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    Smile Found Love (BrockxLotus)

    Rating: PG
    Shipping: Brockshipping
    Summary: Pokemon Breeder Brock and Future Pokemon Master Ash Ketchum have gone their separate ways. Brock takes care of his siblings since his mother and father are on a tour of the world. One day while cooking up a nice pot of vegetable gumbo, Brock encounters a 17-year-old, plum haired named Lotus Marine. Has Brock's luck changed and has he found his true love?

    ~Good afternoon, fellow Serebii members. This is pokegirl54. Any of you who reviewed the original Found Love Fic, you were right about the rating, shipping, and the al posting it twice. But I've decided to do a little twist. Some of the chapter's name will probably change, but I'm going add some odd action sooner in the Found Love series or in this one. I gonna rewrite it all and fix the mistakes. Hope you enjoy Chapter 1! Bye!~

    Chapter One
    The Theft

    A 17-year-old, plum haired with the most appealing maroon colored eyes named Lotus Marine set up the tarp, her 6 Pokemon, Heal (nickname) the Chansey, Flare the Flareon, Bud the Ivysaur, Seed the Budew, Meme the Glameow, and Starry the Starly, putting up the tent. It was a cloudy, still evening in the Viridian Forest. Most Pokemon in the vast forest were in haven locations around the forest for protection when the rain pours down.

    "Great job, everybody!" Lotus beamed in her usually gentle tone. Lotus averted her attention towards the gray skies that hovered over the gray skies of the Viridian Forest. "It should rain soon by the telling of the gray skies and the Pokemon hiding for shelter. Do you guys want to get in your Pokeballs so you won't get soaked, the tarp isn't very strong?" 4 out of 6 of Lotus's Pokemon nodded, but Meme and Flare shook their heads.

    Lotus had moved to the Sinnoh region when she was only 5-years-old. Lotus nurtured her Eevee into a Flareon when Flare was ready when she caught it in the Kanto Region, but Glameow was the first Pokemon she caught in the Sinnoh Region. When Lotus turned 12, her family moved back to the Kanto Region. Flare and Meme always played with Lotus, since she was an only child, and they were used to being out of their Pokeballs instead of inside so they were usually traveling along side of Lotus.

    "Alright, if you two say so," Lotus replied. "Return." 4 rays of red light hit the Pokemon harmlessly and they were safely in their Pokeballs. "Alright, let's get under the tarp before we get wet."

    "Glam," Meme agreed.

    "Flare," Flare also agreed.

    Before Lotus knew it, Meme and Flare were asleep, each cuddled next to her. "Sweet dreams," Lotus murmured.

    Lotus maged through her teal colored backpack for the letter May (Ash's ancient traveling partner) sent her a while ago. Lotus never really had the chance to read it because she was busy training for upcoming Pokemon contests and to battle gym leaders.

    'Dear Lotus,

    It's May from your last contest,' Lotus began mentally. I just wanted to say that I was really impressed with your contest potential to be a great a coordinator. Even though I lost to you, I had a lot of fun. Your contest style is truly yours and incredibly unique. I look forward to seeing you appear in the next contest in the next 3 months soon. Max said hi, by the way. See you soon!' Lotus finished.


    A cheery grin curved across Lotus's smooth face. "I'll see you soon too, May." Lotus slipped the letter back in her bag and removed an adventurous Pokemon novel her mother, Sophie Marine, sent while she was on her own journey.

    A drizzle of rain pattered against the tarp and then turned into a typhoon of crystal blue drops of rain falling from the sky. "I hope this tarp can survive this rough weather," Lotus said to herself aloud.

    While Lotus was busy eying the rain, two mechanical arms grabbed Meme and Flare, immediately waking them up. "Huh!? Meme, Flare!"

    Cackles of devious laughter was heard above Lotus in a giant Meowth balloon.

    Jessie: "Prepare trouble if you dare!"

    James: "Make it double we've caught your Flare!"

    Jessie: "Listen, is that a voice I hear?"

    James: "It's speaking to me loud and clear!"

    Jessie: "Floating on the wind..".

    James: "Past the stars..."

    Meowth: "In your ear!"

    Jessie: "Bringing chaos at a great pace!"

    James: "Dashing hope putting fear in its place!"

    Jessie: "A rose by any other name is just as sweet!"

    James: "When everythings worse our work is complete!"

    Jessie: "Jessie!"

    James: "James!"

    Meowth: "Meowth, that's a name!"

    Jessie: "Putting do gooders in their place..."

    James: Team Rocket...

    Meowth: We're in your face!


    "Mime, Mime!"

    "Who are you band of thieves!?" Lotus boomed furiously.

    "We're the mighty Team Rocket!" Jessie said. "We're here to steal your Pokemon."

    "Go, Heal and Seed!"



    "Before we attack, Meme, use Iron Tail, Flare, flamethrower!" The two trapped pokemon obeyed their trainer, but the attacks failed.

    "Ha, our machine won't be affected by those lame attacks!" Meowth laughed.

    "Seed, jump onto Chansey's back," Lotus instructed. Then Heal, use your Dynamic punch on the balloon and Seed use your Bullet Seed to pop it. The balloon will surely go out of control, so when the time is right, Heal I need you to use another Dynamic Punch to break the machines and grab Flare and Meme. Understood?"

    "Chansey!" (Translation: Right.)

    "Dew, Dew!" (Translation: Yes, ma'am.)

    "Attack!" Lotus called.

    Heal and Seed leapt into action that second the outburst pierced through their ears. Seed fired his Bullet Seed and it popped the Meowth balloon. Then Heal's arm went silver and the Chansey bashed its fist right into the balloon.

    "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!" Team Rocket panicked.

    "Now, Heal!"

    Heal powered up another harmful Dynamic, but Heal kept missing because the balloon was moving too much. Heal threw as many punches as she could, but the same routine went on and on. Soon, Heal didn't have the strength to keep going on. "Heal, Seed, return! Lotus took out another Pokeball, which was Starry, and threw it. "I need you, Starry!"


    "Starry, use your peck attack on the robotic arm!" Lotus commanded.

    "Starly!" (Translation: Okay.)

