dawn whispered the last part, and then started petting Aipom in the same manner she did Pikachu.
    "Aipom." being petted started to vanish all the purple monkey's worry and put a smile on her face.
    Dawn smiled at the little monkey and sat the pokemon next to her beside Pikachu. Dawn sat beside Ash's unconscious body. She took his hat off and laid it beside her, she than started to play with his oily hair. She ran her fingers threw his hair, enjoying the feeling of his messy hair threw her fingers. As she played with his hair, she began to worry about the upcoming battle that Ash had to face against Drake. She began to think what would she do if Ash got his soul stolen. If Ash got his soul stolen she would never get the chance to tell how she felt about him. She than moved from his hair to stroking his cheek. She liked the softness and warmness of his cheek, she could feel the warmth radiating from his cheek to her hand. She than heard Ash groan and she immediately jerked her hand back and her face started to heat up.
    Ash groaned again and opened his eyes slowly. He sat up and looked at his surroundings. "Where am I?" Ash let out a groan and rubbed his head. "Why does my head hurt so much?"
    "Pika, Pi!"
    "Ai, Aipom!" The two pokemon immediately ran to their awaken master and jumped on him to give him a hug. Ash started to pet the two pokemon that were hugging his stomach.
    "Hey guys, whats up?"
    "Glad to see you feeling better Ash." Ash took his eyes of of his pokemon and looked up at Dawn. Ash grinned. "Yeah, me too. By the way Dawn, what happened?"
    "Well, we were battling those two vampire brothers for the keys to open that gate. When one of the two Golbats was trying to do Hyper Beam, Bunneary uppercutted the little thing. Instead of the Hyper Beam hitting Bunneary it hit the ceiling of the mountain. This caused large rocks to fall that was going to fall on top of me, but you saved me." Dawn started to blush. "B-By the way, thanks for saving me."
    Ash gave Dawn a big smile. "Anytime Dawn. I give my life to save you." This caused Dawn's face to turn scarlet red. Ash had a worried look on his face. "Dawn are you ill? Your face is all red." Dawn pulled her hat over her face so Ash wouldn't see that she was blushing.
    "N-Nothings w-wrong Ash. I'm okay." Still having her hat covering her face as she said this Ash had a clueless look.
    "Okay, if you say so." Ash took his pokemon off of his stomach so he could stand up, but Ash immediately fell down as he tried to get up. He winced in pain.
    Pi, Pika!" the little mouse and the purple monkey started to worry about their master again, and were trying to find out what was wrong.
    Dawn took her hat off of her face to see what made a thud. She had a worried look on her face when she saw Ash in pain. She immediately crawled over to him. "Ash, whats wrong?"
    "I think its my ankle." Dawn grabbed his pant leg and rolled it up to see what was wrong. What she saw worried her even more. His ankle was not only swollen, but it was also bleeding alot. "Ash, we need to get that ankle taken care of. I have something in my backpack that can help." Dawn took off her backpack and took out something that looked like potion you give a pokemon. "This stuff well clean out your wound and help it heal." Ash looked at the stuff confusingly as Dawn brought it to his ankle. She sprayed the stuff on his ankle which caused Ash to wince.
    "Ouch! That hurts." He then jerked his leg back so Dawn couldn't spray anymore of that stuff onto his ankle.
    Dawn started to giggle. "Quit being such a baby Ash. Now give me your ankle and take it like a man." Ash slowly moved his ankle back while mumbling a few words. Dawn immediately started spraying some of the stuff onto his ankle again. She than went back into her backpack and grabbed some bandages. She slowly began wrap the bandages around his ankle. She than tied them tightly around his ankle. "There, all done."
    Ash started to grin "Thanks Dawn, your the best." Dawn blushed while rubbing her head sheepishly. "Yeah Dawn, where did you get all that stuff anyway?"
    "I always carry around a few medical supplies just in case one of you got hurt. I just don't carry dresses around you know."
    "I guess not." Ash than grabbed his hat and put it back on his head. Alright, lets continue." Ash said while struggling to stand up.
