That Happini is cute as hell. It's voice isn't loud, annoying and whiny which is a major plus and the fact that it finds enjoyment in tossing its trainer high into the air (thereby defying several laws of science...) is fun. ^.^

I honestly didn't expect the Blissey-eppy reference but it was a nice addition, quite fitting.
Greggle poking mushrooms was just pure joy (no pun intended). I don't even know why, it was just amusing to watch...Brock and everyone else is freaking out over the Egg in the background while Greggle is just sitting there, in that signature completely-uninterested-fashion it has. Anybody else notice that they didn't show Brock return him to his Pokeball after that scene when they all ran inside? Leaving him out in the rain, aww. I guess that was supposed to be implied...

Wobbuffet making faces = XD.
Would have been amusing if one of them suggested cooking it and eating it.

Looking back now, I find it strange that they titled the Episode 'Explosive Birth! Cycling Road!' seeing that Cycling Road was barely showcased in the whole episode itself. I mean...they showed it for a few minutes in the beginning and again for a few minutes at the end but the actual plot of the episode was situated in a Pokemon Center. Kind of misleading title but oh well, suppose its not that big of a deal.

Pretty okay episode. Nothing too majorly exciting except maybe Happini's feats of superhuman strength, but it wasn't total trash.