    "Not so fast!" Jessie shouted. "Go, Seviper!"


    "Seviper, use Poison Tail!"


    "Dodge the attack, Starry, and use Wing Attack!" Starry effortlessly dodge the attack and starting pounding Seviper with its Wing Attack, hurling Seviper flying back to Team Rocket and the balloon. The balloon was sent in a dusty explosion.

    "Oh, we almost had those Pokemon!" an enraged Jessie fumed.

    "Too bad," James said.

    "Looks like Team Rocket is blasting off again!" A sparkle hit the sky from afar.

    to be continued...

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    ~pokegirl54- Here’s Chapter Two! Enjoy!~
    ~Chapter Two~
    ~Love Revealed~

    “Meme, Flare!” Lotus sped after her falling Pokemon after Team Rocket blasted. “Starry, take a good long rest!” Starry returned into its cozy Ultra Ball. ‘I shouldn’t have use that strategy,’ Lotus beat at herself. ‘Now Meme and Flare are in danger.’


    Snow white, fluffy cumulus clouds painted the skies of Pewter City. Trainers and their trusty Pokemon wandered the dirt streets of the city, shopping for unknown items on a calm, soothing evening. In the home of Pokemon Breeder Brock, the young man was busy cooking up a pot of steaming, luscious vegetable gumbo for lunch.

    “Brock, I’m going out to train Onyx,” Forest announced.

    “Alright, but be back at 1:00.”

    “Okay,” Forest replied.

    “Oh, Brock can we go watch Forest?” Pleasssssssssssssssssse?” Brock’s other 8 siblings pleaded.

    “Okay. Promise to be back at 1:00?”

    “We promise.” Forest led them all out of the home.

    Brock discontinued on cooking for the moment and ogled up at the sky. Brock was now eighteen and quite handsome now. He had sort of grown out of the flirtatious routine with stunningly pretty s. Brock respected women, which made them all more attracted to him than before. Brock really missed the old days when Ash, Misty, May, Max, Dawn, and him used to get tangled up in adventures. Brock kind of d himself for declining Ash’s offer to travel with him as the chef, but he had to care for his 9 siblings. Flint and Loala were apparently on a world tour and if Brock weren’t there, who would take care of them? Brock brushed the troublesome thought aside and continued chopping the various vegetables that lay on the cutting board.


    Lotus dived in the ice-cold river where an unconscious Meme and Flare were drowning. Lotus dodged incoming water Pokemon like Magikarp, Tentacool, Tentacruel, Horsea, or Goldeen. Lotus scooped Meme and Flare affectionately into her chest and swam up to shore. Lotus’s mouth burst open from lack of rich oxygen, abundant amounts of bubbles also coming out. Lotus made the accuracy of her feet speed up. ‘I’m almost there.’

    Lotus struggled to push herself off the watery surface of the river as she breathed in the air heavily. Lotus coughed up speckles of water from her mouth. “At least you guys are safe now.” Lotus raised an eyebrow. “Meme, Flare, you’re safe now. You can wake up now.” Lotus’s ear touched each of her Pokemon’s chests. All that could be heard were their faint breathing and sunken heartbeats. Lotus placed her hand on their foreheads for another test. The awful hotness and sweat of their foreheads was made wet moisture on Lotus’s hand. “”They’re sick! I gotta get ‘em to the Pokemon center in Pewter City. It isn’t far away so you guys should be fine for now!”

    Lotus frantically scampered off to Pewter City. Only 7 minutes passed when Lotus arrived at the home of Pewter Gym, Pewter City. Lotus analyzed every direction uncontrollably for the Pokemon Center. “Ah-ha! The Pewter Gym might know where the Pokemon Center is.” Lotus set off to the Pewter Gym in no time.

    Brock slurped up his vegetable gumbo lovingly at the gym that day.

    “I’d never thought I say I liked vegetables, but this gumbo is fantastic, Brock!” Forest commented, savoring every bite he took out of the gumbo.

    An audible bang at the door was heard by Brock. “Help, help! My Pokemon are sick! Please open up!”

    “Um, can I help ____” Brock trailed off as he saw how gorgeous Lotus appeared through his squinty eyes. Lotus’s mid back length, elegant auburn hair, attractive, maroon eyes, and peach colored, smooth skin definitely got Brock’s attention.

    “Who’s that at the door, Brock?” Forest asked curiously, but Brock didn’t quite catch the question as he was mesmerized by Lotus’s enchanting beauty.

    “Sir, I need you two tell me where the Pokemon Center is right away!”

    “Ugh, that way,” Brock directed, pointing to the left of the Pewter Gym.

    “Thank you. You’re forever in my debt.”

    Brock watched as she ran to her destination as if it was her duty and she followed it diligently. ‘I’ve never seen someone that pretty before,’ Brock thought, shutting the door behind and continuing to finish his vegetable gumbo.


    “Nurse Joy!”

    The sudden outburst made Nurse Joy drop the book she was reading. “Can I help you, miss?” Nurse Joy said warmly.

    “I’m sorry for all the commotion I’m causing, but my Glameow and Flareon are in a condition right now.”

    “Poor Pokemon,” Nurse Joy pitied them, taking them away from Lotus’s tight grasp. “Tell me all that happened, miss…”

    “Lotus, Lotus Marine. It happened in the Viridian Forest, not far away from Pewter City. I was attacked by a group of debauched criminals who call themselves Team Rocket.”

    “Team Rocket, huh? It sounds familiar,” Nurse Joy interrupted.

    “They ed Flare and Meme away with some kind of two robotic arms. I got them back and foiled Team Rocket’s plans, but Meme and Flare ended up landing in a frosty river. This caused them both to get sick real easily.”

    “Now I remember. Team Rocket are very evil, Lotus. You should be cautious by their many disguises,” Nurse Joy warned. “Right when they think the time is right, they’ll surely reveal their true selves and begin their diabolical plan to steal other trainer’s Pokemon. I’ll notify Officer Jenny once I’m done checking up on your Pokemon. Chansey, I need two 2 feet stretchers, stat!”