    "Ash no, you need to stay off of your ankle until it heals." Dawn began to stand up and to try and stop Ash. "If we go now you could get hurt agian."
    "Pika, Pikachu." said the little mouse pokemon, also trying to stop Ash. Aipom also agreed that the young, determined pokemon trainer should rest.
    "Ash, you know you need to stay off your ankle. Thats why I can't let you continue." Dawn got in front of Ash to block his path of reaching the gate.
    "Dawn, please get out of my way. I need to go challenge Drake so I can get Brock's soul back." Unfortunately, the young, blue haired didn't listen.
    "Ash, you know you need rest,. Why don't we get Brock's soul back after your ankle feels better."
    "Pi, Pi, Pika." the mouse pokemon said, also agreeing.
    "Aipom." the monkey said, pokemon also agreeing.
    "Come on guys, I need to get pass that gate. This may be my only opportunity to battle Drake for Brock's soul. I don't care about my injury if a friend is in danger. I risk my life for my friends, so please move so I can battle Drake."
    Dawn say the determined look in his eyes and knew that whatever she said wouldn't stop him from battling Drake. Dawn sighed. "Fine Ash, have it your way. We'll continue."
    Ash suddenly smiled. "Thanks Dawn." Pikachu ran and hopped onto Ash's shoulder, while Aipom was on Ash's head. Ash looked at his two pokemon. "You guys ready."
    "Pika!" he than punched his small fist into the air.
    "Aipom!" she than started smiling, saying that she was ready.
    "Alright, lets go." Dawn then handed Ash one of the keys while she took the other. They both put the keys into the key holes and twisted the keys. The gate immediately opened. "Okay Dawn, lets go." Dawn nodded and the gang crossed the old bridge. They soon came across a huge door made of metal. Dawn and Ash looked at each other and both nodded. They both started to push the door together and it slowly opened. When the door was fully opened they saw a figure setting in a throne decorated by skulls.
    "So, I see that you finally made it." The figure got off his throne and started walking towards the gang. When he was face to face with the two he smiled wickedly. "So, which one of you are my opponent."
    Ash stepped up. "I'm your opponent Drake, and I challenge you for Brock's soul."
    Drake than took out a bottle of wine. "Would you rather have a drink first."
    Ash suddenly got angry. "Stop playing around! I don't want a drink, I want my friend's soul back! So stop fooling around and lets battle!"
    "I see that we have a temper problem. Fine, lets battle." One of Drake's Zubats came and took the bottle of wine out of his hand.
    "Now your talkin' my language."
    "But first, I have a little present for you." Two Zubats came with two metal bands with a red circle in the middle. The two Zubats strapped them around Drake's and Ash's arm.
    Ash looked at them confusingly. "What are this."
    Drake began to chuckle. "You'll soon find out. Now, lets start our little battle." Drake and Ash walked in the middle of the room and were ready to battle. "I'll start things off with Booburn." Drake tossed a dark pokeball to reveal not a normal Booburn, but one that was black and had red glowing eyes.
    "Alright, go Aipom!" Aipom jumped off of Ash's head and was ready for battle. "Aipom, use Swift." The purple monkey jumped and released a barrage of stars at Booburn.
    "Booburn, dodge with Agility and then use Fire Punch." Booburn nodded and used Agility to not only dodge the attack, but to surprise Aipom by getting right in front of her as well. Booburn's fist started to form into a Fire Punch.
    "Booooo-burn!!" the force of the punch sent Aipom rolling.
    "Aipom, are you okay!" Ash's band started to beep rapidly. Ash than started to look at the baned. "What the-" the band immediately shocked him at 10,000 volts. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Ash than fell to his knees and coughed up some .
    "Ash, are you okay!" Dawn was beginning to worry.
    "Pika, Pi!" Pikachu jumped off his master's shoulder to see what was wrong.
    "Do you like my surprise, each time one of our pokemon gets hit by an attack, we get shocked with 10,000 volts." Drake than started to laugh.
    Ash was in pain. It felt like every part of his body was about to melt. He than looked at Drake with drowsy eyes. 'Man, I don't feel so good. I better end this battle, or Drake gets Brock's soul and mine.'
    to be continued....