    “Chansey!” (Translation: Right)

    “Hey, I have an idea. Let’s go, Chansey!” A zigzag burst of white light came from inside Heal’s Pokeball and out came Heal.


    “Chansey has experience taking care of Pokemon, Nurse Joy,” Lotus explained. “Maybe your Chansey and my Chansey can work as a team to heal my Pokemon.”

    “Clever idea. In the meantime while we’re working, why won’t you change out of your clothes so they can dry and I can give you some new attire until then.”

    “That’s sweet of you, but are you sure?”

    “Absolutely. I have extra clothes that probably can fit you. What’s your size?”

    “Size 5, medium.”

    Nurse Joy lifted a box full of spare clothes. She dug her hand inside it and ended up getting a baby blue, sleeveless top with a collar and matching blue jeans. “Here, why won’t you wear these.”

    “Thanks. Can you show me where a room is.”

    “The room to your right,” Nurse Joy directed.

    When Lotus left, Heal and Chansey had arrived with the stretchers. “Good work! Now let’s begin the operation!”

    Lotus plopped down in a chair next to the operating room, feeling quite more comfortable and warm in her new clothes than her last. ‘This is my fault. If only I wasn’t so careless with my Pokemon, this wouldn’t have happened. Meme and Flare trusted me, and I all I gave them, as a present was illness. Mom.’

    Painful memories started to flood back to Lotus. The of her mom, how she ran away from her funeral, and the poison perfume that started it all.


    It was a jovial, citrus day in Cerulean City. Countless people filled the streets in a snap.
    7-year-old Lotus and Misty meandered aimlessly on the cobblestone grounds of the quiet Crystal Park. “Man, Cerulean can get kind of boring when there’s no trainer around to battle and almost everyone is busy,” Misty complained in a dull, boring tone.

    “What are you talking about, Mist? You get to be an actually gym leader while I have to tend the café while she’s out on another shopping spree buying me tons of clothes, accessories, and shoes I’m not really interested in. I want adventure that’ll bring me chills down the scrawny marrow of my bones. Gym Leading beats working at a café any day.”

    “I wish I was you, because I’d sure enjoy all the gifts your mom would shower me in. You and your mom get everything for free at Mr. Carlos’s mall because your mom is his loyal employee. Sometimes I envy that policy he polishes and sets up on the front of the mall everyday. It’s like he’s trying to drive me insane!”

    “Mr. Carlos isn’t trying to drive you insane, Misty, he’s just trying to remind everybody that doesn’t work at Club Azumarill to actually pay.”

    “Well, it just plain stinks in my opinion.” Misty’s stomach suddenly let out a hearable growl. Misty’s face flushed. “Sorry about that, I guess I’m hungry,” Misty apologized, rubbing the back of her head embarrassingly.

    “How ‘bout we head back to the café for a little snack,” Lotus suggested. “I heard today Maggie’s (Maggie Hal is Mrs. Sophie Marine’s best friend) gonna cook up her most juiciest, fattest riceballs.”

    “I call biggest.”

    “Not if I get it first.” The friend’s playful giggles could only be heard as they raced to the café at break neck speed.

    “First!” they both shouted in unison when they made it to the Aurora Café.

    “Maggie, we’re home!” Lotus called. Lotus was shocked to see tears of sadness stream rapidly down Maggie’s puffy red eyes from crying as she cleaned the filthy dishes. “Maggie, what’s going on!? Why are you crying?”

    “Your mother,” Maggie whispered weakly. “She’s been poisoned down at Club Azumarill.”
    “What!?” both Misty and Lotus squealed.

    Lotus’s eyes widen. “I’m coming, mom!” Lotus hurried out of the café to Club Azumarill, Misty right behind her.

    They both entered the mall. Officer Jennies surrounded the mall, interrogating employees and copying their answers down. “Officer Jenny, what happened!?”

    “You must be Lotus Marine, Sophie Marine’s daughter, am I correct?”

    Lotus nodded.

    “I’m sorry to say, Lotus, but your mother has indeed been poisoned. It only happened an hour ago when your mother was sampling this bottle of perfume,” Officer Jenny said, holding up the bottle. “The perfume is called “La Lotus”. The employees told me that Sophie was getting the perfume for you as your birthday present next Tuesday, since you’re named after such a graceful flower. Your mother never knew the perfume was poisonous while she was sampling it. According to the ambulance that has already arrived, the poison has already spread through your mother’s body and she’s…” Officer Jenny couldn’t say the last word, for the fear Lotus would be heartbroken. “…dead,” Officer Jenny finished.

    Lotus’s whole face went pale. “Dead,” Lotus repeated. Lotus glanced over at two men who worked for the ambulance and were carrying away 23-year-old, violet haired Sophie Marine away. She was lying on a long stretcher and a blanket covered her body. “Mooooooom! Stop the stretcher!” The men did as Lotus said. “Mom, wake up! Wake up! You’re not ! I know you’re stronger than that! Get up, get up! You’re strong.”

    “Honey, she’s ,” one of the men named Charles admitted. “You have to face the facts.”

    The men lifted Mrs. Marine’s stretcher back up to carry to the ambulance car outside. Lotus collapsed to her knees, unstopping tears rolling down her cheeks. “There, there, it’ll be alright,” Officer Jenny comforted.

    “Yeah,” Misty agreed. Misty pulled Lotus into a friendly hug.


    It was a dreary, gloomy day in Cerulean City. Nothing but sobs of a familiar woman named Sophie Marine ricocheted across the city. Lotus slipped on a jet-black shirt, skirt, boots, and jacket.. Her eyes were blank and were filled with nothingness.

    “Ready to go?” 25-year-old, sandy brown Mr. John Marine asked, also in all black, as everyone in Cerulean City.

    Lotus nodded. “Cheer up, Lotus. I know it’s hard to lose the people you love, but would your mother want this for you?”

    Lotus said nothing but just stare at her dad with her blank eyes. After 2 minutes of eye contact, Lotus responded, “It’s not that.”

    “Then what is it?”

    “I’ll tell you at the funeral.”

    Mr. Marine sighed. “Alright, let’s go.”

    At the funeral, nobody spoke a word until Mr. Carlos arrived to make the speech. Only solemn moans of the wind and the tapping of the rain spoke. “I apologize for my tardiness,” Mr. Carlos said. “Sophie Marine was a great woman and a hardworking employee. My best to be exact. I am sorry her occurred Marine family. “The hear of the family, Misty slightly turned her head to see Lotus was looking down at the ground. “She will always be remembered throughout the generation or even centuries Cerulean City lives. Lotus, may you please come up for the moment.”

    Lotus paced up the row of stairs to Mr. Carlos. “Your mother not only bought you a vile of perfume, my dear, she wanted to give you this also as your birthday present. It was her final words to me before she passed away.”

    Lotus carefully and delicately unwrapped the present. A dazzling, shimmering jewel appeared before her maroon eyes. “The jewel you hold in your possession is called The Water Jewel. It was a gift from her mother and is said to possess impressive power within it. Take care of it, my dear.”

    Lotus put around her neck, though a jolly smile didn’t plant upon her face. Lotus walked off the stage and sat next to her father again. “Isn’t the jewel lovely, Lotus,” Mr. Marine said.

    “I don’t deserve this.”

    “What do you mean, honey?”

    “It was all my fault mom died. If I wasn’t born, she’d be living a happy life.”

    “You know that isn’t true, Lotus!”

    “It is!” The yelling caught everyone’s attention. Without another word, Lotus ran away from the funeral. Mr. Marine didn’t even bother running after her because he thought she needed some alone time.

    Flashback Ended

    ‘That day changed me.’ Lotus pulled out the same jewel her mother gave her as a gift and tied it around her neck. Lotus looked into the windowsill of the operation room. ‘Please be alright.’

    Hours passed and Lotus had fallen asleep. “Lotus,” Nurse Joy said. “Lotus.”

    Lotus’s eyes shot open. “Huh!? What happened!? Did I fall asleep?”

    “Yes, anyway, your Pokemon are fine now. It took awhile, but it sure was worth it. Your Chansey is very good at working with Pokemon. Chansey and I look forward to working with her again.”

    “Thank you, Nurse Joy. Thank you, Chansey and Heal.”

    “Chansey!” both Heal and Chansey said, (Translation: You’re welcome!)

    “Heal, return! Nurse Joy, could I stay here for the day?”

    “Sure. I’ll set your room up.”

    “Oh yes, and can you watch my Pokemon? I’m going to be gone to do somethin’.”

    “I’d be glad to.”



    Brock scraped off the left over bits of gumbo off the plates of his family after lunch, humming a tune while he did so. Once again, somebody knocked at the door, but this time it was gentler than before. Though Brock was annoyed, he couldn’t be rude by just deciding not to answer the door. “Yes?”

    “Hi there, you must be the man who helped me while ago? I just wanted to say thank you. Like I told you before, I was forever in your debt. So, would you like to go on a date with me, say tomorrow night at 8:00 at here?”

    “S-s-s-s-s-sure,” Brock stammered. ‘Get a hold of yourself Brock.’

    “Alright! By the way, I’m Lotus Marine.”

    “You can call me Brock.”

    “Pleasure to meet you. Well, I gotta go. Bye!”

    “Did I just get a date with a ?”
    to be continued....

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    Here's Chappy Three! Enjoy!~

    ~Chapter Three~
    ~The Fortune Cookie~

    "Hello, Lotus. Back already?"

    "Yep. I just needed to know something."

    "Like what?"

    "Well, there's this guy. He showed me where the Pokemon Center is, and I know that this is probably a bad reason to go with him, but I asked him out on a date as a reward."

    "That sounds romantic," Nurse Joy said, her eyes glittering.

    "But....." Lotus felt as if she did something wrong. "My father doesn't really like me going on a date with a boy unless he knows his parents and him. To tell the truth, this is actually my first date. It'd be horrible of e to cancel our date because of my father's decision. I can't lie to him. It would really put in an uncomfortable position id I do so. Nurse Joy, could you give me any advice?"

    The question caught Nurse Joy off guard. "Me? Give you advice?"

    "Of course. You're obviously a pretty woman. I'm sure someone has asked you on a date when you were my age."

    Nurse Joy blushed. "I haven't really given any advice except about Pokemon, but I'll try. You shouldn't lie to your father, Lotus. Why won't you just talk it over with your father, or instead of going out on a date actual with a guy you just met, why won't you guys go to a place less romantic and go to maybe an ice cream parlor where you guys can get to know each other. As time progress and if your dad has met Brock, you can start ."

    "Wow, that's really understanding and clear advice. You should give advice more often, Nurse Joy. I'll take it! I'm going try to call dad and see what's his answer."

    Lotus punched in the numbers, 555-230-8911 on the phone. "Hello."

    "Hey there, Lotus!"

    "Hi, dad!"

    "So, what do you need?"

    Lotus twiddled with her fingers for a second before letting out a deep breath. "Um dad. I wanted to ask if I could maybe go out for ice cream with this guy named Brock."

    "You know how I am with boys, Lotus. The answer is definitely no."

    "No, no. I'm not going on a date. We're just heading down to the ice cream parlor for some ice cream and get to know each other. How's that sound?"

    "If you put it that way... Hmm? Alright, Lotus, but be home by 9:30 or I'm picking you up by myself."

    "Alright, alright. Bye, dad!"


    Lotus hung the phone up. "It worked, it worked! Score! Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, Nurse Joy! You're the absolute best! My first date! Yes!!"

    "Lotus, hold on! You forgot about one teeny tiny detail."

    "Huh? What?"

    "You have to rearrange the plans your having with Brock, remember."

    "I almost forgot. I'll do it first thing tomorrow morning, Nurse Joy. Don't you worry about a thing."


    The sun drenched its radiant beams of energy across Pewter City the next morning ay 5:30. Early Morning Glories opened their buds and out came a truly terrific blossom of a flower. In the Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy in a tranquil realm of sleep.