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    Sorry for not posting the next chapter. It took me awhile to think of some more ideas. heres chap. 6 and feel free to review please.

    Chapter 6

    Ash got off his knees and wiped the blood off his lip. "Ash are you sure you can get up?" Dawn asked worried again.
    "Yeah, don't worry about me. I faced worse conditions then this and no stupid shock is going to stop me from getting Brock's soul back." Ash answered sounding determined. "Now let's finish this, Drake! Aipom use Swift!" The purple monkey released another barrage of stars at Booburn.
    "Booburn, blow those pathetic stars away with Fire Blast." The magma pokemon released a star shaped fire beam from his mouth and enveloped all the monkey pokemon's stars and headed straight for Aipom.
    "Aipom, get out of there with Double Team." The purple monkey created many clones of itself, making Booburn's attack to hit a copy of the purple pokemon. "Now, use Focus Punch!" All the clones balled their third hand at the end of their tails, but only the real one's tail glowed.
    "Booburn, use Fire Punch on the Aipom that has the glowing tail." Booburn launched a fire enveloped fist at Aipom.
    "Aipom, launch the Focus Punch!" The purple monkey and the magma pokemon charged for each other with intense speed.
    "Aipom, jump and slam Focus Punch on Booburn's head!" Aipom obeyed her master and jumped as Booburn was about to punch her. Then she slammed the Focus Punch on Booburn's head, causing the fire pokemon to land face first into the ground.
    "You got 'em!" Dawn yelled happily.
    "Pika!" Pikachu cheered his ally. Drake's band on his arm began to blink rapidly and sent 10,000 volts throughout his body. Ash was stunned that Drake didn't yell or wince in pain, but embraced the pain.
    "I don't get it. Why aren't you in pain?" Ash asked in curiosity.
    "Unlike you I embrace pain because I love pain. Now enough chit-chat, let's end this! Booburn, use Fire Blast!" Booburn spat out the star shaped fire beam as before at Aipom.
    "Aipom, use your tail as a spring and then use Swift!" The monkey put her tail down where she could balance on it and sprung up before the Fire Blast could hit her, and then she sent a barrage of stars at Booburn.
    "Booburn, use Agility and then Fire Punch." Booburn slipped through all of the stars with incredible speed and jumped into the air where Aipom was. Booburn's fist caught on fire and was about to nail Aipom with his Fire Punch.
    "Aipom, use Double Team and then use Swift!" Before Booburn could land the blow, Aipom dispersed into clones of herself, then the real monkey sent another barrage of stars at Booburn and this time hitting him. Booburn crashed into the ground and Drake embraced the pain of the volts yet again.
    "Booburn, Fire Punch!"
    "Aipom, Focus Punch!" The monkey and the magma pokemon traded Focus Punch and Fire Punch multiple times, no one willing to give up. Aipom noticed her master get shocked on the last clash of Focus and Fire Punch and stopped her attack.
    "It's okay Aipom I'm-" Ash began to cough violently and bent on his knees once more.
    "Ash! Are you okay?" Dawn asked worriedly as she ran to Ash's side.
    "Yeah, now let's end this battle Drake." Ash said as he struggled to get up.
    "I agree. Booburn, Fire Spin!" Booburn let out a spinning fire beam at Aipom.
    "Aipom, jump through and use Focus Punch!" Aipom jumped through the spinning flames and smacked Booburn in his face, sending him across the stadium. Aipom jumped up happily and started glowing.
    "What the hell? I think Aipom's evolving." Ash said with a surprised look on his face. The light dispersed and out came Ambipom. Ash took out his Pokedex and scanned his new pokemon.
    "Ambipom, the tree climbing pokemon. Ambipom uses its two tails to climb trees and also uses them for combat."
    "Awesome, Ambipom even learned Double Hit! Ambipom, let's try your new move. Use Double Hit!" Ambipom's two tails started to glow and she slammed both tails on Booburn's head. "Now use Focus Punch!"
    "Use Fire Punch!" The two pokemon clashed once more, but this time Ambipom had the upper hand with the aid of her second tail.
    "Focus Punch again, and this time maximum power!" Ambipom charged at Booburn with full speed.
    "Foolish move boy. Booburn, use Agility to dodge and then use Fire Blast, full power!." Booburn slipped passed Ambipom with ease and blasted Ambipom with a full power Fire Blast. Ash let out a little scream in pain as he was shocked once again, while Ambipom flew across the stadium and fell down unable to battle.
    "Ambipom, return. You deserve a nice, long rest. Now for my second choice. Staravia, come on out!" A starling bird pokemon came out of Ash's pokeball.