    Nurse Joy unleashed a yawn in her room, slipping on her fluffy pink slippers and uniform. "Wonder if Lotus is up yet?" Nurse Joy walked down the hall to the front section of the center, wiping the sleep out of her half awake eyes. The fragrant smell of crispy, sizzling bacon, a lavishing, eggy slice of an omelet, and spongy, appetizing slices of pancakes made Nurse JOy,s eyes snap right open. "Mmm, wonder what's cooking this morning?"

    "Good morning, sleepyhead," Lotus greeted gaily.

    "Chansey!" (Transltion: Morning!)

    (Heal)"Chansey, chansey!" (Translation: Good morning, Nurse Joy!")

    "Heal, Chansey, and I made you breakfast, Nurse Joy. I hope you enjoy it."

    "That's sweet!" Nurse Joy dug into her early morning breakfast. "Mmm, you just have to give me your pancake recipe, Lotus! I can't really describe the flavor, though."

    "I decided to be creative and made them with Pecha Berries I picked this morning."

    "Well, they sure are good. You guys must've worked really hard on this, but you didn't have to do this."

    "Nonsense, you deserve it Nurse Joy for being a great nurse and giving me that great advice yesterday."

    "Thank you all." Nurse Joy to feast on her breakfast again.

    "Well Nurse Joy, I'm going to head back to Cerulean City. I have to pick out something to wear. Thanks for letting me stay at the center."

    "Anytime. I look forward for you to tell me how it went."

    "Okay! Good-bye!" Lotus waved her hand from afar the rising sun. 'Strange adventure,' Lotus thought. 'Ya never expect to have one just in a Pokemon Emergency.'


    "You, get a date!" Misty Waterflower laughed at Brock's home. "Come on Brock, stop pulling our leg." Brock, Ash, Misty, Max, and Dawn were in the middle of a reunion.

    "No, I think he's serious, Misty," May said. "I've known Brock for some time and he'd never lie."

    "You've gotta a point. Are you sure you weren't just hearing things, Brock?"

    "I'm sure when it comes to s. Man, she was the most prettiest I ever laid eyes on. This is my first date, could you guys give me some advice?"

    "My advice is to just be yourself," Dawn said. "Brock, you're really I great guy and I think you should act like yourself. Well, don't do the flirty act you usually do with s."

    "I agree," May said. "If you just plain be yourself, everything should go perfectly fine."

    "Did you get all of that, Brock?" Misty asked.

    "Yep. But what am I going to wear?"

    "Just wear some casual clothes, Brock," Max answered. "It's not like you're going on a date date with Lotus. You and her are just getting to know each other at the Ice Cream Parlor like she said over the phone. Nothing romantic a bit about it."

    "Whatever you guys say. But, what if she doesn't like me?"

    "Why do you have to put it that way, Brock?" Ash asked. "Didn't she ask you out because she liked you?"

    "She never mentioned how she felt about me. I was eating with my brothers and sisters when Lotus bangs on the door for how to get to the Pokemon Center. She said "I'm forever in your debt" and that's really why she asked me."

    "Lotus and me are childhood friends," Misty said. "I'm sure Lotus has a secret reason for asking you out besides the "I'm forever in your debt" saying."


    "Positive. For once, I think someone actually has a thing for you, Brock. Just don't screw it up, because you probably won't have another chance." Brock nodded.


    Mr. Marine came home from work that afternoon. He walked upstairs to check on Lotus to see if she was getting ready for her "date". "Lotus, ar ____ Aaah! Who are you and what have you done with my daughter?" Mr. Marine joked around.

    "Very funny, dad. This is a face nask and I want to look good for my little "get togther" with Brock tonight."

    "Okay, but I'll probably be at a meeting tonight. Remember to be home by 9:30 or I'm gonna leave the meeting and pick you up myself. I'm really serious about this, Lotus."

    "I know, you told me the same thing last night."

    "Maggie will be here tonight to be babysit. The emergency numbers are on the fridge if you need me."

    "I'm seventeen, dad. Don't you think I'm too old to have a babysitter with me?"

    "I know, but I don't care. Remember the deal."

    "'Kay." Once Mr. Marine was gone, Lotus simply rolled her eyes. "He can be so overprotective." Lotus began picking out her clothes, an excited smile stuck to her lips like glue.


    Lotus parked her bike next to a tree nearby Pewter City. Lotus wore blue jean capris with mini Torchic pictures all over them, the jewel her mother gave her, a shadow black t-shirt with a white line across her chest, and three gold bracelets on each of her hands. Her hair was tied into a twin dango (dango means double buns) hairstyle and Lotus's bangs were skillfully braided. In conclusion, Lotus looked rather comely, even though she wore casual clothes.

    Lotus was minding her own business when she heard a groan from a cloaked figure in a dark alley. Her curiousity getting the best of her, Lotus took a look inside. "Excuse me, may asked what's the matter?"

    The cloaked took off her hood. The figure hapenned to be a woman. Her clothes were yet to be revealed, but her light pink hair was curled into fair ringlets and she had untrusting sea blue eyes and she looked to be at the age of 22 to 25-years-old. "My poor Skarmory was attacked. It's in bad shape right now and I don't know where the Pokemon Center is."

    "Don't worry, ma'am. You don't have to go. Here, I have some potion." Lotus sprayed item on Skarmory. Skarmory's bruises immediately healed. "Skarmory looks as if it'll wake up in a little bit."

    "Oh, bless you. Here's a gift of gratitude, my dear." The mysterious woman handed a black jewel that had the same size of Lotus's jewel.

    "Oh no, I can't accept this."

    "Please take it. It's just a thank you present."

    "Thank you. I have to go. I'm going to be late for something. Thanks again for the jewel, ma'am."

    Lotus's sight soon was no longer in the woman's view after awhile. "Fool. Mortals are so easily deceived these days. Well meet again, my young Lotus." An unexpected fog lifted only in the area of the alley and the woman disappeared.


    Brock looked out the window of the ice cream parlor. "I wonder where she could be?" Brock wore earth green, baggy pants and a sea green, short sleeved shirt with a long sleeved white shirt underneath it.


    "Oh, Lotus! Wow, you look great."

    "Same to you. The ice cream is on me." Lotus shifted uneasily in her chair, not really knowing what to say.

    "So," Brock began, trying to start a conversation, "what goals do you have?"