    "Booburn, use Fire Punch!" The magma pokemon charged for Staravia at a slow pace.
    "Use Quick Attack to dodge then use Ariel Ace!" Staravia quickly got behind Booburn and slammed into him with a powerful tackle from his beak. Booburn flew to destroyed a boulder, while Drake, yet again, didn't flinch or scream in pain, he just smiled. 'This guy isn't human, how can he stand being shocked like this? He must have went through some intense training to embrace this kind of pain.'
    "Nice job Ash. Keep it up." Dawn yelled from the side lines.
    "Return Booburn. Go Garchtomp." A shark-like dragon emerged from the pokeball and was waiting for orders.
    "Garchtomp?" Ash took out his Pokedex.
    "Garchtomp, the shark-like dragon pokemon. Its power rivals that of a Salamence and uses its long tail to cause its enemies major damage. This pokemon should be approached with caution as it doesn't take a liking to humans. "
    "Garchtomp, use Quick Attack." Garchtomp charged at Staravia with incredible speed.
    "Staravia, Hyper Beam." Staravia shot a wide yellow beam at Garchtomp.
    "Garchtomp, dodge!" Garchtomp jumped into the air and managed to evade the attack. "Now, use Dragon Claw!" Garchtomp's claws started to glow and clawed Staravia in his chest.
    "AAAHHH!" Ash stumbled, but managed to gain his balance. Ash started to breath heavily.
    "Pika, Pi." Pikachu looked worriedly at his master. He hopped onto his master's shoulder and licked his cheek.
    Dawn started to cry, knowing that she couldn't do nothing to help her best friend. 'Ash can't keep going like this.' She bit the bottom part of her lip. 'Please come through Ash.'
    "Star...Staravia, are you ok?" The bird pokemon nodded and immediately flew into the sky, ready to attack. "Staravia, use Quick Attack!" Staravia flew at Garchtomp with the speed of a super charged Swellow.
    "Garchtomp, use Quick Attack also." Garchtomp and Staravia charged for each other at the same speed. They slammed into each other with sheer force, but Staravia was knocked into a boulder, over powered by the shark-like dragon's pokemon immense size and brute force. Ash was shocked once more, and
    this time coughed up blood. Ash's vision became blurry.
    "Da....damn, I'm about to pass out. Better wrap this up. Staravia, use Ariel Ace." Staravia got up and flew at Garchtomp at high speed.
    "Wait for the attack and then use Headbutt!" Garchtomp stood his ground and waited for the attack.
    "Staravia, pull up and use Ariel Ace behind its back!" Staravia did as commanded, he went into the sky and did another Ariel Ace.
    "Garchtomp dodge it!" Garchtomp reacted too slow and was hit critically by Staravia's attack. The band on Drake's arm shocked him once again, but he didn't show no sign of pain. "Garchtomp, get up and use Zen Headbutt" Garchtomp's fore head glowed a blue aura and charged for Staravia.
    "Okay Staravia, use your strongest attack, Sky Attack!" Staravia glowed a phoinex-like aura and charged for his massive opponent. The two pokemon rammed into each other with unbelievable power. The impact caused an explosion with both pokemon in it. Ash closed his eyes and grinding his teeth in pain as he was shocked again, while Drake just stood there ignoring it. Once the smoke cleared both pokemon were knocked out.
    "Return." both said.
    "Pikachu, your up buddy." Pikachu nodded and hopped off of Ash's shoulder. Pikachu landed on all four, with a determined look and sparks coming out of its red cheeks.
    "Go, Rampardos." A giant Pachycephalosaur-like pokemon emerged from the ball.
    Seeing this pokemon brought memories back to Ash's first gym battle with Roark. He remembered how his pokemon struggled to beat Cranidos, the first form of Rampardos, and how he suffered his first Sinnoh gym defeat. He also remembered how the dinosaur pokemon evolved when Team Rocket was trying to steal the fossils from the lab. 'I better be on my guard. What a minute, that Rampardos looks nothing like the one I faced and defeated.'
    This Rampardos was black, had glowing eyes, and his horns on its head were a bite longer. It also looked like this Rampardos had a more violent nature and a thirst for battle.
    "Be careful Ash, this Rampardos looks alot tougher than the one you faced in Oreburgh City."
    "Don't worry Dawn, Pikachu and I can handle whatever this guy throws at us."
    "Pika." the mouse pokemon threw his small fist into the air.
    "Alright, Pikachu, Quick Attack!" Pikachu charged for Rampardos with dashing speed.
    "Rampardos, use HeadButt." Rampardos charged for Pikachu and slammed his head into the mouse's, sending the yellow pokemon into the air. He then jumped up into the air and slammed the helpless mouse to the ground with another HeadButt. Ash clutched his fist and let out a small scream in pain as he was shocked.
    "Pikachu, are you ok?" The mouse pokemon rose to his feet and nodded. Good, Pikachu, use Iron Tail!" Pikachu's tail glowed white as he attacked the dinosaur pokemon.
    "Rampardos, use Zen Headbutt." Ash was stunned to see that this Zen Headbutt was different. It had a red glowing aura appear on its head instead of a blue one. Rampardos charged like a wild Tauros.
    "Pikachu, jump!" Pikachu jumped over the dinosaur's head and used Iron Tail on the back of its head. Rampardos stumbled but managed to keep its balance. Drake was shocked by his band, but this time he coughed up a little blood.
    'So, it seems not even Drake's body can take the pain for that long.' "Pikachu use Quick Attack!" Pikachu charged for towards the giant pokemon.
    "Rampardos, use your tail to knock that pest back!"
    "Pikachu, dodge now!" Pikachu jumped into the air, evading Rampardos's tail. "Now use Iron Tail!" Pikachu's tail glowed.
    "Rampardos, use Zen HeadButt!" The dinosaur pokemon slammed its head into Pikachu, sending the pokemon flying back.
    "Now follow it up with Flamethrower!" Rampardos let loose a powerful Flamethrower that hit Pikachu dead on. The yellow mouse crashed to the wall, causing rocks to cave in on the mouse pokemon.
    "Pikachu, are you o-" Ash than felt the pain double from the band. "AHHHHH!" He immediately fell to the ground.
    "Ash, get up, Ash!" Dawn felt her eyes start to water.
    Drake smirked. "Looks like this battle is over."
    "N...No, this battle isn't over yet." Ash struggled to get to his feet.
    Drake was shocked to see that he could still continue battling. 'Who is this kid, how can he keep battling in the condition his in? What is he?'
    Ash managed to stand up. "Th...This isn't over.... Pikachu and I aren't through yet." Pikachu released a Thunderbolt and destroyed every single rock that was on top of him.
    "Ash, your okay." Dawn said, releasing tears of joy.
    "Yep, now use Quick Attack Pikachu!"
    "Rampardos, use HeadButt!" The two pokemon's heads collided which caused both pokemon to slide back. Both trainers were shocked severely.
    Ash grinned his teeth together. "Pikachu, use Volt Tackle!" Pikachu ran at high speed with electricity gathering around his body.
    "Rampardos, use Head Smash!"
    Rampardos glowed a violent red aura and charged wildly at Pikachu. The impact caused a massive explosion which made both trainers shield their eyes to prevent dust from flying into their eyes. Both trainers were shocked by their bands. Even Dawn had to shield her eyes from the dust that was flying everywhere. When the smoke cleared both pokemon were still standing, looking to see who well pass out first. Both pokemon were breathing heavily and was trying to keep from falling to the ground. What felt like a eternity, Rampardos fell down into unconsciousness.
    Drake was shocked and just stared at his unconsciousness pokemon. "Wh-What?"
    Ash smiled while breathing heavily. "You lose Drake."
    Dawn started jumping up and down. "You did it, what a go Ash!"
    "No, th-this can't be!" Drake started to sweat and he clutched his head. "How could I lose!"
    "Now, you have to keep your part of the deal. Since you lost.... you have to give Brock's soul back." What Ash saw next shocked him. He saw a purple void surround Drake and multiple hands grabbing onto his body.
    Drake looked down in horror. "Please, give me another chance! You can't do this to me! Noooooooo!" The void then closed after dragging Drake into the void.
    Ash felt his vision go blurry once again and passed out onto the floor.
    "Pikachu!" the yellow mouse ran towards his trainer.
    Dawn ran to Ash's side. "Ash, are you okay?" Dawn then put Ash's head on her lap and checked his pulse. She let out a sigh of relief. "His okay, just resting."
    Pikachu also let out a sigh and dropped onto his butt, completely exhausted. "Pika."
    "How are we going to get out of here Pikachu?" Pikachu shrugged, to tired to think of away out the mountain. Dawn began to whine. "Man, I wish we had away out of here." As if her prayers been answered, they started to glow a blue aura. "What the-" Then they vanished.
    The next thing they knew they were outside the Pokemon Center. "Pika." said the mouse pokemon, confused on how they were in the mountain one minute, and then outside of the Pokemon Center the next.
    "What just happened?" Dawn began to wonder on the subject on how they got out of the mountain, but than decided to dismiss the subject, knowing that getting Ash and their pokemon some help was more important. "Ok Pikachu, lets go see Nurse Joy and Brock." Pikachu nodded happily. Dawn picked up Ash and gave him a piggyback ride. The three than entered the Pokemon Center.