    "What do you mean?"

    "I mean what's your dream."

    "I don't really know. I never sat down and thought about it. I love poerty, entering contest, and battling it out with gym leaders, but that's not really what I should call, "a dream"."

    "How about I rephrase the question. What do you mostly enjoy doing in your life as a trainer or coordinator?"

    "I basically like to write songs or write down poems, but that isn't really the main thing I do all the time. The most important thing I do is paint Pokemon. I paint pokemon all the time for fun or for competitions."

    "So what your trying to say is that you want to be a Pokemon Artist."

    "Yeah. Do you have a goal?"

    "I want to be the greatest Pokemon Breeder. I enjoy working with Pokemon a lot and set my sites on becoming a breeder."

    "Interesting. I have experience with Pokemon Breeding myself. My dad use to be a breeder before he became an archaeologist. Once in his life he thought it was fun, but then he grew tired of it and craved adventure, so he became an archaeologist. He's usually not around with me because he always has meetings and is discovering new artifacts."

    "What does your mom do?"

    "My mom?"

    "Yeah. My mom is in to a lot of things like fashion when she changed the Pewter Gym."

    "Oh well, my mom isn't around anymore."

    "Oh, I'm sorry about asking."

    "No, it's alright. I can still tell you what she does, though. My mom owns the Aurora Cafe in Cerulean City. She usually leaves me in charge while she goes out shopping or grocery shopping if we have a shortage on ingrediants that make the snacks on the menu with her best friend Maggie to watch me. Here, I brought one for you to look at." Lotus shuffled through her bag for the menu. "Here it is."

    Brock read through the row of snacks and beverages. "Mmm, these sound delicious. Do you cook these?"

    "My mom, Maggie, and I cook them. When my dad is home for a 3 week break off of work, he takes the orders. We have a pretty successful cafe going on."

    "Is Maggie an employee at the Aurora Cafe?"

    "Yes. Maggie is my mom's best friend and she's poor these days. My family is wealthy, but we act like a normal family. We always use our money for the right reason, though, like giving money to charities or orphanages. My mom hired Maggie to help her out and so far it's paying off."

    "That's really generous of you guys."

    "That's not the first part of generous."

    "What do you mean?"

    "Do you promise not to tell anyone about this? It's really embarrassing."

    "I promise."

    "Okay. My dad lets Maggie babysit seventeen-year-old me. He can be overprotective about my safety all the time when he's not around. Sometimes I wish he could quite the archaeology job, but that would selfish of me. For once could he stop worrying so much about me."

    "Maybe you'll have better luck when you start your own life. To him, you're still his daughter living in his household."

    "Thanks, Brock. Hey, how about we order some ice cream now. Yo, waitress!"

    "May I take your order?"

    "I'll have a chocolate sundae," Brock ordered.

    "Same for me," Lotus said.

    It was silent when the orders were taken. Brock and Lotus had ran out of ideas about what to talk about. Lotus peered around the shop for anything exquisite going on, when she saw a familiar woman wearing the cloak she met in the alley go in the back of the parlor.

    'Was that the same woman I saw? No, it couldn't be. I must be going crazy.' A diverse woman with the parlor uniform came out of the back. She had curly hair tied into a loose bun and scandalous ruby red eyes.

    "Here are your fortune cookies," she said.

    "What are you talking about?" a puzzled Lotus asked. "We didn't order any ice cream."

    "Ooops. I think the waitress who took your orders forgot to give you your menus. Take a look at this menu."

    "Chocolate sundaes come with fortune cookies," Brock read aloud. "That's impossible! I've been here with my brothers and sisters several times and they never had this written on it."

    "If it comes with a fortune cookie kid, it comes with a fortune cookie. Enjoy."

    "Who was that woman?" Brock asked.

    "I don't know, but she doesn't sound very good." 'I should maybe keep a closer eye on her.' "Let's at least see what's inside."

    They broke open their cookie and took the piece inside it. 'Romance and love shrouds within your future. Sadness and sorrow cascades its shove by far above,' both Brock and Lotus read mentally. They looked at each other and lightly laughed.

    'Fortune cookies don't come true, Brock. They're just for fun.'

    'Fortune cookies are just written to scare people, Lotus. They don't come true.'

    At the back of the parlor, the woman uttered, "Excellent. It's all going as planned."

    to be continued......

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    Chappy Four is up and ready! Here it is everybody!~

    ~Chapter Four~
    ~Who is this Woman?~

    "I had a really great time, Brock," Lotus said as Brock walked her home, leading her bike also.

    "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Hmmm? What are those jewels around your neck?"

    "Oh, these? The white one you see is the one my mom gave me as a birthday gift 10-years-ago before my 8th birthday. The shadow jewel you see is the jewel a mysterious woman gave me as a reward for helping her Skarmory out in a dark, creepy alley."

    "Woman? What'd she look like?"

    "Her clothes are yet to be discovered by the cloak she wore, but I did get a looked at her hair, eyes, and her face so I could tell her age. She had light pink hair curled into ringlets, sea blue eyes, and by her face smooth and unwrinkled, I can see she's about at 22 to 25-years-old," Lotus observed.

    "That's the same observation I made. I was grocery shopping, when I bumped into the same woman with the cloak. I helped retrieve her groceries and she rewarded me with this." Brock pulled out a white jewel shard. "She told me to give to you Lotus because she dropped it one day and a shard fell from it."

    Lotus took the jewel and searched for the broken part of the white jewel. "Here it is." Lotus inserted the jewel. A glorious sparkle shot of the jewel, temporarily blinding Lotus and Brock. When it was over, Brock and Lotus were still trying to adjust their eyes to the darkness that surrounded them on the crescent moon night. "Weird? Was this supposed to happen when I inserted it?"

    "I don't know, but I should probably get you home before your dad worries."

    "Listen Brock, you're probably thinking the only reason I went out with you was to repay you. Well, that wasn't the only reason. I went out with you today because you're kind, humorous, talented, and really sweet, so how about we go out sometime say."

    "I'd love to."

    "Great. Here's my home."

    "You live in the Aurora Cafe?

    "Yeah. It was so we could always be close to it no matter what. See you later."

    "Wait! I forgot to give you these." Brock handed Lotus a bouquet of lotus flowers mixed together with pink violet flowers.

    "How sweet! Their wonderful. I almost forgot to give you this too." Lotus took out a perfectly wrapped, miniature sized present.

    "Thanks. I never expected a to give me a gift." Opened it to find a bracelet made with seashells.

    "It's a family tradition we Marines do. My mom gave my dad the same thing. Each seashell represents the level of our friendship as we begin . So far, we're on the third seashell, (there are 5 in all) which means friends. Let's see if you get to the 5th one."

    "What does the fifth one mean?"

    "You'll find out soon. Again, thank you for the flowers." Lotus pecked Brock on the cheek before walking inside the cafe. "Bye, Brock!"

    "Bye," a dumbfounded Brock said, rubbing his cheek. "My first kiss. Score!"


    "Hey, kiddo," Maggie greeted Lotus. "What are you doing in those clothes? Did you go somewhere."

    "Didn't dad tell you, Maggie."

    "Nah, he was too busy."

    "He went to a meeting, didn't he?" Lotus guessed.

    "Exactly. Now tell me what's going on?"

    "I was just on a get together."

    "You mean date, don't you? Who's the lucky boy?"

    "His name's Brock. He's kind, humorous, talented, and sweet."

    "You like him?"

    "As a friend!?" Lotus boomed, her face going red.

    "Did you kiss him?"

    "Maaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggiiiiiie," Lotus whined.

    "What? Just curious. Oh, those flowers are simply lovely! Did Brock give them to you?"

    "Yeah. I gave him the traditional seashell bracelet. I wonder if he'll get to the fifth seashell."


    "Yep." Lotus placed the flowers in a vase. "Where's Azumarill, Xatu, Gardevoir, and Breloom (They're Maggie's Pokemon. They help clean the house/cafe like Maggie)?"

    "They're dusting your room. Meme and Flare are still resting from that fall in the river."

    "That's a relief. When is dinner?"

    "In just 20 minutes. Be ready."

    "Okay. I'll be up in my room if you need me, Maggie."


    "So how did it go?" Misty said.

    "Did you screw up?" Ask asked.

    "Did you babble?" May asked.

    "Were your clothes ironed and straight?" Dawn asked.

    "Hey, hey, one at a time!" Brock yelled. "My brothers and sister are asleep, so be quiet."


    "Alright. The "get together" went great. Lotus and I talked about our dreams, what our parents do, and that's it. It was kind of... Wait, never mind."

    "What? You can tell us," May urged.

    "There was this fortune cookie that came with the two sundaes we ordered-"

    "No fortune cookies came with sundaes or any other special on the menu," Ash interrupted.

    "I know, but there was this strange woman who worked at the parlor and somehow, the menu had a free fortune cookie along with it."

    "How can this weirdness all happen at a simple, unpopular ice cream parlor?" Max asked. "Come on, you'd expect this all to happen with Team Rocket."

    "Max does have a point," Dawn agreed. "It's pretty cheesy to happen at such a place."

    "Don't ask me, it all sort of happened," Brock said.

    "Could you give us all a description of the woman?" Misty asked.

    "What? Do you guys have a connection with this woman?"

    "We don't know yet Brock."

    "Alright. She had curly, hair tied into a bun and ruby red eyes. Her skin was snow white and she had a smudge of sunburn on her left arm. That's all I can really say. No other details."

    "That's the same woman!"

    "What do you mean, Misty?" Ash said, Pikachu pretty much in the same thought.

    "I mean that she was the woman I saw at the Cerulean Gym watching me battle Sydney, you know the trainer I told you all about. I saw her to be kind of suspicious, especially when she only came to the gym to watch me battle Sydney. Did you read her nametag, Brock?"

    "She wasn't wearing one when I saw her. She only wore her uniform!"

    "Rats! Have you guys experienced the same thing?"

    "Oh, yeah," Ash remembered. "I do remember her coming over to the PC in Viridian City to heal her Skarmory. The Skarmory was beat up bad, but I did overhear her talking to Nurse Joy about where this happened because Nurse Joy was concerned but she said it was in the heart of Viridian City. The oddest the thing of all was I talked to trainers who were in the area then and they said there was no battle."

    "So no Pokemon couldn't have done it!" Dawn piped up. "Maybe she did it to poor Skarmory as an act."

    "That's the same thing I thought when I asked. Did any of you guys see her anywhere?"

    "I did spot her having tea with my mom," May said. "They were talking about completely useless stuff like upcoming contest and Pokemon battles."

    "Did you ask your mom why she stopped by?" Brock said.

    "Yeah. Mom helped her with Skarmory. It was poisoned by a poison sting in a Pokemon battle she had."

    "I saw her in Twinleaf Town two weeks ago in the market buying all sorts of varieties of potions. My conclusion is that they were for-"

    "Skarmory," everybody finished in unison.

    "How 'bout you, Max? Did you see her?" Ash asked.

    "I was spying on mom and the woman with May."

    "It seems everything she does ends up for the reason of Skarmory's state," Brock noted. "How can it get hurt in all these ways?"

    "It's one big mystery," Misty said.


    "I'm home, dad, don't worry," Lotus said over the phone that night while preparing for bed. "Everything went fine."

    "Splendid! Sorry I wasn't there, Lotus. Important meeting. I hope you understand my reasons."

    "Of course I do, dad. I have to go. I'm getting sleepy. Love you dad! Bye!" Lotus hung up the phone. Lotus walked over to her double window doors that led to the balcony of her room. The fall breeze greeted her and tickled her nose. Her hair fluttered in the autumn wind in every direction.

    "It's a wonderful night." Lotus gazed up at the full moon. "It was mom's favorite nights when the full moon was out watching over us. Her and dad would dance nonstop like Illumise and Volbeat in their courtship dance. Too bad their just memories." Lotus stopped and closed her eyes to picture the beautiful sight of her mother in her mind.

    Up in a tree nearby The Aurora Cafe while Lotus was occupied stood the woman from the alley. She chanted a few words that sounded like a spell before saying, "I hope you enjoy our little reunion, Lotus. Tata." The same magical mist arose and she was gone.