    To be Continued....
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    Hey, I had no idea you had your own fic! I'm the writer of League of Legends, in the likely case that you don't remember me. I like this story so far, it's got some...Yu-Gi-Oh, if I'm not mistaken, mixed in, along with the Pokemon. The plot and your original ideas make this fic really glow, and I enjoy it, even though I am not the most enthusiastic Pearlshipper. (I like it better than Pokeshipping, though.) Keep writing, it's really interesting. If you have a PM list, could I be on it?

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    I like the way how you write the fight scene's, they are bigger and much more based on details as I normally see them in other fics. But I don't have any clue how Dawn really is. In the Netherlands the shinoh episodes aren't launched yet, good story, keep it up. And I agree with what Zant said pearlshipping is still better than poke, but not as good as Advance ,

    ~ Panda

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    Sorry for not reviewing the last chapter, had trouble with my computer. Great work, I like the way you describe your battles, it got me really into it and made me want more. Can't wait to the next chapter!

    Pokeshipping Rocks!

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    This story is getting better and better. The battles you put into the story is awesome and really gets you into it. I can't wait until Ash and Dawn finally admit their feelings for each other, its going to be sweet! Can't wait for more!

    I would like to give credit to fantasyrider for the awesome TC.

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    Thanks for the reviews! It makes me happy to see people review my story. I actually did get some of my ideas from Yu-Gi-Oh, I thought no one would notice that part. Oh, and Lord Zant, yes you are added to my PM list. If anyone wants to be on the list just ask. Next chapter should be up soon.
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    Cool, didn't know you had a PM list. Can I also be added to the list legendarytyson?

    I would like to give credit to fantasyrider for the awesome TC.

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    Tyson, I didn't know you had a PM list. I would also like to be added, please.

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    Hello. I am really enjoying your story so far, and am looking forward to the new chapters. This shipping is a new favorite of mine and has replaced Advanceshipping in my book due to the fact that Contestshipping is pretty much canon. I would like to be added to your PM list please. The name is "Disraeli Gears" Thank you, I appreciate everything very much!
    Currently re-playing Sapphire/FR so I can send some of my favorites over to Diamond

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    masterkai-thanks for asking, you have been added to the PM list.

    pokegirl54-Don't worry pokegirl54, you have been added as well.

    Disraeli Gears-I'm glad your enjoying my fanfic Disraeli Gear and its always a pleasure to see new faces enjoy my fic, I also have added you to the PM list.

    Now heres why we're all here....

    Chapter 6

    Dawn and Pikachu quickly rushed inside the Pokemon Center with a unconscious Ash. When they were inside they saw a Chansey at the counter.
    Dawn and Pikachu approached the pink pokemon.
    "Chansey, can you go get Nurse Joy. Our friend and our pokemon need some help." Chansey took one glance at the sleeping trainer that was on Dawn's back and immediately went into the back of the room. Dawn and Pikachu waited patiently for the pink pokemon to return. Chansey soon came back to the counter with Nurse Joy following behind.
    Nurse Joy say the injured trainer and began to worry. "What happened to your friend?"
    "We ran into a little trouble inside the mountain and Ash got into a battle with a guy named Drake. We were lucky enough to get out of there in one piece."
    Nurse Joy than turned toward Chansey. "Chansey, I want you to get me a stretcher from the back room." Chansey nodded and ran behind the counter and into the back of the room to do what she was ordered. Nurse Joy turned back towards Dawn. "You said that you got into a battle when you were inside the mountain, correct?" Dawn nodded. "Then I bet that your pokemon also need healing, right?" Dawn nodded again. "Hand me your pokeballs so I can get your pokemon into tip-top-shape." Chansey soon came back with the stretcher. "Place your friend on the stretcher." Dawn nodded and took Ash off of her back until she had him brutal style. She than placed him gently onto the stretcher. "I'll take your friend to a room so I can treat him, mean while give Chansey your pokemon so she can get them back to 100%." Chansey held out a tray with pokeball holes in them. Dawn placed Ash and her own pokeballs on the tray.
    "Pikachu, you go follow Chansey so she can get you all fixed up, 'kay." Pikachu nodded and followed Chansey into the back of the room.
    "Now, I want you to wait here while I take care of your friend."
    Dawn then had a frown on her face. She didn't want to live Ash, she wanted to be by his side until he woke up. Even though she did not agree with leaving Ash, she nodded none the less. Nurse Joy then took Ash into one of the hospital rooms. Dawn sighed and sat down on the couch that they had in the waiting room. She put her hands in her lap and started to think about Ash. 'Man, I hope Ash gets better soon. This week is getting from bad to worse.' Then Dawn began to think about the festival that the city was going to have 2 days from now and how she never got to ask Ash to be her date. She sunk lower into the couch and sighed. She knew Ash didn't show any interest in s outside of friendship. He was always thinking about pokemon and battles. He also knew nothing in the history or language of romance and love, he was always dense and confused when someone talked in the language of love. Dawn suddenly jumped up off the couch with a determined look. 'But even if he doesn't understand love, I'm going to make him my date!' She than began to blush at her next thought. 'And maybe boyfriend.' "Yeah, soon Ash will be mine."
    "Dawn, what are you talking about?"
    Dawn slowly turned around at the call of her name. What she saw brought a smile to her face. "Br-Brock. Your okay!" Dawn immediately rushed to Brock and gave him a big hug.
    "Yep...I'm back to 100%. Dawn...can you let go now, its hard to breathe." Noticing her mistake she released Brock and started to blush from embarrassment. Brock got in a few quick breaths. "Dawn, what did you mean by 'Ash will be mine?'" Dawn's face started to turn red. She than began to wave her hands repeatedly.
    "I-It meant nothing Brock. Wh-What I meant to say was Ash will be my best friend for life. See, its an honest mistake." Dawn then swiftly turned her back towards Brock, not wanting the breeder to see her face turning a deeper shade of red.
    Brock knew Dawn was trying to cover up what she said by lying, but decided not to pressure the subject any further. "Hey, wheres Ash?"
    Dawn turned back around with a sad look on her face. "Ash is being taken care of by Nurse Joy. He really got hurt in the battle against Drake and at the end he fell into unconsciousness."
    "I see. So Ash won the battle against Drake and got my soul back. I hope Ash is okay."
    "Me too." Dawn whispered.
    "Pika!" When Dawn heard that word she turned around to see Pikachu running towards her.
    "Pikachu, your okay." Pikachu then leaped into Dawn's arms and started licking her cheek, which made her giggled.
    "Hey Pikachu, how you doin'?" Pikachu stopped licking Dawn to see the voice that was calling him. Pikachu immediately jumped from Dawn's arms onto Brock's head, happy to see the young breeder. "Yeah, I missed you too Pikachu." The breeder than took Pikachu off his head and held the little mouse pokemon in his arms.
    "Chansey." The group turned around to see Chansey coming towards them with a tray of pokeballs. The group walked over to Chansey and took their pokeballs from the tray.
    "Thanks for healing our pokemon Chansey." The pink pokemon nodded at Dawn's gratitude and returned to the back of the room. Soon after Chansey arrived, Nurse Joy came to give them the news about Ash's condition.
    Seeing Nurse Joy, the breeder immediately dropped the mouse pokemon and went into 'flirt' mode. He got onto one knee and grabbed Nurse Joy's hand. "Oh Nurse Joy, thou art so beautiful and sweet. Thou can't be compared to any other woman. It will be my pleasure to take you to the festival that will happen in 2 days." A white flash came Brock's belt and Croagunk used Poison Jab to paralyze Brock. Croagunk then dragged Brock away.
    "Call meeeeeeeeee!!" Brock yelled as he was dragged away by his pokemon.
    Dawn walked up to Nurse Joy to ask how Ash was doing. "Nurse Joy, is Ash going to be okay?"
    Nurse Joy smiled sweetly at Dawn. "Don't worry, your friend is okay. He just needs to rest and he well be in top condition."