    "Oh, how I miss the warmness of your hugs," Lotus muttered. "If only you were here, we could be a family again. Lotus gasped when she spotted a Wigglytuff (father), Jigglypuff (mother), and two other Jigglypuff (children but smaller than their mother Jigglypuff) cuddled together in a hollow tree hole. Lotus smiled. "If they can be happy, then I sure can be too."

    Lotus got back to her comfy bed where she would enter her fantasy land. Lotus shut off the lamp light, and before she knew it, sleep had overtaken her mind. Around her neck, the two jewels she wore started to glow.

    ~Lotus's Dream~

    Lotus's hair dangled from her current position as her hands and legs were chained together. "Ahhh. Huh? Where in the world am I?"

    "Hello, Lotus," a voice greeted Lotus coldly.

    "Hey, you're the woman I met back in the alley! This is you're thanks for helping you out with your Skarmory."

    "Foolish mortal. I simply did that to lure you into a trap. You have a pure heart Lotus and will don anything to help. Skarmory wasn't beat into a pulp. Sure Skarmory belonged to me, but I used my virtual Pokemon Golbat to harm Skarmory and lure you into my trap." The woman took out a gray Pokeball and threw it to reveal a gray colored Golbat.

    "Golbat look nothing like that. First of all, they're not gray. Second-"

    "Silence, mortal! I merely came to send you a message. These Pokemon are called Virtual Pokemon. I can use the data I gathered from any trainer's Pokedex from Kanto, Hoenn, Johto, Orange Islands, Sevii Islands, or Sinnoh region to create this extravagant Pokemon. I added my only technology to these Pokemon by doubling their normal attack power ten fold. Basically, their unstoppable to defeat."

    "You're wrong! If their virtual Pokemon, then that mean they aren't real at all. They can't effect any Pokemon."

    The woman chuckled. "That's where you're wrong, Lotus. Here, I'll give you a stration with your pokemon."

    "How did you get mine!? I want answers, now!"

    "Patience." The woman threw Bud's pokeball and Seed's pokeball. "These are the strating Pokemon I'll be using. Observe my virtual Pokemon. Go, Blastoise."


    "Blastoise, use Hydro , Golbat, Hyper Beam!" The Virtual Pokemon obeyed their master and sent of their attacks at the exact same time.

    "Ivvvvyyyyyyy-sauuuuuuuuuuur!" Ivysaur screamed in pain at Golbat's Hyper Beam.

    "Buuuuuuuuuuuuu-dddddddewwwwwwww!" Budew screamed. Both fell to the ground out cold.

    "Bud, Seed, wake up!" Lotus struggled to free herself from the chains. "You dirty little !"

    "Name calling won't solve anything. You don't have to worry, though, there just dream Pokemon and apart of my spell I put on you while on your balcony. Oh yes, I forgot to mention something. If you've noticed water type Pokemon hardly have the effect on grass type Pokemon, well I've programmed every of my Virtual Pokemon's levels to Level 100. Water type may not effect grass type as much on a grass type move on a water type, but depending on the level of a Pokemon, it can still defeat it."

    "I already know that already! Who wouldn't already know basic Pokemon battling besides new trainers!" Lotus spat bitterly.

    "Watch your tongue, Lotus or you'll get hurt when I come from you in the real world. Or should I say, Princess Purify."

    "What are you talking about? My name isn't Princess Purify, it's Lotus."

    "I expected you to say that. The two jewels you have around your neck signals you are in fact Princess Purify in The Water Kingdom legend. "She who can wield The Lightness Jewel and Darkness Jewel power is destiny," she quoted.

    "I've never wielded these jewels powers before. They're just ordinary jewel my mother and you gave me."

    "Poor, naive, Lotus. Didn't you see the jewels glow. Wait, you couldn't have because you were asleep. I saw the jewels glow, Princess. Since the jewels are now apart of you, they can control your dreams. My spell must of got into the jewel to your dreams. I'd like to end this little reunion together. It was really fun to see you suffer. Tata."

    Lotus shot up from her bed, gasping rapidly. "It was only a dream. What the-" Before Lotus's eyes stood a vision when she stepped on her floor. Everything around her she saw Officer Jennies, employees of Club Azumarill, and her- Mother! "I'm still dreaming. Mom!" Lotus's feet suddenly went through the floor. "Whoa, what's happening?"

    The next thing Lotus knew, she was in Club Azumarill before all the commotion began with Mrs. Marine's poison . "I'm inside Mr. Carlos's mall. Mom! Mom, it's so great to see you again." When Lotus tried to touch her mother, her hand went right through Mrs. Marine's face like Lotus was a ghost. "I must be an illusion in my dream so I can't touch mom. Well, at least I get to see her gentle face after 10 years."

    "Hmm? What would Lotus like as a birthday gift?" Mrs. Marine pondered. "Something that screams out herself. I've got it, perfume!" Mrs. Marine searched through the piles of perfume with the Lotus flower ingredients inside. Sophie then saw a curly haired, ruby red eyed employee. "Excuse me ma'am, do you happen to have anything with a certain ingredient inside?"

    "What kind?"

    "The Lotus flower ingredient. My daughter's birthday is next week and I want to give her something nice."

    "Huh?" Lotus squinted her eyes at the woman her mother was talking to. "She's the same woman at the parlor. What's she doing here?"

    "I have the perfect perfume for you, miss. It's called, La Lotus. It's a new perfume we created. Why won't you sample it just in case."

    Mrs. Marine sprayed it on her arm and sniffed it. "It smells wonder- Ohhhh, I feel dizzy for some reason." Sophie fainted.

    "Help, help! There's a woman who has fainted. Please, call the ambulance!"

    "It's like my childhood all over again," Lotus said. "I wish I could just wake up right now."

    ~Dream Ended~

    Lotus rocketed up from her bed. "Thank goodness it was only a nightmare." Lotus glanced down at Seed and Bud sleeping next to her bed. She stroked them both twice before going out on the balcony again. "It looks like I found the one who killed my mother."

    to be continued....

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