    Dawn and Pikachu smiled at knowing Ash was going to be okay. "Can we see him?"
    "Yes, you can see your friend, but be quiet, he needs his rest." Dawn nodded and she and Pikachu walked towards Ash's room.
    When they opened the door to Ash's room they noticed that he didn't have his normal clothes on, instead he wore the traditional hospital gown, he had bandages on his right arm, on his head, and bandages wrapped around his left hand, and that the band that was previously on him was removed. The two walked quietly towards his bed.
    When Pikachu reached his trainer, he had a sad look on his face. Dawn sat in the chair that was next to Ash's bed. She saw the sad look on the little rodent's face and started to scratch the pokemon under the ear, which it seemed to enjoy.
    "Don't worry Pikachu, Ash is going to be alright. So be strong for Ash, 'kay." Pikachu smiled and nodded. Dawn then looked at Ash. She then gently stroked his hair, finding it enjoyable. Dawn then smiled at how peaceful Ash was sleeping. 'Ash is so cute when his sleeping peacefully.' She kept stroking his hair, getting her fingers tangled in his messy hair.
    "So, how's Ash doin'?" Came the voice of Brock.
    Hearing Brock's voice, Dawn immediately jerked back her hand so Brock wouldn't see what she was doing. "Ash is fine. He just needs a little rest and he well be back to his old self."
    Brock sighed in relief. "Thats good to hear."
    "Yeah, when Ash is all better we can put this all behind us."
    "Dawn, the battle has just begun. We haven't seen the last of people like Drake."
    Dawn looked at Brock with confusion on her face. "What do you mean by that Brock?"
    "What I mean Dawn, is that we haven't seen the last of them, there are people still out there collecting souls and turning normal pokemon into shadow pokemon."
    "Who could be doing this?"
    "A organization called Shadow X. Michael told me this after I got my soul back. We went into the forest to talk about it. You see, this organization whats to create the ultimate shadow pokemon which they call Project "GD", which stands for 'Gale of Darkness'. They need human souls to complete their project and something else that we haven't figured out yet."
    Dawn was confused on how Michael told Brock so much information about the organization, so she decided to ask him. "Brock, how does Michael know so much about this organization?"
    Brock smiled at Dawn's question. "Thats easy, he once was part of that organization thinking that they wanted to purify the world of evil, but one day he found out that they didn't want to purify the world of evil, they wanted to steal human souls to create a powerful shadow pokemon they called Project "GD". After that he left the organization to start a new life that didn't involve working for a evil organization."
    "So thats how he knows so much about this organization called Shadow X."
    "Yeah, this organization also wants the legendary pokemon from the Sevii Islands, Navel Rock, and Faraway Island. If they get their hands on those pokemon and turn them into shadow pokemon theres no telling how much destruction they would do."
    Dawn just sat there, letting all the information sink in. "So, were going to stop them, are we?"
    Brock had a serious look. "Yeah, we'll leave in 4 days. I'll go get us some supplies." After saying this Brock exited the room.
    "Pika, Pikchu." Dawn looked down at Pikachu. She picked him up and started to scratch underneath his ear again.
    "Well, it looks like we have to save the world, huh, Pikachu?" The little mouse nodded while enjoying the feeling of having his ear scratched. Just then Dawn heard a groan. She turned around to see Ash waking up.
    Ash rubbed his eyes and started looking to see were he was at. "What happened?"
    "Pika, Pi!" Ash than saw his buddy, Pikachu, jump right onto his chest.
    "Whats up buddy? Glad to see that your okay." Ash started rubbing Pikachu's head.
    "Ash, are you feeling better?" Ash looked up to see the smiling face of Dawn.
    Ash grinned at Dawn. "Yeah, my head still hurts, but other than that I'm doing great."
    "Good. I'm glad that your feeling better." Silence filled the room as the two trainers just sat there. Ash then decided to break the silence.
    "So, it seems we're not down with those soul stealing freaks, are we? We have to stop them from completing Project "GD". "
    Dawn was surprised that Ash knew about the organization and what they were trying to complete. "Ash, how do you-"
    "How I know is I heard you and Brock talk about it when I was unconscious. I know it sounds weird, but even though I was unconscious I could still hear and feel what was going on around me."
    "So that means you know everything that we talked about involving Shadow X."
    Ash grinned at Dawn. "Yup."
    "Hey Ash. I want to ask you something." Dawn started to blush.
    "What is it Dawn?"
    "Well, um, I was wondering if yo-you would b-be my da-date for the festival." After saying this she immediately looked down at her feet, finding them very interesting.
    Ash looked confused. "A date? Sure, I guess." This made Pikachu fall over, surprised at his master's answer.
    Dawn immediately looked at Ash with sparkles in her eyes. "Really." Ash nodded. Dawn started to jump up and down like a school . She hugged Ash by the neck and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. "Ash I can't wait until our date, I better go find something to wear." Dawn then rushed out of the room, living a confused Ash.
    'What was that all about.' Ash than began to think about what Dawn asked him. 'I wonder, what's a.... date. I bet its some kind of food!' This brought a smile to Ash's face. He couldn't wait to see what a date taste like.

    To be Continued....
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